Friday, November 14, 2008

Miley's Boyfriend Sets The Record Straight

Oh to be 16 again. Can you remember being 16 and full of energy and hormones?
I can’t but it probably was pretty fun. For the female readers out there, do you recall being 16 and so madly in love with an older guy that you eat sleep and breathe him?
It’s a pretty great feeling to want to the whole world to know how much you like this guy even though he’s a little older than you.

Well imagine poor Miley’s reaction upon reading this:

Miley Cyrus has been spotted everywhere recently with model and aspiring singer Justin Gaston, but the 20-year-old former “Nashville Star” contestant denies having a relationship with the 15-year-old Disney star.“Oh, just family friend, you know,” Gaston said at the CMA Awards on Wednesday night.“I met Billy Ray on the show and just became friends with the whole family. And they’re such a great family,” Gaston continued. “I moved (to LA) two years ago and started a modeling career and that’s kind of just to break into the music business and everything.”

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

Well after seeing them both wearing rings at the awards show this does seem a bit suspect.
So is it truth? Fauxmance? Publicity? Trying to anger the mouse?
(Posted by Jax)


Kanye West Training To Take On Naomi Next

(Hey CDANers! Jax here. Enty unfortunately was called away last minute out of town and asked me to post a bit here and there to fill the day for you all. Don’t worry, there will still be FFF. So here we go!)

Ok so I’m sure most of you have read already about Kanye West getting arrested on suspicion of assault late last night in Newcastle, UK. Well he was later released without charges and the story emerged that the photographer accusing Kanye of assault tried the same thing with a famous footballer last month. The picture associated with this particular incident on TMZ shows the photographer with a very small scrape. I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant, but hardly worthy of the original charge.

Witnesses to the altercation insist that Kanye asked the photographer several times to comply with his wishes to not be pictured. I guess at 4am not everyone wants to be caught on camera buying from a hotdog vendor.

While I would never condone violence one has to ask, does there come a time when celebrities have the right to protect their privacy by any means necessary? Or do they forgo that right as a public figure?

Image Burned Into My Retina

I promise that if you read this post there will be no startling image of Verne Troyer having sex, but I can't promise you that you won't be scarred for life by what I am about to share with you. I need to share it with you though. You need to know the truth. Also, because I read it, I don't want to be the only one suffering in misery.

For some reason, only known to her, the fine people in the UK were subjected early in the morning to Mariah Carey on the radio. While she was speaking, Nick was on the floor scraping her corns. I know, I know but that isn't the chilling part. While she was on the program This Morning she started discussing how she came to write the lyrics to the song Hero.

Umm, she was in the bathroom. "Aww. Enty that's sweet she was in the bathtub." Umm. No. Turns out she was actually using the facilities so to speak. An assistant standing patiently outside the door waiting with silk baby wipes was there. While she was sitting there she came up with the idea for the song. Now, one could speculate how she managed to get hero out of something she was doing in the bathroom, but fortunately the title was because of the film Hero. I shudder to think how long she sat there. I don't even need to know any of this, but she thought it would fascinate the listeners while they were eating breakfast.

Ignorant Guy Question Of The Day

Did you see Minnie Driver on Ellen? Me either. But, I did see Minnie on The Graham Norton Show which if you have not seen you really must. I don't make you do much or ask you to do much, but when I do I rarely steer you wrong. Sure, there was that time I told you it was safe to eat cracked mussels and that leaving mayo out for five days in the sun doesn't matter, but this time, I mean it, you should watch the show. Of course, most of you probably have things to do on Saturday night and so you are not at home watching it. I, on the other hand try not to even move on Saturday nights.

Anyway, the point of all this was Minnie was about 6 months pregnant at the time she was on Graham's show and she said there was no way on earth she was ever going to get pregnant again. She said she disliked it immensely in that proper accent of hers of course. So, then after she has the baby and two months go by, now she is on Ellen saying it was wonderful and amazing and she already wants to get pregnant again. I know you will tell me that women forget the pain. See, I don't buy that part, because no one forgets pain. You go to the dentist and get your wisdom teeth yanked out, you feel it. No one is saying I can't wait to do that again unless you are Bill Murray in Little Shop Of Horrors. Reached for that one didn't I?

So, it must be something else, and I'm thinking all of you are just the people to tell me.

Ted C Blind Item

We were gonna inform you folks about Mooney Tuna, a TV titan whose return to the boob tube was so explosive he can't keep up with all the money his network's throwing at him to stay put this time. Too bad all that cash can't buy some sex education. M.T.'s former bedmates tell us the dude can't even put on his prophylactics correctly. When you're that rich, guess you really can't do anything by yourself.

So predictable, just like the following sad tale we rather prefer:

Chubby Asparagus used to be so cute, in that trash-collector-hit-the-lottery-and-got-a-makeover kinda way.

Always something likable about his in-your-face appeal, totally doable, too. Until he decided bad TV was his thing and Sara Lee was his lady, along with all those real-life ladies you have to purchase.

So, Chubby's unhappy in his marriage, big deal. Oldest story in the book, right? It's what the malcontents do about the bad situation at home that separates the duds from the studs.

Try and work it out? Awesome. Decide to leave with dignity and without busting up all the china? Cool, too. Go to Vegas and order a hooker to the club where you're having a drink instead of straight to your hotel room? Total loserville on so many levels.

Geez, man, you paid for that kinda public humiliation? You must truly be desperate.

And It Ain't: John Travolta, Scott Baio, Howie Mandel

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today's Blind Items

It seems as if the housing crisis has hit just about everyone, even celebrities. This recently divorced B list actor on a hit network show lost most of his money in his divorce. After the divorce he bought a new place which he could barely afford even with his salary. Being single and available he was spending every night out and not saving a penny. When the writer strike came along he didn't have any money at all and all of the furniture he had been leasing was taken from him. He was living in a 5,000 square foot house with a tv and a chair. When his castmates heard about his plight and that his house was going to be foreclosed they took up a collection and raised enough to pay his mortgage for the next year. Fell good story huh? It is until you realize that he has been spending all their kindness money on trips to Vegas and going out, and just thinking that his next payday is right around the corner. We'll see.

Random Photos Part One

No special reason for Chace Crawford to be on top. Simply a luck of the draw type thing. He does look thrilled to be in London selling that Gossip Girl stuff though doesn't he?
The I bet he wishes he could take it back photo of the day goes to Cody Linley.
Mr. Big, Chris Noth doing some work in the theatre while waiting to get back to Sex And The City 2
You know my rule about giving people second chances the next time around if they looked bad, and Carrie Underwood looks much better than she did yesterday.
Had David Archuleta on yesterday, so today, the other David, David Cook.It's like American Idol day today for some reason. I guess because so many sing country. Here is Diana DeGarmo.It's a Hootie. Or was Darius Rucker one of the Blowfish? Who knows.

Daniel Radcliffe is really enjoying this horse play a lot it appears. Of course that could just have been his Halloween costume.
Want to vote for your favorite?
It's the entire Biel clan all with the initials JB.
Josh Hartnett still doing that play in London.
And Jay McCarroll still doing whatever it is he is doing now.
Jake Owen is definitely not a bad looking guy.
And Kellie Pickler is definitely not a bad looking woman.
Umm. So, this may seem odd, and maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't Tom Cruise have the same suit as Keith Urban?
Makes you almost want to go home and watch Father Of The Bride 2.
Hey Michelle Branch. Elvira called. Wants her wig back.
So, this is Priyanka Chopra who I guess was Miss World at some point. Do you think that anyone actually remembers who was Miss World or Miss Universe or Miss whatever. I mean I don't doubt her at all, but how in the hell am I supposed to know without checking.
Apparently this is a Norwegian instrument and not a guy with a unique bong.
Also not a bong.
And also not a bong.
Yep. Pumkin is getting married. The former Flavor of Love contestant found a guy who obviously has never seen the show.
The random Spanish guy of the day goes to Rafael Medina.
So, the Rockettes have their own doll, but what I really need is for someone to hook me up with Judith Leiber and a cupcake evening purse.
Not the usual look from Reese Witherspoon but she looks really good.
Shania Twain returns to the spotlight.

Who Is Running Her Career?

So, as some of you may know by now, the Country Music Awards were held last night. They are by far the biggest awards given out in country music and everyone is who has even the slightest connection to country music is usually there. It has always been like that. If you are not there, then it must be because you are in a hospital or that is really the only reason. So, when I was flipping through all the photos from last night I noticed one very huge omission. Where was Jessica Simpson?

Isn't this the woman who was kick starting her career by releasing a country album? Hasn't she made a huge deal about wanting to be accepted into the country music world? I'm not sure how she intends to accomplish this while sitting in New York or LA and telling the world she is country when she is out on the road. Country fans expect their singers to show up at the CMA's. They don't take excuses. The word is that Jessica only has time for the people in country music when she needs them for something, and other wise she wants nothing to do with them. Apparently this is rubbing off on her fans as well. She has not even come close to selling out a show in a very long time, and she is performing more and more pop songs during her set because that is what the people want to hear when they see her. Well, I guess she could always go back to being an actress. She is an international box office sensation after all. Yes, and her new publicity material even mentions her #1 film although it doesn't say what country it was #1 in.

God Is Now A Casting Agent

I really didn't want to talk about the Cyrus family again today. I get tired of them, but it was either them or another story about Lindsay Lohan getting drunk and whether she is getting engaged in Paris. Can't do it. Plus, Billy Ray Cyrus is such an idiot that he makes it too easy to just walk away.

So, I guess you heard last week that Billy Ray opened his mouth and invited Obama's daughters to appear on Hannah Montana. Obama's office later said they had not received such an offer but that the girls would probably love to be on the show if it could be arranged. Why not? The kids are young and don't actually realize their idol is not someone they should be idolizing. But hey, they're young. They will have time as they get older to have their dreams shattered about celebrities and their idols.

So, Billy Ray was asked about it at the CMA's last night and started giving the most spun statement that went around and around in a circle and didn't actually say anything. This is what happens when you leave school after the 4th grade, or whatever grade. Just seems like 4th.

"It's a double-edge sword for me because first of all, I have a great deal of respect for President-elect Obama. I just mentioned about them being on the show, and it snowballed."

Yeah, things like that will happen when you invite the new President's kids on the show.

"As a daddy, I'll say to him what I say to any daddy, you may not want your daughter to get into show business. But if the girls want to be on the show, and him and his wife think it's a good idea, I always say, everything in life, what's meant to be will happen."

Umm, I don't think they said anything about being in show business. I don't think Obama is interested in exploiting his kids for money like you Billy Ray. I think this is just a walk on thing to give them something to share with their friends

"If not, it's probably a good thing also because these girls are going to be in a unique spotlight, and they really do need to walk with certainty and care. I can see many reasons why it would be fun for them to do the show, but I also see a couple other reasons... I don't know."

I don't know either what the hell you are trying to say. Walk with certainty and care? They are kids. I don't think they need to worry about walking with care right now. They just want to run around and play with their friends.

"I'll leave it up to faith. I think God has a plan for everything. I have no doubt if it's meant to be. I'll look up and see them some time before April."

Wow, so what he is saying now is that he doesn't make the casting choices, God does. What it really says is that he should not have opened his big mouth and now that he did he is trying to get out of the way as fast as possible. This guy is a weasel.

Kanye Actually Makes Sense

Remember all that shouting Kanye West always directed at MTV a few years ago when he never won any awards? Well, I think he finally figured out what the rest of us already knew. MTV fixes their awards shows. I'm not going to go into the whole Britney thing from this past VMA, but I think we all know the fix was in and Kanye finally realizes it is in as well.

The European version of the VMA's was held this week and Kanye won an award which, for the first time in his entire life he feels he didn't deserve. Yep, that's right.

"I won nothing last year and I'd brought out Stronger. Then this year, just because I was there, I won best urban act. This was Lil Wayne's year."

Wow, attendance playing a factor? Who would have thunk that an award show would do something like that. Oh, and as an additional thank you gift to Britney Spears for her earlier MTV interviews and appearances, she grabbed two more awards in Europe and this is what Kanye had to say about that.

"Britney Spears over Rihanna? Are you serious?"

Yes, MTV is serious and they thought Britney selling a few albums was much better than Rihanna selling like 10 million. But then again, Rihanna also didn't come to MTV to do an exclusive interview which gave the network big ratings. So, next year Rihanna, you need to do something awful, and then come talk about it exclusively on MTV and you will walk away with all the awards you can carry.

Even Kanye's friends were not left out of his observation.

"I mean f**king Jared Leto? He's my boy but he shouldn't have won over some of those other artists."

Yes, but those other artists didn't trek over to Europe and Jared Leto did. Hence, Jared gets a nice big award.

Baby News

I'm not one much usually for baby news. I know that and I intend to keep it that way. They have blogs for baby stuff. But, every now and then I like to make an exception and this is one of those times. Scott Wolf and his wife Kelley Limp are expecting their first child together. That is pretty cool. Scott is one of the greatest guys I know and has been for a very long time. Kelley and Scott are great together and she is probably the person I like the most from all the years of The Real World. Of course I have not watched in the past two or three years so I'm not including anyone past San Diego.

Scott and Kelley got married in 2004 and they are having a boy. Congratulations you two.

So, now we can get back to the snark, but sometimes have to do what needs to be done.

Ashley Cole's An Ass

So, let me get this straight. You did cheat on your wife with three different women. You admit that. Chances are it was probably more than that, but those are the only ones the newspapers discovered so of course you only admitted to those three.

Ashley Cole who as you may or may not know, and I have learned not to assume anything is in fact a soccer/football player in the UK who is married to Cheryl Cole who is in Girls Aloud which is a very popular Spice Girls like group in the UK and a judge on their version of American Idol, called X Factor. Ashley could have tried to sue the newspapers for libel, but he didn't because he knows he would get his butt kicked. So, instead of that, what he is planning to do is sue the newspapers at the European Convention of Human Rights because they don't have enough to do without acting as band aid for a bad marriage. His suit is going to be for an unjustified intrusion into his personal life. You have got to be kidding. Just think if he wins. That means there would be no gossip ever because anything bad would send people running to the Convention of Human Rights. You know them right? Aren't they the people who make sure people are getting treated fairly in prisons and by governments and that no one is dying because of neglect. Does that seem like a good use of this body?

Ashley. You screwed up. It happens. I am Mr. Screw Up. Get over it. Move on and get back with your lovely wife and just make sure it doesn't happen again.

It's Jail

Umm, the times I have spent in jail, have not been , for the most part, pleasant experiences. So, I guess I don't understand why Anne Hathaway's former dude, Raffaello Follieri thinks he deserves some kind of special jail that the rest of us don't have. Raffaello's lawyer complained to a judge that rats are everywhere and rat crap in the showers and that 120 men all share a one room dorm with no shower and no window. First of all it is just for a little while, and second of all, I didn't notice that any of the other 119 men complained. If they did and it was not reported, then how come? Are there concerns not as valid because they didn't use to have sex with Anne Hathaway?

Does Raffaello deserve special treatment just because he can apparently afford to hire a lawyer and maybe the other 119 cannot. In something that truly made me laugh, Raffaello's lawyer also said that Raffaello is not getting appropriate medical treatment and said, "Although I am not a doctor, I have seen him regularly and he feels warm to the touch and his eyes are glassy."

Yeah, with 120 guys all sharing a room with no window and no showers I bet all of them feel a little warm to the touch. I would imagine it is hot in there and if you had to smell 120 guys all day who didn't bathe your eyes would probably be glassy too. Now, shut up and just serve your sentence like everyone else.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which Premiership footballer is petrifed his nightclub cocaine habit will catch up with him now that his club is threatening to increase on-the-spot drug-testing?

He's been googling websites to see how long the marching powder will stay in his system...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today's Blind Items

Well now things are starting to fall into place and make a whole lot more sense. Some very odd behavior from this tween star. And I do use the term tween star. Outside of the tween world probably B- list, but in the tween world and A lister for sure. All of the missed interviews, plane flights, and screaming fits and repeated bouts of the flu over the past few weeks make a lot more sense when you realize that our little tweener has a big problem with heroin. A big problem as in trips away from LA have been a real challenge and has made life miserable for everyone she encounters. With no steady supply our actress has been getting worse and worse. A quiet "vacation" is no doubt in the works in the very near future.

Random Photos Part One

Just really like this picture and both Harvey Fierstein and John Waters have done so much for entertainment that I feel they deserve the top spot today.
Now can you please stop with the Anderson Cooper requests. Here he is.
Always willing to check in with Bucky Covington. Just cracks me up. I think it is because he is always smiling. Chop off his finger in an industrial accident and he would probably still be smiling.
Have not had BD Wong on here in forever, but it is mostly because he rarely seems to go out.
The too good looking couple of the day is Chris Diamantopoulos and Becki Newton.
Wow. Between the high heels and the hair-do Carrie Underwood has discovered how to add six inches to her height. Hello Tom Cruise. Are you listening?
Lets see. The David Archuleta on the CD cover looks 30 while he actually appears to be 12. Nice marketing.
And his dad made that pass at home just so people would know.
After a three day absence, Daniel Craig makes an appearance again. This time with Satsuki.
To remind people who she is, Debra Messing has started posing like the opening credits to Will & Grace.
The randomest photo of the day goes to Donatella Versace and Jet Li.
I can imagine the conversation with the designer. "See, I'm going to be at this Christmas star unveiling and I need something that will match."
Meanwhile in the UK, they have already lit their street lights on Oxford Street a mere 43 days before Christmas. Next year they are going to do it in July.
Greg Allman - Nashville
Gladys Knight - New York
Anyone want to take a guess at the over/under for how many drinks combined Hank Williams Jr and Kid Rock have had in their lifetime.
Il Diva - London
Jon Hamm at the Quantum of Solace after party.
As well as Andre Balazs.
So, I still say she's pregnant, but I think I was wrong about the father. Oh, I think I kept that quiet before. Oh well.
James Marsden has been long absent from the photos.
Our random athlete of the day is Kerry Collins.
I keep putting Kenneth Cole in the photos hoping he will take pity on me and send me some free stuff. Of course, I put Tom Ford in here for like two months straight and never did get that shopping spree.
I'm guessing that medal is not for being the world's greatest dad. Notice the engagement ring on Miley's finger. Think I'm wrong?
Look at Justin's finger.
"So Taylor. Maybe you can come back to the house with us and we can reenact the Vanity Fair photos I took with Miley. What do you say?"
I really do like Mary Louise Parker.
I also really like Nobu. Here is Nobuyuki Matshuhisa actually cooking.
Unlike Gordon Ramsay who I'm not sure even cooks anymore.
You think Nicole Richie would ever pose anymore with the other Hilton sister?
Just because it is Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
Just thinking about how many hours a week Susan Lucci must work out to stay looking so young is enough to make me tired.
The runner up for randomest photo of the day goes to Whoopi Goldberg and Tim Allen.
This is at The Grove which is a shopping mall in LA. Two weeks ago I went to The Grove everyday for about a week straight because I had some things to get and the biggest celebrity was some guy who I think was on Last Comic Standing four years ago. Everytime anyone else goes they name drop more than Phoebe Price trying to get into a party.


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