Friday, May 07, 2010

Four For Friday

Once a year on the Friday before Mother's Day I post one of my favorite blind items ever. I do so, because as I explain within it, the events took place Mother's Day weekend. Yes, I know, I know, I should be ashamed for the drunken debauchery instead of taking my mom to Denny's. Well, where do you think I am taking her right now? No, not Denny's. Pancake stackers time again. She wanted to try them. Oh, and Jon Stewart and Mario Batali discussing whether a Whopper would be good in between a double down? The answer is yes. No bun though. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Obviously this would have been more relevant if I had posted it a few weeks ago, but hey, if you have learned anything over the past two years of reading this blog, it is that I'm a bit lazy, or busy or both. Can you be lazy and busy? Is it because you are lazy that you are busy? Anyway, at least it's still May so this is still kind of relevant. Plus, it's all you are getting today unless Mischa Barton decides to show herself. If you think only actresses skip out on Cannes and their obligations, then you obviously didn't read about my adventure tracking down a certain director who should have known better as well. If you haven't read it, shame on you, but just click the label, long blind item at the bottom of this, and you shouldn't have to scroll too far down. Give you something to do anyway if you are at work. Sorry if you are. I probably should be as well, but sometimes you just have to say f**k it. If you did read about the director, then you will enjoy this because it also takes place in Europe. People always e-mail and ask how come I don't write more of the longer items, and the answer is simple. I used to all the time. But, inevitably the longer items involve me, and honestly, too many people read the blog now, and it isn't like I haven't told the stories to other people before, so I try and keep them to a minimum. I know you like them, but there are other people to consider as well, and you have to remember, when I tell them at a party I usually name names. No, not in the big ones. The MV's of the world and some of the other deeply intimate ones, are locked up in the mind. The one you are about to read isn't known to very many people because, honestly, the four of us did some things that we are not necessarily proud of, and as a consequence we were not exactly running back home and sharing it to the rest of the world. That being said, enough time has gone by, that if you ask one of the others, or myself, we are not exactly hiding anything. I mean it is being written now isn't it?

Happened about ten years ago. Throw in a year or so on either side just to make you work, but it isn't the most difficult one in the world to figure out. Four people. #1 is me. Hell, it's my blog, I'll be #1 thank you very much. #2 is a singer and so from now on will refer to him as SR just to keep things easier. Great guy. One hit wonder, but it was a hell of a hit, and he has no problems with being a one hit wonder. If you do figure out him, and see who he worked with when he first started, it does open up a bunch of other clues about another person who has contributed to the blog. This singer was riding the high from this #1 song when this little adventure took place. I absolutely, positively guarantee you that each and every person who is reading this blog has heard this song, and hummed along or sung to it. #3 is an actor. Honestly, doesn't do much now. At the time though had a very nice run going on a very hit show. Although he wasn't with her at the time, he was the guy who introduced me to AP, so you have that whole thing going. He had a very recognizable face and still does if you watch reruns. We will call #3 AR for actor. Finally we have #4. #4 is someone none of you know or will know and is only in the story because he was there, and since he was there, it kind of makes sense for him to be mentioned, although he will not be heard from much, and you will soon discover why. We will call him NN for no name. Cute huh?

I had met SR when he was just starting out because he was friends with and working for one of my best friends at the time. Damn that is vague, but it is what it is. He and I had hung out and liked each other, but lived in different cities. If we happened to be in the same city at the same time we hung out and we kept in touch when not. AR and I had just kind of met by chance at some function or other and at the time he was seeing AP, so I might have wanted to meet her more than him, but it turns out that I ended up with two friends which is really nice. After that initial meeting though, we rarely talked or saw each other. Once or twice a year we would run into each other and do the whole we should hang out more often thing, and of course never did.

So fast forward a few years from when I first met AR, and into the present. The present at the time this happened, and not the present as in now, because, well that would be odd. Turns out AR and SR are working together on something and my name comes up. They are drunk and of course invite me, because, hey, I'm a lush and they know I'll bring booze. So, I go over to AR's house where they are drunk out of their minds, and the next thing you know SR is saying he has a five day window free, and AR just finished shooting his show for the year, and everyone knows I won't be missed where I was working at the time. Too true. The fourth came about because we wanted to go eat some chicken and waffles at 3am and so I called the one guy who had less of a life than me and NN came and picked us all up and he somehow got drafted to be the fourth.

SR had to be in London a week from then, and so we decided to hit Europe. For some reason we decided to go to Amsterdam, but it wasn't for the reasons you think. It was actually because the flights to Paris the next day were completely booked. That had been our first choice. Well, turns out all the flights to Amsterdam were booked as well, but we did find four seats to Brussels. One note. This was prior to the extensive use of internet booking. There may have well been seats available, but the yellow pages, 3am, and being drunk does not lead to much checking beyond one or two calls per city.

So, let's catch you up. As far as I go, I had awakened at probably 8am, worked all day, went home, was about to go to sleep when AR and SR called. Got drunk beyond belief with them, and got maybe two hours of sleep before we got on a plane to from Los Angeles to New York. There may have been a brief nap in between the Bloody's, but it wasn't long. Then got on a flight from New York to Brussels and this is where the real fun starts.

While all the other flights may have been booked, this flight was empty. As in ten people in Business Class and another ten in the back. More crew than passengers. Well, AR seeing the situation on one of the trips to the bathroom says this just won't do. Because the flight attendants were all in love with him, he convinced them to let all the passengers fly up in Business, and then proceeded to drink. We all drank. And drank, and drank. By the time the flight landed, all of the beverage carts were empty. Dry. Nothing. There was one family and the rest were men as I remember. Drinking, cards and swearing, oh and lots of smoking. This airline hadn't switched yet and it was like a thick fog of smoke. Amount of sleep? 0

Landed in Brussels and the first thing that is noticed is that at some point SR has managed to throw up all over himself. Wiped it off to some extent, but looking rough and he was being really surly. Going through customs and everyone is just holding up their passports and getting waved through. Then comes SR. Apparently he had taken offense to a kid from the family stepping on his foot and so was swearing loudly. So much for a smooth ride through customs. "Yes, we are with him. Sure, we'll be glad to wait." Somehow we were on our way really quickly. I just remember that what I thought was probably going to be an hour ended up being like five minutes.

Next. To the car rental counter where we waited and waited and waited. SR had brought a flask and was sipping liberally, and swapping it back and forth with NN. AR decides he is the only one who can drive. I got shotgun which would prove to be very fortunate.

At some point during the flight the four of us had agreed that since we were in Europe, and there to have fun, it hardly made any sense to just make the short drive from Brussels to Amsterdam without seeing a bit of the rest of Europe first. So, we decided to see five countries in one day. Belgium-France-Luxembourg-Germany-The Netherlands, and of course to drink in each country.

So we drank. Belgium was easy, because we had already been drinking so we figured we were good on that front. Got to France and found a place to drink and AR kept himself to one glass of wine while the rest of us each had about a bottle, and took two each for the road. Looking back at it now, perhaps bottles were not the best choice. At some point immediately after crossing the border into Luxembourg, NN and SR who were sitting in the back got into some type of disagreement about space, and who was actually responsible for the four cigarette burns in the rear upholstery of the car. Apparently SR said something to offend NN, which caused NN to take an empty wine bottle and strike SR firmly with it across the forehead. Ahh, nothing like blood streaming from a forehead wound to bring the trip to a rest area. In this case a bar parking lot, because we still had to drink. The bartender had some gauze or tape and there was plenty of liquor with which to clean the wound. So, tape applied and filled with liquor we continued. To Germany and beer. Lots of beer. But first a pit stop on the side of the road. Oh, I forgot to say that part of the deal was to avail ourselves of the outdoors for at least one bathroom break per country. Due to the amount of liquids we were consuming, this in fact took on several stops per country. During a break in Germany doing out business, a motorcyclist came down the highway at about 150 mph. We all remarked at how fast he was going. A short time later as we were going at a much reduced rate down the highway, several police cars and an ambulance made their way past us. Where were they going? Well from the wreckage on the side of the road it appears that perhaps the motorcyclist should have slowed down. Honestly don't know what happened to him, but it didn't look good. On that note we headed to a cafe and got some beers for there and for the road and made our way to Amsterdam.

It was fairly late when we got into Amsterdam, but not quite dark because it was May. Good thing too, because Amsterdam isn't the easiest place to navigate. Imagine an inebriated person with barely any sleep in 48 hours looking at a map and telling the driver to turn left at arnghivstaal street and you can see the dilemma. To this day I don't know he we managed to find our hotel.

Check in, go to our rooms and 30 minutes later we are on our way out. First stop, and it turns out the only stop of the night was a club which featured topless female bartenders and an array of other women whose only goal was to have the customers buy really expensive drinks. It's funny, but AR couldn't go anywhere in LA or for that matter anywhere in the US without being recognized, but, except for the flight over had not been recognized once. He was loving the experience. So when we walked in to the bar and noticed an episode of his show from the first season playing on the television we almost bolted. Funny thing was though even though the entire episode was about him, and he was sitting there in the bar, not a soul recognized him. There was jukebox in the place and we had wanted to create a surreal experience by playing a SR song while AR was on the screen, but SR's song wasn't in the jukebox. Neither myself, SR or AR were really interested in the women. Not so much NN who struck up a conversation with one of the women, left about an hour later with her and didn't show up again until we were about to leave Amsterdam. He's still married to the woman. Yes, awww, and all that. What AR and Sr decided would be fun would be to pay for the drinks of two kids from the UK who were pretending to be about 25 and were more than likely about 17. They were mesmerized by the women, but had run out of funds until SR and AR came along. Wanting the kids to feel like hotshots, SR and AR kept giving the kids money in which to buy drinks and soon had six or seven women all over them. They loved it and SR and AR got a kick out of it. For the most part though this was a party that just wasn't going to get started because the three of us had nothing left to give. At about 4am we walked back to the hotel and called it a night, but not before finding an unlocked bar and no workers. Ahhh free booze. It was like we owned the bar. Trusting lot there at the hotel.

Woke up around 2pm and decided that what was in order was a swim in the North Sea. Sounded really good at the time. Two cases of beer and a few hours later we found ourselves jumping in naked into the North Sea. Funny thing about that sea. It was May and the outside temperature was warm. The water? Not so much. It was about a week before I saw my balls because they had disappeared inside my body not to be seen for sometime.

Another case of beer on the way home and it was time to go out. First stop was a coffeehouse, but honestly we didn't buy any pot. It just didn't seem fun right that second. Next stop, was a biker bar. Didn't know it was a biker bar. Didn't know that the bartender was an American and that he would spend the next hour telling us in great detail why the US was so f**ked up, but he did. We were the only people in the bar and figured his people skills might have had something to do with it. We did stay an hour because we honestly couldn't believe what we were hearing.

We decided to forgo the live sex shows, and instead went to another club which was also completely empty. This was a Saturday night at around 11 or 12 and we literally were the only people in there. Didn't matter though. The bartender who was female and Portuguese was married to the owner who was Dutch. In some half assed Spanish and French we taught them how to make a margarita and a kamikaze and were having a great time and getting very drunk. People started streaming in around 1am or so, and pretty soon I felt a hand on my back and then on my neck, and was thinking to myself, "ok!" Turned around and it was a guy. The whole place was filled with guys. Yep. It was a gay bar. Well this particular gay bar was about to have a Karaoke contest and we decided after seeing SR's song on the play list to enter him right into the contest. First prize was like 1,000 Guilders (yes, before the Euro), and we figured SR would be a shoo in. The guy can sing. No backing tracks or anything like that for him. Ummm. He came in 3rd. To be fair, the guy who won was pretty good, but the guy who came in second did so only because he decided to drop trou and seems that was a real crowd pleaser. No one recognized SR although everyone did sing along which he enjoyed.

Next stop was some college type bar where everyone was singing soccer songs and Abba songs. Honestly, I don't think they played anything else. It was packed and hot, and sweaty and AR got recognized by some American tourists who started screaming. This was not part of the plan, and was not what AR wanted since he and SR were in deep discussions with a dealer who said that he could score some coke. Unfortunately AR just couldn't say, "glad you love the show. You know, could you come back in a little while. My buddy and I are trying to get some coke, and you are kind of ruining it for us."

So, outside we went. As we were walking and discussing a deal, we all found ourselves in the red light district. Funny how that happens huh? Well, the friendly drug dealer told us to enjoy ourselves while he went off to get it and would be back before we finished. Well, all I can say is I he would still be waiting today for me because it just wasn't going to happen for Mr. Shy. Nope, 3 days of drinking and a dunking in the North Sea and the thought of wife #3 in the back of my mind kind of ruined it for me. SR and AR apparently had no such issues. Well, they are used to performing, and I'm not. My excuse anyway. Well the dealer showed up, and he did so with a few of his friends. Apparently he decided that since we had so much cash, perhaps we would be willing to give some to he and his friends. Ummm. Run? Well this wasn't the movies, and running wasn't in the cards so we passed along what money we had. Got to avoid a good ass kicking though. See, there's always a positive.

Stumbled back to the hotel, slept for a few hours, and then it was the drive. You know the one I mean. The one where the fun is done and at least for me all you have to look forward to is that damn desk and at the time, a job which was no fun at all. AR didn't have anything to complain about. He was going on vacation and then to film a movie. NN? Well he got himself a wife, and was sticking around for a few days to meet her family. So it was pretty good for him. SR? Well he flew to London for a show and some stitches and AR decided to go with him. Me? I flew back all by myself and probably moved four inches on each of the flights. Really the first and only time I have ever been able to sleep on a plane. Stopped in Chicago on the way home and called my mom from a pay phone to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. Decided to keep the whole hooker, coke, gay bar, four day bender out of the conversation though. Went home and kissed the wife. Decided not to mention the whole coke or hooker thing. Told her about the gay bar and she could smell the 4 day bender. Went to sleep, and the next morning was right back at that awful desk.

Random Photos Part Three

Forget Don Henley, this is a group I would like to see out on the road. Glenn Frey, Snoop and Joe Walsh.
Some randomness. Adriana Lima and Harvey Keitel.
Counting down the days for Amy Adams.
Bono and Gabriel Byrne.
That is a huge cake that Buddy Valastro made.
Probably not eating any of it is Christina Aguilera.
Yesterday Courtney Love said that she has to be good in bed because she is not attractive. That actually seemed kind of sad.
Caitlin Moe - New York
If you have been looking for Gerard Butler. Relax. He is in Serbia.
Not in Serbia and stepping out alone again was Hugh Jackman.
Isla and Olive in LA yesterday.
Not happy to see the photographer was Joel Madden.
His wife though was thrilled.

Random Photos Part Two

John Mayer playing tennis in Australia.
I have no idea what Jessica Simpson was thinking here. Mr. Carey got to go out alone again. Wow.
This is a much better look for Jessica.
James van der Beek and his girlfriend Kimberly Brook.
Kate Bosworth looks much better here than at the Costume Gala.
Kimberly Locke has a new record deal. Signed by Randy Jackson's new label. I guess she will end up on Idol next year.
Katy Perry in New York.
Hello Malin Akerman.
Mischa is 2 for 2 this week. I think dressing normally is making her sad though.
I think this is Miss Canada, but if you were at an event in LA and someone comes up and has the sash on that says Miss Canada, how are you going to know?
A great idea for a red carpet. Make it look like a magazine cover. Here is Michelle Trachtenberg.
Look at the eyes. They scare me. That being said, I have actually heard Nicole is doing a really good job in this movie. It seems that comedy agrees with her.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Prince Harry is now finally legal and can fly helicopters. Judging by this picture it also looks like he and Chelsy are back together also.
Parminder!! I love her and she is never anywhere to put in the pictures. Here she is with Scott Grimes.
A first time appearance for Roman Chavent.
Robert DeNiro and Bradley Coooper on the set of Dark Fields.
Randomness. Rachael Ray and Julianne Moore.
Russell Simmons helps Rosario Dawson celebrate her birthday.
Is it just me or does Rachel Weisz look completely different everytime I see her? Here she is with Naomi Watts who always looks the same. Good, but the same.
Shaun White at an LA book party.
Let me know when you see Ty Pennington or Jaclyn Smith actually shopping at Kmart.
Vinny takes his mom everywhere. Including the beach.
Westlife - Nottingham
So much for the Cheryl Cole and romance rumors. This is a woman going into's hotel with him who did not want to be identified. Then why even go in there??

Jesus Christ Hit By A Car

20 year old Brittany Cantarella better go to church this weekend. It seems that Brittany didn't see the pedestrian in a crosswalk and hit the man. According to police in Massachusetts the pedestrian's name was Lord Jesus Christ. Seriously. It is on his drivers license.

Jesus went to the hospital where presumably he got a lot of cards that started,

Dear Baby Jesus,

Thank you for my smoking hot wife. Oh, and I'm sorry you got hit by a car.

Read Rachel Uchitel's Statement Carefully

Today I have read several sites which say that Rachel Uchitel has denied having an affair with David Boreanaz and they point to her statement released by Gloria Allred as the proof. I think they need to read the statement a little closer. She doesn't deny having an affair with David and I think it is pretty obvious from the texts between her and Tiger that they did have an affair. She is just saying she wasn't the one shaking him down. Earlier this week it was made pretty clear that it wasn't Rachel shaking him down, but people don't take the time to read. Here is the statement from Rachel.

"David Boreanaz is not part of my life, nor will he be. I am not in communication with him and do not wish to be. I have made no claims against him and do not plan to assert any. Any statements to the contrary are false and I hope that this statement will finally end any speculation about this issue. I am looking forward to a life that is not filled with scandal, rumor, innuendo or false statements about me. I will not have any further comment regarding David Boreanaz."

It doesn't say the he was not part of her life, it just talks about the present and apparently she is a fortune teller because she says no for the future too. If she didn't have an affair with him this is where she would have said it. She didn't.

Your Turn

It is that time of the year. Mother's Day. Now is your chance to wish your mother a Happy Mother's Day, or not, depending on your personal situation. Perhaps you wish to thank someone who acted as a mother. Whatever you want, say it here.

I of course will be doing all the cooking on Sunday while my mother enjoys her George Clooney film fest. It is also the one time a year when she gets really hammered which is always funny. She deserves it though. Can you imagine having to live with me and my dad. Brutal.

Jimmy Kimmel Lost Guest List Announced

As you know, the final episode of Lost is on May 23rd. After the final episode, The Jimmy Kimmel Show is going to have a Lost reunion of sorts. In what will probably be the highest rated episode of the show's history, Jimmy is going to have all of these cast members live and in person.

Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Nestor Carbonell (Richard), Alan Dale (Charles), Jeremy Davies (Daniel) and Emilie de Ravin (Claire), Michael Emerson (Ben), Matthew Fox (Jack), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) and Harold Perrineau (Michael).

Choosing not to attend, but filming something in advance will be the producers of the show as well as Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and Evangeline Lilly (Kate).

Jimmy is also going to have three alternate endings to the show which are going to be aired. It is going to be a great night on television and then it will all be gone. Only DVD's and special box sets to come.

Girl Who Was Allegedly Raped By Lawrence Taylor Told Him She Was 19

Some updates from yesterdays events about Lawrence Taylor. The former Dancing With The Stars contestant has been charged with statutory rape and soliciting a prostitute. It turns out the beating the girl received was allegedly from her pimp because she didn't want to have sex with anyone. After the alleged beating, she did have sex with Lawrence Taylor and told him that she was 19. In most states this still isn't a defense in statutory rape.

Meanwhile the FBI is involved because the girl may have been transported across state lines to have sex. Meanwhile, Lawrence Taylor's attorney said that Taylor didn't do anything wrong. Uh huh.

Health Scares Are Big In The Tabloids This Week

This week seems to be the everyone is dying week in the tabloids. First, The Enquirer has a piece saying Chaz Bono weighs 270 pounds, and since he is just 5 foot 5 that he is obese and that everyone is worried he is going to suffer a heart attack. They say that because of the testosterone he is taking because of his gender reassignment, his health is going to get even worse.

I remember when Chaz was on Celebrity Fit Club. I think that might be the last season I watched. He didn't really seem like he wanted to lose weight and since then apparently has added on lots more.The Globe is worried about Penny Marshall. They say she weighs 250 pounds and is fighting for her life. Unlike Chaz who also seems to gain weight because of unhealthy eating all of Penny's weight gain is attributed to the cancer fighting drugs she is taking.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

Which famous singer is in the process of penning a children’s book? Although she’s made her money, her secret dream from childhood was to become an author. No word if it’s any good.

Not Celine Dion.

Kendra Wilkinson Was A Sex Tape Fiend

When Kendra Wilkinson was 18 she must have wanted to be a porn star because she didn't make just one sex tape that was a mistake or something, she made lots of sex tapes. Like everytime the guy would come over they would record each other having sex. Yesterday, I talked about how Kendra had been trying to sell the tape herself which kind of dispelled the whole woe is me thing she had tried to play off earlier in the week.

Gone is the woe is me and now everyone starts to wonder what else was she lying about. Maybe she did have sex with Hef. Also, if she was trying to sell them, she must have had a copy of the tapes or been in touch with the boyfriend who did or they each have one. So, this isn't like some tape was stolen or anything. She has known they were going to hit the market. Maybe the woe is me act is designed to sell more tapes.

Oh, and of course Kendra is going to have all of this on her reality show. I can't wait to see how they edit that one.

Gabourey Sidibe Turns Diva

All of the goodwill that Gabourey Sidibe has earned over the past year may have disappeared in one night. It seems that last weekend at the Correspondent's dinner, many reporters not only wanted to meet Gabourey but also to say hi and to ask a question or two. It took a few days but one thing all the reporters said about her is that she was mean and rude.

A Washington Post reporter just wanted to congratulate her and Gabourey told him to come back in five minutes. The Post reporter then shared his story with another reporter who said that Gabourey was rude to her also. But wait, there is more. MSNBC said that Gabourey was rude to a fan who wanted a picture with her. Gabourey refused to smile and told the fan they were lucky to even get a picture with her. Gabourey also cut off reporters, walked away from reporters and seemed to only want to find other celebrities to speak to.

I was hoping she wouldn't get the diva bug. She has always been nice in the past. She could have been thinking about how bad she was on SNL or having a bad day, but she needs to know she hasn't earned diva status yet.

That Seems Fast Jenny McCarthy

According to E!, Jenny McCarthy went to Vegas last weekend with her sister and some friends. Nothing wrong with that and it seems like a great idea when you are getting over a breakup. Well, apparently, Jenny has already got over her breakup to the point where she was spotted at a club canoodling. No, not that. Thank goodness. This was actually real kissing and making out and cuddling with some unknown guy.

So, the news is that Jim Carrey keeps acting really shaken up by this whole thing and Jenny is fine and making out with guys. Seems to me like Jenny was the one who broke it off. The person who breaks it off usually can move on much more easily after the relationship. At least this has been my experience.

Tori & Dean Take The Jon & Kate Route

It seems like every reality show involving a married couple eventually renew their vows. The producers run out of ideas and say lets take the whole family somewhere and the couple can renew their vows. We can make it a four parter and cross promote all our other shows. Say Yes To The Dress being an example.

The Duggars did it, Jon & Kate did it, I think Carmen and Dave did it and now Tori and Dean are renewing their vows. So far this whole vow renewal thing has only worked for the Duggars. To everyone else it was just a free trip somewhere and a short wait to divorce court.

With all of the trouble Tori and Mrs. Tori have been having you wouldn't think they would want to press their luck with the vow renewal thing.

Ted C Blind Item

What have you guys done to deserve so many Blind Vice's in the past week and a half? Or better yet, why have so many dudes been extra skanky, as of late?

Meet Chet Chick-Muncher. You'd think this star would have been a Vicer already since his ridiculous antics have been going on for decades, but his dirty laundry is usually so publicly aired there's never been a need before.

Until now, thanks to a certain electronic misstep...

Chet has definitely had his share of substance-abuse problems, and it seems one of his effed-up escapades is coming back to haunt him—big-time.

Obviously, we mean a sex tape. Who the hell doesn't have one lying around these days?

Only problem is, not only is Chick-Muncher attached and most definitely straight-ish, this tape isn't with his honey—or a girl.

Seems CC-M, who enjoys his female skank-up a lot, has been caught on-camera, not with a hooker, but totally blowing some random dude. Yes, that's how obscenely obliterated the Munch was when this went down—pun intended.

And one of the parties from this par-tick sexfest is shopping this bad-boy tape around, and Chet is convinced it's about to come out.

Hence, Chick-Muncher's attempt to fade back into the background. He's actually trying to become less of a public figure these days, professionally speaking, even though it may not look that way at all. That way, if the footage does come out in the near future, it won't sell for as much or have as much of an impact on his reputation (which is not exactly great right now).

And yes, Chet's lady is aware of what's going on. Wonder if she'll be the one to let the haunting tape spill to the press? It certainly would give her ammo for what's sure to be a massively uncomfortable split.

And it ain't…

Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Jesse James

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Today's Blind Items

#1 - This former long time A list singer is so whacked out on crack that except for when she is performing she sits around in a bathrobe or naked all day without her wig just smoking away. At this point she doesn't care who sees her or hears her. There have been complaints of screaming and things breaking at every hotel she has stayed in on this tour.

#2 - This former A list hip hop singer and rapper who had hit after hit five or six years ago has this gorgeous female Asian assistant. At least everyone thinks she is female. She is on top but not on the bottom and that is just the way our singer likes it.

Random Photos Part Four

Yes, I put The Hoff and William Shatner on top. They both are good for a laugh, and if you are like The Hoff and wear the same jeans four days in a row I will post your picture on top too.
Almost on top, but since no Neil Young, Crosby, Stills and Nash have to settle for the tie.
Some kind of weird roleplay for Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith?
Show us your Brangelina tattoo Ann Curry.
Ashton and Demi making their way back to LA.
One of my favorite actors right now, Ben McKenzie.
I guess Cassie is going to keep this shaved head thing for awhile.
Cyndi Lauper with the Sharon Osbourne red hue.
The jeans don't really seem Christopher Meloni-ish.
Dr. Drew at a teen moms event.
Fergie auditioning to be the Black Widow.
Helena Christensen looking as lovely as ever.


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