Saturday, March 04, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #7 - Mr. X

February 22, 2017

This pay cable host is taking credit for the destruction of this speaker/writer and says it goes back weeks ago. A lot of people have been calling BS on that and now have set their sights on taking him down next.

Bill Maher/Milo

Blind Items Revealed #6

February 21, 2017

It is pretty telling over the past week or two how one celebrity offspring daughter has been shunned in favor of this other celebrity offspring daughter by the famous parent.

Christie Brinkley favoring Sailor over Alexa

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 21, 2017

To try and keep it a secret, this B+ list actor/writer who is married to a permanent A lister has someone come to their home to color his hair. The problem is he gets it colored to the point it looks cartoonish so everyone knows.

Justin Theroux

Blind Item #4

She might be seeing another guy and going on vacations with him, but this former tweener/singer turned B+ list actress on a hit cable show still has sex with her ex once or twice a week.

Blind Item #3

I'm really concerned about the mental health of this former B+ list mostly movie actress who all of you know. People who just read the supermarket tabloids would probably need you to identify a couple of her roles but all of you know her. Anyway, she barely works any longer because she can't get work. She just finished a movie which is great for her. Not so great for a married director on the movie who slept with our actress every day during filming. His wife would never have found out, BUT, to make sure the director was available to her after the movie, our actress called his wife and told her what a good f**k her husband was. Yep, her words.

Blind Item #2

This restaurant would not let this drug addled celebrity order a drink because she is too young. They didn't stop her from drinking other people's drinks though or popping pills at her table or doing some bumps of coke every time she dropped her napkin. She couldn't stand on her own when she left. She slammed into other tables and fell into some waiters. It was a rough night for the offspring of the permanent A++ lister.

Blind Item #1

Unless she has to go out for a meeting, this foreign born B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A list singer is with a new drug addict boyfriend doing drugs in her place 24/7. Of course, she also pays for everything including his rent and car and his child support.

Blind Items Revealed #4

July 18, 2016

This former A+ list tweener who had her own show has now become a performance artist. Oh, and an actress sometimes. Anyway, she was shooting a movie recently and the director refused to speak with her. Instead of talking he would sent her handwritten notes to her trailer. The guy is just creepy.

Miley Cyrus/Woody Allen

Blind Items Revealed #3

September 11, 2015

The powers that be over at that always looming cult are coming up with a response because one of their higher profile celebrity members who is married to a celebrity is on the Ashley Madison list.

Danny Masterson/Bijou Phillips

Blind Items Revealed #2

July 17, 2016

Saw some news today and was reminded of a story about this network reality show winner. He broke up with his network reality show winner girlfriend when he was in bed with a woman he had just had sex with. The girlfriend heard the other woman giggling.

Ethan Zohn/Jenna Morasca

Blind Items Revealed #1

July 15, 2016

This outspoken Fox news host who has his own issues, says that Gretchen Carlson is getting old and should be grateful her boss hit on her.

Bill O'Reilly

Friday, March 03, 2017

Blind Item #12

The studio bosses were ticked beyond belief last night. Raging. The dress this foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress was supposed to wear to a premiere had been picked out for months. They were going to use it in promotions and press. She blew the dress off though and did her own thing.

Blind Item #11

How do you keep the paps and tabloids interested in you? Well, if you are this foreign born A list mostly movie actor and his actress wife, you start putting your kids in front of the cameras too. They used to say that was a line they wouldn't cross. Not any longer. Call the paps and let them know when they are out with the kids and try and land some more tabloid covers.

Blind Item #10

This former actor/host is now pretty much a full-time political pundit. He is also being accused of being a child molester.

Blind Item #9

This former vampire is slowly being replaced as the face of this designer by the celebrity offspring of an A list mostly movie actor who might get A+ list back if the latest installment of his franchise does well. As a result of this replacement, our actress trash talks the offspring all the time and is really burning some bridges.

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Mr. X

February 21, 2017

The mom of this A- list singer who is mean to every one was bragging about her daughter buying her AMA win. That is not something you want to say too loudly or they won’t let you buy any others.

Ariana Grande

Four For Friday - The Could Make A Movie About This - Part Five

After a swallow of vodka, I looked around at everyone and noticed RG and JG were coked out of their minds. DD had been steadily drinking and looked like she was about to pass out. Time to go. I told JG and RG if they wanted a ride, we were leaving. I practically had to carry DD out to the car. I put her in the backseat with RG.

As we pulled away, JG asked if we could make one quick stop. He just wanted to score before he headed home and since the place he mentioned was on the way, I said it was fine.

Fine is not exactly the way it turned out.

A refresher for those of you not here Monday.


“Go, go, go. Get the f**k out of here right now.”

I had just watched JG run across Vine’s multiple lanes of traffic at a full sprint. He was alternatively looking back over his shoulder from the bar where he had been to me, sitting in the driver seat of a car belonging to an actress currently asleep in the back. What JG was not doing while running across the street was looking out for any of the cars using the street. There was no honking. There were a lot of slammed brakes and strange looks. The way he was running, they probably thought he robbed the club. Nope, but it turns out he had robbed someone inside the club.

“Seriously, we need to get the f**k out of here right now,” JG said as he looked past me at the club door.

Never wanting to be an escape driver, I still managed to understand the need to get out of there and ask questions later so pulled away from the curb and into traffic. Nothing crazy, but I could feel myself shaking. What had happened?

Meanwhile, in the backseat, I heard “Did you get it?”

The voice didn’t belong to the owner of the car, but another actress who was seated behind the passenger seat and was wide awake. Let us call her RG. At that particular point in time, she was the highest on the list in that car. She was probably A- list. Mostly movies. All of you know her. Honestly, you know who JG is and the actress sleeping behind me in the car too. Let’s call her DD.

JG turned to face RG and held up multiple glassine bags, each about the size of half a finger, and each filled with powder. In the rearview mirror, looking to see if we were being chased, I saw the eyes of RG light up and her tongue quickly lick her lips as JG handed her a few of the bags.

As JG took a glance out of the back and side, I asked him why we had to get out of there so quickly.

“I punched the f**ker in the face and grabbed the stuff.”

“Wait, what? Why did you do that,” I asked.

“We were in the bathroom and he was showing me the stuff and I just decided that I didn’t want to pay so took it from him instead.”

“And you think you can get away with it?”

“Hell yes. I’m a mother f**king movie star man.”

After he said that he rolled down the window and screamed it to some people on the corner of Sunset & Vine who all yelled back. JG was in his element.


So, yeah, well, right after JG screamed, I happened to notice in our rearview mirror someone following us. I say they were following us but they were a couple of blocks back. How did I know they were following us? Well, after what the idiot next to me in the passenger said and the way the car behind me was swerving around other cars and even crossing the center line to gain ground, I figured they were after us, and we will probably all die because of JG’s drug addiction and violent tendencies.

I told JG to look behind us and then RG looked behind us. DD kept sleeping. I was driving her car, so didn’t really think I should floor the thing to 100 and risk ruining it, but I also didn’t want to die. JG was freaking out, but I actually had a plan. I know. I even silently congratulated myself for it because I didn’t know I had on the spot planning while under possibly dangerous circumstances talents.

The great thing is, I was pretty sure it would work. I was just about at Franklin and turned left. Sure enough, about 20 seconds after I turned left, here came the car behind us. There were a couple of cars in between us and they really had no chance to go around. They tried once and got stuck behind a car waiting to take a left turn and that gave us an extra 45 seconds. That was all I was going to need.

I turned right and pulled right up to a gate in front of a parking garage.

JG looked at me and basically asked what I was doing and that we were so f**ked because we were at a dead end. The guy was freaking out and I was thinking to myself we wouldn’t be in this situation if he hadn’t punched a drug dealer and stolen all the dealer’s drugs.

You know what almost ruined everything right then? I couldn’t find the button to lower the driver’s side window. I saw the button but, apparently there was a way to lock them, but not normally where you would find it. I was freaking out and DD was asleep. I finally had to back up a bit to open the door and then pressed the button on the intercom which would hopefully get us inside.

“Leo. It’s me________. I need you to open the gate now.”

OK, so I probably screamed it, and probably threw in a hurry and some other expletives. Leo, not always the fleetest of foot, but not quite the sloth in Zootopia managed to hit the button fairly quickly. JG, RG and myself were all watching that gate open soooooo slowly while at the same time looking back every few seconds to see where the car was.

That gate opened just enough for us to get in and I flew inside that parking garage. I could make this really dramatic and say that the guys behind us barely missed getting in, but in reality they got pushed further behind and we had already parked when they finally pulled up to the gate. They too pressed the button, but Leo was not going to let them in.

If you ever wanted good stories, Leo was the guy. He just didn’t know the names of the people involved which kind of makes the stories for purposes of blinds not so great. Oh yeah, most of Leo’s stories are about actors. Lots of D listers and below but also plenty of A listers too.

We left the parking garage through a door and were on the grounds of a hotel. That is probably too nice of a word for the place. More of a resident hotel. A big two story square around a pool. Each of the rooms at that time had at least one actor or four staying there. DD was still sleeping in the car, but I had to get out and go give Leo a tip. The gatekeeper of the parking garage. JG and RG tagged along. They had both been here. Every young actor has probably been there before. You probably didn’t stay there but you partied there or picked someone up from there or dated someone staying there, but you had been there.

As is the case most nights, there was a party going on there. I made my way over to Leo to give him a tip while RG and JG went over to the pool and the party. When I got to the lobby, the door opened from the street side and I knew the two guys coming in were the ones who followed us. How? The blood all over the shirt of one of them and the way his nose was bent at an odd angle. They didn’t know me though, so I just slid over to Leo and dropped $40 in his hand courtesy of RG’s never ending pile of cash, and made my way back out to the pool area.

I don’t know what they said to Leo, but they didn’t get past his desk. No chance was he going to let them in unless they knew someone at the hotel and what room they were staying in. Although there were parties every night, they were primarily self-contained affairs. Generally limited to hotel guests and maybe one of their friends from outside.

I was tired, but there was a silver lining to the night. I ran into this foreign born actress who all of you know, but didn’t know then. Even now, she is probably B+ list. She is also a steady blind subject, but more importantly she is also a wonderful spy. I will say she is on a pay cable show. One of the very best spies there is. We once made out. Oh, maybe twice, but if you are both drunk does it count? From about the 3rd or 4th months of the site she has given me some of the best blinds and is an award show regular. I would never have met her if not for that night. Don’t worry, I didn’t leave DD in the car all night. I did leave JG and RG to get home on their own. I drove DD back to her place and tried to wake her up but she would not get out of the car. So, she slept in the back and I slept in the front and when we woke up, she drove me home. It was her who was the holdout on telling this story even in blind item format. Some things have happened to some of the people in this story over the years and some other things happened that night that I didn’t talk about which were pretty bad and witnessed by DD and the rest of us but she didn’t want to be reminded of them or think about them. So, this has waited to be written for a while.





Your Turn

How old were you when you moved out from your parent's home? Have you ever had to move back?

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Mr. X

February 21, 2017

This end of the week appropriator is not just a coke guy. Apparently he has a serious heroin problem. That is not good for his current girlfriend.

The Weeknd/Selena Gomez

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Mr. X

February 21, 2017

This one named actress/tweener/former one hit network reality wonder is trying to record an album. It is awful. As it stands right now it is never going to be released. Our singer was given full creative control and that has led to a ton of money being spent for a really bad product.


Blind Items Revealed #2

February 20, 2017

Apparently this A list mostly movie actress with A+++ list name recognition used some of her time out of the spotlight to do some really extensive work to her face. I have to say it looks good. It is almost like she hasn’t starved herself and done drugs for decades.

Angelina Jolie

Blind Item #8

This married permanent A/A+ list mostly movie actor spends a lot of time hanging around this young stage actress because he likes to make sure she is only sleeping with him even though he is married and also sleeps with other women.

Blind Item #7

Another day, another woman this foreign born A- list dual threat actress sleeps with while telling her celebrity girlfriend she is being faithful.

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 19, 2017

That guy I revealed earlier today is trying to force the big star of one of his shows out the door. He wants more air time and the spotlight shining firmly on him. If there is another epic fallout with a host, especially this one, I don’t think he recovers.

Michael Strahan/Robin Roberts

Blind Item #6

At one point in time this A- list mostly television actor had a couple year run as an A list movie actor. He did a lot of his own stunts then and now sits on set of his network tv show and pops pain pills all day long. By the end of the day he is one oxy loaded dude.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Blind Item #5

There is talk that this actress/pro beard is taking a multiple month long vacation away from her closeted NFL boyfriend. Whether it leads to a permanent split, no one knows yet.

Blind Item #4

After losing multiple wedding rings over the years from hiding them in his pocket, this mini me Ryan Seacrest wannabe has a little box he puts it into before hiding it in his pants. Wonder how many women he has slept with now also have a wedding ring in their possession.

Blind Item #3

Apparently his days of monogamy and celibacy are behind this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who has an action franchise which can bring him up to A. On the set of his new movie he has had sex with a different woman each day of filming. They stay all day on set in his trailer having sex with him and then a new one appears the next day.

Blind Item #2

This kind of feel like she is coming out of the closet foreign born A- list rapper and this deeply buried in the closet A- list married female singer recently hooked up.

Blind Item #1

This A list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Academy Award nominee broke down crying for an hour after her latest film screening complaining about how lonely she is.

Judge In Casey Anthony Case Thinks Caylee Killed By Casey By Accident

Casey Anthony was "more than likely" the person who used too much chloroform that killed her 2-year-old daughter, the former judge who presided over the case told HLN on Thursday.

Belvin Perry, a retired Florida judge who is now an attorney, told HLN's "On The Story" that he thinks the death of Caylee Anthony was the result of someone overdosing the child with chloroform, which is banned in the United States as an anesthetic. "It's quite evident that whoever did this, and more than likely it may have been Casey, used too much (chloroform)," he said, pointing to high levels of the chemical in the trunk of her car.
But he said he thinks the absence of evidence of abuse leads to the conclusion that Caylee's death in 2008 was "purely accidental."

During Anthony's trial, covered by media from around the world, prosecutors alleged she killed Caylee by using chloroform and covering her nose and mouth with duct tape, and that she put her body in the trunk of her car before dumping it in the woods.
The defense said Caylee drowned in the Anthony family pool on June 16, 2008, and that Casey Anthony and her father, George, covered up the death.
On July 5, 2011, a jury found Anthony not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child, while convicting her of four counts of providing false information to law enforcement. Two of the convictions were later overturned on appeal.
The former judge said he found Anthony to have two different personas in court. One was for the 12 people deciding her fate.

"Casey in the presence of the jury was very calm, very easygoing, mild-mannered, in a very sympathetic-appearing person," he said.
When the jury wasn't in the room, she was very different. "She was quite in charge, quite demanding and quite manipulative," he said.
Belvin did not fault the jury for its decisions.

"The jury did what the jury did and there are various views as to how this evidence could be perceived," he said. Belvin said there was evidence for a first-degree murder conviction, but it depended on perspective. Looked at through different lenses, he said, the evidence also supported a conviction for second-degree murder or for manslaughter. Or jurors could have said they didn't know what happened.

College Student Allergic To Peanuts Hazed With Peanut Butter

Authorities are investigating a Central Michigan University hazing incident in which a member of an off-campus fraternity smeared peanut butter on the face of a student with a peanut allergy while he was passed out, according to the victim's mother and the university.

“He could have been killed,” Teresa Seely, the mother of now-former-CMU student Andrew Seely, wrote in a Facebook post this morning.

The incident happened in October, but Teresa Seely said her son kept the matter to himself until telling family Tuesday night. Now, she said, she wants parents and others to know about what happened to her 19-year-old son, who completed one semester at the Mt. Pleasant school before transferring because of the incident. She declined to identify the new school to protect her son from potential retaliation.

University spokeswoman Heather Smith said today that school officials are investigating the incident, but campus police have no jurisdiction because the fraternity where it is alleged to have happened, Alpha Chi Rho, is located in a house off campus. Mt. Pleasant Police said today that they have yet to receive a report on the incident.

Smith said the university is investigating for potential violations of the student code of conduct, violations of which carry penalties including suspensions and permanent dismissal in serious cases.

The fraternity was banned from official recognition for hazing incidents in 2011, and Smith said its bids for reinstatement as late as last fall were denied by the university and its interfraternity council.

“We’re trying to learn more,” Smith said. “We take these types of matters seriously, and it will be pursued very thoroughly.”

Blind Item #12

Much like the person she is replacing, this A- lister doesn't care who is writing the check, just as long as it is big and clears. Our A- list singer talks a big game about gay rights, but as part of the big payday can't say anything negative which might relate back to the event she is playing for the check. In other words, until after she plays, she probably won't say anything.

Blind Item #11

This Instagram personality/wannabe model/former Catfish star is about 1/3 the age of this former A+ list singer who had one big hit five decades ago and has been living off the fame ever since she is now engaged to. Good luck to her being with the abusive racist. Should turn out well.

Blind Item #10

That affair this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress with a now ended long long running franchise had at the end of her marriage has ended up in splitsville. Apparently she didn't want the world to know she was dating her stylist. He wasn't fine being in the shadows any longer, so buh bye.

Blind Item #9

Look out in the next week for this Victoria's Secret model and her actress girlfriend to be "caught" outside looking as if they are having sex by a pap. The model is thirsty for attention and knows it would be a great way to get it.

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 19, 2017

They are a real couple but the PR team of this B list mostly movie actress who is starring in a movie reboot of that old syndicated show is in overtime. Whenever and wherever the actress goes with her athlete boyfriend from an athlete family, there are always paps. Neither is big enough for a pap follow and she is barely big enough to really even be noticed by a pap. The athlete is on board. The actress is spending about $10K a month to get this kind of PR push. Her boyfriend doesn’t have that kind of cash, so it is all on her.

Alexandra Daddario/Ben Verlander

Today's Blind Items - They Could Make A Movie About This - Part Four

What do you do when you are driving away from MacArthur Park and its late and you haven’t eaten? You go to Tommy’s. A more than suitable substitute for an area lacking in In-N-Out. I love Tommy’s. It has to be the original location though. None of their suburban offshoot locations. Tommy’s is crazy late at night. Everyone is outdoors. People are all drunk hungry or just got out of a club. You always see people passed out in cars while the other occupants grab some food. Even actresses who would usually not touch any food will feel compelled to eat if it is late night at Tommy’s.

While there, JG and DD ran into another actor who had been in the same movie they had and said that an actress from the movie was having a house party nearby in Echo Park that was wild. All JG cared about was there were apparently plenty of drugs to be had at the party and it also meant he wouldn’t have to pay for them. He probably would have made RG pay for them anyway.

Off we went, on the search for an elusive house party. At least this time we had an address. Well, the street anyway, and the street was not that long. One of the Hollywood traditions I am glad to have escaped is the I heard there was a party off ___________ Canyon. Yeah, fill in the blank with any street name before the word Canyon and the next thing you know you are driving up the roads and their spider like offshoots, windows rolled down listening for the sounds of a party. IF, and that is a big if, you manage to find a party, even if it is not the one where you were intending to go, chances are good you can just crash the one you found.

If anyone ever says just off Mulholland, don’t even bother. Just go home and get drunk while you turn the music up at your place really loudly.  Bang into a few walls and wait for a few minutes in front of your bathroom door before you go inside each time. All the same things minus the three hours of driving around time looking for a party that will be long over before you find it.

I say all of the above but it took us about five minutes to get to the house of this actress. An actress I knew quite well actually. Yeah, that well. I mean, I had not known her that well for six or seven months, but I wasn’t opposed to knowing her well again. I didn’t know her the same way DD and JG did. I knew her from her recurring role on a television show. An almost network one. It kept her career afloat. When it went off the air her career went away with it which is kind of the way it goes. The further you get away from whatever gave you some success, the harder it is to get it back.

She is foreign born. Even at the very peak of her career, she was probably not more than B-. OK, C+. She was basically a character actress. She was on a very hit almost network show. One all of you know even these many years later. Another original friend of the site was the star on the show which is how I met our actress. She was also in a movie most of you have seen, and if you have seen it, you probably have watched it multiple times. Let us call her KA from that role. I liked her in that role.

When we found parking three blocks from her house and finally walked in to the party, it was still going full swing. We didn’t even need to walk in to know that. Literally, for the entire three blocks we had been walking, we could hear the party. There must have been 200 people crammed into a two bedroom bungalow with no air conditioning and no pool in back. One thing the backyard did have though was a deck. A raised deck separate from the house. It probably held 75 on top and there were another 50 beneath it where a bar had been set up. I could see no purpose for this deck, other than to have some kind of place to party. It took up most of the yard. It was reached by going down a set of steep wooden stairs and then walking five feet and walking up a steep set of wooden stairs. Most women it appeared were barefoot. Presumably, there had been some accidents on the stairs.

One of the bedrooms was locked but the other had three or four couples scattered around the room having sex. There was only one bathroom inside and the line was not very long which meant either in the back there were some portable toilets or everyone was just using nature.

The kitchen was not an open concept kitchen. It was narrow. There was about a three foot gap between cupboards and a bar with bar stools on the opposite side of the bar. On the counter in the kitchen, below the bar, I saw the star of the movie that I referred to above. She was probably pretty close to A+ list right then. A weak A+. Second installment of a huge superhero franchise had just come out. She was doing some good small indies and some good major indies. At that moment in time though she was like a Hoover vacuum doing lines of coke. She has always been able to party. I also knew from past experience she brought the coke. She hated going to parties and there not being enough. She would go ballistic. I mean that. She would go 70’s rocker trashing hotel room ballistic if the coke ran out. She was ok with booze running out because it was easy to get more, but coke was a process that may or may not work itself out.

So, our actress solved the problem by bringing her own coke. Gobs of it. She was also happy to share. Right next to her was a bottle of vodka which she would occasionally take a slug directly from the bottle. This was a 750ml bottle. She could easily finish it off. You are talking about someone who is a little less than 90 pounds who was a chain smoking chain coking bottle of vodka drinker and could keep up a coherent running conversation with multiple people. She was good at this. What should we call her? I’m sure at this point you all have guessed her so let us give her some initials from the movie where I first met her. LL. You want to talk about a movie that was f**ked up during filming it was that one. I could write a couple of thousand words about the filming of that movie.

Anyway, LL looked up and saw RG and gave her a hug. She saw JG and gave him the finger. DD got a hug and I got offered her bottle and a kiss on the cheek which left white powder on it. I also got a look at her face. Bruised. Her actor boyfriend at the time couldn’t handle his booze and would hit her when he got drunk. She refused to party with him but was not quite ready to leave him.

I left everyone in the kitchen and went in search of our hostess. She was not in the house so I went outside and ventured down the wooden stairs. Ahead of me was the deck. Behind me though was the back of the house. Beneath the house was a little area used as storage. It was about 12x12 maybe. It was a hollow portion beneath the house. That is the best way I can describe it. There was a lantern hanging from a beam and a sofa that had once been indoors now used as an additional place to sit outside. On it, taking a hit from a meth pipe was this at the time B- list actress. Maybe. We don’t exactly get along. We never have. You all know her from her frequent drug use and role on this almost television show but back then she was a movie actress. She had been in a movie with LL but they didn’t like each other. I guess she just followed the smell of the party. I also knew if RG saw her things would get crazy ugly. Hate is not strong enough of a word.

Right now though I saw a woman she was with try and take a hit off the pipe and our actress telling her it was not her turn and then without warning smashing it on the head of the other woman. Little shards of glass were buried in the head of the woman. Blood was streaming down her face. Her hair was burning from the flame. She was screaming in pain. What did our actress do? She stood up, took off her flip flop and brought it down on the woman’s head which of course drove in more glass shards. The woman screamed in pain and our actress said that she decides when it is the other woman’s turn.

The other women who had been in the little area pulled the actress away while yet another said she would take her inside to try and get her cleaned up. Side note here. That same woman who was the victim was in the arms of the actress at a concert two weeks later. I wanted no part of her right now and went off in search of KA. Nowhere to be found. Odd. Her house. Her party. Then, it clicked. The locked bedroom. It was hers. I went back inside and knocked on the door. She opened it and behind her I could see the guy who was probably her boyfriend. I say this because he wasn’t wearing any clothes. She wasn’t either but Hollywood rules dictate you have to hug all house guests so she gave me a quick hug and said she would be out in a bit and to go find LL. I said I had already seen LL but would head over that way again.

I went back to the kitchen. This time though, I sat on a bar stool facing the kitchen and watching LL and JG and RG take turns doing coke. LL passed the bottle through to me and I took another healthy swallow. I asked about KA and the guy. LL said she thought I knew and that it had been going on for a couple of months. Hey, it was a long shot anyway, but long shots coming in are what makes life worth living. Everyone needs hope.

Tomorrow we finally finish this story and no one gets killed. Felt like we would though.


Your Turn

When you were in high school, did you ever have a teacher hit on you?

Blind Items Revealed #4

February 19, 2017

This former Disney actress turned future porn star is yachting with her threesome partner. I would check for hidden cameras.

Bella Thorne

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 18, 2017

This B list actress is working a ton. All of you know her. She definitely has one of the more unique roles seen in movie history. She has had some big hits in television and some really bad misses. She had to be escorted out of a party this past week because she was drunk and kept getting into arguments with people she feels have wronged her in the past.

Chloe Sevigny

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 17, 2017

This permanent A list living legend/host has gone from bad to worse in her health and needs almost 24/7 care from a staff of people. There had been talk of a lifetime tribute to her on her longtime network in a time slot she held on to for decades. Apparently she was unable to participate though so it was out on hold.

Barbara Walters

Blind Item #8

This former B+ list pay cable actress from an iconic show is probably hoping for a reunion to boost her bank account. She is really going to need it if her long time partner finds out about the guy she is seeing. Our actress doesn't consider it cheating because it is a guy.

Blind Item #7

This celebrity offspring is probably a C+ list actor. His parents are permanent A listers in their respective fields. His mother told him he shouldn't come out of the closet, despite what she would probably tell someone not her child. She thinks it will ruin his relationship with his father so he has doubled down on the fake girlfriend.

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 17, 2017

The drinking of this Teen Mom is out of control. Combine that with some pills she was prescribed and her already notorious temper and she is a walking train wreck. She has also gained about 20 pounds and recently screamed at a fan who wrongfully pointed it out to her. Not Amber.

Farrah Abraham

Blind Item #6

The other day I told you about this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress you all know agreeing to only interact with fans long enough for the studio to get photos of her interacting and then she blew them off. Yesterday, she told an entire group of fans that had been waiting for hours to see the former franchise actress that they should all f**k off. THIS is why the studios dislike her. She is constantly trying to tick off the people that buy her tickets.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Blind Item #5

I don't think anyone was all that shocked that the boyfriend of this former A+ list tweener turned adult singer took the virginity of the sister of the former tweener. I mean, yes, she is still underage, but this family is all kinds of strange about men with their young daughters.

Blind Item #4

It was just one night and it was out of the country, but this married A+ list mostly movie actress has no idea what is about to come her way and tabloids overseas are already buzzing about photos of the night she hooked up with a guy.

Blind Item #3

Apparently this former A+ list mostly movie actress turned A- lister who is a celebrity offspring could not pass a drug test right now to save her life and we aren't talking about pot either. Plus, she will do anything to avoid talking about her social life so look for her to write a big check to make things go away.

Blind Item #2

Back in the day, no matter how rich the guy was, this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee would have dumped a guy she was with if he got another woman pregnant. Not the case any longer though because, for now at least, she remains married to her husband.

Blind Item #1

Apparently these two celebrity offspring models think they are more popular than they really are. Each of them has three bodyguards while traveling overseas that they make the companies that hire them pay for. Here in the US, they have no one because no one will pay for it for them.

What Did She Do To Be Punished?

The president of the film academy says the two accountants responsible for the best-picture flub at Sunday's Academy Awards will never return to the Oscar show.

Cheryl Boone Isaacs tells The Associated Press that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' relationship with PwC, the accounting firm responsible for the integrity of the awards, remains under review.

Boone Isaacs broke her silence Wednesday following the biggest blunder in the 89-year history of the Academy Awards.

PwC accountants Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz were responsible for the winners' envelopes at Sunday's Oscar show. Cullinan tweeted a photo of Emma Stone from backstage minutes before handing presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway the wrong envelope for best picture. Boone Isaacs said Cullinan's distraction caused the error.

So, Martha is getting punished because of what Brian did? Seems unfair. Oh, and who is calling in death threats to them? What is he point of that? Were people that mad that La La Land didn't win?

Meg Ryan Hates John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp was on Howard Stern yesterday and talking about his exes.

"Oh, women hate me."

Specifically, Mellencamp revealed his ex-girlfriend Meg Ryan is not a fan of his.

"I loved Meg Ryan," he said. "She hates me to death."

Stern asked Mellencamp why Ryan "hates" the singer.

"I think it's because I'm a child. I throw fits, I gripe, I complain, I'm moody. Every bad thing that a fella can be, that's me." I love how he left out all the cheating he did on her and how he kept cheating even though she caught him multiple times.

Ryan and Mellencamp dated for three years before calling it quits in 2014. Mellencamp said he tried to make things right with the actress but  she just doesn't want anything to do with me and I can't blame her."


Blind Item #12

This superhero movie will probably bomb. I hope it doesn't, but the buzz has not been good. In any event, the ever present bodyguard of the foreign born A- list mostly movie actress set to star in it, accidentally dropped his gun while his charges were shopping. The people around him in the store freaked out a bit to see a guy with a gun.

Blind Item #11

This permanent A list singer is not being dropped by her label but she is unwisely thinking about dropping them because she thinks they are not supporting her. Honestly, they would probably be glad to be rid of her.

Blind Item #10

Our former Disney actress turned future porn star thinks a "love triangle" is going to be the best story line she has been able to deliver. The fact that she can rub some dirt in the face of a reality star she hates just makes it all the better for her.

Blind Item #9

These two married former co-stars on a network show where one co-star still works hooked up with each other when he recently came to the set to visit.

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 16, 2017

Commando again for this former cable actor turned movie actor who seems to make most of his money doing commercials. At one such commercial, things got out of hand after a makeup woman finished doing what she needed to be doing. As she backed away, the whole crew had a glimpse of the beast in full. Beneath the pants of course. The problem was that before filming, everyone had to wait for the tent to go down so to speak.

Jon Hamm

Today's Blind Items - They Could Make A Movie About This - Part Three

As RG and JG made their way to the bathroom, RG had her hand firmly placed on the crotch of JG. They stopped every five feet to paw at each other with RG’s breast continually being shown to the rest of the diners. Her bright red lipstick, which had been askew without any earlier impetus was now smeared all over her face and the face of JG. They looked ridiculous.

“He didn’t used to be like this,” DD said. “He used to be all about the acting and going to classes and auditions. He would only go out on Saturday nights. Then, that became the weekends and then extended to Thursdays and the next thing you know, all he cared about was partying as much as possible and everything else was pushed aside.”

Although she was talking about JG, I wonder when she was saying that if she was thinking about herself. DD is very smart. I think she objectively knew she was killing her career with her own actions, so I wonder, even today if she wants it that way. We rarely talk. I don’t know if I would ever actually come out and ask her if she knowingly did it. My guess is to some extent yes, she did. Part of it is family issues. Part of it is wanting some separation from fame. The thing is though, she never quite escapes it. She gets dragged back to take a role here and there. I think she thinks she is going to like it this time. You talk yourself into eating some food you have always hated but this time you are going to like it right? You take one bite and nope- you still hate it. That is her with acting. She might accept that role, but well over half the time she bails on the production before it starts. The vast majority of the remaining time she bails on the first or second day of production. I feel bad that for years most of our conversations were so superficial. I guess that is Hollywood. No one wants to go in too deep. There are a lot of demons hiding inside a lot of people here. No one gets offended if you talk about the weather. No one is not going to hire you for a role because all you talked about was the weather. Why make any waves or rock the boat or present yourself in a way that any possible person could consider you anything but mainstream positive. A slight deviation and roles can dry up.

DD was half in the bag, but even she could see that JG trying to pull up his pants while being half dragged from the bathroom by one of the cooks in the kitchen was not a good thing.

“Guess we are getting kicked out, “she said.

“Yeah, I kind of expected it, but really thought it would be for doing lines in the bathroom, and not for sex.”

JG was not going quietly and even managed to throw in a few don’t you know who I am references for good measure. He tried to take a swing but the cook looked like he used to play offensive tackle and JG would have been killed by the guy in a second.

A manager of some type was trailing behind the cook and had RG in tow. RG had a lit cigarette in her mouth, and talking about getting her bag. She pointed to our table and without missing a stride, the manager grabbed the bag and handed it to her while continuing to walk.

“Time to leave?”

“I guess so,” I replied. “I really feel like just letting them go, but if something happens to JG while I am out with him then ZX will give me crap until the end of time.”

“Did you valet,” DD asked.

“No, we both took cabs. I knew there would be drinking.”

“I didn’t think there would be this much drinking, at least on my part, so you drive my car,” as she gave me her keys.

I found our waitress. I only had plastic but DD didn’t have the patience to wait and be stared at by the other diners so palmed the waitress a couple hundred bucks which was about a 100% tip, so good on DD and we made our way out front.

Coming out to the sidewalk, RG was consoling JG who was trying to be all manly and s**t by threatening to go back inside and beat up the cook and the manager and blah blah blah. Nights with JG were always like this. It is why if I had any kind of warning he was going to be involved in a night out, I would come up with any kind of excuse. It was also why, no one ever told me he was coming when he was. A night with JG was drinking followed by drugs followed by violence followed by finding someone enamored of a famous person from a decade earlier to have sex with and then hearing him brag about one of these conquests the next time we saw each other.

DD handed over the claim check and for the next seven or eight minutes it was a JG rant interrupted intermittently by RG saying, “Calm down baby.”

They were at baby? They were certainly not shamed by their being busted in the restroom because they were still groping and also managed to find time to do a bump or two. Did I mention it was the f**king longest seven or eight minutes ever.

All I wanted was to get in the car, take JG and RG wherever they wanted to go and then dropping DD off at her place. Did it happen? Hell no, which is why I am still writing.

When the car came, JG hopped in back with RG and it felt like before DD even got her seatbelt buckled, the pair in back were already having sex. Yeah, right there among some books and other things DD had in HER car, those two decided to just have sex. Umm, so I guess I was supposed to drive around until they finished? JG looked up at me from being orally serviced by RG and told me to head over to a place that was almost to downtown which was not the direction where I wanted to go. Even on the weekend at night like this, it would take 15-20 minutes to get there and then 15-20 minutes to get back. I looked over at DD and she just kind of shrugged and said OK. DD was kind of nodding off but I still don’t know how she managed. The noises coming from the back were loud. Mostly of the talking variety. The two were into seeing who could talk more dirty than the other. Just a whole lot of talking. Then yelling. Then, apparently it was time for the actual sex act which lasted about 2 minutes. It was a good thing it only lasted that long because one of the two participants kept slamming some part of their body into the back of DD’s seat during every thrust to the point where I was pretty sure the seat was going to break.

When all was quiet in the backseat, I actually thought they might be asleep, but JG started to give me some directions to a place. It was a place really close to MacArthur Park. You know, even today, this is not really the place you want to hang out at night. Back when this happened, it was pretty much an open air drug market. Our destination was a group of crappy looking apartment buildings not far from the Mexican Consulate. JG got out of the car and we waited. And waited. I knew he was off buying drugs somewhere. Finally, after 45 minutes of double parked waiting, JG came back outside and leaned into the car and asked RG for some money. Apparently it was going to cost more than JG had on him which was probably nothing. RG passed over the money to JG. JG took about five steps from the car back onto the lawn of the apartment building. JG and the guy were about to make the deal. I was looking straight at them when it happened. A group of three or four guys standing around passing a joint around while each holding a bottle of beer. They were talking loudly, but nothing out of control. Just some guys having fun on a Saturday night.

The head of the guy talking to JG was obliterated. I didn’t see the first part of the swing but I heard the thud and saw the follow through of an aluminum baseball bat hitting the skull of a guy who you would think just crumple to the ground but the force of the swing was so hard that it knocked the victim to the ground. Was the guy on the ground dead? I looked in the papers and online for weeks and never saw any mention of a death. I did call the police about ten minutes after it happened. Was it covered up? Maybe. I do know the guy with the bat raised it up at the other guys in the parking lot and at JG before walking back up into the building. Just casual as could be. This is how bad of an addict JG was. The guy was actually torn about reaching into the possibly dead guy’s pockets to find the drugs that were just about to be passed over and getting out of there before he ended up dead. I did see JG trying to tug something out of the guy’s hand. I think it was the money which had just been handed over ad now was not willing to be released by the vise grip of the dying guy. Maybe he was dead. I do know that I have never seen anything like that before. JG tried to tug for a couple of seconds and then the guys from the yard yelled at him and started to move in on him so JG stood up with his hands in the air and then slowly walked over to the car. The guys stopped at the edge of the grass and looked at us until we pulled away.

We pulled away and drove for about one block before both JG and RG asked to stop. I did and they both leaned out and puked their guts out. DD had almost been asleep when it happened and I think she has convinced herself what she saw that night was just a dream. When the door closed, RG asked me or DD if we had any cigarettes because she was out.

If you think this can’t get any worse, you would be wrong. Tomorrow it gets much worse.


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Blind Items Revealed #4 - Kindness

February 16, 2017

This former B+ list mostly movie actress who can’t make a good movie to save her life still has A+ list name recognition thanks to that marriage and the aftermath of the divorce. She managed to get a group of ten kids celebrating a birthday at a NYFW show from the back row to the first two rows. It would have been all front row but some editor of a magazine refused and threw a hissy fit that our actress would even ask.

Katie Holmes (and it was not Anna Wintour. I'm not sure who would even bother to ask her)

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 16, 2017

This one named singer who still has A list name recognition but doesn’t sing much anymore split with her boyfriend for awhile because she told him she had not been drinking. She then puked all over him while he was in bed sleeping.


Blind Items Revealed #2

February 17, 2017

At a fashion show this week, this A+ list singer said that her foreign born actor boyfriend sent her a video of him having sex with another woman that he meant to sent to the woman. Apparently the video was taken a few weeks ago.

Katy Perry/Orlando Bloom (and ten days later, announced their split)

Blind Item #8

Is she or is she not pregnant. This foreign born A+ list singer told some friends she was about 10 weeks pregnant, but then was spotted the next night drinking champagne and other booze. She did lay off the weed though which is not her tendency.

Blind Item #7

Let me see if I can keep this all straight. This married barely relevant celebrity is ticked off because the rapper she cheated with on her former A list  husband with is now hooking up with a female A list rapper who has been repeatedly trolled the past week.

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 15, 2017

A bystander had to intervene in an argument this weekend between this A+ list mostly movie actor and the foreign born model/actress he calls his girlfriend. Apparently our actor was incensed that she was taking too long getting out of the car and over to the beach to meet a pap for some shots. Apparently things got nasty and the bystander stepped in.

Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk

Blind Item #6

Her relationship hit the skis when she cheated with her co-star, but now this recent Academy Award nominated/winning actress has been dumped by the co-star. So, all of that worked out well.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blind Item #5

It is going to be pretty tough to win that network reality show for this back in the day somebody when you are still doing lines of coke every day after rehearsal.

Blind Item #4

This former late night actor turned mostly movie actor is cheating on his actress significant other again. I don't understand why she stays.

Blind Item #3

This now former A- list mostly television actress from a cable show which saw better days a couple seasons ago in a different place looks a decade younger and it is not just because of some recent plastic surgery. She says she can breathe again after getting away from her co-star.

Blind Item #2

This A/A- list very smart model lost her cool when a pap kept taunting her about her Oscar dress and how the Goopster had worn it five years earlier.

Blind Item #1

I guess what goes around comes around as this former A list athlete who is probably retiring and is a home wrecker is being cheated on by her athlete boyfriend who was part of the home wrecking.

Lady GaGa Replaces Beyonce At Coachella

Lady Gaga is coming to Coachella. She announced Tuesday night she will be performing at the music festival for both weekends in April. Gaga will take the headlining spot that had been Beyonce's; pregnant with twins, she announced last week that her doctors recommended she bow out. She rescheduled her performance for next year.

Gaga is set to launch her "Joanne" world tour this summer, so Coachella will be a warm-up for her of sorts.

She may have given fans a sneak peak of what to expect with her Super Bowl performance in February.

Besides Gaga, other performers at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California, include Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar.

Casey Affleck Talks About Sexual Assault Backlash - Kind Of

Casey Affleck was awarded the best actor Oscar on Sunday for his role in “Manchester by the Sea,” but not everyone was thrilled to see the star take home the golden statue.

Criticism of Affleck stems from a 2010 sexual harassment lawsuit against the actor, which was filed by two women who worked with him on “I’m Still Here.” The case settled outside of court.

Affleck opened up to the Boston Globe about the reactions to him winning Best Actor.

He said neither side from the case is able to discuss the details of what happened which is a really nice excuse. Still he said, after a pause, “I believe that any kind of mistreatment of anyone for any reason is unacceptable and abhorrent, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect in the workplace and anywhere else.”

Of the backlash Affleck said, “There’s really nothing I can do about it. Other than live my life the way I know I live it and to speak to what my own values are and how I try to live by them all the time.” The thing is though he could have strongly condemned sexual assault rather than a vague mistreatment statement. Also, during his speech was a chance for him to really try to make amends and he didn't.

'Fresh off the Boat' actress Constance Wu slammed the star when his Oscar nomination was announced and fellow actor B.J. Novak took to Twitter on Sunday to quip “Can we check Best Actor again.”

Blind Item #12

This B+ list mostly television actress who went from a long running still on the air network show to her own show to another of her own shows is closeted and apparently recently broke up with her longtime girlfriend. She was not shy about hitting on women last night at an event though.

Blind Item #11

This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor with a side job who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee is trying to reach a settlement with a young teen he impregnated in Europe late last year. Apparently she just turned 15, but when they had sex she was 14.

Blind Item #10

How can this former A list teen star get closer to his now dead idol? Well, he was turned down by the offspring so, instead he got a really bad nose job.

Blind Item #9

This foreign born B+ list singer with an alliteration initial is freaking out because her long term female lover from back in the day who used to abuse our singer on a frequent basis is trying to work her way back into our singer's life.

Blind Items Revealed #5

February 15, 2017

This former A+ list reality star who everyone still hates likes to pretend she is doing good by donating things to charity. Yes, she is donating but it is stuff she got for free. It is not like she is donating things she paid for. Oh, but it won’t stop her from taking the tax deduction.

Paris HIlton

Today's Blind Items - They Could Make A Movie About This - Part Two

Drinks had arrived and as they were being placed on the table, RG came back from the bathroom and sat down in an empty chair next to JG. Up until that minute I had never met RG. I knew who she was of course. I knew she partied, but didn’t realize she was up to the point where she was grabbing vials of coke from fellow actors to snort in a restaurant bathroom. I hadn’t seen what JG had handed her when she went in, but when RG set the empty one down on the table, I got a good look. So did the tables next to us. Even though she was A- list at the time, her latest movie had bombed and was the first theatre released movie she had done in about a year. Looking at her up close, I could see she was doing a lot more than a little partying. From a distance she looked decent but when you got a good look at her you saw her hair had not been washed in a while and her fingers were stained, probably from crack. She was bone thin and her skin was so pale that it made the bright red lipstick on her lips look even more stark.

Her hair was a variety of blonde shades that probably changed with each mood shift. I remember she was wearing a white dress covered with large flowers and a v neck opening. More white is not what she needed. Every few seconds she would lean over to JG and invariably her bare breast would fall out and a little over half the time she would place it back inside her dress when she sat back up.

She was falling apart. It was probably two years earlier that she could have booked a bunch of nice 100M movies. Instead, she was more interested in having fun and her career spiraled. Down.

It occurred to me at some point in the first ten minutes of her joining us that this table where I was seated included a lot of could have beens and should have beens. I’m not leaving myself out of that conversation, but at the table were three people who all at one point had been tipped as the next big thing. They each had a shot at fame and at that point of time, by their own actions, whether it be being difficult or being too involved in partying, they had sent their careers in a tailspin.

JG and DD were both living off the fame from a movie, while good, had not made a ton of money when it was released three years earlier. JG’s last movie had been two years earlier and sucked.  I say that despite the fact I had a half dozen friends who were in it. JG was living off fame he achieved as a kid. ON his own, as an adult actor, he was not making it. If he didn’t change something in his life, he was going to keep landing independent movies with budgets that progressively got smaller until he finally ended up doing a regular job and would probably tell stories at work about what a big shot he used to be and how he once hooked up with LT.

  1. What to say about her. Unlike most people who came into contact with her, I actually liked her. As I said before we shared a love of Hollywood history. She was smart and sarcastic and was good at talking smack. Her last movie had been released a month or so earlier and it did manage to crack the $1M barrier. Barely. So, yeah, a big bomb. That was her first movie in three years. She too was living off that movie from three years earlier which is talked about a lot even to this day, but didn’t make much money. When she was a kid she was involved in some good, money making movies. All the way through her tween and late teen years it was a nice and steady career. Then, out of nowhere came the movie that made her career. Suddenly everyone knew her. She didn’t enjoy that. It did allow her to pick what movies she wanted to do and she made a few bad choices in a row. To her credit, one of the movies she made was supposed to be huge and flopped. A three movie losing streak for someone in her position combined with a perception of being difficult iced her out. Because I actually liked her, I felt sorry for her. She is a good actress. Over the years though, that perception has ruled the day to the point where she is probably C+ list and is only that high because of her history. Her history also is her curse. I think if she could go back in time she would not have been in the movie that made her a household name. Even just a few years removed from it at that table, I think she would have made that choice.

Her choice that night was to drink. A lot. We were 20 minutes in and she was on drink 3 and had brought one from the bar to the table. I was actually interested to see if she was going to be a sweet drunk or angry drunk and what she was thinking. DD and I were seated next to each other. She was on my left and I was turned towards her talking when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Just a flash.

That flash turned into a chair hitting the floor and JG yelling out, “What the f**k is your problem?”

“You shoving your tongue down my girlfriend’s throat is my problem a**hole.” Those words were spoken by a guy all of you know. He is actually the one who is really an a-hole, but in that situation at that time, I will admit that JG was being the a-hole. I hadn’t even noticed JG groping and making out with RG. Honestly, even though the blind is long, from the time that RG grabbed the coke from JG’s hand to the chair on the floor was maybe 20 minutes. It could have been a touch longer but I doubt it because the appetizers we had ordered hadn’t arrived.

Side note. To this day, I’m not sure if RG had been in the bar when we arrived and saw JG on the way to the bathroom or if she had been seated at a table, gone to the restroom and been gone 20 minutes which is why the boyfriend came looking for her.

In any event, what was in front of me now was JG on the floor looking up at a guy we shall call LB. Finally, someone not an actor. As he is standing over JG and RG is yelling at him for embarrassing her, LB looks over at the table and seems to kind of recognize DD and sees me and asks me what the f**k I’m doing there. He was in a band. A popular band. We knew each other in a say hi kind of way. Before I could answer he kicked JG and grabbed RG by the arm and told her they were leaving. RG then began telling him that she wasn’t his girlfriend and that tonight was about finalizing that. She also said she wasn’t going anywhere. LB looked down at JG and then at RG and told JG that he and the crack wh**e deserved each other. He then walked out.

While it was all happening, you don’t really notice anything else. After LB left, you could feel the eyes of every single person in that restaurant on us. Just burning a hole in you. You also realized that the noise hum that had been surrounding us all night was replaced by dead silence. As JG got up and placed his chair upright, RG grabbed him by the arm and said she was sorry it happened and maybe they should go to the bathroom to take the edge off. Yeah, good thinking. Off they went though.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about getting kicked out, having an A lister puke right next to you and then ask you for a smoke and watching someone get their head smashed in by a baseball bat and left for dead. Good times.


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Blind Items Revealed #4

February 15, 2017

He may or may not play in the NFL again next year, but this former A- list player still knows how to cheat like a pro. He was hitting on anyone at NYFW who even gave him a hint that they were interested. I’m sure his long suffering girlfriend loves that.

Victor Cruz

Blind Items Revealed #3

February 15, 2017

This used to be a C+ list actress back in the day talks smack about her siblings all of the time. The reason? She is thirsty and wants her A- list actress sister all to herself for those red carpet appearances.

Robyn Lively/Blake Lively

Blind Items Revealed #2

February 14, 2017

This A- list mostly movie actor with the A++ list sounding name should really be careful who he hangs out with. That guy you were hanging out with the other night has got at least five or six celebrities hooked on drugs he sells them and only one of those celebs (former Disney A+ lister) has a chance of making it back.

Michael B Jordan/Zac Efron

Blind Item #8

This former A- list mostly movie actress turned B lister who stays that high because you all know it loves nothing more than to take a flask of booze out at Starbucks and use that as her cream. She has big problems.

Blind Item #7

Apparently this A+ list mostly movie actor who is almost up there as far as directing goes is trying to simplify his life which is why he has been giving up roles and basically walked away from a television production. Rehab is a strong possibility but he can't do it with a ton of projects to juggle.

Blind Items Revealed #1

February 14, 2017

This foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress does have a long dormant franchise. She also freaked out when a reporter asked her about this cable actor she had been/is dating. When a fan of the actor asked the same question a few minutes later, the actress lost her s**t and told everyone to leave her alone.

Diane Kruger/Norman Reedus

Blind Item #6

The eggs are hers, but there is talk that the sperm donor is someone else other than this A lister for this A list couple's impending parenthood.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Blind Item #5

This current network female reality star for a few more weeks apparently has a girlfriend she is keeping hidden.

Blind Item #4

No matter how hard they try, this real life and fiction television couple are really struggling to stay together and seem to be doing so, simply for the show.

Blind Item #3

Some whispers have turned into buzzing for this foreign born A- list mostly movie actor with a superhero franchise. Turns out he has been using heroin the past few months and it is really starting to show.

Blind Item #2

Both of the leads in this soon to be #1 movie for a month or so are refusing to interact with fans at screenings around the world. Oh, sure they will do two minutes for the cameras, but they are supposed to do 20-30. They are so into themselves.

Blind Item #1

This A+ list athlete in her sport who all of you know because of her sport and who she has dated is trying to find an actor to hang out with for publicity to cover the fact she is dating the married head of her biggest sponsor so his wife does not get suspicious.

Oscar Ratings Hit Nine Year Low

At least this year’s show wasn’t the longest in history. The 74th Oscars show in 2002 was the longest at 4 hours and 23 minutes.

Unfortunately for ABC, the length of the show didn’t add up to high ratings.

This year's Oscars averaged 32.9 million viewers -- a drop of more than a million viewers from last year's telecast. It was the smallest Academy Awards audience since 2008.

Audience erosion has been Oscar's trend for three years straight. In both 2014 and 2013, the awards show reached more than 40 million viewers, but in 2015 only 37.3 million tuned in.

In 2016, producers of the show attempted to introduce a “thank you scroll” at the bottom of the screen. Nominees were asked to submit the names of the people they wanted to thank ahead of time in order to chop down the length of the speeches. That idea flopped and winners went rogue with their often very long-winded acceptance speeches.


Jackie Warner Arrested For Backing Into Police Car While Drunk And Wearing No Pants

Jackie Warner, a former Bravo star who hosted the program Work Out, has been arrested. She was arrested last Friday for alleged assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer, according to the West Hollywood Police Department. Police were called when a witness said Jackie drove her car into a pole. When police arrived, she backed her car into the police car.

She was arrested and taken to jail ,where her bail was set at $60,000.

The incident took place around 5:45 p.m. and Warner was also charged with driving under the influence and a hit and run for property damage.

Warner allegedly went to lunch on Friday afternoon and drank one martini.

She took an Uber to and from the restaurant.

However, sources claims that Warner took an Ambien to help her fall asleep when she got home... and she then woke up in the the hospital, with no recollection of ever driving that day. This same source says Warner was not wearing any pants when she was arrested; she was taken into custody while donning just underwear. Jackie blew an 0.8 which kind of contradicts her story. I always thought Jackie quit drinking after her shows ended. Guess not.


Blind Item #26 - Academy Awards

You want to know who the nicest actress was last night at an after party? It was someone who has taken a lot of grief from me the past six-nine months. A celebrity offspring. A-/B+ list mostly movie actress. Foreign born. Just incredibly nice and friendly to everyone. Genuinely humble and you could tell she was just happy to be there.

Blind Item #25 - Academy Awards

This former A- list mostly television actor has mostly missed in his television shows since his one hit. It wasn't even that big of a hit, but people will eternally love it. Now, he is on an almost television show. Anyway, last night at the big after party he was quietly drunk and kept asking models and model types if they were lingerie models. Apparently he only wanted to try and take a home a lingerie model. The slurring horrible moves did not work well. I'm still wondering why his ex married him.

Blind Item #24 - Academy Awards

Way back this morning I wrote about the coked up celebrity offspring. At the biggest after party last night, her actor boyfriend was her on the red carpet times 100. Just sweating through his tux and some paranoia and just a mess.

Blind Item #23 - Academy Awards - Kindness

This foreign born actress is a former model who really got a break in her acting career fairly quickly. She stars in a pay cable show and last night worked the crowd to contribute to her favorite charity and walked out with about $25K while at the same time promoting her show and consoling one of her best friends.

Blind Item #22 - Academy Awards

There was quite the buzz last night with people talking about this foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor moving out of his long time marital home and into the home of an assistant. The feeling was that after he finishes up the promotion for his last superhero movie that an announcement will be made. This is a very very long marriage.

Mr. X Blind Item #6 - Academy Awards

A few eyebrows were raised last night with how close these two foreign born Oscar nominated/winning actors were with each other. Both have always been assumed to be straight, but there sure were a lot of extra hugs and hands on backs and arms every time they ran into each other.

Mr. X Blind Item #5 - Academy Awards

Easy Easy: Why she isn't in rehab right now is anyone's guess. This barely hanging on to A-list singer who is now a cartoon version of herself had to be carried out of the Vanity Fair party by two bodyguards. Yes folks, she was that wasted.

Mr. X Blind Item #4 - Academy Awards

He didn't bring his longtime boyfriend/possible husband to the Oscars, but they did attend several after parties together and were getting rather intimate. My source told me that they might make their debut as a couple at WeHo Pride in June, but don't get your hopes up.

Mr. X Blind Item #3 - Academy Awards

What past Oscar winner, who probably identifies as pansexual at this point, was overheard bragging at the Vanity Fair party that he's sleeping with the head of the fashion house he's currently the spokesperson for?

Mr. X Blind Item #2 - Academy Awards

His sexuality has always been a mystery, but this seemingly straight actor who was a nominee left an after party not with the costar who he has allegedly been hooking up with, but with a Filipino pre-op transsexual. I wonder if his girlfriend/mother of his children knows? (She does...)

Mr. X Blind Item #1 - Academy Awards

Apparently this celebrity mom with more famous siblings and more famous kids gets her news from tabloids. She embarrassed herself last night by complimenting this A- list mostly movie actress with A+++ list name recognition on her non-existent pregnancy

Blind Item #21 - Academy Awards

One of the first couples to show up at the biggest after party was this A- list network actress and her B/B+ list actor husband. You got the sense they just wanted to get the night out of the way. Something expected, but nothing they really wanted to do. He especially looked miserable.

Blind Item #20 - Academy Awards

This A list former tweener turned A-/B+ list adult singer is in the closet. Until last night, I don't think anyone knew what kind of type he had. Apparently it is men that are over twice his age. In the brief moments they took to be with each other looked sweet. They didn't arrive or leave together, but you could tell they are a couple.

Blind Item #19 - Academy Awards

We get it. You are pregnant. You, being a not very friendly foreign born A-/B+ list model/wannabe actress. Was it necessary for you to tell every single last person who didn't mention it to you first that you are pregnant. The thirst of this person cannot be quenched. I want a DNA test after the birth.

Blind Item #18 - Academy Awards

This A- list dual threat actress is an Emmy and Oscar winner/nominee. She is currently on a hit network show. When this A list singer/actor tried to talk to her at an after party, she told him to f**k off. She is not a fan of him and this goes back a long time.

Blind Item #17 - Academy Awards

This actor is probably A+ list in his corner of the entertainment world. As for you hearing of him? B+ list name recognition. The guy is talented and loaded and been on a hit network show for-ever. Last night at the biggest after party he was being a total creeper. Hitting on lots of women with really strange and inappropriate lines. He was giving people shivers with what he was saying but, this being Hollywood still managed to find some woman half his age to go home with him.

Blind Item #16 - Academy Awards

This ABC network comedy actor bailed on the last 30 minutes of his commitment to a show because he met two women while working the crowd there to see the stars arriving. They both wanted to hook up with him but had to catch a flight back to their country at 1am or something, so our actor said see ya to the shoot.

Blind Item #15 - Academy Awards

This B list actor is married. He is an acting family although you would be pretty hard pressed to come up with something other people in the family have done. Anyway, for some reason, he was hosting an after show solo. Usually, his wife is with him for everything. Well, now I know why. He was hitting on every single woman during the couple of hours he was hanging around set waiting for the after show to air.

Blind Items Revealed

July 14, 2016

If you are someone who watches YouTube videos then you know this guy. He is one of the biggest YouTubers in the world. Like many YouTube stars, he can be an a-hole. I hear more stories about male YouTubers taking advantage of women than any other celebrities combined. The bad behavior by female YouTube stars is much less than other celebrities, although i did have one yesterday. Anyway, the number of assaults I hear about by these guys is awful. Conventions and other gatherings where they are adulated by young women turns into degradation and humiliation really quickly.

One of the worst offenders is this foreign based YouTuber. He readily will admit he thinks he is above the law and thinks he is the greatest celebrity in the world because of all his followers and their undying love to him. Well, he basically cheats on his partner every second he is not with her. He has thousands of videos of his fans stripping for him or performing sexual acts he ordered them to do. he then shows these to all of his friends or posts them to free porn sites. At least two women I know of killed themselves after videos they made for him ended up on the internet. He does it for kicks. He thinks he is the king of his universe. His universe might come crashing down in a hurry though because of all the income he is hiding or because of the woman he raped at a convention who tried to file charges in her own country but was told she needed to file them in the country where it happened. You would think the YouTube star would care about this but he has taken to social media and said she deserved it and other nasty things. The guy is awful.


Today's Blind Items - They Could Make A Movie About This - Part One

“Go, go, go. Get the f**k out of here right now.”

I had just watched JG run across Vine’s multiple lanes of traffic at a full sprint. He was alternatively looking back over his shoulder from the bar where he had been to me, sitting in the driver seat of a car belonging to an actress currently asleep in the back. What JG was not doing while running across the street was looking out for any of the cars using the street. There was no honking. There were a lot of slammed brakes and strange looks. The way he was running, they probably thought he robbed the club. Nope, but it turns out he had robbed someone inside the club.

“Seriously, we need to get the f**k out of here right now,” JG said as he looked past me at the club door.

Never wanting to be an escape driver, I still managed to understand the need to get out of there and ask questions later so pulled away from the curb and into traffic. Nothing crazy, but I could feel myself shaking. What had happened?

Meanwhile, in the backseat, I heard “Did you get it?”

The voice didn’t belong to the owner of the car, but another actress who was seated behind the passenger seat and was wide awake. Let us call her RG. At that particular point in time, she was the highest on the list in that car. She was probably A- list. Mostly movies. All of you know her. Honestly, you know who JG is and the actress sleeping behind me in the car too. Let’s call her DD.

JG turned to face RG and held up multiple glassine bags, each about the size of half a finger, and each filled with powder. In the rearview mirror, looking to see if we were being chased, I saw the eyes of RG light up and her tongue quickly lick her lips as JG handed her a few of the bags.

As JG took a glance out of the back and side, I asked him why we had to get out of there so quickly.

“I punched the f**ker in the face and grabbed the stuff.”

“Wait, what? Why did you do that,” I asked.

“We were in the bathroom and he was showing me the stuff and I just decided that I didn’t want to pay so took it from him instead.”

“And you think you can get away with it?”

“Hell yes. I’m a mother f**king movie star man.”

After he said that he rolled down the window and screamed it to some people on the corner of Sunset & Vine who all yelled back. JG was in his element.  This was not where I expected to be four hours earlier.


The original plan for the night was for a dinner with me, ZX (look it up), JG and probably DD, but that was not a given. The original plan lasted about as long as it took for ZX (who I love to this day) to say she had a fitting and would meet up with us at the restaurant.

Have you been in a situation where you are only friends with someone through someone else. It is not like you would ever hang out if the other person wasn’t around. That was me and JG. We knew each other through ZX. We hung out a couple of times but he was not someone I was going to ever seek out on my own. But, there we were, two guys at a restaurant trying to make the most of it waiting for ZX, who never did show. Someone who did show was DD though. I was kind of surprised. I actually met DD through JG because they had worked together. Everyone was at some party together and DD and I ended up talking a lot that night about Hollywood history. Apparently she was a fan. When I met her, she was already on the beginning of a downward slide. She had ticked off too many people too many times and was a craft before commercial kind of person which made things even worse. At one point, she was probably considered to be someone who would be A list for a long time. For whatever reason, she and her management team just really rubbed people the wrong way.

I was glad to see her and JG was too. I think DD was just excited about being out of the house and doing something fun. You never saw her out. Literally within moments of her being seated, JG was asking about one of DD’s former co-stars who also happened to be a former co-star of JG. Whenever you would spend more than 30 minutes with JG he loved to share with everyone the fact he hooked up with that co-star. She is just about A+ list today. Back when this all happened, she was B+. Let us call her LT. At that point in time, I probably knew her better than either of the two at the table, but there was no way I was going to say anything. See, JG was a little obsessive about LT and was basically always a phone call or e-mail away from a restraining order when it came to her. If he knew I had any contact with her, he would literally hound me for hours, if not days for her new phone number.

I’m not talking about the every so often asking for it. I’m talking about 24/7 bugging me about it in a way that I can only describe as the same way he would chase down his drugs every day. Just determination.

If I remember correctly, I think the waitress had just come over to take our drink orders and was talking to DD because they had worked on something. At that moment, RG walked by on her way to the bathroom and saw JG and made a beeline to him and whispered in his ear. He reached into his pocket and handed her something I couldn’t see. She kissed him on the cheek and walked back towards the bathroom. It was when RG emerged from the bathroom that the night changed like no other night I had experienced or have since began.

Part Two tomorrow.


Your Turn

Would you like the Oscars shorter or you really don't care since it is once a year?

Blind Item #14 - Academy Awards

This foreign born B list model was A- maybe back in the day. She is not that old, but for modeling is getting less work. She is more well known for a busted relationship that is still talked about a few years later. Last night, everyone at an after party could not stop commenting how she only has one look. The procedure done to her face has frozen it in one expression which is a kind of grimaced smile. It does not look good and she is not even 40, so totally not necessary to be doing this.

Blind Item #13 - Academy Awards

This A- list dual threat actor is known more for his hit network show that has some new life this season than his movie career which has been up and down. At an after party last night he made his wife pull down the top of her dress to show some other guys her breasts. Always classy, our actor.

Blind Item #12 - Academy Awards

This B- list mostly movie actress with A+ list name recognition deserves an apology from me. I had no idea she could act as well as she did last night. Almost immediately after arriving on the red carpet her husband informed her the night was about him and to follow his lead and then gave big smirks to the guys with him while he nodded his head. For about three seconds her face had this defeated look and her mouth was going to open to say something, but she shook her head and put on a smile. You could watch her put that smile on and walk to the first stop on the carpet for photos. It was embarrassing and humiliating but for that brief pause she acted like nothing happened. If one had not seen it happen, you would never know it did. So, acting has improved a bunch for her.

Blind Item #11 - Academy Awards

This former Oscar winner sad she had one piece of toast and a granola bar to eat over the past three days. She was not trying t starve herself to fit in her dress but said during award season she had become physically ill because she didn't want people to think she likes this A- list mostly movie actor from an acting family. The way things work, they had been brought together multiple times this season and photographed together and she was in really rough shape last night.

Blind Item #10 - Academy Awards

There was an interview between a cable news channel reporter and this foreign born nominee from last night that was one of the most awkward. Our actor was talking about his film and called his director one of the best men he has ever known. The interviewer said, "Wait. We are talking about the same person right? ________________?" And the actor said of course. and the interviewer just said thanks for your time.

Blind Item #9 - Academy Awards

This B+ list actress who is a celebrity offspring was so coked up and antsy she could only talk to every fourth or fifth person who wanted to interview her. The first 30 minutes she was on the carpet she looked as if she would jump out of her skin.

Blind Item #8 - Academy Awards

This foreign born, permanent A list singer was happy to share with everyone yesterday that he was high AF on mushrooms. He was overheard at one point asking why the red carpet was now colored diamonds.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Blind Item #7 - Academy Awards

Apparently when you party the night before the show until past dawn the day of the show and then pass out, you start to run behind schedule which is why this A- list mostly movie actress who is a celebrity offspring looked so unkempt. No hair washed. Reeking of booze and smoke and just not having any fun on the red carpet.

Academy Awards Photos Part Seven

Kyla Weber and Vince Vaughn

Giuliana Rancic

Michael Strahan

Jessica and David Oyelowo

Olivia Culpo

Jackie Chan

Javier Bardem

Seth Rogen and Lauren MIller

Blind Item #6 - Academy Awards

This Director nominee/winner from last night and his significant other ran into a seat filler and had an awkward conversation about how the significant other failed to forward a fee the seat filler had earned for sleeping with a producer. Apparently she was the carrot to get the producer to agree to work with our director.

Academy Awards Photos Part Six

Laura Dern

Leslie Mann

Sofia Boutella

Michael J Fox

Kirsten Dunst

Glen Powell

Ginnifer Goodwin

Blind Item #5 - Academy Awards

This red carpet host from a broadcast you probably didn't watch unless you were watching online is an actress. After interviewing this actor nominee she kissed him on the cheek and slipped a piece of paper in his pocket with her phone number and e-mail.

Academy Awards Photos Part Five

Janelle Monae

Ruth Negga

Jeremy Renner

Isabelle Huppert

Octavia Spencer

Auli'i Cravalho

Michelle Williams

Blind Item #4 - Academy Awards

According to the driver it took about 35 minutes to get from the home of this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee to the drop off area. In that time, the actor drank most of the 12 bottles of beer he brought into the car with him. He told his wife when they arrived that it was going to be the fastest red carpet in history unless he found a bathroom first.

Academy Awards Photos Part Four

Dakota Johnson

Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon

The Rock and Lauren Hashian

Emma Roberts

Lucas Hedges

Charlize Theron