Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blind Item #4

This A+ list mostly movie actor, who is a very recent Academy Award winner/nominee and his wife have a very special relationship. She is allowed to keep around the very young man who watches the kids and teaches them to skateboard and also makes sure the wife is taken care of too. Our husband doesn't seem to care.

Blind Items Almost Revealed

December 18, 2013

This former A+ list rock star who still plays but seems like a sideshow, barely made it to an event with his wife. The former rocker shooed two escorts out of a hotel room while he screamed at the front desk to have someone buy him a shirt in the next ten minutes that didn't have lipstick on it or his wife would think he had been cheating. Umm.

He has never exactly been faithful. He didn't get married that long ago.

Blind Item #3

This celebrity couple has A list name recognition. You have to give them credit for trying to work things out. They have spent more time split than together during the course of their marriage. He likes to play with other women and she likes to think she can find someone who can make her the biggest _________ on the planet. She is former reality and not much else. Despite their fame they don't have a ton of money. They need their reality show income to make it. The other night they spent an entire dinner arguing with each other or looking at their phones. They went more for the photo op he says than working things out like he wants. It is a mess of a relationship.

Blind Items Revealed

December 19, 2013

This former A list Tweener has slipped several times in her sobriety in the past six weeks but is hoping she can get it all together in the next month or so. Those close to her want her to go to rehab.

Selena Gomez (About two weeks later she went)

Blind Item #2

This B- list actress gets really high on the list for someone who does not star in that many movies or television shows. It is just what she does, she does well, and has really high name recognition. She is also not as nice as it seems. If you can do something for her then she will love you for as long as it takes to get it done. Then you are pushed to the side until she needs you again. The persona that she created where she pretends to be sickly sweet is being tested because of the recent demands for her time. She yells frequently and is being a huge diva and has walked out of several interviews when she thought the questions were not what she considered to be good. Good in her mind is people complimenting her the entire time and not asking anything other than in a form where it compliments her.

Blind Items Revealed

December 20, 2013

What celebrity/athlete/reality star has photos of his wife doing lines of coke that he is threatening to release unless certain demands are met. Ruh oh.

Lamar Odom (this is what he says.. Khloe did use coke back in the day so maybe they are from back then)

Blind Item #1

This married B- list mostly television actress who got her start as a model has been having a fling with her co-star. She and her husband barely sleep in the same house any longer. Her show is not going to last long at all. Awful.

Blind Items Revealed

December 22, 2013

This former A list reality star turned B list celebrity turned reality star who likes doing other stuff too passed out at a friend's house the other day. She confessed she had not eaten in four days and had been exercising several times daily.

Nicole Richie

Lainey Blind Item

He took off for the desert recently. To relax. And party. Without his girl. And gets high and hooks up with random men online (he likes them super pretty and super jacked), inviting them to his hotel room for a night of drugs and sex.

Two problems here. First, he’s a recovering addict and second, when he goes on these tears, he doesn’t use condoms. It’s the kind of reckless behaviour he’s been able to control through much of his success and for many years now. Curiously though, the last time this happened it was also during one of his transformations. Back then though, there was no explosion of social media and everyone taking pictures. Considering that he’s been hooking up with dudes who are on the young side (but totally legal), he’s risking being exposed by someone who’s out to show off and exploit.

Blind Items Revealed

December 23, 2013

This no namer ran screaming away from a relationship as fast as he could when this B list celebrity/actress asked him if someone very very close to her could watch the couple have sex. It's creepy.

Julianne Hough

Blind Items Almost Revealed

December 17, 2013

This actress from Girls was banging on the door to a brownstone in NYC over the weekend. Our actress was standing outside in the snow screaming because her dealer wasn't answering his door. Apparently he was out of town for the weekend and our actress wasn't thrilled.

Not Lena or Alison

Blind Items Revealed

December 24, 2013

This A list mostly movie actress who really needs her franchise to start filming again to keep her A list status got hammered during a shopping trip with her husband. She would call the bar and tell them she was on her way up and to have two drinks ready. She would go up and slam them down before joining her husband after her trip to the "bathroom." She did this three times in about 90 minutes. On the same trip in a different store she was heard crying in a bathroom. There are some problems in paradise.

Zoe Saldana

Blind Items Almost Revealed

December 17, 2013

Third time is not going to be the charm for this former almost A list singer/celebrity who has been forced to make reality show appearances to make ends meet. She thinks her new guy is the answer to her financial dreams but he is getting tired of her unwillingness to have sex until they are married because she says "it wouldn't feel right." So, much like her other serious relationships the guy is cheating on her with a bunch of women he meets at clubs while she plans their wedding.

They are still planning that wedding. A break up is imminent because she is still holding out. She lost her most recent job.

Blind Items Revealed

December 26, 2013

This former model turned B list mostly movie actress turned into a waste of space celebrity has also run through most of her money. So much so that our foreign born celebrity must stand by helplessly and watch her boyfriend cheat on her with woman after woman. He brings them home and she can't leave because she doesn't have enough money to buy a house. She would never rent. The horror if someone found out. So far her A list movie actor ex isn't helping out with cash either.

Elizabeth Hurley/Hugh Grant

Blind Items Revealed

December 18, 2013

This former B list mostly television actor who doesn't get much live action work these days was shooting a commercial the other day. A fan came up to him while he was standing there and whispered in his ear. The next thing you know the actor says he is sick and says he needs an hour and takes the woman back to his trailer while the crew sat around doing nothing and put the shoot over budget.

John Stamos

Blind Items Revealed

December 26, 2013

This former A list mostly movie actress probably wishes she could have that franchise back that she tried to get out of back in the day. Now she is a struggling B lister who can't get work and apparently can't get engaged. Our sloppy drunk actress threw a drink in her boyfriend's face at a restaurant the other night because he said he didn't plan on proposing any time soon. She then called him a bunch of names before storming out.

Kristen Dunst

Friday, May 09, 2014

Random Photos Part Six

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at a Maleficent screening.

Elle Fannning was there too.
Cameron Diaz out in LA and not with Nicole Richie.
Carmen Electra looks pretty damn good here.
Francesca Eastwood is about half Carmen's age.
Cara Santana and Jesse Metcalfe.
Chrissy Teigen is drinking the water like she is at an airport bar running to catch a flight.
Channing Tatum and his Crocodile Dundee hat.
Dakota Johnson in NYC.

Random Photos Part Five- A&E Upfronts Party

Jenna Dewan

Rollergirl and Dirk Diggler
Korie and Willie Robertson
Nick and Drew Lachey
Susan Lucci
Katheryn Winnick and Clive Standen
Dania Ramirez

Random Photos Part Four

Psst. Erykah Badu. Pharrell already did this bit.

Eva Longoria shilling for her buddy Ken Paves.
Kate Hudson's pants are taller than Fergie.
That Hunger Games thing is still filming in Paris.
Idina Menzel getting photobombed by her publicist.
Jonah Hill plays pocket pool while walking.
Julia Louis Dreyfus was at the premiere of Fed Up.
Jane Seymour and
Larry David and Kramer were there too.

Random Photos Part Three

Jennifer Lopez treats the American Idol parking lot as her runway.

Kristen Bell at the ballet.
The orange one himself, Valentino was also there.
Lindsay Lohan is just a woman with a water bottle. Filled with vodka.
Lucy hale and her boyfriend grabbed some lunch yesterday. Gently.
The poster child for good health was out last night in London.
Michael Kors and Miranda Kerr opened the new Michael Kors store in Shanghai.
Paula Patton's profile photo is a good one.
Ryan Seacrest's prom picture. She's still waiting for him to make a move.

Random Photos Part Two - Godzilla Premiere

Elizabeth Olsen

Bryan Cranston and his dad.
Ken Watanabe does his Godzilla impression.
Sam Taylor Wood and Aaron Johnson.
Clare Grant and Seth Green
Joe Manganiello
Gene Simmons and a fan who was hoping for some tongue.

Random Photos Part One

Six parts today.

Shenae Grimes' husband looks like he might have had a drink or six at the same party that also had

Brooke Burke attend.
Shia LaBeouf's pants are finally gone.
Scout Willis took her younger sister out last night, but didn't take a bra. Bad choice.
Shailene Woodley looks really good right here.
Toni Braxton walking a red carpet for Lupus. The disease, not the kid from Bad News Bears.
Taylor Swift wanted more money so Keds gave it to her.
Zoe Saldana in another great mood.
Emmy Rossum was at the same party. I don't think there is a night Emmy stays home except to watch herself on television.


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