Saturday, November 05, 2011

Steve McQueen Almost Killed By Manson Family

There is a new biography coming out about Steve McQueen. It is fascinating to say the least and really exposes all the bad things about him you have always heard whispers about, but never have really been explored. It talks about his multiple affairs and how he would have sex with anyone at anytime and enjoyed spending time watching soaps while in a drug induced haze. He rented a room at the Beverly Wilshire and would have sex with actresses or models or hookers there almost everyday. This of course happened while he was married and not married. The book also talks about how he abused Ali McGraw regularly and honestly, his life is just one big blind item. One of the most interesting things I read, but did not know was that his best friend was this hairdresser. He and the hairdresser would have sex with Sharon Tate all the time even after she married Roman Polanski. Well, one night Steve and the hairdresser were going to go to this party at Sharon's house and have a little orgy. This is while Steve was married. Anyway, Steve got a call from this other woman he was having sex with at the time so he skipped the party. Everyone at the party, including the hairdresser was killed by the Manson Family.

Lindsay Lohan Crashes Leonardo DiCaprio Party

Remember the photo I posted yesterday of Lindsay Lohan actually dressed nicely? Well, it turns out the hair and makeup were leftovers for her getting naked for Hef. She decided to leave it on and crashed the party for J. Edgar. Somehow she managed to talk her way past security and even brought along an entourage who also got past security. While in the party though, no one would talk to her or take photos with her. The NY Post reports that Lindsay kept trying to get a photo with Leo but she could not get close. I think Leo already had his fun with Lindsay and probably does not need a repeat performance. It is always wonderful to see Lindsay getting shunned. Hey, well maybe she could be one of Hef's next girlfriends. I wonder if she would make the 10pm curfew each night.

Greatest Prank Ever?

This week Jimmy Kimmel encourage parents to tell their kids they stayed up late and all the Halloween candy. He also encourage the parents to tape the reactions. So much crying. Such a great prank.

Wendy Williams Asks Kris Jenner Some Good Questions

What I need for Wendy Williams to do is to clone herself into enough people where she can interview every celebrity for every news organization and tabloid. Oh, except for Bravo. I actually think Andy Cohen asks really tough questions on Bravo and asks what we wants answers to and does it despite the fact he basically runs the network and probably sometimes would like to sweep things under the rug.

Anyway, Kris Jenner was on Wendy Williams and Wendy kept grilling Kris about Kim hooking up with Reggie Bush the day before she filed for divorce. Talk about a deer in the headlights. The story has been out there, but Kris did not know what to say and was not expecting the question. You could tell she thought Wendy had something hidden because she asked if there were pictures and Wendy said if there was CCTV footage it would confirm it. I bet the tabloids have looked.

Wendy also asked if Kim wanted to be with Reggie and if they are getting back together. Instead of saying, "no, because he cheated on Kim every two seconds," Kris said that Kim needed to take a minute to heal her heart. So, I think you will see them together by Christmas and he will be cheating on her long before then.

Courtney Stodden Is On Dr. Drew Monday

On Monday, Courtney Stodden's appearance on Dr. Drew airs. The show will reveal whether Courtney has had breast implants or if she is all real. Fine, even if she is all real, lets talk about her for a second. First of all, her mom creeps me out. She talks more about Courtney and her breasts than Pimpa Joe does about Jessica Simpson's breasts. There is just way too much sex talk about a child from her mom. Also, where are her sisters? How come we see one photo of the three of them together but no one has seen them or talked to them since? How hard could they be to find? It is like she is this alien that dropped onto earth two or three years ago and has no history prior to that. No baby photos? No 2nd grade photos? What happened to the sisters?

The other suggestion I would like to make to Courtney is that even though you can wear makeup to the point where you look like a 50 year old hooker, my question is why would you want to? People like fresh faces. I understand that porn stars are your heroes and you can't wait to do porn and are counting down the days until you are 18, but the way you look now, you look like you have been doing it 20 years. You need to slowly grow into that level of used upness. It is not something you want to use as a starting point because then in two years you have no place to go but looking like Dina Lohan. Seriously, where is the history of this woman prior to a few years ago? Out of all the people that read this site or any other gossip site, no one knows where she comes from or has photos of her or knows her sisters?

Justin Bieber Was Mariah Yeater's Second Choice

Apparently after Mariah Yeater could not convince her ex-boyfriend that he was the person who got her pregnant, Mariah then focused her eyes directly at Justin Bieber. Some very interesting things happened yesterday in this. First, Justin went on morning television and said he never met the woman and that he never goes backstage. Pretty lame, standard arguments. We also learned from Mariah's attorneys that they have some secret card they have not played yet that brings this all together. It is going to need to be more than just a torn concert ticket. I am going to need something much more rock solid. I think Mariah is faking but I so want this to be true. So very much. I want to see Justin have to go back and dig his way out of this hole. Radar says that Selena has already had enough and dumped Justin. Really? If she did, then she either thinks it could be true, knows it is true or that she knows Justin does go backstage and loves having 30 second sex. To top things off, it was discovered by TMZ that Mariah has a pending court case for assaulting her ex-boyfriend. It happened when she told him he was the father. He said no, so she hit him and was arrested.

Kate Middleton Skips Peanuts - Therefore Must Be Pregnant

Kate Middleton and Prince William were in Copenhagen this week. I actually thought it was where they made the chewing tobacco by that name, but it turns out it is Denmark. Huh. You think they named it after the Danish city? If you think about it, the name of the chewing tobacco is kind of odd. Some good old boy in the South reaches for a dip of Copenhagen? You would think they would have named it something like Moonshine or some more appropriate name. The same company also makes Skoal. Another tribute to Northern Europe. Fascinating I know. Where was I?

Oh yeah, William and Kate in Copenhagen and they were sampling food from UNICEF boxes and Kate did not eat any of the peanut paste. Is that different from peanut butter? Because peanut butter is one of the miracles of the world, but peanut paste? Maybe she just does not like it. But, because she is Kate and we love a good pregnancy story, everyone assumes she was not eating it so her unborn baby would not get a peanut allergy. I swear if she rubbed her belly, the British tabloids would all have groaned in a collective orgasm of anticipation.

Brett Ratner Confirms He Has A Small Peen - Hates Women

For those of you who decided to come on over and read the blog this morning and are always asking for reveals, let me tell you that way way back in the day I wrote a blind item about some directors who kept a little black book where they listed everyone they had sex with and rated them and whether they would have sex if you cast them and I forget the rest of the ranking system. If someone could find it that would be great. Anyway, one of the directors is Brett Ratner. He gave an interview on Thursday to G4 and basically confirmed what a tool he is to all women when he was asked about Olivia Munn and how she once said she saw Brett Ratner touching his tiny peen while eating shrimp.

Brett says he is the subject of her story and that he "banged" Olivia a few times and then forgot her. Classy. He blames it on the fact she was Lisa then and not Olivia so she wasn't Asian then. The only part he denies is the shrimp eating part. This is the kind of guy who only wants to have sex with as many people as possible each week and treats all women like meat. Remember that if he comes up to you asking you out. Of course since he has the world's smallest peen he needs to find someone new everytime because no one wants to go back for seconds.

Andy Rooney Has Died

Andy Rooney, the "60 Minutes" commentator known to generations for his wry, humorous and contentious television essays - a unique genre he is credited with inventing - died Friday night in a hospital in New York City of complications following minor surgery. He was 92.

Below is one of my favorite compilations of Andy, called "Out Of Context." It is a mashup of some of his favorite expressions, sayings and essays all mashed up.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Cory Smoot - RIP
Amber Heard looking lovely in London while
Johnny Depp meets his fans and tries to get anyone to go see Rum Diary which is probably his biggest flop.
Usher and a big haired Alicia Keys out last night.
Amber Rose follows the golden rule. Whenever you are double fisting out of the bottle, wear your safety glasses.
Beyonce and her million dollar van.
I think Clint Eastwood is telling Naomi Watts, "Come up to my room and I will show you why they called me Dirty Harry."
Armie Hammer and Leo DiCaprio at the J. Edgar premiere.
Ed Westwick was there too.
Ditto for Jennifer Love Hewitt who has been everywhere the past two weeks.
Josh Lucas showed up too.

Random Photos Part Two

Wouldn't you know it? Courtney Stodden and I have something in common. This is what I wear to go get Starbucks too.
Claudia Schiffer dressed much more modestly. I wonder how she and her husband are getting along.
Every woman over the age of 40 just groaned. Jack Wagner and Rick Springfield in the same picture? It is like the 80's and General Hospital just came rushing back.
Joe Gorga plays with himself on the red carpet.
Apparently he likes it.
Janet Jackson in Sydney. Wave goodbye to Kim and Khloe.
Don't even get me started. Jamie Lynn Sigler and Joe Jonas. Hopefully this is just a photo op and not something I will ever see again.
Jeremy Renner with text envy.
Because everyone wears heels after a workout. What was Katie Holmes thinking? It's because Tom hammers it home everyday with his mantra of, "I must wear lifts. I must wear lifts."
Kelly Monaco and Zelda Williams at a Nintendo party which seems appropriate. Isn't she named after Legend Of Zelda?

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Lindsay Lohan out last night and actually dressed up. That is a shocker. Must have wanted to put on clothes after being naked all day for Hef.
Randomness. Martin Scorsese and Dave Navarro.
Never before seen photos of Princess Diana and Charles on their honeymoon.

It's Hammer time for Rose McGowan.
Rumer Willis and about 10 new tattoos. Considering she only had one or two last week, I'm guessing they are either fake or she has a crush on a tattoo artist.
Long time no see anywhere, Renee Zellweger.
Shenae Grimes partying last night.
Sarah Jessica Parker points out the thing growing on Elizabeth Hurley's head.
Well, they did it for Harry Potter so, I guess they should do it for Twilight.

Your Turn

So, this week, I watched Hot Tub Time Machine for about the 400th time. It just never gets old. One thing it made me think about though is if you could go back in time, would you want to date your old high school or college flame knowing what you know now? Are you happy with how your love life turned out now or would you go back and try and make it work with someone from the past?

This Would Freak Me Out

How would you feel if this happened to you?

Ted C Blind Item

We knew something didn't make sense!

When the deliciously sexy (and untraditional) movie star Nevis Devine started hanging out less with his on/off boyfriend, the almost-as-handsome Barrington Bang-Me, we thought it was just the natural ebb of Nevis' libido.

He's more into girls than guys, after all.

But then we discovered the downtime between the guys was far more to do with Barrington's master plot! Oh, what a tangled web these bisexual boys can weave!

Not that long ago, Barrington hooked up with a pretty visible gal. This was right around the time people were started to wonder what the hell's going on with the two guys, anyway.

But, no more! Bare's new babe (who's been around almost as much as Nevis has, hmm...) took care of those rumors.

However—surprise, surprise—things are rotten between Barrington and the beard.

But, what really is a surprise is the fact that we just discovered: Mr. Bang-Me only took up with said honey because he didn't want to endanger Nevis's career, he didn't give a you-know-what about his own reputation.

Oh, my.

Is this love?

And It Ain't: Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Grant, Alexander Skarsgård

At Least Kevin Federline Is Exercising

I had really hoped that someday Kevin Federline was going to catch me weight wise. I had high hopes. Sure, when he was on Celebrity Fit Club, I worried he might take it seriously beyond the life of the show, but he came back to his junk food eating ways and soon enough he was right back where he had been plus a few for good measure. I am sure there will be lots of comments on the internet today about how fat he is, but I have to give him a lot of credit. The guy is out there working out and trying. It is more than I do. Getting out there when you are that big is a hard thing to do because you wonder what the point is. It is such a long road to getting in shape that it is easy to not to do anything. He at least is doing something which is more than I can say for me and I admire him for getting up and getting out. But please, Kevin, wear a shirt for a while. Thanks.

Omar White Dumps Vivica Fox - Too Much Drama & Negativity

Omar White and Vivica Fox have been engaged for about 10 months. No longer though. Apparently Omar finally realized that being with Vivica Fox means you will have drama in your life. Lots of it. Not sure why it took him this long to figure it out. In a statement to TooFab he said, "She's a good woman, it's just one of those situations where in life people outgrow each other. I'm highly intelligent, very wise and one thing I hate is negativity and drama. I hate arguing and I value communication no matter what the problem so as in any relationship tension can build up and I finally had to walk away."

Yeah, I bet they had some monster arguments. Good for 47 year old Vivica snagging a 28 year old guy. At some point though, you would think she would start to relax and just enjoy life. She is way too tense and the word diva was invented for people like Vivica.

Hilary Swank's PR Team Dumps Her

Well, I guess turnabout is fair play. After Hilary Swank much of last week and this firing everyone from her manager to her agent, Hilary's PR team decided they were going to drop Hilary as a client. According to Entertainment Weekly, the two had a very strong disagreement about how to best handle the fallout after the event. Hilary went with the blame everyone but myself strategy while the PR company wanted her to do more of a mea culpa. That usually works best. Fall on your sword and be done with it. All Hilary has done is drag this thing out way longer than it should have. Look at all the other celebrities that were there. They said what they said and moved on. Hilary though, is just not getting it. She keeps saying if she had known everything in advance she would not have gone. Don't you think that over the past ten years or so that maybe Chechnya has popped into her conscious. Maybe a little Google on that 12 hour flight?

Four For Friday

#1 & # 2 & #3 - This chain smoking, thinks way too much of himself, Academy Award winner/nominee still A list actor must have a way with women other than just hookers. I don't know how he does it. The guy has now started hooking up with one of his B+ list female co-stars despite the fact she is in a relationship with a soon to be A list actor. How does this guy do it? Does he have a magic peen?

#4 - Speaking of aging Academy Award winner/nominee actors, this actor is going through some rough times and barely leaves his house at this point. The actor is said to have suffered a stroke and has been doing therapy at his home almost everyday. Typical for the actor though is that he is supposed to have suffered the stroke right after having sex with a woman 40 years younger.

#5 - This A list R&B/Pop singer is married. She believes in her vows and has been said here several times, her husband who is also a musician does not. She thinks he has finally straightened out. Well, he probably will be after he takes care of paying off his latest fling. Apparently she managed to get photos of the musician in some very compromising positions.

This Could Have Been Bad

While Kate Gosselin waited inside her van, her kids made their way from the school bus to the van. One of the kids dropped some homework or something and went crawling underneath the van to get it. This could have been tragic and with eight kids, you would hope someone would say something and Kate would not just be in a rush and back up without checking to make sure she has everyone. The thing is, as the kids get older, there will probably be times where she is not picking up all 8 at once or if more kids get expelled or have other activities and then the next thing you know, something bad happens. Various safety boards and organizations are having a field day with Kate and telling her she should have been out of the van and supervising. I kind of agree. She probably was not out because she was not in full hair and makeup so did not want the shots to be sent out to the world. If she was outside though, then there would have been no room for error.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH womanizing former action star helped pick his current leading lady because of her strong resemblance to a much-younger version of his soon-to-be ex-wife? The over-the-hill actor’s return to the big screen is being watched very carefully by Hollywood insiders who think his film career is over.

Pippa Middleton Getting $1.5M For Party Planning Book

Apparently being the sister-in-law of the future King Of England can pay off for you. Despite working in public relations, Pippa Middleton has been offered $1.5M from a book publisher to write a party planning book. Yes, her parents run a party supply company, but I am not sure how that makes Pippa qualified to write a party planning book. It seems like the book would be pretty small too.

Step 1 - Decide on a party
"Hey, you want to have a party?"

Step 2 - Decide when to have the party
"This weekend?"
"Sounds good."

Step 3 - Decide on your theme
"Should we get some food?"
"Yeah, I will get some stuff from Taco Bell value menu."

Step 4 - Decide on food
See above.

Step 5 - Send out invitations
"I just sent a mass text."
"Me too."

That really does seem worth $1.5M doesn't it.

November Is Native American Heritage Month - Kris Jenner Ruins It

Just three days into Native American Heritage Month, Kris Jenner appeared on Good Morning America and ticked off the Native Americans. When asked whether Kim Kardashian would be giving back the $2M ring that Kris Humphries allegedly bought Kim, she said absolutely not and that it was a gift. "I hate an Indian Giver." Whoa. Obviously someone who lacks sensitivity. I wonder what she calls Lamar behind his back. Hey, if you insult one group of people on national television, then what are you saying about other groups of people in your home. Here is my thing on the ring. I would normally say for Kim to return it. I mean she is not going to give Kris anything extra outside of the pre-nup, and she already profited from her marriage. Even if she did not make money off the ceremony, she made $2M from the ring. That is pretty good for 72 days of marriage. Kris is not getting $2M for 72 days of marriage. However, I don't think Kris paid for it. Somehow I think Kim got it for a huge discount in exchange for publicity or she helped pay for it. Otherwise, I say give it back. It is one thing if you are married 5 years, but two months? Give it back. And Kris Jenner needs to apologize.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

Which B list pop star who won a big award this year, accidentally sent sexts that were meant for her manager to her husband? Oops!

The Situation Is Broke

At least Snooki knows that Jersey Shore will not go on forever. The reality star was interviewed in GQ. In the same interview where the best selling author admits again that she has read like two books in her life, she also says that The Situation is already broke. "I'm not going to spend money like Mike. He is already broke." Yes, despite getting paid almost six figures per episode for the show and half that for promotional appearances, The Situation always needs the next paycheck to live. See, this is a guy who does not appreciate reality show history or what your plan should be. Work 24 hours a day for the entire life of your show making as much money as you can from wherever you can and save every last penny of it. You don't need to spend a dime. Live in hotel rooms provided by companies, eat the free stuff from where you are appearing and just keep saving and saving. When the run of good luck ends, you should have enough to live on forever. All The Situation is doing is setting himself up for opening up Payless Shoes Stores five years down the road and in ten asking if you want fries with that at his day job while he lives with 4 roommates and reminds everyone how big he used to be.

US Airways Is Evil - Southwest Has A New Spokesperson

Have you seen the reports on Terri Weissinger? She lived in the San Francisco airport for 8 days. Why? Because the people at US Airways are the a-holes of the day. I would say week, but I think that judge from Texas has got that award pretty much sewn up at this point. Terri was moving from California to Idaho. She had two bags. The airline wanted to charge her $60 in fees. Terri had $30. The airline said, "Sorry. No discounts." Terri offered to leave a bag behind, or to pay them when she landed. The airline said, "No." While Terri was discussing all of this with the airline, her flight left without her. So, to change the ticket to another flight was going to cost an additional $150 for a grand total of $210. Terri did not have it.

So, with no place to return to and no way to get where she was going, Terri stayed at the airport for 8 days. Airport officials threatened to have her arrested and US Airways told her everyday that Terri was out of luck. Any supervisor could have overridden her fees, but they did not, despite the fact they saw her in the airport everyday for 8 days. The fact that even after Terri got her money from an airport church, the airline did not have any sympathy for her shows how evil they are and how you should avoid them at all costs. However, on the bright side, I think Southwest should hire Terri as their new spokesperson. She could be like their Jared from Subway.

Now, with all of that being said, who moves to a new place with $30? Was she meeting someone there? How come they could not wire her the money? Does she not have any friends who could have given her $210? Where is she planning on living in Idaho?


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