Saturday, June 09, 2018

Blind Item #14

This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort tried to put out a hit on a woman she accused of hitting on the benefactor of our former actress.

Blind Item #13

This barely a celebrity of a permanent A lister got some of his other parent's partying traits and has been hitting the coke hard while partying in NYC.

Blind Item #12

This former A- list tween actress who had a middling hit network show back in the day is in an acting family. She is now a sometime reality star, but mostly just a celebrity. Slightly less famous than another member of her family, she is cheating on her husband.

Blind Item #11

This B+ list mostly movie actress makes a very good living filming that franchise of hers ever couple years. The thing is though, she never gets papped because no one really cares. So, she has started doing those ridiculous promo photos just so she can get placed in the tabloids.

Blind Item #10

This former A-/B+ list mostly television actress who has not had good luck with sticking on a show as of late is talking a lot about how people need to share and she says she has shared her story about depression, but left out the part where she tried to commit suicide a few weeks ago and was in the hospital for two days.

Blind Item #9

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee finally was able to do what he started to do several years ago which is to steal every penny from a family member just so he can continue to look wealthy. He continues to be one of the worst celebrity parents ever. 

Blind Item #8

It was actually pretty nice for this former tween actress turned B+ list adult actress to pay her own way to make sure nothing happened to a family member who was yachting this past week. 

Blind Item #7 Trick Or Treat - An INSIDERHER Blind Item

You might think that if you lived in a neighborhood packed with celebrities, you’d have some pretty terrific Halloweens, right? That celebs surely celebrate Halloween big time, have phenomenal decorations, and personally welcome neighborhood children to their front fences-if not doors.

I had such fantasies.

Some years back, I lived in an area with celebrities in every other house.

In Trick or Treat distance from my house lived some of the most famous people on earth. I could not wait to see what these surely down to earth people did for Halloween. I had a walking route planned for this first outing that passed the houses of some cool people. My kids were psyched!

We started in the flats:

Permanent A list beloved actor & B list actor/producer wife -they turned off all their lights, period. Not even a pumpkin. Did they really live there?
Famous comic actor & acting family -a couple of gourds outside. Lights out
Foreign born comedian with one routine? Welcome! Trick or Treat!
Famous Permanently lovable A list couple & their brood - No signs of life
Former A+ list comedy icon. Disgraced. Brick house with mile high gates. Always dark.
Permanent A+ List Director & wife former Actress -Intercom. If you yell ‘Trick or Treat’ into it, you get silence. ***Now, down the hill, on to a private road.*******
Permanent A list at least triple threat & then wife, Permanent A list for name value/status. A convoy appears in the distance. This trick or treating is looking dangerous. We’re stopped by beefy armed guards who come out from nowhere. Were told we cannot trick or treat here. It was like a military installment in there. Somewhere I have pix...
This kind of total shutdown is just the way it is in Hollywoodtown...and it’s now most popular star clusters. Like this, my friendly hometown! For a tip, Dino Martin & Dorothy Hamill had a House right at the center point of all these other celeb homes. Dino was gone at this point.

It’s worth noticing that only the foreign born comedian had Halloween decorations up & was outside welcoming children.

Blind Item #6 - The Videographer

He was right in the middle of the kidnapping and murder of tens of thousands of people. If you were female, the chances were good you were going to be sent to a special facility which was frequented not only by members of the elite in the country but also the elite from many other countries too. Those coming from other countries seemed to have the philosophy that they could do as they like with no repercussions because who would ever know.

Ahh, but when you have a regime that corrupt, they want some leverage and many, if not most of these encounters with the females were captured on film or video. The video is grainy stuff and old now, but the films are vivid and you can identify everyone in them.

The person in charge of collecting and cataloging the videos and the subjects belonged to a cabinet level member of the government. Long though destroyed, many of the world's elite who had participated, breathed a sigh of relief last year when the videographer died.

It turns out though, the films and video and who is who in each, was never destroyed. They were all in a garage next to a guest house where they had been for decades. In February, one of his children started digging through it. She told members of her family and lots of her friends, and also, in March told one of her long time friends she had met through her sister . The person she told was a foreign born permanent A list celebrity.

The subject of our blind was not blasting this all on social media, but she was not keeping it quiet either. None of the people she told had really seen much of the films. They were too hard to watch. Two weeks ago, the government of the country came to collect the entire library of films. What they had not recovered were the volumes that named names in each of the films. After such a long time, they needed the volumes to be able to identify every person in the films. They said they wanted them to let relatives of the long dead females know their fate.

No one knows where the volumes are now. What we do know is the woman who held them back is dead.

Blind Item #5

This B- list actress/writer/celebrity offspring of an A- list actor/writer was recently hit on by this former A+ list singer who she says gives off dirty old man creepy vibes. Hey, but she is still talking to him, so yeah.

Blind Items Revealed #4

June 2, 2018

Apparently this former A- list mostly television actress/writer from a now defunct pay cable show wrote a THREE part episode for her new show which basically was just her getting back at her boyfriend for cheating on her with the one named foreign singer. She was convinced to turn in something different as an episode.

Lena Dunham/Girls/Camping/Jack Antonoff/Lorde

Blind Items Revealed #3

June 2, 2018

This A-/B+ list rapper not only just lost a tour because he is accused of sexually assaulting at least one woman, but he also lost a huge paycheck for being on the celebrity version of that reality show where everyone lives together.

Riff Raff

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 2, 2018

As I told you a couple weeks ago, this actor seen on a very very very long running network show slipped in his very public sobriety. It was after that he started hooking up with the A list singer. As I predicted, it is a mess and he is not even hiding his boozing at this point. She likes to party way too much to keep dating these tenuously sober guys.

Pete Davidson/Ariana Grande

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 1, 2018

She really is a good actress and deserves that Oscar she has. This A list mostly movie actress, despite being the recipient of a lot of grief on the set of the movie she is promoting right now, says everything was hunky dory. She was singing a different tune during filming. Almost every other day or so.

Anne Hathaway

Blind Item #4

Much like her friend, the former stripper turned celebrity turned brief reality star turned wannabe bad actress thinks she will make a fortune with her new line. Just like her friend discovered, the chances of that are minimal. There is no guaranteed amount and it is basically taking a commission only job. She thinks she can do a couple posts on social media and the money will be rolling in. It won't. She will bail on this thing so quickly.

Blind Item #3

This foreign born former A-/B+ list singer who shopped and drugged her way through her fortune thought she could just go on tour and make a bunch of money. The problem is, promoters are not interested in her at all and the only venues they were willing to sell would be clubs. She could make some money doing that, but the singer only wants to play 2,500 seat theatres and higher. Not going to happen.

Blind Item #2

This former A- list realty star turned B/B+ list celebrity is trying to stay sober but it must be pretty tough when her husband starts off each day with a line of a coke and basically uses all day and night.

Blind Item #1

This A list mostly movie director said he cast this former A- list mostly movie actor who bombed at headlining a movie because he thought the fact he assaulted a woman (and was convicted of it) brought something to the part that no other actor could give and he doesn't think it is a big deal. This director is such an a-hole and I hope this movie bombs.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Blind Item #17

Stopped at the door and turned away from a listening party was this former tween/teen/young adult A/A- list actress. The actress was later seen inside after sneaking in through a service entrance after paying a worker $500. She still has a thing for her ex. He saw her coming from about 20 feet away and had some guys take her outside and watch her until she had an Uber pick her up.

Blind Item #16

You have to be a next level type monster to not only pawn your daughter off to adult men, but also to watch your daughter to make sure he is making the man happy. Welcome to the world of this former teen A+ list mostly movie actress when she was a child and being sent out on "auditions." It still gets me so angry that she has lived with this for her whole life and knows exactly what her mom did. No repressed memories with her. Then, it really irks me, let alone what it must to do to her, that one of the people who spent months abusing her is feted for his film career or that his significant other is a woman that people can look to be a role model. She knew what was going on. It was the same thing she did when she was a teen and hitting the casting couch. So, she didn't see anything wrong with it.

Blind Item #15

This closeted foreign born A+/A list singer is in love, but his actor love interest likes to play the field with men and women and doesn't want to be tied down.

Random Photos Part Two

Idris Elba gets the top spot today with some top end Champagne just piling up behind him.
Camila Cabello doing the robot while out walking.
Tabloid headline when I see this picture. Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are having a baby together. Twins. Brad is the father.
Pro Tip.

Dear Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner,

I would like to remind you that drug laws are much stricter in Australia, so please be careful.

Love & Bacon,

Jimmy Kimmel and Ryan Gosling have taken furries to a whole new level.
John Travolta shows off his new weave with Kelly Preston in Miami.
Justin Theroux continuing his nightly pickups of actresses he had to keep on the down low while he was "married." Last night he was with Sienna Miller.

Blind Item #14

That feeling when your rich boyfriend's family has cut him off from his money because they know you, being the A- list mostly movie actress dating him have been joining him in massive drug binges all over the world. Our actress never pays for her own. Ever. She is very generous. One of the more generous people I have met, but her rule number one is never pay for your own drugs. If he can't get access back to his money, she will fly away in the wind.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

There are just about 15 or so chances remaining to get your photo in Random Photos. Do you want to see yourself alongside a CW paycheck stretching Melissa Benoist doing Broadway to make ends meet in the summer with Lynda Carter who I kind of imagine Courteney Cox will look like in a couple decades. Then send your Reader Photo to as we count down to Reveal Day on July 4th.

Two parts today.
Busy Phillips does the solo thing 337 days of the year. The other 28 days are spent with Michelle Williams going to every award show where Michelle is being honored.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Sarah Paulson all smiles for the Late Late Show.
Sigourney Weaver at a garden party.

Blind Item #13

Next time you want the world to believe what you are selling is real, you might want to (a) not tell everyone you know the ring is on loan and (b) not mention the real reason right there in your Instagram caption. When Taylor Swift can sell something better than you, than you know you really have underwhelmed in reality show promotion 101.

Blind Item #12

I think this former A list teen actor is going to regret saying some nasty things to his ex wife a few weeks ago. She is all set to take advantage of his newfound fame and release that long awaited sex tape featuring our former actor, his former wife and a man they both shared.

Blind Item #11

This A list foreign born dual threat actor did what he was praised for doing. The thing is though, it was still kind of shady that his PR team insisted on holding back releasing it for well over six months until he needed a positive publicity boost. So, when he got some negative press, boom, it was out within days to change that narrative.

Blind Item #10 - Unlikely Abuser - An INSIDERHER Blind Item

This curious celebrity is being accused of some very bad behavior. Like rape.

This is a powerful accusation, and I generally believe the woman-unless the man makes more sense. 

This man’s newfound celebrity status amazes me, considering his long time career. But it seems many celebrity  men connected to this guy, or wanted to be him. He is, I think, a sexual Everyman. A schmuck who gets laid all the time.

I get it.

When this well known performer was at his peak, so to speak--my friend dated him. I thought it a very bizarre choice for such a sophisticated woman, but she was curious about his well known equipment. Apparently it worked very well with her, and she said he was a very generous lover. He was known for that in his business.

He & my friend stayed casual friends throughout the decades.

I got to know him through her, and found him to be an annoying yenta. He lived with his old Dad & between porn shoots & dating my friend-he’d take Dad to Bingo or to temple.

Once, his old car broke down on the streets of Greenwich Village, and he asked my friend to push his car so he could jump start it. She says that’s the worst she could ever say about him.

I’d say the same, from my limited ‘exposure’ to this odd icon.

He could annoy the hell out of you. He wasn’t PC. He called you ‘doll.’

But, you couldn’t deny the guy had carved out a niche for himself, and was a nebbish getting paid to get laid.

The recent accusations against him seem very unlikely to both my friend & myself. He was always respectful towards women from our experiences with him. If you don’t count pushing the car. Or him calling you ‘doll.’ We don’t buy that he’s an abuser. He would never have been a mainstay of the porn industry for decades if he had abused an actress/porn star. Believe it or not, there was a strict code of ethics in that biz in old time New York. Our celebrity got paid to get laid not only because of his endowments, but because women generally looked forward to performing with him. This is because, as I said earlier-his reputation was for being a generous lover. 

Blind Item #9 - On Line At The Deli - An INSIDERHER Blind

So, near me is an Italian deli. It’s in the Los Angeles area.

You cannot believe the size of the salamis & prosciutto! It’s a carnivore’s paradise. I stocked up on the marinated shrimp. Smiley Face! Keeping you guessing, right? Some writers who claim to be Vegan might be disguising  their carnivore lust to throw off their real identities. Ever think of that?

Unsurprisingly, you can meet famous actors at this unequaled deli. Equally unsurprisingly, many are Italian. One such actor hangs out here like a regular Joe. Because he is.

I met him there. Our fams became friends because of our mutual love of food.

Hungry yet, blinders?

If you don’t care for this actor’s face, you may think twice when he sings.

But, like many actors, he is shrimpier than you might think.

He’s very down to earth, a family man, and other than mentioning shrimp again, I’ll just say: go see him in his most recent venture. The man could be a finer singer/crooner than he is an actor/director. And that would be very fine indeed. 

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Kindness

January 7, 2018

This horror actor is probably A-/B+ list in his genre, C list elsewhere. Works a lot, and you'd know his face even if you didn't know his name. Best known for a film from a few decades ago made by a foreign born director and based on a foreign born source material. Anyway, at an after party at a horror con recently, he helped care for a very drunk girl who was drunk in a hallway and also helped a couple of other attendees prevent another attendee from luring the girl back to a hotel room.

Tony Todd/Candyman, based on a story by Clive Barker, directed by Bernard Rose

Four For Friday - She Didn't Go

It was supposed to look like a murder/suicide. That had been the plan all along. The plan that had been in place since March. Then, as she began to get more and more attention and acclaim, suddenly her schedule was too busy and she couldn't make it. What to do, what to do? Improvise. Do what they always do. Make it look like all the rest they have done, but also make sure they send a message to her. Apparently they sent her a picture with no words. Just the picture. I'm guessing she got the message. In the next few weeks we will see if she ignores the message or continues to be brave and fight the good fight.

Your Turn

Plug what you want to plug. Link to what you want to link to. Advertise your garage sale if you want or a great book you read. Have at it.

Blind Items Revealed #4

January 4, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I told you about this former A list NFL player who is a serial cheater. I have been telling you about him for awhile. He was trying to get back together with the mother of his kids while also having sex with that part-time online actress/part-time yachter who used to be with the former A+ list singer. I told you he was cheating on her with yet another person, I just didn't know that other person is underage. Apparently she was not the only underage girl he is trying to hook up with too.

 Victor Cruz/Elaina Watley/Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown)

Blind Items Revealed #3

January 2, 2018

Back in the 70's European royalty was kind of a mess. I blame drugs. And not having to ever get a job. Anyway, a princess in Europe married a guy from a country nowhere near Europe. They produced a child who decided the US university system was his chance to make as much money as possible selling drugs to as many students as possible. Later in life he got married to a woman who preferred not to be monogamous. That woman was the downfall of the indie rock darling couple/group when the male in the group decided he would rather have sex with her than be married or play music.

Princess Christina of the Netherlands/Jorge Pérez y Guillermo
Bernardo Guillermo/Eva Prinz
Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon ("Sonic Youth")

Blind Items Revealed #2

June 1, 2018

This soon to be A list mostly movie actor/superhero recently walked off a film because he was told there would be hundreds of female extras for the married actor to interact with. Once he saw the script and realized there would be very few, he walked.

Jason Momoa

Blind Item #8 - Letters Part Two - A Dancing Boy Blind

(What follows are the recollections of my friend and correspondent, edited for style by us both. Any personal observations are noted as such.)

Like the dancing boy, I never meant to go to Hollywood. In fact, I never even meant to go to Los Angeles. I grew up in one of those midwest capitals where practically everyone works for the state, or at the college, and most people stick around as adults.

But my senior year in high school my dad had a heart attack, and nearly died. His insurance didn't cover all the bills. Paying for even in-state tuition was out of the question. So I reluctantly accepted a scholarship to USC.

I expected it to be all sorority girls in squishy socks with BMWs, and of course there was all that. But it's a big enough place that even a shy, bookish girl like me could make friends, and have fun. (Although try living in LA without a car. It's like being trapped on an island.)

I was an English major, but also a big movie fan. In between classes, I'd hang out at CNTV (what the School of Cinematic Arts was called back then) hoping to meet or at least see someone from Hollywood. I did get to meet George Lucas once at a reception after his lecture. I asked him what he was working on, now that the Star Wars saga was done. He corrected me, saying that the plan was for nine movies, plus three others. He also said though that he was working on a new movie. "What's it about?" I asked. "A duck," he said. "I think it's gonna be big."

I also got to meet John Huston, who didn't look well, and was there I think because they were hitting him up for money. He put his hand on my cheek and told me I had "the eyes of a starlet." I'm sure it made me blush, but it kind of creeps me out now. Did you hear about those accusations against him, and his LA doctor friend? They go back to the forties or fifties, I think. The story is they both gang raped this young girl, about twelve, on the kitchen floor. She was the doctor's daughter. The son believes his father is the black dahlia murderer. She had "the eyes of a starlet" too.

Once, while waiting outside a classroom to get Ron Howard's autograph (he stopped by sometimes as a kind of celebrity teaching assistant), I started reading the bulletin board postings for jobs and things. (Never got the autograph btw. He was whisked off by security at the end of the class because one of his stalkers since childhood was spotted on campus.) In between the ones seeking "attractive young models" and people wanting help with their student movies, there was a notice about internships at this one studio. I copied the information down, and much to my surprise got a call back, then an interview. Somehow, I got the job.

Cut, now, to a few months later. I had spent most of my days shuttling memos between various executives, and others, and bringing them lunch from the commissary. The execs were mostly nice, if they noticed you at all, but I came to resent the smell of sushi. To this day, it is the smell of unpaid labor.

So it came as a great relief when my boss pulled up in his golf cart and told me to get in. There was this audition, he said, and they needed someone to check the actors in.

"What's it for?" I asked.

"A movie," he said. "It isn't ours." He told me the name of the producer, which I recognized, but I'm sure at the time couldn't name a single credit. As if reading my mind, and probably to save me embarrassment, he listed some of his recent movies, which included more than a couple adaptations from a big time novelist.

When we got to the place, one of the numbered stages on the lot, a woman came out and approached the cart.

"Is this the person?" the woman said. Yes, she was told. "Congratulations. You're the third one in almost as many days." She handed me a folder stuffed with files, a blue ink pad, and a star-shaped rubber stamp. "The kids are all here," she said. "Or at least we hope they are. Your job is to check them in." The woman got into the cart, and as they drove off my boss waved his hand at me, wishing me luck. I could hear the woman say, "she's gonna need it."

I went inside, where two men in folding chairs were going over head shots. One of them, I'd later learn, was a consultant known about town as a fixer. The other would be the cameraman for the audition, but he was known primarily - including now to you all - as a photographer. His favorite subject? Surprise! He is now deceased, and has been the subject of at least one past blind. The third person present, a casting assistant, came over to let me know that the actors were gathered outside, and that "they" wanted to get started in "ten" (all fingers raised).

She escorted me to the opposite end of the building, and opened the door to a chaos of boys, almost all of them blond and blue eyed. There were tweens and teens, and all were dressed like surfer kids. One of the boys had brought a boom box and was blasting 7 Seconds' "99 Red Balloons." A group of ten or twelve were gathered around him, slam dancing, a plume of pot smoke rising from the eye of the storm. Another couple kids were kicking a soccer ball against the big door of the opposite stage,  where the bell lights signaled a shoot in progress. There was drinking, and smoking, and needless to say, barely an adult in sight.

Sizing things up, I knew I had to take care of the kickball kids first. "Could you please not do that?" I said to them. Neither listened. I went over and tried to grab the ball. The boy with it fought back. The other one said, "What are you doing lady? He's a big star." (It turned out his stardom rested on a role Atari ad - Cosmic Ark I think it was.) Finally, I wrestled the ball away from him. "You'll get it back after the audition."

"As for the rest of you," I shouted, "you are all in trouble." No one turned around. And, just then, a cart screeched around the corner at top speed, briefly riding on two wheels, and nearly plowing into the crowd. The two boys, both twelve, had stolen it. The one in the passenger seat? At the time he had a role in an episode of a long running family series - one where a number of young actors got their start. He would go on though to become an adult star with a taste for danger. It's hard not to look back at that day and say you couldn't see it coming.

(The only one I recognized, and this was only in retrospect, would have a breakout role on a series a few years later. His sibling on that series would have a major role in another one before long - this was a big hit. He was one of the few obviously nice kids there, sitting against the wall of the stage doing his homework, and eating a banana. I think he was passed over for this one because they saw him as too young. I'm guessing he's probably grateful for that, or should be.)

I stormed back inside and grabbed a bullhorn and some half milk crates from a stage cart, finally ready for crowd control. By the time I got back outside though, the production across the way had been halted, and the director - there to do green screen work for a sci-fi movie filmed in the UK - was standing there, red-faced with anger. Just as he was about to say something though the movie's female star appeared, in costume, and one by one the boys stopped what they were doing, and turned to look at her. Her icy stare, and bad a** image, was enough - like if mom was also an action hero.  The boys began dropping their cigarettes, crushing them with the soles of their shoes, and pouring out their beers.

Then she summoned me over with her finger. I was terrified. When I got there I could barely speak, but nervously explained that it was my first day, and had never done anything like this before. She took my hand and said, soothingly, "if you need any more help with them just let me know." I thanked her, and she and the director went back inside.

With a surge of confidence, I took up the bull horn and told the boys that they would be searched by security before entering the stage, and that if any contraband was found they would be sent home or to juvie. By the end of it, I had several crates full: not just the boom box, bong, and soccer ball, but a Gremlins lunch box with a flask full of whiskey, several bags of cocaine (along with a freebase pipe), cigarettes galore, cans of beer, even a copy of "Hustler" magazine. "Where did you get this?" I asked the boy. "My agent buys it for me," he said. Who was his agent? I think you can guess the answer. 

I had them all line up, single file, military style, and one by one I checked them in, stamping their file and the top of one hand with a blue star, and highlighting their name on the list. Then I went over the list to see if anyone was absent. Sure enough, just one. I didn't recognize the absent boy's name but there was an accompanying head shot for each actor, so if I had to go looking for him at least I would know who I was looking for.  (Of course, it's all coming out now how negligent and even complicit Hollywood gatekeepers could be about not protecting kids from abuse. But this being the 80s, when missing children were all over the news, as well as milk cartons, Hollywood had to seem like it had at least a nominal concern about literally not losing people's children.)

I left the boys with a casting assistant, then called his agent first though to see if he had maybe just bailed on the audition. The woman who answered was rude to me, apparently offended that she had to take time out of her day to help find a missing child, and even more so to be talking to an intern about it. After being on hold for at least ten minutes, she told me the boy had been dropped off at the studio a half hour earlier.

"Do you know where?" I asked her, or something like that.

"And how would I know that?"

"He's your client."

"He's your problem now," she said, and hung up. I took the cart that the two boys had been driving, and a walkie talkie, and made the rounds of the backlot. Finally, a tip came in: someone had reported two llamas loose on the lot. I knew it had to be him.

When I got there, he was talking to the animals, and sharing his slurpee with them.

"*****," I asked.


"This is not a petting zoo," I said.

"They looked sad," he replied.

"I think you're supposed to be at an audition," I said.

"Couldn't find it," he said.

I asked why he didn't ask someone for directions.

He joked, in reply, that he was practicing as lost boy for the eventual role of lost man, in which he wouldn't ask for directions even if his life depended on it.

"You know you're in a lot of trouble now," I told him.

"How come?"

"These animals don't belong to you. You let them out of their trailer."

"I liberated them," he said.

I grabbed him by the ear, and pulled him into the cart. Just then though the posse arrived: security, the studio shrink, and the owner of the llamas himself...

Stay tuned for the final part...coming on Monday!

Blind Item #7

Pretty big bribe that was passed out to this assistant district attorney to accept a plea deal so out of the norm that this family of celebrities paid out. 99% in that situation get jail time. They don't have bribe money though.

Blind Items Revealed #1

June 1, 2018

This B+ list celebrity offspring/wannabe model wasn't really serious about letting someone thoroughly inspect her. It was just a quote for an article and not something she would ever let anyone actually do. She knows what would happen.

Bella Hadid

Blind Item #6

He is extremely tacky and extremely rude and at one point in his life only dated actresses who were virgins so he could have sex with them and dump them to go find the next one. That story he told about the alliterate actress is true in his mind, but our actress knew the guy's reputation so lied and told him she was a virgin so he would date her.

Blind Item #5

At the AFI event last night, this A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and one time co-star of the big honoree of the night was drunkenly pawed by an A+ list director as she tried to make her way to a bathroom door.

Blind Item #4

This foreign born A+ list athlete in every corner of the world except this corner has never come out to his mother. He wants to let her see him get married to a woman before she dies, so he may indeed get married to his beard. His long time boyfriend though would be his best man.

Blind Item #3 - A Birdie Blind Item

I was just watching the rerun with a friend whose ex works on this one show. This is what she told me:

For the rest of us, there are crank diets, shady supplements, and astrological diagnosis. For this one actress though, there to tell a truly sympathetic personal story, there was a prescription to pharmaceutical grade cocaine, and free samples in the dressing room. 

Blind Item #2

This permanent A list mostly movie actor and his wife were spotted practicing how they were going to kiss at an award show and it still looked awkward and very rare. Should have had his long time male lover be a stand in. Sure they would have nailed it.

Blind Item #1

At a very recent party, this A list singer popped some pills to join in with many of the other attendees and forced her celebrity boyfriend to do the same. He is going to end up dead. Anyone who knows him sees it as a highly possible event.

Anthony Bourdain Has Died

TV celebrity and food writer Anthony Bourdain has been found dead in his hotel room in France while working on his CNN series on culinary traditions around the world. He was 61.

CNN confirmed the death, saying in a statement that Bourdain was found unresponsive Friday morning by friend and chef Eric Ripert, and calling his death a suicide.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

Blind Item #18

This foreign born B list celebrity who has been in the news this past week after not really ever being in tabloid news before, once had a guy beat up to within an inch of his life when our celebrity decided the guy didn't give good enough blowj**s. Oh yeah, our guy is a closeted sociopath.

Blind Item #17

This foreign born A+ list singer wanted huge royalties and a bunch of upfront money and extra song writing credits to keep working on a record with a foreign based group. Their label wanted them to take the deal, but they wanted no part of it and have been very restrained in their comments about the situation. I would have been livid.

Random Photos Part Two

Always my favorite actress just because of how nice she is all the time in every single situation, Emma Stone gets the top spot.
Didn't Nicole Kidman already make the plain look movie thing already this year? I guess Julia Roberts thinks she can do it better.
Jay Z and Beyonce kicking off their tour in Wales. Mae'r cwpl hefyd yn dangos ffotograffau o'u hedeilliaid. Mae'n siŵr bod Jay wedi ei bobi.
Katie Holmes picking up a quick check promoting World Running Day. She used to hate these things.
Kendall Jenner is a walking primary color.
Lance Bass and Ashley Greene silently using praying hands emojis because someone hired them.
Ms. Lauryn Hill and her daughter hanging out last night.

Blind Item #16

Word on the street is that this NFL player is blaming his one year wonder ex for his current situation. 

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

If you would like to share space with a thigh high boot wearing/Late Show appearing/hoping her show will go on forever/ Mandy Moore all you have to do is e-mail your photo to

Two parts today
Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally trying to go five minutes without blinking.
Paris Jackson using a sofa as a foot stool.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reader Photo #3
Another solo outing for Victoria Beckham yesterday.

Blind Item #15

This foreign born former A lister in his own country solo singer and in a group almost got busted cheating on his wife this past week. He was incredibly lucky that some friends were nearby that he could pass the woman off to so when news cameras interviewed the singer he looked to be all alone.

Blind Item #14

This former A list mostly television actor turned A- list mostly movie actor with a nice easy gig on almost television show is back boozing again. He was a mess at a recent event. 

Blind Item #13

This permanent A list chain smoking actor recently paid six figures to sleep with the ex wife of his former best friend who used to be an A lister. She needed the money and he wanted to get some revenge for something that happened a couple years ago with some escorts.

Blind Item #12 - I Remember You Well At The Plaza Hotel - Part 2 - An INSIDERHER Blind Item

My Mom was a big deal in New York & at the Plaza Hotel in the 60’s. She knew all their secrets, and they depended on her crack team in keeping their many celebrity clients’ valuables safe. I was a kid, but got to spend a lot of time at the Plaza, rather like Eloise. My Mom could get anything she wanted there.

She also got tons of celebrity gossip. She was too much the lady to repeat really good dirt, but she did tell me about a man who stayed for long periods at the Plaza. She knew I was an old movie fan, so she told me all about this actor, who she persisted in calling Gary till her dying day.

I was a fan, but I was also a kid, when I first heard these stories. Since much more information about this complicated man’s life comes to light, these stories make more sense.

Actually, even as a kid reading movie star biography, I knew this actor had a reputation for being a cheapskate. I’ve since learned it was far more than just being cheap, and far more than just a reputation! His most famous live-in situation with another A list actor was the subject of a famous quote from a famous blonde actress. She quipped about the actor not paying bills. When she said it, it was hilarious.

Apparently, even though he is now ranked as the number one most popular actor/leading man in the world/in some polls, a comedic genius-the real man behind the stunning exterior was dark, depressed, looking for salvation anywhere he could find it. Cold, calculating, paranoid, mean, suspicious, all applied to the Great Actor. He was, no doubt-a great actor, and a great Hollywood movie star. After all, who better than he embodied the handsome gay star who pretended to be straight his entire life? He made a living playing out this game, and it can’t have been easy. New documentaries & biographies about his childhood miseries make these reveals more pathetic than anything.

He apparently would hole up for days at a time at the Plaza, asking for no service & no visitors. He had a cheap dime store hot plate, and came to the Plaza with bags of canned soups. He apparently lived on booze, soup he heated up himself, and a tin of saltine crackers.

There was a lot of alcohol, a lot of black moods, and a refusal to pay for anything more than was absolutely necessary. It was perhaps pathological. It was certainly deeply engrained in his personality. This was a side of himself he never, once, displayed on film. It’s too bad he couldn’t have gone there, but after all, his reputation now couldn’t be better. He is numero uno! Above Gable & Bogart!

He had known abandonment, poverty, and was unable to relax & enjoy his wealth. Apparently, the face he presented publicly was very different from the image of perfection we saw onscreen. 

Blind Item #11

This married to a celebrity wannabe next Dr. Oz recently got fired from her job at a hospital because of all her television job chasing. 

Blind Items Revealed #5

May 31, 2018

This one named A/A- list rapper has fallen from his heights. He is going to fall further once word gets around of his recent performance. He has been banned from that venue and the word has spread to not hire him unless you are willing to take a chance he will show up and bail on you after a couple minute long performance. He would rather party.


Today's Blind Items - He Died Again

One of the longest held secrets in Hollywood was known by a handful of people. I was never one of those people. Even as the secret was passed down to a second and then a third generation, I still never knew. It was not until the last week of April that I was told the secret and that it was OK to talk about it now because the subject of the secret had been killed in an auto accident. That was kind of fitting considering that is how he "died," the first time. He was A+ list that first time. The entire world loved him and adored him and he hated every second of it. He wanted no part of it. So, with the help of a police chief who thought the world of him and a rival studio head who was willing to do anything to not watch those big box office numbers he put up, they got to work. The studio chief got some set designers and stunt people and they created a car wreck. The police chief donated a body from the morgue no one was going to claim, so they could bury a body and it was all set. The studio chief signed a contract with the actor and it basically paid him about $1500 a week for his entire life. And boy did he live a long life. When he was killed north of the border in an auto accident in April he was 95 or 96 depending on whether you used his Canadian or American birth certificate. For much of the past 60 some odd years he had lived in a remote section of that northern country, but in the past few years moved to a much larger city so he and his wife could be closer to medical care. Being 95/96 didn't stop his love of driving though and his wife loved being with him when he did. She was with him in the car when they were hit by a tractor trailer. His wife is expected to make a full recovery.

Your Turn

Have you ever seen a tip jar at a business and you were wondering it was there for. I saw one at a department store the other day.

Blind Items Revealed #4

May 30, 2018

This permanent A list singer/diva surrounds herself with friends when she goes out and pushes her boyfriend as far away as possible. This is a new development so he could be on his way out the door again.

Mariah Carey

Blind Items Revealed #3

May 30, 2018

This former A+ list infamous celebrity recently got a breast enlargement because she thinks it means she can charge higher rates to her creepy clientele.

Casey Anthony

Blind Items Revealed #2

May 30, 2018

With a career going down in flames and no one wanting anything to do with a new movie, this permanent A list child molesting director is passing out money like candy for anyone who will publicly come to his defense.

Woody Allen

Blind Item #10

What is surprising in this is that this is not the first time this married foreign born permanent A list celebrity has impregnated a woman who is not his wife. Apparently this is the third time, but this is the first where the woman is not willing to get an abortion. This would be jaw dropping to the world if it became public knowledge. His foreign born A list wife would be humiliated.

Blind Item #9

This one named foreign born B+ list celebrity in her country and practically unknown here has been criss-crossing the country whenever this reality star/mogul/former boss wants to hook up with her.

Blind Items Revealed #1

May 30, 2018

This A+/A list mostly action movie actor is telling his soon to be official ex that he wants to get back together and the pair have been hooking up a couple times each week. It is probably news to the other women he also hooks up with.

Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan

Blind Item #8

In one of the better PR moves I have seen in awhile, this foreign born new reality star on a show that is not even airing here, this PR company of an A list mostly movie actor told the woman to claim she had dated the actor. Their idea is that people will stop referring to him as closeted. 

Blind Item #7

This B+ list triple threat actor who has only been a big award winner/nominee in one of them, was recently fired from a television role that could have lifted him to A- or even A. Apparently there is some buzzing that the married actor was inappropriate with a female cast member on a hit show on which he recently appeared for a season.

Blind Item #6 - An INSIDERHER Blind Item

There’s an old saying that goes “Don’t meet your heroes.” In most cases, I’ve found this to be true. But this encounter with a former A list movie star really blew my mind for a long time.

I was invited as a guest on the set of a huge budgeted film with lots of FX & big names. The director was a prominent well respected & well liked actor/director, who has since passed.

I had lunch at the director’s table, and he was low-key, kind, and just a very down to earth guy. I’m glad there are still action figures of him around in people’s collections. He should never be forgotten.

Usually, the lead actor will sit at the director’s table. Not this time! The actor, who was in full facial makeup for his character of the day, sat alone, moping over his lunch.

Because I really admired the actor & am not shy, I walked over, introduced myself to actor, and hoped for the best. Keep in mind that this was a closed set lunch for only the above the line stars & producers!
He looked  at me like I had two heads, and promptly bolted from the table!

What? I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life! This was in front of the director & other prominent people. I was literally stunned. He ran away from me like I had just propositioned him! Or threatened him.

The director is very solicitous, and then he gets a call from the actor’s people, asking who I was & why I had spoken to their precious star! I was embarrassed, angry, felt humiliated-but also confused! What on earth was going on in this guy’s mind? Did he think he was some kind of an untouchable god?

This really hurt me. For a long time after this I didn’t want to meet anyone I admired, for fear of a similar occurrence. Happily, that hasn’t been the case.

I recently read that the actor I terrified has an autistic child. I think perhaps he, too, is on the Asperger spectrum, because that could explain his irrational behavior. Not a dazzler in real life, though he’s given some magnificent performances. Kudos to the director for making so many unforgettable films. He is an icon.

It was long ago,  but I still wonder what was in his head that day. 

Blind Item #5

A guy hasn't been cuckolded this badly since Christina Aguilera's ex. Apparently our favorite foreign born B+ lister doesn't even bother to hide the fact she hooks up with other men and often times just brings them back to wherever the couple is staying and either makes him watch or leave until she is finished.

Blind Item #4

Look for this former one hit wonder who was everywhere several years ago after becoming an internet sensation to be everywhere again. Her new significant other is the married head of a media company and he thinks she should be a star so is calling in a lot of favors with tabloids to start showing her and writing about her.

CMT Awards Photos Part Three

Kalie Shorr
Brooke Hogan
Earl Dibbles Jr.
Garrett Hedlund
Lindsay Ell

Blind Item #3 - Mexican Restaurant Blues - An INSIDERHER Blind Item

It was around the year 2000.

I stopped into a cute New Mexican restaurant that had recently opened in Pacific Palisades-home of the stars. It was practically empty, but I felt like an enchilada, so I went in and sat down. The place was pretty much empty, it being a week day afternoon. As I scrolled through the menu, I noticed a small, pathetic looking creature huddled alone at a one-seater at the restaurant. Even with tears in her big blue eyes, no makeup, and her famous tousled blonde hair looking like it hadn’t been brushed in days, there was no mistaking who she was. And, there was also no doubt that she wasn’t preparing for a film role. This was a genuinely distraught woman. Her sadness was so private that I wouldn’t have thought of intruding upon it. She mostly looked down, or stared blankly out the window.

All I could think was this: here’s this famous movie star who people assume leads a charmed life, weeping & alone in a Mexican restaurant. It doesn’t matter who you are, your heart can be broken.

That day, I thought I saw the saddest little girl in the world, not the star of countless hit films. She & her ex have been in the news recently, fighting over who cheated, or who cheated more. I dunno, and don’t much care. On that day, she was one miserable girl, and I truly pitied her. I also like her on film. I think a lot of people felt she had a natural sense of honesty about her. Even against a permanent A+ list actor, she shone, and made people want to watch her smile.

I hope she’s doing a lot more of it these days. 

CMT Awards Photos Part Two

Little Big Town
Chrissy Metz
Danielle Bradbery
Cassadee Pope
Mason Ramsey
Carly Pearce
Kaitlyn Doubleday

Blind Item #2

A few weeks ago, I wrote that it looked like this still married, former naked celebrity turned reality star had lost out to a younger model/actress in regards to a man our celebrity had been hooking up with while married. He was the reason she was getting divorced. It turns out she did lose him which might explain why she recently went off the rails. The guy proposed to the younger model/actress.

CMT Awards Photos Part One

Kelly Clarkson
Luke Bryan
Kelsea Ballerini
Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr
Lindsey Vonn
Jennifer Nettles
Carrie Underwood

Blind Item #1 - Reader Blind Item

 I was meeting a friend at my apartment complex on a cloudy Sunday in August of 2016 in the capital city of a very boring state that is neither southern nor western, when a rather impeccably-dressed chauffer had pulled up in a tall, 8-person minivan with tinted windows. He greeted me, and eager to help I went over. It turns out that he was driving a major celebrity around, but didn’t divulge who it was at first. He had asked me where the office staff was, and I told him that usually there was one person around on Sundays.  He told me that there was supposed to be someone to meet them and give them a key, and let them into the complex. I looked at the time and saw that it was just a little past 5:00PM, and I knew that the staff liked to lock the doors and run as soon as the clock struck 5. I pulled out my cell phone and proceeded to dig through my contacts to find the number for the maintenance line to let them know of the situation and perhaps they knew what to do.

 As I proceeded to give him the number, the large sliding door opened and a man who was trying to keep a couple of jumpy young girls (assuming they were his own twin daughters, dressed the same) inside, identified himself as her “manager” and asked what was going on, and the chauffeur said that there was no one here and he was trying to ask me who to call. Another, smaller figure was in the back, looking very subdued. The manager had looked a little irate and seemed that he had wanted to get settled down to some place to stay as soon as possible. After he went back in the car and shut the door, the Chauffeur said that he would call the number I gave him or else take them to a nearby hotel that his other past clients had preferred. He then divulged who the celebrity was, while going through his phone and proudly showing off who else he had driven. I looked again at the window and could not believe how skinny this celebrity (A+ list mostly movie actress) was in real life, but had even more questions about why she was here alone with her “manager” and his kids, and at the very least not with a few of her own.  There was definitely an air of sadness with her body language.

The chauffeur assured me things would be fine and said I could go off with my friend, and so we left. Later, I tried to find out who this manager was, and it in fact was not her manager, but I matched the face of this manager to be that of her lawyer. What was made even more interesting was that I know that her husband at the time had family that once had roots in the area but were no longer here. I could not for the life of me figure out what she was doing in this city, with her lawyer, and his kids (who I’m 99% sure were also not accompanied by their mother on this trip).

The next week I spoke to the complex manager and while I was told that even though they knew a guest was coming, it was handled through a third party agency who failed to show up to hand off the keys and the gate codes. When I told them who it was, they were shocked! They usually hear of some of the high-profile clients that stay there after they are gone but had they known that someone this big was coming, they would have arranged to have had someone there for a little longer that Sunday.

It was exactly a month later that a not-so-Nice trip pulled the trigger to cause the celebrity guest to file for divorce from her A+ list mostly movie actor husband at the time. I have no doubt in my mind that perhaps this visit might have had something to do with the planning of it, in the very least.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Blind Item #17

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress has a great career going right now but she is listening to her foreign born jealous actor boyfriend who would cheat on her in a second if given the chance because he wants her to "focus on their relationship," while he will continue to focus on his career. Basically, he wants her to follow him around and not work and then if he gets a job on a set with an actress he wants to sleep with, to have her stay behind so he can focus on his craft or some crap. 

Blind Item #16 - Just Plain Nasty - An INSIDERHER Blind Item

Around 1990, I was invited regularly to the home of a famous super agent.

I thought he was a great guy! One thing he did, for friends & clients, was having regular movie nights at his Beverly Hills home. There were drinks, food, and then a film that had yet to be released. Usually, someone at the party was in the screened flick.

These movie nights were for fun & bonding between Super Agent & his clients.

They were social & networking events, not thinly disguised business meetings.

Which is what made it so strange when this A list, or was A list at the time-actor showed up early, had a hissy fit, and wouldn’t leave!

My first reaction was: ‘His feet are tiny!’

He’s not a tall man, but I swear, he was wearing sneakers that looked like they were made for a 12 year old. His face was red with rage.

Guests started coming in, and Super Agent was trying to get the Angry Man to simmer down, out to leave & see him the next day at his office. Angry Man continued to act like a real jerk, and finally Super Agent managed to get him outside.

I’d tried to diffuse Angry myself with a casual conversation. He didn’t even turn to look at me. Just stared straight ahead. Whew! Rude!

So, when stories about Angry Man being a well known creep started coming out, I wasn’t surprised. I’m surprised there aren’t more!

I’d believe the worst about this guy. It was way too close an encounter. 

Blind Item #15

About once a week or so, this A/A- list mostly television actress who is an Emmy winner/nominee and one of the best actresses around right now cheats on her significant other which would definitely crush the celebrity significant other.

Random Photos Part Two

Anne Hathaway and Rihanna get the top spot. Interestingly, both have told me to f**k off. One said it while laughing. Who do you suppose that was?
Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin talking about Homeland.
Jessica Alba not talking about the Bad Boys television reboot in which she is starring with Gabrielle Union.
Chrissy Teigen wearing something from the Steven Seagal collection while out with John Legend.
Jennifer Lawrence has a new guy so we are in for a year or so of dating photos with David O Russell always in the shadows watching followed by a breakup and six months of photos with her dog and Darren Aronofsky while David O Russell is seen in the background.
Early this morning, when the shots slightly wore off, Shania Twain was finally able to stop smiling. Here she is with Kelsea Ballerini.
Colin Firth and his wife Livia look like any couple you know who had to reveal to the world the story of an affair because the other guy turned into a crazed stalker who might have killed them both. Happens everyday.


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