Friday, May 27, 2011

Four For Friday - Cannes

With Cannes over for another year, I thought I would give you some very easy blinds about some happenings from the event.

#1 & #2 - This former A list movie actor who is lucky to have any friends at all, slipped his arm around the waist of this almost A list actress/director at an event, who shoved his arm away and said, "Do not touch me." Guess things are not as rosy as they seem.

#3 - Lets see. You are a B- list movie actress, who has come this close to having no career and then Cannes brings some big life back into it and you are off to talk to the reporters. You take two questions from the television reporters with radio and print waiting their turn. After the two questions, you turn to your publicist and say no more and walk away. Way to turn diva in two seconds.

#4 & 5- Person hated the most by the press? This up and coming director who is about to move from film festival darling to the mainstream. He did accomplish what many people would love to do when he got kissed by this almost A list movie actor at a press event.

Random Photos Part Two

For those of you in the States, I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, and please don't forget the meaning behind the Day.
Adam Ant in his comeback concert fell down and went boom.
Alicia Silverstone's husband smothers their newborn. Seriously, what is he doing?
Elle Macpherson somehow manages to exit her six foot frame with four inch heels and a very short dress from a taxi and do it gracefully.
So, you wanted some Game Of Thrones photos. Here are Sean Bean and
Nikolai Coster-Waldau doing some press for the show.
January Jones dares Zoe to tell everyone who the baby daddy is.
Jude Law shows off the latest trend, the soul patch for the head. Or you can just call it balding.
Kelly Osbourne has been dating this new guy for almost a month and they have not moved in together. Shocker!!
It didn't take Keira Knightley long to find a new guy.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Don't you think it would be interesting if Lady GaGa performed one night in a t-shirt and jeans?
"Hi. Welcome to my house arrest party. Booze is on the right, drugs on your left. To speed things up, please leave your valuables in the box in the middle of the room."
The Mile Cyrus world tour continues in Mexico City and she looks thrilled.
The famous Marilyn dress is supposed to fetch $2M at auction.
Michelle Rodriguez still on vacation in Cannes.
Bono tells Maria that he also has a love child with Arnold.
The best news of the day is that Paris wrecked one of her cars with another one of her cars.
Ryan Reynolds in Details magazine. He says he hurts over the breakup of his marriage.
Snooki, doing everything she can to set back Italian-American relations.
Teresa and Joe in Miami.

Your Turn

All this talk about pets and animals this week, makes me want to know what kind of pets do you have, how long have you had them, and where did you get them. Names are great too. All your pet stories today.

OK Go Pay Tribute To Randy Savage

It has barely been a week since Randy Savage suddenly passed away. I had no idea OK Go were such big fans of wrestling, but they spent some time putting together this tribute of Randy. It was not what I was expecting, but it is very touching. Thanks Liz for sending it.

Courtney Love Being Sued Again

Just a few days after telling the world Kurt Cobain had a huge peen, Courtney Love is being sued again for defamation. She recently settled a suit after she blasted a fashion designer on Twitter. Now, she is being sued by attorneys who used to represent her. A couple of years ago Courtney hired a firm to try and recover money she says was stolen from Kurt's estate. While they represented her, the attorneys told her she needed to stop doing drugs while they were representing her. Courtney of course fired them. She then told everyone that the firm stopped representing her because they had been bought off. She kept saying this repeatedly. Two years later and the firm decides to sue. That is waiting a very long time. If you were really hurt, then why did you wait? Everyone knows Courtney says crazy crap.

Amy Winehouse Back In Rehab

Amy Winehouse headed back to rehab this week. I could of course do something cheesy and reference her song, but I get the feeling this trip to rehab is not as severe as others. I think she is going in for some problems with booze. I mean, on the way to rehab she drank down a bottle of booze. That to me shows she has a problem and if she is craving it that much going in, it will be tough for her when she gets back out. I think she has actually kicked most of the drugs she was taking. Her rep says that she is doing it to get her life in order for her upcoming summer tour. Of course this is the same rep who always denied Amy ever had a drug and booze problem, and when they did, made sure to mention that she was working on a new album. It seems like ages ago that she released Back To Black. It also goes to show you how long you can live a really good lifestyle when you have a hit record that you actually write yourself.

Casey Anthony And The Gas Cans

Was anyone a little confused yesterday about George Anthony's testimony? I don't have time during the day to watch what is going on in the trial so read summaries or watch quick videos of the Casey Anthony trial. This whole gas can thing yesterday was interesting. Prosecutors have said that the duct tape found on the gas can matched the duct tape found on Casey's mouth and that it was extremely unique. George Anthony said he put the duct tape on the gas can after Casey returned the cans to him with one of the caps missing.

So, if Casey did duct tape Caylee's mouth, did she return the duct tape? It sounds like the area where these things were kept was locked and Casey didn't have a key. Did she break in to get the duct tape? I know she got the gas cans after Caylee had gone missing and had to break in to get them. At that point, her dad says he called the police to report the break in even though he guessed it was Casey. When she gave him back the gas cans, one of the caps was missing so he used the duct tape to seal it. Is this the same duct tape Casey used on Caylee's mouth? How did she get the duct tape?

This Whole Baby Gender Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand

When I saw the story earlier this week about the Canadian couple who had a child they named Storm, but did not want to share the gender of the baby, for what they said were freedom and choice, I thought the story would flame out pretty quickly. I mean, what is the big deal about one couple in the entire world who did not want to identify the gender of the baby to the world. Were they doing it for publicity? I kind of think so. It was interesting to me that within a day or two of the announcement they sent friends, a reporter from the Toronto Star had a story ready to go about the decision of the couple. They had no problems identifying their other children as male or female.

I also think it is not really any of our business what they do in their house as long as it does not harm the child. Does it really matter at four months old, if the baby is wearing pink or blue? How is that going to affect their future? I don't think their argument is necessarily valid though. I think society might try and put limits once a gender is established, but ultimately it is up to the parents to allow their child the freedom to explore and if they provide no limits because of gender, then I don't think the child will have any. When a baby is four months old, or a year old, it is not society who is imposing the gender stereotypes, it is the parents.

Lil Wayne Has Had A Girlfriend For A Week - Not Pregnant Yet

Earlier this week I saw some photos of Lil Wayne with a woman and they were walking down a beach in Miami. Lil', was looking dashing with his bare chest, and his shorts halfway down his legs to reveal some skid marked tighty whitey's. Ahh, true love. Anyway, when I saw the photos, I said to myself, how much do you want to bet that she gets pregnant really soon. I mean while Wayne was in jail, K-Fed was back in the lead in their competition for who can have the most baby mothers. Wayne has some catching up to do.

Several websites have identified the woman as Dhea. Not sure how you pronounce it, but hopefully she likes being a mom. Since the day at the beach, they have also gone to a Heat game and spent more time in Miami. I am not a big fan of "dating" stories because I think they are, for the most part boring. These kind interest me though because I always wonder what a girl sees in this situation. As much as I admire Lil Wayne as a rapper, and I do, because he is very good despite the fact he works with Chris Brown, I wonder why women find him attractive. Do you?

Lauren Alaina Was Rejected Twice By America's Got Talent

Pretty interesting segment last night with Lauren Alaina on Leno. First, she backtracked like crazy on the whole boyfriend thing with Scotty McCreery. I think they actually are a couple, or at least hooked up a few times during the show, but Scotty is going to make a lot more money by being single and attracting that Justin Bieber crowd, so Lauren, who had said they were boyfriend and girlfriend last night suddenly starts saying they are just friends and blah blah blah.

Piers Morgan, who will do anything to get people to watch his show, was on Leno and commented that he thought Lauren had the better voice. Lauren then said she tried out for America's Got Talent twice and never got past the first round. So much of this is about a combination of factors and if the producer you see has had their coffee, and thinks you look good that day or interesting.

Jenelle Evans To Fight Danielle Staub

I don't usually pay too much attention to Celebrity Boxing because it seems like celebrities always talk about doing it, but then they always back out when they realize it is not fake like wrestling, but that someone is actually going to get hit in the face and the body and that it does not feel good to be punched. Then, all the hype is just that, hype and you end up with someone from the second season of Average Joe, fighting against someone kicked off the first week of Beauty & The Geek. Yep, that is celebrity for you.

However, this time, maybe, just maybe we might get lucky. The guy who runs the organization took time off from f**king all of Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan's exes to say that he is really close to having a fight between Danielle Staub and Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom. Jenelle would kick the crap out of Danielle, and I have no doubt Jenelle would do it for the money, but I wonder if Danielle would really do it. Considering Scores is suing her for $300K, this seems like a good time to ask.

This Jeff Conaway Thing Is Confusing Me

When Jeff Conaway first went to the hospital, everyone assumed he was in a coma, had overdosed and was about to die. Everyone expressed their concern and sent best wishes. You all remember this right? Then, Dr. Drew of Headline News, which is how he introduces himself now at parties, went over to the hospital and said Jeff was awake and talking and simply had pneumonia. He went on to say that Jeff was not in a coma, had not overdosed and should be out of the hospital in a few days.

Now comes word that Jeff's family has decided to turn off the life support machines. Huh? Someone is smoking crack and surprisingly, I think it is Dr. Drew. I have no idea why he would say what he did, unless he feels that because Jeff kept relapsing that it looked bad on Dr. Drew. This is a guy who wants to make sure he always looks good and if a patient relapses, it does not look good for him. Oh, unless he gets it on television. I always think to myself that Dr. Drew probably has some skeletons in that closet of his which someday are going to come out. Oh, and I would like to start looking for those skeletons by hooking Rachel Uchitel up to a lie detector and asking her some questions about her relationship with Dr. Drew. I think we would get some interesting answers.

About This Whole Lindsay House Arrest Thing - 14 Days Of Partying

For hopefully at least the next two weeks there will be no Lindsay Lohan in our world. No pictures of her walking the streets or falling down in a club. No "accidental" topless or flashing photos. For two weeks it should be just Lindsay and her friends, going over to her apartment and drinking and doing drugs to their hearts content.

If you would like to hate the California penal system, this is your chance. Lindsay was arrested and charged with a felony that could have meant many years in jail. She plea bargained her way down to a misdemeanor and four months of jail. However, because of overcrowding and because she is a non violent offender, when she went to jail yesterday, she spent one hour there before being sent home with a house arrest anklet. Not a booze one, so she is free to drink and party. The four months was automatically reduced to 35 days of house arrest, which with good behavior should be reduced to 14 days. So, the bottom line is that for stealing a necklace and facing potential years and years in jail, instead it is two weeks of party time at Lindsay's house. During her house arrest, she is not allowed to perform community service, so literally all she has to do is sleep and party.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today's Blind Items - Kindness

This is all the better because I actually love this actor. I would call him C list, although if you saw him, you would immediately recognize him. He was previously on a hit network comedy, disappeared for a few years, and is now back on a different network in a middling successful comedy. Anyway, he is a huge animal lover and over the course of this past season, he managed to convince the cast and crew to adopt over 50 dogs and cats from shelters. This is in addition to the 10 he has adopted. He says it is his goal each year to get 100 animals adopted.

Random Photos Part Three

Mark Haines - RIP
Amanda Seyfried straight out of the shower and off to work.
Kimberly Stewart wanted to have sex with this guy? Well, it is better than me, but Benicio del Toro could use a shave.
Carla Bruni baby bump pictures.
These conjoined twins have one brain so when one eats something, the other tastes it.
Josh Duhamel and Fergie make nicey nice for the cameras.
Halle Berry spends some time away from Olivier and with Trey Songz.
Cannot wait.
Remember when Jerry Ferrara was overweight and didn't look like a greeter at Olive Garden.

Random Photos Part Two

January Jones was at the X-Men premiere, but kept silent on the baby daddy. If it does not come out before July, I will reveal it.
James McAvoy was also there as were
Michael Fassbender and
Zoe Kravitz. Meanwhile, Zoe's mom was
at an event in LA last night.
Joe Manganiello talks about cars.

Katherine Heigl shares a laugh with her mom and husband.
Katherine has got to change her look. Seriously. She looks as old as her mother.
There are not many female magicians in the world, but one of them is Krystyn Lambert and she is amazing.
Kendra says she is a size zero now. She also says she was miserable and felt fat at a size 2 or 4. WTF? She also wants to keep losing weight. WTF?

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

This is Mischa Barton in London. Could someone please explain to me, why everyone is suddenly using yellow nail polish on their nails? She is the 5th or 6th person in the past week I have seen with that color.
Mary Kate Olsen canoodles with Sean Avery. Guess she wanted a hockey player too.
Congratulations Olivia Wilde.
Selita Ebanks and her son. I don't think I have ever seen him.
Why hire Scarlett J for big bucks and then cover her up? I don't understand.

The Hoff driving? For the sake of mankind, I hope not. Is that his girlfriend. She does not let go for a second does she.
Eve was also there, but hopefully not driving in those heels, which are gorgeous.
MIB3 being filmed in New York, but there were palm trees shipped in so maybe it is supposed to be somewhere else.


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