Friday, March 06, 2009

Four For Friday - Including A Classic Hollywood Item

#1 & #2 - This movie is in the final stages of production but has hit some big delays. The movie stars this A list tween star (A list only refers to his tweenness) as he attempts to break out into completely different roles. The problem the production is having is that they keep trying to get songs contributed for the movie and every artist just laughs and says no when they find out who the movie stars. At this point, the movie is just going to be filled with songs of anyone who says yes no matter who it is.

#3 & #4- This A+++ lister from days gone by was an Academy Award nominee/winner? and no one will have any doubts he was an A lister. Anyway, back in the day, this actor was also the man you turned to when LSD was just making its way into Hollywood. Everyone wanted to try it and this actor was about the only person who could supply it. It is said he used it almost everyday from the time he first tried it. That could explain why he didn't work much, if at all after first trying it, despite being in his earning years still. He was once married to a C list actress who has one of the most remarkable true life experiences ever.

Random Photos Part One

Twice a year I post American Idol photos. When they announce the Top12, or in this case 13, and then when there is a winner. Here are your Top 13 Finalists.
I think Demi probably gave Ashton the scarf and made him wear it because I can't think of another good reason.
I don't think people give enough credit to Anil Kapoor for his performance in Slumdog. The guy was so good playing a douchebag.
Let me know when I can pick up the phone and get the top two or three people in government to see me. I understand it is a photo-op for the politicians, but how come Brad Pitt gets to personally pitch his projects, and the rest of us get form e-mails back in return? Is he better than us? Are his projects more important?
The media waiting for Chris Brown yesterday to arrive at court.
Carla Bruni Sarkozy needs to teach this move to Katie Holmes. It must lower her by a good foot.
See the blue on the cast? That is dye to test for cocaine. The entire cast is cocaine. This 66 year old guy was stopped trying to enter Spain with his coke cast and also 6 beer cans filled with coke. He tried to smuggle in 11 pounds. The cast itself was 2 pounds of coke.
Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with Diane Keaton here. I would give a thumbs down to the dude's pants.
The guy behind Eva Longoria also seems to think she got some new breasts.
Elle Macpherson looks gorgeous here.
But Elle was dressed up. Halle Berry is coming out of Petco and she looks like this. Damn she is attractive.
I think Jake and Patrick Dempsey should race against each other. We could call it the Tour De Jackass.
Juliette Lewis lives in her own world, and I really don't want to visit.
Just because, well hell, I really don't have a reason. Sometimes people just show up and so I put them in the photos.
A first time appearance for John Ruth Brotherton.
Kelly Clarkson - Vienna
This is about as good as I have seen Kara DioGuardi look. Does she look this good on the show because I may have to start watching.
Speaking of American Idol, Mandisa lost 75 pounds with no surgery. People Magazine provided the photo and interviewed her.
The CDAN Award Winner for most beautiful actress is Monica Bellucci. I think it is almost time for her to defend her crown.
The one and only Marianne Faithful.
Milla Jovovich and her son apparently panhandling in Paris.
If you mention my blind items on your radio show each day and then get the 2009 American Women in Radio & Television Gracie Allen Award, then you get to be in the photos. The lovely woman on the front row is Ramona Holloway who was the recipient. Congratulations Ramona.
Natalie Portman actually looks cute here, and is that a smile I see?
Nia Vardalos and Angie Harmon win the random photo of the day award.
Powderfinger - Brisbane
Yes, I found one for all of you. A Patrick Wilson/Jeffrey Dean Morgan sandwich photo. There seems to be just a tiny bit of room for you to squeeze in between them.
"Is that you Camilla?"
The lovely Queen Noor.
Seth MacFarlane at the American Idol event. Wasn't expecting that one, but ok.
Sarah Michelle Gellar alone as usual.
Friends with benefits or just friends?
U2 - New York
I will say this for Victoria Beckham. She is not afraid to take a chance and look hideous.

Your Turn

Today is going to be something a little different. I'm going to try an experiment and see how it works. On Friday's from Noon to Midnight Pacific time I am allowing anonymous comments. I really want Your Turn to allow everyone to participate even if they don't have a Google account or don't want to identify themselves. Plus, for the item today, you might all want your anonymity. You don't have to be, but for the next 12 hours you can.

Today's topic is the biggest lie you have told to someone or been told by someone.

Remember the anonymous comments feature only lasts until midnight and if it is abused it will not be making a return appearance.

M.I.A. Names Her Kid Ickitt

M.I.A. has certainly proved she is a celebrity with the choosing of this name. From now one there are not going to be any of the periods when I talk about MIA because it is a pain in the ass to type them. Of course, they are not as big of a pain as the poor name she stuck on her son. Wow this kid is going to get the crap beat out of him on a daily basis. Her son's name? Ickitt. Wow that rhymes with a lot of things, most notably Lick It, so you know this kid is in for a world of hurt and a lot of therapy down the road. Presumably, the father, Benjamin Brewer thought Ickitt Brewer had a nice ring to it. Of course he could have both his parent's last names in which case, the child would be known as Ickitt Arulpragasam Brewer and that doesn't even include any middle names they have saddled this kid with. Hopefully for the sake of the boy they gave him a middle name like Bob or Sam or Beer.

Poor Lily Allen

Lily Allen would like all of you to take out your violins and start playing for her. Apparently she is out of money. Completely out of money. Uh huh. She says that she has spent every penny of the royalties from her first album and that since she won't be getting any royalties for about a year from her current album that she doesn't know how she is going to make ends meet. She has been forced to sell her car to pay off her debts and no bank is willing to advance her any money or extend her credit as they would have in the past.

"I've been hit big time by the credit crunch. Actually, I've just had to sell my car because I'm so broke. I bought a car last year and that was probably my biggest extravagance. Clothes, too. I'm always buying clothes. I'm completely skint."

"I'm waiting until I get the royalties from the (new) album and all the radio plays, but that takes about a year. I can't even spend on credit cards. The banks will usually front your money in that kind of situation, but they are not lending at the moment, so it's a tricky time."

Sure, she still spends money on nights out and clothes and art, but all of those are essentials you see. What is tricky is that she keeps spending money even though she says no new money is coming in. Ummm. Well, here is the thing. Right now she is on tour and making lots and lots of cash. Sure, she doesn't get to keep it all, but she gets a nice chunk of it. Plus, she can eat and drink for free on the road. Plus, I'm guessing if she wanted to earn a few thousand to show up at a club, a promoter would probably pay her. It is pretty tough to feel sorry for her. Of course I'm not really helping because I could have bought tickets for her show here on April 2nd, but instead am trying to go for free. It's all my fault Lily. It is because of me you won't have $100 to go to dinner.

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which footballer is wooing his ex-girlfriend after she promised the best tantric sex ever? The player is thinking of giving up all his other squeezes to stick with her...

America Young - Groupidity Episode 8

Our little Brian falls in it awwwww or ewwwwww? You tell me!

Sierra Fisk Guest Stars and Robbie's (Brian) mom makes a funny cameo.

GROUPIDITY Ep 8 - Something Healthy is Finally Happening? from Groupidity on Vimeo.

What Do You Think?

Back in 2000, Roger Daltrey of The Who established a charity called the Teenage Cancer Trust. The charity basically does what its name implies. The charity raises money to establish special care units within hospitals to treat young adults battling life threatening illnesses. It sounds like a great cause. Apparently Roger sets a goal each year for the amount of money he wants to raise and says it is getting harder and harder to raise the money. He says it is not because of the credit crunch or the recession, but rather because people are giving more and more money to help mistreated animals, and he is not really happy about that.

"It is a blot on our society when, if these teenagers had four legs and fur or feathers we would raise the money in a year. It's tragic and it makes me want to fight even harder."

He does make a point. I have never really thought about it previously. What is the more important priority for our charity dollars? Should we be contributing to animal rescue centers or trying to find a cure for say, cystic fibrosis? It must be tough to go up to a kid and tell him he is going to die because there is no room for you in the hospital, because everyone is giving their dollars to help abandoned dalmatians.

I don't really have an answer. I obviously think there are lots of worthwhile causes involving both human and non-human endeavors, but I'm wondering which you think are more important to fund with your hard earned money?

Chris Brown Wants Your Kid's Choice Votes

Everyday I tell myself that I won't have to post anymore Chris Brown stories because there is really nothing left to say for right now. I also keep telling myself that things could not be any more disturbing and that rock bottom has been reached in the mess. Nope. I could not have been more wrong. I thought it was bad enough that after being in court and accused of two felonies that you go spend your evening at a hotel bar and stay out until almost 4am while presumably the woman you are accused of beating was probably waiting at home for you. I'm hoping also the bar didn't serve a 19 year old, but this is LA, so you never know.

But honestly, that is nothing compared to what he did before he went to court. Prior to his making an appearance, Chris decided to head on over to his MySpace page presumably looking for a hookup for after court. But, while he was there he went ahead and decided to get all of his fans to vote for him. No, he wasn't asking for your vote for a-hole of the year or man most likely to punch someone while driving. Nope, instead, Chris wanted all of his teen fans to vote for him in the upcoming Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, in which he is nominated for Favorite Male Singer and Favorite Song for Kiss Kiss.

He wrote, "Hey fans, Vote for Chris on the Kids Choice Awards 2009 link provided below... Thank you for your support."

Yeah, and if you do vote for him, he will send you an autographed photo of Rihanna and what happens to you if you don't vote for him. Seriously? I mean I understand that this was probably the work of a publicist. I get that. But what publicist in their right mind is going to think this is appropriate? What kind of message is this sending to kids who do vote? Oh, and the awards are on March 28th and since his next hearing is not until the first week of April, I'm sure Chris will be there at the event smiling and posing and preening and flexing his muscles with Rihanna on his arm. If I am Viacom, I am making sure that Chris Brown doesn't win a damn thing. All their awards shows are fixed anyway so making sure he doesn't win should not be a problem. The next thing I do is make sure that he knows he is not welcome at the awards. If he shows up at an event targeted at kids, the resulting bad publicity will be horrific for Nickelodeon.

So That's What Happened To Jenna Morasca

Does anyone remember the name Jenna Morasca? Yeah, me either and I actually watched the entire season of Survivor Amazon where she won. Well instead of fading into obscurity and enjoying her $1M for winning the show. Well $600K after taxes, she decided that she wanted to be in the public eye again. Apparently being at the grand openings of Sav-Mart doesn't pay what it used to. Is there even a store called that? Probably. Anyway, Jenna has decided to enter the world of professional wrestling. Not that she will actually do any wrestling at first. Instead she will just be there to look pretty and make a name for herself. Then, when she learns how to wrestle the plan is for her to start competing in TNA Wrestling. I don't watch wrestling. I know, I know. I seem like the kind of guy who would sit at home and watch nothing but Pay-Per-View wrestling, but I'm not.

I'm guessing that TNA has some kind of fancy name that I'm too lazy to look up, but my first reaction upon seeing the name and seeing the promo photo of Jenna they released was that TNA probably stood for the chest and rear portions of a female anatomy. Am I wrong? Wasn't Jenna dating Ethan or something? Are they still together? Obviously my Survivor trivia knowledge is lacking. Either that or it is just so down on the priority list behind who is sleeping with whom on The Hills that my brain just can't take anymore.

What I think they should do is get the other Jenna to come back also. You know? The one with the kids who made the porno in Vegas on her honeymoon and then got divorced like a week later. Oh, or they could get Elisabeth Hasselback to sign up and then she and Rosie O'Donnell could have a cage match. Do they still have those? Who else? Oh, Jerri Manthey would be perfect. She actually seems like this would be something she could do since that whole acting thing hasn't really taken off like she thought it would.

Seinfeld Cast To Reunite

At least for a few minutes, the Seinfeld cast will reunite for television. No, it won't be as their characters from the show, but for the first time since the show went off the air, the entire cast will be together on a television show. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the four are currently filming several episodes for the show Curb Your Enthusiasm which stars Larry David who is the co-creator of Seinfeld and the original "George."

With the exception of Michael Richards, the other three cast members have made appearances on Curb, but never all at the same time. I am actually excited about this. Curb Your Enthusiasm is a great show anyway, and this should make for a very surreal experience. I'm more interested in how the shows will be written, rather than the novelty of having all of them together again. I'm wondering if perhaps we could see a show within a show one more time, and whether this could lead to one or two more Seinfeld episodes at some point in the future.

Of Course Bridget Marquardt Isn't Getting Engaged

People Magazine had a little chat with Bridget Marquardt about her life now that she has left the Playboy Mansion. She said the same damn things she has been saying for the past month. She has a new boyfriend and he's great and blah, blah, blah. Then People asked her if she was planning on getting engaged anytime soon. OK. First of all, isn't it the guy they should be asking in this situation? Last I checked it was still the guy who generally went and picked out the ring and was at least the person who did the initial asking of the question. Sure, Bridget would have the ultimate decision making power in saying yes or no, but it really is up to the guy whether or not he is going to ask.

But all of that is moot anyway. Instead of asking Bridget if she was getting engaged, they should have asked her if she was ever going to get divorced from her husband so that she is free to marry if and when her director boyfriend Nick Carpenter does decide to ask her. It's all well and good that he has met all her family and that Bridget's dad seems to be a regular at The Mansion, but before there can be any talk of Hef walking her down the aisle, Bridget needs to walk down the aisle of a courtroom and get divorced.

Oh, and don't think from this post that I don't like Bridget, because I do. She is my favorite of the three Girls Next Door. I just think that she should give all the details about why she will be still answering these same questions about getting engaged until she actually gets divorced. Hopefully at some point on her little press tour for her new Travel Channel show someone will ask her about her marriage, and not just gloss over it like People.

Get Out Of The Way - Amy Winehouse Is Learning To Drive

As if her new neighbors are not suffering enough, Amy Winehouse is going to to start taking driving lessons. Whoever decides to give her a drivers license might as well go ahead and also give her some blank death certificates because someone is going to die if she gets behind the wheel of a car. The last thing she needs is to be a brand new driver and have 100 paps following her at the same time.

The good news in all of this would be that her drug dealers won't have to deliver anymore. In addition, her dad can actually earn a living as a cab driver and not have to always take her everywhere. As a plus, she probably will wear clothes while driving. Oh, you might not have heard, but for the first two days she lived in her new house she answered the door to everyone who knocked topless. Yes, as in topless not bothering to even make an attempt to cover up. I guess she wanted to make her new neighbors feel welcome when they came to visit. "Thanks for the lovely pie Mrs Jones, won't you meet my breasts?"

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which flowery former wild child had a bad sexual experience with the creator of a hit TV show — but went for another round because “she’ll try anything twice”?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Today's Blind Items

This one is a little different because I am going to give you the name of the show. Sober House. See? I make things easy. Well, it turns out that of all the people on the show Sober House, only one has stayed sober the entire time, and it was a shocker to me who it is. I guess he would be a C list which is pretty high for that show. Used to be B list for sure, and is probably the wildest person in Hollywood when he is drunk or high. Name recognition? Probably an A, if for nothing else than it is unique.

Random Photos Part One

This is it? Promise?
I know this is a movie, but it is such a shocker to actually see Angelina Jolie do more than just shuffle along that I had to post it.
Apparently there must be a lot of running in the movie as Liev Schreiber gets into it as well.
I have seen Amy Winehouse look much worse.
The one and only Billy Crystal.
Umm. Connie Britton just gets better looking everyday.
I believe this might be a first appearance for Chelsea Handler.
Not so for Cynthia Nixon, but usually she is the after thought in all those SATC photos.
Dave Batista is our random wrestler of the day.
So, what do you do after a hard day at work? Well, if you are Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy, you come home and post a photo of yourself online after filming Deathly Hallows. Looks like there will be some blood.
It has been a long time since Dennis Quaid was in the photos.
Could someone get Fergie a hairnet. I appreciate the effort of feeding the homeless, but they don't want a bunch of hair sitting in their food.
The lovely Isla Fisher and child, who appears to be going for the parking lot nose pick.
Katie Holmes channeling Keith Richards during his reggae phase.
The happy engaged couple. Rachel & Hayden.
If they ever remake Dennis The Menace for the 85th time, I think Jeff Goldblum would make an excellent Mr. Wilson.
Don't get all excited. It's for her television show.
You know why this picture of Kristen Bell is so great? Dax isn't in it.

A blast from the past. Ken Howard.
And another blast from the more recent past is the always lovely Katey Sagal. I think Katey is completely underrated as an actress. When you meet her and then compare her to Peggy Bundy you realize how good she is.
This is the room of an 11 year old kid. This represents about 7,000 McDonalds items that the kid sold for about $12,000. He paid $400 for them. The kid is going to be rich. Oh, to get all this stuff you would have had to consume approximately 10,000 Happy Meals. I've done that, but have nothing to show for it except a few heart attacks and a fear of clowns.
It's Punky Brewster and her husband.
Peaches Geldof shows off her new reformed look. Of course the really bad tattoos kind of make it all pointless.

It's John Edwards' kid's first birthday party. Yeah, so he hasn't admitted it. Sue me and then we can have a DNA test and find out who the kid belongs to.
My good buddy Jenn Wertz was in Rusted Root for what seems like forever. Now, she has left the band and making some great art. If you are in Pittsburgh, she has a show at the Mendelson Gallery which starts tomorrow I think and runs for about a month. Now all of you are probably humming Send Me On My Way, so click here and you can listen.
Swoosie Kurtz wins the best plastic surgeon of the day award.
Pssst. Seth. Don't move. There is an alien right next to you.
The Answering Machine - Manchester


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