Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fifteen People Huh?

Earlier this week you might have seen this photo of Kirk Cameron celebrating his 41st birthday at a ministry close to Los Angeles. Anyway, the photo went viral because it just looks like a very sad way to spend your birthday. Turns out the ministry says there were about 15 people behind the photographer. Uh huh. Lets look at the cake and the spread from Subway. You think that is truly going to feed 15 people. Look, I know I eat a lot. I eat way more than an average person. I realize this. However, I want you to know that I could eat that amount of Subway. It appears to be 3 foot long sandwiches. How on earth is that going to feed 15 people? I realize this is a ministry, but I don't think the whole fish and loaves thing applies to foot longs from Subway and a cake from Ralph's. I also think they were trying to make it seem like way more people were present, when actually, this photo is probably pretty accurate.

Saddest Looking Pumpkin Ever

Christina Aguilera took some time off from drinking yesterday to take her son on their annual pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch. She looks thrilled to be there and holding that pumpkin makes me think she saw the first one she came across, grabbed it and said lets go. What can you do with that pumpkin? You can't really carve it, and it is not going to sit up by itself very well. Why even bother to go and pick one out?

Sonic Youth November Dates Will Be It For The Band

After 27 years of marriage and some of the best music ever, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon are calling it quits marriage wise which also means they will probably call it quits Sonic Youth wise. If you are a fan of the music, your last hope may be next month because the band says they will play their South American dates in November. After that? The band says it's a wait and see thing. That means no. Thurston is doing some solo touring after November, but it is just not the same.

Chile Loves The Biebs

Nothing like a bunch of screaming teens looking for their idol. No matter the year, no matter the boy band, this scene seems to always repeat itself over time. This time it just happens to be the Biebs. He is due to perform in Chile and if this video is any indication of his fans there, I would say the shows are going to be a success, but he may need to triple lock his hotel room. Oh, and the kicker? Justin Bieber was not even at his hotel yet.

Rick Ross Had A Bad Day

Rick Ross suffered two different seizures on two different plane rides yesterday. He was on his way from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis, when shortly after the plane took off he suffered a seizure. The plane made an emergency landing and Rick was taken to the hospital where he was deemed ok to fly and still head out to perform at a concert.

So, everyone got on board a private plane to continue their journey and shortly after that plane took off, Rick had another seizure. Now, Rick wants to still perform tonight, but I think maybe the guy should get some rest and see what is causing these.

Larry Hagman Has Cancer

Larry Hagman says he has cancer. He also says that it is a highly treatable form of cancer and that nothing will keep him from reprising his role as JR Ewing when production starts this Monday. With what has happened this season to dramas, I am a little worried about the reboot of Dallas, but it does have lots of the original stars. The problem is the younger cast they cast to fill in all the holes are mostly a bunch of unknowns who would work cheap. Here is what Larry had to say to TV Guide. "As J.R. I could get away with anything — bribery, blackmail and adultery. But I got caught by cancer. I do want everyone to know that it is a very common and treatable form of cancer. I will be receiving treatment while working on the new Dallas series. I could not think of a better place to be than working on a show I love, with people I love. Besides, as we all know, you can't keep J.R. down!"

Get better soon Larry.

Catherine Bell Leaves Her Husband

Late yesterday, Army Wives star, Catherine Bell announced that she and her husband of 17 years were splitting. Catherine's publicist made the announcement so as tradition in Hollywood, whoever announces it is the one who did the leaving. Catherine and her screenwriter husband have two kids, one who is 8 and the other is 1. I always think something is going on when you split up and have basically a baby at home. Need to do some digging.

Bye Bye Charlie's Angels

It has been a bad year for new dramas on television and Charlie's Angels is no exception. The show was canceled after just four episodes. It looks like Minka Kelly can now go back to being the ex-girlfriend of Derek Jeter instead of Minka Kelly, one of Charlie's Angels. If you are a fan of the show, then you will get to see the remaining episodes that have been shot. I guess there are probably at least a couple. I only watched one episode and I did not think it was that bad. It just could not get any traction going against X Factor.

Robert Downey Jr. Says We Should Forgive Mel Gibson

Last night at an event honoring Robert Downey Jr., a lot of celebrities showed up and Robert took the chance to tell the assembled that everyone should forgive Mel Gibson. He talked about how, when no one would give him a chance, Mel did, and when no one would insure him, Mel did and and that he owes everything to Mel Gibson so we should all forgive him because he helped Robert. You know, it is one thing to say that everyone should forgive Mel, but it is another for the public to forgive and the only way that would happen is for him to have a movie that no one would want to miss. I don't know if he has one of those in him and I don't know if anyone would give him one because they would be scared of it bombing. What do you think? Should we forgive Mel?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Photos Part Four

I realize this makes two photos of the Goopster today, but an exception must be made for the 10th anniversary of Royal Tenenbaums.
Antonio Banderas realizes he will be waking up next to Melanie Griffith forever.
Anna Kendrick looking great in London.
Note to self. Check first before shaking hands with Andie MacDowell.
Beyonce and her mysterious bump.
Carmen Electra at some random party.
Apparently Courtney Love just loves finding shoulders where she can rest her head.

You know, sometimes when I see a candid shot like this of David Beckham, you realize that he is not a bad looking guy.

Random Photos Part Three

Everyone applauds as Fergie shows that she can now count to 5.
The Goopster filming in New York.
"Oh, I loved you in Wolverine."
At the Rum Diary premiere, Johnny Depp hangs out with the transformed Amber Heard and Marilyn Manson was there too.
Also there were Adrienne and Kyle who had a competition to see who could wear the tightest pants.
A better picture of Amber's dress and her sister Whitney.
Giovanni Ribisi was also there as was
Aaron Eckhart.
The daily is she or isn't she photo of Jessica Simpson.

Random Photos Part Two

The one and only Johnny Marr.
Jason Statham leads Rosie through a packs of paps after dinner in London.
I wonder if Kathy Griffin asked Giada about John Mayer.
Kate Gosselin cutting back and using coupons.
A first time appearance for Katie Hayek.
Katie Holmes as the slutty pumpkin.
Only Neil Patrick Harris could pull that look off. Hilarious.
Kim Kardashian explores the world of Dubai fashion.
Meanwhile her sister Khloe films in New York. Wow. Following her while she shops. That sounds riveting.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Prince William and Kate Middleton at a charity event that raised $1M.
After a week as a blonde, Katy Perry goes back to her Britney Spears inspired pink.
Cheer up Michael. I mean you are in Santa Barbara and getting an award. Plus, your wife looks pretty good too.
Mario Lopez seems like he is having a tough time getting his flame up.
Nicole Richie is in the middle of a big shoe event but is wearing the same pair she wore yesterday.
Rosario Dawson would like you to look at her breasts.
I prefer my sake in a cup, but apparently Susan Sarandon is a mallet kind of woman.
Taylor Swift on her way to a
Taylor Swift hand sign contest.

Your Turn

With all the stories about missing infants and babies dying, I wondered if there was a national baby day or something like that. Turns out there is one, and it is this weekend, October 15th. Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is a day of remembrance for pregnancy loss and infant death which includes but is not limited to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, or the death of a newborn. There is also apparently an International Wave Of Light which sounds really cool, and almost Star Wars like. So, for today, if any of you have something you would like to share on this topic, feel free.

Iron Maiden Has Found Their Biggest Fan

This was uploaded in July. I can't believe I am just seeing this now. It is great.

Tanya Kach Writes A Book

You might not remember Tanya Kach. It seems to me her story was lost in the shuffle of everything else that was going on back in 2007 when she was discovered. Tanya had been missing for ten years when she confided in a store owner who she was and the owner called police and Tanya was rescued. For ten years she had been living in the bedroom of a security guard from her high school. She had confided in him about the problems her parents had been going through and he invited her over one day and never let her leave. The security guard lived at home with his parents and they swear that for ten years they never knew Tanya was there. Uh huh. Tanya has a book coming out which recounts everything that happened. She says she was a sex slave for ten years, was only allowed to shower once a week and usually ate only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The security guard is actually getting out of jail in a few months. The guy is only having to serve about four years. To me, if you have someone kidnapped for ten years how on earth do you get released in just four? That seems way short.

Tanya also says she still does not get along with her father who says he does not believe his daughter and that she probably enjoyed living like that. WTF? Yeah, she enjoyed using a bucket in a closet as her toilet for ten years. Must have been a real laugh a minute.

Manzo Sisters No Longer Speaking

Can't any set of sisters on a Real Housewives show get along? Taking a cue from their Beverly Hills counterparts, Caroline and Dina Manzo are no longer speaking. That is one of the things that will be talked about on Sunday during the reunion show. I did not watch much of the season, but the reunion show boils all the best parts down for me into an hour or two anyway, so why bother? Anyway, it seems the two stopped talking because of Teresa Giudice. Does anyone like her anymore? Apparently Dina does because Dina and Teresa are best buddies and since Caroline can't stand Teresa anymore then Dina has ex-communicated Dina from the church of Teresa.

Harvard Doctor Says Steve Jobs Could Have Lived If He Wanted To

Oh, the lines. I saw a line for the iPhone start forming yesterday around noon and I just don't see the need to wait for 24 hours in a line for a phone that you can get pretty easily in a week or two. Are you that desperate to be first to get it? Anyway, with that going on there is a doctor at Harvard who says that Steve Jobs would have been alive today if he had listened to his doctor and taken conventional medicine instead of all the alternative treatments he did. Steve finally started taking conventional medicine but by that time it was too late.

Dr. Ramzi Amri is an expert on pancreatic cancer and says that Steve Jobs had a rarely fatal form of cancer and "Given the circumstances, it seems sound to assume that Mr Jobs' choice for alternative medicine has eventually led to an unnecessarily early death."

Apparently Jobs tried to cure his cancer through a special diet and other means, and the doctor says that Jobs would be alive today if he had listened to his doctors.

It's Moving Day

So, when you see a moving truck in front of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's house does it make you think someone is moving out or they are just moving some things into storage or that Demi is having a new tanning system/do it yourself botox chamber installed? The pictures would indicate that everything is at least on a lets wait and see mode, but then at the same time you would hope she would show some back bone and kick his scrawny ass to the curb. If they do split I think you will see Ashton try and break Russell Brand's record of number of people to have sex with in a year.

Four For Friday

#1 & #2 - This relationship never happened for fans, but it is happening in real life. Despite being married, this C+ actress with one huge role has been basically living with this B list actor who has now had a couple of hit shows and is also still married. Kind of.

#3 - This A list mogul set the standard for every record producer/artist who came after him. Well, they would probably go ahead and not want the first wife, but everything else is ok. Anyway, lately our mogul has been going on blind dates. His only rule? "They need to be white and not talk very much."

#4 - This A++ list rap star who has been quite of late is not only hooked on heroin, but also has hepatitis. Hopefully that is all he has since he keeps having unprotected sex with as many fans a day as he can.

But What Will Brooke Mueller Say?

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards took their almost annual trip to New York and were spotted out last night looking chummy. Could be drinking induced smiles or maybe Charlie thinks he is going to get lucky and Denise is smiling because Charlie thinks he is but she knows he is not. Got that? It was around this time last year when Charlie was in New York with Denise and their kids and he had the meltdown in his hotel room and the hooker called 911. That was at the height of Charlie crazy time.

It is amazing that as bad as he treats his ex-wives they all seem to want to hang out with him and Brooke is pretty much still in love with him so when she sees this photo of Charlie and Denise she will probably go over the edge. What she should do is take him to the dentist to see about getting that missing tooth replaced. Take Lindsay while you are at it. Two for one crackmouth specials.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHICH married Bravo “Housewife” was proposed to by a married Oscar-winning director? The unlikely duo have been attracted to each other for years – and since they’re both in unhappy marriages, he asked the reality star to dump her hubby and marry him!

Billionaires Get DUI Tickets Too

Do you know who the 10th richest person in America is? Well, she is also the 21st richest in the world. Her name is Alice Walton and her dad founded Wal-Mart. Yeah, so she has about 21 billion dollars kicking around in the bank. You would think that someone with that kind of cash could spring for a cab after a night of drinking. But, no, instead the billionaire decided to drink and drive and on her birthday no less. The 62 year old woman was busted while speeding through a construction zone in Fort Worth, Texas and police determined she had been drinking. She was arrested and posted the $1,000 bond. I just don't understand why you would ever take a chance on a DUI, and even less so when you basically could afford to hire as many drivers as anyone could ever want. She has enough money where she could have people line up in a single file and carry her home one person at a time. Do you realize that at 5% interest a year she makes a billion just in interest? That is almost $100M a month. $3M a day, just in interest. Buy a cab company next time.


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