Friday, February 12, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 - This C list television actress on a hit cable show is in her 30's. Has not stopped her though from dating a high school senior. Yep. He was a summer intern on a project she was doing and they hit it off. He is 18. I wonder if they will go to prom together.

#2 - This B- list movie actress with A- list name recognition who sometimes dabbles in television has always been a little goofy and has done coke pretty much her entire adult life. She might want to reconsider that doing coke thing before meeting directors though. Our actress went into a meeting with a director, reached out to shake his hand, and her vial dropped from her hand to the floor. She had forgot to put it away after taking a line in her car.

#3 - This B- list actor and Golden Globe nominee/winner has never been married. Sometimes he will have a girlfriend but it never really goes anywhere. It turns out our actor had an accident when he was younger and since then has not been able to umm get aroused. He says that it has been so long now that he really doesn't care about it anymore.

#4 & 5 - Apparently this relationship between a C+/B- list movie and television actress and her A list athlete boyfriend is not as serious as the world has been led to believe. Both of them have been seen out with other people in the past few weeks and they weren't exactly platonic dates.

Random Photos Part Three

Felice Quinto - RIP

If you don't know who Felice is, he is the first paparazzo. He was the inspiration for La Dolce Vita which is one of the best films ever made. This guy was the first person to hide in bushes and sneak into places to get pictures. He was also attacked frequently.
This was probably his most famous picture. Prior to this Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had insisted they were just friends. This photo made them change their story.
I forgot that Brooke Shields and Dean Cain used to date.
Apparently they are making a Boy George movie for BBC.
The original.
Oh, and they are going to have a Marilyn character. I hope they show Marilyn and Gavin Rossdale getting it on.
The dog pound seems a long, long time ago.
Bridget Marquardt still out there trying to make a buck.
I don't know what Carla Gugino is wearing, but I think it is from the Sarah Palin collection. With Carla are Gabourey, Eve Ensler who started the V-Day organization and Rosario Dawson.
Chayanne - Tenerife, Spain
You know, I have to say that if Charlize Theron asked me out, I would probably leave the basement for it. Here she is with Jane Fonda.
Elizabeth Banks looks great.
Ewan McGregor. This time without Melanie Laurent all over him.
Yeah, yeah it is Gerard Butler. Forget him though. Look at the woman through the car window. She is like a ghost. It freaked me out the first time I saw her there.
Gwen Stefani at her show. Looks like Marilyn in this huh?

Random Photos Part Two

I believe this is a first time appearance for Gunner Wright.
Josh Duhamel kind of looks like Greg Kinnear here don't you think?
James Franco always looks like James Franco. Oh, or Mario from Mario Brothers.
Yesterday was the Heart Truth charity fashion show and lots of celebrities and people like Kim Kardashian who think they are a celebrity.
Kristin Chenoweth was there.
Felicity Huffman, who looks like she was having a great time.
Joan Collins making the most of it.
Raven Symone was walking the runway in her own style.
I really miss seeing Valerie Harper all the time.
All of the celebrities who participated.
Jerry Ferrara always looks so sad lately. Maybe he isn't over Jamie Lynn yet. I do know that two weeks ago he was out at a club with some guys and there were women all around him but he didn't even seem to notice or care.
Jesse Metcalfe on the long journey to regain his career.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his wife Reena Hammer.
Katharine McPhee out to watch Selena Gomez perform.
Kelly Osbourne at Fashion Week.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today. Although Lindsay Lohan couldn't make it to the Opera Ball, you know there was no way Katie Price was going to miss the chance to appear in front of a bunch of cameras. If I didn't detest her so much I would say that I actually think she looks pretty good here.
Lindsay's employer Richard Lugner was there with his girlfriend.
And this is an incredible shot of the ball. Amazing.
Apparently Lucy Lawless goes topless and gets naked throughout the season on Spartacus. Note to self. Set DVR.
Maccabee's - Birmingham, UK
Michael Buble ran the Olympic torch in Vancouver last night. I hope all the readers in Vancouver ignore the traffic headaches, the closed streets, the jacked up prices and the mobs of people at The Bay and just focus on the fun and having the world watching you and wanting to be there. Oh, and get yourself some of those red mittens. Yes, even you Jax.
A first time appearance for Omar Shariff Jr.
At first I thought Pierce Brosnan was flexing but then I realized that
he is actually
Ryan Cabrera and Audrina Patridge continue the romance that no one really cares about.
Sara Vega - Tenerife, Spain
Do you think Steve Van Zandt will still dress like this when he is 80?
Tina Fey is the airbrushed photo of the day.
An American Idol contestant from way back. Trenyce.

Your Turn

I know I did this last year, but I thought it had some great stories and I would love to see them again and there are so many more people reading this year that maybe they would like to see them and have their own stories to share.

I will leave it up to you which you would rather share, or you can share both. Your worst Valentine's Day gift and your best. Oh, and if you want to throw in your favorite romantic movie, then by all means include that as well. I myself am fond of The World Of Bacon. It brings a tear to my eyes everytime I watch it.

Harrison Ford Makes Relief Flights To Haiti - Doesn't Bring Scientologists

Harrison Ford is a pilot. Harrison Ford owns a plane. Harrison Ford is a huge supporter of Operation Smile which provides free reconstructive surgery. Obviously they are needed in Haiti and Harrison Ford was happy to help. Over the course of two days last week, Harrison transported 20 surgeons and nurses and medical supplies all on his own dime. And guess what? These surgeons do actual healing and don't just touch a patient and expect a cure.

"This is not about me, it is just about doing what I can to help Operation Smile and the people of Haiti."

For their part, Operation Smile said, "We are truly thankful that we were able to get here so quickly, in order to begin treatment of patients who are suffering from infections, open wounds, and untreated fractures from the recent earthquake."

You can tell by the pictures how important this was to Harrison. I don't think I have ever seen him smile this much. Makes you feel good that something as important as this is what can make him smile.

Ashley Cole Cheats Again - Great Excuse Though

You would think that Ashley Cole would have learned his lesson. Ashley who is a soccer star in the UK is married to Cheryl Cole or Cheryl Tweedy (top photo) or whatever name she goes by from the group Girls Aloud. Last time Ashley cheated, Cheryl forgave him. This time might prove to be the end. Ashley sent some naked pictures of himself to a model named Sonia Wild (second photo). They sexted back and forth and exchanged naked pictures. Ashley says that the whole thing is an innocent mistake. He says that he had bought a pay as you go phone because you know soccer stars don't like contracts. He had taken some naked pictures of himself and left them on the phone. He then gave the phone to a friend of his because there were still available credits on the phone. That friend then gave the phone to another friend who discovered the pictures and then started sexting the model.

Got it? Well, I will admit it is one hell of an excuse. I don't think it will fly with his wife and the other thing is if we are going to believe his story, then why was he taking naked pictures of himself? He didn't say he sent them to Cheryl so was he just taking pictures of himself because he liked to see himself. Isn't that what mirrors are for?

Alec Baldwin Goes Off On The Paps

When Alec Baldwin got home yesterday from work he had been through a very long day. Leaving the hospital at 2am and then having to go to work the last thing he probably wanted to see was a group of photographers waiting for him. But, that is exactly what he found. When one of the photographers tapped him on the shoulder, Alec said, "Don't touch me! I'm calling the cops!"

Alec then grabbed the photographer by the collar until he was pulled off by the police and hustled into his apartment building. Although the photographer yelled out that he had been assaulted no charges were filed.

While Alec was in his lobby someone heard him muttering, "They are the lowest scum of the Earth. They are the lowest scum of the Earth." Kind of like a mantra I guess. The guy is losing it. Oh, and according to a friend of Alec's he blames Kim Basinger for the photographers being there and also the 911 call the night before.

"This is another example of Kim's sickness." Really? I don't see how it is her fault that Alec was threatening to take pills. I will be shocked if Ireland gets through all of this and ends up living a normal life.

For the video of the incident, click here.


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