Saturday, August 03, 2013

Blind Item #5

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who is actually a great actor and great looking is married. He and his wife have always had an open relationship but they are splitting because he has basically moved on to be with someone that he and his wife once had in a threesome. He wants to keep the fun and sex going and his wife says she is ready just for them to be a couple and not be always looking for a third or fourth. She was never really into it, but did it so he would stay.

Blind Items Revealed

May 7, 2013

This A list reality star/host/judge entertained people last night with a very detailed, very graphic description of how she performed oral sex on her boyfriend in a limo last week and how she had to change outfits when she got to the event because she had, umm had a Monica Lewinsky experience happen during it.

Heidi Klum

Blind Item #4

This A+ list celebrity who used to be a pretty popular singer and a horrible actress was talking to friends the other night about the time she hooked up with this A+ list mostly movie actor a few years ago. They had dinner and then went back to her hotel. Apparently the actor had way too much to drink because he was not getting up to speed so to speak and our celebrity started laughing when he wanted her to talk dirty because he had an accent and she could not understand him because he was slurring and she started crying from laughing so hard and he just got up and walked out and never spoke to her again.

Blind Items Revealed

March 27, 2013

This almost A list celebrity/reality star should probably be worried because there are three women who have all banded together and are in the process of selling a joint story about the celebrity cheating on his A- list celebrity wife. The three are just the tip (Insert Office joke here).

Blake Shelton

Blind Item #3

This B list mid-teens mostly movie actress says she is still a virgin. It is not because she does not want to have sex. She just says she is paranoid that her partner will take naked photos of her or tape them without her knowing it. She says she has reasons to be concerned because it happened to her actress sister. Everyone at school saw her naked.

Blind Items Revealed

March 15, 2013

This actor is B- list. Honestly he should be C list, but he has such a well known face and voice that you have to put him in the B list range. Huge career lasting for decades. Always the second banana, but very popular. Did I say he was aging? Over 60. He insists his latest girlfriend is 18, but she was telling people at dinner the other night she needed to get home and study or her parents would kill her. I'm thinking high school student. He plays big in high schools. Colleges too.

James Woods

Blind Item #2

This married A+ list mostly movie actor was talking about how he had scored with his female co-star in just one week of filming his latest popcorn flick, but was never going to be with her again because she was so boring in bed. The reality is she turned him down and he was just trying to cover for her refusal. After she refused, he has even tried to get her fired from the movie. He wants a co-star who is into him.

Blind Items Revealed

March 14, 2013

This former almost A list singer and B list mostly television actress who had a run of very bad luck must think she is a huge star still. Yesterday as she walked up to an empty theatre to tape a special there were ten fans on the sidewalk waiting for her. I guess that is a lot of fans. Actually they were there to see someone who came a few minutes later, but hey, if this person walks in front of you you will ask for a photo or an autograph. Despite the fact there was nothing going on and the singer was almost 30 minutes early she told the people outside that she had no time for them. "I have no time for you." No mention of being sorry. Did not even bother to look at them. She did look good though. The big star who arrived shortly thereafter stopped to talk to everyone and took photos with everyone and even talked to them all for 2 or 3 minutes each.

Brandy Norwood/Snoop Lion nee Snoop Dogg

Blind Item #1

This good looking B-/C+ list reality star from an A+ list reality family was on a date with a woman when he ignored her the whole date and chatted to other women and even got phone numbers from them. At one point when he had stopped chatting to other women he was overheard asking her whether they should go to her place or get a hotel room for a couple of hours after they ate. She said hotel room. I don't understand people sometimes. This will be revealed.

Blind Items Revealed

March 13, 2013

This celebrity is B+ list. Name recognition is probably A. You probably would not recognize her on the street if you saw her. Well, you might, but she would be the one that twice in the past week has ended up passed out drunk in the street. Not in front of her house either. We are talking about once at the base of a bus stop sign and two nights later in front of a bench. Apparently she could not make it on to the actual bench. This will be revealed.


Raven Symone Officially Comes Out As Gay

If you noticed that Raven Symone was trending all day yesterday it is because she Tweeted that she was so happy about gay marriage being legalized because it meant she could finally get married. After years of not admitting anything and refusing to discuss her personal life, Raven Symone finally came out yesterday. I think it is great. When you look at Twitter feeds around the world, I would say half of them had no idea Raven is gay. That is why it is important for celebrities to come out and let the world know and show others that it is ok to come out. To be who you are. I'm happy for Raven and now she and her ANTM girlfriend can be open and not have to hide their relationship in their apartment. Raven did clarify later in the day that she is still too young to get married so that won't be happening anytime soon, but is happy she can if she wants.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

Jennifer Aniston gets the top spot because next week the tabloids are going to all be running this photo or the one where she is rubbing her stomach.

Jennifer was dressed up for the premiere of her latest movie which also stars Emma Roberts and
Jason Sudeikis. He brought along Olivia Wilde.
Will Poulter brought his family.
Ed Helms has a part in it.
The one and only Luis Guzman.
Britney Spears' shirt can be taken in several different ways. Are we talking boobs? Peen? Bacon stacks?
Daniel Radcliffe joins the Matthew M bong playing club.
Gwen Stefani is still in London.

Random Photos Part Four

Diane Kruger at a Fox upfront party.

Derek Jeter's ex-girlfriend was there.
Vanessa Lachey showed up to talk about her new show.
David Boreanaz took time off from hitting on women to talk about Bones.
Amber Heard was doing press yesterday for her new movie.
Helena Bonham Carter being Helena Bonham Carter.
Hilary Duff had some time without her son and used it to walk her dog.
Kate Bosworth biking around NYC.
Minnie Driver at the premiere of her new movie.

Random Photos Part Three - Young Hollywood Awards

Apparently there are awards given out for being young or looking young or once being young or just showing up and pretending you are young. The ones who do show up get awards. Kanye should make this his second home.

Cat Deeley was there. if not for the Miley Cyrus hair style of the night, she would look her normal amazing self.

Selena Gomez was there and also looked good.
Not sure what Alyssa Milano was thinking with this.
Lucy Hale looked nice.
Tara Reid gets invited to red carpets so rarely that she had to take a photo of herself on one so people would believe her.
Kelly Osbourne's boyfriend seems to lose weight everyday. Well, we do know Kelly does not like anyone heavy.
Anna Sophia Robb won one of those future star awards. Always a jinx.
I thought they retired Kim Kardashian's Met Gala dress. I found the fabric. Holland Roden and Crystal Reed had it.
Ian Ziering survived the sharks.

Random Photos Part Two

Mario Lopez is just grateful they did not go anatomically correct below the waist. Better left a secret.

Mean Suvari does not usually go for this kind of fun and normal look.
I presume this is Miss Universe. I think we all are sash believers.
Not wearing her sash is Meredith Viera.
Aubrey O'Day wanted to show off her weight loss results. When was she ever overweight?
Notice the occupation of the parents. Prince and Princess Of The United Kingdom. Do you need a degree for that?
Pink certainly gets stretched out every night.
Paul Rudd shows off his fourth grade haircut.
Russell Brand nuzzles a fan. Feels her up for her energy. Gropes her chakras.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

On most people, this dress might seem revealing, but with Rihanna, it is almost conservative.

Rita Ora on her way out of NYC.
Reese Witherspoon with a happy face. Must be about to drink her lunch.
Ashlee Simpson got a job. Modeling for her sister. I bet she charges way more than a regular model.
Sandra Bullock drops her son off at school and then goes to party. Or take a nap.
Samuel L Jackson recites Go The F**k To Sleep to thousands of people prior to showing Snakes On A Plane on the big screen. Now that would be a night.
Sylvester Stallone watches his daughter jump off a yacht while his former supermodel wife looks on. I bet growing up, he didn't think anyone would ever write a sentence like that about his life.
Steven Spielberg in Italy with his wife. Do you think his home movies are better than everyone else's home movies?
Deborah Ann Woll out with her boyfriend. They make a great couple.

Blurred Lines On Classroom Instruments

Blind Item #10

This actress was almost A list. Mostly television. Then her hit network show was canceled. She still has a name, but does not work very much any longer. She had a photo scandal not that long ago and now it could get even more interesting. Her husband recycled two laptops that he did not think were working. The place he dropped them off sold them and the hard drives recovered. On the hard drive is our actress topless and using her hand on her husband. Yep. Lawyers are talking. I wonder if it would be a big seller. It is only a few minutes long.

Blind Item #9

This A list mostly television actor who is also foreign born and very good looking recently ended a fling he was having with his co-star from his network show. He heard she was going to be fired and figured this would be a good time. Plus, his wife was starting to catch on.

Blind Item #8

This A list celebrity/singer was out shopping this week and asked for a dressing room. She was buying jewelry. When asked about it, the celebrity said she wanted to see how it looked on her while she was naked. The staff let her use the employee restroom, but our celebrity did not like the light. They let her use the office of the manager and she was stripping before the door was even closed. Oh, and she also smoked a joint. In the office. She did buy the item though.

Blind Items Revealed

May 7, 2013

This almost A list mostly movie actress who deserves to be about a C and would be if not for a franchise was wasted out of her mind and people swore they were getting a contact high just being next to her.

Kristen Stewart

Four For Friday - She Hooks For Drugs And For Him

It is Friday. Just one month left until Labor Day which means right after that is Halloween which means the clocks will be falling back before you know it and we will be in the dead of winter. So, by all mans enjoy your summer weekend if you can keep the thought of blizzards out of your head. If you can't and just want to hunker down inside this weekend, I will be blogging all weekend and will have lots of reveals from the archives. I am shooting for extra juicy. If you would like to follow me on Twitter, I am @entylawyer

Before I even get into the details, I want all of you to know this will be revealed. It deserves to be.It needs to be. It is a sad sad tale. An actress, she thought she was going to be huge. She thought she was going to be a big big movie star. Everyone told her she would be. Agents and managers. Boyfriends and producers. Everyone wanted to be her and with her and she was golden. She listened to their words instead of words that wiser people told her. I used to know this actress. She was amazing. She did have that it quality. The thing is so do a bunch of other people in this town and they are willing to work for it. Our actress wanted it handed to her. Diva does not begin to describe her. Well, one very bad decision and our actress went from a nice solid B who was shooting for an A to an actress who is living off some perceived fame she had a decade ago and trying to make a living acting, but not doing a very good job at it. Sure, she makes enough money for the SAG insurance to kick in at the highest level. Good thing too. Since her fall from grace, our actress has enjoyed the company of booze, drugs and some really bad choices when it comes to men.

Her sometime boyfriend also thought he was going to be an A lister. Everyone told him he would be and he believed them and had much the same tale as our actress. Our actor loved booze and drugs and loved throwing his weight around and loved throwing around women too. He loved nothing more than getting some coke and a woman and ordering her around for the night. It was inevitable that these two would hook up. Their drug crossed paths meeting several years ago. Both of them washed out. He was hanging on better than her. Guys can look rough. Women can't. Not in this business. her drug use was just getting to that tipping point where there was no return. Neither of them had a ton of money, but at the time she still had looks. Not movie looks, but really good looks for the rest of the world. Escorting. He would set it up. At first she went through an agency and would give him some money and the rest was for drugs. They got tired of sharing money with the agency though so he took over. He ended up keeping most of it and would beat her if he thought she was holding out on him. Pretty soon her drug face was not even good enough for escorting. She was not street walker material yet, but she was offering 15 minute specials which is almost there. He would be in the bathroom or outside the hotel room door while she was with guys and to get his cut. The dealer was never far behind. The amazing thing is she did keep getting some roles. She does work. She is just not getting the roles she thought she would get. What keeps her working is that she is a very good actress. When the acting money runs out though, she is turning tricks and earning a buck and our actor is never far behind, always looking for his cut and still beating her if he feels slighted by her.

Your Turn

Strangest food you have ever eaten.

Blind Item #7

This actress from a fairly hit network show found out her younger sister actress from a hit show was a lesbian when she discovered her sister in bed with another woman who was way older than her not legal sister,

Woman Survives In Wilderness For 12 Days After Sex Attack

Stephanie Beaverbones was found by an oilfield worker this week after surviving for 12 days in the wilderness of Alberta. She survived by eating berries and drinking river water. Her ordeal began when her car broke down. Two of her friends went for help while Stephanie and a man she barely knew stayed with the car. That is when he made his move. She ran for it and during her escape broke her jaw and suffered a mild concussion, but kept right on going. She ran and ran and then realized she was lost and had no idea how to get back to the road or anywhere else. Police have charged her attacker with aggravated assault and sexual assault.

Blind Item #6 - Kindness

This actress was almost B list. She was on a hit show on an almost network and was fired. She has lots of famous friends, but generally is only friends with them long enough to borrow some money to keep surviving. This week, our actress was on a red carpet and there were three women who were absolutely dying to meet two actors who were at the premiere. They had been camped out for a day and the actors had not noticed them. Our actress got the three women into the premiere and made sure they got photos with the actors. This might seem small, but this actress has never been known for doing anything kind. Ever.

Blind Item #5

This B list singer/celebrity has a boyfriend. That never stops her from cheating though. She had a meeting with this almost A list celebrity/rapper. She thought they would be alone and she wants a favor from him so invited him to her hotel room for room service and was planning on making some moves. The A lister showed up with his wife though who made it very clear that she did not appreciate the B lister or her reputation or plans for her husband. This will be revealed.

Amanda Bynes Gets Another Week In The Hospital

Amanda Bynes tried her best to get a judge to cut short her two week extended vacation at the hospital, but the judge decided to go along with the doctors' advice for now and keep Amanda locked up against her will awhile longer. The doctors say they don't think Amanda will remember to take her meds. I think that is probably a true statement. The doctors also say that Amanda has not admitted she has a mental illness. I think Amanda is smart enough to say she has one, whether she believes it or not if she thinks it will get her out of the forced hospital stay. I think she was probably saving that card to play in case this release request did not go as planned. I bet she admits it this week. She wants out and she does not want her parents in control, She is making nicey nice right now so they will drop the bid for conservatorship. If they go through with it, I bet Amanda never speaks to them again. Ever. Like not go to funerals ever.

Blind Item #4

This almost A list movie actress who used to be A list is producing a new project and auditioned several women to be a part of it. After rejecting the first 10 people because she thought they were better looking than our actress, the production company stepped in and convinced her that everyone would only have eyes for our actress and that her product was not going to sell well if everyone was ugly, especially considering the nature of the project. She did fire the one woman who kept flirting with her significant other though.

Keith Urban Gets To Spend More Time Away From Nicole Kidman - Jennifer Lopez Will probably Join Him

As I told you when American Idol ended, Keith Urban wanted to stay as a judge and was doing everything he could to make sure it happened. I think the guy would almost be willing to work for free because he enjoyed it so much. Plus, it gets him away from Nicole Kidman a lot. The only other way to get that much free time away from her is to go on tour, but that involves a ton of travel and hard work. This is nothing compared to a tour and he genuinely likes judging. The time away is just a bonus. Joining him on the judging panel after a year off will be Jennifer Lopez. Well, probably. She wants to come back because she knows it is hard to make a buck out there and on Idol she can make a lot of money and get a lot of attention and not have to do much and without Steven Tyler to bug her, she would like to return. She and Steven did not get along. He is wild and out of control and Jennifer likes everything to be orderly and for herself to be in charge and the biggest light on the stage and with Steven, she could not.

Blind Item #3

This A list celebrity chef/television personality was telling friends yesterday that he dodged a bullet. It turns out he had sex with Simon Cowell's new baby mama too and knows it would have been the end of his career if she had got pregnant with his baby. You know, because the chef is married.

Blind Item #2

At a party this week, this former almost A-/B+ list mostly movie actress who is now a C+ lister who is riding a wave of publicity to get her that high, not only slapped what was her boyfriend after they got into a fight about her drinking, but also decided her skirt was too uncomfortable and removed it, leaving only her top and some spanx on. Yeah, it was classy.

Blind Item #1

This former almost A list mostly television actress who is getting older, but is still gorgeous and has been linked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood must have forgotten to take her meds or she is back on the bottle. Apparently she thought her on and off actor boyfriend was cheating on her. He said it was a break. He also has several fewer intact windows after she saw a car in his driveway that belonged to another woman. Her key to his house no longer works, but her throwing arm does and she broke four or five windows before he could get outside to stop her. Hopefully he kept his date inside.

Jack White's Wife Is Scared For Her Life Around Him

Karen Elson got a restraining order against her husband, singer Jack White, after a judge believed her that she fears for her life around him. Apparently Jack has been calling her and texting her and sending her e-mails and none of them are very nice. He is not pleased that she decided to leave him and take their kids with her. He is also not pleased that she wants spousal and child support from him and has been letting her have it in a variety of different ways. Apparently he has threatened violence and she is also scared for the safety of their kids. When you get a restraining order because you are scared for your kids, then it is pretty serious. Everyone always sees the happy go lucky American Pickers guest star Jack White and what he wants you to see. He is a totally different person in private.


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