Friday, January 29, 2010

Four For Friday

#1 & 2 - The line of the night last night. This C+/B- list television actress who will disappear when her show gets canceled was all over this A list movie actor. And by all over I mean all over. She kept trying to get him to leave with her probably more for the cameras outside then anything else, but our actor said, "You are too easy even for me. Move along."

#3 - I have always thought this A list movie actress was straight. I guess I was wrong. It turns out that when she is on the road away from her significant other that she shares one room and one bed with her female assistant.

#4 - This A list male tween singer has some big issues to face. The issue that is threatening everything though is the fact that his sometime boyfriend snapped some naked pictures of our singer while he was sleeping. Combined with some pictures that were previously taken of the two kissing would be a huge PR nightmare.

Random Photos Part Two

Top spot today goes to two of the greats. John Waters and Kathleen Turner.
Anne Hathaway gets some Harvard love.
Now I know why Bai Ling usually wears very few clothes. This is just a mess.
Speaking of messes. No, she has been much better. Here is Britney going somewhere with her agent/boyfriend Jason.
Oh please oh please do not let Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz be singing Endless Love.
How come when I walk down the street I never see Cindy Crawford. I always end up running into people like Pauly Shore.
My opinion of Chloe Sevigny just went up about a million percent. She is drinking a beer. Wow.
Dave Matthews - Los Angeles.
I love George Clinton.
Ginnifer Goodwin and Joey Kern sharing some love.
Speaking of love. Hugh Jackman and his lovely wife.
Jesus got a new toy from Madonna. A remote control skateboard. I guess he had been a good boy.
How long do you think it takes Jared Leto to get his hair like that?
Two Johns. Well actually I guess Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be a Jon and Travolta would be, well, a John. When you say it in that context though it sounds like he hires hookers everyday.
Kate Bosworth's dress is supposed to be wrinkled right?
Keith Urban always looks so much better in solo photographs.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today although Maria Bello and Diane Lane would not be bad top spots. I didn't even recognize Diane Lane at first. She did something, but can't put my finger on it.
Also spending some time with Maria Bello was Gerard Butler.
Alicia Silverstone touches Laure Linney. Probably just wants to be near someone with a career.
Only Milla Jovovich could make this outfit look good.
A first picture of Matthew & Camila's new baby.
And Matthew doing a photo shoot in Malibu.
Another Matthew. This time Modine at a Knicks game.
Penelope Cruz is looking much less drab on the red carpet lately.
Patrick Dempsey getting ready for a big race in Daytona tomorrow.
The randomness of the day goes to Robert Blake and Scott Baio. One of these guys should be in jail.
Renee Zellweger and this woman got into a little fender bender.
This was very sweet of Renee.
Everyone is talking about the temporary tattoo of Romeo Beckham. I think what is more important is the size of the frozen yogurt he has and how no one invited me to share.
Hopefully Tom lit a match. Just saying.
Tara Reid and a picture which was supposed to show off her engagement ring but just makes her look 7 feet tall.
A strip club in San Diego with a very good sense of humor.

Your Turn

I can't believe it, but I don't think I have ever asked this question. With the season premiere of Lost just a few nights away, I thought this would be the perfect time. It is actually two questions.

#1 - Favorite TV show of all time
#2 - Favorite TV show currently airing.

There are lots of television shows that I have loved through the years. Sopranos is probably my favorite, but I could make a case for Arrested Development, Arli$$, Amazing Race, The IT Crowd, and David Letterman when he was back on NBC. As for a show currently airing, I would have to go with IT Crowd or Lost.

First Four Minutes Of The Lost Season Premiere

I think the title says it all.

Happy Birthday Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck is 65 today. Umm, the guy looks pretty damn good for 65.

John Barrowman Heads To Wisteria Lane

Oh, I know I will hate myself for weeks after I do it, but there really is no choice. I am going to have to watch the last six episodes of Desperate Housewives this season. Ugggh. I can already feel the pain. Why am I putting myself through this misery? Because John freakin' Barrowman is going to be in a six episode arc on the show playing the bad guy. Oh, please, oh please let him kill of f Eva Longoria's character. I will go wash Marc Cherry's (the creator of the show) car in a Speedo all summer long if he makes that happen.

While John is here he will be meeting with Russell Davies who is the guy writing the US version of Torchwood.

Tom Cruise Changes Publicists - Not Going To Help

For the longest time Tom Cruise used his sister as a publicist. That was Before Oprah, or as I like to remember it B.O. Anyway, after the couch jumping and then general decline of his box office appeal, Tom switched from family to some professionals. Well, in the past week, Tom switched again. According to Entertainment Weekly he picked Amanda Lundberg from 42 West. What makes her so special? The two of them previously collaborated on the publicity for Valkyrie. Oh, well that was a box office smash so this is sheer genius by Tom. I don't understand why he can't use his Thetan mind powers and make people like him.

The Donatella Doppelganger

Earlier this week I burned my retinas for life as I saw what I thought were topless pictures of Donatella Versace. It turns out I was wrong, but my eyes burn just the same. Gawker did a great piece on Donatella's doppelganger and how Donatella freaks out whenever anyone thinks the doppelganger is her. It is safe for work, but not for your eyes.

(Thanks surfer girl)

Ted C Blind Item

Gosh, last time we checked in on Seymour Plow-Me-More, he had not a care in the world—other than how to nab his latest gay conquest.

Gotta admit, I've always liked that about Seymour—he's like a little kid. He just wants his boy-toys, lots of cookies, his home life with the fake wife and his that order. He's never really pretended otherwise, unlike so many other grasping, closeted gay stars in this town.

Until now.

Recently, Seymour had an unfortunate incident in his life go down, and it rocked him to his very still-handsome core. So much so, that Mr. Plow-Me-More has taken drastic measures:

Seymour found himself more than a bit put out by this nasty occurrence in his life; he decided it was time to break free from the organization that was most instrumental in his creative zenith and career.

S.P. realized, post-hard knocks, that life's just too damn short to put up with folks who are trying to micromind your every move, which is what Seymour decided the organization was doing, and most offensively, too.

But get this: The outfit that helped create Mr. P as one of Hollywood's biggest stars wasn't havin' it. No way were they at all agreeable to the notion of releasing Plow-Me-More from their Big-Brother-type biz ways, and that's the reason they brought out "the files."

And Seymour knew exactly what this meant.

Message received loud and clear: If Seymour proceeded with his plan to bolt, his former minders would see to it that every media organization within its reach would be enjoying the contents the Seymour Plow-Me-More dossier of debauched gay behavior (is there any other kind, in stupid America's mind?). Now, keep in mind, these questionably gathered documents on Seymour are as impressively detailed as they are extensive. Pretty damn daunting, all put together.

Which is exactly why Seymour has changed his mind—for now.

I dare say he'll revert back to his original desire, which is to ditch the goons who keep watch over him and break free. But when?

Before Toothy Tile comes out, I guarantee you that.

It Ain't: Brendan Fraser, David Beckham, Barack Obama

I Am Scared For Neil Patrick Harris

If you have read the site for more than a few weeks you will know how much I love Neil Patrick Harris. The man can do no wrong. But, now I am fearful he could wind up in the Bob Saget/Drew Carey sandbox of has beens. Why? Well, Neil has signed on to do a pilot for CBS where he would host the game show The Cube which is a big hit in the UK. If you haven't seen the show it is basically just someone in a sub trying to do simple tasks for money. The pressure comes from the confined space of the cube and the time ticking away.

I think he would be a fabulous host of the show. The problem I see is that Neil will then be on two CBS shows and will probably continue hosting shows like The Tony Awards and The Emmy Awards and anything else someone can convince him to do. There was a time not so long ago where you could find Drew Carey on several ABC shows and now he does Price Is Right and not much else. Bob Saget? He was even more exposed on ABC back in the day and now he does, well not really much of anything. You have to leave people wanting more and I'm afraid with this show, Neil may end up hosting Family Feud in a few years and doing Harold & Kumar 6 - The Pot Farm Years.

Jimmy Kimmel Goes Off On Jay Leno

Calling Jay Leno a tattle-tale, Jimmy Kimmel went off on Jay Leno after Jay whined to Oprah about how nobody likes him anymore for stealing Conan O' Brien's job. I know many of you can't see the video, so let me summarize. A few weeks ago Jimmy Kimmel did his entire show as Jay Leno. Chevy Chase even did a bit dressed like Conan. Jay's people called Jimmy and invited him on the show. Jay's people wanted to talk about Jimmy's favorite junk food and Jimmy wanted to talk about the late night drama. Conflict ensued and then Jay went running to Oprah for salvation and to send Jimmy to Sarah Silverman hell. OK, so maybe he didn't say the last part, but he sure did whine a lot.

Camila Alves - No Sex Or Working Out For 40 Days - Misses Working Out

Well I guess we can all assume that Matthew McConaughey sucks in bed. His girlfriend Camila Alves gave an interview to StyleList to talk about her new gig as the host of Shear Genius. I am not exactly sure how being a bartender qualifies you to be the host of Shear Genius, but, it isn't like I am going to complain about staring at her on the screen for an hour a week either. At least Jaclyn Smith was always known for her hair and had that hair product back in the day and did hair commercials. Anyway, back to the interview. Oh, wait. First did you see that Camila's mom is ticked off because Camila doesn't have a written financial agreement with Matthew. Camila's mom thinks Camila is going to get screwed. Mom is probably right.

OK, so in the interview, Camila says that after the birth of a baby your body should take 40 days off. "For these 40 days you really take it easy. By that I mean no sex, light, healthy food, no trips to the gym. Then, after 40 days, you are good to go. I confess, I am getting a little anxious to workout. I miss it." I don't care who you are, when someone says they miss working out more than having sex with you, that hurts the pride. Do you suppose to get through the 40 days Matthew is spending some alone time looking at posters of Lance Armstrong and remembering when the two of them would ride with Jake Gyllenhaal. Well, the baby was born January 3rd, and today is the 29th, so two more weeks to go Matthew.

Michael Lohan Gets Arrested...Again

How tough is this to remember? If you call your ex-girlfriend you will go to jail. It seems simple enough to remember, but apparently Michael Lohan can't handle that simple reasoning. So, last week Michael picked up the phone and called his ex-girlfriend Erin Muller and yesterday he was arrested by police. There is no truth to the rumor that he was watching Lindsay Lohan look-a-like porn when he was arrested or that he he has already watched Lindsay's first topless movie scene which will be in Machete. If you want to know how far down Lindsay's career has come, listen to this. She has 10 minutes of screen time in the new movie. During the ten minutes she is naked for 7. She spends those 7 minutes with the woman who plays her onscreen mother, who is also naked. Yeah. So needless to say Michael Lohan is hosting the dads who like their actress daughters too much meeting that month.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today's Blind Items

This reality star with her own show just got her breasts augmented because her dad insisted.

Random Photos Part One

Louis Auchincloss - RIP
Bradley Cooper drawing a crowd while
his other half is actually attempting a smile. Must be time for a new botox injection Renee.
Why would you choose a spokesperson for a product when the person has probably not even eaten any of the product and would feign fullness after one Reese's Pieces. What you need is someone like me who will eat entire bags of Almond Joys and Mounds and keep asking for more. Ashlee Simpson doesn't even look happy to be there and she is getting paid!
Christina Applegate, and yes, that is Taylor Swift in the background.
I know lots of you are fans, but I just am not a big fan of Channing Tatum. I do like Amanda Seyfried though.
This is a great picture of David Beckham. It is from 10 Magazine.
A couple of Johnsons plus Kelly Phleger. It sounds like something off an IHOP menu.
Country number 42 for Hugh Grant. Is this movie even in a US theatre anymore? I will give him credit for working. The man will not give up promoting a movie.
Angie Harmon, Jason Sehorn and a dead animal.
Your Jersey Shore picture of the day.
I will say that Kristen Bell, Dax Shepherd, Will Arnett and Josh Duhamel are much better at fake laughter and smiles than Mel Gibson and his girlfriend were yesterday. Jon Heder just looks like he wants to be invited to the party. At least you belong Jon. The only reason Dax is there is because somehow Kristen Bell finds him attractive.
I didn't even recognize Kate Moss.
Leo looks around before he goes dumpster diving.
Lea Thompson looks pretty damn good.
Two hours later, Mel B realized the bike wasn't moving.
Mark Wahlberg taking one of his kids to school.
Nick Jonas having an orgasm on stage.
Rose McGowan thinks she is better than you. You know she does.
Why do I imagine Reese saying something like "Hi ya'll."
Now I know why Tim McGraw usually wears his hat.
Tim Robbins - Sydney
Taylor Swift gets her picture taken with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. The question is do they know who she is?


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