Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget - Your Turn

Every year I post this photo or one similar and always the same message in the headline. This year though since 9/11 falls on a Friday, I thought I would make this a Your Turn as well. Simple question. Where were you when you heard about what happened? Me? I was in the car and heard the first tower had been hit. I was off work that day and went back home and turned on the television and sat there for the next 12 hours or so and was joined for about half those 12 hours by a repairman who had come to fix something in the house. I had never met him before and never talked to him after, but for 6 hours we sat there and stared at the television. Never forget.

Four For Friday - With A Coke Mom Update

#1 - I have no idea what procedure coke mom had done to her nose, but it looks atrocious.

#2 - This foreign born C list actress more famous for her modeling career than her acting was spotted making out with a random party goer in a corner of a room a couple of days ago. Oh, she is married.

#3 & 4 - This NBA all star was seen going into his hotel room with two women while his B list television actress significant other was nowhere to be seen

Mischa Barton On The View

I have been waiting for this all morning. I am so glad someone finally uploaded it. You have read Mischa's explanation on why she was admitted to the psychiatric hospital. Wisdom teeth. Yeah, well if it sounds odd when you read it, just wait until you hear her actually saying it. She is good at memorizing lines though because her explanation on The View was almost word for word what she has said previously. She doesn't look bad here though which is a positive.

Random Photos Part One

Tom Ford gets the top spot today. Probably the best dressed man alive and he made sure the cast of his new movie also dressed impeccably for the Venice Film Festival premiere of his movie A Single Man. Granted, Colin & Julianne usually dress well on their own, but still, you can see that Tom Ford wanted everyone to match.
Colin Firth
Julianne Moore
And Matthew Goode.
It has been a long time since Amaury Nolasco was in the pictures. And yes, Jennifer Morrison was with him.

Black Eyed Peas - Pittsburgh
I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Cindy Crawford is not a bad looking woman.
Charlize Theron and Anna Wintour.
In case you wanted to see what Charlize was wearing.
Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page kissing for Marie Claire.
Diane Kruger not kissing Drew or Ellen, but there is always next time.
Meh, Eva is doing charity work so I will be nice.
Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany. They both look too damn good.
Also looking very good is Jared Leto. He actually cleaned himself up.
On his way to hook up with someone is John Mayer. Oh, ok, I don't know for sure he is going to hook up with someone. He could be coming from a hookup.
More kissing. This time it is Megan Fox kissing Johnny Simmons.
Michelle Trachtenberg & Katy Perry. The two men behind them seem to be enjoying the view.
Ahh, it is birthday time again and that means a paycheck for Larry Birkhead. Happy Birthday Dannielynn.
Holy F**k. This could be the worst one ever.
Milo Ventimiglia looks like he has lost 20 pounds since I saw him last.
I have obviously had two drinks in my hand at a time, but this is spectacular.
Don't ask Penelope Cruz if she is pregnant. She cussed out at least three reporters yesterday who dared ask her that question. If she is, then she has that whole smoking thing to explain from two days ago.
It must be tough to have to share with the world the first day your child goes to school. It isn't like they are doing it for votes.
I bet Rihanna wishes she was wearing that bracelet back in February.
Pete Yorn shows off the fact that Scarlett J has no pit stains.
Lots of randomness. Sarah Jessica Parker, Oscar de la Renta, Barbara Walters and Bette Midler.
Even more randomness. Sharon Stone and William H. Macy.
Tim McGraw - Pittsburgh
Aah, this is the Taylor Momsen we have all grown to know. Trashtastic.
The family Reitman. Son Jason and dad Ivan.
Does a tattoo on your spine really hurt?
Willem Dafoe with a rare candid smile.

America Young - Funny Or Die

America Young has a brand new video and it is playing on Funny Or Die. In it she confronts the tabloids as they take the shape of individuals mugging a couple. Surreal? Yes. Funny? Absolutely.

Mugging - watch more funny videos

Maura Tierney Drops Out Of Parenthood

Maura Tierney told the world back in July that she was going to undergo surgery to remove a tumor in her breast. At that time the plan was that she would have the surgery and return to the show Parenthood which had just started shooting. Now though, she is being forced to drop out of the show because her treatments are going to interfere with the production schedule.

Her spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter that Maura is disappointed she can't be on the show and that "her doctors remain confident that the outcome of her treatments will be positive."

I really hope so because Maura is one of my all time favorite people and actresses.

Apparently Crack Is Whack - Whitney Houston Spent 7 Months In Her Pajamas

Oprah was interviewed by Diane Sawyer about Oprah's interview with Whitney Houston. That is a whole lot of interviewing. The main gossip thing that came out of all this interviewing was that apparently Whitney lied when she said she wouldn't do crack and uttered her famous line, "I make too much money to smoke crack. Crack is whack."

It turns out she spent 7 months sitting in her pajamas with Bobby Brown doing nothing but taking drugs. She doesn't blame Bobby for getting hooked on drugs and she remembers the two of them would be sitting there taking the drugs and asking what they were doing.

Oprah says that Whitney did it because Whitney loved her husband and wanted to make herself fit into the marriage.

"The thing most shocking to me is that Whitney tried to make herself smaller to fit in a marriage so the man could be bigger. How many women have done that? I deeply felt for her. She was trying to be the good wife. She really, truly loved him."

I love how Oprah is making excuses for Whitney when Whitney didn't really make any for herself. I'm just glad that Whitney has moved on and is apparently clean.

Jillian & Ed Are Finished - They Just Don't See It Yet

Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski are going to split up. At this point I am just counting down the days. Thankfully it looks like Jillian finally woke the hell up and realized Ed is and was and forever will be a tool. I mean Ed is the guy who told his friend that Jillian was going down on him when they heard the first rumors about his infidelity on television. Who shares something like that? The same guy who tells the women he is sleeping with to bring over beer and condoms.

Anyway, Jillian was in New York for Fashion Week and she was accompanied by Mike Steinberg. Mike was on the show also but kicked out in the fourth episode. Well, he had Ed are friends so Ed said she should hang out with Mike. Why wasn't she with Ed? Listen to this crap and tell me what you think.

"Ed was supposed to be here today, but then he couldn't book his flight."

Step 1 - Open internet
Step 2 - Find your favorite travel site. (I recommend one that advertises on here)
Step 3 - Type in Chicago to New York
Step 4 - Book it.

WTF is so difficult about that? And don't tell me flights were sold out or too expensive. There are a million flights a day between the two cities and because of that they are cheap. It is a convenient excuse, but doesn't stand up at all to any kind of followup question. Thank US Weekly for not asking a followup.

Jillian was then asked about her wedding plans and the date. Remember she was all gung-ho about getting married as quickly as possible and is supposed to move to Chicago next week and blah blah blah. Well now she says, "We want to try to live a normal life and get to the point where we live together and start to come together and then start planning."

I wonder now if she even moves to Chicago. Once she moves she will be there for awhile. Even if he cheats on her everyday I think she will keep trying to work it out because it will be front page news and she will be embarrassed. My advice to her is to not go yet. If he loves her he will fly up to see her every couple of weeks and fly her down to Chicago as well. Make him work for it a little bit and show that he can be faithful while they are apart. My guess is he can't.

I'm Really Confused

I haven't been writing about the South African runner Caster Semenya because I was waiting for the tests she took to come back. I didn't want to say something that was wrong, but when the tests came back yesterday and leaked to the media all it did was make me more confused.

Apparently the tests showed that Semenya is a man and a woman. She has three times the normal level of testosterone that a female would have. She has no womb or ovaries and she has male sexual organs inside her body. So, it sounds to me like she is a hermaphrodite and yet is much faster than Lady GaGa. It's good that each of them have their own talents. Anyway, the International Track & Field people are thinking of taking her gold medal from her but don't want South Africa to go berserk and they would.

My question is this. If she can't compete as a woman and she can't compete as a man, then where is she supposed to compete? I think that it is wrong for her to not be able to compete. It isn't like she did this on purpose. She was born this way. She can't control it. I mean I guess she could have surgery and remove the testes, but what if they are providing a necessary function to her body? Are there that many hermaphrodites out there that this is going to pop up frequently? It hardly seems fair to make her sit out from any kind of racing just because of something she was born with. It seems discriminatory. It seems wrong.

Lindsay Lohan Voicemails Are Much Easier Than Her Tweets - Courtney Love Is In The Post Also - Oh And Michael Lohan

Yesterday I was going to post all of Lindsay Lohan's most recent Tweets where she has what appears to be an emotional breakdown and argument with Sam Ronson. Well, the thing is I couldn't understand what in the hell she wrote. It made no sense. Those are some really wonderful drugs she is taking to get words like that coming out of her fingers onto the screen. They made Courtney Love look brilliant in comparison although she had a bad day yesterday intelligence wise. Courtney Tweeted that Guitar Hero 5 was using Kurt Cobain's likeness without permission and that she would never give it and was going to sue them for everything. About an hour later the company produced a contract with her signature. Yeah. Don't do drugs kids.

Anyway, Animal New York cracked the password of Lindsay Lohan's voicemail. For real. No joke and they compiled the best voicemails into one six minute clip. Unlike her writing, she is not participating in the voicemail so you can actually understand them. When you listen to it, pay close attention to Michael Lohan and how none of his kids want to see him and how Lindsay won't even give him a free CD and had to buy it in 7-11. Do they sell CD's there? I am always so distracted by the donuts and Hostess and lovely hot dogs cooking right in front of me that I don't notice much else.

Lindsay Lohan Voicemails from on Vimeo.

Matt Damon & Brad Pitt Set Up George Clooney

Earlier in the week you may have seen George Clooney at a press conference in Italy. At that press conference a gay reporter got up and stripped for George and wanted George to choose him as his husband. If you haven't seen it, the video is below.

Well, it turns out the guy may have ended up there because of Brad Pitt & Matt Damon. Matt was on Letterman last night and explained that Brad Pitt was tired of always being asked when he was going to marry Angelina Jolie. So, one day he responded he would marry Angelina when George Clooney marries his boyfriend.

A short while later the same journalist then asks Matt Damon if what Brad Pitt says is true. Not knowing what Brad said, Matt just agreed and said yes. Then the reporter starts asking questions about George's boyfriend and this week stands up in front of the press and declares his love for George and wants to be his boyfriend. Below is Matt's appearance on Letterman.

Ted C Blind Item

We're just crazy for debauchery here at Blind Vice central! On top of our fab 'n' fierce Blind Vice Superstars gallery, we've got another Blind first today: a Vice candidate appearing two weeks in a row!

Now, last week's inaugural Blind Vice about Topher Hairy-Tuchus brought all kinds of hilarious reactions, my personal fave being a comment from hmmm (could you get a little more original with your moniker, bitch?) who stated: "Sorry but this sounds made up..Ted printed an email the other day that complained how boring the straight Blind Vices are and he needs more gay ones, all of a sudden all of these gay Blind Vices happen to be appearing."

Are you for real, "hmmm"? A.T. is usually all about the closeted gay dudes, and besides, not only do we never make this naughty stuff up (ever) we've since heard back about Topher's earlier life, back when he was married.

Turns out he likes to take chances, just like he did with that anonymous Internet dude he tried to have sex with through a sheet. So when Hairy-Tuchus had a female spouse, he had the nerve to...

Bring a guy back to his house and get down to it on the bedroom he shared with his wife! Too bad they don't put in anything about protecting the sanctity of the marriage bed in those vows, huh? And, as soon as hot Hairy and his hunky minuteman were about to complete the manly act, guess who walks in on him?

Yep, the missus. To say she was pissed is to say I'm hot for Robsten. But it also explains a few things:

If anybody's caught on recently why Hairy's fake relationships with various starlets these days is so upsetting his ex, this is most likely one of chief reasons why. He can prance out ersatz honeys for camera, but not her? Yep, apparently it's an utter impossibility for Topher to be under-the-radar cool like Crotch Uh-Lastic or even the recently whipped Toothy Tile. He can't keep the fact that he likes dude somewhat discreet (as long as he's choosing to stay in the closet), he just has to—as usual—take chances and parade all kinds of risk-taking measures for many to see.

Gambling guy, this one is, for sure.

Oh, and another thing: THT's dangerous man-activities are not only well known in many professional circles, these antics are now ripping through the hallways of Hairy-Tuchus' agency with a force he'd be smart to try and cool down.

But how boring would that be?

And It Ain't: Will Smith, Tom Cruise, George Clooney

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today's Blind Items

Apparently this married, former B list movie actress from some very big movies and still a very strong C is going to come out in the next few weeks. Her new girlfriend is insisting on it.

Random Photos Part One

Dominique Swain gets the top spot. Not just because she is an alumnus of the blog, but because she is also newly engaged to Andrew Bennett. Congratulations!!
Tyler Perry missed out on the top spot today, but he is definitely a one man money making machine.
Amanda Bynes finally wore something different and gets back in the photos.
A first time appearance for Alex O'Loughlin.
The ageless Bernadette Peters. 61 years old and still looking fabulous.
She said it. Not me.
"Hee hee. Old bag."
It's Geddy Lee. Ooops. Sorry. Demi Moore.
It has been a long time since Gabriel Macht made the photos.
Don't ever say that Guy Ritchie won't do whatever it takes to make a buck or keep sponsors happy.
Gwen Stefani at Fashion Week. All the models are sporting The Kate.
The one and only Isabella Rosselini.
So is Jacinda Barrett the most successful Real World alum?
So are we saying that Jewel is creative or just sum people think she is creative? I crack myself up.
Jemima Khan with no Hugh Grant. I guess it is finally over this time.
Jessica Simpson and the about to get married CaCee Cobb in Brazil.
Kate Beckinsale at a premiere last night in LA. Yes, even though Kate wasn't wearing her wedding ring, Len was there. He looked unhappy and miserable but he was there.
Speaking of unhappy and miserable, whatever died in Kate's container probably felt that way.
Khloe Kardashian and the Christina Aguilera school of lipstick. Lamar Odom is about 7 feet tall so that should give you an idea of just how tall Khloe is. To put it into perspective, if Lamar Odom raised his hand in the air as high as it could go, Tom Cruise could jump up and down all day and never even come close to touching it.
For some reason, I am ok with the huge amounts of lipstick on Drew. Maybe it is because she has been looking really good lately.
You think if I gave her $20 Kendra would try and eat them all?
For Matthew Broderick this is pretty good.
The legend that is Omar Sharif.
She prefers to be called Robin Wright now. No more Penn. Yeah, until next week when they get back together.
I just want to know how much CGI is going to be used to make these 80's flashbacks realistic.
Shia with no cast.
Samantha Mathis. I love her. I thought she was going to be huge, huge.


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