Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Has Died

Whitney Houston, who reigned as pop music's queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, has died. She was 48.

Pizza Hut Has A $10,000 Pizza

About once every other week I get a craving for chicken wings. Because this craving is usually associated with some form of drinking, I am limited in my options so I end up ordering them from Pizza Hut. I like traditional wings. Nothing boneless or turduckened. Just good old fashioned traditional wings in a medium buffalo sauce. So, there I was the other night and I noticed that Pizza Hut has this Valentine's Day box for $10 and it includes some pizza and bread sticks and they say a ring. I said to myself. "The guy who buys that for his girlfriend better run faster than Usain Bolt." But, being the cheap guy I am and knowing that my dad is always looking for something special to get mom, I clicked on it. Turns out the ring is actually a ruby and that the $10 pizza box does cost $10, but the rest of the package costs $10,000 so the total cost is $10,010. If you chicken out giving it your girlfriend they will give you all your money back which is pretty nice of them. Even for the pizza?

It includes a ruby ring, limo service, flowers, fireworks show, photographer and a videographer. They only have five of these to sell. I would love to know if anyone has bought one of the packages. It actually sounds like it would be pretty great except that if I am spending that much I would like to pick any pizza I like.

Michael Lohan Gets A Job At Burger King

If you had to choose a fast food place to work, I am not sure I would pick Burger King. Michael Lohan had to get a job because of his work release and he chose Burger King. I could never work t any fast food place because I would gain weight just by walking in there. I could work at a donut place like Krispy Kreme because I would get tired of them after a few days, but food food is different because I am always hungry and that stuff is so bad for you. I love it, but it is bad for you. I am surprised that Michael chose a fast food place and not like a job at Kinko's. Oh oh oh. American Media is down there too. He already gets so much money from the Enquirer/Star/Radar family he should just go to work there.

How Does This Show Taylor Armstrong Was Beaten

Taylor Armstrong released one page of her entire medical history to prove she had been abused by Russell Armstrong. I don't see how this proves she was beaten. Yes, she had a fracture, but I have had those without any abuse by anyone. Trauma is just a fancy word for injury. I would love to see the admitting sheet where the patient describes what happened. To me, if she said it there, then I would believe her. One sheet culled from medical records is not going to do it for me. If you were trying to prove something wouldn't you bring out your best stuff?

Still No Ring

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake showed themselves in person as a couple for the first time in about a month. Still no ring though. So, are we supposed to believe she takes it off everyday before she goes out? Only wears it inside? Has not broken the news to her significant other so likes to pretend it did not really happen? I am confused. Very confused. Do you see some tension in Justin's face or do you think that is just gas? Pretty sure he is auditioning for a role in the new Deliverance with this look.

Lindsay Lohan Still Has An Assistant Who Pimps For Her

Did you know Lindsay Lohan still has an assistant? Yes, this assistant goes up to strange men and tells them that Lindsay would like $20,000. In my dictionary that word is not an assistant but a pimp. The NY Post has the most glorious story and it does not even take place at the Welshley Arms. Yeah, let me know if you get that one. Anyway, they say that Lindsay went up to this rich Canadian guy and rubbed on him at the amfAR gala and then sent her assistant over when the auction began and the assistant said Lindsay would very much appreciate if the guy bought Lindsay a $20K watch. I am sure we know how Lindsay would have shown her appreciation. Yep, just like when she travels overseas. The guy laughed his head off and said no.

This was the night Lindsay looked like a grandmother. She also said she was there because she will be playing Elizabeth Taylor. That part is not locked in stone but maybe she is playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Larry Fortensky period. They look about the same age. Liz was what? 55?

Blind Items Revealed

November 2, 2011

#2 - Which Jersey Shore star is fond of saying, "It is not gay if someone else is doing the sucking," whenever he is questioned about some of the people he has gone out with.

The Situation

I Wish I Had That Much Hair

I think we are looking at the new president of the hair club for women. Do they have such a club for women? Seriously, that is a whole lot of hair. Way more hair than me.

Ted C Blind Item

As we've established, the yummy ‘n' handsome star Nevis Devine likes both girls and boys (what fool who wants to keep all his options open doesn't?), mostly avoids little spats with costars and doesn't mind having some of his male BFFs double as daytime nookie partners, whenever Nevis is so inclined.

But basically, Nevis is as happy as he is horny in life! With one small exception…

Recently, Nevis has been giving some eyebrow-raising press interviews. It's not his usual jovial and aw-shucks stuff—which Nevis has always been most excellent at delivering.

Also, it's no secret Mr. D.'s been hitting the sauce a lot, as of late. Partying too much, as well.

And the latter reasons are why most folks seem to think Nevis has gotten more melancholy lately—publicly, at least.

But it ain't the reason.

The real culprit behind Nevis's more bummed-out moods these days has to do with a good friend becoming pregnant. It started getting Nevis much more sadface than he usually is.

Why? Well, not just because he loves kids and wants his own one day, but more specifically, because there was a private tragedy in his family a few years back involving a child—and few know about it. And Nevis doesn't like to think about this unfortunate chapter in his life—in fact he makes an absolute point not to. But his pal's good news has just brought it all crashing back down on him again, and N.D. just doesn't know what to do besides screw around and get high—and avoid it all.

Sorry you're feelin' down, Nevis. But cheer up, we're sure you'll have your own family one day soon!

AND IT AIN'T: Adrian Grenier, Patrick Dempsey, Josh Brolin

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jean Dujardin Auditions For New Roles

The Bates Family Now Has 19 Kids So Got Their Own Show

Gil and Kelly Bates just had their 19th child. The couple who has been on the Duggar version of I have a football team worth of kids is set to have their own show now. Showing that having enough children to start your own country gets you famous, will have their very own TLC show which will debut after the Duggar family season ends. This way you can go months and months of seeing families with 19 kids and seeing how they live because if you have lots of kids, TLC wants to pay you big money as long as you are white or look white. Oh wait, they did have the show about the Cole family. They were African-American and all huge and overweight and the show made fun of them. My bad.

Four For Friday - The Copycat

You would think that if you had reached the level that this A list movie actress has reached that you could keep yourself from trying to copy other people who are not as successful. A little bit about our A list movie actress. She is an Academy Award nominee/winner. Yep. She is that big. Oh, she did do some television back in the day and it was a very memorable, but brief role on a hit show. For the past year she has slowly begun to copy every move of this B list movie actress who is a B lister by looks alone and should in no way imply that she has any acting talent whatsoever. The two share one very important thing in common. Child/ren. If you see the B list actress do something with her child/ren, within 24 hours you will see our A lister do the same thing. B lister goes on vacation and gets photographed in a bikini? A lister gets on a plane the second she can and does the same thing. So far it is just weird, but not creepy. Does it make it more creepy if our A lister calls her guy in bed the same name as the husband of the B lister? Does it make it more creepy if the A lister has been trying to track down some of the B lister's ex-boyfriends to talk to them and also see if they are open to a little more besides talking? Oh, how about showing up at places she knows the B lister will be but never actually speaks to her. Oh, and this will be revealed.

Your Turn

Coco posted a photo of herself completely naked in bed with her toddler nephew. First of all is this a photo you would share with the world, and second, when is it not appropriate to be naked as an adult with a child? The kid is a toddler but I am wondering why an aunt needs to be naked with him? And then post it? Doe she shower with him to? Is family nudity always ok? Are we too prudish as a society?

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH nine-time Grammy winner is seriously considering getting hair-plug extensions? The 30-something crooner has been singing the blues about his receding curls, so he’s meeting with the top hair transplant specialist in New York!

Oil Can Boyd Used Coke During Baseball Games

Unless you are a baseball fan, you might not remember Oil Can Boyd, but the former major league pitcher was on a radio show yesterday and admitted that he used cocaine before almost every one of his major league starts and there were a lot of them. He also admitted to using coke during baseball games and that he would often stay up until 3 or 4am before games doing coke because he could not sleep. Umm, if you stay up using coke then of course you would not be able to sleep. He also said that he never took one drug test the entire time he played and that people would tell him he needed to go to rehab but he never listened. In his career he won 78 games and lost 77. That is a bunch of coke.

Taylor Swift Has Really Bad Luck With Guys

Taylor Swift has already said that her next album is just about finished and of course it will be a tribute to the disaster that was her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. Now comes news that Taylor recently got dumped by Eddie Redmayne. Eddie is not from the US, so probably does not know that you never dump Taylor. If she dumps you then it is all good and you can probably go song free, but if you dump her, then you are in serious trouble and the entire world will know what you did. In this case, it appears that Eddie was willing to have a relationship of convenience. They met during auditions for Les Mis, had some fun and he thought Taylor would be coming to London to film so had her over to his place in London for some more fun and when she did not get the role, dumped her and moved on. This is not to say that he was exclusive with Taylor. She thinks he was, but he was seeing other people and if Taylor had stayed with him longer, she probably would have discovered it. Better to get out fast.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This porn-star turned actress blabbed recently to a source that one of her children belongs to a very famous actor from a very famous fantasy franchise.

Blue Ivy Is Now Trademarked

In case you wanted to start a clothing line or a new kind of pot and wanted to call it Blue Ivy you are out of luck. Jay Z and Beyonce have trademarked their child's name so they can fully exploit her for years to come. This is of course why they did not give her a regular name because they would not be able to trademark Jane or Bob or any other million names, but throw together Blue and Ivy and you have yourself a business opportunity.

Incest Images Found On Josh Powell's Computer Two Years Ago

Now that Josh Powell has killed himself and his kids, news has come out that two years ago police in UTah found images on Josh's computer of incest. These were computer generated images but police found them so disturbing that they could only look at the for brief periods of time. Umm, don't you think at that point that perhaps that would have been a time to possibly make arrangements for someone else to watch the kids. The mom disappears, you find incest images on the computer, but you just go ahead and say that everything is just fine? I am sometimes amazed at what child protective services does not do for the children they are supposed to protect. I honestyl cannot even think about this story very much because it literally makes me sick to think about the kids and their f**ked up dad and grandfather and the way they had to die.

Selena Gomez Does Something Special

You know, I have to say that it becomes really easy to like a celebrity when they do something special like this for a child who probably will not live much longer. Selena never publicized her visit to see Hana Hwang who suffers from Progeria and is 13 which is about the age most Progeria patients die. Hana was so touched that Selena who is her favorite person ever came to visit her that she made a tribute video and bracelet for her.

Real Housewives OC - Keeping Love In The Family

Do you remember the cast member Jenna Keough on Real Housewives OC? She was the one who was the Duran Duran cover model and was in Playboy back in the day and has the kids who yell at her and treat her like crap every single day because her husband did. Jenna was really nice and her sons are absolute a-holes. Well, the bigger a-hole of a son is dating Sarah Winchester (on the right) who is the newest cast member on the show. This son is the baseball player one. Apparently the two have been together for about a year. She got tired of dating rich old men and wanted someone younger.

The Macaulay Culkin Photo Everyone Is Talking About

For the past 24 hours, Entertainment Tonight has been preaching their gloom and doom for the health of Macaulay Culkin because of this photo of him above. Although he looks scary skinny so does everyone else in Hollywood. He does not look like he is really frail. I think after Mila Kunis dumped him he gave up smoking pot so he does not get the munchies anymore and has lost a bunch of weight. I don't think he is dying or anything. I just think he has that kind of body that says I have been in the business since I was 8 and have been on a diet since that time and have done a lot and seen a lot and have lived a very hard 31 years. But, I still look better than Lindsay Lohan and unlike Lindsay I will stop on the street and pose for a photo with fans because I am a really nice guy. Yeah, I like the guy and he is a really really good actor who will never be to shake the child actor he was, but to me has a chance to win an Academy Award at some point.

Halle Berry Had A Busy Day Yesterday

Halle Berry has been slowly dominating a lot of the tabloid news with her baby custody drama of the past few weeks. Now comes news yesterday that a guy who has threatened her life before has escaped from a mental institution. That is scary. It is scary also when it is pretty easy to find out where your target lives. I will say this though. Most of the star tours have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to celebrity homes unless someone died there or has lived there for a long time. The maps are better but still not perfect. That being said I have not taken the TMZ tour to see if they are better than the others. You would think they would be.

Anyway, Halle's place is on the star maps so this escaped guy could potentially find her. Oh, and he has been shot before trying to break into Madonna's place so he is the real deal. Another stalker of Halle's was released from jail so he will probably be by for another visit. Then, Halle topped that off with the news that she is engaged to Olivier Martinez. Did Kylie and Olivier ever get engaged? Not that it really matters to Olivier if you are engaged or not, he will still cheat, I am just too lazy to look it up.

Bottom line. Halle wants out of America, away from Gabriel and will only come back so you can adore her in television interviews and when she does press for movies so she can have Americans buy her tickets. Have I told you how much I like her Obi Wan Kenobi tribute outfit in the photo above?

Hunger Games Shuns Twilight Actors - Get People Who Can Act

US Weekly has a quick article that says that producers of The Hunger Games wanted no actors or actresses who were in Twilight to appear in any one of the four Hunger Games movies. Apparently Kellan Lutz was desperate to play Gale. The thing is Kellan can't act. Really, with the exception of a couple of Twilight people, none of them can act. Did you see the cast of The Hunger Games? Umm, they have Academy Award nominees in their movie. They have people who actually can act and the movies will be so much better than Twlight. Another thing they have going for them is that The Hunger Games books are actually excellent and move forward and don't just go from side to side like someone twirling their hair for two hundred pages before they make a decision that they will get out of bed. Have you noticed The Hunger Games books are about half as long as a Twilight book but have about ten times the action and drama. If you have not read the books, you really need to. The first movie comes out next month and I promise you when you read the first you will rush to your iPad or Kindle or whatever and download the other two and stay up for 96 hours straight reading them all.

The Duggar Blackmail Story

Two nights ago, I saw this quick blurb about a Duggar and blackmail and I said to myself that I really wanted to talk about it yesterday and then I completely forgot. For some reason, no one has really talked about it that much and I think it is fascinating. I guess I don't watch the show enough because I have no idea who Amy Duggar is. Apparently she is a niece of Jim Bob. I don't think I would have the guts to ever name a child Jim Bob. It is kind of like your parents just could not decided between James and Robert so chose them both and for good measure shortened them up so he did not sound like a Presbyterian minister.

Anyway, Amy is sometimes on the show and Duggar is not really even her last name. Nope. It is Jordyn. She is a country singer though so went ahead and took her mom's maiden name and the more famous Duggar name for her career. Anyway, a woman in Iowa was arrested a few days ago because she tried to extort money from TLC. Lesson #1 is don't do drugs and booze 24/7 because you will look like you are 50 when you are 25. Hello Lindsay Lohan. Lesson #2 is never blackmail a television network. Keep your blackmail and extortion to individuals who will sometimes pay at least a little. This woman in Iowa says she has intimate pictures of a 56 year old man with Amy who I think is 25. She sometimes fudges that too because she wants people to think she is younger. Anyway, the woman told TLC she would release the photos unless they shut down the show and paid her some money. They refused.

For her part, Amy just said that the 56 year old was a good Christian man and that people are trying to exploit his generosity. So, does that mean there are some photos? What the woman in Iowa should have done was call Radar or The Enquirer. For photos like that of a Duggar? She would have got way more than $10K and would not have ended up in jail either.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Not really sure what look Amber Rose is going for here.
Cindy Crawford and Elizabeth Hurley show off their cleavage for charity.
Also there was Jennifer Hudson who also went for cleavage.
Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio filming Great Gatsby.
Christina Ricci shows off her new guy.
David Beckham does some serious toy shopping.
Eddie Cibrian is selling towels this time instead of sheets.
Henry Cavill makes a pretty fierce looking Superman.
Kevin Costner is also in the movie, but does not look as fierce.

Random Photos Part Two

Elizabeth Olsen channeling Olivia Newton John in a shoot for VS Magazine.
Jon Hamm makes his way through the airport.
Sometimes Katie Holmes reminds me of why I liked her so much back in the day. This is one of those times. Lovely.
Kate Middleton makes her first solo public appearance.
Lana Del Ray enjoying some pancakes with whipped cream. Glad someone eats in this town.
Michael C Hall canoodles with his ex Jennifer Carpenter.
I think Rose McGowan and Mickey Rourke go to the same plastic surgeon for their lip injections. It is a very unique look they share. Minka Kelly appears to be all natural. But, both of them have had sex with Derek Jeter so they can share that memory.
Long time no see Nicole Eggert here with her baby. I hope it is her baby. Maybe the baby just came with the shopping cart? I know Nicole has a newborn, but maybe people just switch out when they shop.
Naomi Watts beats Liev while he looks for the nearest pub. Naomi has just been cast as Princess Diana.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

I think Patrick Dempsey likes dressing up in the gear as much as he likes riding bikes.
No one will date Paris Hilton any longer so she has resorted to taking out her brother.
Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of her new movie which also stars
Chelsea Handler wearing something horrible here and
Tom Hardy and
Chris Pine.
Sarah Jessica Parker sprints for the school bus while dragging James behind her.
"Yo. Arnold. What are you doing here?'
"Vell, I needed a facelift and think the drugs here are best."
"I totally agree. Whenever I get work done, I always get it here. We should make Terminator meets Rambo."
Love the girl photo bombing Vanessa Hudgens in the background.

Will Ferrell Does Starting Lineups

I have a confession to make. I love Semi-Pro. The Will Ferrell movie about ABA basketball is something I could watch every few weeks. One of the funnier bits in the movie is when Will Ferrell introduces the starting lineup and last night he did it in a real NBA game.

Parminder Nagra Is Available

I don't know what it is but ever since Bend It Like Beckham I have had a thing for Parminder Nagra. So, when I saw that she filed for divorce I was thinking to myself this might be a good time to ask her out. Parminder and her husband had been together for about ten years, but only married for the last three. I think they only got married because Parminder was pregnant. I have not watched this week's episode of Alcatraz yet but feel to comment about it if you want and I will just not read the comments until after I watch it. Being such a big fan of Parminder, it kind of sucks that the only time I get to see her on the show is while she is in a coma in the hospital bed or in some flashback scene which is really rare.

Today's Blind Items

Most of the time an Academy Award nominee tells a really funny story about being awakened at 530am by their agent or manager telling them the good news that they have been nominated. This year, one of the nominees for best actor/best actress found out while they were still in the middle of an all night bender with someone who is not their significant other. After a night of epic partying, this actor/actress was actually in the middle of having sex with a stranger they picked up earlier in the night when their phone began blowing up with the news. This one will shock you with who it is.

Your Turn

Would you live together with someone before marrying them? Has your view changes over the years?

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHAT reality competition star has been cheating on his wife but always makes it a point to say how much he loves her in interviews and on the air? The Grammy-winning musician has been caught by his wife so many times he finally promised her he would NEVER stray again. But he’s still at it, and he’s more worried about a big divorce settlement than her feelings!

Taylor Armstrong Heads Out On A Date

Taylor Armstrong took some time off from exploiting her dead husband for money and went out on a date with some guy who looks like he does not go out much. Well, actually he might, but I love the way he is trying to look young with the shirt untucked. I do that too, but that is because if I tuck my shirt in, the buttons will explode because of the force of pressure my stomach makes on them. I feel like my diet is going nowhere. Yes, I have lost a little more than 15 pounds but I spend so much time trying to always get back the weight I gain on the weekends that there is never any step down to more weight loss.

I am not sure what would ever convince me to ask Taylor Armstrong out on a date. I don't know if it is the fact that she seemingly has multiple personalities, a charming disposition and more botulism inside her than a 25 year old can of green beans with dents in it, I just do not find her to be someone I would ever want to spend a few hours a lone with and attempt to make conversation. This guy obviously has no such issues. Probably a huge drinker or he has a bad head cold, is hopped up on NyQuil and does not even remember anything about the evening.

Angelina Jolie Admits To Cheating On Brad Pitt

Did you know that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are attending pre-marital counseling? Yeah, either did I. Somehow I don't see either of them being the counseling type. Oh, I am sure Angelina Jolie has sat in front of her share of doctors over time, but pre-marital counseling? I don't think so. But, should you think they are in such counseling then The Enquirer wants you to know that Brad Pitt stormed out of it when Angelina admitted she had cheated on him multiple times with many guys and met them in hotel rooms. They don't actually come out and say she had sex with them, just met them in hotel rooms. So, they could have been there to talk about a movie, show her the latest line of syringes, new kinds of heroin hitting the market, the advantages of a starvation lifestyle or so much more.

So, now Brad has called off the wedding and is presumably calling Jennifer Aniston as we speak and is begging her for another chance and telling her they should have a baby. As soon as he tells her those words she gets pregnant.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This celebrity family has a rule- if their name is printed in the press, they better be the ones making money off of it. If a story is printed about them from an outside source, they sue, no questions asked. But they are more than happy selling their own family secrets as long as they are paid well for them.

This Means War Is Going To Be Huge Bomb

Reese Witherspoon has not reached the level of a Jennifer Aniston or Katherine Heigl when it comes to poor box office, but she is getting there. She has made some very bad choices lately, and her latest, This Means War is another seemingly horrible choice. The movie was supposed to open on Valentine' Day. It still will but in a very limited run. When people have seen previews of the movie they have hated it. I mean like really really bad scores. Like so bad that a movie studio was willing to postpone the release date less than a week before it was supposed to be released to try and do something about it. They took out a bunch of jokes to make it go from an R to a PG-13 in hopes that they can convince a bunch of teenagers to go see it. I think most teenagers will be going to see The Vow which is going to make a ton of money and which I will never watch unless my mom trades me food or I am in a coma when she watches it on Pay Per View.

Except when I read about This Means War, I don't even have a clue what the title of the movie is because when you see ads on billboards it is way too confusing. Until I turned up the volume on the previews, I also thought it was a movie about two gay men and Reese Witherspoon was their best friend.


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