Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blind Items Revealed

February 13, 2007

This sometime actress and I am being generous there. This sometime singer and I am being generous there. This woman who rides on the coattails of __________. That is much better. Anyway our actress/singer/leech has a new love. Well, she thinks he is a new love. To him, our actress/singer/leech is someone kind of cool to say he had sex with and you can close your eyes and kind of imagine___________. Anyway, she thinks it is love, and everyone else including__________ knows it is all about sex and nothing else.

Haylie Duff/Hilary Duff/AJ DiScala

Blind Items Revealed

November 29, 2006

DEVELOPING -- BLIND ITEM OF THE YEAR -- I keep trying to type this and I just cannot believe what the caller said. They definitely would know, but it is still unbelievable. When this female celebrity (#1) is arguing with another female celebrity or two it has always been assumed that the argument pertained to boyfriends or some trivial matter. As one of the female celebrities (#2) continues to go through personal problems, she is reaching out to friends with the story that she is involved in an on again and off again relationship with the other female celebrity (#1) and that what started out as a laugh became love for celeb #2 while celeb #1 preys on those emotions and treats #2 as a plaything when she needs someone which is causing #2 to spiral out of control. -- STAY TUNED --

Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan

Jason Alexander In A Nickelback Video

I encourage you to mute the sound because I would not want you to have to listen to a Nickelback song, but you should watch the video. Not sure why Jason Alexander said yes, but he did.

Seriously, This Weekend Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Might Get Married.. Maybe. Slight Chance

I feel like the tabloids are wishing a Brangelina wedding like they are wishing for a Jennifer Aniston baby or wedding. If they say it often enough then it might just come true. It is like "The Secret" times a million. If that book really works and if you put something out to the universe, you would think that 100 magazine covers and millions of people all reading the same story and putting it out there would get it accomplished. What hope do I have for just putting something out there once. Anyway, people in Brad and Angelina's town are going crazy again thinking the couple are getting married. Apparently home renovation is a big tip off for marriages. So, when you see someone adding a second floor to the house in your neighborhood, think marriage and not home improvement.

Blind Item #1

This very good looking B- list actor in his 30's from a hit (for them) USA network show ran into McKayla Maroney and started hitting on her like there was no tomorrow. When she told him she was only 16, he said that it didn't matter to him, and gave her his phone number and said that when she wanted a man, and not a Jonas brother to give him a call.

Hmmmm. Do You Suppose Shia LaBeouf & His Girlfriend Broke Up?

It has to be hard to be the girlfriend of Shia Labeouf. What, with his drinking and racist rants and calling you mom while having sex. It can all be a bit daunting. Karolyn Pho has stuck it out for two years though. It looks like though it has all come to an end. With Shia stating that he is going the Vincent Gallo route of film-making by having actual sex during sex scenes and how he is going to have to audition hundreds of actresses for the role, Karolyn might have had enough. Lots of yelling going on and then an angry girlfriend driving off. She probably won't watch Transformers again either.

Coke, Alcohol & Viagra Killed Joey Kovar

Police suspect that former Real Worlder and Celebrity Rehabber, Joey Kovar died Thursday night in Chicago because of a lethal combination of cocaine, Viagra and alcohol. Kovar was on coke when he went over to a female friend's house. She does not call herself his girlfriend. He wanted more coke. She said no and asked him to spend the night. He took Viagra, but she insists they didn't have sex. Just intimate. She says when she woke up the next morning Kovar had blood coming out of his ears and nose and presumably died of a brain aneurysm because of a drug overdose. Coke and Viagra? His heart must have been racing a million miles an hour. Friends also say that Kovar took and abused a lot of prescription drugs too.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

If you Google hot mess, this photo of Amanda Bynes is what you should see.
Brandi Glanville goes on a date with a guy who works for Mauricio. Interesting.
Isabella and Conner Cruise showing some sibling love.
A San Francisco coffee shop sets a few rules.
Gabby Douglas returns home for the first time in two years.
An actual real smile from Jessica Alba. If her hair was really that short and with those glasses, and dressed in blue, who sees Will Ferrell dressed as Janet Reno?
Jessica Biel almost goes full swan.
Jordin Sparks at the LA premiere of her new movie which is not very good.
Bobbi Kristina was there with her brother/lover.

Random Photos Part Two

So, let's talk about that Breaking Dawn 2 promo tour and the brand new still photos.
"Hi. Make sure you line up orderly so my bodyguard can throw you into the hotel door like he did just a second ago."
Dye her hair black, add a few tattoos and Miley can start calling herself Trace.
Miranda Kerr gives Terry Richardson a B12 shot. Seriously. He should get something stronger than that after having sex with Lindsay Lohan.
Carmen Electra has a huge knot on her head. Maybe Maria Menounos can get that out for her. I can't believe I know how to spell Menounos without looking it up.
Know who this is?
Mia Sara, the other day in New York.
Michelle Williams takes her daughter shopping.
Nicole Eggert is really trying hard. She works out constantly.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

It's kind of like old times for Nick Jonas. Fans following him. The one strange guy who thinks it is a great way to meet women.
Nikki Reed wearing the official uniform of West Hollywood. Yoga pants. They check your car at the border of the city. Only allowed in if you are wearing them.
Camilla Belle shows off her Pentagon gift shop glasses.
Anna Paquin must be hating this heat while carrying twins. I hate it and I feel like I'm basically carrying triplets. Quadruplets after a bad weekend eating. Fat men and heat don't go well together.
Pamela Anderson feeling the love at LAX.
Ashley Tisdale leaving ballet class.
Craziest photo of the day goes to Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski and Johnny Weir.
Tony Romo shows off his four month old.

The Ultimate Five Guys Review Gets Better - With Autotune

Lauren Conrad Tried To Destroy This Video

Ahh, the internet. Once something is posted, it is very difficult to make sure it is well and truly destroyed. Lauren Conrad has some crafts thing she does or is trying to do and is so ticked off that Tori Spelling was picked to host that new craft competition show. Lauren auditioned for it and begged for the job and she just couldn't get it. She then did not have very nice things to say about Tori. Anyway, Lauren has this craft thing and she decided to demonstrate a project which involved her destroying an entire set of books. Yeah, she killed them and when the entire world jumped down her throat for not destroying her own book or at least doing a different project, Lauren tried to destroy every last trace of the video. Well, here it is.

Four For Friday - She Talks A Lot

It is Friday, so that must mean it is announcement time. No real announcements this week. I would like to remind everyone that I will be blogging all weekend and that tomorrow, Saturday, which is the day after Friday, I will be revealing a blind item or two from the archives. I think the last couple of weeks have had some really good reveals and definitely felt like they predicted the future. They were written so long ago, it is kind of fun for me to dig them out too. Anyway, if you want to follow me on Twitter you can add @entylawyer or click the bird thing over there ----->

This actress is not shy about talking, you just have to start her off and then she talks and talks and talks. About everyone. This actress is B- list, and I'm probably just saying that because she is nice to me. She is actually closer to a C+. name recognition? Pretty good. Gorgeous? Absolutely. Always movies. Would you know her? Probably. Would you know most of the guys she has slept with? Absolutely. She talks about one guy she dated for awhile. He was just about an A list celebrity at the time. He had started to slip from his peak, but he still had millions of people following him. Anyway, he wanted her to try and keep their relationship a secret. he told her it was because the fans like him better if he was single. Turns out he liked them to think he was single so he could sleep with more of them. She says that when they had sex, he would only do it in places where he could look in the mirror. One time they were having sex in the backseat of a limo and there was no mirror, so he asked to borrow her compact. Yep. That obsessed with watching himself. She watched him crank call an A list celebrity repeatedly and also watched as he called her and yelled at her and used words she had never heard come out of a mouth before except in a movie. It was then she knew they were going to split. The way he treated that person was awful. Of course that person didn't really care for our actress.

Our actress also said that she did once hook up with a married man. In fact, it happened on her 18th birthday. The actor, who is B+, but with A list name recognition, who has one of the big awards took her out for her birthday and the next thing you knew they ended up in bed together. He told her they could never tell anyone because it would ruin his marriage and that she should probably go which was about two minutes after they finished and about ten minutes after they started.

Your Turn

Have you read 50 Shades Of Grey? Will you ever read it? Would you read the book version or electronic version? Has anyone heard of a book club that is reading it?

Gerard Depardieu Punched A Driver In The Face

Last year, Gerard Depardieu peed on a plane. Well, lots of people pee on a plane. What made his peeing different is that he did not use the lavatory, but used the aisle instead. Probably afraid someone might ask him for an autograph as he emerged or accuse him of disabling or tampering with the smoke detector which is a crime punishable by watching all season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on a continuous loop while Kim stands behind you telling you about all the new clothes Kanye just bought her and describing each photo she has ever Tweeted of herself.

Anyway, Gerard also seems to have a problem with road rage. A driver in France has accused the star of punching him in the face. Gerard's scooter hit the other man's car. They both started talking and then Gerard punched him. The driver who was punched has filed a police report. Police are looking for Gerard. Well, they won't find him in the bathroom that's for sure.

National Enquirer Blind Item

Which handsome cable TV star refuses to marry his long-term girlfriend – whom he really does love – even after she gave him an ultimatum? The hunky actor just isn’t the marrying type – he’d rather booze it up, hang with his buddies and concentrate on his career, rather than settle down! Who is he?

Lady GaGa's Bodyguard Destroys A Fan

I think the video speaks for itself. I love how lady GaGa does not seem all that plussed or concerned about what just happened. How often does she have bodyguards slamming people into doors that she barely even notices?

Man Dies In Car Accident - Police Go To Tell Family But They Are All Dead

I have a feeling I know how this one will turn out. Yesterday, a Michigan man was killed in a car accident when he was driving the wrong way on I-94. Not only did he end up killing himself, but he also killed the driver of an oncoming car. Shortly after police identified Michael Vanderlinden as the driver driving the wrong way who was killed, they went to his house to inform his family. When police arrived at the house, they found the front door slightly open and Michael's wife and two children ages 4 and 7 stabbed to death. A murder weapon was found at the scene. This sounds like murder suicide for sure. I just don't understand these cases where people kill their entire families. Even if your spouse or partner was cheating on you or doing something like that, why do you have to kill the kids? Why kill anyone? Just walk away and leave and start over.

Honey Boo Boo's Mom Has A Criminal Record

Have you ever watched the Honey Boo Boo show on TLC? I have. It turns out that the mom, June Shannon, has a criminal record. She was arrested for theft and contempt of court. Apparently the contempt charges have to do with child support, and possibly the theft charges too. In case you have not notice, her oldest daughter, Anna, who lucked out in the lottery genes department, looks nothing like June or Sugar Bear so is probably the daughter of June and another man. June would have been about 16 when she gave birth to Anna who is now 17. June probably owed child support to the father and didn't pay and ended up being arrested. Give it a few weeks and someone will dig it all out.

Blind Item #1

What former B+ list television and movie actress and also former tweener is now someone who can barely function, but is playing with a lot of danger when it comes to her future. Not only is she moving drugs for her "boyfriend," but he is also passing her around to whoever wants her because he is tired of her. She is wasted almost 24/7. At this point, it is just a matter of time before she messes up again, but that the police get involved.

Jenny McCarthy Moves To Chicago For Boyfriend - Splits With Him A Few Weeks Later

Jenny McCarthy was so excited to move back to her hometown of Chicago and had a boyfriend, Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears, that she had been seeing for sometime and is the reason she moved back. So, she does so and a couple of weeks later is telling the world the couple split, and they have decided to be the best of friends. I think she said the same think about Jim Carrey. How did that friendship work out? Yeah. People don't stay friends with Jenny after they split. I think she has a bit of stalker in her. I think she is perfectly willing to be friends, but something just does not click with the exes and her. There is something that happens in a Jenny relationship and I get the feeling that whatever happens, it is a fairly abrupt ending. For the last three or four relationships, Jenny has been head over heels and has not stopped commenting about how this guy is the one and she has never been happier and then a few weeks later the relationship is over. Do you think she is pressing them really hard? Does she read her books aloud to them? Does she make them watch the vaccination channel. That might not be an actual cable channel, but with so many out there, would it really surprise you if such a channel slipped into your 500 channels somewhere. The other day I ventured outside of the HD channels and found an entire world of cable television I hadn't known existed. Did you know there is a channel called OWN? Yep. Apparently Oprah runs it. I'm not sure why The Cooking Channel is not in HD, but I have to search everytime I want to watch that channel. I have started venturing outside HD to DVR programs. Takes up way less space.

Everyone Hates Matt Lauer - Probably Even Natalie Morales

Yesterday morning, Al Roker "joked" about Matt Lauer throwing people under the bus. He was obviously referring to Ann Curry and just as obviously, Al doesn't like Matt for it or his fake pleasantries and everyone liked Ann and the only reason she is gone is because of Matt. Yes, the ratings were low, but they had started dropping long before Ann took over. They have continued to drop with Savannah who looked mortified yesterday when Al dropped his bomb on Matt. Know what Matt did after? Well, go look for the joke anywhere in the Today clips online. Not there is it? Matt complained and the bosses took it out. Why? If it was just a joke, then why would it matter? It is because it is not a joke. Everyone dislikes Matt and wish he was the one kicked to the curb. Natalie Morales is probably even tired of him by now and all his excuses. The hard flirting with Savannah is probably not helping matters either.

Jennifer Aniston Doesn't Trust Her Friends

Jennifer Aniston thinks her friends are selling her out to the tabloids. Or, it could be her publicist picking up a few extra bucks. Hey, it wouldn't be the first time a publicist did that. Smile out of one side of your face to a tabloid and then collect a check from another while spilling the dirt. According to Fox News, Jennifer is now sending out stories that aren't true just to find out who is selling what. That sounds like it could get complicated. Why even worry about it? Tell me what news there has been about Jennifer Aniston in the past three years that you gave one shake about. There is the "engagement," and the breakup with John Mayer. All the other pregnancy and babies and adoption and wedding plans and visits to Mars and meeting Tupac for a quickie while Elvis filmed it are all just not that important. Every story about Jen has not actually contained any news. They are all very empty and hollow and not very satisfying. Kind of like her movie career.

Hope Solo Says Maksim Slapped Her So Hard It Left A Mark All Day

There have been so many contestants on Dancing With The Stars, that sometimes you can forget that someone was actually on the show. They all kind of blur together after awhile into one big D lister. Hope Solo is one of those people in my mind. She slipped it. I had forgotten that she was on the show until her book came out and in it says that once Maksim slapped her on the stomach so hard during rehearsals that it left a mark all day. Then, I slapped my own face, and after tasting the bacon grease on my hand, totally remembered she was on there. She says that after the incident happened, ABC offered to replace him with another partner.

Yesterday afternoon, Maksim responded to the claim by Hope by Tweeting that he has always hated hypocrites and liars and and an opportunist all at the same time. So, is that Hope? Do you think Maksim could have slapped her? I say for sure he could have. Do I think he is an abuser? No. Hope says it was during practice. You should never slap someone or punch someone, and you should not be yelling at someone constantly either and I think that is pretty much standard practice for the pros on the show to do to the celebrities.

Hope also says that whenever Maksim yells at the judges or does something controversial, it is all planned to help him stay in another week because the viewers want to see what happens next so vote for him to stay.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

John Slattery being cast for Arrested Development. That is top spot worthy.
Christina Aguilera must love these photoshopped Voice promo photos.
Chris Hemsworth in London checking on his brother and the status of Miley Cyrus' hair.
Eva Longoria and the world's tallest heels.
Anne Hathaway's ex has a new girlfriend and
she seems to really like him a lot. Or she loves ear wax.
Jennie Garth and her skinny self with her new boyfriend.
Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfledt land in LA.
Jennifer Lawrence in Vogue.

Random Photos Part Two

I seem to recall a time when there were photos of John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston in a pool together. That ended well didn't it?

Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, this is Justin Theroux all wrapped up and on his bike and unable to answer any questions about anything.
Katie Holmes sent some movers to take her things out of Tom Cruise's house.
Kylie Minogue out with her boyfriend.
Kelly Osbourne at the same event as
Kate Upton.
I was going to say Lindsay Lohan actually looks pretty good in this photo and then
I looked at her hands. She has the hands of a 75 year old chain smoker.


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