Friday, January 14, 2011

Four For Friday

#1 - Although all the women who announced they were pregnant in the past two weeks all have boyfriends or husbands, one of the women is unsure if it is said boyfriend/husband or the guy she was cheating with.

#2 - And you thought Demi Lovato was the worst tweener. Well, she is, but this still A list tweener and C list to the rest of the world broke up with her boyfriend after she got an abortion.

#3 - This B- list actress from a CBS comedy had to stop getting a Brazilian wax done professionally because her genital warts just will not go away.

#4 - Which Real Housewife ( in a city currently airing) enjoys a little wake me up cocaine every morning.

Random Photos Part Three

John Dye - RIP

First look at Andrew Garfield in the Spider-Man suit.
And the first look at Chris Evans as Captain America.
Look at Angelina Jolie's knees, she looks so skinny.
Amber Portwood says she wants to give up MTV and start modeling. That will keep me chuckling for days.
Love love love Alan Rickman.
Amber Rose and her cousin. Really.
Abigail Spencer proves that there are also Milford women as she matches the background.
Demi Moore was also there. No Ashton. He doesn't care about saving the children.
Gina Gershon does though.
Ditto the gift wrapped Kirsten Dunst.
and Gerard Butler.

Random Photos Part Two

Ben Affleck and Jon Hamm share some love.
Congrats to Colin Firth on his star. On hand were Claire Bloom and Guy Pearce. They gave him a really bad location. The Egyptian Theatre is a great place, but no one actually walks around over there except to go to it. Too many Scientoligists and homeless people to pass.
I believe Cynthia Nixon's fur may still be alive.
David Beckham training in England.
Some random Eddie Vedder looking dude checks out Kate Bosworth's ass.
Kelsey Grammer enjoying a lovely thong from Victoria's Secret.
Wow. Why? Because she was not getting enough attention without the lips. Oh wait, she must have the flu.

Michael Douglas is about to start filming Liberace.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

I swear when I first saw the ring on Phoebe Price's finger I thought it was the eye of some animal.
"And he had the smallest peen I have ever seen."
I'm pretty sure Rachel McAdams did not even pack a bra for this trip around the world. Harrison Ford probably needs a nap.
Ryan Reynolds back in LA.
Reese again doing some walking, but not donating to the homeless.

I'm still not sure that Snooki has or even can read her new book. She sure is busting out of her dress. Can you imagine if she was pregnant? The world would end. Not end like if Paris were in charge of a human life, but close.
Tim Gunn poses for his presidential portrait.
Does anyone actually still watch their show?
Umm, I have heard stories and read about them before, but I think that is a vegetable right?
Way too much green stuff here. The only green things you should ever consume are colored beer on St. Patrick's Day and chocolate chip mint ice cream.

Your Turn

When the news came out that Jamie Pressly blew a .22, I was thinking to myself that is a ton of booze. You would think someone would have noticed someone that hammered. A bartender, a waitress, the guy she was with who was not her husband. Anyway, it got me to thinking. What is the most wasted you have ever been? Did you do something you regret? Drunk dialing? Lets hear the drunk stories.

I Just Can't Stop Watching Jorge & Alexa

Hopefully this week you have had a chance to watch single father Jorge and his daughter Alexa sing and play music together. If you haven't, then you should spend a couple of minutes watching the video because you will smile. They have a few other videos out there, but this is the best.

Canada Bans Dire Straits' Money For Nothing

26 years after the song Money For Nothing was released, Canada has decided to ban it. The song, which was written by Sting and Mark Knopfler, was deemed offensive because it contains the word f*****t. At the time it was written, the word was not offensive as it is now. I mean I would hardly call Sting a homophobe or someone who would say something derogatory about homosexuals.

The ruling by the Canadian Broadcast Council says the song can no longer be played without being edited for broadcast. I understand what they were trying to accomplish here, but it seems like their time could have been put to better use doing something else. They probably had studioes on this and had hearings and spent a lot of money to decide the fate of a song that probably is played on the radio in Canada a few times a year. I hear Macarena more often than I hear Money For Nothing. Mark Knopfler says he has received complaints before, but said that it was not coming from his point of view, but the character in the song. What do you think? Would you have banned it?

50 Cent May See SEC Investigation

When I read earlier this week that 50 Cent Tweeted about a company he owned stock in and told all his followers to buy the stock too, I started the countdown to when the SEC decided to take an interest. I mean, the guy made almost $9M in one day getting people to buy the stock and telling them they would all make money too. Really? The company is for crap. The only reason anyone would buy the stock is because 50 told them too. Anyway, there are whispers the SEC is investigating his actions and apparently 50 spoke to his lawyers because he deleted the original Tweet and then told people they should never buy stock without consulting a financial advisor and learning about the company. Not that the SEC would really ever do anything. They probably want to investigate him so they can get his autograph and find out how often he has sex with Chelsea Handler. I bet she doesn't own any of the company.

Martha Stewart Has More Employees Than Camille

Martha Stewart had to go to the hospital Tuesday night when her dog head butted her. Apparently Martha scared the dog, so the dog rammed his head into Martha's face causing a split lip, a frantic call to her daughter Alexis to call a plastic surgeon, and then Martha was off to the emergency room. When I was reading her account of the incident on the blog, I felt like her entire world consisted of employees. Yes, she did call Alexis, but I think she pays Alexis, so even though it is her daughter, she could still be an employee.

She then talked about how her driver Carlos took her to the hospital after her stable manager Betsy, helped her into the car. I have no idea who Mike is that she mentions, but probably an employee too.

Kourtney Kardashian Lies To Kneepads - They Buy It

Kourtney Kardashian gave an interview to Kneepads, and living up to their name they got down on their knees and bought what she was spinning about why Mason was not on the show. This is not a big deal, but it shows you that Kneepads and other news outlets just do what the star or publicist want and are perfectly willing to drop to their knees in the hopes more stars will talk to them so they will sell more issues. As I wrote about before, the reason Mason is not on the new season is because Scott asked for too much money so the producers turned him down. Full stop.

To say anything else is a lie so when Kourtney makes it seem like it was some kind of altruistic, we love Mason and don't want him hurt by this it is all lies. Think about how something small like this can get bigger. The next time the tabloid will participate in a bigger lie and it just grows. Don't believe the hype.

This Won't Turn Out Well

It is always interesting to learn about lottery winners. Usually you only learn about them if they win more than once, or if they win a really big jackpot. Last week's Mega Millions definitely qualifies as big. $380M worth of big. Well, one half of the winnings was won by a couple in Idaho.

Radar managed to use a calculator, and determined that the couple has been arrested at least 16 times. The majority of the arrests have been by the husband, but the wife has her share. How many people out there think that if anyone can blow through $190M, this couple can. In three years there will not be anything left or they will have partied themselves to death. I wish them well, but what they need to do is make sure they give the majority of the money to someone who doles it out to them in increments.

The husband makes a habit of beating up his wife and other people. Sounds like a real winner. The couple was separated when the wife won the lottery. Wonder how long it took for him to give her a call.

The Hollywood Pregnancy Pill

Usually if a star is big enough, when they announce they are pregnant, they have a decent shot at getting a tabloid cover. Lately though there have been so many pregnancies that a star is lucky if they even get the top of the tabloid website for an hour or two. Last night Selma Blair said she is pregnant. She joins Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman, Devon Aoki, The Beckhams and I don't even know how many others because there are just too many. I didn't really talk about the Kate Hudson pregnancy, but I am wondering if it might have been unplanned. I will bet that they don't stay together the entire pregnancy. I can't see it. No one likes hanging out with Kate that long.

Real Housewives - Beverly Hills

When I watched the show last night, I came in late so caught the last five minutes of the episode, the watched Camille on the after show and then watched the episode. Kind of backwards, but I think it worked out best because I got to see Camille first.

I thought she handled herself very well on the after show and answered all the questions well. She did give a different expression when she was asked whether she was an escort. Not a very confident answer Camille. The rest though I think was good. She was definitely talking like she was leaving the show. I am still not convinced she has no friends who are not on the payroll and I think the person she has had sex with since the split is Nick. Does anyone want to bet against that? I love how Bravo shows us where Nick's wife is when Camille is kissing on him. What is the deal with asking him to kiss her on the lips? Yeah, she f**ked him.

Anyway, although this sounds like I am piling on, she did do well on the show. I don't think I would have gone to the Tony Awards in her situation. I did love her explanation about Alison the psychic's comment about how she was probably feeling Camille when she made the marriage comment. No sex? She implied that Kelsey is impotent or not attracted to women. I think he likes women fine, maybe just has some performance issues. You usually cheat with someone freakier so I wonder what he is doing with his current girlfriend.

I have never seen anyone as jealous as Lisa was when Kyle and Taylor were loving on each other. It looks like the rumor that Cedric moved out is real. Ken does not like that guy at all. Of course, I am not sure how many people would like having some guy living with you for ten years and having to pay for everything. Kyle should have been jumping up and down when Paris and Nicky decided to pass on the graduation. I would have. I think Paris just does not how to celebrate someone who actually is educated. How much do you we think the check was for in the card? Kyle said Farrah got a couple more zeros than she would have so, I am guessing $10,000. Whoa, Kyle moved up the hotness ladder when she traded in for Mauricio.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This B/B + actor has an authority problem. He’s in a big buzz movie that will be coming out next year but he is at risk for losing his job because he argues with everyone on the set, mainly the big-name director. He’s such a know it all, production is debating ripping up his contract and making him leave. The crew is secretly getting back at him by playing subtle pranks on him. His clothes are moved or missing, he ends up getting food he didn’t order, etc.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today's Blind Items

The fans of this conservative, national, A list radio talk show host would be plenty surprised to know he is cheating on his wife. Guess that whole family values thing only applies to others.

Random Photos Part Three

David Nelson - RIP
The premiere party for the final season of Big Love.
Bronx Zoo and snow time.

Christina Aguilera takes Max to Disney for his 3rd birthday.
This is Cameron's response to questions about the size of A-Rod's peen.
This is Seth Rogen as he hears the answer.
Carrie Fisher is the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig.
Chris Landon is one lucky guy as he gets hugged by Zoe Saldana.

Random Photos Part Two

Jessica Biel out shopping in LA.
Cameron Diaz hanging out with Jeffrey Katzenberg.
Jenny McCarthy gets made up. She says she met her new boyfriend on a blind date. I can't keep track of her boyfriends any more.
Wow. I don't think I have seen faker hair. It is like the food Japanese restaurants put out front. It resembles the real product, but is all shiny and glazed.
One of the greatest of all times, Jonathan Winters.
Kevin James going hunting after Letterman.
Happy birthday to Katy Perry;s grandmother who turned 90.
Kendra wearing some of Hank's clothes.
Lo Bosworth has a new book??


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