Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blind Items Revealed

February 1, 2007

This former A list television actress of the 80's has found her way into a new television show and also found her way into several of her younger co-star's trailers. This still gorgeous actress has made it clear that she prefers men much younger than herself. In one instance she had been rebuffed by one of her younger male co-stars as she tried to make some heavy handed advances. So, she took matters into her own hands and was waiting for him in his trailer wearing nothing but a smile. Her co-star did not refuse her advances this time and even was bragging about our actress and her lovemaking skills. Well, after the bragging, our actress found another young male co-star to share her affections with also. Now, our actress is the one who is bragging and enjoying having two men who both think she is still A list.

Morgan Fairchild

Blind Items Revealed

February 1, 2007

This A list actress wants to be married only once which is why she is working so hard at saving a marriage that is becoming one problem after another. Always hesitant to marry, and famous for just having boyfriends, this actress finally took the plunge. The plunge though was not what she was expecting. Always publicity shy, her husband's past actions are forcing her into the public eye much more than she would like. It seems as if her husband did not tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth when they were dating and his past mistakes and relationships are coming back to haunt him and our actress. She wants it to all go away, but new problems surface everyday. As things grow more tense, they are spending less time together, and the feeling is that is not if they will split up, but when.

Sandra Bullock & Jesse James

Blind Item #2

Want to know why this A list rapper has been taking shots at this other A lister about his choice of girlfriends? Because the A list rapper already sampled the other's girlfriend and dumped her after she kept asking for money and gifts. I wonder if the woman will tell her current boyfriend about her past. Probably not, because the current guy doesn't really care. It's not like he is actually having sex with her.

Penn State Booster Gave $ To School - Molested Boys In Return

This Penn State scandal just does not go away and it keeps getting more sordid and messy and makes me wonder if every person of influence in that football program was involved in the molesting of boys or covering it up. Radar actually broke the story that there is a new criminal probe looking into a Penn State booster who gave money to the school and the football program and in return was allowed to join Jerry Sandusky as they molested boys together. First of all, how does this discussion come up. Does he bring up the fact that he sees Jerry hanging out with a bunch of kids and needs some to massage his back? How do you find someone and tell them you molest boys and would love to hang out together and do it sometime. Other than at a Catholic priest convention. Anyway, this is horrible and if it involved more than one or two people then, everyone must have known and I feel like the whole town was using the boys for sexual toys and in return got access to the football program and nice tickets on Saturday afternoons.

Blind Item #1

What A+ list star athlete was told by his biggest sponsor that if he divorced his wife or let his wife leave him that they would drop him and no other company would take him. The sponsor even negotiated the agreement with his wife and what she would receive for staying with the A+ lister. The athlete still makes it tough though for her.

Ryan Lochte Is Awful At Commercials

I know Ryan Lochte says he wants to be on Dancing With The Stars or The Bachelor, but if he is going to have career in commercials, he really needs to work on his skills.

Want To Be A Movie Extra?

One man worked as an extra on the Steve Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher and he wrote a piece about it on Gizmodo. Not usually your first stop for entertainment and gossip, but it is a really good article, and unlike me the guy can actually write well. When you think of Extras you might think of the Ricky Gervais show and that is not really it. Generally Kate Winslet does not stop by and chat with you about phone sex.

"It turns out that "background casting," as it's called, is a business of—to borrow a fishing term—casting a wide net. The Craigslist ads searching for Jobs extras in the same rudimentary manner one might look for a studio apartment are already the stuff of Gizmodo mockery, particularly because they make it seem like anybody with an internet connection and an Ashton obsession could walk onto the film's set. But it turns out that responding to a Craigslist cattle call is only the first obstacle to getting a part as human scenery on Jobs. The second obstacle is The Woman in Shorts."

People who do background work are really really patient and I think most of the time really high. I don't think there is any way to get through it or stay calm through everything. Anyway, if you want to read the rest of it you can click here. (Thanks libby)

Kristen Stewart Stops Crying - Parties With Lindsay Lohan

Apparently Kristen Stewart has had enough of sitting around the bedroom of her former producer and wanted to get out and party. What better way to party then with the queen of looking way old before you get there, Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay, who crashed Francesca Eastwood's birthday party earlier in the week because she heard there were cameras and rich guys with money not to mention lots of fantastic quality merchandise. She then got kicked out after screaming that she was a star and Francesca was a nobody. Don't hold your breath working on a Clint Eastwood movie anytime soon. Anyway, over at Huntington Beach there was a house party and Lindsay went and lo and behold Kristen Stewart was there and Lindsay was of course all excited because she got to touch someone who had a movie that made money and has never heard that Lifetime makes movies or done sex scenes with porn stars. Although, Lindsay has never cheated on a guy because she does not really have relationships, but she could say she has never cheated. Sex with multiple people in a day? Sure. But, it was not cheating, so she gloated a little bit after Kristen started talking smack about Lindsay's career.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Kavna, the Baby Beluga of Raffi fame. - RIP
Also in your touching animal tributes, this man takes his 19 year old dog to the water so he can sleep because his arthritis is so bad outside the water.
Britney Spears channeling Susanna Hoffs in Walk Like An Egyptian.
The new group of up and coming actresses. Holland Roden, Sarah Hyland, and Ariel Winter.
Francesca Eastwood showing off some bruises.
George Clooney still on vacation. Still with Stacy Keibler. is she working on a contract extension?
Heidi Klum is the new face of Jordache. They still make those?
Jennie Garth looks like she had some work done. Here she is out with her daughters.
John Travolta shows off the latest in plastic hair technology with Bradley Cooper.
Can't find Kristen Stewart for a photo? Take one of her mom.

Random Photos Part Two

Adrienne Maloof might be the most awkward looking seller of products ever.
McKayla Maroney doesn't get impressed about anything.
Paula Abdul looking really good at an event last night.
Also there was Jesse McCartney who I have not seen around for awhile.
Its royal time at the Olympics. Harry and Kate and
the King Of Sweden deafens a fan and then
chats with the Prince of Denmark.
Paula Patton on the set of her new movie
Paula Patton's body double on the set of her new movie.
Also in the movie, but playing his own body double is Denzel Washington.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Matthew M. posted this photo of himself. Wants to show his dog off, but think he likes you to look at him too.
Cameron Diaz and Portia de Rossi get matching haircuts.
Rachel McAdams goes over the list of 50 rules she wants followed while she is out of town with Michael Sheen.
Ryan Phillippe shows off his new tattoos as he takes his kids to lunch.
"Hi, I'm Richard Simmons and I miss all the attention I used to get."
Simon Cowell and his girlfriend of the week. On his $400,000 a week yacht.
Sarah Jessica Parker headed out for the weekend and deciding to go commando.
Taylor Swift got her parents back together so they could meet her new boyfriend in Nashville. She paid for him to fly down.
Uma Thurman's mom back in the 50's.

Conan vs 2032 Dream Team

Brangelina Weekly Marriage Announcement

A few weeks ago I heard that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were getting married in New Orleans. I don't think it happened. It might have. I mean Billy Bob Thornton could have flown in and performed the ceremony and then claimed some weird privilege where the person who marries the couple has sex with the bride first. I think that was in Braveheart wasn't it? Anyway, they could have done it all under the radar, but doubtful. Anyway, there is some huge party being planned at their French place. It could be the kids have planned some kind of house party, but the French media think it is a wedding. I'm not sure I really care at this point except for thinking of other bizarre people who could marry the couple.

Four For Friday - He Can Never Go Out Because Of His Boyfriend

So, it is Friday. It's time for me to turn on the Olympics for one last weekend of non-stop watching and drinking. Three hour closing ceremony filled with British music? Pretty damn cool. So, today is announcement day and I don't have a lot to say. Despite my Olympic watchingness I will be blogging all weekend. On Saturdays I do a reveal or two and last week was a pretty juicy one. Or did I have two, I can't even remember. Please follow me on Twitter @entylawyer or you can find the little bird thing over there ------> On Twitter I talk more about regular stuff and bizarre things I see. I also plan on doing a Honey Boo live Tweeting thing soon. Have to. Just need to be drunk.

So, this actor was about A list. He might still be. It depends on how you judge. Has he headlined a movie? Yep. And it was not a horror movie. It was an actual real honest to goodness premiered in a movie theatre movie. Other than that though he has just been a co-star or second banana. Hugely popular though. Everyone around the world knows his face. The thing is, he does not go out much. He hates going out. When he goes out he has to leave his boyfriend behind. His manager and agent have made it very clear. Do NOT go out in public with your boyfriend. No guys playing basketball. Nothing. The only time you are allowed to go out is if you are with your parents or a girl. The problem is most of the women he knows have boyfriends so then he is a third wheel. He loves going to premieres because then he gets to feel normal. It is also the one time his boyfriend is allowed to be in the same place at the same time. Our actor has tried the bearding but it just doesn't work. he doesn't know how to go about it and because he is so young, most of the women aren't interested. So, our actor stays at home and orders in. He works out at home and does everything at home with his boyfriend. He would love nothing more than to come out, but he is hanging on by a thread with his career at this point despite his status and will do whatever his agent and manager tell him to do.

Your Turn

What musical group would you like to see reunite? What movie would you like a sequel or remake of?

Man Finds Dead Wife By Using Cell Phone GPS - Hmmmm

When a spouse is found dead, you always look at the living spouse as a suspect. You just have to. This one sounds kind of fishy to me. A man in Los Angeles called police to report his wife missing. An hour later he decided to use her cell phone GPS tracker. He probably had it installed on her phone so he could spy on her. See, that is your first clue. An hour after he filed the missing persons report he found his wife's car. He didn't have the keys to the car (they didn't have an extra set?) so called police. They came and opened the trunk and found the woman inside, dead. The police say the cause of death is suspicious but have not called it a homicide. Yeah, she could have beaten herself and climbed into the trunk and shut it and then died there. Please.

Blind Item #2

Which celebrity offspring with kind of her own television show has decided she needs more of an edge so has tried heroin a few times just so she can say she has done it. She also wants a trip to rehab because it sounds "cool," and would be great for next season.

Parents TV Breast-Feeding Turned Into Porn - Mom Sues

You have to be pretty brave to volunteer for one of those Parents TV things or anything that is going to involve you getting partially naked for bunches of people on television and in hospital classrooms all over the world. Back in 2010, Mary Ann Sahoury did just that. She agreed to demonstrate breast-feeding techniques with her one month old daughter for a video. She didn't get paid. She just did it to be nice. When she finished her filming she was asked to sign a piece of paper. She didn't read it. The piece of paper was a release. Mary thought only her first name would be used and only shown on parents TV. A few months later she Googled herself and saw her naked image everywhere. On YouTube and even used in porn where people had spliced her in with another actress. Oh, and her first and last name were used and her daughter's name also gets linked to porn sites now. naturally she is suing and I hope she wins.

Blind Item #1

What just about A list actress from a new hit franchise movie told a random stranger to please not leave her side at an event because the co-star of the actress who is an A+ list actor would not stop hitting on the actress and touching the actress or suggesting they go somewhere later. Oh, and he brought a date.

Pink Turned Down Every Judging Gig Offered To Her

You know who would be a good judge on American idol, or The Voice or X Factor? Pink. You know who turned them all down? Pink. So, that means Pink was the choice before Britney or Demi Lovato. It also means she was the choice before Mariah Carey. That is going to be some damaging news to Mariah. Nick might have to work extra hard tonight. Pink told the Herald Sun that she turned them down because you can't be honest when you are judging the show otherwise people will hate you. She says Simon Cowell gets away with it because he is a man and has an accent. She is right of course. Unless someone is so bad that everyone can see it, the judges never say anything bad. They say it was a little off or not your best night and then leave it up to the audience so they don't have to do it.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH single, aging blonde actress – the baby-mama to a respected Oscar winner – bumped into her baby-daddy’s famous co-star from a classic ’70s film trilogy and read him the riot act? The has-been party girl was so delusional she began screaming about her child’s absentee father to the actor because she actually thought he was her ex’s real-life brother – but they only played siblings on film!

How Much Does Ann Curry Hate Matt Lauer?

Wow. Did you watch Ann Curry and Matt Lauer's exchange on The Today Show yesterday? Matt kept trying to pretend everything was great between the pair. It is probably how he treats his wife too. "Yeah, I was over at Natalie's. How was your day honey?" Matt tried to talk to Ann at the beginning and end of her segment and she was having none of it. Two or three words at the beginning and the obligatory comment at the end and not even a goodbye, just a nod. She has a lot of anger inside. I wish she could have just let everything out on the air right there. Just explode on Matt. Just let everything out that he has done and let the world know. She didn't though. You just know that Ann has a Matt voodoo doll at home though. Poking that thing, and removing all it's hair. She must jump for joy everytime she sees the ratings go down even more and know it isn't her.

Abby & Brittany Hensel Get A Reality Show

Back in 1996, conjoined twins Abby & Brittany Hensel were first shown off to the world. They appeared on the cover of Life Magazine which was still around. I feel like some years it is sold and other years is disappears. I know when I have seen it now it is all small, but they are usually commemorative issues and not new ones. Anyway, the conjoined twins were also on Oprah. Since then they have turned up now and again and TLC has given them their own reality show. The twins just graduated from college and are looking for a job in the new show. They drive a car. One steers and one brakes. That is crazy. I actually will watch this one because I'm fascinated by how the two work together. They could always open their own restaurant like Greg Kinnear and Matt Damon. I feel like if I saw the twins the first thing I would do is ask them if they saw that movie. Yeah, I know. I'm an idiot.

Ryan Buell Has Cancer

I love Paranormal State. Great show. Probably the best of all the paranormal shows out there. The star, of the show, and a paranormal investigator, Ryan Buell, has pancreatic cancer. That is not a good one to get. I don't know how I missed the news that he had announced it. I know there was a Paranormal Research Society convention not that long ago and he was supposed to be there, and was, but had been in and out of the hospital. I guess I didn't put the two of them together. I'm slow that way sometimes. Ryan's kidneys have been giving him some problems. I really hope this turns out ok for him.

Pimpa Joe Simpson Busted For DUI

How is it that Pimpa Joe Simpson, can get arrested for DUI almost a week ago, and no one finds out until now? You would have thought he would be easy to spot, what with his, I'm Jessica Simpson's Dad bumper stickers. He used to have the same for Ashlee Simpson, but crossed through it after the whole SNL thing. The other giveaway would have been the pictures of Jessica all throughout the inside of his car. That way he could stare at her breasts from lots of different angles. Anyway, the former preacher who said he didn't drink was busted for DUI around 10pm which is nice and early to be hammered and didn't make bail until almost 10am the next day. That is a long time. Guess no one wanted to come get him. Trying to teach him a lesson.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Bobbi Kristina and her brother/boyfriend got matching Whitney Houston tattoos in honor of what would have been Whitney's birthday.
Brooke Mueller is back to her peeved looks. This is what usually precedes a trip to rehab or an arrest.
Colin Farrell in Moscow promoting his bomb of a movie. Been awhile since he had a hit.
Coco and Ice-T at a party with
Tyra Banks. She looks good. I'm not going to lie.
Even Chris Rock and Julie Delpy were talking about how good Tyra looked.
The Beckham's play a round of got your nose.
Those kids sure do love their dad.
I love Dakota Johnson. The one celebrity I most want to meet. Weird isn't it?
Debra Messing on the set of Smash. Did her new boyfriend get her pregnant or is that an angle?


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