Friday, February 22, 2008

Four For Friday

The great thing about today's four items is they all come from the same apartment building in New York.

#1 The summer this B list film actress who I love to rag on as of late was in Shakespeare in the Park, she lived in the building. The building is in Manhattan that was home to many celebs on a permanent basis or just while they were doing a stint in a play or something. So, our actress lived in the building that summer under an assumed name because she didn't want to be bothered. Fine...who cares. No one in the building really cared about famous people living there. There was no mail room at this building, but rather a concierge who gave out mail. All of the mail was in pigeon holes and generally, the concierge knew you and got your mail as you came to the desk. Sometimes there were a few people there so you had to wait. Fine...well, not fine for our actress. Once, while a person was getting their mail and chatting with the concierge for a moment, he got the mail and told the person they had a package in the back so he was going to get it. Before he went to get the package, our actress came up and asked for her stuff. She was told to wait since there was another person there ahead of her. She didn't like that at all. So she said, I can't wait and I want my stuff now. The concierge ignored her. She was so steamed and unfortunately, the person ahead of our actress in line had to ride in the elevator together. She had previously asked the security guard if she could have the elevator to herself. He promptly told her that that is not how things work in the building...but in a really nice way.

#2 This former A list child actor lived in the building. He actually got kicked out of the building. He was renting...spending about 14k a month on rent. That included a studio apt that was made into a gym. This is when he was married. They rescued a lot of animals but never took them out...they also smoked pot incessantly so the halls reeked. That's why they were asked to leave. He NEVER held the door for anyone. There was a fire in the building where his mom and siblings lived...well, they all moved in with him. There were siblings ALL over the place. They would run down the halls banging on the walls. It was annoying as hell to say the least.

#3 The Paper was also filmed in the building. Ron Howard was scouting out the location so everyone on the floor which was used for filming got to see him. A few days later, he was back and invited several residents to see what was going on. He was incredibly nice. One of the male stars was not friendly at all. Apparently he was being stalked at the time so he had an armed guard, who was really nice, but our actor was an ass. He refused to take the elevator if anyone was in it. He also refused to talk to ANYONE.

#4 Here's another ass. This involves an Academy Award winning actress/supporting actress. The building was set up such that there was a doorway that went from the elevator bank to the hall. One day a resident was going from the elevator to the hall and our actress was going the other way. Well, they didn't see each other and our actress bashed through the door and hit the resident in the head. Ok, mistake...fine...well...not so fine..our actress said "get out of my way." Yeah, not ok. So, the resident told her to watch it because the resident lived there etc etc and the resident thought that our actress was really rude. The woman with her apologized profusely. The resident told her there was NO reason for her to apologize because she didn't do anything. The resident pointed to our actress and said "She's the one who should be apologizing." The resident kept being ignored by our actress while the assistant just kept apologizing.

Random Photos Part One

See, I'm not sure how you can really enjoy Dominoes if you are dressed like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. I prefer shorts and a 40, but that is just me. I will say that they look really good, and if they smile, I would almost believe they are happy together. Actually I think they probably are happy together. Probably.
Ashlee Simpson - Chicago
Justin Long looks like he is counting down the days until Drew dumps him. Just hanging on for the ride.
I think Minka Kelly always looks pretty, and she looks ok here, but not great.

Most people would flash the devil horns after seeing Ozzy. Lance Bass is throwing them after just getting out of Bette Midler. Seriously. Is she the gay Ozzy?
Your weekly photo of John Mayer. I know you all like to follow his hair. He does have good hair. I wish I had hair.
You ever get tired of seeing Hayden Panettiere in a cheerleader pose. I'm tired of it, so no more.
Duffy - London

Sing it with me. Tune is that Nair commercial from the 70's. "Who wears Spanx Spanx, we all wear Spanx Spanx."
I guess Rumer Willis wanted bigger breasts than her mom last night.
Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, and the perfect baby toy. Muttonchops.
Don't like this new look from Michelle Trachtenberg.
Someone gave Mickey Rourke a job...and hair extensions. Yay Mickey.

Today Is Give Ryan A Break Day

Normally I would lay into Ryan Seacrest for what I heard on his show. I have never watched the Kardashian nightmare on E!, but I have posted on here before how Ryan and his co-host seem to always be really far up their collective asses. Well it turns out Ryan owns that damn show too. Anyway, the reason he is getting a pass on that is because he had Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx on his show. I know, I know, but it gets good.

Anyway, Ryan suckers her into basically saying that Tom Cruise loves wearing Spanx. This is just a few short minutes after she said that the only guys she knows who wear Spanx are usually gay guys who work in the mall across the street from her office in Atlanta.

At first Sara said that she could not confirm that Tom wears Spanx, but then when Ryan said that he heard Tom Cruise wears them, Sara admitted she understood that he does wear them and loves them. Now which garments is Tom Cruise wearing. My only familiarity with Spanx is that Sara was on that one season reality show with Richard Branson and came in second.

So, I will let you all decide if Tom or Katie is wearing more Spanx on the red carpet this Sunday. Tom will be there because he is King of the flops, and Katie will be there because she is the Queen of the flops. Yes, their respective movies did not do as poorly as Jessica Simpson or Lindsay Lohan's films, BUT, Tom and Katie get paid for $100M box offices, and so it is a much bigger loss to the studios when their films bomb.

Nicolas Cage In Trouble With IRS

You just had to know that I loved writing that headline. For those of you who are outside the country and not familiar with the IRS. It is the tax collection and enforcement agency of the US Government. Another thing about them is that they are very nice, especially considering the fact they are making Nicolas Cage's life miserable and I would never say anything bad about an agency that has the ability to make my life painful. Ever been strip searched by an IRS agent. Like everything they do, they are very thorough. Very thorough if you know what I mean.

According to Forbes, Cage tried to write off $3.3M in taxes for things such as gifts, limos, meals, travel and his Gulfstream jet. Hmmm. Didn't know he had a jet did you? Cage disputes the items and his manager says they are a necessary part of doing business in Hollywood and that much of it was for Cage's personal security. Umm. Excuse me. Nicolas Cage needs bodyguards? From what? I don't think there are many people out there who even want to meet Nicolas Cage, let alone kidnap him, his young kid, or his wife. I would also like to know how meals and gifts contribute to his personal safety.

I think what he is really afraid of is Kathleen Turner stalking him and finally pulling that damn piece off his head so we can just get on with his baldness and just stop pretending.

Milo Ventimiglia In GQ

GQ twice in one day. Well, hopefully you are okay with it. Maybe if you don't find Eric Bana appealing, then perhaps Milo Ventimiglia is more your style. I don't really have an opinion on which is better, but I will say Eric is funnier. That being said, I'm sure the folks at GQ would love if you would click over again and read what Milo has to say. He doesn't really talk about Hayden much except to say that he really enjoyed the half naked photos of her. He probably has better ones at home right? Maybe a video which will come out after they break up? Oh, they will break up, if they haven't already.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Brit Awards After Party

Which star squealed that she lost her packet of coke in the lining of her coat? She had a huff and refused to go into the party until flunkies found it...

Hey Pete Doherty Stop Clogging The Internet

Pete Doherty must be sitting in front of the computer 24 hours a day. There is no other explanation for what I am about to tell you unless the rest of the population of the UK has suddenly developed a love for crack also.

As of me writing this Heather Mills is ranked the 95th sexiest person in the world by FHM UK readers. I don't know how many people are on the planet, but lets say 4 billion give or take a billion. When you are talking billions, does it really matter if you count them all? I think that is what McDonalds decided and if it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me. I'm the only person who uses Super Size Me as a before dinner aperitif. If you say that half of the world's humans are female, are you telling me that Heather Mills ranks 95th out of 2 billion?

Anyway, Heather has been getting thousands and thousands of votes. According to FHM deputy editor Chris Bell, "Heather Mills has always been vilified as a gold-digger with a dubious past."But with her pin-sharp power suits and model good looks, thousands of FHM readers have realised she's about to become the world's most eligible - and richest - single woman."

Uh huh. Now I guess I could see the appeal if you have always wanted to have sex with a former porn star and prostitute who was willing to f**k almost anything to make a buck and did manage to talk a Beatle out of $100M or so for a few years of sex.

The bright side to this horrible tale is that she is beating out Paris Hilton. On the other hand she is also beating out Gwen Stefani. Most likely to win this year are Cheryl Cole who we may as well go back to calling Cheryl Tweedy and Jessica Alba who won it last year. Apparently the guys in the UK have a thing for vacant brained, pregnant women who sleep with jackasses.

DNfromMN - Movie Review - Charlie Bartlett


Release Date: February 22, 2008
So what’s the story: Smart rich kid with parents Hope Davis, as over-medicated mom, and an absent father, gets into trouble and ends up in public school. Kid becomes popular as the bathroom psychiatrist, and dates the principal’s daughter. Principal (Robert Downey, Jr.) hates his job because he cares too much. Let’s call it Juno goes to Rushmore.

Maybe bringing up Juno and Rushmore isn’t a good idea, because this movie doesn’t have the magic of either one. And I think it comes down to the lead actor, Anton Yelchin – who’s good, just smug. I had to look him up and see what else he’s done, since he didn’t look familiar, and it’s not fair to pick on new actors. He was the kidnapped kid in Alpha Dog, and he was great in that. I just found him unrelatable here. Maybe because I didn’t grow up wealthy and feeling like public school was a punishment or last resort like Charlie feels. I had similar issues with Rushmore, and that’s probably why I brought it up.
The highlights of the film for me were the adults. I love Hope Davis. I’ve loved Hope Davis since the first time I saw Next Stop Wonderland (not the best romantic comedy from the 90s, but definitely worth a rental). I am a fan of anyone who gives Hope Davis a well-deserved job. She’s the mom who appreciates her son’s reminders of when to take her meds, plays tennis with the 80-year old chauffer, and is desperate for her son to make friends. Bit of trivia: She played Anton Yelchin’s mother in Hearts in Atlantis with Anthony Hopkins.

Robert Downey, Jr is the alcoholic reluctant principal who isn’t your pal; whose daughter cares for him but hates his job almost as much as he does. There’s some great scenes between him and Charlie.

But it all just adds up to 2 hours of amusement. Mild amusement. I chuckled a couple of times, and everyone else in the theater chuckled maybe a handful of times. No big belly laughs, nothing terribly witty or memorable on the comedy front. The movie was supposed to come out last summer (I remember seeing previews for it back then), and got bumped to February 2008. I think they may suffer from “It’s not as good as Juno” reviews, and I’m going to echo that statement.

What’s it worth: $5. Worth a rental, second run theater and popcorn, or catch it on cable. I didn’t dislike it, I just found it unremarkable.

This Weekend’s Releases

Charlie Bartlett–as above
Vantage Point – wait til you don’t have to pay full price
Witless Protection – Larry the Cable Guy isn’t my style. (another fun trivia note: the writer/director of this movie, wrote a television movie called Vanishing Point)

The Counterfeiters – Austrian Oscar Nominee, gurus of gold over at tip it to win the Oscar. I saw it on Sunday, it’s based on the true story of the Germans using master counterfeiters in the concentration camps to try and crack the British pound and the dollar. It’s heartbreaking, but not as good as The Lives of Others (which won foreign language Oscar year).
The Duchess of Langeais – Apparently a Canadian film based on a Balzac novel. Period piece. I haven’t heard of it before.
The Signal – see review posted yesterday.

I know someone in the comments yesterday said they though Definitely, Maybe (Ryan Reynolds) was kind of ho-hum. Personally, I enjoyed it. I have really low expectations for romantic comedies, and tend to give them a pass because they’re not really trying for anything. I enjoyed it for the ride it is. And I love Abigail Breslin, but she got stuck being the interrupting precocious child. And her talking about sex is weird, as it’s not as funny as “boys have a penis, girls have a vagina” from Kindergarten Cop.

Eric Bana In GQ

I know many of you have been clamoring for more Eric Bana photos, so here is in GQ. If you would like to read the accompanying article, then you really must love him, so I won't ruin the surprise. OK, there really isn't a surprise, but if I could give you one I would. Oh, wait here's one. This comes courtesy of the New Zealand Herald. I would have never found it and never knew that Eric was a stand up comic. You will seriously love this video, and it is beneath all the photos.

Gene Simmons Squirms For Shannon

In the aftermath of this week's release of the Gene Simmons sex tape, Gene has no doubt been kissing a lot of Shannon Tweed ass. I love what Gene wrote on his website. "Hi everyone. You may have heard or seen garbage that has sprung up from my past."Rest assured the proper legal team is looking at all ramifications and options."Once again, thank you (and I can't say it enough) for your overwhelming support for the family and myself. Your emails have been gracious and I am humbled. Onward. Today is a new day."

So basically it looks like he probably told Shannon Tweed that this happened a long time ago, and that of course he doesn't cheat on her. Yes, I know they have an open relationship, but it always seems like the guys take that sentence a little more literally than the woman huh? Anyway, if this tape were not of Gene, his legal team would not be looking at all the options available to him, but would have already been in court to try and stop the distribution of the tape. Since we haven't heard from anyone on Gene's legal team, I am guessing that his legal team is in negotiations to get a piece of the profits of the tape, and if that doesn't work will then sue. "Yes, honey it happened a long time ago, I swear. But, as long as it happened don't you think we should make some money off it. I mean I bet you would love a trip to Europe or some new clothes."

I think the people who actually have the best chance of making some money off this are Foreigner. Yes, it is their song that can be heard in the background. Further, the tape is being sold commercially and so they have a very good case to get some money unless they already sold a license to the song which I doubt. I wonder if their record sales have gone up this week or if the song has been downloaded more than usual.

Aaron Carter Smokes A Lot Of Pot

Here is a valuable tip. If you are carrying drugs, don't speed. Make sure your car is in working order, or better yet, take the bus. Aaron Carter forgot about these valuable lessons and is now sitting in a Texas County jail after being arrested in Kimble County Texas for allegedly possessing 2 ounces of pot.

Although 2 ounces is considered enough for two months use, that is in a normal person. People who have been subjected to the thought of having Paris Hilton as a sister-in-law routinely need at least that amount each week just to cope with the horror of having to call her "sis."

2 ounces is usually the cut off between so what and serious crime, and the same is true in Texas. Surprisingly though, or maybe not considering you could drink while driving in Texas until a few years ago, as long as you don't have any prior felony convictions, then the judge has to sentence you to probation with mandatory drug treatment. Of course since Texas doesn't have much money for social services, if a drug treatment facility does not exist in the county in which you were arrested, then the judge can just give you the probation. The judge can also waive all the fines. So, basically this whole thing is nothing. It would be something if you had a regular job and were sitting in jail instead of punching the clock this morning. But, for Aaron Carter it is just something to laugh about over the next bong.

Ted C Blind Item

Yep, it’s yet another fagola Blind tale. Get used to it, is all I have say—this town’s friggin’ filled to the brim with boy-lovin’ boys who don’t exactly want the world to know that’s how they swing. Except perhaps when their sexuality supposedly prevents them from employment. Take the case with Cress Finesse, one of those hybrid dudes who does it all at one of the studios, including directing films known for their mucho classy ambition.

Howev, Cress’ deal (C.F. has other gigs elsewhere, to be sure) was not picked up at that par-tick place of employment. Understandably, this did not please Cress. In fact, Cress, a handsome enough guy who knows his way around fine-tuning his appearance, felt especially uglied by the unfortunate sitch. So much so that Mr. F went to the powers that be who dismissed him and threatened legal action—sexual-orientation discrimination, to be exact—for not picking up the big entertainment deal at hand.

Cress’ employers were more than taken aback. They claimed they just wanted to start moving in a "different direction" than the type of work Cress was famous for. But both parties knew the score: C.F.’s frolicking—and sometimes messy—bedroom habits did play a part in the end. It remained a fella fact the studio higher-ups just weren’t too kosher with, such fools. And even though the reticent execs never thought C.F. would follow through suitwise, they did settle.

Which pleased Cress enormously. So would he have sued? Prolly. After all, Cress is getting on a bit. He’s growing tired of the facade. Gosh, must be the only homo in town who is.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today's Blind Items - Jackass

I see everyone is busy with Michael Musto. Thanks to nycer for letting me know Michael had done some. They are rare, but always the best, and other than me, I think he is the only person who regularly reveals blind items which is always a plus. I am in talks with the chatroom people to make the rooms larger and much less, how shall I say, Miley friendly. They will have their home, but hopefully there will be a home for everyone else to have big discussions like the blind items today without being asked asl or asked for sex.

This B- list actress with the A list movie resume. When I say A list movie resume I mean summer type popcorn flicks that do well. Well she was at a premiere recently and decided that she didn't like where the limo driver was going to drop her off. She opened her door and saw that he had missed a spot by about five feet. God forbid she was going to walk the five feet. With the door halfway open she unleashed a verbal tirade against the poor driver that included every four letter word known to man and to Xenu. (not a clue, just thought it was fun to write) After she made him move up the five feet, she opened her own door and then went around to the drivers side and then let him have it again. The guy drove away leaving her there in the street. She then put on her happy face and made nice for the red carpet.

Random Photos Part One - Kept Finding More Photos Edition

There was almost a part two today because I just kept finding more and more photos. I really could have kept going, but I didn't want to think of things to say about more photos, so just left it at this.

"It's okay honey. I'm going to open a school here and make your life better."
Will Young and Beth Ditto prove that UK after partys are waaay more fun.
Cat Stevens already did the whole name change thing right?
You know I love Amanda Bynes, but for about the millionth time I wish she would go back to being who she was, and not look like every other person in LA. Her hair color made her unique. Now, she is just like everyone else and there are already enough of everybody else. I want unique.
Speaking of unique. Alexis Arquette is certainly that.
If Full House started again today, Lori Loughlin would still be the best looking person on that show. Not the most likely to work at a strip joint, but the prettiest.
It took them an hour to play have you ever taken this drug before one said no.
It has been to long since I had one of The Veronicas on here. The primary reason is I hate spelling Jess' last name which is Origliasso.
I love this photo. James McAvoy, Reese Witherspoon and Christina Ricci. I like how they all got in order by height like it was gym class. Who wants to start the Reese Witherspoon baby bump rumors and who the baby daddy could be.
I'm trying to think who Christian Slater reminds me of now. I've seen that face somewhere before. Maybe a cartoon?
Can you hate someone just from looking at a photo?
How about now?
Michael Franti - Los Angeles
Michelle Branch - Los Angeles
Linkin Park - New York
Ever wanted to know what happens to an ex-husband kicked to the curb because a wife got too famous? Ask Scott Foley here seen with Marika Dominczyk.
If you don't know who Richard O' Brien is then we need to have a chat, but if you really don't know, click on the photo to make it larger and then read the name on the poster.
I have no idea who Poojah Shah is but with a name like that, I just have to include her.
The photo above of Lindsay and Fergie was taken in Milan at Fashion Week there. Although we all know Lindsay isn't that hot, the majority of people in the world would disagree with you. Fergie is also considered hot. Now, take a look at the two photos below. One of Petra Nemcova and one of Naomi Campbell. These are just candids at the same show as Lindsay and Fergie. Petra and Naomi always look good while Lindsay and Fergie need lighting, photoshop, and a really talented photographer.

Put Hilary Swank next to a normal sized guy and she looks like a twig.
Tate Donavon is on the market again, and he will even give you a bike to go out with him. Oh, I think he and Jennifer Aniston should start going out again. Why not, they both don't have a career, so that shouldn't get in the way.
The lovely Sissy Spacek and her equally lovely daughter Schuyler Fisk.
Shia LaBeouf makes some extra bucks delivering food.
I don't really have anything to say, I just like looking at Salma Hayek sometimes.


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