Friday, August 15, 2008

Four For Friday

So how about some original 90210 blinds. They all involve people who were on the show. And no, not just people who were on for an episode or two.

#1 - This actress recently reunited with her former flame for about a week of loving when each of their current relationships turned sour at about the same time. After a week they realized why the hell they had broken up in the first place.

#2 and #3 - Despite the age difference, this younger actress on the show came out to this older actress on the show and they had a love affair for about a year. The older actress had been married, but was not at the time of the romance. The younger actress has never been married.

#4 - Although she was portrayed as innocent on the show, in real life, this actress was not so innocent. During the course of each season she would generally get with 4-5 different members of the cast and crew. If you do the math, it is quite the number.

Random Photos Part One

Don Cheadle gets the top spot because he is probably my favorite actor right now. I just think he is amazing at whatever kind of role he takes on.
Alison Melnick is quite possibly the scariest woman I have ever seen.
Which is exactly why Joe Francis loves her. Reminds him of the trannys in jail.
Wow, I remember when you could not look at a magazine at the checkout stand without seeing Deidre Hall on the cover.

Did that celibacy show start yet? I need to give it a look and a rant.
This is not political. Merely an observation and an inquiry. If it were a photo of John McCain body surfing in Hawaii, I would ask the same question. Didn't someone die from a shark attack in Hawaii earlier this year? Are there Secret Service agents in boats and in the water around Obama looking for sharks? It seems like a stupid question until a great white takes a bite of your leg.
Brian McFadden - Melbourne
Again with the goddaughter. I'm still not quite understanding why her parents let her hang out with Amy Winehouse. What is the child being exposed to when she is alone with Amy?
Donny and Marie - New York

"My Endless Love"
"Welcome To The Jungle"
"Throw your arms in the air like you just don't care."
I have to say Donal Logue is looking pretty damn good.
Gretchen Mol got some work. Another Life On Mars photo.

General Fiasco - Belfast
You know what? Sure its a publicity thing and a setup job, but it still makes me almost want to cry. Even if Elliot Sadler was just doing it for the publicity or for Stanley or whatever, it doesn't make any difference to that 5 year old girl. You know she was just thrilled.
In case you were wondering it sounds kind of like a cackle.

Lindsay Lohan and her Sunday best.

And exactly what Samantha Ronson thinks of them.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Lukas Haas. That is a lot of testosterone. Minus points of course for the frappuccino Lukas is drinking.
Apparently Kelson Mathias of Future Of The Left is a briefs man.
Gwen Stefani enters her second decade of pregnancy.

You know in the world of Hollywood romances, Nikki Hilton and David Katzenberg have kept this going for awhile so a little golf clap if you please.

Yes that's Mariah Carey and yes, those are two assistants each with a towel to dry her off. Hope they are fresh and have never been used.
Must have been fun times when they actually got someplace private.
Laura Prepon and her Steven Tyler scarf.
Los Lobos - New York
Put these three together and you have about a years worth of tabloid headlines.

Simon Rex. His CD or is he looking for some quick cash for the meter out front?
From what I understand Sara Paxton is a really great actress. Unfortunately for her, I just know her because she has been in a bunch of SpongeBob episodes.
There is going to be a marriage at some point right?
Just because I don't think I have ever had Oscar Nunez or his family in the photos.
In some interview, Tila Tequila said she and Courtenay are always trading clothes. Uh huh. Kind of like Tom and Katie.

Like this is going to change the opinion of anyone in the world that Dean is Tori's bitch.
The Donna's. I love them.
Taye Diggs was in town last night and his wife is performing tonight. I'm guessing he might join her on stage.
Speaking of staged. Notice that Katie doesn't try and pull that jeans scam on us when she is walking next to Tom.

Your Turn

A little something different this week. I got an e-mail from the publicist for Jo De La Rosa formerly of the Real Housewives Of Orange County, and currently doing her new show Date My Ex. She also has a new CD coming out.

Anyway, I was going to send someone out to some signings she is doing here in LA and do an interview, because hey, I'm sure it would have been fun for someone. Well, turns out that Jo is "real busy" but would love to answer questions on the phone or even better through e-mail. Well since I don't have time to think of any questions I would like to ask her, but know all of you must have something you want to ask, I thought I would let you give me the questions and I will forward them all to her.

So ask anything you want. This is CDAN after all.

NY Post Blind Items

WHICH up-and-coming interior decorator got a free office from her biggest client, a big real-estate mogul, after she slept with him?

WHICH high-profile jeweler - when he was riding high and flush with cash - gave a $60,000 watch to the doorman at one of downtown's most exclusive lounges to make sure he'd never have to wait to get in? Then the jeweler ran into trouble, ran out of funds, and informed the doorman the watch was only on loan.

I'm A Little Confused Again

Another Jennifer, but this time I am confused about Jennifer Love Hewitt. No, not why she had to spend every night with her mom until she reached 27, but instead something else.

I saw that US Weekly cover yesterday of her and didn't really pay attention to it, because, well, hell it's Jennifer Love Hewitt. But, then as is the case when I have had a drink or four I started thinking about what she said last year when she was teased for looking large in a swimsuit. Not on this site by the way, but every other site in the free world.

She said that people are beautiful no matter their size. I agree which is why I didn't trash her size and never do, except for Val Kilmer, oh, and Jason Lewis when he looked bloated a few weeks ago. If everyone looked the same it would be a boring place.

Anyway, she went on and on about the same type of theme as what I just wrote and all the magazines loved her and she just was seen as an example of loving yourself no matter your size. So, the next thing you know she is on the cover of US bragging about how she lost 18 pounds in 10 weeks.

Umm, why? And why the cover? Look, if you are unhappy with your weight or your appearance, then change it. I'm not pissed at Jennifer for losing the weight. That is her decision to make. What I am pissed at is that she went around blasting the world for calling people fat and now she is on the cover of a weekly tabloid basically taking a jab at anyone who also can't lose 18 pounds in ten weeks. She spent her money and hired a trainer and had US following her around and she became the embodiment of what she was trashing last year.

Why couldn't she lose the weight quietly and with no publicity? That would have been fine. Instead she is telling the world, "You know what? I was fat last year and now I want to show you what you are supposed to look like. What? You can't lose 18 pounds in ten weeks? Why? Are you a loser or something? You don't have 8 hours a day to devote to nothing else but losing weight and hiring a trainer and a chef?"

That is what she is doing. To me she has taken all of the good things she did last year and has become nothing more than a hypocrite.

Shannen Is Going To Be Pissed

So, I just watched a 30 second promo for 90210 and the only thing I cared about was seeing Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth. I think Jennie actually had an extra 1.5 seconds of air time so Shannen will probably destroy a trailer or something. Honestly, I am going to TiVo the show and just skip past everything but Shannen and Jennie. I'm pretty sure some YouTube genius will do it for me if I wait long enough.

I'm just not that interested in the new 90210. To me, the people they are trying to attract never even watched the original 90210 during its first run and so to them it is just a new show. Sure, they may have an older sibling or even a parent who told them about it, and so they have heard the name, but I doubt they have the entire box set sitting in their house which they have repeatedly watched.

I want to see Shannen and Jennie. I want Shannen to be popular again and stalked by paps. I want to see her go through five more marriages and to sleep with all the guys on the show. I want Jennie to have that reputation for being nice, but in reality someone you never want to screw with. Ever.

Judging by their on screen appearances in the promo, I think we will be lucky to get 5 minutes an episode with Jennie and Shannen. Does anyone even know about the other cast members? Has anyone seen any of them being talked about or interviewed? No, because no one cares yet. People will care after the show airs, but for now it is Shannen and Jennie and a lot of memories.

What Do You Think?

I try and avoid talking about Zac Efron if at all possible. That being said, his latest dilemma brings up an interesting point. Zac, I guess has not ruled out HSM4 which shows you that his career is not going as great as he would have liked.

As a condition to doing HSM4 he wants $10M. That is one hell of a lot of money for a television film. If Disney coughs up the dough to pay him, is it really worth it?

I think Zac Efron became famous because of the concept of HSM, not because he is any great shakes as an actor. I think that he might be able to get $10M for HSM4, but that if you put him in any other film, he probably would be lucky to get $1M which is what Paris Hilton got for Pledge This.
The other question is whether HSM is like a Law And Order type situation where it doesn't matter who the hell you stick in there, the formula is going to work and thus you can find a new bunch of people and pay them $50,000 each and have them do it for the next few years. By the time they reach their third installment, Zac and Vanessa and Ashley will have moved on to rehab heaven or a career as a columnist with The Advocate, and so would probably be willing to return as teachers or janitors or wherever Disney can find a slot for them.

So, what do you think? Would you pay Zac Efron $10M?

Oh? You Meant The Real Gun

Want to see what happens when a client doesn't follow the lead of the publicist? A publicist who can lie really, really well. So, remember last month when Jerry Lewis was arrested for having a gun in his bag as he tried to board the plane?

Well, his publicist at the time swore up and down that the gun, was in fact a prop, and was hollowed out, couldn't be fired and was used in Jerry's stage act.

Well, Jerry must not pay attention because he told Entertainment Tonight, "Oh, I had a gun in my carrying case, which was given to me by a marvelous, marvelous engraver. Last year, at the telethon of '07, he presented me with this gorgeous gift. He presented it to me in the telethon office in '07. I put it in that traveling case, and I hadn't traveled since that telethon 'til that day."

Uh oh. You can hear the gurgling sound of the publicist when they see that going out on the air. A nice ten second break, and then the ringing of the telephone wanting a clarification. A quick swig of Pepto, a curse at clients in general, a smile, and picking up the call to say this.

"There was a prop gun in Lewis' baggage besides the handgun that was given to Lewis as a gift. I did not previously know about the gift and did not know which gun, the gift or the prop, police confiscated."

At which point someone called the police who said, "if it was a prop, then it wouldn't be a weapon, now would it?"

I'm just waiting for Jerry to give another interview to talk about the grenade launcher that he had in the bag as well. The publicist would say something like, "oh sure, I knew about the grenade launcher. Jerry has had that forever. The reason I didn't mention it previously was that it isn't a gun and you had asked me about a gun."
I am also cynical enough to think this is all one big publicity stunt to get people to watch the telethon which is in a couple of weeks. Jerry knows he would get arrested, but there is no way they are going to send him to jail for it. Meanwhile he gets free publicity, gets on Entertainment Tonight and gets talked about for a month or so. I thought it was interesting that the gun was given to him at the telethon last year which allowed him to say the word telethon twice and when it was. Also, guns are not exactly the first gift one thinks of when going to a MDA telethon.
"Honey, what did you get for when you meet Jerry Lewis?"
"I got em a gun. Polished it up real pretty."

Must Have Been One Hell Of A Bite

Ever since I posted that photo of LisaRaye McCoy-Misick, I have to tell you I have been fascinated with the amount of hedonism involved in her marriage. You have the husband, who is the Premier of Turks & Caicos who apparently finds a new woman to bed every night, and then you have LisaRaye who from my vantage point appears to be even more greedy than Heather Mills at an ATM.

The latest confrontation between the couple occurred on Wednesday night. Depending on which story you believe, either LisaRaye and two other people attacked a security guard, forced their way into the house where she had previously lived and where her husband was entertaining his sister, and then beat the crap out of both of them before taking everything they could grab and leaving.

The LisaRaye version says essentially the same thing.

The LisaRaye publicist version who also happened to be there says LisaRaye was sitting quietly in her home when someone bit her. Uh huh. Both LisaRaye and her soon to be ex were both hospitalized as a result of their injuries. That is some kind of a bite. Must have been a Chupacabra.
Someone with some actual journalism skills needs to go spend some time down there and dig some stuff up because I have to tell you that this is gold. I can imagine sex, drugs, affairs, heads of state, and lots and lots of biting.

Ted C Blind Item

This is just great. Not only is Crotch Uh-Lastic, whom you all met last week—-and whom I could have sworn it would be at least a few weeks before we all said hullo to again—really does have his brains stuffed deep inside his paramours’ overly tight swimsuits. See, the big-screen idol, whose pics make all kinds of bucks because their themes are all so brilliantly multiplatform, is doing things just like Toothy Tile. Now that word’s just beginning to get out that Crotch loves to lure "straight" men back to his Hollywood pad and have them don all sorts of skimpy swimwear (just so CUL can slowly take it right off), Crotchy-poo’s pullin’ an emergency Toothy!

Suddenly, Crotch's rarely seen (female) significant other is out at events more. Suddenly, the S.O.'s mentioned in media interviews. Suddenly, the S.O., who’s more East Coast based, is in Hell-Ay! None of this happened until more than just days prior to last week's baddy Blind, believe me. Oh, and then—quite the opposite—gone missing are Mr. U.L.’s previously very homo-friendly statements to the press. It’s all so Rock Hudson, really. Or Toothy Tile, as I said before. Now, a word to the surreptitious swim fan: T2, even though a surprisingly large amount of folks are buying this ersatz domesticity you're pulling off so well in the tabloids and such, it ain’t gonna work with you, bro. At least, not while you’re having nooky delivered to your house in limos. At least Tooth keeps it somewhat discreet with the BF!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Today's Blind Items

#1 - I like snarky blind items and funny ones, but not the biggest fan of sad ones. But, it is what it is and this B- list mostly television actress with A- list name recognition had a miscarriage. No drugs or anything. No shocking reason why. It is just what it is.

#2 - How shocked will the world be when they find out about this conservative, national talk radio host and his 18 year old sometime girlfriend? Not as shocked as they will be when they find out she was only 17 when they started doing the dirty.

Random Photos Part One

Ernest Borgnine gets the top spot because hey, it's Ernie. In his book he writes about longing for the days when he was in the navy sailing the world, eating cheap food and the comparative cost of hookers in the 1930's and today. He looks pretty good for 90 years old.
I don't know how Aubrey O'Day ended up this high in the photos. I did think she deserved to be in them today though because she actually got dressed.
So, these guys said they found Big Foot and two of his brothers but only managed to kill this one. They found him in Georgia and are currently keeping his body in their freezer. Their kids haven't been wanting ice cream as much lately for some reason.

I don't really care about Alice Dellal and I don't think you should either. I just love when celebrities get drunk and fall down. Oh, and I love the flowerpots.
This almost made the top spot. This is a 100 meter long bar, and as you can see, after drinking at each meter, Mark Lewis-Francis is crawling. Or it could be that he is a sprinter and and posing for the camera. I prefer the crawling version. Margaret Cho is looking really good here.
This is Josh Henderson and Andrea Bowen. It's the new way to make sure you have safe sex.
David Beckham is going to be the surprise guest at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I know, I know, but the million reports all say it is a surprise. So, when you see him, act surprised.

I think Chase Masterson is the original Nordic Track model. Was that the first infomercial? I'm trying to remember the first infomercial I saw.
I think that watching ten or fifteen episodes of Blind Date has made me a dating expert. In my opinion, Chanel Iman and Ryan Leslie will not be getting naked in the hot tub later. Actually naked in the hot tub is more of an Elimidate thing or 5th Wheel. 5th Wheel is really just porn disguised as a dating show. Whenever you have enough material to release 10 DVD's worth of nudity from your dating show, then you know it really is porn.
There is love right there in that smile.
I thought Bijou Phillips and Danny Masterson were done. Guess I was wrong.
Killswitch - Wiesbaden

Who here thinks Ty Murray wears cowboy boots and a hat to bed? They are on a beach in the Bahamas and he has the full regalia on. His belt buckle reads, "I'm gonna git some tonite."
First time appearance for Gunner Wright.
Good Charlotte - Toronto
Guess Ed Westwick is enjoying the company of older men now.

Marcus Schenkenberg without a shirt. You love me yet?
You can't see it because of the angle but Mariah Carey is handing Nick Cannon his list of chores for the day. When he finishes he gets his allowance.
LeAnn Rimes - Dallas
Lucy Davis and no wedding ring.
So, what do you do if you are Lake Bell and you seem to be stuck and can't quite get higher up the list as an actress? You write a script and make your own film. I heard it is really good.

The impossibly gorgeous couple of the day is Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy. Yes, it is Scoot.
The US Men's Gymnastics team.
If you want furniture shaped like tennis balls, Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi have a deal for you.
Rodrigo y Gabriela - Miami
You know that I am one of maybe four people in the world who think Nicola Roberts is attractive, but this wig has got to go.


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