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Don't Mess With Priscilla Dang

It's not comedy, but you will love it.

Blind Items Revealed

November 3, 2011

#2 - This former A list actress and multiple nominee of some of the biggest awards out there is now a C lister on a good day. Well, she still has A list diva attitude though. When she was doing a premiere with some of the cast and was put in a hotel, she found out the director had a bigger room than hers. Our actress was not happy about it and asked him to switch rooms with her. He said no. She replied in a very loud voice in the middle of the lobby, "So help me, you are going to switch rooms with me or I will get on the phone to your wife and tell her all about those extras you f**ked." The director replied that he did no such thing, and the actress said, "It doesn't really matter what happened, she will believe it if I say it."

Jessica Lange (**I would agree that Jessica is not C list now, but American Horror Story had premiered three weeks before I wrote this, and had not premiered on television yet when this incident occurred.**)

Was Chace Crawford Outed?

It looks like The New York Observer has decided to out Chace Crawford. They wrote an article about sexuality and actors and how a man had been enjoying the company of another man at a premiere party and how that man was Chace Crawford. Only, they are kind of sneaky about it. They only mention Chace's name at the end when they say this about the premiere party. “There’s also the simple matter of defusing the knowing laughter of a public that maybe just doesn’t care that much anymore. ‘If you’re in the closet,’ said [Lance] Bass, ‘you get made fun of more than if you just come out!’ If he’s in fact gay, that’s a lesson Chace Crawford—the dashing, engrossed young man at the premiere—may do well to heed.”

Hello Jessica Simpson

So, yesterday there was a series of photos that showed Jessica Simpson getting out of a car. Lets face it. The photos that have been coming out of Jessica have not been the most flattering photos ever. I'm sure she looks way better than the angles and photos show, and Jessica believes that too. So, she decided to tweet a photo yesterday. I'm not sure that the photo she chose would be my first choice. In the Tweet she asks if her breasts are street legal and also with that wide open mouth, I have to say she looks kind of porny. Is this her way of distracting the world? Remember, she chose this photo to show to the world. This is not a pap photo. What was she thinking?

Would You Want Ashley Judd At Your Wedding?

Wynona Judd is having to explain to everyone why she did not invited her mom or Ashley Judd to her own wedding. First of all after doing many of these things, I think you should be able to invite whoever you want. It is your day and if it makes you happy to be surrounded by butchers holding racks of bacon, then why should anyone question that? Wynona Judd decided she didn't want Ashley Judd at her wedding. If I was making a list of people to invite, Ashley Judd would not be on that list. I don't want her there. Yes, she is nice to animals. Period. I will give her that, but she would want to be the center of attention at her sister's wedding. I know I have said this before, but go back and look at the Indy 500 win from this year for her husband. Go Google it right now and see how many photos of him holding the trophy by himself that you can find. Ashley is in most of them. She would photobomb every photo and complain and it depresses me thinking about it now and Wynona has been dealing with it her whole life. Good job Wynona and keep Ashley away from the holidays too. Just invited butchers with bacon.

Giovanni Ribisi Dated Agyness Denn For Six Weeks

Giovanni Ribisi had been with Cat Power for almost two years. About six weeks ago they broke up. So, it confuses me how Giovanni told a reporter that he and Agyness had been dating for awhile. I know the whole Scientology thing is to make a clean break and never look back. I guess Giovanni did just that, but six weeks? That's fast. It is really fast considering that you are just getting out of a long term relationship for the person you end up marrying. I wonder what Giovanni's 14 year old daughter thinks about all of it. Here she is getting to know someone for two years and then wham, dad goes and marries someone that he knows for six weeks. I guess it will be ok for her to do the same thing too when she is 18, or 16 if she moves to England and becomes a gypsy.

James Marsden's Girlfriend Is Already Pregnant

So, James Marsden was married for 11 years. He left his wife in October for 24 year old Brazilian model, Rose Costa. Now the couple has announced that Rose is expecting a baby. That didn't take long did it? This is where things get really interesting. Rose split with her boyfriend to date Marsden. Then she and her boyfriend got back together; rented an apartment together; and moved in. Great, things are perfect with Rose and her now ex. Enter a layover in Miami for Rose and James Marsden just happened to be in town. Uh huh. The next thing you know they are having sex and Rose gets pregnant. My question is, if she was living with her boyfriend and also had sex with James at the same time, how does she know the baby belongs to James? Because he is more famous. Just kidding. Relax.

Guilty Guilty Guilty

Finally a case where the verdict is what everyone thought it should be. There was no walking free for Jerry Sandusky yesterday as he was convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse. There is nothing greater than seeing this guy in handcuffs. You know, the thing is he terrorized kids for decades and he will probably be protected in prison because of his name so he won't have to endure what would normally happen to child molesters in jail. Plus, because he is so old, he will spend much less time in prison than he actually did making the lives of so many kids miserable. They will be suffering for their entire lives because of him. But, I am so happy that he was convicted because I don't know that I would have any faith ever in the justice system if another person had walked free from a sensationalistic crime. Will he get 442 years? I doubt it. I just want to make sure he gets enough where he will never have a chance at parole. Ever.

Lindsay Lohan Is Awful On The Set Of Liz & Dick

I think the folks over at Lifetime were hoping that if they bit the bullet and paid Lindsay Lohan the money she wanted and impaled themselves on insurance companies to cover them in case of a Lohaccident that somehow they would be rewarded with spectacular ratings and lots of Emmy Awards. Yeah, what they are getting is what everyone expected. Someone who shows up late, whines and doesn't know her lines. According to Star (via Celebitchy), Lindsay is probably the world's worst employee. If I had asked any of you, whether you would pay Lindsay Lohan $1M to be in your made for tv movie. Most of you would say no and go with someone else. I have decided that Lindsay wants the benefits of being an actress and a star, but is not willing to actually put in the time or the effort. She thinks what she did when she was 14 was putting in her dues. She likes being fawned over on the set and wearing everything Elizabeth Taylor did, but that does not make her Elizabeth Taylor and doesn't make her a good actress either.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Photos Part Four

Chloe Moretz with an entire foot long sandwich from Subway. An actress who eats! Top spot.
Ice-T and Coco taking a stroll in NYC.
Speaking of Coco, Courteney Cox took Coco on a trip.
I'm not sure what Diane Kruger was thinking when she chose to wear this to the NHL Awards.
Matthew Perry was there.
So was Kevin Connelly.
Anna Faris showing off her baby bump.
Ashlee Simpson looks nothing like she did even three years ago.
George Clooney takes Stacy Keibler to the restaurant he takes every date.
"Listen Ireland. I will call you a fat pig and then you hit me and everyone will have a laugh because I'm a funny guy and it will remind them of the time I did call you a fat pig even though I really am a nice guy."

Random Photos Part Three

Giovanni Ribisi gets back to work after his no moon honeymoon at the premiere of Ted.
Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis are the stars.
I love Alex Borstein.
Three of the four Simmons family members were there.
Johnny Depp takes some time off from having sex to get back to work on Lone Ranger.
Katie Holmes does look happier these days. More free.
Kylie Minogue, Joe Manganiello and Joel McHale. Can't go wrong there.

Maria Sharapova is the highest paid female athlete.

Random Photos Part Two

And just like that, Lindsay Lohan learns that the three martini lunch makes the sidewalks move.
She doesn't look any worse for wear. That smile must mean she scored some furs.
This guy has 11 Miley Cyrus tattoos. That is 11 too many.

Michelle Williams looks really good right here.
Nicole Kidman letting one fly.
And that got Keith Urban out of there in a hurry.
Seal puts his kids on a plane to Australia while he stays behind.
Simon LeBon shows you what it would be like if you had sex with him. Sweaty and wet and not looking at you.

Random Photos Part One - All Reader Photos

Four parts today.

Reader Photo #1
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32 & Pregnant

Well, if you have ever seen 16 & Pregnant, whether you liked it or hated it, you will like this take on it. I can't believe SNL never thought of something like this.

Jimmy Fallon Vs Justin Bieber

Four For Friday - He Tried To Kill Himself

As I do every Friday, it is announcement time. It's less than two weeks until reveal day. That means you are running out of time if you want to send in your reader photo. Make sure you send them in prior to July 3rd. After that, it is too late. Also, if you send it in earlier you can have it posted during the week on here AND on reveal day. Send them to

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This actor will probably always be A list. He has done it all. Movies and television and his name will always make him A list. He has had his ups and downs, but there is no turning back for him. Going forward it's all A.

It has not always been like that, and our actor has struggled with demons that most of us cannot imagine. Over the course of his career he has tried to kill himself at least four times. The first time was after he rocketed to instant fame. He says that he was not trying to kill himself and that he just was partying too hard and took too much of the wrong drug and fell asleep. The thing is he had been telling people that he couldn't handle the fame and was going to do something about it, so most people believe he was trying to kill himself. The second time was when he was at the depths of his career. The sudden fame had turned into a bottomless pit. His love life sucked. His life sucked. No one would hire him. He was strung out and the only way he got any work was when his best friend at the time who is also a television and movie actress recommended him for a part. When he thought he had been turned down for the role, he tried to kill himself by cutting his wrists. You can still see the scars if you look hard enough. A friend who was staying with the actor heard some commotion and ran into the other room and found the actor. He got him bandaged and talked to him for two days straight. At the end of the two days, the actor got the call that said he got the role. It was the beginning of the comeback.

The third time he tried to kill himself was when his wife left him. His wife walked away from the marriage and his life and said that the actor was driving her to an early death. Our actor is always depressed and gloomy. Our actor rarely smiles and is even more rarely in a good mood. He is a great actor and knows when to act the part, but at home his demons come out and his wife left. She was gone six months. During that time our actor locked himself up in his house, drank and ate himself silly; would not talk to anyone; and tried the drugs route again. Again it didn't work. he didn't take enough. He was huge at this point and it made him very sick, but not dead.

His most recent attempt was not that long ago. He was on the set of a movie and there was a car chase scene. Our actor tried to walk right in front of the cars as they were chasing each other but didn't see a production assistant who grabbed the actor. At first the assistant thought he had saved the actor's life, but when the assistant didn't get thanks or appreciation they realized that the actor had been trying to do something that was best left unsaid. Of course they did go and say it and after that, the actor had someone watching him at all times, including bodyguards that were flown out to the set by his wife. Yes, she came back. One of these days the actor will succeed. So many demons. So many secrets. Tired of hiding them all.

Your Turn

By now, you may have heard about the teenager in Georgia who went into an Apple store and tried to buy an iPad that she was going to ship to Iran for one of her cousins. When the store found out where she was going to send it, they refused to sell it. Later, when she came back with a television crew, the store still refused to sell it to her and pulled out a company manual which said Apple products cannot be exported to Iran. Apple has said it is not going to change its policy and says it is following the laws of the United States. Who do you think is right? Would you have sold her the iPad? Do you think Apple should change its policy?

Jack Osbourne Says He Was Fired From TV Show Because Of MS

Jack Osbourne was on The Talk yesterday. I guess people still watch that show. Anyway, while he was on the show he said that he was recently fired from another television show because he has MS. Jack was supposed to be a contestant on Stars Earn Stripes which is going to air on NBC. If Jack was going to be on it, then they must have been really going for A listers. I have nothing against the guy, but is he a star? I almost said really there. I caught myself. It is a tough habit to break. I think writing it makes it easier to stop then when you are saying it. Anyway, Jack said the producers didn't think he could handle it. It is for "stars." How tough could it be? Yes, it is on a military base and "resembles" military exercises but they also get lots of breaks and assistants and things the military doesn't get.

Woman Steals $42M - Gets Six Years In Jail

A woman in New York has been convicted of stealing $42M from union pension accounts. She stole the $42M over the course of 7 years and lived an incredible lifestyle while spending the life savings of the union workers. The thing is even though she tole $42M she was only sentenced to six years in jail. That was the maximum she could get. So, she will be out in a couple of years but I don't know if it is worth it. She will be about 63 when she gets out of jail; will owe a bunch of money; have no realistic job prospects; and have a great deal of her life still to live. So, even though it is just a six year sentence, it really seems like it is for the rest of her life if you look at what awaits her after jail. I really hope she enjoyed the last seven years because the rest of her life doesn't look so good.

John Travolta Is Being Sued Again

This sounds like something straight out of the Scientology playbook. Robert Randolph wrote a book about John Travolta. It was called You'll never Spa In This Town Again. It basically documented a bunch of allegations that massage workers had made about Travolta and put into book form long before these recent accusations came out. Well, right before the book was set to be released, Travolta and his attorney leaked to the press that the author had been in a mental institution and was not a reliable source. Book stores decided not to stock the book and the press decided the author was not going to be a good interview subject so the book sales sank. It turns out Randolph had not been in a mental institution, but did have lots of sex with John Travolta. Now, he is suing for what Travolta and his attorney said about him. At some point on this press tour for Savages, John Travolta is going to have to give in and answer some questions. How can you go on a tour all over the world and just ignore everything people want to ask while trying to get them to talk about your new movie? maybe he thinks if the movie does well it will all go away. Maybe.


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