Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

George Michael and Elton John reunited? Top spot.
Not sure what Anne Hathaway was thinking here. It is kind of like Neapolitan ice cream.
Amanda Seyfried walks the street in a little black dress. Back with Dominic Cooper again too.
Christina off to get her drink on.
Looks like David Arquette might be a few steps ahead of her.
Diane Kruger gives her robot look while Dita looks exactly like she has for the past five years. Change already.
Marc Jacobs and Emily Browning who has gone for the Angus Young meets Victoria's Secret look.
Does Fergie look different to you?
Gerard Butler in Malibu.
Justin Bieber talks about his flower. Oh, wait. Umm, he is selling perfume because that is what teenagers do now. Sell perfume to women.

Random Photos Part Two

When I look at this photo of Kellan Lutz, why do I feel like I am watching Martin Short's character in Father Of The Bride.
Lindsay on her way out of court, where nothing happened to her and was given carte blanche to get hammered every night. You know, because people do that in jail.
Madonna still directing her movie. Still going to be bad.
When did Paris Fashion Week turn into an audition for Billy Elliot?
For potato farmers on a night out in town.
When you want to play piano while you dress fashionably.
From the Diane Keaton mens collection.
From the Tilda Swinton mens collection.
Kanye was at the show. He never smiles this big during the women shows.
Usher was there too? Huh.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Three parts today.

Master Chef (which is a great show by the way) was busted for claiming they had thousands of people lining up for auditions when it was just not the case.
Marcia Cross has the world's smallest cup of coffee.
Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Wow. Raven Symone has dropped a bunch of weight. Looks fabulous, but she looked good with curves too.
It was take your daughters to the red carpet day yesterday. Stephen Baldwin with his daughters and
Kirstie Alley with her daughter.
Happy birthday Selma Blair. Now go have the baby.
Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song talk tattoos. Like what else does he talk about? Miley?

Your Turn

Do you believe in alien life? Ever seen a UFO? Has man been on the moon?

The Woman Who Thinks She Is A Car

Peter Falk Has Died

Peter Falk, the legendary actor who graced both big screen and small over a fifty-year career but will perhaps best be remembered for his Emmy-winning role as the shabby-dressed, wisecracking homicide detective on TV's Columbo, has died from Alzheimer's disease. He was 83.

MTV Says Enough To Jersey Shore Demands

Dick Wolf proved you could have a successful television show even if you replaced all your main characters every few seasons. No one stopped watching Law & Order when he first tried it out, and I don't know why networks are so afraid. Yes, we want to see our favorite actors, but if the story is god enough it does not really matter who is starring in the program. Well, after facing some huge contract demands from the Jersey Shore cast, everyone realized they could find five or six other people from Jersey who are just as loud and abrasive and cost a whole lot less. When the cast comes back from Italy, they will film one last season at $100K per person per episode which is more than 90% of the actors get on network television. After that, there will be no more Snooki or The Situation. They will be free to have their 15 minutes expire.

Now, the downside to all of this is that MTV will be adding another 5 or 6 people to the list of people who do not deserve to become famous or earn millions of dollars.

Owen Wilson Finally Realizes He Is Not The Dad

It took Owen Wilson a little while to finally put all the pieces together, because, well, you know, pot will do that to you. Especially the kind Woody Harrelson grows. I am actually surprised Owen can even complete a full sentence after having some of that stuff. Anyway, The Enquirer says the whole Owen and Jade relationship is over. Owen said he did not want to commit and because he is a nice guy, just could not cheat on Jade behind her back. A way to make Owen look like a nice guy. The couple plan to live on opposite coasts and I don't think Owen will be seeing the baby too often.

Rihanna Goes Crazy - Says It Was Her Fault Chris Brown Hit Her

I have no idea what got into Rihanna. Maybe all these conversations she is having with Chris Brown finally wore her down. On Rihanna's Twitter page, she posted the message above. Yes, she is really saying that she provoked Chris Brown which is why he hit her. Not completely his fault? This is insanity. What kind of message does this send to people? It is not exactly like she has ever come out and really stood up against the idea of domestic violence or really come down hard on Chris Brown and now she says it is her fault he did it. WTF? It is never the victim's fault. People have a choice. To hit or not to hit. We also know this was not the first time. Rihanna is basically saying it is fine to beat the crap out of her because she deserves it. That is just not right and sends a very, very bad message to her over 5 million followers.

The post has been taken down, BUT, there has been no word from Rihanna's people which leads me to believe she is the one who did it and the account was not hacked. Plus, if you hack into her account, is that what you are going to post?

Jessica Simpson Stages Intervention For Ashlee Simpson - Gets Boyfriend Job

Star has been on fire this week. They really had enough good stories to last them about a month but they jammed them all into one issue. Because they had so many, this one kind of got pushed back a little, but when I read it, I decided it was the funniest story of the week. No, the fact that Jessica Simpson is staging an intervention for Ashlee is not funny, but even though I fully believe that Ashlee is drinking 10 bottles of wine by herself each week, I doubt Jessica really would stage an intervention. Although, it probably is not the wine she needs to be worried about. The funny part of the story is that to try and get Ashlee back on her feet, Jessica has told her boyfriend Eric Johnson to start helping Ashlee write songs for a new record. Seriously? That is the job you found for the guy? If you want to disguise this monthly allowance thing, you can do it a lot better than this. I am guessing he failed miserably at whatever tasks Jessica and Joe have given him previously so is now a songwriter?!?

Oh, and Jessica is helping too, but wants no credit. That is because when the album bombs Jessica wants to say she had nothing to do with it. I don't think Jessica ever wrote one song for any of her other records so why would she start now?

Mel Gibson's Girlfriend Is More Of A Hookup Thing

I think when Stella Mouzi came over from Greece to the US a few months ago and got to meet Mel Gibson she probably was still under the impression that Mel was the big international movie star. I just don't think the whole Oksana mess or the sugar tits thing probably was a big attention grabber in Greek tabloids. So, with that in mind of course she was willing to go out with him and probably hooked up with him. Then, after getting cameras shoved in her face a few times and seeing her fetish shots all over the internet, she probably also saw that Mel is not exactly the most beloved figure right now so now, Stella has now given some kind of statement to Kneepads and says they are just friends and that she is not a fetish model, just a performance artist, and that this whole thing is very distressing to her family back home. I have a feeling they did not know what she does for a living. I am also curious about what kind of visa Stella is in the US on.Now, my beef with Kneepads. This is why they get the name. First of all, I think she had help with the statement, probably from Mel's people. The last thing they want after Oksana, then the porn star is another pseudo porn star being called Mel's girlfriend. Because Kneepads is showing us that Stella is a wonderful, wholesome person who just wanted to come to America to expand her art and is not someone who would ever charge by the hour or month, they have cropped the photo and taken away her vice. Every other photo of her in this series shows her with a cigarette. Remember though who owns People. Time Warner. As in Warner Brothers as in the same company as TMZ which means that actors with a huge Warner Brothers library get their butts kissed.

Blind Item #1

This married A list singer/rapper extraordinaire may want to be very careful right now. There is a French model he has been with for the past ten years and as they approach that first decade mark, she wants much much more out of their partnership. If our singer says no, the fireworks will be loud and spectacular.

Casey Anthony Defense Gets Big Boost From Mom

To say I was stunned yesterday during the testimony of Cindy Anthony was an understatement. Not only what she said, which helped the defense immeasurably, but also the fact that the prosecutors must have known she was going to say it when they decided to bring into evidence what they did.

In case you did not watch or have not been watching, this is a quick summary. During the prosecution case they brought in this computer expert who said that just prior to Casey's death searches had been conducted on the computer for chloroform, neck breaking, and chest injuries. They then brought in this FBI guy who said he had never seen so much chloroform in a trunk before although there is always chloroform in the carpeting in a trunk. So, of course the jurors are all thinking guilty.

Well, yesterday, Casey Anthony's mom testified she was the one who was searching for all those terms and gave some pretty good explanations why, especially in regards to the chloroform. The prosecution must have known she would testify that she was the one searching those terms so now they look like they were lying to the jury. Not a good plan.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This entertainer/actor primarily on the BET network is juggling a family and two mistresses. Now one is threatening to release both racist and sexists sexts that he has been sending her if he doesn’t pay her some hush money. We might be hearing about this in the next few months.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Former FBI informant, and their number one most wanted fugitive, James Bulger was arrested last night in Santa Monica after 16 years on the run.
He inspired the character played by Jack Nicholson in Departed.
Best picture of Amber Heard ever. She has come a long way since her death pictures.
Yeah, you are way cool Avril.
This photo is the definition of cool. Brad Pitt looks great.
Love the girl behind Camille explaining to the world who she is. No one knows unless you watch RHBH.
Great pictures, but not going to help. The only way to get people to stop is increase the tax to $15 a pack. Then the tobacco companies would focus on hooking the rest of the world.
Now I want a Popsicle.
Ahh it is a group of drunk wet and rowdy kids in mud. Must be Glastonbury.
Halle Berry goes grocery shopping? Have you ever seen her shop before?

Random Photos Part Two

Heidi Klum gets some one on one time with her trainer.
Justin Bieber takes some time out for his fans.
Apparently if you star in a movie called Wimbledon, you are forever a VIP at Wimbledon. So sayeth the word according to Kirsten Dunst.
Katie Holmes goes for the sheer top (and Tom Cruise hat) while
Jennifer Aniston goes for the sheer skirt.
Kevin James has lost some serious weight.
Liam Gallagher wants peace? Huh. Well, make up with Noel then.
LeAnn Rimes says no on her shirt and to food.
Max Casella and John Turturro see who can look more tough.


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