Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cannes Day 4

Aishwarya Rai
Tim Robbins

Woody Harrelson

Rebecca Hall
Adrien Brody and Elsa Pataky

Goldie Hawn
Edward Norton
Penelope Cruz
Paz Vega

Joan Chen, Zhang Ke Jia, Tao Zhao

Dean Cain

Friday, May 16, 2008

Four For Friday - In One Big Blind

This one hurts because I would have never thought of this B list film actress as a home wrecker. She has always been a favorite. B list film actress sounds so generic now doesn't it? How about we make (#1) gorgeous and aging, but not old. How about someone who is taken seriously as an actress but is definitely not shy about showing off her body. OK, so on the set of her new film she and her female co-star (#2)who was once a B list actress and is now closer to C, but is well known and made her reputation from basically one television show and one serious boyfriend, were bonding and talking smack about the other cast members. At some point they both started talking about our B-/C+ actor (#3) who is doing this film but is known much more for two great television roles on two great television shows. OK, they were both good shows, but I only liked one. Turns out that #3 had hit on both #1 and #2 and #2 was discussing how she would never do anything with him because #3 has a long term girlfriend (#4) who used to be A list and just kind of wanders from role to role now. #2 was looking to #1 for agreement that it was wrong to sleep with #3, and #1 confessed that she had been sleeping with #3 since the third day of filming and that #3 was going to leave #4 for #1. #2 and #1 haven't spoken to each other since.

Random Photos Part One - With A Reader Photo

The always lovely, and permanently safe America Fererra starts us off today.
Yes, another photo of America. But I want you to look at the lower right of the photo. See the six year old slurping on a mocha frappuccino? That just doesn't seem right. Kids jacked up on ice cream and cake is one thing, but I think that would be an entirely new level of jacked up once the kid starts needing those on a daily basis.
David Boreanaz in his classic pose.
And then something a little lighter.
Dominic Purcell possibly contemplating if he will get another invitation to the FFF party or not.
Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner don't match clothes like many couples. No, they go for something much more 80's. The matching hair right down to the color and length. Only then will they be a true couple.

Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood - Los Angeles
Well I'll say this for Evan Rachel Wood she has gone away from the Dita look in a hurry. Of course since she's filming a movie that might have something to do with it. She actually looks normal here.
It's a Deschanel. This time it's Emily. Have to play fair and everything.
The just about perfect Eliza Dushku.
I like Jerry O'Connell but it always seems like he ran a marathon, grabbed whatever clothes he found the quickest and then goes out.

For all of you House fans, Jennifer Morrison was the best I could do.
This is as good as Jamie-Lynn Sigler has looked in awhile.
Joshua Jackson was pretty candid in an interview the other day when he said that he has really struggled to find good roles since he left Dawson's Creek and that it isn't what he expected. Well, all I know is that he better not f**k up the Fletch franchise. He's starring as Fletch in my favorite Fletch book.
Josh Groban - New York
Well I don't know how long the marriage will last, but since she met Nick Cannon, at least Mariah Carey has been dressing much better.

Someone who hasn't been dressing much better is Lindsay Lohan. Good God this is awful. How awful? The Olsen twins are laughing at her.
Saturday Night Live reunion.
Kid Rock & Rev Run - New York
What happened to all those denials?

Yes, it's that time. A reader photo. The reader is the one on the right.

Russell Brand checking out the ladies at The Late Show to see if any would like to visit the bathroom with him later.
I guess Fox is trying to say to the world that Paula Abdul will be back on American Idol next year. I think they should give Taylor Dayne a shot.
I guess Olivia Palermo was sad she didn't get to go to Cannes because she and this dress belong there.
It's been too long since I had Michelle Yeoh in the photos.

I needed Yoko to fill out my collection of photos. I didn't really have many Y's.

Wentworth Miller seems to just have this one look.
Socialites being given their own product lines seems like jumping the shark.
I know Thomas Dekker is supposed to be this young, hip guy, but seriously would it hurt to maybe show some respect to the people that are paying you to be young and hip, and not show the world your underwear.
Shakira - Concert For Children - Mexico City

Your Turn

Seeing NKOTB made me think of guilty pleasures in music. Things you listen to that you really don't want anyone else to know you listen to. I thought we would start with the 80's. I am going to give you two songs that I love and have never told anyone else that I loved before. Plus, as a bonus because this is what I was going to originally do, I found the best rick rolled video I have seen so far. Seriously worth your time.

Waiting For A Star To Fall

We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off

The Rick Roll'd Video

Cannes Photos - Day 3

Bono and Sean Penn -

Catherine Deneuve -

Petra Nemcova -

Jean Claude van Damme with wife, Gladys Portugues -

Morgan and Alex Spurlock -

Simon Pegg -

Gillian Anderson -
Denise Rich, Star Jones -

Lily Allen -

Mischa Barton -

Julianne Moore -


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