Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekly Thanks

It is that time of the week again where I thank all of you because you make the site what it is. I post things everyday, but if it were not for the readers and the comments and the family like feeling, this site would be just like any other gossip site. I appreciate you.

The charity results are in and for the top 3 places it wasn't even really close.

1. ASPCA - There were many animal charities mentioned, and the animal charity with the most votes was ASPCA.

2. Doctors Without Borders

3. Oxfam

4. Here is where things got a little tricky. Many times people would say something for children but would not leave a specific charity name. Of all the children's charities, Elizabeth Glaser and Make A Wish received the most. So, what I am going to do is add another $175 to the pot and give Elizabeth Glaser and Make A Wish each $175.

I loved reading about the charities you support and love. I had never heard of many of them and that is what was great about this is the sharing and knowledge of what organizations are out there.

As always I want to thank everyone who sent in tips or videos or pictures. I read all of them, and I try to use as many as I can. I want to thank all the advertisers. I'm not sure what to say about the sex toys one except don't make any videos that could possibly wind up in the hands of your 5th grade students.

Ticket Liquidators are great when you can't find seats to a concert or event or want really great seats. A To D list is back in full swing but it will only work if you help out with the categories. Second City Style is your fashion blog headquarters. Travelatime is a great place to look for hotels and airfare for anywhere you are going. Dragon Search Marketing will get your site noticed and have great ideas to make your site better.

I hope all of you have a great weekend. Have fun and be safe.

Red Carpet Opportunity - Los Angeles

I have an opportunity for someone in Los Angeles or who will be in Los Angeles next Tuesday to work the red carpet for the premiere of The House That Jack Built. It is from 6p-8p. This is the initial list of the people attending. It would almost be worth it to go just to ask The Hoff's ex a bunch of questions. Anyway, if you are interested, please send me an e-mail. I need to let them know by Monday at noon, so between now and Sunday night would be great. You can bring someone along with you.

Bruce Reisman (PROD/DIR/SCR)
Joe Mantegna
Gail O’Grady
Hal Sparks (CAST/PROD)
Kris Black (CAST/PROD/SCR)
Michael Guarnera (CAST/PROD)
Peter Onorati
Shar Jackson
Tony Oppedisano (PROD)

Marc Cherry
Andy Richter
Taryn Manning
Samantha Mumba
Debra Wilson Skelton
Tami Farrell (Miss California)
Lainie Kazan
Sally Kirkland
Fred Williamson
Roddy Piper
Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff
Jason Wahler
Holly Huddelston
Sebastian Roche

Today's Blind Items

#1 - This female reality judge on an A list reality program is getting paid to endorse a product. The product has a very limited budget for publicity. It is about $200,000 for an entire year. Our reality star spent $20,000 of it in one weekend on hotels, room service and the long distance calls of her agent.

#2 - This C list movie actor in a blockbuster summer movie paid for his date to be at the premiere. As in she charged him by the hour paid. She looked it too.

#3 & 4 - This age inappropriate booty call relationship had another episode when our B listers hooked up again. The guy does movies and television but has made his fame on one television show. The woman does primarily television but does a movie when someone is dumb enough to pay her.

Random Photos Part One

The fourth birthday for this panda from the National Zoo in Washington DC gets the top spot just because we all like animals and the cake is really creative. It is like a beet snow cone with fruit and supported by bamboo.

So, Brad rides motorcycles and Angelina flies jets. Their life insurance premiums must be outrageous.
Ashton and Demi seem to be on the lookout for someone. Maybe they are looking for a new friend who also beats women. It must be all of a week since they got to see their buddy Chris Brown.
Ignore Ashlee. I swear to you this kid could be that talking kid from the television commercials. I just know he is going to say something. He is seven months old and looks 8 years old.
Rob Patterson and Carmen Electra before her debut in her Vegas show.
Hello Carla Gugino. Please be on Sunday's episode of Entourage.
Some of the cast of Entourage.
Most of the cast of Entourage.
Daniel Radcliffe in another bad suit, although better than the one in London. I am being critical, but maybe I am the one who is wrong. Maybe I don't get it. What do you think? Is it ok?
Emma Watson in leather. Her only request for her new roommate at school this fall is that they don't own any Harry Potter posters.
A first time appearance for Freddie Stroma.
George Clooney hitting on a member of the Italian police force.
Gina Gershon shows up at some really odd intervals. Nothing at all for months, and then wham there she is.
Hilary will run you over. I can see it in her eyes.
Hugh Jackman and his daughter.
Jim Carrey and his who is also pregnant. So, Jim will be a grandpa.
Hello Jamie Lynn. Please be on Sunday's episode of Entourage.
OK, and one of her standing with Jerry Ferrara.
Some of the cast of Eureka. This is Joe Morton and Salli Richardson. The show was being honored last night. Very cool show.
Lance Bass is turning into a professional red carpet guy.
All of Madonna's kids (Rocco is the almost hidden one), but no Madonna. Instead a nanny and a bodyguard to take the kids sightseeing in Paris.
This outfit Michelle Trachtenberg is wearing is just awful.
Rascal Flatts - New York
Ralph Macchio never ages.
More babies. This time it is Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O' Connell.
Reese is back in LA.
A first time appearance for Tom Cavanagh. It should have happened long ago.
Vanessa Williams and her daughter.

Jennifer Aniston Does Something Nice

Jennifer Aniston has done something worthy of a kindness. I will assume she has done it out of the goodness of her heart, and not for publicity, because, I like to see the good in people. Right now she is shooting a movie with Gerard Butler entitled The Bounty. The crew was scheduled to have Friday through Sunday off last week for the 4th of July. Well, Jennifer decided to give the crew off an additional day. According to People, Jennifer paid the salaries of every crew member for last Thursday so they could have a four day weekend.

"Jen is such a genuinely good person," says one crew member. "How many people in this world would pay for an entire movie set to have off for the day? Not just anyone does that. We're talking big bucks."

So, Jennifer, this is me saying that was a very nice gesture, and I am sure the crew will love you forever because of it.

Your Turn

Today I noticed that I wrote about many of the celebrities I like the least. So, it got me to thinking about which celebrities you hate and which ones you love. So, for today, the ones you love to hate and the ones you love to love.

Today Is The Day

Today is the day that Paris Hilton is in federal court in Miami. She is supposed to testify this afternoon and I can't wait to read what she says. In case you were wondering, the courtroom today was only about half full and there were only three or four photographers waiting for her this morning at the courthouse when she arrived. So, basically no one cares about her. And to show you that she has absolutely no interest in anything but herself she touched up her makeup at least three times during the hearing. Not during a break mind you, but while the judge was speaking or other things were happening. I could only take a guess at how many times she would have primped if cameras were allowed in the courtroom. She is such a joke. I hope they catch her in a million lies this afternoon.

Jon Gosselin Still Seeing The Gun Toting Daughter Of Kate's Plastic Surgeon

Aah true love. Jon Gosselin continues his slide into blowing through his money and the inevitable Gold4Cash commercials he is sure to be doing this time next year to support his new girlfriend's fashion line. According to Radar, Jon and 22 year old Hailey Glassman continue to see each other everyday. In the next couple of weeks Jon and Hailey are headed to Paris for a romantic vacation. Apparently Hailey wants to start a shoe line. Well nothing like finding an idiot who got his first earring the other day to finance that little endeavor for you. I am sure it will be a stunning success.

Meanwhile, Kate was in Los Angeles this week and I didn't even notice. Apparently she had a meeting at Warner Brothers. You know what that means? Talk show. I don't know if I am ready for her to host a talk show, but at this point she is the one who is going to have to be the bread winner. Kate might be a shrew and out for fame and fortune, but she does seem to at least be willing to work for it. I'm not sure what Jon does and if he realizes what the end of the television show would mean to him financially. Maybe he is hoping Kate will make it big and that he can take care of the kids and have her pay him every month. He really needs to grow up.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which freaky actor — who currently has a girlfriend — hit on a wardrobe consultant on the set of his latest film with the line, “I like those jeans. Can I have your number?

Sam Ronson - Not A Fan Of Star Tours

Apparently there is a new stop on the tour of celebrity homes you can take when you are in LA. The new stop is Samantha Ronson, and Sam is fairly upset about it. The speakers from the tour bus carry in to the inside of her home and so she is able to hear everything that is said about her on the bus. Of course that means her neighbors can hear it as well.

In a post on her Twitter, Sam said, "Seriously - there are real famous people in this city - can't they go bother them?" Yes, they could probably go bother them, but I'm guessing you happen to be right in the path of the tour so they figured why not. Plus there is always the possibility you will see a police car there and there will probably be paps there and so it makes sense for the tour company to go to her house than it does to go to a home where people can't see anything but the top of a house over some 10 foot high walls.

Sam also revealed that her house is not owned by her, but is in fact, a rental. "They said that because I'm so talentless, Mark Ronson had to buy me my house. It's a rental!" So, is he paying for the rental? The tour companies do this because of what the reaction they get from Sam.

"Just told 'star tour' guide to shut the f**k up - might not have been the best idea."

No, because now they will just keep coming back in hopes you do it again. My advice is to move if you don't want them to come by. Since they have been coming by for a few months now and you still haven't moved, I'm guessing the attention doesn't bother you as much as you want us to believe.

Speaking of tour bus movies, have any of you seen the movie "Just Write." It stars Jeremy Piven (I know, but I still like him as an actor) and Sherilyn Fenn. It isn't Academy Award stuff, but for a couple of hours on your DVD it isn't bad. Plus it has Alex Rocco, so you really can't go wrong with that. Oh, and Costas Mandylor in case you like that.

Joe Jackson Has Dollar Signs In His Eyes

For those of you who thought that Katherine Jackson would keep the kids safe and away from Joe Jackson, you may want to rethink those thoughts. I know there have been reports that Joe and Katherine are not together any longer, but that isn't the impression I got when I watched this interview he gave to ABC News.

I don't want this guy anywhere near Michael's kids and if the other brothers and sisters won't step in and do something about it, then the State of California needs to. I would hope that the brothers and sisters realize they had a very messed up life and much of it was because of Joe Jackson. Don't let him destroy three more lives.

In the interview with ABC he said, "I keep watching Paris. She wants to do something. And as far as I can see, well, they say Blanket, he can really dance." That's right. He wants them to be entertainers. Who better to guide their career than Joe who is probably seeing dollar signs flashing in front of his beady little eyes. As for raising the kids.

"There's no-one else to do what we can do for them. We should keep them all together and then make them happy, feed 'em like they're supposed to be fed, and let them get rest, plenty of sleep and grow up to be strong Jacksons."

And when he says we, he is referring to himself and to Katherine. That's right. He is right there with those kids right this second who are probably in their 4th hour of rehearsals this morning.

Gwyneth Demands Attention - So She Detoxes Again

After last Christmas when Gwyneth Paltrow wrote about her detox, she received some positive publicity. At this point any positives for her are fairly rare, so she did what she does best. She detoxed again. I know many of you have written that you followed her detox program from Christmas and that it worked. I'm glad it did and I will always give credit where it is due so golf clap to Gwyneth.

That being said, I am wondering just how often she needs to detox, and do we have to read about it every time? How often is she going to write about detoxing herself and how fabulous it is and how fabulous she is and how she needed to rid herself of the 2 pounds she had gained over the past six months. The thing I dislike about her is that she can convey even good information that many of you like but make you hate her while she conveys it. She has a problem relating to people and you would think that perhaps instead of a detox program that maybe she would look into a sensitivity program or a think about it before you speak program or have someone proofread what she writes in her newsletter so she doesn't sound pompous and arrogant.

Here is what Gwyneth wrote.

"This program allowed me to work and exercise regularly, something I cannot do if I am on a liquid-only detox. I followed it to the letter and I can report that it worked wonders. I feel pure and happy and much lighter (I dropped the extra pounds that I had gained during a majorly fun and delicious “relax and enjoy life phase” about a month ago). I also really enjoyed learning about the incredible health benefits of resting your digestive system, etc. This thing is amazing."

So, what she is saying if I am reading this right is that when you are on a liquid only detox which she advocated earlier this year, you basically need to stay on your sofa and have your nannies take care of the kids and someone else cook for them and someone to do the cleaning.

It is the next part where I think she needs to think about what she is writing and how it affects people. Everyone of us knows that Gwyneth is not a normal weight. So, for her to say to the world that she needed to drop extra pounds she had gained it makes you wonder if she has a sense of what a normal size and body type is. Even for those of you who are out there and are a size 0, chances are if you gained two pounds, you wouldn't need a detox to rid yourself of it. Does anyone think she gained more than two pounds?

This relax and enjoy life phase. Anyone have any guesses to what that means? I think it means she allowed herself to have an entire meal once a week. I also hope that she is allowing her children to relax and enjoy their lives and they don't end up this uptight.

I do sometimes think that Gwyneth means well, but she is just so awful at it, that she makes herself look even worse.

Hayden Panettiere Thinks She Is Better Than Us

Hayden Panettiere is without a doubt the actress I probably dislike the most right now. It didn't always used to be this way. If you will recall back in the early days of the site, Hayden was most assuredly not on my crap list. But, people change and over the past two years she has changed into someone I have no desire to be around for even five seconds.

She gave an interview to Details for their issue this month. Even with an interviewer who obviously fawned over her, even she realized at some point that Hayden thinks she is better than everyone else on this planet and that the only person who matters on the planet is Hayden. Ms. Cool sent me this article yesterday afternoon and I have been steaming ever since. I started to write it last night but was so upset that I had used too much profanity and realized I would need to tone it down just a touch.

Enough with my anger, let me let you join in on the fun. Oh, and by all means read the article. The reporter describes Hayden as "beautiful and special and talented." Yeah, that is real objective right there.

Apparently Hayden started thinking she was better than everyone at a very early age. When she was asked about her schooling and if she ever felt like she missed out on a normal life, Hayden said, "It wasn't like I suddenly started feeling different. I always knew that I was. I never felt I missed out—in fact, it was like, 'Oh, thank God I'm not that.'"

That referring to us of course. Every last one of us on the planet not named Hayden. That is the perspective she sees. If you already hate her, it gets better. I promise.

She said that she was bullied as a kid. "I was tortured, emotionally tortured by these girls. Every time I came back from filming, it would be me trying to find my way back into the clique. And they weren't having it." Well, why in the f**k would they have you back? It is pretty obvious you thought you were better than them. I wouldn't want you back in the clique either. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if someone punched her. Oh wait. They did.

She was punched in the face by "a very angry, very sad girl." Probably angry that you thought she was better than you.

Now, during the interview, two fans came up who were from out of town. Hayden had been eating but was finished.

"Excuse me. I'm sorry, I know this is extremely rude, but we're from the East Coast and you're the first famous person we've met. Is there any way I would be able to get a picture of you?"

Hayden took the picture with them, and they said, "Thank you so much. Thank you. I'm sorry." By all accounts very nice guys. This is what she said to the reporter after the picture. "I gave them a half-smile. It's a survival skill."

Now you can fully exercise your dislike for her. Plus, she isn't that great of an actress.

Ted C Blind Item

Our superfamous naughty couple today is by no means as interesting as Hard-Nipple Nick and his megastar wife. Quite the opposite, in fact. Sorry! But get this:

It's high time everybody met Jerry Rock-Butt and Chutney Jones—an insanely gorgeous duo. The stars (one A-List, one B-List, sorta) have been dating for a couple of years now and they're the epitome of dull, dull, dull. Bland expressions when they're out together, same routine dinners, blah blah and more blah. Yech, already.

But it wasn't always that way, we assure you:

JR-B has always been a ladies' man, and has quite the track record of bedded A-List hotties. Not that he always made it to a mattress, but you get the general idea, I'm sure. Oh, and these exes of Jare's never let him lose his hard-partying ways. They were supersmart about that—quite unlike how stupidass (tightass) Chutney's being with Jerry now.

See, Rock-Butt is no druggy—don't get us wrong. But when he's out with the boys or in a crazy mood, he doesn't mind dabbling in the occasional Hollywood party favor: coke. J will do a couple of lines here and there, just to help him get his dance and flirt on.

But Chutney isn't having any of that. Not that we condone drugs here at the A.T., but C.J. is just as pissed that Jerry does blow as she is that Jerry has fun! She's such a stick in the overly coiffed spa mud, and she sure as hell isn't any fun to take out—and that, of course, means Mr. Rock-Butt shouldn't be out and about either, so Chutney thinks.

Well...let's just say Jerry's been sneaking off to Vegas a bit more than usual, as a result. Sin City is where Jare gets all his sins outta his system, fer sure.

And we think Jerry has had it with his leecher girlfriend. They've been on rocky ground for a while, and studly J is starting to miss the nightlife and bevy of hot female fans. And trust, this sexalicious guy could have practically anyone. Guys or girls. But he chooses the latter, despite his metro-esque appeal.

Here's hoping JR-B ditches the douche ball and chain and goes back to the single life. Preferably for his first love. Now they were a fit like no other.

And It Ain't: Sean "Diddy" Combs, Ryan Phillippe, Emile Hirsch

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Today's Blind Items

What former Golden Globe Best Actor nominee has fallen so far down the acting ladder that earlier this week he was forced to audition against 50 other actors for a fast food commercial?

Random Photos Part One

I think if you get Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia together that is definitely top spot worthy.
Brad Pitt apparently got his motorcycle fixed.
Maybe it is because of what Drew Barrymore has been spotted in lately looks so bad, but she looks really good here. Justin just looks lost.
I was thinking about the new Whitney Houston album today so Dionne Warwick seemed a natural.
Pap - Show me smart Eva
Elle Macpherson always looks great.
Emma Watson was on Letterman last night and talked about her wardrobe malfunction which I posted earlier in the week. She was a very good sport about it.
When I see Hugh Dancy like this, I ask myself how he and Claire Danes could possibly get along. She has been smiling more, but he always is in a good mood.
Randomness of the day. Kellan Lutz and Chris Klein.
This is exactly how I would like to see Lady Gaga from here on in.
Some Law & Order for you. First Mariska and Chris relaxing on the set.
Then making out.
Then Mariska finds Wentworth Miller and then they make out. No,just kidding on the last part.
This is Lauren Storm. Apparently her hair takes that last name literally.
Mercy looks a little freaked out by the paps.
Maxwell - New York
A foot shorter. Shaggy brown hair. Hmmm.
The Queen looks like she has lost a lot of weight. She looks good.
All the other Harry Potter stars always get attention so how about some for Tom Felton.
I will say this about Teri Hatcher. She does spend a lot of time with her daughter and it seems from pictures anyway that they have a great relationship.
Mark Burnett got a star yesterday and with him were his wife Roma Downey who looks fabulous and their poor daughter who for the rest of time is going to have to see herself with the cast on her leg when she sees these photos.
Rumer looks ok here. Maybe with her it is like a lighting thing or angle thing.
Shia jogging through the streets of LA.


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