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Blind Items Revealed

October 7, 2012

This B list actress who has not been on anything since her television show ended and does not have many offers which just shows you that you can be on a hit show for a long time and not be a very good actress. Anyway, she is loving the attention she is getting about her new boyfriend and is even loving more the fact that everyone thinks she is pregnant. She does have her new boyfriend freaked out because she says that she wants him to not answer questions about it and leave everything to her.

Eva Longoria & Mark Sanchez (Did they even make it another week together after this?)

Blind Items Revealed

October 7, 2012

This Twilight actress is a B- lister and was at an event this week and was asked about Kristen Stewart. The actress, who has a had some success outside the Twilight franchise said, "She is just an oddity. Not a good actress and when this last film has been released this fall and all the hype and the press is over, I expect her career to be over too. She will be a whatever happened to. She manipulates to get what she wants and had the producers bending over because they couldn't replace her. No one actually likes her. They put up with her. They endure her. That endurance is gone and she won't be getting a Christmas card from anyone."

Maggie Grace

Blind Items Revealed

October 4, 2012

What actress who is finally starting to get movie roles again, really needs to remember to drink her coffee or something in the morning. When she doesn't she is out of control. The one time big thing in Hollywood who had one of the biggest fastest drop offs ever after an embarrassing incident is now trying to get back up to B lost although she still does have A list name recognition. On set this week she has been yelling at people non-stop. Oh, and throwing enough things to earn a Naomi Campbell trophy. Drink handed to her and it was wrong? Threw it on the ground. Makeup not right? Threw lipstick at makeup artist. People talking and smiling. "Why don't you shut the f**k up. People are trying to concentrate here."

Winona Ryder

Chris Brown & Rihanna Have Split

The reunion didn't last long. Chris Brown told a radio station here in LA that he is single and is not longer dating Rihanna. Two days earlier he told a different radio station that things were going great. I hope they did split because when I see Rihanna with Chris I just say to myself that one day when she is least expecting it, what happened before will happen again and she will be lucky to live.

Blind Item #2

This celebrity couple is not even hiding their affair anymore. Well, not very hard anyway. She is B list and married. On a reality show. He is a B list celebrity and generally a jerk to women. They have been spending their very very long lunches together in his trailer. The lunches are several hours long. Anywhere on set they are all over each other. Off the set, they do their best to pretend it is all just a professional thing.

Justin Bieber Is Probably Going To Be Arrested

I am really looking forward to that first Justin Bieber mugshot. I say first, because I think over the course of the next few years he is going to give us lots more mugshots. Part of me also wonders though if he is going to get seriously hurt or even killed in a car wreck. We know he loves to speed in very fast cars. We know he loves to drink and he loves pot. Tell me again why this combination will keep him alive? I know this might sound crazy, but I think if I had a death pool, I would pick Justin before Lindsay. Lindsay would have to overdose because she does not do anything else that is possibly injurious. Justin has lots of dangerous activities he participates in.

Anyway, the LA County Sheriff says that they will forward the Justin spitting case to the prosecutors. I think Justin will be charged with battery. That means a mugshot.

- Blind Item #1 - You Will Need These On Wednesday

I don't usually revisit blind items, but in this case I thought I would make an exception since I have a feeling you will be seeing the answers to these on Wednesday when the tabloids release their big/cover stories for next Friday's issues. As you can see, I first talked about it way back in 2011. Apparently the tabloids finally got one of the women to talk.

September 6, 2011

#1 - Which RH Beverly Hills couple, despite giving off the appearance of being the most in love actually have the most marital issues and none of it began until the show did, which is ironic considering.... Half the time the couple does not even sleep in the same bed together.

December 11, 2012

This Real Housewife is being played for a fool. According to a woman who had sex with the husband of the Real Housewife, they sat in bed and watched an appearance of the Housewife on television while the Housewife said everything was great at home. The husband then said it is great as long as she is gone. Not New Jersey.

Lindsay Lohan Steals And Then Gets Drunk

If you could describe a typical Lindsay Lohan day in one sentence it would probably be something like the headline above. Proving that the only way to have anything valuable around Lindsay is to have it locked and sealed to your wrist or a cement block, Lindsay stole a bunch of stuff from the Anger Management set. Lindsay says she bought it, but she took it and then made a deal after she took it and didn't return it. Instead of calling the police, Lindsay agreed to have the producers deduct the cost of the stuff from her paycheck. This is just another reason why the producers of the show say Lindsay is not invited back. Ever. Meanwhile, Lindsay is in Brazil supposedly for work, but has spent most of her time drinking and even spent time under the table of a bar. I have spent some time under the table of a bar. It was called being passed out because you know you are f**ked up if being on the floor of a dirty bar sounds better than sitting on a chair.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Ryan Gosling in velvet? Top spot even if it didn't feature an uncomfortable Eva Mendes and also Bradley Cooper.

Bethenny Frankel takes her daughter out for a walk.
Britney Spears arrives at the airport.
Andy Cohen sunning himself on vacation.
Chris Martin must have had a smell of GOOP.
Ireland Baldwin probably would not be Tweeting photos of herself if she was 100 pounds heavier.
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux go furniture shopping.
Jessica Alba heads to a meeting yesterday.

Random Photos Part Two

James Franco hanging out at Disneyland.

What in the heck does John Travolta have on his chin and how does he match it with his fake hair?
Kirsten Dunst makes a coffee run.
I feel like this is DWTS motorcycle edition.
Katy Perry talks smack about John Mayer.
Keri Russell looking amazing.
Who does not love Katey Sagal? And yes, her husband, Kurt Sutter too.
Long time no see in the photos for Timothy Olyphant.
Yeah, Lauren Conrad is in India and has apparently dyed her entire face and hair.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Mickey Rourke shows off his Hammbone in yoga pants.

This is Michelle Shocked outside her gig that was canceled last night.
Rob Lowe has his very own jet pack.
Selma Blair has no pants.
Sean Lowe on his way to DWTS rehearsals. Apparently he and his fiance are not getting along.
Tara Reid as Effie or a clown. Not sure.
Rebecca Gayheart's daughter is obviously a Tara Reid fan.
Taylor Swift hangs out with the military.
Zac Efron on the set of his new movie.

Optical Illusion Dance

If you are drunk or high or have been up for more than 24 hours, you should probably not watch this video.

Blind Item #6

This month marks the 9th anniversary for this gay couple. 9 years that this B list mostly television actor who is one of the very few actors to continue having a career after this hit network teen type show went off the air a few years back has hid his boyfriend. That is a long, long time.

Magicians Get Women

Blind Item #5

Her last famous boyfriend didn't work out. He caught on pretty quick that all she cared about was a name and he is on a hit cable show. What he probably didn't know is that she called a few other guys that she found in her sister's phone before finding one that would say yes to going out with her. She is back on the hunt again and has her eyes set on Bradley Cooper. He would be finished with her in one day.

Lil' Wayne Has Epilepsy

Last night, Lil' Wayne gave an interview to a radio station here in LA. In the interview he says that he was close to death when he was admitted to the hospital a couple of weeks ago because of seizures.  "This isn't my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh seizure," Wayne said. "I've had a bunch of seizures. Y'all just never hear about them. But this time, it got real bad because I had three of them in a row."

The thing is he does have a sizzurp issue too so that is probably not helping his epilepsy and his proclivity for having seizures. He says that with the third seizure he suffered his heart rate dropped top 30% of its normal function.

Four For Friday- The Gay Fling That Broke Up A Marriage

It is Friday. Good Friday to be exact. Working on no sleep and not getting the day off from work is making for a very long morning. I have thought about going to sleep on the sofa in my office, but I'm sure the snoring would give away my plan. Somehow I will suck it up and be back again tomorrow and on Easter Sunday. Tomorrow will see some blind item reveals. One or two at least. Maybe more, depending on how easy it is to find some in the archives. I'm getting closer to the 20K followers on Twitter for a very juicy blind item reveal. If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer. There are lots of photos and Tweets on there from my very late night last night. The fact that I made it home alive speaks volumes about my booze tolerance.

This couple is a solid B list. I call them a couple but they split up shortly after a movie was filmed. Not a huge movie by any stretch, but it did feature an Academy Award nominee/winner or two. It starred an A list mostly movie actor. He has always kind of explored both sides of the fence when it comes to relationships, but does not generally hook up with men like this B list mostly movie actor who has a memorable name, but you would be hard pressed to identify all of his movies. They all kind of seem the same. His ex-wife has had a more varied career. Also B list, mostly in movies she has shown a greater range of characters. The wife was on the set and walked into the trailer of her husband and found her husband and the A list actor in full on sex mode. By the time the movie had wrapped, our actress had filed for divorce. Must have not been too big a shock though considering what happened later. I had to look up the movie because I never knew the A list actor had done anything remotely like this movie. Shows you how popular it was.

Your Turn

I think a 3 day weekend for lots of people around the world would make this a good day to let you have a plug day. Get at it. Talk about what you want. Plug what you want. Let people know what you are working on or selling or wanting people to watch. This is your time so make it count.

Blind Item #4

At a recent party, two guests were speaking about this almost A list mostly movie actor who has been in a couple of the biggest movie hits ever and has a very unusual name.

"I thought he was gay."
"No, not gay. Every once in a while he will go out with a woman and even have sex with her."
"Oh, ok."
Well, usually sex with her. Lots of times he just will make her sit and watch him while he inserts things into his butt. He is big on pleasing himself like that."

Miley Cyrus Denies Meeting Nick Jonas Then Deletes Tweet

There have been several reports recently that Miley Cyrus has been spotted with Nick Jonas. The pair dated several years ago and Miley tweeted that she has not seen Nick in years and that the reports are all lies. But, for some reason she deleted the Tweet almost as soon as she put it up. Probably found out there are photos of the two of them together or something and din't want the world or Liam Hemsworth to know about the time she was spending with Nick.

Jenelle Evans Snorting Percocet

That Jenelle Evans snorts a variety of drugs does not shock me. I think everyone who knows her name knows she uses a ton of drugs. What constantly surprises me is how readily she or her friends will consent to be taped while snorting drugs. The video below is from 2012 and shows Jenelle snorting Percocet. Jenelle knew about the video but does not think it is important because she is clean now. Uh huh. Keep fooling yourself.

Blind Item #3

This B list celebrity and former A list group member is a legend in when it comes to kink. This is probably what attracted her ex to her in the first place. Nothing is too kinky for this celebrity.

Jennifer Lopez is Divalicious Without Talent

You would be surprised to hear that I actually have no problems with someone like Mariah Carey being a diva when it comes to her performance riders. I think she has earned it. I think Mariah and a few select others can be divas if they want. For as long as time has been around, popular singers have been divas so I'm ok with it. What I don't like is when someone who is not a good singer acts like diva. According to the NY Post, Jennifer Lopez was offered a ton of money to perform in India at a cricket tournament. Anyone offering Jennifer money to come perform a concert should probably be fired, but the organizers tired. They tried hard. Jennifer though wanted a private jet at her beck and call and hotel rooms and live chickens sent to her dressing room every fifteen minutes. Well, maybe not the last part, but it was probably something ridiculous like that which pushed the organizers over the edge who hired Pitbull instead who has apparently been a joy to work with.

Blind Item #2

This C+ celebrity who is a former B list reality star has been losing clients hand over fist because of her coke habit. She has been continually showing up late or just canceling all of her appointments and her business is sinking fast.

Tiger Woods Steals Lindsey Vonn From Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries is actually in the news again and not just for his divorce from Kim Kardashian or his denials that he has an STD or that he is a crap basketball player. It turns out that Kris was in the middle of a love triangle. Kind of metaphorically, but when Tiger Woods is involved, things have a way of making you scratch your head and wondering whether if he took enough Ambien if he might not find Kris to be someone he would want to spend some time with in a threesome kind of way. Lindsey Vonn and Kris Humphries had dated a few times before she found out Tiger Woods was interested. Faster than you can say send me your private jet to pick me up in Europe to your private yacht, Kris Humphries was out the door and Tiger Woods was skiing down the mountain known as Lindsey Vonn. Kris Humphries? Does Lindsay not watch Kardashians? Yeah, she doesn't read the internet or newspapers or tabloids either if she is willing to date Tiger Woods.

Blind Item #1

This former B list mostly television actress who is foreign born and starred on one of the biggest network shows ever has not been as fortunate with her new love as she was with her former actor boyfriend. He enjoyed her golden showers.

Chevy Chase And Beverly D'Angelo Are Back For More Vacation

The long in production Vacation remake starring Ed Helms as a grown up Rusty taking his family on vacation just got a boost. Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo are set to reprise their roles in a movie for the first time since 1997. I can't believe it has been that long since Vegas Vacation. They need to film this movie in Canada so Randy Quaid can be part of it. Of course he will need extra security to deal with the star whackers, but it would be a paycheck for the actor which is something he probably could use. I don't really have any problems with a reboot of the franchise. if you can get some good writers, then why not keep making them.

Justin Bieber Is A Spitter

Yesterday I wrote about Justin Bieber being his usual a-holey self, but it turns out he went above and beyond in his a-holiness in the argument he had with his neighbor. Justin spit on the neighbor. That is disgusting and the neighbor's wife rightfully called Justin a punk. I would love to see how Justin would behave if he was not surrounded by bodyguards all the time. Do you really think he would be able to beat up even his own shadow? He feels powerful because of the drugs he does and because he knows he has backup in the form of bodyguards. So, he spits  and yells and lunges and knows that no one will try to retaliate because he hides behind his bodyguards. What do you think would have happened if he was all alone when he spit? Yeah, he would probably be spitting into a straw at his dentist's office right about now.

Omarosa Says Celebrity Apprentice Has Lots Of Fake Parts

Surprising probably no one, Omarosa has risked the wrath of Donald Trump and his nest of hair to declare that parts of Celebrity Apprentice are manufactured to make it more interesting. Yesterday, Omarosa was on Access Hollywood and said that many of the story lines are manufactured and that producers control almost every aspect of the show. The other day I had a reality tv discussion with someone and only the competition shows are really reality, and you can't even include Survivor in that because there is editing to make people look worse or fit them into a mold for better storytelling. Something like Dancing With The Stars is real, in the sense that people are doing a real activity.

Barbara Walters Is Retiring

Barbara Walters is making plans to retire. A few weeks ago it was thought Barbara might be heading out the door in a matter of weeks. It turns out though it will not be quite that fast. Barbara is set to make an announcement that she will be leaving The View in May 2014. So, yeah, over a year away. I understand the network would probably like to plan ahead, but, 14 months is a loooong time. In that time span, Lindsay Lohan will probably be arrested a few more times and might even get another acting job. It is so long that most people will probably forget that she even announced her retirement now and will treat it as a new story next year.

Lindsay Lohan Burns Another Bridge

Lindsay Lohan should probably start looking around and realize there are maybe two or three bridges in the entire universe that she has not burned. As good as her first day was Monday on Anger Management was as bad as it was the other two days were. Lindsay was originally only scheduled to work Monday and Tuesday. Monday went great. Tuesday? Not so much. In addition to spending time puking in the parking lot of the production while trying to cure her hangover, she spent most of the day in her trailer and at one point, police were almost called to escort her off the set. Yeah, it was that bad. It was so bad that Lindsay had to come back on Wednesday to finish everything she didn't do Tuesday and had her part cut substantially so they could get everything in they needed to. Lindsay did make her flight to Brazil on time so, I'm sure that the "clothing company" she is working for this week is happy which is a good thing because the cast and crew of Anger Management don't ever want to see her again.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

And once again, Alec Baldwin gets dog walking duty.

Blake Lively has eyes on her breasts and what looks like one of the Seven Dwarfs a little lower at the opening of Target Canada.
Considering that I am pretty sure Sarah Jessica Parker has never been to Target, I am shocked they are paying her to display homecoming corsages.
Also there was Elisha Cuthbert. heard there would be hockey players.
Chris Rock shows Howard Stern the crazy face while
Padma makes one of her own.
Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at a Host screening in NYC.
Long time no see Dita von Teese.
Elsa Pataky goes for the same clothes three days in a row while her
baby daddy Chris Hemsworth goes for a drive.

Random Photos Part Two

Emmy Rossum gets her workout on.

Halle Berry in Hawaii.
Heather Graham on vacation in Mexico.
Ireland Baldwin shows off her new look.
This is Justin Bieber's party van outside Selena Gomez's house.
The amazing Joseph Gordon Levitt.
Jessica Simpson shows off the baby bump.
Kirsten Dunst has four hands.


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