Friday, January 02, 2009

Paris Hilton & Brandon Davis - Alleged Australian Drug Dealer Drops Their Name At His Arrest

I think we can put all those Paris Hilton and George Clooney dating rumors to rest. Apparently Paris is doing the dirty this week with Brandon Davis while over in Sydney. I am sure the people in Australia are grateful that none of their citizens will be forced to hook up with either of the couple. Can you imagine what a petri dish would look like if you combined Paris and Brandon? It would be like the second coming of the Ebola virus.

In addition to the general nastiness which would be a Brandon and Paris hookup comes this interesting piece of news. About 3am on January 1st, a man was pulled over in Sydney for allegedly driving drunk. After he blew a .05 which is legally drunk in Sydney, the cops decided to search the vehicle in which he was driving.

In the vehicle the cops found three small resealable bags containing 2.5g of white powder, believed to be cocaine. The driver allegedly claimed it did not belong to him.

Officers also allegedly found a small number of tablets - the sex pill Viagra and sleeping pill Normison - in the driver's wallet.

OK, so far, nothing too out of the ordinary. But, when officers asked the driver where he was going he told them he was on his way to pick up Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis and take them to their hotel. Interesting. But, wait it gets better. I know, I know you are still stuck on the Viagra and Normison. I think the Viagra is for Brandon and the sleeping pill is for Paris. I mean even she doesn't want to be awake for Brandon Davis on Viagra.

So, now the police have stated that John Ibrahim owns the vehicle in which the alleged coke was found. Who in the hell is John Ibrahim? Well, it turns out that John Ibrahim is the promoter who was paying Paris' fee for New Years Eve. Interesting huh? Now the driver sounds a little more real and a little less like the David Lee Roth impersonator in Canada.

Mr. Ibrahim has always claimed he is a legitimate businessman and has no part in the drug trade of Australia. He says that he does not own the vehicle in which the alleged cocaine was found and that he is just an acquaintance of the driver.

Wow, I wish this had happened in LA. So, what do you think? Just a coincidence or are Paris and Brandon lucky that they driver was not pulled over, say 30 minutes later.

Your Turn

You know, I really thought about just having everyone list their New Year's resolution and then we could revisit them in six months to see how everyone is doing, but it kind of sounds boring. So, instead I thought about something completely inane and stupid because that is what I do best. But, before I do, I have to say that last week's Your Turn was incredible. If you did not take the time to read about the worst presents ever, you need to go back and look and I guarantee you will feel better about yourself as a person.

For the first Your Turn of the year, I thought I would just let you plug away. This is your chance. Lots and lots of extra people reading this week so if you have a company, charity, blog, or a rash that you need some help dealing with, now is your chance to share it with the world.

If you don't have anything to share, than how about your porn star name. Pet's name combined with the name of the street you grew up on.

Go on, give it a try.

That's it for today. Back to normal on Monday.

Random Photos Part One

I have to put this on top. I was staring at the photo of Jennifer Garner and Violet all week. So, explain to me again why it seems as if celebrities need one nanny per child.

Yeah, not a big fan of Adam Levine and don't think I ever will be. Feel free to love him if you want though.
I think AnnaLynne McCord is wearing that new line of makeup called stoned.
I can't believe Christian Audigier thinks he's cool. I can't believe anyone actually buys that crap he sells either. What a tool.
The lovely Christina Applegate. The antithesis of the tool from above.
"My mom made me this hat for Christmas."
Yeah, Alex, I will take Carmen Electra is pregnant for $200.
I must be in a good mood or really tired, but Chloe Sevigny looks really good here.
Yeah, I think I like the crew cut Drew Carey much better.
Emmanuelle Chriqui rocking the leather pants and doing some charity work on NYE.
Fergie - Las Vegas
I admit that I am not up to date on my George Hamilton gossip. Sure, I know who his offspring are and who they have been married to, but I really have no idea who this woman is or why she is wearing a ring.
One of my favorite photos of the day. James Franco and Ahna O' Reilly in Miami.
Which Lindsay Lohan would you rather fight with? #1
Or #2?
Lady Gaga - New York
Miley Cyrus - Irvine, California
Can someone tell if that is a phone in Mickey's hand? I want to know if he texts.
Start out the new year with Molly Sims. There are worse ways to start it out. Hangovers are up at the top of the list.
"Come on baby. I will wash it and wax it later. I want to play with my new Wii."
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lemonjello model their Ace Ventura hair.
"Hi, I'm Paris Hilton and the only company that would pay me anything in Australia is called Bongo Virus. I don't think I have it yet, but I'm sure I will catch it sooner or later."
Wow. I can't even imagine how many people this guy killed in a past life to end up married to Paulina Rubio.
Jeans are the new bikini for Solange Knowles.
Topher Grace looks like he is wasting away to nothing. Eat man!

Jett Travolta Dies

According to TMZ, Jett Travolta died today in the Bahamas. According to a statement from Rand Memorial Hospital, Jett died while on vacation with his family. Right now, there has been no word on the cause of death and I don't want to speculate. I also don't want to get into the whole game of whether he was autistic or not. I would really like to know how this happened though.

Fire Up The YouTube Machine - Verne Got A TV Gig

The smile of good fortune has fallen upon all the people in the UK. Celebrity Big Brother starts over there tonight and Verne Troyer is the most famous of the bunch of them. This will be must see television. Oh, how I hope there is free booze for everyone and a urinal in the corner of the living room for Verne. Wow, this should be good. I will be hitting that refresh button all night long just waiting to see him. Now, according to the list of people on the show, I have never heard of really any of them. They could be famous in the UK. You just have to realize that I am ignorant of anything that happens outside of the US. No, you know that isn't the case completely, but I am lacking in shall we say a knowledge of the UK celebrities who are going to be calling the Big Brother house home for the next few weeks.

It does look as if LaToya Jackson will be living there. Wow. Oh please, oh please let LaToya and Verne hook up. That would be the greatest moment in the history of television. Forget the last episodes of Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers or MASH. None of those would compare to Verne and LaToya getting it on while Gotta Be Starting Something plays in the background. It almost makes me tear up.

Oh, I recognize the name Lucy Pinder from the cast as well. Figures right? The woman most likely to walk around naked during the entire show and of course I know who that one is.

No Musical For Hugh

For those of you who had your heart set on seeing Hugh Jackman starring alongside Catherine Zeta Jones in a the 3D musical version of Cleopatra, well prepare to be crushed. Hugh has dropped out of the project because of X-Men conflicts. Apparently he has too much publicity to do for the film and so won't have time to do the Cleopatra movie.

According to Variety Steven Soderbergh, who is going to direct the film, sees it as a kind of Elvis musical. Yeah, well maybe that is the reason Hugh took a pass on it. Either that or the idea of spending three months alongside Catherine. Then having to go do publicity for the film with her and having to pretend to enjoy it every step of the way while Michael Douglas is off in the background, mumbling, "Mama. Where are you mama? I think I need to change my diaper."

No, I know. That is rude of me to say. It is making fun of the elderly, or people who wear adult diapers for medical reasons. But, it would be ok to make fun of him if he wore them because he was lazy right? OK, so just pretend he is lazy and then we can go back and have a laugh.

The Office Superbowl Episode Just Gets More Bizzare

I guess at some point all of the writers of The Office probably just decided to go for it. If they were going to stunt cast Jack Black and Jessica Alba in a movie within the show, I guess they figured they could probably get even crazier. I think I had previously suggested some kind of weird sexual thing where Jack Black was a woman and Jessica Alba a man, but the writers have done even better.

Cloris Leachman is going to be another guest star in the episode. In one specific scene in the movie, Cloris and Jack have a sex scene. Yep. You read it right. The script calls for Cloris to be naked in a bathtub. Jack comes into the bathroom, bends down and lifts Cloris out of the tub. While he is doing this they make out. Yep. Then he carries her into the bedroom and, well, you know, they umm, yeah.

So, I think to top this, Verne is going to have to be brought out and have a sex scene with someone also. Maybe he could be in the tub, and Jessica Alba could come in and lift him out and get some of that Troyer tongue. You have the image now don't you? Yeah, sorry about that. Hey, I am. I have the image in my head as well. I'm just used to the pain because I have to look at Denise Richards photos almost every day so I am kind of numb to all horror.

This Is Why You Should Love Eddie Izzard

Sure, Eddie Izzard is one hilarious comedian. Sure, you might be disappointed at his performance in Valkyrie, but I doubt he will be blamed for any of it. He looked like he was having a good time and sometimes you do things for the paycheck. The thing that makes Eddie so great though is not only his humor and wit, but the fact he has a really big heart. A fan;s father wrote a note to Eddie saying that the fan was not going to be able to attend Eddie's show in London because he had been hurt in the Mumbai attacks back in November.

The dad had simply asked Eddie to send along a note to the hospital in an attempt to cheer up his son. Eddie went way better than that. Eddie showed up at the hospital and performed for the fan as well as every other patient in the hospital. Now, he didn't just say a few jokes. Nope, Eddie did his entire set. The entire 90 minutes. You just have to love that and the person that makes that kind of effort when a much simpler gesture would have been sufficient. Instead of making one person happy though, he decided to make everyone happy. Wonder if he wore a nurse's uniform.

Well, Yeah, The Other One Might Get Dirty

Apparently Simon Cowell didn't get the memo that people have no money for anything and so has decided to go ahead and blow $15M on a second mansion in Barbados. Apparently his $7M mansion on the island just was not enough. I mean he does smoke. Maybe he wants to give the other one a chance to air out or something. I'm trying to figure out why anyone, no matter how rich needs two vacation homes within a mile of each other. Do you build it thinking that while you are on vacation you might want to go on vacation?

According to The Mirror, his new home will have floor to ceiling mirrors in each of the six bedrooms. Apparently this is so he never goes a second without seeing the only person who thinks he is a decent guy. Can you imagine going on vacation with him? God that would be awful.

I just am trying to picture him discussing any subject that does not involve himself or how perfect he thinks he is. To be forced to listen to that for a week or two while you are trying to relax would make me need a vacation when the other one was done. Ooooh, maybe that's why he is building the second house. That way when people become so annoyed with him they don't have to go back to their home, they can instead head over to the other home. OK, so maybe that makes sense. I am doubting this story is true, but you know what? He is exactly the kind of guy who would do it, so it is not that big of a stretch to believe it.

Heather Gets Off But Not With Jack Wagner

Is the headline rude? Sorry. I'm a little tired. Hell, I'm a lot tired. Apparently the human body actually needs sleep. Who would have thunk it? I saw that Heather Locklear managed to get that little DUI thing of hers dismissed. Instead she plead no contest to reckless driving and got some probation and has to take a driving class. Yeah. I feel good about this. Just got done reading about all the drunk drivers all over the US who managed to kill people this week and heard that a friend of a friend's mom was killed by a drunk driver the other night.

I admit that the details surrounding Heather's arrest were a bit sketchy, but I still am not having much sympathy for her. I think she should be grateful that she got pulled over as quickly as she did that day or perhaps she would be looking at something much more serious, and much more life altering. It's not that difficult to not drink and drive. You pick up the phone and call a cab or get someone to drive you home. Hell, I have even slept in my car just to avoid any kind of chance of causing damage to myself or others.

So, now she can honestly say she has not been convicted of a DUI and the people of Southern California can only pray that she keeps to the terms of her probation. I know I have ranted about these kinds of things before, but a DUI is just completely avoidable and is one of the most self centered acts anyone could ever perform. Hopefully she takes this as a lesson learned and we will never have to speak of it again.

NY Post Blind Items

WHICH newly married starlet gave a guy she trysted with a nasty STD right before her wedding .

WHICH on-the-rocks couple have been headed for divorce for a while? The rock star was cheating on his actress wife immediately after they got hitched and has been carrying on with his comely female sound technician .

WHICH television actor should ask his new fling for her secret photo album? While she was in college, she took some nude pictures that are floating around the hard drives of local frat houses. Somehow, we don't think the actor will be turned off.


After all the posts of yesterday, I am sleeping in this morning. Posts will start this afternoon.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

That is it for this time around. The next reveals will be on July 4th so hope you will be around for them. Hey, it is only six short months from now.

Since I have all of you here, I wanted to take a moment to thank each one of you for making this past year the best ever. I think the site has come a long way in this past year and all of you keep making it the best. The site would be nothing with out all of you. I know that, understand that, and appreciate that. Through your e-mails, comments, tips, and everything else you do, this blog is really all about you. I'm just the guy who gets the conversation started.

I need to thank some people who help get that conversation started and who seem to always be there to lend their support or encouragement or material. These are in no particular order.

Marc Malkin at E!.
Michael K at Dlisted
All of the people at Gawker and Defamer
Kate at Celebitchy
Spicy at CelebritySmack
Everyone at the NY Daily News and the Daily Mirror
New York Magazine

All of the people who have contributed this year, whether it was something regular, a one time review, or just a tip. There are lots of days I just have no idea what to write about, and magically some tip or article or suggestion will show up in my inbox and it gets me going. I would list you individually, but as soon as I do that, I know I would forget someone and inevitably tick you off, so just know that I am grateful for everything and everyone.

When I think about the assignments I have found for people to write about over the year, I can't help but think about poor Richard who was singled out at The Wackness for removal. Poor guy didn't know what he was in for being associated with the site, but he came back and wanted to write more. For all of the "celebrities" you saw posing with signs some were like Elijah Wood who ran away screaming when they saw them come out. OK, most ran away screaming. So, I appreciate those writers in New York and LA who kept asking anyway.

To all my spies and tipsters and friends of the site, thanks for keeping all the good gossip coming and for taking the time to report things when you see them.

To all of you are who reading this, I hope that 2009 is the year that you have always wanted. The year where your hopes and dreams come true. The year where every resolution happens and you make no mistakes. A year where you don't suffer or see pain. A year where everything is exactly as you would have dreamed. Thanks again for a great 2008. I really do appreciate each of you.

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