Friday, March 27, 2009

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 & #3 - Two actresses. #1 is a C lister with B list name recognition who works steadily and is married to a celebrity (#2). Our C lister has been on a couple of very popular television dramas. #3 is a B list actress who has been in this space before. Primarily television. A list name recognition. She was a lead on one of the more famous network shows ever. Anyway, at a recent party, #1 and #3 greeted each other like long lost friends. It turns out that #1 had just been paid a visit by her coke dealer right before the party. The two actresses could not stop squealing and kept looking inside #1's purse. Finally they couldn't stand it any longer and visited the bathroom. At one point during the evening they were doing it openly. They would just reach into #1's purse and do a little hit. At the end of the event, the two actresses each called their respective husbands to say they were too tired to come home and were last seen checking into an adjacent hotel where presumably they kept the party going on all night.

#4 - This foreign born C list movie actress with B list name recognition is still a teen. It didn't stop her though from spending the night with a mid 50's married producer. The rumors are swirling that he also took her virginity.

Random Photos Part One

No special reason to put Ashton Kutcher on the top. It's just the way it happened. This is him on the set of his new movie which is filming in Nice. Tough life.
I'm waiting for Amy Winehouse to tell the world she is pregnant.
Random Aussies of the day goes to Brain McFadden and Delta Goodrem.
Brooke Shields looks very nice.
I can't say the same for Ben Stiller.
Chris Noth on the other hand looks great despite the shaving nick.
Apparently Debi Mazar is going to rob a bank after the event.
I'm getting tired of Debra Messing.
I still don't like Eva Amurri much.
But, her mom looks great.
I have not seen Eve on a red carpet in awhile.
Or Estella Warren.
Now that she's finally married, Fergie has stopped even pretending to look like a woman.
Fightstar - London
One of my favorites is Greg Germann.
And one of your favorites is Hugh Jackman.
Even Jessica Alba looks nice.
Only Jennifer Lopez would actually stop and pose in the Narita airport.
Jordin Sparks & John Mayer - Los Angeles
It's too bad Jeremy Piven is such an ass. It doesn't stop him from dressing really well.
Lauren Ambrose looks downright giddy to be on a red carpet.
One of my favorite couples. Laura Dern and & Ben Harper.
Hello Milla Jovovich.
Mandy Moore is definitely glowing.
I think Marisa Tomei may have made this dress by herself while watching Project Runway.
Natalie Portman without her dog or Sean Penn.
Rosanna Arquette is now a dj.
Rihanna covers up her new gun tattoos.
Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie are best friends again.
Rough night for Sebastian Stan and Ed Westwick.
An even rougher day for T.I. who was sentenced to one year and one day on federal weapons charges.
I wonder if Vanessa Carlton walked 1,000 miles just to walk this red carpet.
Who the hell invited Vanilla Ice?

Your Turn

After taking a break last week from the spicy and salacious, this week brings it all back and then some. Everyday I hear stories about celebrities who are having an affair or had an affair or are contemplating an affair. Actually affair sounds too pretty and quaint. Lets face it, they are cheating. Today the topic is have you ever cheated? Have you ever wanted to cheat? With whom did you cheat? Were you caught? Are you still together? So many possibilities with this great topic. As always on Fridays it is anonymous so feel free to release those demons and share it all.

America Young - Groupidity - Season Finale

This is it! The Season Finale! It makes me sad that the season is over. But the stuff we have brewing for next season is so great! Julie falls in love. Vanessa's nerd guy joins the group. David continues his crush. Kelli meets her match, and more but I can't tell you since it'll give away the end of this episode! Greg Aronowitz joins the Groupidity family!

Thank you so much for watching! For those of you who'd like to check out the cast, click here.

GROUPIDITY Ep 11 _ Buddha Would Do It from Groupidity on Vimeo.

NY Post Blind Items

WHICH sexy movie actress angered paying members of a trendy downtown synagogue by showing up with her bodyguard, who informed the women at the door, "Ms. [Blank] wishes to enter as a [non paying] guest"? Complained one member of the congregation, "I think it is BS that rich celebs can walk around this city asking for a free pass."

Kevin Federline And Paris Hilton Should Duet Together

Apparently Kevin Federline has decided the world didn't suffer enough back in 2006 when he released his debut album Playing With Fire. As you probably remember that album was a huge success spawning a sold out tour across the country and critics calling the album one of the finest albums ever. Yeah, right. Instead the album peaked at #151 on the charts and was a bomb in every sense of the word. The only people who came to see his shows were there hoping that Britney Spears was tagging along with him.

Now, though Kevin has decided to release album #2 and it was produced by Bones Thugs-N-Harmony members who must be getting paid based on the number of records sold because they are definitely saying nothing but good things. Kind of. It isn't like they are lying, but they are certainly choosing their words carefully when they talk about the positive aspects of the upcoming album.

Krayzie Bone told HipHopDx, "People gon’ say I’m crazy, man but to my surprise the stuff that he let me hear, it was pretty really deep. He was talking about his life. He was actually telling his side of the story [of the split] in a more mature, adult kind of way, opposed to just being on the record saying 'F**k Britney.'"

The stuff he let me hear? I thought you guys were producing it. I hope you heard more than stuff he let you hear. Notice also that he doesn't say anything about Kevin's rapping ability, just the fact that the words are deep. This is coming from a guy who has released the songs, "Bad Weed Blues," and "Bless da 40 oz."

What Kevin really needs to do to really make his second album complete, is sing a duet with Paris Hilton. I'm thinking something like "I Got You Babe," or "Endless Love." Some novelty song like that would sell way more copies than whatever piece of garbage ultimately gets released masquerading as an album.

Tamara Mellon Breaks Up With Christian Slater

No more free Jimmy Choo shoes for Christian Slater. Despite every tabloid saying that Christian Slater and Tamara Mellon were on the verge of getting married, or that Tamara was moving to Los Angeles to be closer to Christian, the Daily Mail is reporting today that Tamara and Christian have broken up. Why isn't it broken down? It seems to me that if a relationship breaks it is probably due to something breaking down. Up implies things are good. Anyway, judging by the quotes from the "source" used in this story it sounds like Tamara did the breaking up. There is mention of their tough schedules and the long distance relationship, how Tamara always put her daughter first, and then there was a plug in the statement for Jimmy Choo and Halston. I doubt if it had been one of Christian's reps if they would have said anything about those brands.

The "source" also blathers on about how they will remain good friends and all of that. The couple had first met back in 2007 when Christian was working on a play in London.

Gene Hackman Had An Affair With Cloris Leachman

I love Cloris Leachman. I really do. I just have a very tough time imagining her performing any kind of sex act. So, when I saw yesterday some reports about her new tell all book and how she tells all about the people she had sex with, I decided to take a pass. Taylor Swift is right. If someone talks about sex, you are going to picture them naked at least for a second. Cloris Leachman in my head having sex with someone is not a fun way to spend a Friday.

But, for all of you I sucked it up to see which celebrities had joined her in bed. To my surprise one of the passages that was released to the NY Post described how she had sex with Gene Hackman.

“As we moved into the main course, it was as if a cosmic wind enveloped us. Some giant space magnet was pulling us together,” Leachman said. “We didn't finish the meal. We went upstairs, flew into bed and made love. It was epic.

“And the next morning, Gene went back to his film and I went back to mine. I haven't seen Gene since that night, but I remember him well.”

Apparently this happened in the 1970's. I was too lazy to see what movies both of them were making in San Francisco at the time, but I did happen to notice that Gene Hackman was a married man throughout the entire decade of the 1970's. Cloris finalized her divorce in 1978 so she may have been single or maybe this was what finally broke up her marriage for good. Who knows. I do know that Gene stayed married to his wife for many years after this epic sex with Cloris Leachman.

I'm sure his former wife and the three kids he had with her are thrilled to discover this in Cloris Leachman's book.

Garage Sale On A Thursday? Only If You Are A Celebrity

I'm sure there are exceptions as to which days are the best days for garage sales, but judging from the amount my mom and dad went to when they were in their Beanie Baby phase and later their we're going to find something for Antiques Roadshow even if it kills your father phase, I would say 95% of them are on the weekends. Oh, sure, if it is a 3 day weekend you might stretch it out until Monday so people can pick through the scraps of your life. And, if you take off the Friday before the weekend to get everything ready, you may not be able to stop yourself Friday night and have some kind of preview sale.

But, I don't think that my mom and dad ever went to a garage sale on a Thursday. It kind of defeats the whole garage sale ritual of ruining your weekend by getting out of bed at 4am on a Saturday so you can map out your plan of attack and be at the first garage by the time it opens at 7am or sometimes earlier.

So, it was with great shock that I saw that Willie Aames, the former Charles In Charge, and Celebrity Fit Club star was having a garage sale yesterday. A Thursday? Apparently he was having the garage sale because he needed some money, and not just to rid himself of spare stuffed deer heads. Oh yes, they had those. Willie was being filmed by a reality television crew documenting him as he loses his house to foreclosure. Now, Willie may have got away with having it on a Thursday because as soon as a neighbor sees a film crew and the guy who tried to kill Harvey and then himself, he is going to make some calls. That brings out the people in much greater numbers than the poster you nailed to the telephone pole over the poster of the missing cat or the garage sale from last week.

Among the items for sale were basically the junk you would find in any house, plus stuffed wild boars, lions and more deer. I'm guessing Willie is a hunter. I'm also guessing that he has never been to a garage sale before because the lion was marked to sell at $3,500.00. The autographed posters of himself in a bathing suit did well at $5 though.

Hey Guess What? You're A Dad

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: (3am St. Patrick's Day Night) - Sherrie it's Jeffrey. It's been a long time.
Sherrie Rose: Why are you calling at 3am?
Jeffrey Dean Morgan: I was out getting drunk tonight and I thought about you and the good times we had. I missed you.
Sherrie Rose:It's been five years since we spoke, why are you calling tonight?
Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Well I want to see you tonight. I've been missing you. Are you busy?
Sherrie Rose: As a matter of fact, I need to stay home. It's late.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Boyfriend?
Sherrie Rose:No. Your four year old son.

And that is how I imagine Jeffrey Dean Morgan found out about his four year old son last week. Considering the entire thing came out of the blue, I could see the entire booty call scenario happening. Either that or they ran into each other at a party. I know there is the theory that she needed money and so she finally called and told him about his son, but I prefer the first two. So, why didn't she tell him previous to this? You can say it was because Jeffrey was not always the nicest person in the world. Or you can say it was because they both got involved in serious relationships right after the couple broke up and so it was a bad time. I think that as time goes by, having that you are the father conversation becomes more and more difficult because the excuses become more lame and everything is proceeding smoothly without the dad. That's my theory anyway, which is why I think this discovery probably happened by accident.

Holly Madison's Possible Broken Rib Is All About The Sympathy

What do you do if you are a former Playboy bunny who loves taking off her clothes, but still can't manage to beat an overweight computer geek in a dance competition? Well, if the contest involves a nationwide audience you make them feel sorry for you. Holly Madison spread some story around yesterday that she had a possible broken rib. A possible broken rib? Has anyone ever broken their rib? Yeah, when you break your rib, you know it. There is nothing possible about it.

All Holly was doing was trying to get the story out there so people would feel sorry for her. Just for good measure she also added that she had been suffering excruciating pain through her performance on Dancing With The Stars last week and yet, she wouldn't quit on the viewing audience. Yeah. Whatever. She is just trying to get sympathy votes because if she loses to Steve Wozniak, no one will ever let her live it down. Plus she could use the bonus money for staying an additional week or two.

Late yesterday her rep said that it turns out Holly doesn't have a broken rib. Hell, she doesn't even have bruised ribs. Instead, the rep said, "While she is not suffering from a broken rib, she does continue to feel a great deal of discomfort and was prescribed pain medication." Yeah, well I feel a great deal of discomfort everyday when I have to get up in the morning. Discomfort? See, but no one saw the statement from the rep. All anyone saw yesterday was that Holly had a possible broken rib.

She still is going home this week. There is no way she is going to win if that is what she is thinking. I don't care how many guys she sleeps with between now and the end of the show or how many times she autographs photos of her breasts, no one is going to vote off a woman who was stalked. Shawn Johnson is going to win. Having someone come after you with a loaded gun and duct tape trumps "great deal of discomfort" everyday.

Ted C Blind Item

That's right, hons, it's a Twilight-style Blind Vice just for the those special cast and crewmembers who read them religiously! See, we've just discovered that our naughty Vices are a particularly favorite pastime on those foggy Twilight sets, which is just too ironic—as this one's all about a brokenhearted Twilight honey!

So get ready, you Twi-Twits. This week the Vice stuff is all about one castmember who's found herself in a romantically dangerous spot. Is there really ever any other kind?

Twyla Babe-Sucker is a gorge young gal who has suddenly stumbled upon all this damn fame. She's dizzy from it. Who friggin' wouldn't be? But it's so tough for this thick-haired beauty to handle herself, the spotlight and a man. Especially when temptation is lurking literally right around the corner:

TBS has had quite the rocky relationship with another dude, who's not a member of the megafranchise. It's been very hot-cold, even though the Cupid troubles have completely flown under the press's radar (save for mine). And this guy is pretty recognizable, too.

Either way, it's caused our poor babe angst 'cause so many games are being played with her head. Since the relaysh status has constantly been up in the air, it's hard to tell if either of them can really move on—especially when she's getting her makeup done, or what have you, and there's a very, very hunky, scruffy and studly guy who keeps giving her mixed signals, constantly coming up and hugging her. So intensely, too.

And you know that kind of body language I'm talkin' about, don't you? Classically angsty, Twilight-style lovemaking—hold me supertight (for hours), but that's it, stop there, nothing more...for now.

Truly Mormon kinda masochistic fooling around. In other words: Let's just torture ourselves for now and not give in to what we really want to do, which is to totally bone each other until Twilight isn't hauling in any more money!

So what's a girl to do? I say it's time to split from the current on-again, off-again guy and find yourself the real deal, babe. Like, maybe the affectionate hottie who's filming right next to you?

And it Ain't: Dakota Fanning, Noot Seear, Nikki Reed

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today's Blind Item - From NPR

A reader named Kelly e-mailed me something she saw on the Twitter feed of Scott Simon from National Public Radio. Scott basically posted a blind item, and now it is up to you to figure it out. This is a first. A Twitter blind item. Scott has no plans to reveal who the actor is, but I actually think it should not be that difficult if you find out where Scott went to high school.

I was 2 yrs behind a guy in hs who's now famous actor. but pub sez he's 9 yrs younger than me. musta been brilliant to graduate at 8!

Random Photos Part One

My jaw dropped when I saw this photo. You might not even recognize the fact that it is Alanis Morissette. I know. First of all she is smiling a genuine smile. Second she looks amazing and finally, this was taken at a fashion event. A totally superficial, typical Hollywood event and Alanis was there. I'm still in shock thinking about it. She is a completely different person, and thus she gets the top spot.
In any other day, Drew Carey and Bob Barker together on the Price Is Right stage would have received the top spot. Damn though. Will you look at Alanis? Is she wearing heels?
Charo is amazing. I love this photo.
I didn't even know Carl Lewis was still alive. When you are an Olympic athlete, that time for endorsements and popularity is narrow. Remember that Michael Phelps.
Carlos Ramirez. I can't help it. He is Pedro to me. Whenever I see him in something else I see Pedro in my mind.
Candace Spelling and her "guest."
Duffy - Sydney
Eliza Dushku could use a smile and a burger.
Elisabeth Hasselback on a red carpet is a rare sight.
Even more rare is a candid photo of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri outside. It is so rare that something must be up.
Shape and their monthly tribute to the world of airbrushing. I can't decide if Self or Shape is the worst offender, but I also doubt Jenny McCarthy needs as much as they probably gave her.
I thought the last time I posted Jamie Pressly might have been a fluke because she looked so flawless, but this is from last night and she looks just as good.
This is Kristin Davis. She was the madam of all the hookers who slept with Gov Spitzer and then she also is the one who slept with Alex Rodriguez for free. Oh, and she wrote a book and that is what she is promoting. The Penthouse next to her is for her downtime.
Kirsten Dunst looks healthy and good, and I hope she keeps it up. Is that a turquoise bracelet on that guy's arm?
Melissa Gilbert. I have always thought she looks much prettier now than she ever did when she was younger. Maybe just life experience or good surgery.
I just want to go over to Marisa Tomei's house and see how messy it is. Just give me five minutes to see.
The one and only Nile Rodgers.
I haven't seen Paula Trickey since she was on The O.C.
Apparently she doesn't want to be forgotten again anytime soon. I assume she is blowing.
More O.C. with Benjamin McKenzie.
Pete Wentz looks thrilled and probably has no idea who Audrina Patridge is.
It's a Culkin. Does it really matter which one. It is kind of like the Baldwin brothers. It is Rory in case you were curious.
Ricki Lake looks great.
A first time appearance for Rebecca Mader for all you Lost fans.
Our random tennis player of the day. Rafael Nadal.
So, for the Kid's Choice Awards, Stouffers decided to give away free frozen lasagna. No, actually they had all the celebrities who attend the gifting suite draw on a plate which will be auctioned off for charity. Much better than auctioning off the celebrity. Anyway, here are some celebrities and their efforts.

Wayne Brady and his daughter.
Angus Jones.
Blair Underwood and his kids. I don't have a photo of their plate, but I know all of you like looking at Blair so I put him in anyway.
Kristy Swanson gets the award for the most lazy.
Brian McKnight is just in here because he looks younger than his two kids. He is like some genetic freak. I wonder if they can sing.
Lil' Romeo did ok. He did most of it with his shirt off. Maybe he gets inspired that way.
It is hard to see Jewel's in this photo but she did really well.
I don't know what Raymond Ochoa drew exactly, but he did use the entire plate. The reason I also posted this photo, is I think my winning plate is right behind Raymond. The middle right of the picture. We can only see half of it, but it looks like it took hours to make. I can't find a better picture of it or who drew it, but they definitely deserve the free lasagna for life.
This is the woman who put it all together. No, not Jim Gaffigan. The woman is Melanie Segal and she should be really proud of herself, and she won't get sued for celebrities not doing what they were supposed to do.


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