Friday, December 12, 2008

Four For Friday - Kindness

Keeping with the earlier theme of Your Turn, all of today's items are kindness items.

#1 - This guy is an A list television star and probably B in films he has done. Probably not any higher than B list on name recognition though. Oh, he stars in one of those crime dramas. Anyway, for the past year he has just had his paychecks sent to directly to various charities in the city where he films his show.

#2 - I guess this actor is considered an A list television actor although honestly, it is just the name of the show everyone remembers. Anyway, our actor spends about 5 hours a week every week at local hospitals reading to kids who are there and playing games with them.

#3 - This actress is B list. Hit network drama which I refuse to watch. Totally in contrast with her earlier more famous television role, this actress has a big soft spot. Over the past few years she has arranged for about 20 disadvantaged kids to go to private schools. She pays for all the books, uniforms and tuition. It costs her about $200,000 a year.

#4 - This actress is also B list probably by definition but has A list name recognition. She is also on a hit network comedy. She and her boyfriend have contributed many tens of thousands of dollars to various food banks and other food programs and spend countless hours volunteering at them as well.

I Have A Funny Feeling About This

Let's go back in time to earlier this year when the whole Shania Twain/Mutt Lange story came out. You remember don't you? We had Shania fleeing a marriage where she alleged Mutt cheated on her, she was scorned, and to prove she was scorned she was going to do a new album and promote it for the fans and do a People Magazine cover story.

Well, what about this? I just think that it is really strange that the person Shania Twain is hanging out with for the holidays is the soon to be ex husband of the woman who allegedly cheated with Mutt. So far, People has tried to spin this for Shania twice in the past week. First they posted a photo with a caption last week, and now this week they added a blurb that goes with the photo above.

They claim that they are suffering together and helping each other cope and blah, blah, blah. Oh, and that Shania made a "triumphant return" to the CMA's. Triumphant? They didn't even bother to change the words of the publicist. What it sounds like to me is that Mutt, who has always been quiet and a behind the scenes guy might have been the one wronged here. I don't know. I also have a faulty memory but I don't think Mutt has said anything in the press about his relationship with Shania or why it ended. I know there was an attempt to get an interview with the woman Mutt allegedly slept with, but we never got the full story.

Now, I know that strange things happen in life. If they didn't, there would be no blind items and Paris Hilton would be the location of a hotel.

But, I just think there is something really odd about this whole setup and how it is being spoon fed slowly to the people who buy Shania's records.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Bettie Page - RIP

Normally a reader photo of a concert would go on top. But in this case, I think Bettie deserved it.

David Byrne - Charlotte
Chace Crawford looks a little lonely in this photo. Who wants to go cheer him up? Anyone? Anyone?
This has been a long time coming. Chris Cornell finally makes Random Photos.
See, now if Chace were smart he would have made a beeline straight for Ciara since they were at the same event.
I can still watch Dick Van Dyke in his old television show and laugh. Plus he was in the scariest kids movie ever. If you were a kid and saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and were not scared out of your mind, then you are lying to yourself. I still have trouble watching it.
Eric Dane has offered to help Kate Walsh grieve over her divorce. Yeah, I bet he has.
Sometimes, Evan Handler looks like Dr. Evil.
When you think of Elizabeth Perkins what is the very first thought that pops in your head? In mine it is a scene from Big.
Ahhh, what could have been. Gabrielle Anwar came this close to being wife #2. Then I woke up.
Just Shoot Me was a pretty good show, but I was glad it gave me the chance to see George Segal act. I remember way back in the day. So long ago there were dinosaurs and Ellen Barkin had facial features. Anyway, I saw George Segal and John Lithgow do Requiem For A Heavyweight and it was just one of the greatest things I had seen at the time. Blew me away.
Yeah. Latch on to him Jen. Hold Owen Wilson tight. See how many photos you can find last night of Owen Wilson alone and compare those with all the ones Jennifer somehow gets into.
Always have room for Judith Light.
To me John Mayer's outfit is right on the edge of Hammer Time.
Also long overdue in the photos is James Remar. Love this guy.
Yeah, but Katherine Heigl has been in the news this week so it is kind of news worthy.
I get lots and lots of requests for Michael Chiklis
And tons for Michael C. Hall. I could have a whole wing in my e-mail for this guy.
You know what? Mary Kate Olsen looks good. For her.
"I can't help it Camilla. I can't stop laughing. He said fart."
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Can you think of a more successful father son team in Hollywood?
And TR Knight showed up at the Marley & Me premiere.
One of the funniest people alive is Tracey Ullman. And Matt Groenig needs to call her everyday and say thank you.
So, take your pick. Do you want Jason Isaacs or Viggo Mortensen?

Your Turn

Over the holiday season, like most of you I encounter lots and lots of opportunities for giving. Sometimes there are so many that I just don't know who or what or where to give. I'm always asking people who they give to and what the organization does. There was one really great one I heard about recently. It isn't an organization that has a website or a place to contribute, but I thought it was a great idea. A group of women get together, pool their money and make gift baskets for single moms. The baskets are full of pampering things that the moms would probably never buy for themselves because they are too busy or do not have enough after scrimping and saving for presents for their children. I thought it was a great idea. One of the best I had heard of in awhile.

Today, because there is still time left to make a difference, I want you to list the places or organizations or ideas you have heard about. A link would also be great. I know this isn't the typical mindless Your Turn I normally provide, but I figure once a year we can turn our attention to something that actually makes a difference. Next week though, I promise to get back to the trivial. I actually have one in mind that is quite possibly the most trivial one ever. All it will require is a two word answer, but affects each of you everyday. Intrigued? Well, that is next week. This week tell me who your favorite charities are.

NY Post Blind Items

WHICH actress who plays a teen on a hit TV show incorrectly insists she's a size zero? Employees at a clothing line have to remove all the bigger-size labels from garments they send her to her to keep her happily deluded .

WHICH handsome TV host is thought by patrons of at least one gay bar to be in the closet? As the stud discusses dating women, they hoot and holler, and hurl insults at the screen.

She Wants The House?

I will be the first to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of Michael Bolton. But, I am even less of a fan of Nicollette Sheridan and if this report from the NY Post is true, it just seems like she is confirming every bad impression of her I have. The Post is saying that Michael Bolton agreed to buy a house in LA with Nicollette and to move in with her. Because he didn't need his house in Connecticut anymore he sold that one and did move in with Nicollette. Two months later she kicked him out. I would say it was because he was walking around the house flipping his hair behind his head every five seconds while he constantly hummed When A Man Loves A woman, but knowing Nicollette, I'm guessing she just did what she always does and went searching for someone new.

Now, this would not be anything out of the ordinary in the world. People break up all the time, and whether you are living together or married, it sucks to have to pack up all your crap and move home to your parents. OK, so Michael isn't doing that. But don't judge me people. Sorry. But sometimes I get carried away.

The thing is that Michael wants Nicollette to just buy his half of the house from him. Seems fair to me. I mean she is the one living there. I guess he could keep paying half and get his money back when its eventually sold but meanwhile he would have to deal with her about things and that is not fun for anyone. But, Nicollette doesn't want that either. Noooo. What she wants is Michael to just give her his half of the house. $2M worth of the other half. $2M? Just give it to her? For what? If they were married she wouldn't get it, so why does she think she is entitled to it now? Is she that self absorbed to think she is the greatest thing ever? Give it to her? I don't think so.

This Is Going To Turn Out Well

Do you remember how you used to drive when you were 16? I do. I have fond memories of driving a big tank of a car that had been my grandmothers. I remember that I could hit just about anything and it wasn't going to do any damage to me or to the 10 people I routinely crammed into every space that didn't have a fast food wrapper or empty cans.

Miley Cyrus on the other hand has been given a Porsche. Sure its a couple of years old, but it's still a Porsche. If I had been 16 with Porsche, I would be dead right now. Not so much from the speeding I would have done, but can you imagine trying to fit ten people into a Porsche? I would have died from suffocation. I'm guessing in order to keep their money tree growing and happy, her parents decided to forget their own first years of driving and must think Miley will be an excellent driver. Yes, she says it just like Rainman. You are saying it now aren't you? You are rushing off to YouTube to see if they have that clip. Well, if they do, post it in the comments so I can watch.

The only good thing that I guess her parents can hope for is that it is almost impossible to have sex in a Porsche. Plus, with paps following her all the time. Oh, I didn't even think about that. Can you imagine a 16 year old driver being tailed and shadowed by 10 cars? Wow. This is going to be worse than I imagined. I also think it wouldn't have killed her parents to actually act like parents. Sure, they will say they didn't get her the car she wanted, but maybe it would have been a good life lesson to give her the same kind of car that all of her 16 year old fans have to drive.

Not A Good Day For Kate Walsh

I'm still not sure why Kate Walsh got married to Alex Young. Oh, I'm sure she would say it was love. Hell, he might even say the same thing. Whatever. Alex filed for divorce the day before Thanksgiving. If you do that to someone, then you know the marriage sucked ass. I remember with wife #3 I think. She filed for divorce on Christmas Eve because, well she was the devil and didn't believe in Christmas, but to me it was tragic. Not tragic like if they tried to remake Burl Ives and Rudolph, but tragic as in the liquor store is out of my favorite brand of vodka.

Anyway, the soon to be divorced couple released a statement as was expected. It says it came from the couple, but since Alex probably doesn't have a spokesperson, I'm guessing it came from Kate's people. I love this line. "The couple remain on friendly terms and sincerely hope the media will respect their privacy during this difficult time."

Most of the time it would say something like they remain best friends and still love each other and blah, blah, blah. But notice how it just says they remain on friendly terms. Translated that means they haven't changed their cell phone numbers yet. But I guarantee the calls are going straight to voice mail. Nasty? Oh, I think it will be. Settlement to keep it out of the media? Absolutely.

Oh, and Kate. Hope they take you back on Grey's because Private Practice is about thisclose to being canceled.

Looks Like Paula Was Telling The Truth

When I first saw that the Nigel Lythgoe, the former American Idol producer had done some press on Thursday for his new show, I thought for sure Paula Abdul was going to get buried in a bunch of "we never did such a thing," in response to her statement earlier this week about AI knowingly letting in a stalker to an audition.

But, now I have to say that everything Paula said was probably true. It wasn't some kind of Paula haze. You know what I'm talking about. That glassy eyed stare she has everytime they show her face during American Idol. OK, not every time, but most of the time. Anyway, at first Nigel took the expected stance.

"You do not take somebody in that room that you believe is a danger to herself or a danger to Paula. That would not enter our heads."

So when you read that, you start thinking to yourself hat Paula tripped over her dog one too many times and was imagining it all.

But then, I read this. "This is three years ago. I honestly say I can't remember the conversation. If Paula said, that's what she said, I believe her. We've seen over 700,000 contestants. And one has made a terrible, terrible mistake. If you're an odds man, they are great odds."

Well first of all, that is pretty callous discussing the woman who killed herself as a statistic and that if there are only one suicidal stalker out there after 700,000 contestants that we should all be jumping up and down. In fact, it is a really insensitive thing to say. But the fact that he can't remember what Paula said is crap. How many times do you think one of the judges has said to the producers I have a restraining order out against that person. I'm scared of that person. Yeah, I bet Paula was the only time so, forgive me Nigel if I don't believe you.

Ted C Blind Item

Another one bites the romantic dust. Sure, it's no secret that lots of Hollywood movie stars require confidentiality contracts—from their house cleaners, their assistants, their cooks and, yes, sometimes, even their lovers. We've mentioned this before.

Heartless as it may seem, some folks can't even get close to getting off unless they feel they'll be protected from any morning-after spills to the tabloids, thanks to whichever partner they happened to hook up with. Not really such the shocker there, once you think about it. But what's truly unusual is who we're told has now used this cold-as-ice, fine-print safeguard, you'll never guess...

Yes, it's our very own beloved closet cutie, Toothy Tile!

Love it, he's not so dumb after all, eh? I remember Toothy back from when he was getting it on in West Hollywood parking lots, for any cop to see. In fact one did see, but, of course, the Tooth got off, thanks to his powerful reps—sheesh, so predictable. But now comes word that Toothy's not only stepping out on the B.F. (unless this was done with his approval, perchance?), but he's doing it smartly, like, every other bigass, closeted dude in town does—contracts to sign, in hand.

Nice one, Tooth! The publicist-powered group you hang with nowadays musta taught you a thing or two, eh?

Oh, and you want the dirt from the guy who took his very own confidentiality agreement in hand and spilled the deets just the same? It was all lovely, we're told...the kind of loveliness that grows on ya, if you catch my naughty drift.

Oh, and that Toothy has something in common with Ryan Gosling: Such a cool demeanor, you'd have no idea the fire burning down below. None.

It Ain't: Ryan Gosling, Shia LaBeouf, John Krasinski

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today's Blind Items

Which not too long out of the closet male celebrity with B+ name recognition, can't keep a boyfriend because of performance issues? Apparently no matter how hard he tries or how much Viagra he takes, he just cannot get the job done with boyfriends. The only way he manages to get it in play so to speak is to pay for it with escorts. Then he has no problems.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Danny Glover gets the top spot today. A great actor someone who really does not get the credit he deserves for his acting talent.

Avril Lavigne just fired her manager. She doesn't look that thrilled to be out either.
Definitely random. Amaury Nolasco and I love how Amaury is trying to hide the drink.
After the Dubai Film Festival it looks as if Ben and Casey Affleck are going to start remaking The Blues Brothers.
It has been a long time since Beth Ditto was in the photos. She looks great and I love the hair color.
I'm actually going to say that Bai Ling looks pretty. She's wearing clothes and she doesn't have those message covered Band-Aids all over her body.
One of my favorite photos of the day. It's tough to be that dressed up and in that good of a mood at 5am, but Rainn Wilson and Brooke Shields seem to be making the best of it.
I don't usually post ads, but Ellen looks nice here, so what the hell.
Ignorant guy question of the day. Does Goldie Hawn wear wigs?
Jessica Alba and Baron Davis. I wonder how that company Baron and Cash is doing?
Jennifer Aniston looks great here, but her face has been airbrushed so much that she looks like she is about 20 instead of 40.
Jason Mraz - Oslo
Last week was Harry Hamlin and this week another LA Law alum. Jimmy Smits along with Wanda De Jesus.
I'm not normally a fan of Kylie Minogue, but honestly what she did here for this fan was really great. That is what its all about. Of course she probably still made the girl pay full price for a bottle of perfume.

So, yes, I know I got Adam Sandler's shirt designer wrong yesterday, so to make up for it I am putting him in here again today. For future reference though I don't think Adam should pose next to someone as attractive as Keri Russell.
The dress is a mess and very see through. And, she can't even blame it on drinking which would have been a good excuse. I know there must be a point to dresses like this, but I really don't know what it is.
Paula was running late for her Revolutionary War reenactment group so she wore her uniform on David Letterman.
Trying to make himself relevant again, Russell Brand.
Does Rihanna not like some of her fingers because some of them have frowns. Specifically the ones in which you would use to gesture an obscenity.
Robyn - Oslo
Reader Photo #1
And Reader Photo #2. She would like me to point out that the crocodile is most assuredly alive and not stuffed. Better you than me.
I'm trying to remember if I have ever seen Rob Schneider in a suit.
The one and only Sheila E.
So, Taylor Hanson and his wife had their 43rd kid. I know it's an exaggeration, but I can't keep up with the family and figure the three brothers will get there eventually. Taylor and his wife did a very smart thing. They named their son Viggo. So now if you mess with the name, then Viggo is going to be upset. Nice strategy.
So, I want everyone to notice that Tori Spelling decided not to wear her ring last night. Very, very interesting.
Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron leaving a home decorating store.


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