Friday, August 08, 2008

Four For Friday - Jackass

#1 - This female reality star from a cable program and sexy as hell, at least according to her did a Starbucks dance. No, not like Eva, but more of a hissy fit. See, when most people get the wrong drink order, or if it is not hot, or whatever they ask nicely to have it replaced. Well our reality vixen decided that what she would do is just take her ice coffee and dump it on the counter and say, "here's your tip," and then walk out.

#2 - Hotel in Las Vegas. Our B list actress from a hit network comedy who is usually friendly must have been extremely upset to pull this kind of diva behavior. Checks in to the hotel with her baby, a nanny and about 10 items of luggage. The hotel is packed, but she wants service right then. Gets up to her room. Says it faces the wrong direction, wants a new suite. Finds out there is nothing available for an hour or so. "Well you better find someone who can clean faster because if I don't have a room in the next five minutes, I am going to tell everyone I know, your hotel sucks. I don't care how many Mexicans you have to call, I want a new room. Now."

#3 - Car rental return. Minneapolis of all places. Our B-/C+ list film actor with a more famous brother returns his car. Dents all over the hood. Everywhere. Dirty. Tells the rental person someone did it in his hotel parking garage. Looks like someone was jumping up and down on the hood. Turns out though our actor forgot to change his dirty shoes which seemed to match exactly the foot size and treads on the hood. Idiot. And drunk still.

#4 - Virgin record store on Hollywood Blvd. Former teen A lister and now basically a has been bum, although still fairly young. Walks through the entire store just randomly throwing CD's and DVD's into a basket. Must be 100 of them. Not looking at any, just grabbing them by the handful and throwing them into this basket. Goes to checkout and wants them all for free. The cashier says they don't really do that. Our has been wants a manager. One comes over and our has been says they are for a kids organization he is working with. The manager looks at the pile and knows the has been is lying. Says he just can't help him. Our has been does the don't you know who I am routine, and the manager says he knows exactly who the has been is, but can't do anything about it. The back and forth continues, and then the has been gives up. Before he leaves though he asks the manager for $20.

Random Photos Part One

Bernie Brillstein - RIP
Christopher Cross - New York
Gerard Butler and Sting in a hockey locker room. Come on. How could I make it any better. I know, I know, but haven't they already both been in FFF?
Gavin Rossdale - Seattle
Don't normally get to see Halle Berry like this and I think she looks really good. She is always pretty, but nice to see her like this.
I know everyone tells me I am supposed to think Jessica Biel is pretty and sexy, but I just don't get what all the fuss is about.

Jonas Brothers - New York
Looks like Josh Brolin and Diane Lane hugged it out.
So, according to the Enquirer, this woman is putting a little crimp
in this woman's plans. Wouldn't it just suck if Holly Madison lost out to another woman after all of this. Hef seems pretty happy with himself. Viagra must be kicking in.
Kiefer Sutherland is looking great.

"Hey Kiefer, remember when I saw you an hour ago and took photos, look, here they all are."
Next thing you know, Tom's stylist is going to tell us that now Katie is wearing Tom's dresses.
Hey Jamie. I'm down to 398 pounds now. How about that date?
I'm guessing that Joey Lawrence is laughing at himself after he caught sight of his outfit in a mirror.

Michael Madsen and his son Luke. Guess things are better in his world.

One of my favorite actors, Michael Jai White.
This is why I love random photos. Luke Wilson and Cheryl Hines. Hope he brings her for drinks as well.
What movie is it that Liv Tyler and Mena Suvari did together? Wait, I remember. It is actually in my mind, and not actually on film.

Nina Dobrev on the Dating Game. "Bachelor #1. Are you romantic?" "Same question to Bachelor #2 as well."

"Dirty, but romantic, yes."
Molly Sims looking lovely as usual.
I'm assuming that is some 50 pound weight belt around the waist of Matthew and that he is in fact, not pregnant.

It just gets worse with every photo.

Rudy Reyes makes his first appearance in the photos.
Is that shadow or did Paul Rudd shave off half his left eyebrow at some point?
So, two nights ago Nicole Scherzinger was making out with and last night back with Lewis Hamilton.
Sex tape anyone?

Tila Tequila and her new girlfriend Courtenay Semal.
Tom Arnold giving us more proof of the fact he is an idiot.
Three first timers. Sean Nelson, Jesse Williams and Harmon Walsh.
Shar Jackson and Kevin Federline were at the same party last night. So, nine months from now would be May.

Your Turn

So, I thought last week was pretty interesting. Seems as if everyone enjoys talking about their childhood. So, lets take almost the same question, but in a little different way.

What was the first movie you remember going to see at the movies, and what was the first rated R film you ever saw at the movies.

It Was Just Sex

Well, John Edwards finally decided to admit he had an affair with Rielle Hunter. In an interview scheduled for Nightline tonight, Edwards says he and Hunter did the dirty a bunch, but that he didn't love her. Oh, good to know. Just about the sex. While your wife has terminal cancer you go ahead and stick it in somewhere for sex. Hey, that's what porn is for.

Look affairs happen all the time. I guess that this one just sickens me a little more than most of the rest because of the fact his wife is dying. Instead of worrying about his wife and her needs he is worrying about trying to find a place to do have sex without anyone knowing about it.

While his dying wife is campaigning across the country for his losing Presidential bid, he is off shacking up with someone at a Motel 6. They leave the lights on. This of course makes it much easier to get photos of what's going on inside and if in fact John Edwards does like wearing diapers when he has sex.

Now, as for the baby, Edwards is convinced it doesn't belong to him. Of course he hasn't taken a paternity test so at this point he is just guessing and doing the please don't let it be mine dance.

Olympic Opening Ceremony

For the full article accompanying these photos, please click here.

That's Going To Leave A Mark

In something that must cause a kid to stay up all night wondering what could have been and has probably led to the worst parent child arguments in the history of the world, JoJo Levesque told Extra yesterday that she was the first choice of Disney for the Hannah Montana role, but that she turned it down.

"Yeah, they offered me the role , but it wasn't what I saw for myself."

Well that is certainly a very well thought out lie. It probably is what her parents told her before they decided that she would be better off being a one hit wonder and doing a small role in RV. Of course I love that film, but last I checked she didn't earn a billion dollars for the role, nor did she get to become the most famous teenager on the planet. But, hey, it's all good. I'm sure that her new Lifetime film True Confessions Of A Hollywood Starlet will be a monster hit for the 25 people that watch it.

Can you imagine how close we came to none of the Miley Cyrus stuff. No Billy Ray Cyrus except in a 8 week run on the Surreal Life. No Vanity Fair scandal or caring that some 15 year old girl was posing in her underwear.

Hey, JoJo, you are not the only one who is upset about all this.

Keira Knightly Needs To Lighten Up - But Not In A Beyonce L' Oreal Way

I hate when people take themselves so seriously that they can't even take a joke. Obviously I love to have fun and laugh and give a lot of crap, but I also know how to take a lot of crap as well. You learn to do that when the basement door locks from the outside and the light switch is outside the door. God help me when the parents get too much to drink in them.

Anyway, James Corden apologized yesterday after being snubbed by Keira Knightley for a joke he said about her five months ago. He was introducing a videotape of Keira accepting an award for Best Actress. Apparently this is the kind of award show where you let the winners know in advance they have won so they bother to show up. Anyway, in his intro, he said they had just finished three days of "sensual lovemaking" and "solid shagging."

Apparently Keira was pissed and repeatedly ignored him at a party last week. To me this is just someone who thinks she is either obviously too important to be joked about, or is the most sensitive creature on the planet, or just was at the party and had absolutely no idea who James Corden was so blew him off. Yeah, I'm going with the self-important narcissistic a-hole as well. Not one of my original options I know, so if you are scoring at home, I will take all answers you may have given with the exception of ignorance of James Corden.

Of course I guess he could have got his hair cut since the presentation. I mean it has been five months. That is one hell of a long time for a grudge. I would hate to see how her boyfriend gets treated when he leaves the seat up. He probably is afraid to sleep for weeks on end.

Kate Hudson Talks Boyfriends

In an interview this month with W Magazine, Kate Hudson spends some time talking about her ex, Chris Robinson, and says she will talk about him all the time. As for talking about any other guy? "I've learned that things are better left private until you’re actually planning the wedding."

I think what she has learned is that the way she goes through guys that if she starts talking about one guy to a monthly magazine, that by the time it gets out she will have already slept with a couple of other guys and everyone will be wondering if she is back with the guy she talked to the magazine about.

Hell, she might even have to stop giving interviews to weekly magazines the way she churns them up and spits them out. Not that she is a spitter because honestly, I don't know. I don't think I have ever actually seen anyone ask her that question either. Could be why so many guys break up with her though. Either that or the bitchiness. Yeah, probably the bitchiness. That and having your parents show up to the first date. Oh, and the whole if you date me, you could end up like Owen Wilson and be half the guy you once were.


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