Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clarence Clemons Has Died

The saxophone player, who rose to fame as a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band in the 1970s, died on Friday. He was 69 years old.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Shirley MacLaine refs a fight between Matthew and Jack Black. Definitely top spot worthy.
Billy Joel gets very close to his daughter.
Chaz learns that being a man means you can get dressed in gas station parking lots.
Carlos Santana is the first customer for Michael Lohan's new line of shirts.
Eva goes to Washington.
A 21st century family photo. Everyone gathers around the cell phone.
Jessica Biel has a new hair color. Gets job.
"How can I live on $12M a year? I have twins to raise."
Jay-Z and Randy Jackson sport glasses from the I am a dork collection.

Random Photos Part One - With Reader Photos

Two parts today.

"I must find Xenu. I must find Xenu." Katie does kind of look like a brainwashed robot in this photo.
Yeah, I would say that Sparrow is Joel Madden's kid.
How many times a week do you think Paula Abdul eats?
Rose McGowan showing off some new work.
Only two weeks left to get your photo in for the big 4th of July reveals.

Reader Photo #1
Reader Photo #2
Reese Witherspoon in Warsaw and
a little later in Moscow.
Sade - Baltimore

Your Turn

A simple question. How often do you have sex? When you are in a relationship is it more or less? How many times a week do you consider normal?

Best Commuter Train Video?

This might not be the best commuter train video ever, the Star Wars one was a little better, but it is the best use of do you know who I am by a person not named Jennifer Lopez. Apparently education makes you better than everyone else as this woman is happy to to point out to anyone who will listen.

Crystal Harris Is An Idiot

Apparently Crystal Harris thinks we are all stupid and ignorant and will believe anyone if they cry long enough or loud enough. She gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight and says the reason she decided not to marry Hef was because he was with other women besides Crystal. No!!!!! Why isn't this on the front page everywhere? Hef was spending time with other women. Crystal went on to say that marriage is between two people so she did not feel comfortable. Please. She knew all of this going in from day one. The only thing I give her credit for is not going through with the marriage which she probably would have done if the price was high enough. I am guessing she was not going to get as much money as she thought she would when she said yes to his proposal.

Bill Hudson Talks Smack About Goldie Hawn

Lets face it. No one is going to buy a book from Bill Hudson, even if he is Oliver and Kate's dad unless he spills some secrets. Yes, Bill was in a band but no one cares about that. Publishers want dirt, and preferably about someone who people actually know. So, Bill did just that in his new book and talks trash about Goldie Hawn to make a couple of bucks.

He accuses Goldie of using pot and coke in the 1970's. I know, it is hard to believe that someone who was living in LA at the time and a big star was using drugs. So, to add some extra drama, Bill also says he and Goldie almost broke up because she did not believe in monogamy. She believes in open relationships and that she was going to have sex with other people and Bill could to. That is a little better. In the book he also says that when Goldie hit her movie stride in the 1970's, she put her career first and the kids second. Gasp. No Bill say it isn't so. Goldie acted in movies and made millions instead of staying home everyday watching you become bitter about your failed music career.

Who Fights With Adrianne?

In Real Housewives - Beverly Hills you could count on a couple of things. While making out with her tennis pro, Camille would brag about how much money she had or mention Kelsey, often in the same sentence, Lisa would mention her dog, and Kyle and Kim would probably not be getting along. What you never saw was anyone ever getting angry at Adrianne Maloof. Well, except for her husband. I am still not sure why they got married, if they really have been bickering from day one. Anyway, no one other than her husband ever fights with Adrianne because she stays out of everything and never says anything that would tick people off.

Well, while Brandi Glanville is attempting to take on the entire cast at once in a fight, Adrianne is over in her corner being quiet except that she can't because Taylor has been on her since day one of filming trying to stir up drama. Apparently Taylor has decided she wants to be the breakout star of the show and figures being the angry in your face type will work better than the pretend to be nice type. I cannot wait to watch.

Vancouver Kissing Couple - Posed? Crime?

The search is on for the couple that appeared to be making out amidst all the rioting going on in Vancouver on Wednesday night. Yesterday as the entire population of Vancouver seemed to converge on downtown to clean the mess of the rioters, employers gave employees time off from work or shut down work for the day to aid in the effort, people continue to search for the couple who were lying on the pavement. When you look at the photo on the top you can see why everyone is intrigued.
However, with the search has also come new angles including the one above which has led people to believe that at a minimum it is posed and a set up, but that there might also be a crime being committed. No one knows if the woman was a willing participant as it appears there is something more going on than just kissing and she is surrounded by a group of guys with cameras.

High School Yearbook May Be Child Porn

Big Bear High School students were asked to return their yearbooks to the school, and if they are not fast enough, the Sheriff will come knock on their door to get it. Why? It turns out that in the background of a picture of a dance, there is a 17 year old boy doing something under the skirt of a 15 year old girl which is sexual. Not only is the 17 year old possibly facing criminal charges, anyone who keeps the yearbook could be facing charges of possessing child pornography, which is why the Sheriff is trying to collect all the copies.

Today's Blind Items #1

This primarily television actress was probably up to a B a few years ago, but has since dropped down to C. This happens when you disappear from the public eye. Never really catching on, she has a new series starting in the fall, but producers are thinking of replacing her as the star with someone more publicity friendly. The reason? The show is so difficult to get into they need someone who will come make people watch for a few weeks.

Everyone Hates Christina

Just when Christina Aguilera was starting to catch a break on The Voice, and slowly starting to rehab her career and image comes news that none of the other judges likes her. Oh sure, Adam Levine is willing to release a song with her for the money but it does not mean that he likes her. Ditto with Blake Shelton. Cee Lo is way to worried about himself to be worried about Christina. That guy is in his whole little world and I don't think he notices anything but the mirror.

Anyway, the other judges are ticked off that Christina makes triple what the other judges make. They are also upset that she has an entourage that the producers pay for while the other judges don't. Oh, and Christina will not talk to the other judges unless forced too. To top it all off, Christina and her entourage wear Team Christina shirts. Not sure if that is show related or diva related.

Now you might think this is all crap because Adam Levine's rep says it is untrue. Fair enough. But, would you also then expect Christina's reps to say the same thing? Instead, they said no comment. Really? Just tell The NY Post it is untrue and move on. To say no comment means they believe it could be true and just don't want to lie.

Women Still Love Mel Gibson

Apparently there are women out there who enjoy being threatened, called names and treated like crap because Mel Gibson had his choice of them on Wednesday night. That night Mel was at Skybar and held court as woman after woman kept coming up to him and giving it their best effort to be the next Oksana. I guess if you are famous it just does not matter what you have done or who you have done it too. I swear that Chris Brown could get arrested once a week for beating a different woman and there would still be a line of women who would love to go out with him. Is being that close to fame that important? Would you be willing to date a regular guy if he was arrested every week for beating a woman? But it's okay if they are famous? Mel was all over the women too, so he is obviously ready to move on. Plus, church membership is down so he could use some new faces in his seats.

Alex I Will Take Not Getting Married For $200

In the will they or won't they get married category, I am going with Jesse James and Kat von D not getting married. The same day that Life & Style said the couple were taking a break, the couple told Kneepads the reports were not true and they were getting married this summer. I will go with the not getting married. Honestly I don't see why Jesse would want to get married. This would be marriage #14 and he is a cheater who will cheat again if he is not already so why would he even bother. Kat probably loves the guy, or did, and the publicity has not hurt, but she seems to like to go from guy to guy too.

They travel back and forth which is never good. You have a lot of ex-wife drama to deal with, so I will go with the not getting married. We need a good arrest or something because this week has been slow gossip wise.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This C List Actress mostly from film and a few network TV cameos is such a health nut, her kids are starting to suffer. After years of hopping on what ever the latest fad diet is popular, she’s forcing her unhealthy habits on her children. Her daughters are underweight and school officials finally complained to the authorities about it out of concern for the girls’ health.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Photos Part Three

Jack Hanna and Chevy Chase on the same stage? Comedy gold.
Blake Lively goes sheer for the premiere of Green Lantern.
For some reason, Ryan Reynolds did not go with the sheer look.
I know many of you wish Peter Saarsgard did go sheer.
But, Jason Bateman might not agree with you. His wife would though. Look at that smirk.
Christina Aguilera in W Magazine.
Cameron Diaz and her new lips in London promoting Bad Teacher.
Hef could not stop the cover from running, but did manage to get stickers on all the covers.
Elin Nordegren takes the kids to Disney World.
Randomness. Gerard Butler and AnnLynne McCord?
George & Elisabetta out to dinner.

Random Photos Part Two - Ascot

This could be one of my favorites. Simple but dramatic.
This one still has grass growing out of it.
The pink definitely stands out.
Umm, perhaps she is in the wrong place.
Well that is convenient. If only the hats would also charge the devices.
It's like Sex In Ascot, only without drama and sex, and instead hats.
The hand inside the hat is creeping me out.
This person forgot to take the hat out of the lace it came wrapped in.
Alice In Wonderland style.


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