Friday, April 03, 2009

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 - This B list movie actress in a franchise had to get an abortion in order to keep filming the franchise. She didn't tell her boyfriend because it wasn't his baby. It was the baby of a co-star on a different film who is a married C+/B- movie and television actor who is slowly moving away from television.

#3 - This C list movie actress with A list name recognition who used to be kind of a big deal, but now is only a big deal in her mind chain smokes constantly when she is doing any kind of photo shoot. The reason? Her goal is to make the clothes smell so bad that the designer or magazine will give them all to her for free.

#4 - This former A/B list movie and television actor is driving producers crazy with demands on the set of his new movie. It seems that our actor has some very odd spiritual beliefs and he is willing to only shoot during certain hours of the day because to do otherwise will harm his soul. I think he has smoked way too much pot.

Random Photos Part One

Adrien Brody has never been on top. He is an Academy Award winner. He deserves it.
Plus he was out and about supporting his photographer mother, Sylvia Plachy.
Ace Young trying to sell you a Ford Festiva. When you get Ace Young to endorse your product you can really see how important it is to the company.
Do you think Billy Ray Cyrus has someone do his makeup for him, or do you think he does it on his own? If it weren't for that soul patch, I swear he would look more feminine than Miley.
You have to admit that Britney Spears looks good here.
Demi Lovato takes her younger sister to a red carpet. Look how much she is loving it.
I wish Eva Mendes would take me to a red carpet. Or throw me down on the carpet, or just roll me up in her carpet and take me home.
You can kind of see Haley Joel Osment's face when you look at Emily Osment. I don't think I have seen a picture of Haley in a long time.
The first time Princess Eugenie has been spotted in public smoking. Although she has smoked for awhile, she normally never smokes in public places. I guess because she was in Australia she thought it was safe.
Hilary Duff looks pretty good considering she might have a hangover or tired voice from screaming. From Gawker. Thanks Marisa.
I don't think I ever said congratulations to Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs for the pregnancy thing. I don't usually mention them, but, hey it is Idina and Taye.
8 hours after their baby is born, Jamie Oliver dragged his wife and kid outside and made them pose. They named their kid a bunch of nouns. Petal Blossom Rainbow. Yeah. Good luck with that name. Of course she has two sisters. One is named Poppy Honey and the other is Daisy Boo. I'm guessing Jamie isn't the one picking out these names. It sounds to me like they are just looking at books about spring and picking random words and then combining them.
Kevin Spacey alongside the director of his new play.
Lily Allen - Los Angeles
Melora Hardin and her husband Gildart Jackson and their kids.
Nicole and Joel. She has become so much more popular now that she isn't on television anymore.
Unlike Paris who figures if Lady GaGa can make this work she can. Paris only wore it so people would post her picture. Mission accomplished.
A random Italian actor named Raoul Bova. I just thought you might like him.
So, these ShoWest awards are just a big scam. They gave Sienna Miller an award.
I can understand giving Rachel McAdams an award but they also gave Zac Efron an award.
And Rumer Willis. Yes, she got an award for her acting. I know, I know. It's like one of those fake modeling agencies that say a 400 pound man can be a star if I give them some money for fees and photographs.
Michael Caine got a lifetime achievement award. They ran out of trophies but gave him Sienna for the night. Hey, he's married. She didn't mind.
Stevie Nicks doing a little dance.
Does Tatyana Ali even act anymore? I know she was on a soap for a little while. Oh, she did some singing right?
Teri Hatcher looks almost wrinkle free from this distance. Must have been botox week.
Taylor Swift with that Jennifer Lopez squint.

Your Turn

This week in Your Turn, I thought we would take a little trip to the dark side. No, you don't have to dress up as Darth Vader and call everyone Luke. What I am wondering today is if you have ever committed a crime. It can be something as simple as shoplifting some gum when you were a kid. Or it could be something more serious. Does anyone know you committed the crime? Did you serve time? Is it a secret from people in your life? If you haven't ever committed a crime, then what crime have you thought about committing? Don't say you have never thought about committing one. No one is that perfect. Even the Pope would run over Paris Hilton if given the chance.

As always, the anonymous feature is on.

Bruno Makes Fun Of Madonna

Universal Pictures decided that with all the focus on Madonna and her adoption proceedings that this would be the perfect time to release some stills from Sacha Baron Cohen's new Bruno movie. The photos are Bruno with the child he adopted. In the movie he is quotes as saying, "Madonna has one. Angelina has one and now Bruno has one."

Peaches Geldof vs. Ed Westwick - Round 1

In what I am guessing will be several rounds of verbal warfare between Peaches Geldof and Ed Westwick, Peaches has certainly made it be known that she will speak her mind. Apparently Peaches thinks Ed is a bit of a prick and accuses him of emphasizing his English accent to win over American women. She doesn't comment on whether he does the same thing to win over American men.

Peaches didn't stop though with just the remark about the English accent. No, remember this is Peaches. The girl who got fired for asking pointed questions of a celebrity on an entertainment show.

"He acts up to this personification of some sort of Pete Doherty character - some really wasted English guy with a poet soul and it doesn't really work. It is a bit like, 'Mate, you're on Gossip Girl and you're in a sh**ty band.'"

Hey, but at least she knows what show he is on and it sounds like she watches it. As for her musical taste. Did you see who she married? Have you heard his band?

"We spoke for a bit and he was quite lecherous. But he was lecherous to all the girls. He's very small, too. Smaller than me. I'm 5'7" and I think he must be 5'6". He's ripped. But when you're small and ripped you get into Tom Cruise territory, like a little overgrown gorilla."

Oh. Ed. Damn. She compared you to Tom Cruise and not in a good way. Well, in a good way in the sense that apparently both of you are ripped, but that you are very similar to a little overgrown gorilla. I don't know if she means Ed and Tom are both excessively hairy or that they have strong bodies in a really tiny frame.

I can't wait until Ed Westwick responds.

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which wholesome TV host shocked partygoers when he pulled out a baggie of Colombia’s finest?

Ted Nugent Steals Mantracker From Canada

For the past several months I have been waiting and waiting for a US cable network to pick up what is quite possibly the greatest reality show ever. It is a Canadian show called Mantracker. The premise is that a team of two friends or couple get a 2 kilometer head start and have to make their way across 40 kilometers of Canadian back country and avoid the Mantracker who is on a horse with a partner of his own. The prey have a map and compass and know where they are going. The Mantracker who is crazy good at looking for signs and picking up trails has no idea where the finish line is and is trying to capture the prey before the finish. The show has been on three years and I have seen about half of the episodes. The prey win about twice a season, but the editing and location and premise just make it a great show. Plus, Mantracker seems like a great guy and he searches for lost hikers and kids in the Canadian wilderness when he isn't on the show.

Anyway, instead of just buying the rights to the Canadian version, CMT has decided that a Ted Nugent led reality show would be a much better choice. They could not be more wrong. I know many of you outside of Canada have never seen Mantracker and don't give a crap, but this would be the equivalent of Lily Allen hosting a UK version of Survivor. Except it is even more than that, because the Mantracker is the only permanent cast member. It has to be perfect.

In the Ted Nugent version scheduled to start airing in August, each week Ted and his 18 year old son will teach 3 people basic survival skills and then will leave them on their own while Ted and his son attempt to hunt them down.

Listen to me CMT. I know your audience and they will respond much more favorably to a guy who is a real cowboy and not some aging rocker and his teenage son. You might as well have got Hulk Hogan and his son. Yes, I know Ted is an outdoorsman, but not like Mantracker and with this show you have ruined the chance that any US network will want Mantracker.

Are There Two Rihanna's?

The photo above was taken in Hawaii on Wednesday as Rihanna was arriving at the airport. Everyone was shocked to see her because no paps had even seen her in LAX and so she got clean away to Hawaii. OK, so if that is Rihanna on Wednesday arriving in Hawaii how can she have got into a traffic accident last night in New York?

Sure, she could have arrived and departed from Hawaii on the same day, but who has ever done that. Even from Los Angeles it is still a fairly long flight and everyone wants to stay at least one night right?

Well according to a news report from last night, Rihanna was leaving a restaurant in the West Village and was riding in a SUV when the SUV got into a car accident. While the drivers dealt with the accident, another SUV was dispatched and Rihanna was taken back to where she was staying.

How is this possible? Are there two Rihannas? Are there two of them running around the US and Caribbean to throw off the scent of paps and reporters so she can get away from it all? Is there someone pretending to be Rihanna and cashing in on it? Is this just the case of some bored New York reporter making up a story he wished happened and that he was the driver taking Rihanna home? Does she invite him in for a drink to thank him?

If it was Rihanna in both places she needs to slow down. She has been traveling all over the place and it isn't even for work. Vacations are supposed to be about sitting your butt in one place and not moving.

JK Rowling Rules The World

Do you want to know how you can tell when you are famous at a level above anyone else? It really has nothing to do with money or if people know your name. Sure, that is one level of fame. Everyone knows who Paris Hilton is and she has made some money, but, she is just one of many fish in the celebrity sea. Sure, she is a little more diseased than the rest of the fish, and her colors are not as bright as the rest of the fish, but she is just there swimming with all the rest of the wannabes.

JK Rowling also knows what it is like to be famous. She is known all over the world and has gobs and gobs of money. So, what makes her different than all of the other celebrity fish swimming in the sea? She has world leaders lined up like a kid at Comic-Con wanting her autograph in books not only for their own children, but for themselves. According to The Telegraph, at a dinner prepared by Jamie Oliver, it was not Jamie who was the star, but instead, JK Rowling who sat there patiently and signed books for Barack Obama, the Russian President and his wife and several other world leaders who all stood patiently waiting their turn.

When you can literally stop the world in its tracks when you show up at a party, you have pretty much achieved a level of fame not many people will surpass. The only other time world leaders would be that excited to meet someone would be if they were a lobbyist handing out free money.

Look Out Germany Here Comes The Hoff Drops

Just when the German people were beginning to forget the horror of actually purchasing David Hasselhoff albums and making him one of the top selling singers in that country, here comes more trouble. No, it isn't David singing a live album, but rather his two daughters.

It turns out that Taylor and Hayley besides watching each of their parents freak out over the past couple of years are also burgeoning singers. Well, singers in The Hoff mold no doubt. David is organizing it all and has reserved them studio time and hired some of the best songwriters to give them material.

Their music is being compared to Miley Cyrus, Disney level pop music. So, exit Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana and look who comes calling, The Hoff and his two children. I'm sure Disney will hear from David at some point about his idea for a reality show or a show loosely based on their recording an album, etc. Meanwhile David can play the single father who has to deal with it all. It already sounds predictable and boring and it hasn't even been green lit. Oh, The Hoff Drops name? It is totally real. Hopefully they can talk him out of it. And, if the whole Disney thing doesn't work out, at least they know they can tour as a trio all over Germany.

Have Mercy! Madonna Will Get The Kid. Just Wait.

Do you really think that the ruling today in Malawi will stand? Please. Madonna will be leaving that country with Mercy James. Do you remember earlier this week, Madonna was in court? On Friday Madonna wasn't in court. She knew this was going to happen, and would be the result. Immediately after the hearing her lawyer said they would appeal to the Supreme Court.

I thought the judge made some good points when he said, Madonna had not met the residency requirements. That is an open and shut rule as far as the law. Plus, he said the child is treated fine in the orphanage and she wouldn't have to wear crazy white sweat suits and pretend to like Swept Away.

The events of yesterday should have told you the fix was in. Think of today like someone getting convicted in a a country for some crazy crime that isn't against the law in any other country. All this pressure comes to bear on the government and the convicted person is pardoned and sent to their home country. In this case, The Welfare Minister stated Madonna would be getting the kid. In a country like Malawi, I think that says more to her chances than what a lower court judge says. The judge made the right decision according to Malawi law. He also said something really interesting when he said that because Madonna donates so much money to the orphanages in the country, he is sure Mercy will be treated very well. What the judge doesn't understand is Madonna holds big grudges and if for some reason she doesn't get Mercy, there won't be any more money flowing in from Madonna. The government knows this.

There is no way Madonna is leaving without the baby.

Ted C Blind Item

I know what you're thinking: Is anybody in Hollywood straight? Skanky David Duchovny is. Brad Pitt maybe. I think that might be it!

But seriously, the town's full of pooftahs. Get friggin' used to it. Always has been that way—always will be. It's a community full of creative types, babe, that's just the way it goes!

Take Saucy Bossy, for ince. He's made a living by exuding the easy, cool side of powerful in his acting, his looks, his walk, all his endeavors. Ya know, he's just one of those handsome, effortless figures who command authority, with just a touch of kink on the side.

Well, doll-babes, I'm here to tell you...

It's a helluva lot more than just a damn "touch" for Saucy's libidinous bent! He sneaks dudes right and left into wherever he's hanging, whether it's his house in L.A. or whatever hotel room he happens to be partying in while on location.

Oh, and all those (female) big-butt babes Bossy's always feeling up in public, at events, in clubs, etc.? "It's all an act," said a member of S.B.'s management team, which is terrified somebody's gonna catch Saucy getting vroom service from the guys.

Jeez, I swear.

It's one thing for a single guy to live a lie like this. But should a dad being doing this? What a horrible message of deceit this sends to Bossy's kid! (I mean, it's only a matter of time before the kiddo discovers pops is a down-low kinda man).

And It Ain't: Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Denzel Washington

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Today's Blind Items

Unbelievably shocking. It is just an affair. Those things happen everyday, but this one is mind blowing. Married. Child(ren). Academy Award Nominee/Winner. Actress. Permanently B list. Probably won't ever move up or down from that position. She is having an affair with one of her trainers. She has a couple. He comes to her place when her husband is not around. No hotels, no sneaking around. Only at her place. It has been going on for almost 9 months.

Random Photos Part One

It's Tom Ford. Enough said.
Ummm. Wow. Valentino must have just decided to take a bath in tanning liquid. Sure, I know Anne Hathaway is pale, and so the contrast is going to be greater. Oh, who I am kidding, that is the worst tan I have ever seen. Ever. Didn't he notice he was orange when kids with knives started following him thinking he was a pumpkin.
What exactly does Avril Lavigne do now?
Amy Winehouse actually looks clear and alert here. What makes it more shocking is that the event happened in the evening so she must have behaved all day.
The lovely Carla Gugino who we haven't seen in about two weeks.
For some reason Dwayne Johnson has been doing the Race To Witch Mountain press runs solo.
I have never really seen Emma Roberts looking like this. It is a new style.
A little bunny payback for the Fatal Attraction scene.
I hate to say it, but Gwyneth Paltrow actually looks normal and not that bad.
Did Janice Dickinson get more work done?
The randomness photo of the day. Jane Kaczmarek, Kristen Bell and Perrey Reeves.
Is the new hairstyle so we can't make fun of her squint anymore? It just looks stupid and also must make walking or seeing anything in front of you very difficult.
Of course if you were married to this, you might want to be blind as well.
Last week was Rory Culkin, so this week you get Kieran Culkin.
Why is it they always wrap Suri in a million blankets?
Kate Moss looks like a living Jolly Green Giant commercial.
That is Mercy James.
That is Megan Fox with an entirely new look and next to her is Amanda Seyfried.
Mickey Rourke takes his beer with him.
I have no idea why Nick and Lemon Jello are so dressed up. Maybe they need a loan. Or a job.
Meh. I know, it's Rosario Dawson, but she just looks meh.
I would like to compare Rose McGowan's squint with Jennifer Lopez to see who has the bigger one.
Did Rita Wilson get a boob job?
Shane West trying to cash in on some of that Vitamin Water money.
Now that Victoria is overseas so much, there are not as many pictures of her everyday. I like that.


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