Saturday, January 14, 2012

69 People Still Missing After Cruise Ship Sinks

Luckily, the cruise ship above had just left port when it ran aground and capsized with 4,234 people aboard. As it is, there are still 69 people missing after a Costa Concordia cruise began a 7 day Mediterranean cruise from Italy.

If this ship had been further out to sea there would be lots more people missing and dead. There are reports that the ship leaned so much, that the lifeboats on one side of the ship were completely useless.

Jennifer Lopez Is A Terrorist

If you have watched five seconds of television in the past two months you have seen a Jennifer Lopez Fiat commercial. I don't care if you have a DVR that skips recording every commercial, I feel like I see Jennifer riding in that Fiat down at the bottom of my television screen. Constantly. I find the ads very very annoying so it was with great pleasure and love that I read that some organization is calling out Jennifer Lopez to give back all the money she made for the campaign because one of Fiat's division supplies materials to Iran's nuclear weapons program and by increasing sales of the auto brand, Jennifer is saying that Fiat is great even though they have been responsible for the deaths of soldiers and human rights violations.

"By endorsing Fiat, you are serving as a spokesperson for a company that freely does business with a regime that is developing an illegal nuclear weapons program, financing and sponsoring terrorist groups including al-Qaeda, has killed American and NATO soldiers and is recognized as one of the world's leading human rights violators."

The day Jennifer gives back a dime. Well, I don't even need to continue the thought because she won't give back a dime and she would gladly hold out her hands for more. So, does this mean everyone who buys a Fiat is also a terrorist.

Gene Hackman Is Out Of The Hospital And Fine

The first reports I saw about Gene Hackman being in a car accident made it seem like he was fighting for his life and seconds away from death. Why is it when a celebrity gets into any kind of accident, 99% of the time the announcement is way more serious than the reality of the situation. Case in point with Gene.

Gene was hit by a car while riding his bike. That could be dangerous and he was allegedly airlifted to a trauma unit which would seem to say that he was near death. The reality is though that Gene was released from the hospital after a couple of hours and had some bumps and bruises after a woman in a car bumped the back of his bike while she was driving slowly and accidentally knocked the bike over.

Brian Austin Green Is Suing His Baby Mama

Back in 2000, Brain Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil started dating. I mean they had been on 90210 together and one thing led to another and they started dating. While they were dating, Brian says that Vanessa asked to borrow some money. So, on four separate occasions he lent her $50,000 for a total of $200K. Then she got pregnant with their child. Brian says that the deal was whenever he needed the money he would notify her and she would pay him back. Well, 11 years later and he wants his money back. I guess 2011 was a bad year for BAG because he says he asked Vanessa for the money in November and she said no. She claims it is a gift. Waiting 11 years seems like a really long time to collect on a debt and I don't think he is going to be able to do anything about it. BAG must be really desperate for cash to go after the mother of his child. He has not needed it for a decade, but suddenly now he needs it?

Heather Locklear Headed To Rehab Again

Heather Locklear is out of the hospital and is headed to rehab. The actress was so out of control on Tuesday that her sister had to call 911 before Heather ended up killing herself. Apparently her sister or someone told police that Heather spends four days a week in bed hungover. See, when you have no job you have to get up for each morning it can be easy to get into the habit of drinking a little earlier each day until you start getting wasted at noon and then keep going until you pass out. Of course then your young, very impressionable daughter sees you like this so that is not a good thing. Of course with her father she is not much better off considering he got pulled over for DUI while she was in the backseat. What I can't believe is that CPS has never come out and investigated this situation at all. Yes, I am sure Heather's family and nannies do the majority of the watching, but shouldn't someone go out and take a look? Think about if Heather was not a celebrity, how would CPS ever know? Imagine all the kids out there that suffer without anyone knowing.

No One Wants The Kardashians Anymore

Do you remember how last year, the viewers for the Kardashian show on E! was way down? This season it is down another 15% even with all that wedding drama known in advance. In addition to even less people watching the show, The NY Post says that tabloids who put Kim Kardashian on their covers saw an 18% decline in people buying covers. That is the key. If her covers don't sell, then she will not be on covers and someone else will be the go to person. Like Jennifer Aniston. You know who sells well? Teen Moms. It is kind of like that Jerry Springer effect. He killed Oprah in the ratings when Oprah went away from that kind of program. People like train wrecks as long as it is not them in the train wreck. Clubs are not booking the sisters and one restaurant interviewed for the blurb says that if a Kardashian visited, they would have to hold a disaster meeting right after to figure out how to counter the bad publicity.

Lions Gate Buys Summit - Wants More Twilight

Variety sends out these little blurbs to my phone when something interesting happens. Most of the time it is yawn inducing stuff or so hard to translate their Ted Casablanca speak while I'm drinking that I just give up and hit delete. Yesterday I got one that said Lions Gate bought Summit. The first thing that came to my head was they wanted the Twilight library. It turns out they want way more. Lions Gate said they are not finished making Twilight movies. There is that little problem of having no more books to adapt. Oh, and none of the original cast signed for any more of the movies. Honestly, I think it might be tough to get Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back. The rest of the cast? Throw some money their way and they will come back. It is possible that with new writers and not confined to the no action and Harlequin romance style of the first 5 installments that the movies could bring in a whole new audience. Or they could turn into American Pie 6-13.

The other idea is to bring Twilight to television. I think that is way too much overkill. There are so many vampire and supernatural shows on television, including a show called Supernatural.

Mena Suvari Files For Divorce

That did not take long. 18 months after her "dream wedding," Mena Suvari has filed for divorce. This is Mena's second strike at marriage. This time she was married to Simone Sestito. They were together for almost three years before getting married, but I think they had a very long distance relationship and when they got married that did not change much. It is tough to be married to someone when they are never around. Also, as much as I like Mena, she can be a bit off putting and maybe some of those quirks do not fully make themselves known until you are spending way more time together. What does suck is that she said they separated right before the holidays. If I had known that I would have invited her over to the family home. My dad likes the off putting part about her. Mena also made way more money than her husband and that could have contributed to it too.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Live Blogging Golden Globes

This Sunday afternoon I will be sitting on the futon and drinking away while watching the Golden Globes. I thought that as long as I am watching them and will be drinking, then why not share my drunken thoughts with all of you too. So, beginning at 4pm Pacific time on Sunday I will be live blogging the show. Come on over and have a few beverages with me, adult or otherwise.

Random Photos Part Three

Look how excited Adele is. It is like me when I find an all you can eat buffet for under $10.
Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend take her son to Legoland for his 4th birthday.
This was actually the only SFW photo of Evan Rachel Wood for Flaunt. All the rest she was naked.
Emma Roberts seems to be in the photos too often. I need to change that.
Holly Madison outside Wendy Williams' show.
Jennifer Hudson signing her book in Los Angeles yesterday.
Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde are like the older all over each other version of Vanessa Hudgens and her new boyfriend.
Ke$sha. That is so 2010.
Kim Kardashian wishes everyday was an autumn day. That is the only way I can explain this outfit.

Random Photos Part Two - Critics' Choice Awards

Brad Pitt & George Clooney
Michelle Williams
Tilda Swinton & Charlize Theron
Emma Stone
Jessica Chastain
Diane Kruger
Elizabeth Olsen
Elle Fanning
Kirsten Dunst
Carrie Keagan

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

After taking what seems like a really long break, Laura Prepon is back and here she is at LAX.
Miranda Kerr, ever the supermodel, is ready to pose at all times and places, including the valet at the Roosevelt.
34 years and back together again. Go sing yourself some Grease songs this afternoon.
Nina Dobrev carts her People's Choice Award through the airport.
Nia Long and the first photo of her baby.
Also with their baby are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.
Nicole Scherzinger waves while on vacation in Mexico, and then fell off her horse.
Not the best look I have ever seen for Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Jimmy Fallon Combines Tim Tebow With David Bowie

Axl Rose Does Jury Duty

Yeah, that bloated guy sitting over in the jury box with the hair that used to be thick and long but now is a scraggly semblance of its former self. Yeah, that guy who is deciding your fate in a civil trial is Axl Rose. Most of the time when celebrities show up for jury duty, they are never selected. Not so with Axl Rose. The former singer for the good version of Guns N Roses and now the lead singer for the bad version of Guns N Roses, Axl served four days on a civil jury deciding a case. Want to know what his biggest thought about doing his civic duty was?

He got to see daylight. Seriously, it was the first time he had got up that early four days in a row in forever.

The Gypsies Are Coming To America

For those of you who have watched My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC and saw the little blurb asking for people in the US to come forward if they are gypsies, well apparently enough did and there is going to be an eight episode series of gypsies living here in North America. From what it sounds like, most of the gypsies come from the English and Irish travelers that are on the show while some come from Romania. I love watching that show and I wish there were more of them. I feel like the producers keep using the same footage now and just edit it another way or use stuff they threw out before just to try and make a new episode or two.

Four For Friday - The Craziest Television Show In The Past 20 Years

Back in the day, lots of television show casts were out of control, but now, you rarely see anything other than a 9 to 5 mentality and everyone kind of goes their own way before and after work. An exception now is probably something like Vampire Diaries. They all love each other and have not reached that level of fame yet.

Probably the all-time greatest cast as far as partying went was 90210. The original one. They were out of control all the time. Shortly after that show went off the air came another show which quickly took the crown.

Before this person became a drama queen, she used to share stories about her time on the set and what exactly happened and if her career had not moved from middle C to almost A list recently I think she would have eventually broken down and written a book about what happened. The cast featured mainly unknown actors. During the first season, every female cast member except one had sex with this unknown actor who had been in nothing before, but is now a very solid, but unlikable B+ television actor who has had some really bad movies.

His favorite actress on the show was the one who got in the most trouble. A lot of trouble. This still relatively unknown actress spent the entire first season coked up out of her mind. Always a person who had abuse issues, the huge paychecks sent her out of control, but she was also someone who could be counted on to be crazy and our B+ list actor loved that and they would hook up lots of nights after she had been out. It was a year long booty call.

One of the actresses on the show was unknown at the time and crawled up to B- before slowly sliding back down to her present position of C+. She spent the first month of the show happy and fun and that is when she slept with the B+ list actor. After that month though she met someone and became an obsessive worrier who thought her new boyfriend (B- list television actor at the time) was going to leave her every second and he basically kept screwed with her mind their entire relationship.

On the outside was an actor who thought he was the best thing since sliced bread but in reality did not have as much talent as he thought. Just because you were the star of the show does not mean you are the best actor. After one year he refused to talk to just about anyone other than the producer to complain about how many lines he got. Now he usually works in movies, but his chance at above the line roles went out with poor box office performance.

There were others in the cast, including the now drama queen who started off shy but grew up fast and found herself a boyfriend which stopped her from playing in many of the games and parties that many of the other cast members indulged in on an almost daily basis. Strip poker and naked Twister while downing jello shots every 7 minutes was one of their favorite games to play and that was on set. When they started getting paychecks, the parties and women and behavior got even crazier.

Your Turn

It's Friday the 13th. There was a time in my life when I never would even go outside the house on Friday the 13th. A couple of times when I was in elementary school I had some crazy things happen on that day so it took me many years to get over it. Now, for the most part I don't notice it, but when I stop and think about it, I can definitely want to stay in and hide until midnight. The problem is then I usually end up drinking and hoping I will pass out until midnight. Anyway, has anyone had anything happen bad to them on Friday the 13th? Are you superstitious? You could also throw in your favorite horror film for people to watch tonight to add a little fear to their Friday.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHAT lovable TV personality felt obligated to ask her A-lister pal for permission before purchasing the home of her ex? The friend gave the A-OK, but added that she would NEVER set foot into the house her ex had shared with the woman he dumped her for.

Lamar Odom Spends Hours And Lots Of Money On Strippers In Washington D.C.

While Khloe Kardashian was home in Dallas, Lamar Odom was in a strip club in Washington D.C. last week in a strip club that features rooms with private beds for some very up close and personal action. Oh yeah. Lamar used one of the private rooms. Radar says that Lamar was joined by a couple of his teammates the night before they went to the White House to meet the President. Well, you know, nothing says patriotism like a night paying $40 a lap dance. They were just contributing to the economy. Likewise with the $300 for the bed dance. Lamar took quite some time in the private area with one stripper who was a Khloe look-alike. Well, that should make her feel better.

Apparently several of the strippers Tweeted while Lamar was there and even said he was acting bad.

Scientologists Dig Through Paul Haggis' Trash

When Paul Haggis emerged from the darkness last year and denounced Scientology, he also warned that he fully expected a scandal to emerge or some kind of smear about him and that it would come from Scientology. Well, so far there has been nothing, but not for a lack of trying on the part of Scientology. The Academy Award winning director told The NY Post that every week, private detectives are digging through his trash and he has no doubts they were hired by Scientology to try and find something they can use against him. If you leave your trash out on your lawn or on your curb, anyone can go through it. It is public property at that point. The only thing taken from his trash each week are papers he has written on. The Church says the claims are ridiculous. Yeah, because there is some other group out there who really wants to sift through Paul Haggis' trash.

What the Scientologists should do is say, "yeah we are digging through his trash. He said some bad things about us and now we want to see if we can say some bad things about him." At least be honest about it. I don't think people like to know their church is lying to them all the time. That is one of the reasons Haggis left.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

When this actress was preparing for a role for a movie that has already come out, she had to do a lot of hours of dance practice. While doing so, she met a dancer who was struggling so much with body image issues she had to be hospitalized. The two developed a friendship and to this day, the actress still calls her and checks up on her treatment.

"Jerseylicious" Star Alexa Prisco Calls RH-New Jersey Cast Hookers - I Think

Alexa Prisco was interviewed by Rob Shuter for his television show and she spent a lot of the time talking about how all of the reality stars from New Jersey needed to spend some time getting educated and working on their speaking skills and grammar and just being better people. Whatever. She then started really going after the Real Housewives of New Jersey. It sounded liked she was calling them all hookers, but because she did not communicate her thoughts very well or do everything she said everyone else should do, it is a little confusing. The quote was, "I can't even with the Housewives of New Jersey. This is the thing, there are different divisions of hookers, you know what I mean? There are hookers that made the right choice, that got the right guy and got a diamond and got a relationship. Because this is the thing, my shoes, my handbag, I bought them. I didn't have to have sex with anybody to get them and invest myself in a long term relationship."

So, is she saying that women who get things without being in a long term relationship are one kind of hooker and that if you are in a long term relationship you are another kind of hooker, but because she is not in a relationship she is not a hooker? I don't get it. Someone please clarify.

Angelina Jolie Is A Bit Of A Drama Queen

I think Angelina Jolie saw this scene in about 20 movies so decided to do it at home or at least thinks it happened at home so she would have a good story to share. Yesterday, Angelina did a live video chat for Marie Claire. In her chat she related that just prior to her beginning her work as director on the movie In The Land Of Blood And Honey that she had an emotional breakdown thinking about the work and that Brad found her curled in a ball in the shower while water ran over her. Seriously? She could not think of a better place? How many times have you seen this in a movie? It has been awhile since I have seen Gia, but I bet there is a scene in there where she is doing exactly that. I feel like sometimes she plays her life in scenes or wants us to think she is or something.

$5600 A Night For Beyonce & Jay-Z's Hospital Room

Have you ever seen a bill from a hospital and looked at the outrageous charges? When you see someone charging you $20 for one aspirin then you know you are getting gouged. So, when I saw that Beyonce and Jay-Z were only charged $800 a room for all 7 rooms of the executive suite per night at the hospital where Blue Ivy was born, I thought it was a pretty good deal. I have seen people get charged over $1000 a night for sharing a room at a hospital so when you get what you see here, $5600 does not seem that outrageous at all. I think it might because they are getting the no insurance special though. Just for kicks sometime get your bill from a hospital and look at the total at the bottom and then ask them for what the total would be if you were paying it directly. Watch it get cut by about half for many of the items.

Halle Berry Not Engaged And Either Is Nina Dobrev

Apparently the two big engagement stories this week are not actually engagements at all. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are not engaged despite the fact that Kylie Minogue sucked it up and offered her congratulations to the guy who was her boyfriend for a long time and cheated on her pretty much the entire time. They never ended up getting married, but when she thought he was going to she Tweeted congratulations. You know, that was a pretty classy move by Kylie especially considering how awful he treated her. This is exactly the kind of guy Halle likes. The ones who treat her like crap. Not sure why that is, but apparently even though all of us can see from the outside what a person is like and realize where this is all headed she cannot see what we see.

In other engagement news that did not happen, Nina Dobrev is not getting hitched anytime soon to Ian Somerhalder. Now this couple is a good couple. I wish these crazy kids would get married. Crazy kids? Seriously? I feel like I just watched back to back to back Sinatra movies or something. Ian and Nina are a great couple and if anyone should get married it is them, but they are still kind of young. No need to rush to get your first marriage out of the way. It will come naturally and as you progress through marriages they get easier.

The Musee d'Orsay Needs To Lighten Up

I have to say that the Musee d'Orsay is one of my favorite museums in the world. I like it more than the Louvre because it is way smaller and the restaurant at the museum is really good. Like I get to the museum at 10, and am in the doors of the restaurant right when it opens and I roll out of there a couple of hours later in time for a nap. The only downside? No bacon. That hour or two I spend looking at paintings though is all you need. Everything you could ever want to see is all in one easy place with plenty of places to sit and you don't feel like a rat trapped in a maze like you do at the Louvre. Yeah, you try and drink a bottle of wine or two and then try and figure your way out of the Louvre.

Anyway, the executives at the museum are a little upset because a lingerie company decided to make a little viral video. I don't see anyone looking too upset, but the executives of the museum want to sue. Relax.

Jessica Seinfeld's First Husband Arrested For Terrorizing Another Woman

Do you remember when Jessica Seinfeld left her husband right after they got married for Jerry Seinfeld? She might have known what she was doing. For what seems like the third or fourth time, Broadway producer Eric Nederlander has been accused of terrorizing a woman in his life. His second wife had to get a restraining order which effectively keeps Eric away from her forever. Now, his most recent girlfriend had a protection order against Nederlander but he violated early yesterday morning when he somehow got a key to her apartment while she was sleeping, let himself in and checked her cell phone. He then woke her up by grabbing her hair and yelling at her and accusing her of cheating on him. I'm guessing it was things like this that might have made her want to get the protective order in the first place. Nederlander was arrested and if convicted could serve up to three years in jail.

67 Year Old Calvin Klein And 21 Year Old Boyfriend Split

I hate when that happens. You just reach your retirement years and plan to spend them with your teenage significant other and everything is great for a few years and then they hit 21 and want to see the world and go to nightclubs but since you have to get to bed by 8pm, your idea of a nightlife is having a second glass of wine with your early bird dinner special. Half price if you are in the door by 4pm. This is exactly what happened to Calvin Klein. He was 65 when he started dating his 19 year old boyfriend. Now 67, he was looking forward to his retirement years with his boy toy, but the boy toy has turned 21 and is legal and sees there are lots of guys out there who are the same age and can stay awake until after dark so the pair have split. For now.

Heather Locklear Mixes Booze And Pills - Hospitalized

Apparently that rehab stint Heather Locklear completed in 2010 did not stick. Yesterday Heather was rushed to the hospital after she mixed booze with her prescription medicines. I am sure she had a prescription for them right? The thing is Heather has never had any serious injuries unless of course you count working with William Shatner and Adrian Zmed every week on T.J. Hooker. I am just trying to guess the prescription meds she is prescribed. Maybe for depression? You know, because she has a pretty rough life. I understand depression can be inside and have nothing to do with the status you enjoy or the superficiality everyone else sees. With all that being said though I think she found a doctor to keep her high as a kite and she wanted to go a little higher and mixed the booze. She has had a DUI and rehab and has a daughter and she came really close to killing herself. Do you think Jack Wagner got sick of dealing with someone wasted all the time and finally left?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Bradley Cooper leaving a house in LA and
two minutes later Zoe Saldana makes her exit.
Later Bradley met up with Liam Neeson at the premiere of Liam's new movie.
Brangelina in the Oval Office.
Charlize Theron gets food to go.
George Michael makes his first appearance since recovering from pneumonia.
Guy Pearce plays with his wife's breast.
Hugh Jackman walks Kim Kardashian's replacement for Skechers.
Justin Bieber wonders why his peen does not talk too.
Britney's son Jayden meets static electricity.
Lindsay Lohan actually looking good on a red carpet.
Lisa Vanderpump tips the valet a $100. Good job.


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