Saturday, February 04, 2012

Morning News & Sausage Eating Contests

You know things are going to be bad when you combine morning news anchors and a sausage eating contest. Te best part comes when one anchor tries to give the website where tickets can be bought. Wait for it. It is worth it.

Is Ayla Brown Worth $3000 A Show?

Do you know who singer Ayla Brown is? I remember her season of American Idol and have talked about her in this space before. I thought she should have gone a little bit further in the competition, but she was nothing that special. However, she is a singer and her dad is a US Senator so he is willing to pay his daughter $3000 a show to performs a few songs for him at campaign rallies. I would love to know how many Idol contestants who finished as far back as she did are pulling down 3K a show. I wonder when the last time Ayla pulled down 3K a show for anyone other than her dad. I am wagering that even Ace Young on his Real Housewives appearance did not command that much money. If he did it would be because Taylor was expecting a little one on one vocal coaching. Well, look on the bright side. Ayla could have been in the Girl Scouts and wanted her dad to buy $3K worth of cookies.

Ben Gazzara Has Died

Ben Gazzara, whose powerful dramatic performances brought an intensity to a variety of roles and made him a memorable presence in such iconic productions over the decades as the original "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" on Broadway and the film "The Big Lebowski," has died at age 81.

The Beckhams Still Not Hanging Out Together

I don't follow the Beckhams obsessively so I could be wrong, but I think it has been a month since the couple has been spotted together. Last night, David Beckham and Prince Harry partied until 3am at a nightclub and there was no sign of Victoria. Also Victoria was a no show at David's huge H&M event. You would think she could make it for that. I don't think they have ever gone this long without being together and definitely never this long without being spotted together.

Blind Items Revealed

December 26, 2011

This former almost A list female singer who does not do too badly for herself in her other endeavors now, gave her boyfriend a certain amount of money she wanted him to spend on her for Christmas. She even told him what she wanted and when she was planning on displaying it on public. Not only did the boyfriend not get what she wanted him to get, he apparently pocketed about 85% of the funds she gave him for the present and says he should get it as a bonus for his efforts this year.

Jessica Simpson

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel - Are They Engaged?

Is anyone else really beginning to think that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are not engaged. The only person from either side who has said anything was Justin's grandmother. Yes, grandmothers know a lot, but maybe she heard wrong. What is the point of hiding an engagement? Does Jessica need to tell someone close to her first? Having trouble coming clean? People get secretly married all the time in Hollywood but rarely are there secret engagements even with publicity shy couples. There is no real point to being secretly engaged. You don't want congratulations? Don't want people to be happy for you? Are ashamed? There has been no ring sighting and no sightings of the two of them together. Granted, Jessica got cast in a movie. Probably some producer who really hates his boss or is close to retirement. Still though, you would think there would be something by now and there has been nada.

More Drunk Daniel Radcliffe News

Earlier this week, Daniel Radcliffe spoke about his drinking problem and his propensity to blackout almost every night. Now he says that he can point out all the scenes in Harry Potter where he was dead drunk. He claims he never drank while actually on the set but there were many times he showed up to work still drunk from the night before and had not gone to bed. He says that he can see the scenes and can tell he is dead behind the eyes. I can tell you that I never noticed. I bet he was not the only actor on the set to be drunk or wasted. That one guy grew pot in his house so I am pretty sure he probably came baked a few times.

I wonder what movie in time had the most actors who were the most messed up and still did well. You would think something from the 60's like Easy Rider, but it is probably some movie from the 80's where everyone is all coked up.

Ted C Blind Item

Whoever said a woman scorned is the thing to fear never met Veronica Bee-Stings! 'Cause, baby, it is our experience that a woman in love is far more dangerous!

Like the time Veronica was all smitten with that married dude, or the more available (but still shady) guy she had before him, the one she got the boob job for.

So, what's Veronica doing for her latest love?

Pretending none of the others ever existed.

Really, it's like she's Britney Spears or something getting some Vegas marriage annulled!

Veronica is so into her latest man—admittedly a catch of a guy who's possibly worth rewriting your past love life over—she's busy telling friends not to tell the current guy nothing much of anything went down with all those past loves of hers.

And, trust us, there are many, many past amorous hook-ups for VBS—and not all of them just to get acting roles, either. Some were actually just for fun!

But there's something about this new dude VBS has landed that doesn't—how shall we put this?—doesn't really click with reality. Or perhaps he chooses not to see things as they are because the nookie's so good?

Oh, yeah, that's it: completely forgot New Dude is still so steaming from his last nookie sitch (in which he got royally dumped), he'll do anything to make it look like he's immediately taken again by a hot young thang—even if he's that thang's millionth thang!

Hey, wouldn't be the first time the male animal took such an approach.

But, three cheers to Veronica for her ballsy moves, huh?

AND IT AIN'T: Eva Mendes, Carey Mulligan, Kate Winslet

Friday, February 03, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

It's Bruce Willis' turn to visit Demi Moore's house.
How come when I walk down the streets here I see washed up Bravo stars and former Bachelor contestants? I never see Cindy Crawford.
Cameron Diaz set to star in The Ellen Barkin Story.
Demi Lovato breaks glass with her mind.
Emma Roberts needs a burger to go with that drink and some candy and anything else to gain a pound.
Apparently this photo of Gisele Bundchen is supposed to make me want to buy Versace jeans.
Heather Locklear's daughter is a cheerleader.
Kirsten Dunst and her boyfriend out putting
up posters for Kirsten's missing cat.

Random Photos Part Two

I always feel like this site gets 100% more cool when Lenny Kravitz is in it. Here he is with Zoe.
Madonna takes questions at the SuperBowl about why she made such a truly awful movie.
Derek Jeter's on again girlfriend shows she is a fan of Trojan Triphoria as is
Katie Holmes. You know she is just using them solo.
Mark Wahlberg says he is willing to have at least two more children. I'm sure his wife is thrilled.
Speaking of kids, I don't even think Pink has a nanny. She is always with her child.
Pippa Middleton is seeing this guy again. I had no idea his family owns the Harry Potter castle. Must suck to have to live in a theme park though. Oh, the real castle. Got it.
Rihanna's hair to me says, I work the noon buffet at the local strip club.
Long time no see in the photos Star Jones.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Sofia Vergara all dressed for a night of partying. She looks like she could be trouble sometimes.
The very happy Viola Davis.
Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend not groping each other.
Earlier in the day Vanessa was keeping it classy with Ashley Tisdale.
Also a the premiere of Vanessa's movie was Rachel McAdams.
"No, seriously Dwayne, call me and we can talk. Amway has some great products. Plus I have all my scenes from Sex And The City on a continuous loop."
"I shave my head. I shave my head."
Two big stars. Wendy Williams and Mary J. Blige.
The Zooey filming scenes for The New Girl.

Susan Sarandon's Next Boyfriend

Susan loves them young and expert at ping pong. In about 18 years this could be her boyfriend.

Tracy Morgan Not Helping His Mother Save Her Home From Foreclosure

Tracy Morgan says he has not spoken to his mother or his sister in many years. His mother got laid off from her job about a year ago and with unemployment running out she has had no way to pay her mortgage and is set to lose her home in foreclosure unless she comes up with 25K. Tracy offered her $2K and his mom turned it down. Tracy is worth millions but we don't know what is going on inside his head. Probably lots of crazy things with Ooompa Loompas chasing him on red tricycles. Other than that though, if he wants to help his mother or not then it is up to him. He says he has not seen his mother in 11 years. That is a very long time. Yes, she raised him and I am guessing he has given her money in the past, but he says that for private reasons he chooses to not help her. His mom said Tracy did offer to help but then accused her of selling stories to the media. Hey, a woman needs to make a buck if she has no job.

Four For Friday - Coke Parents

I never thought I would find a celebrity parent who was worse than Coke Mom. This couple is giving Coke Mom a run for her money. He is a B list actor. Good looking. Generally television and very well known. His wife is probably a C list actress who used to be bigger a few years ago but has struggled with drugs for some time. So has our actor. The two of them are probably not your best candidates for parenthood in the first place and the stress of being parents while also trying to save their marriage and stay off drugs has not worked well. The mom is currently taking Adderall to lose weight and when that was not working to get rid of her pregnancy weight she turned to coke too. She wants to get back in movies but is too lazy to exercise so prefers the drug route. Although she has not snorted coke while breastfeeding she did snort coke while holding a bottle for her baby. Close enough? Oh and she dos breastfeed because she heard it will make her lose weight faster. As for dad? When he is not working on his show he is generally partying and drinking. He feels like if he can drink enough at night it keeps him off coke. He went to rehab for crack and tries to stay away from coke. Just booze for him although he is not above doing a little coke when he and his wife have friends over. Yes, while the child(ren) are in the house.

Your Turn

Very simple question. Who is your pick for the SuperBowl? Oh, and will Madonna be any good at halftime?

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH leggy blonde actress is boozing again? The never-married former model raised eyebrows as she swigged champagne and partied with her new rapper boy toy at the Golden Globes after-parties.

Lady GaGa's Parents Open Restaurant - "Worst Food Of My Life"

It probably does not matter that the food sucks at the new restaurant just opened by Lady GaGa's parents. I don't think they were going for five star. What they are probably going for are fans who just want to get as close to GaGa as they can. It is like selling a t-shirt. The only difference is that someday your grandchild will wear the t-shirt and it will be vintage and cool and there is nothing cool about a bad meal.

The best quote from the NY Post reviewer is, "the shellfish pasta is similar to airline food." Oh, and he also said that some of the food was the worst food he has ever had in his life. Think about how many meals this guy has had and this food is the worst he has ever had? The place will probably still be rolling in money.

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Splitting?

The Enquirer says that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had a nasty fight following a dinner the other night when Justin stopped and wanted to chat with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. You know, about celebrity stuff and s**t. Jennifer grabbed Justin and moved him along. You think she is embarrassed of him? Ashamed? Apparently when Justin was being led away by Jennifer he said, "Holy crap. What was that about?" Yep sounds like a super intense fight. I am kind of happy with them going out. When she is single then the tabloids try and find her someone and every guy she sees is a potential lover and father for her babies. When she is with someone then we are reduced to baby stories. Less covers and less talk.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

Which A list actor is thinking of splitting up with his non-celebrity wife because he resents that she doesn’t like watching sports as much he does?

Corey Feldman Eliminated From Dancing On Ice

I know you might not have heard that Corey Feldman was eliminated this past week on Dancing On Ice. News travels slow when you are an 80's reclamation project looking for any work you can find. I am constantly amazed though at how women throw themselves at the guy like he is the second coming. His last wife was a Playboy Playmate. Granted, I think she treated the whole marriage as kind of a joke, but she was still willing to be seen with him in public which is more than I would do. Would you be willing to be seen with a guy who dresses in his Michael Jackson tribute clothes everyday and has a blue strand of hair hanging over his face. Oh, and has no job? Well, if you do then you are going to have to take a number and wait in line behind all of these women who find him irresistible.

Would You Let Your 16 Year Old Daughter Wear This?

It is hard to fathom in my mind that Mick Jagger has a granddaughter who is almost 20. When you are dating women younger than your grandchildren do you have some kind of issue? At what point do you start to move up in age? It is one thing to date people as young as your children, but your grandchildren? I did not realize that Assisi Jackson was 19. To think about Jade Jagger having a 20 year old is kind of shocking. Anyway, the picture above is Jade's other daughter Amba and Mick's 16 year old granddaughter. I say when you are 18 years old you can go out and wear whatever you want and I won't say a word. I just think about when I was 16 and trying to squeeze into my size 44 jeans. Oh yeah, I was on the big side even then, I don't think I ever would have seen an outfit like this except at a pajama party. The thing is Amba was dressing like this when she was 14 or 15, so maybe it is the norm when you are celebrity offspring. Am I being too uptight? I do have a headache so maybe that is it. Would you let your 16 year old wear this? Of course, the picture below is when she was 10 (she is on the far left). Who allows their daughter to go for cleavage at 10? Did I also mention she is living with her boyfriend on their own too?

Roseanne For President

Lots of celebrities do a lot of talking about politics but Roseanne Barr is actually doing some walking to go along with her talking. She has officially filed the paperwork to run for President and wants to be the Green Party candidate. I bet you think I am going to make fun of her. Nope. Not at all. I think she will provide a brashness and honesty that is missing from every political campaign. I try to stay out of politics on this site and I am perfectly willing to slam all politicians no matter the party. The one thing I find consistent with all politicians though is they all will use ten words when one will do and Roseanne would not be like that. There is very little a President does so I am not sure how bad Roseanne could mess up anything if she was elected and the four years would certainly be entertaining. I am more proud of her for stepping up to the plate and trying and maybe now she can learn the words to the National Anthem.

Leah Messer Admits To Cheating A Week Before Marriage

You know your marriage is probably not going to last if you are cheating on your future spouse a week before the wedding. Of course a week before the wedding is not a record. People cheat on their honeymoon and the night before they get married. There is one A+ list movie actor who brought his girlfriend on the honeymoon with him. Seriously. She was on the same plane as the couple and checked into the same hotel and the wife was none the wiser at that point. It was only later in the marriage when he got caught for the 20th time that he confessed to cheating during the honeymoon too.

How this went from a Teen Mom to a blind item is beyond me and don't worry there is still a Four For Friday. Anyway, Leah Messer took to her Twitter and said she was tired of all the cheating talk so confessed that she cheated on Corey with her ex who she cheated on with her current boyfriend. Yeah, I added that last part. She conveniently forgot that last bit. I also can't believe she has 350,000 followers. Crazy.

Scarlett Johansson & Boyfriend Have Breakfast

To me I think a relationship is serious when you have breakfast with the person. This does not really include breakfast at home. Here is what I mean. Yes, it is a big deal if someone spends the night after you had sex, but it could also mean they were too drunk to drive home or they have six roommates who all snore and they are really enjoying the fact they are only having to share a place with one other person. It could also mean you have more options on your cable. The true sign of something getting serious is when you go out for breakfast after spending the night. To me this indicates that not only did the two of you spend the night together but you also liked each other enough where you are spending the morning after on a date and going out to breakfast also probably means you are going to spend further time with each other that day. So, the photo of Scarlett Johansson and her new guy having breakfast together shows signs of seriousness. Of course with her last boyfriend she went on vacation and chain smoked and broke up two seconds after they got back.

Jamie Lynn Spears Was Too Embarrassed To Ask For Birth Control

You know who you never hear anything from anymore? No, not Jamie Lynn Spears as here I am talking about her although she has really fallen out of the spotlight since her pregnancy. It is the "father" of the baby, her ex-boyfriend Casey Aldridge. While the baby was really young he was there to douse the flames that were burning about the real baby daddy but as soon as the flames disappeared so did Casey. That was one of my first big blind item reveals. That was a good day. So was the day that Ralph's had a buy one get one free day on bacon.

It is hard to believe that it has been five years since she got pregnant and that she is just now turning 21. Anyway, she told Glamour that one of the contributing factors to her pregnancy was that she was too embarrassed to ask her doctor for birth control. Fine. You don't have to ask your doctor. You do this thing called walking to the grocery store and buying condoms. Too embarrassed to do that? Don't have sex. Oh, here is an idea tell the person you are having sex with that they are not getting any lovin' without a condom and see how fast they get them, embarrassment be damned.

Daniel Radcliffe Was A Blackout Drunk

Daniel Radcliffe says he gave up drinking at the age of 20 because everytime he drank he blacked out. That sounds like just about every college student I know. He says that he became a recluse because he did not want to do or say anything he could not remember to people while drinking so did all of his drinking home and alone. See, that is the scary part. He also said that the only way he was enjoying life was by drinking. I think when you are young and drinking is the new thing in your life and you are going out every night you are not usually going to places where drinking is not an option so drinking and going out become synonymous. So, then it becomes I cannot have fun without drinking which can lead to bad results. I don't need drinking to have a good time, I just like drinking. Having to cut back on my drinking for this diet has not been fun. I am down to 5 drinks a night. I savor every drop of them though.

Good for Daniel that he stopped drinking and is enjoying life without drink. Now if he could only learn to act.

Taylor Armstrong Death Threats Came From Teen

Last week Taylor Armstrong reported death threats she had received to the FBI. It honestly would not have surprised me if she had sent the death threats herself to get some attention for her book signing. The person who threatened her mention February 7 which is a day of a Taylor book signing. I am interested to know how many people are showing up to buy a copy of her book. I would not pay two cents for it. I am not even sure if someone came up to me and offered to pay me two cents if I would take it if I would. I don't like her. Anyway, it turns out the person who was making the threats is a New Jersey teen girl with mental issues.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Six more weeks of winter.
That is Ashton Kutcher in the car and he is at Demi Moore's house.
Brad Pitt meets his fans at The Daily Show.
All these people were lined up to see
David Beckham. Victoria was a no show.
Drew Barrymore shows off her adopted dog.
Chris Evans gets half naked for Details.
Ella Rae Peck makes her first appearance in the photos.
Halle Berry is always injured.
Justin Bieber gets skating tips from Lil Wayne.


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