Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blind Item #4

Just remember that if you are one of the many that get a chance to have sex with or pay for sex with this former B list primarily television actress and now a reality standby, that the reason she split with her most recent husband is because she gave him the herp. Probably got it from her first husband, but no one is for sure.

Blind Item #3

For the first time in at least a decade, this married A++ list Academy Award winning actress did not sleep with her male co-star in her most recently released movie.

Ryan Gosling On Conan

You have to hand it to the various writing staffs of late night talk shows trying to keep things fresh when you have a celebrity making their 6th late night appearance in a week. Conan might have outdone everyone with this bit with Ryan Gosling.

Blind Items Revealed

September 11, 2009

#2 - This foreign born C list actress more famous for her modeling career than her acting was spotted making out with a random party goer in a corner of a room a couple of days ago. Oh, she is married.

#3 & 4 - This NBA all star was seen going into his hotel room with two women while his B list television actress significant other was nowhere to be seen.

#2 - Elizabeth Hurley
#3&4 - Tony Parker & Eva Longoria

Monica Cruz Is Pregnant - Via A Sperm Donor

Well, apparently my sophisticated charms and love offerings of bacon covered chocolate have gone unnoticed. Monica Cruz is pregnant and has become so via a sperm donor. The 35 year old, better looking in my opinion, sister to Penelope says that she feared she was never going to find the right guy before it was too late so decided to go the sperm donor route. Well, obviously, she does not think that I could be or will be the right guy. This one stings a little. Not going to lie. Here she has been, single for all these years while she watched Penelope get married and her brother go through a string of women including Eva Longoria, while Monica remained single, but apparently unwilling to mingle with me. Congrats to her though. She said she is telling the world about the sperm donor so people don't think she is hiding the baby daddy.

Blind Items Revealed

August 5, 2009

This B list cable television and sometime feature movie actor recently took part in a contest with an organization which allowed for several lucky winners to meet him at an event. Everything went fine, but our actor seemed to spend a great deal of time focusing on one female fan in particular. He focused in on her so much that they ended up having sex in his dressing room at the event. What neither of them realized at first was the walls in the dressing rooms were paper thin. They finally realized it when they could hear the people in the surrounding dressing rooms laughing at them because the actor kept asking the fan during sex if she liked f**king a star.

Jeremy Piven

Demi Moore Is Dating Harry Morton - Jennifer Lawrence Dumps Nicholas Hoult

Well, if Demi Moore ever wants free Pink Taco, she apparently now has an in. She is dating the founder of the restaurant and the son of the Hard Rock Cafe founder. They have not been going out much expect they were spotted at South Beverly Grill which has great food and on that street I once saw David Beckham on his motorcycle and breathed in the fumes. Smelled like spice. Most of the time though the couple have been staying hidden away at Demi's house. So, let me get this straight. You have a guy dating someone but doesn't want to take her out much but just goes over to her place a few times a week and then leaves. Umm, that sounds like a guy who is just using someone for a booty call. Harry has experience dating women he is not proud to share. After having sex with Lindsay Lohan for a few months he then denied he ever dated her. Nice guy.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence has dumped her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult. Apparently he was not playing by her rules and her rules are very simple and straightforward. So, she moves on. Not out of the place she shares with her family, but moves on.

Blind Item #2

This former A+ list Olympic athlete and now just living off his fame got a ticket while on vacation. No big deal right? The ticket was for public indecency. He was getting orally serviced on the beach by a woman he had picked up in a bar an hour earlier.

Kristen Stewart & Liberty Ross To Meet

According to the rarely correct, but always entertaining, Now Magazine, Liberty Ross and Kristen Stewart are set to meet next month in Los Angeles. You know, because Liberty has some questions for Kristen and wants answers that only Kristen can provide. First of all, I can't imagine either one of them agreeing to meet. What would be the point for either? Kristen could say, "Hey, I'm sorry I had sex with your husband and father of your kids," and Liberty could ask Kristen, "Why did you have sex with my husband and father of my kids?" I suppose that Liberty could be double checking Rupert Sanders' story in case she is thinking of taking him back, or she could just want some alone time with Kristen. Would you ever meet if you were in this situation?

Blind Item #1

They used to hate each other. A lot. He creeped her out. She used to feel sick when she saw him. Now though, this A list all movie actress has changed her tuned and has been sharing the bed with this A+ list all movie actor. The problem is that she will get hurt. He will cheat. He was cheating on his girlfriend with the A list actress so you know that will continue.

Hide The Electric Shavers & Pink Wigs - Britney Spears Is Free - Kind Of

This could be the last time Britney Spears truly smiled. It is probably also one of the last times she was not heavily medicated. Of course, she was probably on other drugs at that time, but at least she was happy. She was free and could do what she wanted and say ef it to everything else. Britney and her babysitter, Jason Trawick officially called it quits yesterday. Britney had wanted to love him, but he just did not see anything other than dollar signs and a headache when he had to be with her. So, now she is under the thumb of just Dad again and he loves Vegas and hates traveling so he probably wants to hook up his showgirls and money train to a casino and have Britney go through her medicated dance moves 6 times a week. During the day the casino can put her on display behind a clear glass wall as she goes through her daily routine. Hey, they do it for the tigers and lions and they probably feel just as caged as Britney. Dad probably told them if they throw in an extra million a week it is all doable.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Ellen Barkin sitting on the ground in NYC while wearing a fur and yelling at someone on the phone. How can that not be the top photo?

Adele sneaks through the paps at LAX.
Blue Ivy tries to carry Beyonce on her shoulders.
Guy Ritchie and a very umm pumped up David Beckham.
Elizabeth Banks filming Walk of Shame.
Elisha Cuthbert looks the best I have seen her.
Hello Alyssa Milano.
Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner promoting their movie.
The Goopster shows off her kids.
Jamie Foxx in London.
Kristen Bell showing off her baby bump while she shops.

Random Photos Part Two - Critic's Choice Awards

Anne Hathaway

Amy Adams looks great here.
Jennifer Lawrence
Emily Blunt  & John Krasinski
Liev Schreiber & Naomi Watts
Jessica Chastain
Elle Fanning and her big shoes are back.
Marion Cotillard
Emmy Rossum
Bradley Cooper asks to be in a Spielberg movie and then
cops a feel of Ben Affleck.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Apparently Kate Middleton is too polite to say what the rest of us are thinking about her official portrait. It is just not her and looks not great at all.

Lady Gaga seems to have shrunk to Snooki proportions.
Miranda Kerr at a photoshoot in LA.
Advanced photobombing. This is a person who must be a geometry teacher.
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone laugh about Josh Brolin's arrest record.
Rihanna is very very skinny.
Sarah Jessica Parker and one of her twins. The other probably got the nanny.
Speaking of kids, here is Hilary Duff with her son.
Taylor Lautner went out on another date with his high school sweetheart.
Vanessa Hudgens with yoga pants and UGGS. It is the Hollywood uniform.

Will Ferrell & Ryan Gosling On Jimmy Kimmel

The headline alone should make you want to watch it.

Blind Item #5

This just about A list mostly television actress has decided that no one wants her anymore and she misses being the center of attention. Back in the day she could get anyone she wanted and now the only guys asking her out are all 20 years older than her. She still wants the dream, but is spending most nights alone in her house in her sweats so don't be surprised if for the first time ever she does something that guys have wanted her to do for 15 years. Playboy.

Kidnapped Boy Found 19 Years Later

Back in 1994, Richard Landers was 5 years old when his grandparents kidnapped him from Indiana. Detectives finally found the boy after 19 years living about 680 miles away from where he was kidnapped in Minnesota. He told police that he knew his real name but had chosen to live under the alias his grandparents had used and is married and is about to have a child of his own. The grandparents don't face any charges because prosecutors dropped the case years ago when the boy could not be found.

Four For Friday - He Destroyed Her

It is Friday time and it is hard to believe that it is only 11 days into the new year. Seriously, it feels like forever. The weeks after the holidays drag on and on and there are no gift baskets left in the office to make everyone smile. It is kind of depressing. Tomorrow and Sunday I will be blogging and tomorrow I will have a reveal or two from the archives. I love looking at those old blinds from way back in the day. If you would like to follow me on Twitter I am @entylawyer and would love to see you over there.

You don't see her at all anymore. She used to be A list. Everywhere. She had talent in multiple areas and it was rare that a day or two would go by and you would not hear her name. Everything was great until he sunk his claws into her. The guy, an A list mostly movie actor, did what he has done to so many, but this time he destroyed someone's life. He loves f**king with a woman's head and making her feel like she is the lowest person on earth and that they need him to survive. usually he pays for that privilege or they catch on real quick and dump him, but sometimes, like with our former A lister, he made her feel worthless, got her hooked on drugs and booze and made her so dependent on our actor that she tried to kill herself twice and ended up in rehab and a mental institution. He would tell her to come over and then make her wait outside while he just screwed around and she never left. He might be just watching television with his friends and they would stare at her outside, just waiting. Eventually he would come get her. Sometimes he would be nice, but most of the time he would just have sex with her and then send her on her way. It is almost like our actor has taken his screen image and has become him. Every year he just gets more evil.

Your Turn

It has been a few months since everyone has had a chance to plug what they want to plug so please take this opportunity to post anything you want about charities or your band's music or recipes or your garage sale or your products you sell or whatever you want.

Blind Item #4

This former almost B+ list all movie actress dropped to a C and was hovering around a D. She tried to bring herself back up by getting involved in a relationship with what she perceived to be a bigger celebrity than her. She got some press, but it was not until she managed to get a hot television show that she began to climb back up the list. Even though she is still a B- she acts like she is A+ and expects to be treated like it. Her almost A list mostly movie actor co-star on the show called her out in front of everyone and said she got a lucky break and to treat everyone accordingly. Has not happened.

Osbournes v Lady GaGa

I think this would be a great time to get those people over at MTV to start spinning up the Celebrity Deathmatch clay figures again because now Sharon Osbourne is in the middle of this ridiculous Kelly Osbourne Lady GaGa fight. Kelly said GaGa was pregnant because GaGa had gained weight. The next thing you know Kelly is getting death threats from GaGa's Twitter followers and Sharon steps in and writes a letter to Vince Hebert. Yeah, Tamar's husband. Sharon says Vince needs to put a stop to it and he says he will but instead GaGa takes some shots at Kelly and says that her career is based on making people not feel good and comparing who is more beautiful. So, Sharon is upset now again and this just goes on endlessly and I think the only way to settle it is to revive the old MTV show.

LEGO Should Be Prepared For Some Letters

When I was a kid, LEGOs were just a bunch of squares of differing shapes and if anyone on your street could build anything better than a house they were looked upon with something akin to hero worship. The thing they were best for was hearing your parents drop an f bomb in the middle of the night when they stepped on one of the tiny pieces you forgot to pick up. The fact that they could remain hidden for years and provide an unexpected moment of joy at some time in the future was also brilliant. Anyway, now LEGOs are filled with instructions and come in different shapes that can be used to actually create something. A 7 year old boy in England lost one of his toys that he bought at Christmas and wrote a letter to LEGO hoping for a replacement. Great customer service.

Blind Item #3

This C+ list talent wise all movie actress with A list name recognition was recently shut down with her new toy by her overly protective husband who suspected she was talking to an old flame of hers who has popped back into her life. He also is making sure that she is accompanied when she gets a nice big paycheck soon. He knows that if she was left alone without him for the week she will be gone that she will never come back.

Paris Hilton Left Out In The Cold

I feel it is my mission in life to tell you things that will make you smile. So, with that theme in mind, Paris Hilton and her boy toy were at the People's Choice Awards the other night. Even though they showed up after the broadcast started someone decided they could come in. That was a bad move. The good move was that they made them sit away from all the other celebrities. They actually had to be near people who had jobs. I know, I know. It was frightening for Paris. So frightening in fact that she got up after just a few minutes with her boy toy in tow and went outside to smoke. You know, away from the people who actually get paychecks. She thought it would be a quick trip. Turns out it was way longer than she anticipated because security would not let her back in. No in and outs at the event. Not even for Paris Hilton. Especially not for Paris Hilton. She pleaded and cried and did the don't you know who I am thing at multiple entrances but none would let her back in. Way to go security. Love it.

Blind Item #2

This B list celebrity who wishes she was A list and thinks to herself she probably is has sent her actor husband to another part of the house for a week. She says that if he is going to act like a kid and cheat on her then he can sleep in the kids rooms. She also has taken off her wedding ring.

Taylor Swift - Asexual?

Radar has a new report that says Harry Styles split with Taylor Swift because she is asexual and does not want to "put out" enough for someone like him and would rather stay inside and discuss antiques. All that made me think about all night is why she and Jake Gyllenhaal split up. Do you think they clashed over their antique loves? Different periods and all that? She is classical French colonial and he is more of a British 19th century kind of guy? I could see that. Knockdown dragouts while watching Antiques Roadshow. Shaking with excitement when a new Christie's auction catalog comes in the mail. Harry was more interested in partying and having as much fun as possible and enjoying his fleeting boy band fame. I get that and you know it was doomed even without taking into account Taylor's past romances. She is a stay home lets get married and cuddle on the couch while we look at our cats kind of person and Harry is lets get naked in the hot tub and drink booze while we watch porn kind of guy.

Blind Item #1 - Kindness

A lot of smaller movie theatres have been struggling because they do not have the money to convert to all digital. A fundraiser was held at a movie theatre here in town to save a small place and the event was not doing that well until this A+ list all movie actor who is very well known on this site asked how much the cost would be and wrote a check for $60K on the spot. The other money raised that night went to replace the older seats.

Justin Bieber Being Sued By Former Bodyguard

If you are an ex Israeli soldier and want to sue Justin Bieber because he didn't pay you $420K in overtime, then that is ok and a manly thing to do. But if you include in your lawsuit that Justin hit you in the chest a couple of times that just makes you look like a cry baby. The kid weighs 10 pounds and is the number 7 searched "woman" on Google. You are not doing yourself any favors by making that public or that he berated you. He is an insecure little kid who wishes he could be big and ripped and he can't. So he berates. In October 2012, the pair got into an argument about how to deal with one of Justin's entourage and that is when Justin yelled at him and struck him. The bodyguard walked away from the confrontation and was fired. The bodyguard is suing for $420K for the lost wages and overtime and for extra money for being abused by Justin.

Demi Lovato Living In Sober Home

Good for Demi Lovato. With all the drama in her love life and friendships, I am glad that she is taking her sobriety seriously. TMZ is reporting that for the past year, Demi has been living in a sober house rather than on her own because she was not sure how she would be able to deal with X Factor and being on her own and wanted to come home at night to a place like a sober living facility. Even if she does not go there every night, I think it is great that she is at least giving it a shot. When you get that sudden boost of fame from being on a national television show and all the kiss butt that comes with it and people willing to do things for you and make little gifts appear in your hand that you don't need or want, but might have a tough time ignoring if you are home alone with them staring at you in the face, a sober living home is a good idea. Now if she could just learn to block some callers from her life.

Justin Timberlake Doing Something He Is Good At

Unlike his acting career, Justin Timberlake is a very good performer and singer. A couple of months ago, rumors were everywhere that Justin was making a new album. Those rumors were instantly shut down by Justin but it turns out the rumors were right and Justin was probably lying. Not a bad idea if you are a hacker looking to release some tracks before they are ready. The rumors have not officially stopped, but when Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter both say an album is expected out soon and that one of the songs is a collaboration with Beyonce and Jay-Z that seems way closer to fact than a rumor. The entire album was produced by Timbaland who has not uttered a peep about anything or got back to anyone who has requested a statement from him. Considering I am tired of listening to decade old Justin songs, I think a new album would be in order followed by a tour with Lance Bass and Jessica Biel as his opening acts and a nice long hiatus from the acting world for Justin & Jessica. Take a year, maybe two and do a world tour.

Lindsay Lohan Says NY Times Article Is True Except For The Bad Stuff

Apparently Lindsay Lohan has decided that even the NY Times has a vendetta against her. She thinks that article is stunningly accurate except for the parts where she looks bad. Not kind of bad like being shy or late, but the really bad parts like drinking on set or drinking and driving because she says that is irresponsible and she is never irresponsible. Oh, and the having to use her dad to get her to agree to do all the looping and not getting paid for it. All I can say is that the producers would not be saying such nice things about her if they had a decent budget and could afford nice things for her to wear or nice props. They would have all ended up in her pocket like the $600 tab she ran up at lunch on the film's budget and the costing crew members jobs because of her antics. She says that happens all the time in movies. Uh huh.

Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Got Paid $500K For Celebrity Big Brother

I think I have figured out why Celebrity Big Brother in the UK does not attract many stars. They think ones like Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are worth $500K. For one week's work, the couple was paid $500K. For that kind of money I am shocked Lindsay Lohan didn't want to appear on the show. It sure would beat doing what she does for middle age men with presents. Plus she can be the biggest pain in the butt ever because she gets paid in advance. Compare that amount with something like Dancing With The Stars and the approximately $250K participants get, although it can be higher, and the amount of practice and work you have to do. You work way harder for that kind of money unless you have the game figured out like Pamela Anderon who flies from one reality show to the next earning serious coin and getting eliminated the first week after she has been paid.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Dear mom (Beyonce) and dad (Jay-Z). I don't understand why you brought me to the Bahamas and are forcing me to sit at this table and sign autographs while you get your yacht on. Love, Blue Ivy (c)2013

AnnaSophia Robb keeps shooting Carrie Diaries. We already know what happens so why do we need a prequel.
Emily Van camp and Josh Bowman getting some lunch.
Nahla whips Garbiel Aubry's head with her lunchbox and telling him to move faster or she will tell Olivier.
Juliette Lewis and Russell Brand in the same photo. I think chakras exploded everywhere.
Jada Pinkett Smith looks amazing here.
Suri Cruise asks Katie how come she has all this free time during the day now.
Katharine McPhee on the set of Smash.
Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan do their fake laugh routine.


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