Friday, May 20, 2011

Blind Item #1

This A list movie actor who is supposedly involved with an almost A list movie actress sure was not showing signs of it at a recent party. When asked how he had met his date for the night, our actor said he had called a guy who called a guy, and was not quite sure what her name was, but that she was really good in bed.

Random Photos Part Three

Mary Hart celebrates her final day of taping with all of her former co-anchors. Even John Tesh.
Anne Hathaway and some flowers in London.
The Hangover 2 premiere was last night. Mike Tyson looks scary skinny.
Justin Bartha gets close to his fans.
The official Kristen Bell picture of this site. She is getting tongued by a monkey. Kind of like her marriage to Dax. Yes, they are.
Randomness. Diddily Squiddily and Robert Downey Jr.
Ed Helms and Ken Jeong side hug it out.
And Zach G, looking sharp.
Alyssa Milano getting bigger everyday.

Random Photos Part Two

The amfAR party was held in Cannes and it is the biggest event of the season.

Sean Penn the a-hole was there as was Robert DeNiro.
Not a good look for Brooke Shields as she stands next to Goldie Hawn and Kenneth Cole. Goldie is looking good.
Janet Jackson and Donatella Versace sharing a table.
Courtney Love in the same trashy dress she has been wearing to parties for a month breathes on Roberto Cavalli.
Rosario Dawson and Jane Fonda. Randomness.
Kirsten Dunst all dolled up.
Milla Jovovich actually got up and sang. Plus she looked amazing.
Gwen Stefani had to spend some time with Jude Law because
Boy George was there with Kanye and Naomi Campbell so you know
Gavin Rossdale was not too far behind. Here Gavin is with Doutzen Kroes.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Jake G right after his workout.
Kirstie Alley plants one on Romeo. All a joke. Although, I think Kirstie would not mind spending some one on one time with him.
Katie Holmes at some fashion event.
Also there was Jenna Elfman. Normally I would skip Jenna, because I am not a fan, have reached my limit of three Scientology members per photo post, and she is wearing 1970's golfing pants, but I put her in here because she looks like she is 3 feet taller than that other woman. I mean Jenna is like
Gisele Bundchen tall.
"Hi, I am Kim Kardashian and I need more attention, so I decided to wear this for a walk down the sidewalk in the middle of the day." Who does this?
Of course, it all pales in comparison to the Mischa Barton look.
Patrick Dempsey getting mobbed in Cannes.
A solo Rebecca Gayheart playing with her child.
Miraculously, there was no blood shed.
Tyra Banks gives in to her Larry King fetish.

Your Turn

After watching that video, I just have to know what the best marriage proposal story you have heard or been apart of, and I would love worst stories too. Actually I will also take any kind of wedding stories.

Greatest Marriage Proposal?

At least once a week, someone sends me a YouTube link to a marriage proposal and claiming it is the best one ever. For that week, it probably was the best. I don't know if this is the best marriage proposal ever, but it is one of the best to make it on YouTube.

Ted C Blind Item

We've filled you in on lots of the gross-out goss that goes on behind Vice stars' closed doors, and now one of the stinkiest celebs has finally caught a whiff of his own dirty laundry.

We're sure you can guess who, too...

Super-Duper Cooper, the superstar who likes his nookie with a side of No. 2!

And when SDC caught wind that we were blabbing about his penchant for poo, he wasn't too pleased:

'Cause the dude's going out of his way to make sure hotel insiders don't snitch to us again!

See, Coop was set to make his return to Sin City—and his smelly sexcapades, we're sure—but didn't want to leave a tell-all trail this time.

So like any good celeb worth their A-list status, he had his people take care of it.

We're advised that Coop's assistant called up every million-dollar, high-rise hotel the star has stayed in, including the hotel our partic chatty friend works at, and had a conversation that goes a little something like this:

"Hello! Hope you've been well! How are the kids? Blah blah blah, by the way, have you heard any rumors about Super-Duper Cooper lately?"

Our mischievous source, of course says, "No, why?" And that's when Coop's pal gets sassy, saying:

"Oh, there's just an old gossip columnists who's out to get Coop. They don't understand him because Coop is irreverent."

And when our in-the-know worker said that didn't keep up with the goss, Coop's fellow booked a room on the spot.

Hm, wonder if he'll be sure to clean up after himself this time.

Listen up, Coop, as long as you keep being so careless with your feces fun, I'll be sure to blab it. We can both be irreverent in that way, huh? But thanks for reading the blolumn!

(And for the record, you've kissed women my age and sure seemed to get off on it, dude.)

And It Ain't: Alexander Skarsgård, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Jonas

End Of The World Tomorrow?

I know the whole 2012 world is ending thing turned out to be a big math error. Most of the time when someone predicts the end of the world and it does not happen they always blame math. It does not seem that hard to add up some numbers and come to a conclusion. Usually when you mess up like that math wise, you kind of fade away and are not taken very seriously. Of course if they had been right and the world ended, no one would be around to take them very seriously either, so it is kind of like a lose lose. Unless, of course you are selling books or have a television show based on your predictions. Harold Camping says the world is going to end at 6pm tomorrow. Is that 6pm Australia time because they are about there at the point I am typing this? I think he means US time. Guys like this don't even think about the vagaries of time zones when they are making their predictions. This same guy also said the world was going to end in 1994 and had written a big about it which was a big seller. Want to know why it did not happen? Bad math. Seriously. The guy is 89 so back in 1994 when he said the new date was 2011 he was probably not expecting to be alive. Whoops. He is so he has to go on and on about it even though it is not going to happen.

The Goopster Is At It Again

I have to admit it. I have tried to go cold turkey from GOOP. I had to. Thursday mornings when the weekly newsletters came out were driving me crazy and I was spending way too much time writing about The Goopster and how she had no clue about what real life is like. Well, I gave in yesterday. I know, I know, but I had not eaten in 30 minutes so my blood sugar was low. What did I find? I found The Goopster not only modeling clothes for Spring and Summer, but then trying to sell them all to you. So, if you have $18,000 just sitting around you too, can be just like The Goopster because you know, if you cannot come up with the money for Chloe blazer and clutches and Stella McCartney dresses, you might as well just stay home all summer, or at least do not hang out with The Goopster. Yes, she has some lower priced options in the newsletter, but which ones are first? Which ones is she pointing out? All the pricey ones. To her, $18,000 is like parking meter money, but this is the thing, even if you drop the $18,000, it only gets you like three outfits. What the eff are you supposed to do the other 87 days of summer?

Pete Doherty Is Finally Going To Jail

Apparently Pete Doherty is getting old enough that all the judges he had sex with previously when he was a prostitute have all retired or something because Pete is going to jail. I know, I know. After years and years and multiple arrests and court appearances, Pete is finally going to do time. Oh sure, he is not going to even be charged with all of these deaths that have happened because he supplied drugs to people, but at least he is going to jail. After pleading guilty last month to coke possession, this morning in a London court, Pete found out his sentence. I was expecting more probation or rehab, but he actually got six months in jail. So, for those of you with tickets to his show tonight in Scotland, you may want to try and get your money back.

The Office - Oh And James Spader

This is just a quick little recap of some impressions I have had watching the last two weeks of The Office without Steve Carrell there. They have been brilliant. I have probably watched 80% of all The Office episodes and I cannot remember ever laughing out loud. Wait, I take that back. I did the one time when Michael refused to not follow the GPS and ended up in a pond. That is about it though. The last two weeks have seen me laugh out loud and last week, I was nearly in tears at several points.

For those of you who are die hard Office fans, I am sure you will miss Michael. I thought the show would fall apart without him, but it is the exact opposite. Suddenly the writers have room to breathe and characters to explore instead of giving half the lines each week to Steve. Last night Creed got 25% of the lines. Never would have happened before. Everyone is getting more time to expand and because the writers are not constrained within the limits of focusing the show around Steve, they are more funny and creative and it has been brilliant.

Last night, there was some stunt casting to fill the role of the head of the Scranton branch. Ricky Gervais was funny and Catherine Tate was also on there, although with longer hair. Jim Carrey, Ray Romano and Will Arnett also made appearances. The performance of the night though and very much Emmy worthy in the guest role category was James Spader. That guy can flat out act. He may be challenging Val Kilmer on the scales, but you can tell he is a brilliant actor when you watch him with all the other people they had on the show. He was great and the writing with him was brilliant.

Janine Talks Smack About Jesse James

Radar paid Janine, the former wife of Jesse James, a few bucks and she spilled some details. See, it should be Janine that is writing the book and not Jesse. His book just keeps saying how good he is and how everything is just one big misunderstanding. According to Janine, Jesse called her two weeks after he married Sandra Bullock and said he made a huge mistake in marrying Sandra. Janine told him just to keep his peen in his pants and not cheat and it would go fine. Janine says that throughout his marriage to Sandra, Jesse would send sexy pictures of Janine to Janine and say Yum. She says they never had sex while he was with Sandra. I get the feeling that she may have not been entirely truthful with that one. It really seems carefully worded.

She also says that Jesse started cheating on Janine right after they got married. She accidentally got a sext that was supposed to go to another woman. Don't you hate when that happens? If you would not cheat, you would not have to worry.

I Forgot The Palins Had An Older Son

Whenever I would see the name Track Palin, I just assumed by the ridiculousness of the name that it was one of the other monosyllabic T names that are in the house. I guess I should have paid more attention, because Track is not just a sport, it is a guy and he got married in a rush job last week to his high school sweetheart. Apparently the two have known each other since they were two years old and have been together for the last 6 or 7 years so of course it would make sense they would get married during the week, have no one there but parents and have a celebration seven months after the wedding in December. Yeah, I think she is pregnant too. A formal celebration in 7 months? 5 months to have the baby and then two months to get ready for the big day.

Uh Oh Arnold, Gloria Allred Is Involved

You know it was really only a matter of time before Gloria Allred got involved in the whole Arnold mess. There are too many women, and too much money at stake for Gloria to not come in and say hi, or in this case bring forward one of the women who will soon be making bank. Why you ask? I don't know. It could be because Arnold started having sex with her when she was 16, or it could be he got her pregnant. If she thinks she can shame Arnold into paying her for not revealing stories, I think she may be out of luck, so it is something else. What is known about Gigi Goyette is that she says Arnold had sex with one of his Total Recall stars, and there were only two other women who were in it. Sharon Stone and Rachel Ticotin. Gigi also says that Arnold was having sex with one of Gigi's friends but Maria found out so they stopped. This is not the first time Gigi has showed up. Back in the day, she was paid $20K by The Enquirer to be quiet about her affairs. American Media, which owns The Enquirer then went and bribed Arnold for his silence. Like Tiger Woods, Arnold was immediately such a fan of the health magazines American Media publishes that Arnold was on the masthead and endorsing them wherever he went.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

She is a non-famous and very insecure wife to this lead singer of a Top 40 Rock Band that lives outside of LA. The couple have only been married for a few years, but she is so worried about affairs and losing him, she’ll do whatever she can to keep him happy. The trouble is, she hates, HATES his mother and he can’t stay away from her. He recently suggested having his mom move in and the wife said she was happy to have her, but she’s really planning on ways to make the Mother-in-law miserable. The two fight like cats and dogs behind his back and the Mother-in-law is said to have plans to split up the marriage. The wife is gearing up for this already having a neighbor secretly plant flowers the mother in allergic to. Who knows when this family feud will end or if the marriage will end first?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

After looking like a drunken mess in Cannes the other night, Bradley cleans himself up to do press for Hangover 2.
Vanessa Hudgens is also back from a wild week in Cannes for her and stands next to Brooklyn Decker.
Bar does not seem to be feeling the effects of her breakup with Leo. Elisabetta has been spending a lot of time away from George Clooney lately.
Brooke Shields is also in Cannes.
You too can look like Britney if out work out 6 hours a day every day for six weeks. Oh, and don't eat and if you are not too big to begin with.
I love Charlotte Gainsbourg, but this is just a mess.
Her co-star, Kirsten Dunst looks great though.
Georgia Jagger washes off her guy while
Rosario Dawson gets hosed off by...
Gavin and the kids enjoying the sun.
Long time no see pap pictures of Hugh Jackman.
A rare pap picture of Jennifer Aniston.
Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss doing a Mad Men celebration.


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