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In the spirit of desert island discs which

Eight tracks, a book and a luxury: would you take to a desert island?

Blind Item #8

As part of the deal the exec was required to create music that would target and influence African-American culture. Specifically children. That’s why this Sexy artist became a star overnight. Follow the money and it will lead you to an investment group with its hands in banking, politics and entertainment. They’re spending millions on her message

Blind Item #7

The former "assistant" to the madam/procurer who now works in the West End, says there are tapes she has seen of the royal pedo with underage girls. The madam/procurer would copy them from time to time and send them out. She doesn't know to where though.

Blind Item #6

This foreign born, former A list singer with some monster hits, is dying. 

Blind Item #5

Has the streaming service spread the wealth out enough to get the A+ list actor a Golden Globe? They think so. 

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 29, 2023

It's amazing how the super pint sized comic actor happened to have paps front and center while he was out on a date with his wife. They have never been there before. 

Kevin Hart

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 29, 2023

It is interesting that this A list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and is the face of a brand that recently got hammered for their sexualization of kids, posted a bunch of photos of herself which could be taken the same way. It could also be she was feeling extra thirsty that day. A fire hose couldn't quench her thirst.

Nicole Kidman/Balenciaga

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 29, 2023

This once part of a group rapper is now solo and needs album sales. How convenient that he and his higher on the list wife who said she is leaving him, show up to a store that just happens to have one of the biggest influencers from China also there. Pictures and hashtags and a plug to buy the album all over the Chinese influencer's social media.

Offset/Cardi B

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 29, 2023

Obviously, this former A+ list rapper has some issues which force him to try IVF with women. His current object wants no part of another of his reproduction experiments or him in her life forever.

Kanye West/Bianca Censori

Blind Item #4

Speaking of athlete's wives, the wife of this A list NFL QB is not welcome back at a hotel she recently visited. Apparently, she was beyond rude to the staff and treated them like crap.

Blind Item #3

Several months ago, I told you about this former A+ list NBA player and how he enjoys watching his wife have sex with other men. Apparently, the couple have now split.

Blind Item #2

The on again off again wife of this musician/celebrity offspring derives most of her income from being a Dominatrix. 

Blind Item #1

The casino couldn't even give tickets away and get people interested in seeing this former A list singer perform. Hence, the postponement due to illness, while they strategize. 

Friday, January 05, 2024

Blind Item #13 - Reader Blind

The niece of this Southern music mogul doesn’t know it, but she’s been blacklisted by the industry. No one wants to invest in her career once they find out how many boys her uncle is accused of violating. 

Blind Item #12 - Reader Blind

Are we ready to talk about the exploitative nature of the relationship between this NeoSoul icon and her Brown Sugar-making ex. She was in her 30s and he was a teenager when it started when she pursued him. She doesn’t see anything wrong with it, to this day. 

Blind Item #11

This A/A- list actor all of you know, and almost everyone else does too, is trying to get custody of a grandchild because he thinks the child needs saving. It doesn't.

Blind Item #10

This back in the day A list three named actress is writing a book that will blow up this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor.

Blind Item #9

This A list Broadway actor who is a Tony Award winner/nominee beat a woman last week who was trying to take pictures of them in bed together.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 29, 2023

The two color group as you know it is done. There will be one or two members who will be convinced to stay, but the original is over.


Four For Friday - Boy Band Scandals

#1 - This "OG" boy band had a pair of twin sixteen year old girls they kept on an entire tour as sex toys. The crazy thing is, their parents never wanted them to come home. 

#2 - This dead permanent A list singer was on a personal email list of this boy band maker. The emails would invariably be random music news along with a code that changed each week and unlocked a website and the bedroom pictures the band maker took of his recent conquests.

#3 - This foreign boy band that never really took off in the US but was A+ list in their own country would have contests to see who could drink the most before a show and still be able to go on. There were several times where going on meant being late and spending time puking everything up.

#4 - This boy band that arguably has the most success with its members moving on to other things did a cruise ship thing and left two groupies from the cruise passed out on shore as the ship sailed away.

Your Turn

How many degrees of separation are there between Meghan Markle and Sarah Kellen. Fewer than you think. No using anyone in the royal family to make the connection. 

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 29, 2023

This foreign-born male rapper/singer not in a wheelchair could comfortably sell out theatres, but overplayed his hand by booking arenas. Now he’s pretending technical issues led to his tour being postponed, and not poor sales.


Blind Items Revealed #3

December 28, 2023

This one named singer has always hated her son's wife. Now, she gets to say it publicly. It will be interesting to see whether the wife does anything legally to challenge the singer.

Cher/Elijah Blue Allman (and now he has gone missing again.)

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 28, 2023

The A list everything in her mind celebrity had to buy her way up the pap line this week. She was told she was going to have to wait a few hours because they were busy, so she tripled their fee and had them come immediately.

Jennifer Lopez

Blind Item #8

The celebrity CEO had one of his ketacocktail parties recently and apparently there was a very bad batch mixed in and things could have gone south very quickly. He has a device that tests all the drugs and it saved everyone.

Blind Item #7

Back in August, I had a blind where the royal pedo*hile thought he was going to be off the hook for his underage sex parties. I also mentioned the death of one of those underage girls at a party he attended. Now that the underage sex parties have been confirmed, maybe now someone will take a closer look at her death.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 28, 2023

This death house might have been demolished, but workers took a bunch of pieces home with them to sell online.

Idaho Four House

Blind Item #6

This A- list celebrity spent at least two days of the holidays with the billionaire that lusts after her, rather than her husband.

Blind Item #5

This A- list actress who really thinks she has a shot at some big awards this year was wasted out of her mind at a film festival not too far from her house.

Blind Item #4

This studio used its own network to start the rehabilitation process for the prime minister actor. Looks like they want him to still be a superhero.

Blind Item #3

This A- list actor who started off on Disney said he had a massive knife collection he just left with a homeless person and then walked off. Ummm.

Blind Item #2

It is a dumb name for a movie, but the mouse house is making a mistake by trying to sell off the Elvis' guy latest movie. It is actually really good. They are just scared to do anything outside their formulaic vanilla stuff.

Blind Item #1

We now know at least one of the reasons this daytime host wanted her significant other working with her rather than the A lister with ten jobs. The A lister refused to record episodes early unless it truly was the only way to get something done. The current host likes her five days off and three days working schedule.

Thursday, January 04, 2024

Blind Item #13

The alliterate one dropped a long long time friend because she thought the friend would make her look bad by association. Can we expect the same thing with the offspring of the royal who have been feeding news and gossip to the alliterate one. Will she dump them because they would make her look bad by association. 

Blind Item #12

This alliterate singer who has been A list in multiple groups doesn't want you to ask him too many timeline questions about his girlfriend. 

Blind Item #11

When the internet stops discussing you (one named A/A- list actress) for a few weeks, then stop following everyone on Instagram and then people will talk about you for hours and wonder why you did it. It is such a thirst move.

Blind Item #10

This foreign born former A list athlete was always going to be an early exit from the first big event of the season. Now, she might even bail prior to it beginning.

Blind Item #9

The remarks from the founder of this athletic company are not shocking considering he named the company specifically so one group of people he believed would have a very difficult time pronouncing the name of it.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 28, 2023

Well, we got to hear the newborn baby cry. At some point, you would think the singer turned actress and her significant other would mention it, but if they don't, then good for them for not exploiting the birth for clicks and thirst quenching.

Halle Bailey

Today's Blind Items - Behind Closed Doors

This foreign born actress probably peaked at A list, but that was decades ago. Now, she is a recluse. From time to time she emerges from her cocoon to say something outlandish and then goes back to hiding. Over the years, she has not been shy about revealing secrets about herself and her former partners. One secret, she has to share outside a close circle of friends, is why she started dating a man in his 30's when she was not even old enough to drive. It is because she wanted to be with someone big enough and old enough to make her father want to stop sleeping with our actress. It had been going on for years and she had multiple pregnancy scares because of it and also wanted to protect her other siblings and thought the big older boyfriend could do just that. She was right about herself, but she was unable to help at least one of her siblings who did end up pregnant by their father.

Your Turn

A poster you had on the wall of your bedroom when you were growing up.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 28, 2023

That was quite the spin the A- list alliterate actress and her recent co-star put on their romance. All just for marketing. 

Sydney Sweeney/Glen Powell

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 28, 2023

Is it really spending one on one time with your kid at a theme park if you are on your phone the entire time. Even during rides. This alliterate reality star just did it for the publicity.

Kim Kardashian

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 28, 2023

Most directors like to stay behind the scenes and out of the spotlight because that’s what most storytellers behind the camera do. Not this alliterate director who is award season thirsty. The director wants to also be a huge star. The director now calls the paps at least once or twice a week and is scheduled to land their third Vogue cover right before the Oscar show. 

Greta Gerwig

Blind Item #8

Hopefully, somewhere in the documents will be how the royal paid off his debt by offering up one of his children.

Blind Item #7

This A list actor certainly does love all things Italian, including the mistress he had while he and his wife were "separated."

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 28, 2023

This north of the border actor got some work done to his face for award season. It looks unfinished though and he should go back and try and get it fixed.

Ryan Gosling

Blind Item #6 - Reader Blind

On New Year's Eve, a familiar face from the hockey rink was spotted engaging in a lively conversation with a group of intriguing ladies. Our puck-savvy athlete, who's rumored to be romantically involved with someone, raised eyebrows as he navigated the festivities with an air of mystery. Whispers among the social circuit suggest that the player might be tiptoeing around the fine line of commitment, sparking curiosity about the state of his rumored relationship. As the puck drops on another year, will this hockey heartthrob find himself caught in the penalty box of love, or will his off-ice escapades remain an intriguing mystery for those who dare to delve into the world beyond the rink?

Blind Item #5

The team behind this new rapper helped turn this permanent A list rapper into a household name. The trouble is though is that they are bleeding money trying to make a profit with the new talent, while the original talent generated millions with ease because her fans bought her records. That’s why the new talent has been forced to advertise fast food. Have to recoup somehow. 

Blind Item #4

Once again, the manager of the permanent A list singer is trying to shame her into working so he can make some money. 

Blind Item #3

The attorney who got the massage knew all about the private life of the billionaire. It is why he wanted to be involved in his orbit.

Blind Item #2

This professional sports league has received a lot of recent bad press. Now, rumors of game-fixing will not only put this specific league under more scrutiny, but also the lucrative partnerships of multiple pro sports leagues and the sports-betting industry. 

Blind Item #1

The studio is not happy the organization moved the film to a category it won’t win and felt a win was guaranteed. The creatives behind the film are mad because they too thought they were certain they were going to win. 

Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Blind Item #14

The alliterate one has been trying to snag Vanity Fair Oscar tickets. The thing is, her demands are through the roof and nothing that even the biggest of big A++ listers have asked for through the years. Not even close. Plus, she wants extra tickets for hangers on and publicists and they just don't do that. Finally, the buzz is her husband has no desire to attend at all. 

Blind Item #13

The daytime talk show host still won't admit to taking the weight loss shot. She thinks people will think less of her. Plus, she thinks she can get some endorsement deals with the other things she has been doing alongside the shot.

Blind Item #12

This former one-fifth could not get over her stage fright or the pushback to her career from this one named permanent A list singer. So, now the former one-fifth has turned to acting. She is a much better actress than the first from her group to do it.

Blind Item #11

Our favorite alliterate former talk show host is writing a tell all book on the wannabe rapper/mogul. She should hire security.

Blind Item #10

The former singer turned reality star turned host turned celebrity has crashed her career so hard to the bottom that she is hanging out with people and partying with people she wouldn't have given the time of day to a decade ago.

Blind Item #9

This A-/B+ list actor is an Oscar winner/nominee. He also needs rehab. Again. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 27, 2023

This former late night actor set up a whole thing with his kids prior to doing it. His PR team already gave heads up to some tabloids so they could watch for it to happen. 

Jason Sudeikis/Kids crashing ESPN interview

Today's Blind Items - The Voodoo Guy

Every couple of years, you will hear a story going around town about a new celebrity who is giving instruction in voodoo and other dark arts. For the past several years, the name of the flowering financial institution came up. There is an older permanent A list singer solo and in a group who has long been someone people sought for advice on it. The biggest momentum as of late though, is probably the most scary. This actor, who was once sued for millions of dollars because of his drug use, assaults on women and his use of voodoo on women, has been teaching his special brand of it to people who make their livings at conventions, much like our actor does. These barely there celebrities then bring it back to the towns and cities where they live where they are much higher on the list and an entire generation is being exposed to some crazy things which would make Angel Heart look like a laugh in the park.

Your Turn

Money is no object and you can live anywhere in the world you want. Where are you living?

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 27, 2023

It looks like the former stripper turned celebrity turned porn star turned reality star turned celebrity is set to launch her YouTube religious channel next month. 

Blac Chyna

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 27, 2023

Speaking of creepy, now that this former A list actor is dead, the stories are about him are going to get 100 times worse and they were already pretty bad. One of his offspring knows there is big bucks in it.

Ryan O'Neal/Tatum O'Neal

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 27, 2023

If the super pint sized comic/actor would just have had his employee sign a NDA, none of this would be happening right now.

Kevin Hart

Blind Item #8

There is a rumbling among some of the biggest celebrities and biggest donors in the celebrity cult that the leader should be removed so they can keep their tax exempt status and to stay viable.

Blind Item #7

This former A+ list rapper doesn't have sex with the woman in his life, but he enjoys watching her with others.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 27, 2023

The producers of this musical turned movie are not pleased that one of their stars keeps getting work done to her face. She looks completely different from when filming started. Plus, there is no more weight for her to lose. She will be dead if she gets any thinner.

Wicked/Ariana Grande

Blind Item #6

This You Tube star/boxer wants everyone to think he owns a yacht. His is a rental and he even asked for a discount because of his fame. He ended up paying full price.

Blind Item #5

That wasn't exactly the strongest denial from the football player's camp that his relationship with the A++ list singer is essentially PR.

Blind Item #4 - Kindness

SNL is regarded as one of the toughest gigs in the industry. Every season sees a huge turnover of staff and it is not uncommon to see new hires and interns holding back tears in their cubicles.

This 90s cast member and current B actor mentored new staff and regularly provided support during dark times. While most cast members were fighting for screen time or demanding invites to the hottest Manhattan parties, this cast member regularly mingled with staff, considered their pitches for sketches, and provided guidance for their careers. When a young writer's job was at risk with few of his sketches making the air, the cast member lied to the writers' room by attributing a sketch he came up with to the writer. The sketch made the air and the writer was hired for the next season.

Blind Item #3

To get some attention for a new album release, look for this female singer to suddenly have a relationship with this streaming actress on a show which has one season remaining.

Blind Item #2

The cult adjacent A list actor who is desperate for an Oscar is not talented enough to be this insufferable about it. He won't get one though because he has burned too many bridges.

Blind Item #1

If you thought the probable now former NFL QB was going to apologize to the late night talk show host, you would be wrong. Apparently he is doubling down on his Epstein accusations and the host. That is a good way to lose a lot of retirement money.

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Blind Item #13

Was the musical husband of this foreign born model driving drunk in her IG stories? People seemed to think so.

Blind Item #12

The hard to spell model/actress thinks the best way to have a great 2024 is to go back under the knife yet again. It has only been a couple of years since she got her breasts and butt done, so I'm not sure what else can be done at this point.

Blind Item #11

The thing about this A list singer/sometime reality star is she can never keep a secret. She loves sharing. The former actress turned neighbor of the singer is about to discover that.

Blind Item #10

The strip club show was just the beginning. This reality star is going to go much further on her new OnlyFans.

Blind Item #9

This extremely wealthy tech executive not named Elon has been spreading feelers/messages through friends out to reporters to not dig too deeply into a story that looks very enticing on the surface. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 26, 2023

The former superhero and former pirate are making the biggest waves for attending a film festival in this Middle Eastern Country. Of course, the Svengali is the director of it and you don't want to get on his bad side.

Andrew Garfield/Johnny Depp/Red Sea Film Festival/Saudi Arabia/Mohammed Al Turki

Today's Blind Items - Early Start

Almost thirty years ago, the madam/procurer started really building her resume as someone who knew what to do to get underage kids to a place where they could be abused and then capture evidence of people abusing them to be used against the abusers at a later date. It was at an event nearly thirty years ago that gave rise to dead billionaire. No, they had not worked together yet, but it is what the madam/procurer and her dad gathered that day that put so many people on the hook. The event was naturally a Disney themed event. 

It took place at the homestead of a Lord. This Lord just happened to die during COVID, but left a legacy of debauchery. At one point he had nearly 100 women on his payroll that he slept with, in addition to his wife of course. These women were given cottages on his land to live and to entertain his friends on as needed basis. Most of them were also wired for sound and video. The Lord enjoyed watching. He also had a love of adult videos, most of which he made himself or commissioned through one of the 100 women. What a perfect place to invite a bunch of underage girls and boys and then to get everything recorded to use later. 

It made perfect sense of course then to have the tabloid owner and his daughter have their Disney party there. The names of those attendees were the foundation of the dead billionaire's blackmail business and also one of the reasons the tabloid owner ended up dead.

Your Turn

What time do you set your alarm for on weekdays?

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 25, 2023

This former tween/teen/adult A list actress keeps changing her look and hair color to keep her impersonator from trying to sell naked photos purportedly of the actress.

Amanda Bynes

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 25, 2023

The car movie was always going to be a hard sell because audiences were going to need to be convinced. You knew after the way the actor treated the media during the press junket, the reviews would be awful. The perfect storm to create a massive bomb of a movie.

Ferrari/Adam Driver

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 25, 2023

The only person saying this washed up former host is getting the prime cable hosting comedy gig is the washed up former host herself. She thinks she can will the bad decision to happen.

Chelsea Handler/The Daily Show

Blind Item #8

If you thought the celebrity CEO spying on you in your car was bad, it is a drop in the bucket of what this foreign car company is set to do. One Scandinavian country is set to ban the carmaker from selling any of its goods within the country.

Blind Item #7

Why hasn’t this rapper dropped a follow-up to her debut album? Her label no longer has an incentive to ruin the career of her rival so they’re tightening the purse strings on her budget. That’s why she’s so stressed out.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 24, 2023

The barely there celebrity mom of a barely there celebrity tried her hardest for a year to make people believe her daughter was dating the A+/A list mostly movie actor. No one believed it. Now, she is still trying to get people to believe her daughter is dating the thirsty A list actor who wants Oscar badly. That isn't happening either. There was a chance she was going to be his award season plus one, but she blew it. Mom keeps hoping though for a second chance so keeps leaking to tabloids.

Yolanda Hadid/Gigi Hadid/Leonardo DiCaprio/Bradley Cooper

Blind Item #6

This foreign born A+/A list singer has been working with his lawyers to try and make his divorce quick and quiet. His goal is to not have anyone discover it until this time next year.

Blind Item #5

This barely there celebrity in a family filled to the brim with barely there celebrities was not proposed to by a wealthy Prince. 

Blind Item #4

The label of this A+ singer is considering delaying her 2024 album. All signs are that the studio sessions are on schedule, the music sounds great, and she will likely dominate the charts. But in today’s music industry, an album release is really just promotion for the much more lucrative concert tour, and the label is concerned she won’t have the stamina to complete a global 60+ show concert run. 

Blind Item #3

Apparently, the cable bosses decided booze was a much better idea than anything else this late night talk show host might come up with as an alternative.

Blind Item #2

This singer/franchise actor spent his holiday overseas trying to get a yachter to join the actor and his girlfriend. The thing is though, our singer/actor didn't want to pay anyone because he is famous so they should want to do it for free.

Blind Item #1

What do you do when you are not getting enough attention and you need to land a role and make some money. You come up with a crazy story and then just so happen to have a video of it and ready to be sent to the biggest tabloid.

Monday, January 01, 2024

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I can't believe it has been another year. They seem to always fly by. As always, I am grateful for all of you and for reading the site whenever you get a chance. I know some of you have been here since the first month of the blog way back in 2006. Thanks to everyone who guesses and comments. Thanks to everyone who submits tips or blinds or reader blinds. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Thanks to the people who run the Facebook site and Reddit site. Thanks to one of the OG's who helps out with the comments when I can't. Thanks to Mr. X who has been never ending in his love of gossip and Old Hollywood. I appreciate you. If you want more reveals, there will be between 300-400 this week on my Patreon which you can subscribe to at

Blind Items Revealed #48

November 13, 2023

I am actually shocked they ended up marrying. The bride, who peaked at probably A- list, probably went through with it because she would have been embarrassed to cancel at the last minute, or maybe she really thought she could change the mind of of the foreign born former A+ list comic actor who became her husband. They fought so much leading up to their wedding that none of their closest friends thought they would go through with it. They had a massive fight the morning of their wedding. They had huge fights over the prenup. She wanted much more money than he was willing to give and he told her take it or leave it. He would call her from the beds of other women and tell her they would take the deal, so she should too. For the year they were married he made her life a living hell. The only reason he even started dating her in the first place is because an actor he hated had shown interest in her so he went after her. Her career was never the same after their marriage. Our actor still has A+ list name recognition, but no one really likes him. 

Lauren Holly/Jim Carrey

Blind Items Revealed #47

December 13, 2023

At this point we expect all manner of celebrity to use ghostwriters for their autobiographies, like the permanent A list singer or a children's book like this former Disney actress or the alliterate former actress who now does something totally different. Back in the day, this mostly television actor who later in life has been rumored as a boyfriend of the blonde far right commentator/author had a staff of people who would write his jokes for him. He used all that television money to get a team of writers to write his standup for him or jokes for things he was hosting. In the standup comedy world that is pretty rare. There are lots of comic writers writing for host on award shows or late night shows, but not standup.

However, this A+ list comic who also does a lot of acting, and is a former late night actor has a team of people who write his standup for him. Then, he goes out and performs and those writers revise it and rework it and our comic goes out again and sees how the new stuff works. This team writes his standup specials and everything he does. There might have been a time way back in the day he did his own, but now, he just prefers to have others do it while he takes all the credit.

Britney Spears/The Woman in Me/Hilary Duff/Meghan Markle/Jimmie Walker/Ann Coulter/Good Times/Chris Rock/SNL

Blind Items Revealed #46

December 20, 2023

This film might have been one of the more debauched films of all time. It was filled with rockstars and underage girls and those that were not underage were barely legal. I'm shocked that any filming actually got done at all. The name of the movie is also a song. It also was the end of the career of one of Hollywood's longest running character actors. He started off in the silent movies and had a career right up through this movie. Although he lived almost two decades after the movie was shot, he was essentially banned from working again. Apparently, it was OK for the rockstars in the movie to have their way with as many underage girls as they wanted. However, when our aging actor, who was in his 70's then decided he too wanted to participate, everyone said it was creepy and gross. It was creepy and gross and illegal, but the rockstars were being hypocrites because what they were doing was also illegal. They actually threatened our actor and then beat him up to the point where he wasn't able to work any longer and was scared from then until his death to go anywhere near a set.

Rock N Roll High School/Grady Sutton/Ramones

Blind Items Revealed #45

December 28, 2023

Back when artists didn't use chatbots to write their songs, the band fronted by the foreign born permanent A- lister brought out one, which remains a cult classic. You probably know it, or at least know that it inspired the name of a popular US band. The story at the time was that it was about the idiocy of DJs at the public broadcaster in the band's home country. The lyrics leave you in no doubt as to how the band felt, about these DJs. There has been a lot of speculation recently, that it was written specifically about the most notorious DJ the broadcaster employed.

It was. During an appearance by the band on a show the serial pedophile was presenting, the A- lister saw him walking into his dressing room with a very underage girl. He feared the worst and this was confirmed when he could hear the girl screaming at him to get off her. Like so many before him, he reported the matter to the show's producer and his claims were laughed off. He was so furious that he wrote the song right there in the studio with his guitarist. The original lyrics were way more explicit about the subject, but the band wanted to hear the public broadcaster play it with no idea as to what the song was really about.

The Smiths/Morrisey/Panic/Panic at the Disco/Jimmy Savile/BBC

Blind Items Revealed #44 - Kindness

December 28, 2023

This former A list entertainment host who still works a red carpet from time to time has become almost a permanent kindness. She visits a hospital regularly alone in the early morning, give out cupcakes and talk with patient’s families who are going through cancer battles.

Giuliana Rancic

Blind Items Revealed #43

December 27, 2023

Who knew the Japanese people don't like the alliterate one. In stories about the ex of the figure skater which have been prominent in this space, articles and people leaving comments beneath the articles continually mention the alliterate one. The gist is the ex of the figure skater thought the relationship would allow her to be open and everywhere and everyone would know who she was, but she had to remain hidden. Much like the alliterate one who thought she would be able to be front and center and be the focus of everyone's attention, but for the most part has to stay out of the limelight, when she wants all the limelight. 

Meghan Markle/Yuko Tesumo Nobuma/Yuzuru Hanyu

Blind Items Revealed #42

December 26, 2023

Apparently, an ex of this foreign born A list model who also fathered at least one child with her, is caught up in the about to be released dead billionaire's records. That would make sense considering his history of hiring yachters and not much caring about where they came from and how they got there. 

Flavio Briatore/Heidi Klum

Blind Items Revealed #41

November 20, 2023

Once a year like clockwork, this A+ list producer, who is one of the most famous producers of all time, lets a showrunner for one of his shows, that the showrunner is going to introduce a new character to the show. It is generally recurring, but has been main and also a one off on several different properties of the producer. The role always goes to whatever new blonde he has found during the offseason. They are always actresses and always want to be on one of his shows. He makes it happen. It cost him two marriages so far. An earlier marriage was also a mistress, but it wasn't a casting couch thing. Because of the strikes, our producer has been vacillating between two women this season and may give them each a job. Different shows of course.

Dick Wolf

Blind Items Revealed #40

November 13, 2023

This deceased Middle Eastern political leader was closeted to the general public for many years.  He selected much younger men to be his lovers, under the guise of hiring them as bodyguards.  In his 60s, he finally married a woman less than half his age.   The marriage was a complete sham, which his wife instantly regretted.  She tried to leave him many times, but was prevented from doing so.  Our leader required his wife to discreetly conceive an only child with another man.  He then claimed to be the child's father, for the sake of public appearances.

Yasser Arafat/Suha Arafat 

Blind Items Revealed #39 - Kindness

December 5, 2023

This actress is probably B list at this point. She might even be a touch lower. At one point she was on a long running network show and was A- list. She has been acting since her early teens and singing just as long. She started decades ago. She had a decent sized role in a recent huge huge box office hit. She uses most of the money she makes to fund her music scholarship program so talented kids who don't have money can go to camps and programs and high schools and colleges and have the same opportunities she has. There are some years, she gives away every penny she makes. She also gives free music and singing classes to anyone who asks. She is a delight.

Jean Louisa Kelly

Blind Items Revealed #38 - Old Hollywood

November 13, 2023

This former A list actress has two generations of actresses in the family. She said that in her first big movie with this dancing actor, they had a romantic scene. She was still a teen and he was nearing 40 and shoved his tongue down her throat. That was her first kiss with a guy.

Debbie Reynolds/Singin’ in the Rain/Gene Kelly

Blind Items Revealed #37

December 11, 2023

This organization is powerful. Almost all the decision makers are billionaires. They don't like to be questioned. They don't like to be accused of things. They don't like being investigated. One of the members was being investigated for covering up for molesters in the Catholic Church in a certain area of the country. The person who was doing the investigating ended up dead of an overdose even though he had never been known to do drugs in his life. Another member was being investigated for one of the innumerable bad things he did in his tenure. The person doing the investigating had the brake lines cut on their car and almost died in an accident. Those kinds of things make their way around and the next thing you know, no one is doing any investigations and the power and influence and corruption grows even larger.

NFL/Tom Benson/New Orleans Saints/Daniel Snyder/Washington Commanders

Blind Items Revealed #36 - Reader Blind

September 23, 2023

Many decades ago , these two competitors met at a prestigious foreign sporting event .  One who is deceased now was a top player in this sport but not the best.  He was more well known as a trailblazer outside the sport.  The other was at the time the best in the world and had A+ level fame .   He was also younger than his competitor. He is still alive.  

The younger man was by far the heavy favorite.  However, the day before their match, some powers that be both inside the sport and from the world at large visited him and he was instructed to throw the match.  In return, he would be given huge sums of money.  If he refused, truths about his father’s early life involvement with organized crime would be publicly revealed.  The younger man had no choice but to go along with it.  

During the match, the fix was obvious as at the beginning the older man took a huge lead and the younger man mugged for the camera and made faces throughout.  During a break, he received a warning about what was at stake.  He then proceeded to win the match for awhile before allowing the older man to win at the end.  

Later, the older man was in a managerial position where he sometimes had to interact with the younger man who was still playing in the sport.  The younger man gave him a terrible time during this period.  This is why.  

Arthur Ashe/Jimmy Connors/Davis Cup

Blind Items Revealed #35

September 28, 2023

The actor who is an enabler of rapist and a probable liar to police allowing a killer to strike again, is also involved in raising money for a project with one of the dead billionaire pedophile's girlfriends. Not victim. Girlfriend. 

Ashton Kutcher/Danny Masterson/Michael Gargiulo/Jeffrey Epstein/Katherine Keating

Blind Items Revealed #34

November 7, 2023

This current late night actor has been trying to be seen and associated with A-list singers. First, the pretty singer promoting her sophomore album who is single for now, and has a driver's license.  Our late night actor made sure to be photographed with her, and the team reposted and sent out the blinds. It got minimal buzz and she’s not interested. He then did it again with the foreign born alliterate singer since they were at a couple of the same events during Halloween. He asked to hang out with her and her friends and made sure to be captured next to her or in the background in pics and videos. The PR team then sent in tips to gossip sites about them partying together. They are not dating and the singer has zero interest.  The late night actor is going to keep trying since he doesn’t have to really date them. He just needs to be linked to and associated with them. His goal and the goal of his team is just to get more recognition outside the late night show. He wants to be like the former late night actor who always appears to be dating women way out of his league. This guy is as thirsty as YouTube stars.

Marcello Hernandez/SNL/Olivia Rodrigo/Camila Cabello/Pete Davidson

Blind Items Revealed #33

October 26, 2023

You would think after so many years, that someone would have just dug up the bones and disposed of them far far away from the ground itself so no one could tie the deaths to the dead A+ lister. You have to go back a long way for the beginning of this one. The office parties at the company were legendary. When the head guy is an alcoholic womanizer who hates his wife, parties at the office are going to be big. They always involved secretaries who worked at the company and were hired for their willingness to sleep with male employees. They were encouraged to bring female friends to the parties and were paid bonuses or given vacation time if the friends they brought ended up sleeping with one of the male co-workers. 

The head guy is known for being sweet and kind and family friendly. Instead, when he was drinking he was a monster and especially so to any woman who displeased him while drunk. If you look back at old film of him, you can see him sexually harassing women all the time and groping them. And that was the stuff they sent out publicly, so you can imagine what he was like in private and drunk. No one is alive any longer who can tell you whether the two women died of an accident or drank too much and died or if they were killed. But both women had spent time with the head guy. The two women died about six months apart. The first one died while there was construction going on at a huge new project being built by the head guy. So, they buried the body there. Six months later, that construction project had stopped, but there was a big ranch on site at the project so they dug up the first one and buried her with the second one  at the ranch.

There they stayed for decades. Like I said, everyone who knew the story was long dead. All we know was that one body had been buried and then exhumed and that one body appeared to have been buried only once. We wouldn't even know any of that except about five years the ranch gave way to brand new construction and during the excavation, the bones were found. The workers were paid to keep quiet and the new head of the company decided to use his power and influence to have them disposed of with no questions asked. 

Walt Disney/Lillian Disney/Walt Disney Studio/Disneyland/Golden Oak Ranch

Blind Items Revealed #32

October 24, 2023

It probably hasn't helped her life that she had a horrible stage mom for a parent and worked for a sex predator when she was a teen, but this actress needs help. She looks frazzled and is, very thin and gaunt looking. She always looks like she just hopped out of bed and didn’t brush her hair, but the most concerning thing now is she’s pivoted into trolling her audience with videos of her sobbing hysterically about not being enough for social media and then claiming it’s satire when even her own industry friends were in the comment sections begging her to call them.

Now she did a one woman “show” last week in NYC where she did absolutely nothing but charged fans a fortune and they’re in her comments asking for refunds and to explain what’s going on with her manic behavior. 

Her new podcast just dropped today and it’s literally NOTHING but a voice memo of her ranting at top speed sounding like she’s popped some Adderall or something about hating everything and everyone and not wanting to be seen and hating herself. Everyone is sorry for what she went through and her book is great, but she needs to take a break and take care of herself before it is too late.

Jennette McCurdy

Blind Items Revealed #31

October 23, 2023

20 years ago, a memorable musical not exactly filled with biting wit burned out like a total eclipse over Broadway. Its now-late composer was peeved about its reception forevermore, though (as a documentary podcast will soon report) he was responsible for opening the door to many of the changes its temperamental star demanded that tanked the production. 

Just over a decade ago, he commissioned a new creative team to take a second look at the material, largely returning it to the version that was a hit in many other countries and languages overseas.

They've faced an uphill battle overhauling the show, but are finally almost ready to proceed, pending approval from foreign stakeholders. Is somebody over at the Lunt-Fontanne about to play a fearless vampire killer in the workshop? Stranger things have happened...

Name the musical, the composer, the temperamental star, and the fresh blood.

Musical: Dance of the Vampires

Composer: Jim Steinman

Temperamental star: Michael Crawford

Somebody over at the Lunt-Fontanne: Gaten Matarazzo

Blind Items Revealed #30

October 13, 2023

Once again, this is way old crazy gossip from the site that you probably don't remember.

#1 - This original singing talent show kicked off a popular contestant for having topless photos online.

#2 - The next season, the same show saw nothing wrong with it from a very popular contestant and also didn't kick her off when someone leaked a sex tape of her to the public too.

#3 - When this A- list actress who is married to an A list singer/bad actor now, used to hook up with the actor from thee decade show who hooked up with everyone.

#4 - At an after Oscars party, this A+ list reality star went home with the former A list NBA player who has spent a lot of time getting drunk and been on a bunch of reality shows and is not named Lamar Odom.

#1 - American Idol/Frenchie Davis

#2 - Antonella Barba

#3 - Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake/Wilmer Valderrama/That '70s Show

#4 - Kim Kardashian/Dennis Rodman

Blind Items Revealed #29

October 10, 2023

This A- list actor/singer assured all his partners that he would get all his followers and all the people who think of him as their leader, to buy millions of dollars of products a year and that a MLM style selling system be incorporated too because his followers would be fanatic about signing up people and making sure those people sold product. The actor was not going to put up any of his own money for any of this. He said he had a huge name and the investors were lucky to have him. They made some products to send out to reviewers at magazines and to influencers who were promised all kinds of access to the actor/singer, so they gave stellar reviews. Later, they didn't get any access at all but the reviews were out there. Apparently, the products tested though were not the products that were ultimately offered for sale. Apparently, also once the actor/singer got some money, he decided he wasn't all that interested in motivating his followers to purchase the product or support the MLM thing, so the whole thing fell apart in just a few months. Investors think celebrities can move product. The vast majority of the time that isn't the case.

Jared Leto/Twentynine Palms

Blind Items Revealed #28

October 6, 2023

This A list social media star (#1) who also is a judge on a competition show and has millions of followers on social media is in a secret relationship with this B-/C+ list actor (#2) whose claim to fame are a couple of movies a Super Bowl commercial with an A+ list celebrity chef (#3) and working at a Disney park. #2 was previously married to a $15 Cameo actress (#4) and if you get her name then super bonus points. #1 and #2 met at the wedding of this A+ list YouTuber with many millions of followers who used to be a professional athlete (#5). There is a very good chance that #2 cheated on #4 while they were married because if you mention #2 to #4 on social media you immediately get blocked. Apparently, the cheating thing is still big in the life of #2 because even though he is about to elope with #1, he is still on Tinder. #1 forgave #2 the first few times she caught him on there and then he started using a different name. Maybe don't do the whole elope thing? #1 though has already hired a photographer who specializes in elopement weddings. Who knew there was such a thing.

1: Kelsey Impicciche/

2: Taylor Boldt

3: Guy Fieri

4: Anna Grace Barlow

5: Michelle Khare/Garrett Kennell

Blind Items Revealed #27 - Kindness

September 29, 2023

This former porn star turned almost A- list actress at one point, has a charity which helps former porn stars find legit work when they get out of the business and also helps them get clean if they need that help too.

Sasha Grey

Blind Items Revealed #26

September 25, 2023

This foreign-born B+ list actress who loves to say in every interview that she "turned her back on Hollywood" despite still working in Hollywood, and called the Oscar "a poison" that she doesn't want, and less than a year later was campaigning very hard for an Oscar nomination for a foreign film in which two of her male co-stars were accused of sexual abuse against women and kids - which she helped cover up for despite calling herself a "feminist" while she was having an affair with one of the actors - is now breaking the SAG-AFTRA strike rules by using her social media to promote her past and present films, even the ones that are on streaming services. She's also giving interviews, doing photoshoots and attending festivals and premieres to promote an American film that does not have an agreement with SAG-AFTRA. She also shot a film during the strike without permission from SAG-AFTRA. She thinks she's smart because she uses her Instagram stories to promote those films so they are gone in 24 hours, but she forgot that things can be saved and that she's tagged in posts that show her attending recent events and giving interviews.

This actress also received a controversial tribute award at a major film festival that several A-listers declined to attend out of respect for the SAG-AFTRA strike, even the ones that had an interim agreement that allowed them to attend the festival. No one knows why someone with such a short career in Hollywood (and a short career overall) was chosen to receive a tribute when she's not even that famous and most of her films have flopped. She used to play glorified cameos that were quickly forgotten and wasn't even famous in her own country before Hollywood started pushing her as "the next Meryl Streep". She's an industry plant and her dad still funds her films with taxpayers' money. Word on the street is that her team paid for the award just like they paid major publications to boost an Oscar campaign for the actress and her foreign film the previous year. Some publications even lied about that film being a big office hit when it had actually flopped, and that's why they never ask her about the abusers in the cast that she enabled and are not reporting that she is a SCAB who doesn't care about her fellow actors who are striking and struggling so that people like her can keep making money.

And she's set to receive another tribute at another festival soon. She even paid a New York theater to host a tribute to herself over 3-consecutive days where she's gonna be in attendance every single day.

Vicky Krieps/Corsage/Florian Teichtmeister and Aaron Friesz/The Wall/Toronto Film Festival

Blind Items Revealed #25

September 22, 2023

Four pieces of crazy gossip from the earliest days of the blog that you probably forgot.

#1 - Can you imagine thinking you were about to marry this former A+ list singer who comes from a family of singers that speak in multiple languages and then end up with the old alcoholic actor who is always peeing himself and got famous because of a car he worked with.

#2 - Prior to getting cheated on by her husband and while she was still single, this A list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee got drunk at a St. Patrick's Day party at the Sunset Tower hotel and swapped spit with the chain smoking Russian stripper loving Oscar winner/nominee, before going to his room for 45 minutes to have sex. He was in a relationship at the time.

#3 - This A list actor/singer is an Oscar winner/nominee and hopefully on the mend health wise. Don't forget the time he spent an Easter Sunday talking about how the permanent A list "singer" was on heroin, her once upon a time car partner/actress was on crack and how the at the time barely old enough to drive singer who was on Disney at the time and is now an A list singer had a STD.

#4 - The time this A+/A list actor who has directed in the past, threatened to sue a paparazzo because the pap had taken pictures of a naked 13 year old girl in the actor's bedroom in that place he has overseas. No one ever explained who the 13 year old was and why she was naked in the actor's bedroom.

#1 - Hayley Roberts/Enrique Iglesias/Julio Iglesias/David Hasselhoff

#2 -  Natalie Portman/Sean Penn/Robin Wright

#3 - Jamie Foxx/Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan/Miley Cyrus

#4 - George Clooney/Lake Cuomo

Blind Items Revealed #24 - Reader Blind

July 30, 2023

Speaking of the foreign rock band, the reason we haven’t seen any new music from them in so many years, is that the band actually broke up in 2018. The bandleader will never tell you this. In fact, he is threatening legal action against any media outlets who try to say what their fans already know. He knows he screwed up when he consolidated the empire and failed to pay his bandmates their shares. Now he is desperately trying to get the band back together before the truth gets out that they ever broke up. Fat chance.

Yoshiki / X Japan

Blind Items Revealed #23 - Reader Blind

September 2, 2023

I wrote a couple years back about this family film company that was, essentially, the original Netflix. They were doing the movies-by-mail thing 20 years before anyone else, and they kept doing it until several years back when they got sued out of existence by the government.

Let me now tell you about the man who ran this place, as it was told to me by people who knew him.

He put on the image of a pious, holy man. He was a significant mover and shaker in his particular faith, at least for a while. This was all a cloak, and a transparent one at that. If my sources are to be believed, this man was the Harvey Weinstein of his particular corner of things.

He eventually developed his own self-professed “branch” of his faith, which maintained its traditional belief in polygamy. He did this by claiming to “reform” drug addicts and prostitutes, acting in the role of a divine messenger. He would employ their services and then attempt to “save” them by paying them to leave prostitution - setting them up with credit cards and in some cases even homes, to get them dependent on him. Effectively, he made them his harem of mistresses, and could often be seen in full view of the public hooking up with them in the back of his Lamborghini. He paid off the main body of his faith for years, but was finally excommunicated over these activities.

His de facto wife lived in his $5 million mansion (which buys a lot where he lived) and had a large cabinet full of collectible figurines. He would buy her one every time she caught him cheating on her.

If it’s any consolation, I was told by a former business associate of his that he now lives in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, having lost everything. Cue the Breaking Bad theme.

Forrest Sandusky Baker III / Feature Films for Families / LDS Church

Blind Items Revealed #22 - Reader Blind

August 18, 2023

#3 - May 22, 2020 (Looking back, I'm not sure why I didn't post it because it is not edgy at all. It is cool. I just don't know if anyone will be able to guess it from the clues they gave) I used to live in Seattle, Washington. In my mid 20's (1996-ish) , I was really into the gothic/industrial/fetish music and club scene. My best friend at the time was this super flamboyant gay dude. Every Saturday night we got dressed up in our black PVC to hit our favorite Goth/Fetish club (Called "The Catwalk"). Like most gay divas, my friend takes no less than 127 hours to get ready. It was late by the time we set out and when we got to the club, it was about 12:30 and there was a line wrapped around the club of people waiting to get in. I told him, "If we want to tie one on before last call, we're going to have to find somewhere else".

Shirley MacLaine

Blind Items Revealed #21 - Reader Blind

August 18, 2023

#1 - July 4, 2023 - For now, those around the fading A++ lister are happy to only attack the unconventional beliefs of the wannabe A++ lister with a famous name.   If it gets close, expect them to go after his personal life as well as there is a lot there.  Not just infidelities and the wife he drove to death with his cruelty but also the fact he visited the island twice and knew the person who definitely did not commit suicide.  One particular story is his collaboration on different issues over the years with an older man who knew his father and uncle. This person was briefly an A lister largely due to the death of someone else but lost that the next time around.  Late in his life, he came out as gay and in a relationship with a much younger man of a certain race.  Truth is, despite a long marriage, this person was also into young men of this race and when they worked together the wannabe A++ lister always brought someone along to help procure young men for him.     

Robert F Kennedy Jr/Jeffrey Epstein/Harris Wofford  

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

August 17, 2023

So who, you may be asking, were the two people that blocked the actor from the previous BI from getting that coveted role? One was a former lover, a playwright/screenwriter and who wrote the original book to the musical that was being adapted to a movie. He was openly gay and was briefly romantically involved with the actor early on in his career. Their breakup was very messy and they avoided each other in public whenever possible. The writer was also known one of the most unpleasant and evil people in show biz, was known to hold grudges for a long time and clashed with almost everyone he worked with. He was furious that the producers of the film passed him over to write the screenplay. The writer was convinced that the actor had something to do with it and would probably secure this role unless he wasn’t hired on. Enter person #2: a B-list actor who was headed for a promising career. He was in showbiz since he was a kid and attracted attention in a movie based on a famous diarist. Actor #2 also wanted this part very badly even though he couldn’t sing or dance. The night before the first table read, the playwright called him and said he would talk to the movie’s other director to recommend him for a last minute screen test. He also put in a call to the alliterate gossip columnist to officially “break” the news about the said test and possible casting. The screen test landed him the part and actor #1 did not know about this until the movie’s leading lady (who was a good friend of his) broke the sad news to him via a phone call. Actor #1 was livid and knew exactly who the culprit was. Still having the playwright’s phone number, he left him a series of profanity laced messages on his answering machine and threatened to ruin his career, Actor #1 was so despondent about getting this part he moved to Europe to make movies and did not come back to the US for five years. 

As for the playwright, he saved those answering machine messages and copied them to a reel to reel tape and would occasionally play them at parties to the bemusement of guests. He was that kind of a person.

movie - West Side Story/Anthony Perkins/Arthur Laurents/Richard Beymer/movie where he first garnered attention: The Diary of Anne Frank/Robert Wise/Hedda Hopper

Blind Items Revealed #19 - Old Hollywood - Mr. X

August 14, 2023

Whenever the lists of the greatest movie casting “what if’s” are released in any format, this one is never mentioned, probably due to the personal, backstabbing nature of it all. This actor was A-list only for a brief period, but he continued working right up until he died. He’s known primarily nowadays for one role, the main  antagonist in one of the greatest horror/suspense films of all time. After the film was released, the actor gunned for the male lead in a big budget adaptation of a then recent hit Broadway musical. The FS t that he had a musical theater background and had just finished a run in a BWay musical that was nominated for a bunch of Tony Awards. He was so determined to get this part that he not only threw himself into ballet and jazz dance classes but he also slept with not only the musical’s director/choreographer but the alliterate lyricist of the score. Did I mention that the actor was openly gay in private but not in public. He struggled with his sexuality for most of his adult life and eventually wound up marrying a woman. They both gave him encouragement that he was all but set for this role… but two other people involved with the film dashed his dream to pieces. Part 2 coming soon!

Anthony Perkins/role #1: Norman Bates in Psycho/role #2: Tony in West Side Story/BWay musical: Greenwillow/Jerome Robbins/Stephen Sondheim

Blind Items Revealed #18

October 2, 2023

It was incredibly easy to pin the murder on the guy (AA) they ended up sentencing to jail. He was befriended by a close acquaintance of a royal who said the royal would have met with AA in person but everything needed to be kept discreet. AA had a fascination with the royal family and our royal (BB) new this. BB had a problem. There was a TV host (CC) who knew all about the royal's underage sex parties because one her friend's daughters had been at one of the parties and had been sexually assaulted by multiple men. The royal got wind of the story and paid off the family of the daughter, but the host was digging around and talking to other girls who had been at other parties. Would AA do this as a favor to BB? To protect the royal family. AA didn't pull the trigger. He thought he was just a red herring. There were things planted in his home. The killer didn't plant enough stuff to make the case airtight. If they had, then people wouldn't still be discussing the case today and the royal would probably breathe a lot easier. Think about how much earlier we would have known about him.

AA: Barry George/BB: Prince Andrew/CC: Jill Dando

Blind Items Revealed #17

September 27, 2023

There are lots of people this A list model/host will discuss, including lots of her exes. Until recently though, she never really discussed an actor/director she dated. His wife left him because of how abusive he was, so most assumed that is why the model wouldn't discuss him. He tried to have sex with women 24/7 which was  given as another reason why the model wouldn't discuss him. She says that she won't discuss him because then she will get into her theory that he was drugged in a foreign country and then died her in the US. So, in essence, murdered. Does she know something about all of this? Considering his condition at the time, it wouldn't have taken much to push him over the edge to death. Was it one of the many women he beat, getting their revenge? Was it the family of the woman he killed getting revenge? There are enough suspects for a mystery movie for sure. Each had strong reasons for hating him.

Tyra Banks/John Singleton/Constance Russell

Blind Items Revealed #16

August 29, 2023

The fiancée (#1) of the wealthy bookseller (#2) was once a sports and news reporter in Los Angeles. At the time, she was still young and vivacious and had a lot of hookups including with a number of very high-profile athletes she was reporting on.

Anyway, the long running network morning show/gabfest (#3) needed to replace one of their hosts (#4), so they began auditioning replacements. #1 auditioned and did well. So well in fact they kept bringing her back for appearances. She was easily the front runner and was on the verge of landing this prized gig. 

In the middle of a week-long stint, this twinkle member of the show’s panel (#4) invited her to sit courtside at an NBA game. Along for the ride was a B+ actress (#5) known for both TV and film, including the A list director’s (#6) kung fu epic. That’s when the fun started.

The game was between the city’s favorite NBA team (#7) and one of their most bitter rivals (#8). The game was heated and included a brawl which spilled off the court. There is actually video of #1 and #4 scurrying to get out of the way.

The real fun, though, was postgame. #4 and #1 went back to the tunnel by the locker rooms. #1 was quite well known to the rival team. She’d been involved with their star player (#9), a guy who often taunted opponents and who’d hooked up with #1 along with making many clutch shots in his Hall of Fame career.  

#1 caused quite a stir, as players from both teams went crazy when she made her postgame appearance. Guys were falling all over each other trying to get at her. Meanwhile, #4 was ignored.

The next day, #4 went to the show’s founder and grand dame (#10) with an ultimatum. If #1 was hired, #4 would quit the show. So the gabfest ended up hiring another woman (#11), who would later move on to the 24 news network (#12). 

#1 - Lauren Sanchez

#2 - Jeff Bezos

#3 - The View

#4 - Debbie Matenopoulos

#5 - Star Jones

#6 - Vivica Fox

#7 - New York Knicks

#8 - Indiana Pacers

#9 - Reggie Miller

#10 - Barbara Walters

#11 - Lisa Ling

#12 - CNN

Blind Items Revealed #15

August 30, 2023

If you ask someone right now, which Hollywood star has spent the most on paying for sex, you might guess Charlie Sheen. What if you changed star to producer though? An A+ list producer. A producer who has some of the biggest hits to his name. A producer who lived a Hollywood life like it was a movie about Hollywood with drugs and sex and hookers and parties. This producer spent millions of dollars a year on hookers. He liked them young and pale and they would leave bruised and battered. He enjoyed roughing them up. The problem was that he needed a new hooker every day and because of his requirements, it became harder and harder to find ones that were not already bruised by him or ones who had been and wanted to see him again. So, the prices went up and he had to pay sometimes as much as ten times the going rate because women would be flown in from other cities. This went on for years until he promised to tone down the bruising and beating. That caused him to ramp up his drug use and drinking which were already legendary.

Don Simpson

Blind Items Revealed #14

August 3, 2023

A lot has been said about this actress and her recent death. None if it makes much sense. Apparently, one of her offspring did find a note. Well, actually much more than a note. It was about 50 pages and it looked like the beginnings of a book or at least notes to herself about what the actress wanted to discuss. During her final project, a lot of memories were dragged up by the actress about her life and how a lot of those things were coming to life on screen. Specifically, she wanted to put a stop to certain actors who were seducing young actresses and giving them lifetime STD's. Our actress had a long hard life and one of the reasons she felt it was so hard was because of the abuse she endure at the hands of her dad. The sexual abuse was horrific, but every single day for her entire life she had to come to terms with the STD he gave her during that abuse. So, when she saw actors doing the same thing to young girls and the project she was working on, she decided to go on a vendetta. Obviously, someone probably didn't want her to do that.

Anne Heche

Blind Items Revealed #13

August 15, 2023

There was a time on this iconic network show that everyone still loves and binge watches all the time, that one of the characters was going to be fired. The obvious choice is the guy with the drug problem. You would be wrong. Instead, it was one of the actresses. She didn't get along with anyone and was always complaining about her character to the other actors and the producers and refused to even talk to the writers because she blamed them. She hated the writers. With several seasons remaining on the show, the plan was to have the character get a fabulous new opportunity she could not refuse, which would force her to leave. The idea was storyboarded and apparently there was a short three episode arc with the season finale saying her goodbyes. The idea was that she was going to move to another show on the same network on a full time basis. In the end though, the idea was scuttled and she remained.

Friends/Phoebe Buffay/Matthew Perry/Lisa Kudrow/Ursula/Mad About You

Blind Items Revealed #12

August 1, 2023

Recently in a town in this divided country, firefighters and police were called to what was described as an illegal nightclub. It wasn't. Instead, it was what is known as a black room/dark room where members of manufactured groups entertain the people who provide financing to the owners of the groups in return for a large portion of the profits and first shot at the group members. Every single promoter/company has one of these rooms. Often the rooms also have full camera coverage too. This particular dark room is owned by the biggest if the big companies. They are the ones who own the initialed boy band. That same company now has the same type setup in two spots in Los Angeles. One of them is filled with teens looking to break into the business but who were born or raised in the US, but still can speak that Asian language fluently. In a different part of town, there are two dozen girls brought from all over the US to try and make a US version of the Asian success story. They are locked in rooms and have rehearsals 12 hours a day along with weight checks and wardrobe checks which are filmed and also broadcast live to bosses back in Asia. The teens are allowed one phone call per day to their family and 15 minutes of texting which is monitored. One of the teens recently had a medical emergency and managed to communicate what has been going on in these homes. 

Seoul/Korea/HYBE/Big Hit Entertainment/BTS/Blackpink

Blind Items Revealed #11

July 19, 2023

This OG talk show host from back in the day has many successors to the show he started. He was not the most famous to hold the position, but he was the first. One of his favorite things to do was to have random actresses appear in skits or bits several times each week. His most famous successor used to do the same thing even when he was married. He just did it less often and more discreetly whenever he happened to be married. Our OG host had one very simple rule. You didn't have to sleep with him, but to get on the air you were going to have to get naked in his office alone with him and let him take photos of you. Each actress was told this upfront when they came for an open audition. Our host didn't want any surprises or people saying no wasting his time. Now, if you wanted to sleep with him, he was open to that too, but was more interested in the modeling aspect of it and then being orally serviced. He was something of a neat freak and hated sweating so sex was not on the top of his priority list. He must have gone through hundreds of actresses over the short time he was on television with his show.

Steve Allen/The Tonight Show/Johnny Carson

Blind Items Revealed #10

July 13, 2023

Just when I think there are no more crazy fetishes to discover that are of interest to sportscasters, someone comes forward to tell a story about this permanent A list national sportscaster who liked to call all his girlfriends by the names of his grandchildren and would often also throw in their moms into the conversation all the while never actually having sex with the girlfriends. He enjoyed being orally serviced while he commented on not only her performance but would use the names mentioned above and would do all of this while smoking a cigar and listening to classical music.

Howard Cosell

Blind Items Revealed #9

August 28, 2023

If you ask him, he will tell you he was drunk and he may very well have been drunk when it happened. He also might very well might not have been drunk and he wasn't drunk the next day when it happened again. I was reminded of this story because he is in the news almost every day. For years, the only thing we heard from him is whether he was going to sign on for another season of the show on which he stars. Back in the day though, our actor was hit on hard at a party. That is not unusual, because it happens a lot to him. married or not, he gets hit on and married or not, he can be very receptive when given the opportunity. At this party, this pseudo royal who likes her toes sucked was hitting on him hard. This was nearly thirty years ago. Our actor and the pseudo royal were friends and she definitely got hammered drunk and they hooked up that night and the next day too. The following night though he hooked up with the now dead princess who he had been introduced to by the pseudo royal. 

Kevin Costner/Yellowstone/Fergie/Princess Diana

Blind Items Revealed #8

July 25, 2023

I don't think I have ever written about this director before. He was definitely A+ list in his genre of movies. He specialized in exploitation movies. He used to tell people if the money was right, he would do a snuff film. His movies, were basically one step removed from it. He was a money launderer for the mob and would wash their money in his movies. He also looked for financing from wherever he could get it. His favorite place to get it were mafia run bordellos or through the women they were running. Our director/producer would hear about guys who had really freaky fetishes and were also wealthy. They would be high class escorts the men were using. Our producer would approach them and say they should invest in movies. They would get a tax write off and they could live out their fetishes with an actress who would star in one of the movies. Our producer would write the fetish into the movie and let the guy read the script and then be present for the casting of the actress for the role and then let him pick. He would then sleep with the actress after he ponied up the cost of making the film. This went on for a solid decade until our producer started shooting straight porn and was blacklisted from making any movies that would be distributed in regular theatres.

Joe D'Amato

Blind Items Revealed #7

July 20, 2023

This foreign born A list model is investing nearly $1M into a haunted house she bought. A real haunted house that has a history of multiple murders. The model has always wanted a haunted house and wants people to not just walk through the house, but also to spend the night in the house. She is adding in all kinds of special effects and secret doors and hidden chambers that she wants to be the ultimate haunted house experience. She is looking to charge upwards of five figures per night per person and the only rule is you are not allowed to sleep. She has cameras being installed which will keep guests from falling asleep. This is going to be one scary place.

Heidi Klum

Blind Items Revealed #6

July 17, 2023

She doesn't ever discuss it any longer. Back in the day when she was first starting out as an actress, she would talk about the incest she suffered for nearly a decade. She thought it was therapeutic to do it and then as times changed, she slowly stopped discussing it. She is foreign born and maybe peaked at B+ list here, but overseas she is much higher on the list. The last time anyone remembers her talking about it was when she was hooking up with this A- list actor who is much younger. They hooked up for about six months several years ago and he would pretend she was his mom or sometimes his sister. He doesn't actually have a sister, but he would pretend she was.

Charlotte Gainsbourg/Shia LaBeouf

Blind Items Revealed #5

July 27, 2023

Want to keep working on this show? Do whatever the executive in charge says and turn a blind eye to what he does. Want to work on a different show, but the same field? Don't ever say anything bad about the executive. This former actress turned reality star got a stark reminder of that when she posted something negative to social media and took it down very quickly. Everyone covers for the executive. Does he have a casting couch? Yes. Does he sexually harass subordinates? Every single day. Does he care? No he does not. Despite what has been recently said about him, he knows his job is not in danger. He produces results and deals with talent and crew and gets it all done way under budget. He is a huge profit earner for the big company and everyone knows if this show goes down, the whole industry goes down. Thousands of people would be out of work. Thousands of high paying jobs gone in a flash. There was already one downturn. They don't want extinction. There are ancillary companies that only survive because of this industry. So, whatever pushback might be normal, is not so in this case. There is no independent third party to put pressure on the executive. There are no harsh words. The survival of so many rely on them being complicit in everything bad that occurs. Things are so complicit that reporting from specific publications choose to not even mention anything about bad things that go on, let alone things that are being reported in the past week. If they did, they would be writing their own pink slips, plus they would never be allowed to interview anyone from the show he controls. It is a fiefdom made for abuse and everyone watches it happen, but are only looking out for themselves.

Days Of Our Lives/Albert Alarr/Lisa Rinna/Sony/Soap Operas (ten days later though, he was tossed out)