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Happy New Year

 Another year in the books. It is during years like 2020 and 2021 that I am very grateful for every single one of you. It is nice to get away from everything that has been going on, to just talk about some gossip or conspiracy theories or exactly how many Your Turn questions there can possibly be. As always I am thankful for everyone who reads, sends in tips, shares their reader blinds, comments or just is a lurker. All of them are great. As always, Mr. X has come through almost every day with tips and hints and suggestions and is always finding the good stuff. 

There are 999 episodes of the podcast and counting. This week there will be an extra 300-400 reveals on the podcast. There is literally something for everyone. Check it out for a month. 

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Blind Items Revealed #48 - Kindness

December 22, 2021

This actress is A- list. She is an Oscar winner/nominee and also loves singing. She requires no water for any kind of thirst, because she has no thirst. Zero. You have to really push her to put herself out there to promote her projects. While other celebrities like to have cameras present when they volunteer or deliver groceries to people, our actress is the polar opposite. Other than when she was filming her latest project, our actress has spent the pandemic volunteering nearly every day in a variety of places and for the first few months of the lockdown was delivering groceries and food 12-15 hours a day, seven days a week. Over the past year she has helped people find places to stay and get fed and put them in touch with agencies that can help them. She is tireless. Despite her fame, she has given out her phone number to hundreds of people who know they can reach out to her for help at any hour of the day or night.

Hailee Steinfeld

Blind Items Revealed #47

December 23, 2021

She got away with it. It was an experiment and this A list celebrity got away with murder. I was reminded of it today when I saw the news of the celebrity's passing. She was always very vague when describing the death. She had enough people behind the scenes that eventually a story was cemented about the cause of death, but it was never actually documented, it was just was accepted. It is not what is listed as the cause of death on the death certificate. What our celebrity decided was that instead of allowing a family member to kill herself, our celebrity was going to do it to her and slowly but surely over a period of time killed the family member using arsenic. She then profited from the death. Good riddance.

Joan Didion/daughter Quintana Roo Dunne/book "Blue Nights"

Blind Items Revealed #46

December 7, 2021

The rapist director who has been on the run for decades, recently confirmed a rumor that everyone thought was just a rumor and in no way could possibly be true. It makes sense though because the person who played the uncredited role would probably have stepped forward by now. It isn't as if the director and this evil guy who fronted a church were not friends. They were friends. They slept with a lot of the same young women and were in each other's social circle. They just were not good friends. It just so happened they had been at a party together a few days before they needed someone to play the devil in a very famous classic movie, and so he did so.

Roman Polanski/Anton LaVey/Church of Satan/Rosemary’s Baby

Blind Items Revealed #45

December 6, 2021

You don't know this actor. He has nearly fifty credits to his name and has been working for a couple of decades, but you don't know him. Both his real name and his stage name are alliterate. Actors will hide things about their lives whether it is age or sexual orientation, but rarely do they hide their family. This actor hides his family's history which is why he has never really tried to move higher on the list. It would bring unwanted attention to his family and may even cause the death of the actor. His family has several billionaires. They all look respectable on the outside, but they aren't. They made their billions through the mafia. A mafia based outside this country. Our actor, although he spent much of his life in Beverly Hills, he was actually born outside the country. The actor is valuable as a conduit between the family and Hollywood. Movie production is a great way to launder money. It is extremely interesting that this actor is such good friends with the celebrity CEO until of course you realize the actor is the nephew of at least two billionaires from a country where the celebrity CEO seems to park his jet for an hour or so. One of those uncles has been a mayor of one of the larger cities in the country and his wife unbeknownst to the uncle, used to hook up with the celebrity CEO back in the day. The uncle/mayor has been trying to get a higher elected position in his country to make things easier to move product to the US. Oh, and here is a little tidbit to help you in the right direction. The house our actor grew up in was once owned by the pint sized A+ list actor 

Hector Hank/Hector Hugo/Mexico/Elon Musk/Carlos Hank Rhon/Jorge Hank Rhon/Tom Cruise

Blind Items Revealed #44

November 24, 2021

If you are a guy and sleep with a member of the gay mafia (whichever of the two branches, although, this is the OG branch), you expect to be paid/work/opportunities. There are only so many roles in normal television/movies, so then some will do work in gay porn. Once those opportunities run out, then they do heterosexual porn. If those run out, then they do escort work or even honey pot stuff. When there is a person who threatens this very carefully constructed balance, that person must be dealt with and in this case, they were dealt with in the harshest possible manner. Death. Specifically, this celebrity called out the gay mafia publicly and told them she knew what they were doing. She wanted no part of it and they were endangering her livelihood. When she publicly called them out, they got several bot armies after her and tried to shame her, degrade her and push her over the edge. They called her a drug user and a w***e and anything else they could think to make stick. She didn't back down though and kept after them. In the face of thousands upon thousands of hits against her, she kept fighting back. She was especially concerned because the powers that be owned several organizations which are used to keep the industry safe. She had to abide by them, but all of the men did not. They were allowed to do what they wanted, and did not have to disclose anything to anyone. It was a horror show. She had to be stopped in this crusade. So, they did what they always do. They went to her house and made a person who was not even close to suicidal, take her own life and make sure everyone knew she was suicidal and a drug user. Problem solved.

August Ames

Blind Items Revealed #43

November 17, 2021

All too often everyone is looking in one direction and want so much for that thing to be true, that they see things that are not there. Because of that, there is a reason why this former A++ lister has never really tried to shoot down the story of a love child that one side of the aisle desperately wants to be true. I'm not sure why it would matter at this time if it were true or not. The story just gets circulated though. It is there and then dies and then some bit of news or a television show brings it back. A new wave of accusations emerges, but everyone loses interest. While everyone looks at the recycled story, no one bothers to look at the real love child. The child which is a shocker. The child who can make history in the future. You have to go back in time. When the former A++ lister was running, there were all kinds of whispers, but no one whispered about this one celebrity. Oh, sure, later in life they did for sure. At that time though, they saw each other as much as possible and is the reason why she had two extremely fast marriages, even by Hollywood standards. The marriages were cover, but they just got in the way. Fast forward to the reason the second marriage ended, and it is because she was pregnant and it was not with her then husband's baby. She then disappeared for a year or so before entering once again into the life of the former A++ lister until he left office. After he left office, he kind of blew her off because it was easier for him to hook up with many women. The child was raised by a sibling and is now entering politics.

Bill Clinton/Eleanor Mondale

Blind Items Revealed #42 - House On St. Charles

November 16, 2021

It was during Anniversary Month four years ago, that I first mentioned The House On St. Charles. Even though I heard whispers about it a couple of decades ago, my first real brush with it was back in 2006. In fact, it was just a few months prior to the first entry in this blog. It was the first week of June or so and I had been in Europe. I had been hanging out with this one hit wonder who was planning a year of touring in support of their one hit. They had done a late fall tour the year prior when the song hit number one, but had not been able to get more than the quick in and out visas common to new bands. It allows you to hit a couple of cities in ten days and then you have to get out. In 2006, they had the oddest tour dates, I still have ever seen. Two or three days in the US followed by a week or two in Europe followed by a week in the US and the pattern just repeated itself. This particular group had been touring and been successful from this one hit wonder for a couple of years prior to it breaking in the US. The sad thing for them was it was a remake of a song, so the only way they could make big money was to tour as much as possible. I was with them for the last show in Europe prior to them hitting the US again. It was an odd group. It consisted of one really young member and someone a solid decade or so older. They didn't really hang out and the younger person had joined the group when she was not even old enough to drive. They played a show in Europe Memorial Day weekend and then had a week off before another show in Europe and then a week off before their show in the US. After that Memorial Day show, there was a man waiting backstage. An older man who was waiting for the still young singer to finish getting ready. He then escorted her to a limo and she was gone. I didn't see her again until six days later when they played again. Immediately afterwards, the same scenario repeated itself. I didn't see her again until we boarded the plane a few days before their US show, which just so happened to be in New Orleans. On the flight over, we were all back in economy, jammed into three rows of three which was everyone involved in the tour. I asked her if the guy was her boyfriend. She said no, and that he worked for a man she was seeing. She would be seeing him again in the US. Was he flying just to see her? No, he had business. She didn't say what kind of business. What I found out later was the man worked as an EU big shot and was married and sleeping with the singer who was passing along information to someone she knew in her country which is where this man was based. In New Orleans, he was going for a trade conference, and was confronted there about his affair and secrets. He had been confronted shortly after a sexual encounter with the singer. He chose to help rather than have his secrets blasted out in the open. After one more US date, I was done with the tour and went home. Get this though. Right after the US date, they went back home and she started seeing another guy. I don't know who he is. I do know that a few weeks later they were back in the US and once again, playing in New Orleans. The band hasn't existed since a few months after that last New Orleans stop.

DHT/Listen to Your Heart/Edmée Daenen/Flor Theeuwes/Belgium

Blind Items Revealed #41

November 15, 2021

Back in the very very early days of the blog, I had a blind about this former A/A- list female singer who was an A list reality star and comes from a singing family. The blind was about her trying to find a guy to have a baby with and her celebrity friend was helping her, but I think he was more interested in finding a guy for himself. Later on I found out more about it, but never wrote about it. It was such a bizarre story, but heard it from a then employee of the celebrity friend. A year or maybe two after I wrote it, I was at a birthday dinner at a friend's house. One of the guests was the singer. We both knew the host really well and had been friends with the host forever, but for some reason the singer and I had only met once or twice and it wasn't through our mutual friend. Anyway, the singer was drinking and getting a little plastered. A very very fun plastered. I had to ask. I had to know the details on this whole thing. Apparently it was at the request of the celebrity friend. He was having trouble finding guys who he hadn't hooked up with or heard about and wanted something new. He wanted her in on it and to use the pretense of wanting a baby, to find guys. I know, it really makes no sense, but they were also drunk when they came up with the idea. They also decided they couldn't do it in Los Angeles because the idea was he wanted guys he had not seen or met and she would be less well known there. I know, but then again, that was the thinking. They placed an ad in Craigslist and used her phone number. Well, that lasted about 30 minutes before they deleted the ad and then went an got a new phone number they used just for the ad. She said the whole thing was ridiculous because they were sitting in a suite of this hotel downtown and were they going to invite the guy over? To them it sounded innocent, but to guys who saw the ad, they thought it was an escort trying to find clients. They did eventually meet a couple of guys in the bar downstairs, but nothing really ever happened with anyone she said. Fast forward about six months from the birthday dinner party. We see each other again at a party for some store opening and she says she has a confession. She asked if I remembered what we spoke about at the birthday dinner. I said yes, and she said she didn't remember everything because she was kind of out of it, but she said that she did actually hook up with a military guy she met there, but wanted to keep it quiet. She says he had no idea who she was and she wore a black wig. She didn't say whether he responded to the ad or they just met in the bar, and I didn't ask.

Jessica Simpson/Ken Paves

Blind Items Revealed #40

November 9, 2021

It was not really a love triangle, and this actually involved more than three people, but I like the name, so I kept it. I need you to go back in time just a bit. I want you to think about all the hype and screaming and click bait articles printed about this movie franchise. There was a mania. People were traveling internationally just to try and get a glimpse of the stars. For most of the time, they were protected on a set, but when not shooting, they stayed in a hotel right in the center of this downtown metropolis. The budget for the movie, despite being a blockbuster, was small. Sharing the same accommodations was the cast of this rebooted television show. The cast of the television show had been coming to town just as long as the movie people, but the movie people shot as quickly and cheaply as possible and bailed. There was definitely partying between cast members of the two productions. At the center of it all was a member of the television cast. She was probably A- list then, but has dropped much further down the list. She comes from a celebrity family. Whenever I would hang out with her, it was strictly a lunch thing. I couldn't keep up with her partying. One Sunday, we are having brunch together and she is massively hungover. She begins to tell me that it was a normal Saturday night party thing. This foreign born A list mostly movie actor had a big room in the hotel, but would always go to the room of our television actress because her kitchen/dining room was laid out differently and he thought it was better for hanging out. Plus, no one could find him there, because he didn't let people know who he was partying with. The only other person he liked to party with is this actress who is probably B/B- list now and was barely B+ list when she was in the movie. The two of them would usually get drunk and maybe do a little coke and then have sex in the bed of the television actress, before joining her for a long slow night of drinking. The night before though, there had been a little twist. The room directly next to the television actress was occupied with an actor who at the time was probably A- list. He has also slid down the list. There came some noises from the room that were obviously sex. So, the trio silently sat there drinking while listening. Our television actress assumed it was the fiancé of the actor joining him for the weekend. They had been together since he cheated on his first wife with her. No one really thought it could be anyone else. Nearing midnight, they all decided to run down to the wine store that was just outside the front entrance. It was dark, and the movie actor wanted a cigarette. So, they all went out the door to the hotel room and walk right into this married alliterate actress leaving the room where the sex had just occurred. This was not the betrothed. The trio just walked away and went on about their business. When they come back about thirty minutes later, both the alliterate actress and the actor with whom he had been making loud noises, kindly asked the trio to not say anything to anyone. They didn't except to friends, but somehow the fiancé found out. Oh, they still got married, but the actor left the show a couple of months after this, and never came back.

Twilight/90210/AnnaLynne McCord/Robert Pattinson/Ashley Greene/Lori Loughlin/Rob Estes

Blind Items Revealed #39

November 1, 2021

Everyone knows that the billionaire used people to get what he wanted. He especially liked finding European royalty and having them compromised or owing him a favor. There is also the question of how he got his first big stake of money. Prior to the Ponzi scheme embezzlement, where did he get his first big chunk of cash to make himself look good. He found an actress who is also royalty in the loosest term possible. They had a torrid romance before he decided she could make better use of her skills as an actress with a man who had a lot of money. The man did have a lot of money, but it was from very ill gotten gains. The billionaire loved that because it would keep everyone quiet. Even though the bad stuff was happening in the US, the men behind it all stayed primarily in Europe which allowed the billionaire to come into contact with that man who ultimately would be his guide. Here is a very interesting question. The man who had the ill gotten gains was busted by a tip. Did the billionaire give the tip to avoid getting ensnared? Is the billionaire the father of a child of the actress? The same child who has made headlines several times over the past few years.

Jeffrey Epstein/Catherine Oxenberg/Les Wexner/India Oxenberg

Blind Items Revealed #38

October 26, 2021

At some point, she turned. What I find absolutely fascinating about all this, is that she knew what was going to happen in the world and that she probably wouldn't get paid for a long time for what she did. Literally six weeks prior to the world shutting down, she takes care of her business. She had debts and found a guy to sleep with her who paid them all off. For nearly a decade, this foreign born actress/celebrity was the go between. She was the one who passed messages and codes and believed in him when no one else really did. She slept with him and assumed she was the only one doing so. Of course, she was wrong about that. He used her, much the same way he used many of the women in his life. She would start seeing a new man and then he would cut her off and she would be so desperate for his attention or love that she would dump the guy and fly across the world to see him for an hour or two each day she was there. She was a 5,000 mile booty call. At some point, she began to realize it. It was at that point, she was approached by a man from a government agency who wanted some help. In return for making some very heavy duty tax problems go away, would she tell them everything she knew about her friend and also be willing to set him up. She would. To do this of course, she would need to be closer. No problem the government man said, and the next thing she knew, she was living with a man overseas and pretending to be a very lovely couple. This went on for the entirety of the time she was working directly for the government to try and arrange a way for the man to be killed or kidnapped. When it became obvious that the friend no longer wanted to see her, there was no more use for her. So, she had a very public breakup and stormed back home.

Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange/Adil Rami

Blind Items Revealed #37

October 20, 2021

It all began several decades ago when this now A list mostly movie actress first came to the US. It was at the same time that this A list everything in her mind singer/actress was just starting to become famous. A foreign born very wealthy man came to visit to Los Angeles and wanted to spend time with an actress. He was very much a star f**ker. He ended up meeting both of the women, but decided he wanted to spend time with the A list everything in her mind. It was actually this man that encouraged our A list everything in her mind to leave the show that made her famous. It was shortly thereafter that our man got a new title/job and really couldn't spend much time in the US any longer. Fast forward two decades and he kept in touch with the A list everything in her mind and from time to time would see each other. Meanwhile, the foreign born A list mostly movie actress was doing her own thing until one day she ran into the man again. They started hooking up almost immediately, despite him having a girlfriend he was also seeing and also seeing the at the time married A list everything in her mind singer/actress. It was a mess and the only one who wasn't afraid of the mess was the foreign born A list actress.

Salma Hayek/Jennifer Lopez/François-Henri Pinault/In Living Color/Linda Evangelista

Blind Items Revealed #36

October 14, 2021

This particular hotel chain calls itself luxury. They really aren't. They are also one of the hotels named in a class action sex trafficking lawsuit, but also have the distinction of also being named in multiple other lawsuits across the country for the same thing. In addition to this higher end brand they own, they also own chains that are budget friendly. Those are the hotels where you will often find the sex workers who were trafficked being forced to work. The thing is though, they always need a fresh supply of workers. One of the places they find them is in their upper end hotels located in heavily urban areas where it is easy to get someone out and move them quickly. Hotels which usually have lots of street traffic and noise to cover any screams. There is one of their hotels in the capitol that has the reputation for being one of their feeder properties. All of the staff are in on it because they get kickbacks from the traffickers. You are not safe in that hotel. If you are a woman traveling alone, they will make an attempt to get you. If you are a woman traveling with other women, they will try and separate you by making you take different elevators and then will grab the one who ends up alone. They also do the same thing with couples that are traveling together. No one will help you at the hotel. No one. 

Choice Hotels International/Cambria D.C./Washington D.C.

Blind Items Revealed #35

It greatly amuses me to see this second coming of love for this former A+ list mostly television actor. A new generation follows the aging actor on social media and love him. They think he is kind and loving and warm and exactly the kind of person they would want for their grandfather. There was the time he was the lead in an ensemble show and was so hated and reviled by the cast and crew that he was forced out of the show after just a few seasons. The public loved him and was upset that he was gone. The cast and crew partied like they all just won the lottery. There was the time he violently slapped the face of this A- list actress after she stopped sleeping with him and spit in the face of another actress. The same thing that happened at the show I mentioned above, happened at another hit show and another wild celebration was had when he was forced out. Oh, when he was doing a play that he hated, he would call in sick when Tony voters were coming in so the show wouldn't win any awards. There are dozens of other examples of him being horrific, but everyone just loves him now because he is all cuddly. Don't believe the façade.

Mandy Patinkin/Chicago Hope/Toni Collette/Criminal Minds

Blind Items Revealed #34

October 7, 2021

Except for making it a blind and hiding some identities, I chose to leave this one in the words of the tipster: I am reaching out to let you know this whole story/America's Sweetheart image is complete bs and I have been wanting to write to you about her (former A+ list mostly television actress who had an iconic role) for a while but unsure about airing family laundry out there, or if you would even be interested in a blind about her. What she did to her ex-husband, and even indirectly to her son has bothered me ever since his funeral. As a quick background, our actress, was basically a nobody and her husband helped raise her star to what she became because he was more famous than her at the time. She was literally the love of his life and when she left him after having a few miscarriages, he was DEVASTATED. He would have done anything for her, and he was never quite the same after she basically abandoned him. He was always the sweetest, most gentle loving man, and it just destroyed him. So her son did become a drug addict, but he told people privately that he started using drugs when he was a kid by taking HER pills that she was already taking... uppers in the morning, downers at night. His funeral though is really where I became beyond appalled by her existence. We were already in the chapel at Forest Lawn in a side section reserved for family. I was sitting close to her ex, when our actress walked up to us with her sleazy husband and said to her ex, "The press have come to pay their respects and would like to get a shot of us going into the chapel." Her ex was so distraught and wasn't really all mentally there because he just lost his only child, so he just did whatever she said silently. She made him get up, leave the chapel we were already in, in order to reenter it for the press shot. She made her son's fiancé do this too. That's why there is a stupid picture online of them entering the chapel in general. Her ex slowly deteriorated after that, as a piece of him obviously died, while she went on a press interview rampage. The last time I saw her was at the funeral of her ex. She showed up uninvited, probably in case the press showed up. I just think she’s disgusting and thirsty, and exploits family tragedies for her own personal fame.

Barbara Eden/"I Dream of Jeannie"/Michal Ansara/Matthew Ansara/Jon Eicholtz/Leanna Green

Blind Items Revealed #33

September 30, 2021

These two women used to be best friends. They always hung out together and did coke together. They were in multiple threesomes with each other. The first one we will call AA. She was and is an actress. She peaked about A- list. The second one we will call BB. She has been an actress and a singer and a reality star and not very good at any of them, but all of you know her. They were best friends until a series of events over the course of a couple weeks resulted in them never speaking to each other again. AA, over the course of those couple of weeks, slept with the boyfriend of BB in BB's bed while BB was passed out in the living room. BB didn't find out about the sex in the bed until a couple of days later when she woke up from being passed out and found AA orally servicing BB's boyfriend in the kitchen of BB's house. She also discovered that AA had slept with two other very close friends of BB and made them pay her. AA definitely made a pass at BB's dad, but it isn't clear whether she slept with him. She also made a pass at the sister of BB. Oh, and stole about $10K worth of coke for herself.

Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton

Blind Items Revealed #32

September 27, 2021

It has been a little over a year since this talent manager was accused of grooming several underage TikTok stars to be offered up to various men for their use and also would supply the girls with drugs and alcohol. The person who reported on the news, was suspended from all their social media accounts because the underage sex business sells, and someone said it was better to shoot the messenger. The grooming continues and now it is even worse than ever because there have been no consequences. Since that time, the algorithm for that app has been forcing more and more sex and drugs videos to kids as young as 13, in hopes they too will normalize the behavior and continue feeding the market for underage sex. The whole investigation just went poof. The police know what happened because one of the main accusers (who is an A lister in that world) was escorted out of one of the houses after she called them and explained what was happening. Nothing was done.

Nour Khodr/Not A Content House/TikTok/Rachel Brockmann

Blind Items Revealed #31

September 20, 2021

Everyone thinks this feud started after the show ran its course or after one of the movies. Nope. It started way back around Emmy time nearly two decades ago. The actress star of the show changed the face of the awards that year. She talked the powers that be into dumping huge amounts of money into For Your Consideration campaigns. Much more money than had ever been spent before. Our actress made sure the vast majority went to her from her show, but also picked one of her co-stars to get some money too. She explicitly told the powers that be to not spend any money on a different co-star. It was at an after party that night after our actress and the co-star she favored won awards that the one who had zero money spent on her was advised of that by a different co-star who didn't really care because she was literally shocked she had even been nominated. Well, the other co-star went ballistic and the party for the channel which had been festive started turning ugly because there were other winners and losers from the channel and everyone wanted to know if something similar happened on their shows and award campaigns.

Sex And The City/Sarah Jessica Parker/Cynthia Nixon/Kim Cattrall/Kristin Davis/HBO

Blind Items Revealed #30

September 22, 2021

Emmy Awards

Apparently this A list mostly television actress had a big fight this weekend with her former late night actor boyfriend. He wanted to go to the award show with her. She said no, because then it would publicly confirm she was cheating on her husband and the former late night actor was cheating on his girlfriend. 

Kaley Cuoco/Pete Davidson

Blind Items Revealed #29

September 20, 2021

Emmy Awards

Because of the limit on the number of people allowed to attend, this A- list actress who was nominated, was not allowed to bring her usual dozen or so handlers who then use the access to try and recruit for their organization.

Elisabeth Moss/Scientology

Blind Items Revealed #28

September 20, 2021

Emmy Awards

This former A list mostly television actor was nominated, but not for acting. He is supposedly in a relationship with this A- list actress who is way younger. Apparently not young enough, considering the ages of the women he was hitting on.

Zach Braff/Florence Pugh

Blind Items Revealed #27

September 22, 2021

It has been quite some time now that this C lister all of you know went to jail. He ostensibly went to jail for something that doesn't see you get that much time for that specific crime. He was involved in a huge con that he always blamed on a family member, despite that family member serving much much less time. The family member is not a celebrity, but everyone on the C lister's side is, and like I said, every one in the world knows the family. The most famous one reached A- list. Every person on the planet knows her. It was about at the time the C lister got out of jail, that this east coast tabloid reported on it and mentioned something about a sibling that was never mentioned before or after. No, I'm not talking about the half sibling. Supposedly, much like what happened to Chuck Cunningham, this sibling was supposedly away at college, but never seen. Where did that sibling go? Meanwhile, the family member who wasn't famous, moved out of state and started working different scams. One of those scams involved a man who became a bit of a celebrity himself. This is where it gets really strange. Our C lister is divorced, but his ex is equally high on the list. She was desperate to get on a reality show and get some attention. So, she said to the world she was involved in a relationship with a man she never met. OK, but that man was in cahoots with the formerly jailed family member, so there was a big connection. Was this part of a potential new scam? Oh, and the missing sibling. The articles mentioning the sibling have been scrubbed clean by the tabloid, not to be found anywhere on their site, but the links from others exist, and the actual newspapers exist too.

Michael Lohan/Paul Sullivan(9/11 fraud)/Lindsay Lohan(was it the missing twin?)/Dina Lohan

Blind Items Revealed #26

September 22, 2021

I don't know who ordered it, but I do know the ex of this foreign born permanent A+ list media mogul, put it into operation. She not only had an affair with the leader of this country, but also brought in another woman at one point and there is evidence from that night. My guess is that the media mogul knew, even though he pretended not to know, but that the birthplace of the ex was behind it, just because the other female was also from the same country and lives in that country to this day. 

Wendi Deng/Rupert Murdoch/Tony Blair/United Kingdom/China

Blind Items Revealed #25

September 17, 2021

Never say that this movie studio is not thorough trying to protect its brand. They spent nearly $1M to completely wipe the internet clean of hundreds, if not thousands of posts of this very recent lead actor entrant to their universe. Why? Well, because most of the posts were crazy misogynistic while hundreds compared people who are pedophiles to those who are gay and expressed his thoughts that there was nothing wrong with pedophilia.

Marvel/Simu Liu/Shang-Chi

Blind Items Revealed #24

September 16, 2021

I'm calling this a deathbed confession, but in reality when this director died a couple of years ago, he didn't say anything, but he left behind a bunch of old film reels from some of his movies, including several from the first installment of his most famous movie. Prior to the internet, everyone who discussed the movie did so probably without actually having seen the movie. What were people dying was actually the work of actors and some not very good editing and camerawork. It was low budget and a long time ago, so that is understandable. There was also some footage that was not shot by the director, but bought from a news organization. With all of that being said, one of the scenes shot by the director is actually someone getting killed and the angles and outtakes in the unseen footage show for a fact there was an actual death. There is more footage of a death that didn't make it into the film. The fact that it is footage shows it wasn't bought, but actually filmed. That footage may or may not show a death. It looks like a death. People are reacting like it is a real death, but there are only a handful of people remaining on the planet who would know for sure, and they haven't been asked/found.

John Alan Schwartz/Faces of Death

Blind Items Revealed #23

September 14, 2021

Met Gala

The murder of the evening. "You still cummin' in 30 seconds baby?" This was delivered by the foreign born one named A+ list singer while touching the recipient's face as the singer walked by. The recipient's wife is a celebrity offspring more famous than her parental unit, but less so than another family member.

Rihanna/Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin/Stephen Baldwin/Alec Baldwin

Blind Items Revealed #22

September 14, 2021

Met Gala

The meme actor was all set to try and urinate on a "tree" at the party when he was stopped by security.

Timothee Chalamet

Blind Items Revealed #21

September 14, 2021

Met Gala

When asked why the $35K spent on a ticket couldn't be put to better use, this A+ list politician said it was a good return on investment because of her message. It probably would have been more effective if it wasn't in the middle of all the people you are supposedly hating while eating and drinking with them and telling them how much you love them. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Blind Items Revealed #20

September 14, 2021

Met Gala

The editor snubbed the A+ list Tik Tok star who wants more than anything to be an actress.

Anna Wintour/Addison Rae

Blind Items Revealed #19

August 26, 2021

This actor was permanently A list. For the last several decades of his career, he didn't act much, but was still A list for everything else he did. Back when the CIA first started their MK Ultra experiments, they got together with the actor because they wanted him to try some things. Our actor spent much of his life entertaining military crowds. This was his thing. The CIA and MI-6 wanted to see whether they could combine entertainment with mind control. They brought in acts that specialized in hypnosis and then our actor would use key words during the show to try and reinforce what the hypnotist had said. This literally went on for twenty years. They would use the women in the show and have them meet with the soldiers in small groups of ten and see if they reacted to the code words. This all seems like it didn't work at all, but there is one woman who starred in the show for a couple of years and she said she was a victim of it all, so there must have been some successes for the government to keep doing it.

Bob Hope

Blind Items Revealed #18

August 25, 2021

This foreign born actor was involved in multiple movie franchises, including some of the biggest ever. He was right there front and center. He had an extremely long career that spanned nearly six decades. This is actually not about his acting career though. It is about a book that is being written about him. Specifically, several chapters in the book had to be removed from the book because this foreign government didn't want them to see the light of day. Our actor, during WW2 was tasked with trying to figure out a way to kill Adolf Hitler. It was his man focus for nearly the last year of the war. Because of that, he also spent a great deal of time tracking other high ranking Nazi officials and was responsible for many kills prior to the end of the war and then after the war, tracking them down and arresting them. The book did a deep dive into the Hitler stuff, but also whether it is true that he was the one person not in the Soviet Army who was shown the bodies of Hitler and the Goebbels family. 

Christopher Lee

Blind Items Revealed #17 - Reader Blind - 90's Limo Driver

August 4, 2021

The driver arrived in a stretch to the high rise condo complex on Wilshire Boulevard ten minutes early to pick up the Academy Award winning actor. The driver told the doorman he was there to pick up the actor and returned to his car. The driver had just sat down when the actor opened the back door and climbed inside, startling him. "Go!" the actor shouted, and the driver shifted into drive and the car lurched forward. The driver noticed a pap coming out of the bushes to snap a picture. The actor was watching him out the back window, The actor finally relaxed, opened his newspaper and sipped his coffee. The driver was driving over Coldwater Canyon to the Burbank airport. He was driving fast, because he assumed that was what the actor wanted. The actor lowered his paper, " You’re throwing me around in this big old car," he complained in his trademark drawl. The driver apologized and slowed down. They got onto Chandler Boulevard, which is a long straight away with not much traffic and the driver picked up speed again. The actor lowered his paper, climbed up to the forward seat and stuck his head through the partition. "I thought I told you to slow this F*CKING THING DOWN!" The driver was surprised by the level of anger. The actor was known for playing a grouch. The driver slowed way down and the actor went back to his paper. The driver pulled onto Vineland and was driving 25 miles an hour. Cars behind him began honking. Some angry motorists sped around and flipped the limo off. The actor was oblivious to all that. The car finally pulled into the Burbank airport and was allowed to enter the tarmac. They were driving toward the studio jet when the actor yelled at him. "No, it’s that one," he said, pointing to another jet. "I don’t think so," the driver said. "You don’t take direction well, do you?" the actor snarled. The driver turned and drove to the other jet and stopped. The actor stared at the jet a moment. "I guess you were right. I’ll walk from here," the actor finally admitted and climbed out of the car, leaving his coffee cup and newspaper strewn throughout the back of the car. The actor walked to the studio jet some 200 yards away. He was dressed impeccably in a suit. The driver kept the coffee cup as a souvenir. 

Tommy Lee Jones

Blind Items Revealed #16

July 26, 2021

This foreign born former A/A- list singer who had a couple hit songs on an album and then a soundtrack, and then seemingly disappeared into the mist, has a secret. At the time she was involved with this permanent A+ list singer/musician/songwriter, she says that several times a week the A+ lister would talk to someone he referred to as his daughter. The foreign born singer always assumed it was some fetish/sex game because the A+ lister was really into those. It turns out it was an actual daughter but she had to sign an NDA and never mention her because he didn't want it to ruin his persona as this single, sexual being. That surely would change things in the current environment, wouldn't it.

Sheena Easton/Prince

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Old Hollywood

September 23, 2021

Many people have forgotten that this A+ list actor who won an Oscar and an Emmy, faced a trial for killing someone while overseas. He did kill the person. There was no doubt, but because of his status, nothing really happened to him. In an interesting coincidence, his final partner played opposite in a long running television show, another actor who got away with killing someone.

William Holden/Italy/Stefanie Powers/Hart to Hart/Robert Wagner/Natalie Wood

Blind Items Revealed #14 - Old Hollywood

September 23, 2021

This A- list actor who fell off a cliff list wise when talking films started, suffered a heart attack while at home with his lover, who was this foreign born permanent A list actress who only died within the past few decades. The actress called one of the doctors she knew who wouldn't ask very much. While the actor's condition worsened, our actress, who was afraid of being involved in a scandal, started to pack all of her stuff into a pillow case. Once packed, she ran out of the room, downstairs to the car of her housemaid, and drove back to Beverly Hills. The doctor finally arrived, but wasn't skilled nor equipped for such an emergency. In the end the actor died alone.

John Gilbert/Greta Garbo

Blind Items Revealed #13 - Old Hollywood

August 12, 2021

Not a lot is known about her. Everyone knows about her friend, the foreign born permanent A list movie actress was at one point the highest paid actress in the world. She only received one Oscar nomination  though. She was married to the same man for over fifty years. What about the woman who was by her side for decades? That woman was the "wife" of the husband of our actress. Our actress was interested in her husband, but also others. So, she found a mistress for her husband. The thing is though, the mistress always had to be in the shadows. She was nearly always hidden. She lived a secret life for decades and it slowly drove her mad. When the actress and her husband could no longer deal with it, they had the woman committed to an asylum where she lived for a couple of decades and underwent all manner of horrible treatments, drugs and electroshock therapy. When she did finally die, the actress and her husband made up a birthdate for the woman that was not real, but marked the day when our actress changed studios.

Marlene Dietrich/Rudolf "Rudi" Sieber/Tamara Matul

Blind Items Revealed #12 - Old Hollywood

July 27, 2021

A few years back, we applauded the effort of this Housewife to put forth a story about a child with red hair who just happened to be available for adoption and just happened to make a perfect little story come true. It was all crap of course, but we appreciated the effort. Back in the day, there was a similar situation in Hollywood. An actress who starred on television and in the movies and also on stage. An actress who once hosted the Academy Awards. She too was a redhead. She too had a wholly implausible story about a child who suddenly fell into her lap who also was a redhead. The way it actually worked was our actress gave birth and then a couple of years after birth, concocted a story which allowed her to "adopt" her own child. The thing is though, she was so worried about her cover story, that she was constantly changing it and eventually the child became a foster child she raised for a few years and then he went on his own way. The one thing that always tripped her up though was the custody battle between herself and her husband over the child which would never be the case if the child was indeed, just a foster child.

Brandi Redmond/RHOD/Agnes Moorehead/20th Academy Awards/son Sean

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