Friday, September 03, 2010

Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend. Enjoy this last weekend of summer, stay safe and have fun. There will not be any blogging on Monday because yours truly will be spending another weekend in the woods with the family. My dad has a brand new grill and apparently it is not as good just at home. Nope, we have to load it up on a trailer just so he can taste BBQ 300 miles from home. Oh well. I love the guy. And who doesn't love BBQ.

Four For Friday - Quick Quotes

#1 - This C list actor from one of the top network comedies this season visited a hospital a few weeks ago to talk to patients. As he walked in the door he turned to his publicist and said, "I'm getting paid for this right?"

#2 - This follicly challenged C+ actor from a hit cable show is notoriously heterosexual. When he was spotted making out with a male model and his companions started talking smack, he turned to them and said, It doesn't matter to me. If it has a hole, I will f**k it." Oh, and he is a dad. Nice.

#3 - This B+ television actress from a hit network dramedy ensemble show was rehearsing for a play she was doing for a benefit. When she walked out on stage she looked around for cue cards or teleprompter. When told there were none, she stated, "You mean I'm supposed to learn these lines? There must be hundreds."

#4 - This B+ now movie actress used to be on a hit network drama. One day she was discussing the wardrobe she was supposed to wear and went on and on for 15 minutes about how it was just awful and the wardrobe person was awful and that if she were running the show the person would be fired. Then the wardrobe person walked in and our actress said, "You are an amazing woman. I love my clothes for this week."

Random Photos Part Two

Jackie Collins gets the top spot today. No one does trash novels better than her.
Celine Dion shows off her pregnancy bump and her grandfather. I mean husband.
Dominic Monaghan looks a bit freaked out by the painting.
Eminem & Jay-Z - Detroit
Hard to believe Elle Macpherson is 47.
Hello Jamie Lynn Sigler. Not too late to give me a call.
Unlike some celebs who seem to be faking it for the cameras, Jerry O'Connell is going full out.
Hmm, which of these two, Jessica Stroup or AnnaLynne McCord will still be known two years from now?
Jason Statham and Rosie three names checking into the Four Seasons.
Kate Hudson breaks away from Matt Bellamy for a few hours to fly her son back to New York for his first day of school.
Hey, this is kind of how Kim Kardashian first got famous.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Kourtney Kardashian looks like she will jump on anyone who tries to ask a question about her relationship with Scott.
I have decided that if an outfit is not skin tight, Katy Perry wants no part of it. How does she even breathe in these things?
Keanu Reeves and his birthday cupcake.
A very thrilled looking Jesse James with Kat von D.
The first public appearance for Robbie Williams and his wife since they were married.
Sammy Hagar - Cincinnati
Unlike when Miley Cyrus wears and Iron Maiden shirt, I'm pretty sure Taylor Momsen knows who they are.
The Situation on the Jersey Shore instead of training for DWTS.
Tori Spelling celebrates 90210 day.
Victoria Beckham at the airport which she says she uses as her own personal fashion runway.
Wendie Malick still looks lovely.

Your Turn

It seems that every celebrity in Hollywood has a dog they carry around with them everywhere they go. How come no one carries around a cat? They are lovable too. Maybe it is just because all the celebrities are dog lovers. Today's question is simple. Would you rather have a cat, dog or something else?

Good News! Paris Hilton Owes $160,000 In Lawsuit

Remember when Paris Hilton had to testify about what she did to promote the awful, awful movie Pledge This? Well, she convinced the judge that her lack of press was not the sole cause the film did so poorly at the box office, but she was partially responsible. The producers of the movie had sued Paris for $1M which was the amount they paid her to star in their movie. As much as I dislike Paris, anyone who willingly pays her $1M for her acting!!! deserves some kind of punishment.

The judge stated that Paris' actions cost the producers $160,000. Better get out that checkbook Paris.

Novak Djokovic Is Awful. No, Philipp Petzschner Is

You know, when you go to the US Open there are some serious tennis fans. Apparently they take their tennis very seriously even when the match is Novak Djokovic and Philipp Petzschner. I have never even heard of either of the guys and even I had I doubt that I would be such a fan that I would get into a brawl about them during their match. Well, two fans did just that. Of course maybe they were just fighting over whether they were Team Jacob or Edward.

Tabloids Hack Into Voice Mails Of Royals And Other Celebs

The New York Times has run an exhaustive piece that is worth your time to read. It is extremely long but shows how tabloids in the Rupert Murdoch chain were all able to get exclusive stories on Prince William and Harry and several other notable British celebrities. Two journalists managed to get the PIN numbers to voice mails.

The article discusses how Scotland Yard chose to focus only on the hacking of the Royal voicemails and chose to ignore all the other celebrities being hacked because they did not want to antagonize Rupert Murdoch or his tabloids with whom they have a cozy relationship.

Two News Of The World reporters were at the center of the ring, and if their tabloid did not want a particular story or if another outlet would be better they would pass along the information to another Murdoch tabloid like The Sun.

It is fascinating read. Thanks to everyone who sent me the link.

Jennifer Grey Has Cancerous Lump Removed Because Of DWTS

Jennifer Grey decided that before she took on something as arduous as Dancing With The Stars she should have an old injury from a car wreck looked at. So, she went to the doctor and he said that if she is an accident that she could possibly be paralyzed. I know, I know. That sounds serious enough as it is, but at the same appointment the doctor pointed out a lump on Jennifer Grey's neck.

She told, "The doctor asked, What's that lump in your neck?' I said, 'Oh, it's just a benign nodule that I've been watching for four years.' I didn't want to have surgery for it, but he said, 'That has to go.' They took out half of it, and it turned out to be cancerous. Then they took the second half out on Christmas Eve."

I am glad she is ok, and it sounds like it could have been something that turned out a whole lot worse. I also can't believe she decided to have surgery to remove a cancerous lump on Christmas Eve.

Jennifer Lopez Is "The Key To Re-Energizing American Idol"

In the news yesterday that Jennifer Lopez was thisclose to signing on to be a judge on American Idol, was this little quote. "Jennifer Lopez is the key to re-energizing American Idol." Wow, if you are counting on Jennifer Lopez to save the show then I think you have come to the wrong person. How can she contribute anything other than four or five appearances from her scrawny husband, a lip synched dance number once a season and a 21 squints a show.

She has not had a hit movie in years and years. Actually, has she ever had a hit. Oh yeah that Wedding Planner thing made some money didn't it? How did Anaconda do? It must have done ok, because there was a sequel or two, but the snake did a better job of acting. Her last hit album? Forever ago. Hmm, well in that regard she is kind of like Paula. However, while Paula may not have been the world's greatest singer, she was nice and provided a perfect counter balance to Simon. Yes, she looked like a lush, but she was like your Aunt Sue who hit the egg nog too hard, but no one minded because she was harmless and never in a bad mood. It worked.

Jennifer Lopez as the key? Better not count on that.

Vienna Hates When People Don't Recognize Her

Have you seen that Vienna Girardi got a new haircut? Yeah, well don't worry about it. Probably only a handful of people noticed and even less actually cared. One person who cares is Vienna because now she says no one recognizes her. First of all, how many of you would have recognized the old Vienna? I wouldn't. I have posted her picture 10 or 15 times and looked at countless more and I would not even give her a second glance if she walked by me.

Well, now that she has cut her hair, Vienna wants to scream, so she did. “I did it to get rid of the old Vienna, but now no one recognizes me. I have to scream at people saying, ‘I’m Vienna from ‘The Bachelor!’"

Yes, such is the price one must pay if they want a shot at an entire 15 minutes.

Lindsay Lohan Hits Kid In Stroller - Drives Away

Now tell me again who decided it was ok for Lindsay Lohan to start driving again. Also, why is she driving a Maserati? I know it is just a rental, but perhaps she should not be blowing through whatever income she has made from her incarceration and should be saving it for well, the rest of her life. I am thinking maybe she should be driving something in the Nissan Sentra range.

Anyway, late Wednesday afternoon Lindsay was driving through her neighborhood came to a red light and without looking both ways, took a right turn. Boom. Lindsay hit the stroller. Not hard, but enough to freak out the woman pushing the stroller and to start the baby crying. Lindsay pulled over for two seconds and then drove off. She probably thought she had left her Red Bull on the roof of the car.

And because this is Hollywood, there is of course, video of the scene moments after the incident occurred.

Kat Von D Counts Her Boyfriends

Do you count your boyfriends and girlfriends? I suppose if you have only had a relationship with two or three people it is probably fairly easy. Move beyond that first set of five fingers though and then, I think it becomes a little hard. What do you count? Does having four or five dates with someone count as a boyfriend? Do you have an arbitrary cutoff? What if you keep everything above the clothes? These are the questions I would like to ask Kat Von D because she says that Jesse James is just her ninth boyfriend. Not 10th or 8th, but number 9.

"Jesse is only my ninth boyfriend. I don't hang out with anybody unless I am in love." Oh, so wait, you only hang out if you are in love? How do you know if you are in love unless you hang out? Is this some kind of odd tattoo chicken vs the egg thing? So, if you are not in love with someone and just have five or ten sexual encounters than that person is not a boyfriend?

How come People never asks a followup question? These are the kinds of things that keep me up at night. She gives the statement and then you are supposed to ask and what constitutes a boyfriend. Instead you get a "gee, Ms. Von D, thanks for talking to me. You are like, umm the greatest. Can I have your autograph?"

And why is Kat the only one who ever talks about this relationship? And how can she be in love? It has been like four dates and everyone except the first has been in front of cameras.

Michael Lohan Says God Talks To Him

Whether or not you believe in a higher power, I think most of us can agree that said higher power probably has a lot better things to do with their time than to talk to Michael Lohan. Well, if you believe Michael Lohan, and why wouldn't you believe a guy who tries to sell his daughter's rehab diary, been accused of beating up the past two or three girlfriends and sold conversations he had with his daughter, he says God talks to him and told him to open a rehab.

Not, a pinkberry or Carvel, or mesh shirt factory, and not even a Mailbox, etc. Nope, God told Michael Lohan specifically that he needs to open a rehab. "After seeing what my daughter, myself and other people I know have been through, it has led me to realize this is my calling and purpose in life. All of the things that have happened to me in my life have led to this. I know this is what God wants me to do first and foremost."

I think God would have probably wanted you to stop exploiting your daughter and to put on a shirt that does not show your nipples. At that point maybe God would have spoken to you about a career path. There is nothing Michael Lohan would probably love more than operating a rehab clinic so he could have a steady stream of clients he could sell secrets and photos of to the tabloids. If he is willing to sell his own daughter's rehab diary, how safe do you think the average person would be?

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This Blind is going to have some online fandoms rejoicing. This broken up couple with a much younger starlet who is in a relationship right now, are bound to get back together if their past few weeks of behavior are of any indication. Although they were once costars and lovers, things ended but the two can’t seem to stay away from one another. The couple have been coming up with every professional excuse to meet up and have been spending lots of time together.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Today's Blind Items

In honor of 90210 day, I bring to you one of my favorite blind items from the past. This one I wrote in January of 2008, so that will hopefully explain The Time references. Now I want to hear The Bird. I can't even type their name without singing that song. Anyway, this blind is all about 90210.

January 24, 2008

So a little change of pace. After I saw that The Time was going to play the Grammy Awards it got me thinking about a time when I was just starting out. I used to promote concerts to get through school. This was when little guys still could do it and corporations had not swallowed up every possible venue. I had promoted The Time two or three times and made some money. I had got to know some of the group and once we happened to be in Las Vegas at the same time. They invited me to their show and to a party they were having after. I want to say they were playing at the Riviera, but I can't remember. I think it was because this was when Frank Sinatra was still alive and I remember thinking I had seen him play in the same room a week earlier and how crazy Vegas is that two totally different acts can both pack in a crowd. Of course Sinatra tickets were three times the price of The Time tickets.

Anyway, after the show, we went to a club or two, but this was still the older Vegas. Excalibur was the only big new hotel. Everything else was still to come. The clubs were still very rough around the edges. Very rough. So, after seeing a possible stabbing death at the second club we went to, we decided to head back to the hotel and one of their suites. I don't remember anyone calling anyone but all of a sudden the place was absolutely packed. Packed like it took you five full minutes to make your way across the room from one side to the other.

There was one clear area though and it was this big glass table. It was probably seven feet long and three feet wide. Sitting around the table were people basically two deep. The top of the table was covered in coke. I had seen people do coke before and thought I had seen a lot on a table before, but this was the most ever. None of the guys from The Time were touching it. I do remember that. BUT, I do remember that there were two people from this brand new television show called Beverly Hills 90210 who were sucking coke down like someone was trying to steal it from them. Most people were being very patient and chatting in between lines. Not these two. One female and one male were all over it. They were outdone in their zest for the drug only by this actress from Saved By The Bell. I honestly thought they were going to fight for it. Later, after the crowd had thinned I saw the male from 90210 and the actress from Saved By The Bell getting it on in a corner. She was pretty hot, I have to tell you. The guy I remember was very sweaty. The actress from 90210 never left the coke. Ever. Not until it was all gone. Then she got up, and left. Didn't say goodbye or anything. Just walked out and left. Hell of a night.

Random Photos Part Three

Best wishes to Gabriella Cedillo who was injured on the set of Transformers 3.

Brigitte Nielsen modeling the Grace Jones collection. Earlier in the day she
played here comes the airplane with her husband.
Wow. Just wow.
Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr share a beer or eight at the US Open. The great thing about Jessica is that she is always willing to have a beer or a drink or do a shot.
Univision has announced their lineup for their version of Dancing With The Stars. This is Hector Macho Camacho who was one of the greatest boxers ever. It is like looking at the end of Raging Bull. Wow.
Jon Secada is also on the show and will probably win.
Helena Christensen shows that she does not need any makeup to still look good.
One more Venice picture of Jessica Alba.
And the 14 year old girl screamed when she got to meet Usher. Oh, wait. That is Justin Bieber. My bad.
Also there to watch Justin Bieber, was Adrian Grenier. I don't care if he got the tickets for free he has lost any credibility about anything. LA Reid has an excuse.
Johnny Bramwell - Manchester
Jane Lynch is guest starring on iCarly as Sam's mom. Love it.

Random Photos Part Two

Benji Madden needs another girlfriend just so he has someone tell him that he has reached an age where he looks ridiculous wearing his hat like that.
Jessica Simpson plays with clowns for Macys.
I will give John Turturro ten bucks if he hops over that post.
Speaking of hopping, Jason Lewis is a big fan apparently.
A first time appearance for Katerina Graham. Half Liberian and half Russian. Interesting combination.
The never smiling Kate Gosselin.
Kim Kardashian holds on for dear life.
Kellan Lutz does not wanted to be treated like a piece of meat. He wants to be known for more than his body as he walks bare chested around Hollywood yesterday.

Katy Perry has dyed her hair to match the colors of Russell Brand's favorite soccer team.
This workout program was sponsored by a vodka company. Seriously.
A new look for Miley Cyrus.
Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter at the latest Resident Evil premiere.
Naomi Campbell and a ring that is so huge it looks like a blow pop.


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