Saturday, November 10, 2012

This Week In Unnecessary Censorship

Blind Items Revealed

April 3, 2008

#1 - Apparently someone is living out whatever fantasies they can think of. This Academy Award winning/nominated A list film actor and his girlfriend decided to go car shopping. They picked out a modest $150,000 car to take for a little test drive. When they got back an hour later, they said thanks, but no thanks to the salesperson and drove off. Inside the car was the smell of sex and a used condom. Apparently someone decided not to clean up after themselves. The owner of the dealership placed a call to our actor to say that he did not find it humorous and was not sure if the car would be able to sell now because of the smell and was going to contact his attorneys. Our actor then decided that perhaps he ought to just go ahead and buy the car.

Sean Penn

Blind Item #3

This former B list actress and now just a celebrity, albeit a very rich one is involved in a very strange relationship. Her older boyfriend insists that our celebrity and his kid(s) not wear clothes when they are home.

Blind Items Revealed

March 31, 2008

#3 - This B list film actress with a nose for paparazzi disappeared off the radar screen for a few days. Public stories professed one thing while in reality our actress spent a few days with a foreign billionaire. You do the math.

Lindsay Lohan

Jake Gyllenhaal Learns To Hold Hands

It is that time of the year. The time of the year when the leaves have all fallen out of their trees; people start thinking about how much weight they can afford to gain over the next six weeks; and Jake Gyllenhaal shows up in public with a woman. This time he has gone the non-famous route. You know, because the last time he tried this with Minka Kelly was a disaster. Oh, and Taylor Swift. He really has not had much luck with any woman since Kirsten Dunst and that was back during the Bush administration. Much better to go with someone non-famous. And if you look at the photo above, you can see she is even willing to teach him how to hold hands. I think that is sweet. Now where the heck did I put that Home For The Holidays special Blu-Ray edition which has the turkey flying off the table in 3D and Robert Downey Jr. looking fabulous.

Blind Items Revealed

March 17, 2008

#1 - The B list bisexual film actress who has probably never turned down a guy was turned down over the weekend by a woman. Not the woman she usually is seen out and about with mind you. No, that celebrity was nowhere to be seen. Instead, our actress spent much of the evening trying one approach after the other with this other female. Our actress would not take no for an answer until the female dialed a number on her own cell, and then handed it to our actress. On the other end was the regular female companion for our actress who made nice on the phone and hung up. She then spent 30 minutes making sure that the hit on female would not report the bad behavior. Too late.

Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson

No Moving To Paris For Halle Berry

I was really looking forward to Halle Berry moving to Paris. It would have been a very special House Hunters International. "Yes, I know Ms. Berry that you have $30M to spend on a home, but in this market, things move fast, so you will have to compromise." I'm not sure if Halle Berry really wanted to move to Paris, but a judge yesterday said she couldn't. Oh, I know she filed the paperwork and she saw everything through, but that is only because she is stubborn. Do you think someone who loves seeing herself in photos almost everyday wants to move far far away from that and not be recognized except by drunken tourists who want her to pose like Catwoman or make jokes about Living Dolls. If you think that Halle does not want to get her photo taken, then ask yourself why she always shops at places where paps hang out rather than in the places they don't? Why does she take her daughter, who, she so wants to protect from photographers to the pumpkin patch that is thicker than mosquitoes in a Minnesota summer with paps when she could go to one 10 minutes further away which is bigger, better, less expensive, and where no one would take her photo.

Blind Item #2

This A list all movie all the time actor had a secret meeting with this formerly almost A list foreign born singer. He has always sung her praises and when she was at the top of her fame chart, he was her biggest admirer. Meeting in secret is not that big of a deal normally, but in this case, it will be very interesting to see if she goes out with him to a very public event in the next few weeks. You know, just as friends, but then marriage in about two weeks.

The Husband Knew

Paula Broadwell will now forever be known as the woman who brought down the CIA Director by having an affair with him. Apparently she was not very secretive about it at all because her husband, a doctor, and father of their two children wrote into a New York Times advice column back in July asking for help what to do.

My wife is having an affair with a government executive. His role is to manage a project whose progress is seen worldwide as a demonstration of American leadership. (This might seem hyperbolic, but it is not an exaggeration.) I have met with him on several occasions, and he has been gracious. (I doubt if he is aware of my knowledge.) I have watched the affair intensify over the last year, and I have also benefited from his generosity. He is engaged in work that I am passionate about and is absolutely the right person for the job. I strongly feel that exposing the affair will create a major distraction that would adversely impact the success of an important effort. My issue: Should I acknowledge this affair and finally force closure? Should I suffer in silence for the next year or two for a project I feel must succeed? Should I be “true to my heart” and walk away from the entire miserable situation and put the episode behind me? NAME WITHHELD

What would you tell him to do?

The NY Times said to not expose the affair in any high profile way. Ooops. Guess that happened anyway.

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy

What A list all movie actor who doesn't deserve it, regrets splitting up with his ex, not for any sense of love, but because he didn't date her long enough to sleep with her. And by long enough, he thought one date was long enough and when it didn't happen he said bye.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Break Up Again

As Justin Bieber's career slowly mashes into a Jonas Brother and fades away, Justin decided once and for all that Selena Gomez was cramping his style with the ladies and that it was time for him to move on to some of Lil Wayne and Jeremy Pivens' leftovers. Eventually he will settle for some Playmate who once had a spread and really hopes to have her own reality show. Then, after he moves to the casino touring, Justin will probably spend some time in rehab where he will meet a woman named Rhonduh who has dreams of being on a season of Rehab with Dr. Drew and they will end up married with some kids. The relationship will go sour, but Justin will be linked to her while he makes a comeback from the guest house at Usher's place.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez was tired of getting cheated on; could see their careers were headed in opposite directions and wanted to date someone who knew how to pull his pants up.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Sally Field gets the top spot because she looks amazing.

Beyonce sports her diamond encrusted fangs. Seriously.
Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera getting along.
Same with Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green. It is a love fest.
Carrie Underwood has some very nice legs.
Catherine Zeta Jones at a children's hospital. You never really see her doing anything charitable, so this is nice.
Emma Roberts plugging Satan?
Speaking of plugging, Hayden P is really trying to keep Nashville on the air.
Congrats to Javier Bardem for getting a star.

Random Photos Part Two

You always wonder how sharp these swords are to make someone a Knight. Here is Kenneth Branagh hoping they are very dull.

Katherine Heigl after lunch with her mother.
Apparently Keira Knightley always has wind blown hair.
A rare smile for Kristen Stewart with Garrett Hedlund.
Lady GaGa in Rio.
Liberty Ross sure does spend a lot of time shopping.
Marc Anthony is trying to be come the world's skinniest celebrity.

Naomi Campbell in India.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

 Rumer Willis before a paying gig to sing in Miami.

Two very different arrivals for singers in airports. Sting carrying his guitar and
Diana Ross after performing in India.
This 3 month old just had open heart surgery and is taking the internet by storm with his great smile after surgery.

Kelly Osbourne shows off her Chanel earrings with Victoria Beckham and
David Beckham.
Apparently kids don't have ballet class anymore. Willow Smith after yoga class.

More Drunk News Anchors

Blind Item #5

This celebrity mom loves to post photos of her with her baby. She reviews each of them extremely carefully to make sure you can't see any of her needle marks though because she has not given up her heroin habit, but she did move the injections from her arms to her legs.

Baltimore Teacher Bullied

A video taken by a student shows a substitute teacher in Baltimore being bullied by her students. Not only do they call her names, but the student at the beginning of the video actually flicks the face of the teacher. What is going on with kids today? Does anyone have any respect for anyone? This kind of thing makes me wonder what parents are teaching their kids where a kid thinks this is acceptable behavior. I understand this is a substitute, but can you imagine ever doing this to any adult when you were a kid, let alone a teacher? A spokesperson for the teacher's union says it happens everyday in the schools.

Four For Friday - MV Clue

Today is Friday, so it is announcement time. Not too many to make. I will be here all weekend, typing my fat fingers to the bone blogging away and revealing a blind item or two tomorrow. Lately there have been some really good ones. Sometimes I reveal them ahead of time on Twitter and also this week, I have some blind items on there that are not on the site so, please follow me @entylawyer

It is that time of the year for the annual MV clue. Normally it would be on the anniversary of the blog but that is over the weekend, so I thought I would give it to you today. Hard to believe it has been six years. I could not have done it without all of you.

I promised you an objective clue.

Combined, the first and last name equals 13 letters.

Your Turn

There is a new doll which makes suckling noises to simulate breast feeding. Good idea or not? Would you buy one for your child?

Blind Item #4

This A list singer talks about how much she loves her husband and how he is amazing and goes on and on. She might say all of those things, but I wonder if she is thinking them when she is in bed with her manager. This is not a recent thing. It has been going on for years. Her manager is married and has been married and it was all going to be too complicated if they tried to publicly get together, especially with her fan base, so she found some guy and married him.

Zumba Hooker Posed Naked With 7 Year Old Son

I'm not sure how a woman who has been charged with 106 counts of prostitution manages to keep custody of her son, but the father of the 7 year old has alleged in court papers that Alexis Wright, the Zumba hooker from Maine posed naked with their child and is seeking custody of the boy. Wright is currently free on bail and the police found the photo on the camera of Wright's partner in crime. That is crazy and sick. How come the police did not step in and do something and left it all to the father of the boy to do something? Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the photo but have not charged anyone yet.

Water Wars - Jimmy Fallon & Robert Pattinson

Blind Item #3

This former pop princess and now a singer/actress depending on what day you ask her has been trying forever to have children with her celebrity husband. He has always indicated to her that the issues must be her fault and she has been through batteries of tests to determine what could be wrong while not undergoing any of his own. He also swears he would love to have kids with her. What she has just now discovered is that he had a vasectomy right before they got married just so he would not have to have any kids with her.

Mary Murphy Defaults On Nymphomaniac Suit

If Mary Murphy would like to make sure she is not known forever as the nymphomaniac who loves cocaine fueled sex, it probably would have been a good idea to not default on the lawsuit that accused her of it by her former manager. The So You Think You Can Dance judge had a default entered against her and her former manager was awarded about $250K  plus 10% of all Mary's future earnings. Her lawyers say they will move to set aside the default, but it is really unclear why nothing was ever done previously. Mary insists the complaint is false, but right now it is out there and staring at her and to have to pay 10% of your future earnings to a guy who called you a cokehead, kind of sucks so you would think she would have taken it more seriously.

Blind Item #2 - Easy Easy

This unfortunately A list celebrity and reality star was being her normal rude self thinking she was dealing with a fan who loved her. Our celebrity blew off the fan and was treating her like she was garbage. You know, because that is normal. You should have seen the massive butt kissing that ensued when the celebrity found out who the fan really was and how our celebrity's bad behavior almost cost her a million dollar deal.

Lindsay Lohan Pulls Out Of Barbara Walters Interview

Apparently Lindsay Lohan has decided not to sit down for an interview with Barbara Walters. Lindsay thinks rightfully so that Barbara would ask her about the car crash. You know, the one where Lindsay lied to the police and a pharmacy of prescription pills was found all over the wreckage. The thing is that the producers of Liz & Dick agreed to pay off the $46K Chateau Marmont bill of Lindsay provided that she sit down for the interview. Rule #1. Never pay Lindsay in advance. Also never let her near your jewelry or invite her over to spend the night unless you have her sealed up like Clear in Final Destination 2.

Lindsay's new PR team thought it would be bad for Lindsay to discuss her personal life and just wanted to keep the whole interview about Liz & Dick and how Lindsay thinks she is Elizabeth Taylor reincarnated.

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy

This A list Tweener has a had a rough few days. It turns out that models are not attracted to him and laughed when he hit on them. He also found out he won't be getting a starring role in a popcorn movie that he thought he had a shot at. Apparently even though he had no shot, people kept telling him he did and he believed them. Maybe he should look at some of his other acting performances.

Waffle House CEO Forced Employee To Have Sex For 10 Years

A woman in Atlanta has filed a police report against Waffle House CEO Joseph Rogers Jr., claiming that he forced her to have sex with him and perform sexual acts on him from 2003 until June of this year in order to keep her job. The woman, a single mother, says she was constantly groped and harassed and that once or twice a month she would be forced to perform sex acts on the CEO. She says that she stayed on the job because she could not find anything with comparable pay or benefits and that she finally resigned in June because her son got a full college scholarship. The CEO of waffle House and the woman have competing lawsuits against each other too, but those lawsuits are sealed which means there is probably some really good stuff in them. You would think this dirty old man could get his rocks off somewhere else with his money and not have to make the lives of his employees miserable. This kind of stuff makes me sick. He knows the woman can't quit and takes advantage of that fact. You don't think the day she resigned in June was not the happiest day of her life? I hope she told the guy to f**k off in the letter.

Reese Witherspoon Skips Money For Photos Of Her Son

Yesterday, Reese Witherspoon finally took her infant son out in public and the world got their first glimpses of him. For free. I am always proud of celebrities who choose not to sell photos of their kids, but at the same time if you come up to me and say, Reese could have got $50K for the photos and would have given it to charity, then you start to think. Is it exploiting your kids if you are selling the photos for charity? I think it comes down to whether someone craves that much publicity and I think Reese is happy just having her one pap photo a day. Yeah, paps just happen to wander across her path everyday. Everyday. I think sometimes it is not so much about giving the money to charity as it is the amount. Reese was not going to get as much money as Jessica Simpson. That has to hurt someone like Reese. So, even though she might have given the whole $50K to charity she is still going to be known as a person who got less than Jessica. When you don't sell photos then the amount of money offered is not generally known and you look like someone who is not willing to exploit their kids for a few bucks.

Lark Voorhies Interview

For the past month or two, the former star of Saved By The Bell, Lark Voorhies has been in the news after she gave a bizarre interview and then her mother said she was bi-polar. Lark has refuted this and gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight. All I have to say is that she gave what is possibly the strangest celebrity interview ever.

"It is a small u …opinionata that is getting blown currently out of proportions. I have no stating reasons why anyone should worry about me. Clearly, I am a very strong, top-of-the line, always riding to it personage. I have no worries myself, nor do I exude, exhibit or possess within my living stratus any reason why someone should worry my behalf. It's completely fictional."

She is like that character on In Living Color who would just make up words that kind of sounded real. Lark has some issues and I wish that she would see a doctor or get some help, both of which she refuses to do.

Ariel Winter's Mom Filed Police Report After Finding Ariel In Bed With Her 18 Year Old Boyfriend

According to numerous sources, Ariel Winter's mother filed a police report alleging that she found 14 year old Ariel in bed with her 18 year old boyfriend which would be a crime. The police report was filed on October 6, which is three days after Ariel's mom lost custody. However, the mom found the couple in bed on  September 24. See if you think this might be what happened.

Mom catches couple in bed and freaks out. Daughter is just 14 and boyfriend is 18 and tells them it is against the law and the 18 year old should date someone who is closer to his age. The mom and daughter get into a huge blowout fight. Ariel goes to her sister's house and tells sister what happened. Ariel wants to be with boyfriend. Sister files paperwork to become guardian. Mom loses first round in court. Mom files police report which she should have done in the first place, but didn't. This is where it gets tricky. Did she not file the police report because she does not want to lose her meal ticket? Did she not file because she had not decided if it was wrong? So many interesting options. I do know that Ariel's boyfriend has a good chance of going to jail. 18 with a 15 year old is a misdemeanor. 18 with a 14 year old is a felony. There is no defense and are no exceptions.

Brooke Burke Has Cancer

In a video post yesterday, the co-host of Dancing With The Stars, Brooke Burke, announced that she has thyroid cancer and will be undergoing a thyroidectomy. Brooke had a nodule in her throat and after numerous tests, it was discovered the nodule was cancerous. Brooke says she is not sick and has never felt better and that she is telling everyone because she is going to have a big scar in the middle of her throat. I wonder if that means she would not have said anything if the scar could have been hidden. I hope everything goes as smoothly as she says and that everything works out great.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

While the rest of the Victoria's Secret models were drinking coffee and chain smoking, Hilary Rhoda spent most of yesterday helping out in areas hit by Hurricane Sandy before walking down the runway last night.

Britney Spears brings out the leather last night on X Factor.
Colin Firth sporting some longer hair with Cameron Diaz who seems to be sporting something bigger too.
Chloe Moretz on the set of Kick Ass 2.
David Beckham gets wrapped with Saran Wrap to keep him fresh for up to 7 days longer.
Speaking of fresh, David has a new line of underwear coming out at Christmas. Well, I see Donner & Blitzen.
Emmy Rossum takes a smoke break on the set of her new movie.
Anna Faris and her baby.
Hello Geri Halliwell.
Kim Catrall in Australia.
I'm not sure how much more Katie Holmes could carry or wear.
Keira Knightley at the premiere of her new movie.


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