Saturday, January 21, 2012

Big Ben Settles Sexual Assault Claim

The woman who accused Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault in a Reno hotel room has settled with the athlete. Back in 2008, the woman accused the quarterback of raping her. I remember at first no one believed her, but then as the other stories came out about Ben and the woman's story kept coming up solid it shows you what a tough time you can have getting yourself heard.

Throughout the past three years, Ben has tried everything he can to just delay the inevitable but now has settled. It also settles the claims the woman had against her employer, Harrah's for covering the incident up. Originally the woman had asked for $500K plus punitive damages.

8 Million Views In 36 Hours

Lady GaGa having sex with a giraffe would not get 8 million views in 36 hours, but this 8 year old girl singing death metal did.

Kelly Osbourne Does Not Deny Boozing It Up

It is really tough to argue when a bunch of people saw you boozing it up. You can argue a little more about whether are not you bought a pot cookie because who really knows for sure. Kelly Osbourne took to her Twitter yesterday to say that she has worked too hard to mess things up, but then she also says she will drink if she wants to because she is 27. Never mind the fact that she has gone to rehab a few times and injured herself falling out of bed drunk. She thinks she can handle some booze. That is the first step in a slide and hopefully she can correct it. What I dislike is that she thinks because she was sober for a bit that she can tell everyone who is having problems that she is an expert and they should come to her. Take care of yourself, then take care of others.

One More Time For The Spice Girls

Now that the Spice Girls musical is a definite go, I definitely think you will see the group perform at some point in the connection of the opening of the show. Because of the time they have spent talking about the musical and hanging out with each other, it is only natural there has been some reunion talk. Not another tour. I don't think anyone wants to see that again. It was way too long and way too may places were played. However, I think that if they held a show during the Olympics in London this summer, they could sell out Wembley Stadium. They could go out in a blaze of glory and make a ton of money and have the whole world watching them and I think it is something you will see if they can find the place to do it during the Olympics.

Elizabeth Smart Is Getting Engaged

One of the better pieces of news I heard yesterday is that former kidnap victim, Elizabeth Smart got engaged last weekend. This is some pretty exciting news. This is a woman to me who has overcome so much and seems from what I have been able to see to be a strong, don't take any kind of crap from anyone kind of woman. She is also a very private person so the public engagement announcement took me by surprise. The family tried to hide the name of the groom, but it took the Salt Lake City newspaper about five seconds to find out the name of the groom. Wedding registry at Williams Sonoma. Cheese slicers for everyone!

Ted C Blind Item

We've already all fallen in love with Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle and her sexually impressive resume of bedding Hollywood's power gals. This particular beauty seems to thrive and simply glow inside the more women she beds, but guess what?

Chuck's also got a hot career going, which actually means more to her than her ambitious (and athletic) love life, so Charlotte just added something very different to her woman-eating Hollywood climb:

A man.

Yep, that's right! And, of course, not just any man, but a very, very powerful and über-talented man!

One who just happens to be directing Charly in her latest project. But that's not all.

Wanna know what's really weird about this one? No, not that Chuck has so seamlessly switched from women to men just for the sake of a great role (trust us, lots of celebs have made that switch in this town for far less than a spectacular role), but the fact that Chuck's new man has a woman who's totally OK with this arrangement!

Uh, are we watching a real-life episode of Sex and the City, only with Chucky's lover's other half doing the same thing Samantha would?


Either that or the director's woman knows full well that Charly's first preference is for the ladies, and she'll be bored diddling the director dude soon enough.

Only problem is, the way Charly's hanging all over her lover in public (not to mention in private), that sexual fade-out doesn't appear to be occurring anytime soon.

AND IT AIN'T: Jennifer Lawrence, Naya Rivera, Dakota Fanning

Heidi Klum & Seal Divorcing

In probably the biggest news in a couple of weeks, Heidi Klum is filing for divorce from Seal next week. The pair did not go to the Golden Globes together, but they do not usually do that kind of thing together. Considering how everything was pretty good, I think Heidi found out something to make her file. Hmm, I wonder what it could possibly have been. Do you think Seal was not being faithful? I know Heidi's father of her girl was never faithful so maybe she has a track record of finding these kinds of guys. Also, Seal does not have the best temper in the world. The guy can be a serous ass and Heidi has put up with some really outrageous behavior in the past. There are a whole lot of kids involved in this and I wonder if Halloween will ever be the same for them.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Adele tries out her fur conehead hat.
Amanda Seyfried and velvet. Nice.
Carmen Electra hits a red carpet for the first time in awhile.
Carey Mulligan (wearing the same dress she did two weeks ago) avoids Michael Fassbender's kiss.
That is Elsa Pataky in the lead, but Matt Damon's wife is just behind her and gaining.
Yesterday I confused Liam Hemsworth with Chris so from now on it is he who is with Elsa and he who is with Miley.
Matt Damon never seemed like a white Zin guy to me.
He who dates Miley was out on a date with her and the family.
The sad thing is someone will buy this to get married in.

Random Photos Part Two

CelebBuzz wanted to see how many Jennifer Aniston pregnancy covers they could come up with in 5 minutes. Can you imagine if they had 20 or 30 minutes.
Jessica Alba leaving Wendy Williams' show.
Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows.
Jenelle Evans staying classy.

Jude Law takes off his hat!!!!!!!! Here he is with Guy Ritchie in Paris.
Jennifer Lopez took her boyfriend to the circus. They saw elephants and lions and she bought him popcorn.
A very gaunt looking Kevin Bacon stands next to his wife, Kyra Sedgewick.
I am loving this new look from Elizabeth Banks. Here she is with Sam Worthington.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

After his swimming career is over, Michael Phelps definitely looks like he could have a career as a 70's porn star.
Maybe LeAnn Rimes could join him.
Oprah thought she could buy the place if she put in a high enough offer.
Reese Witherspoon goes out for a jog, while her ex
Jake Gyllenhaal prefers walking.
Louis makes a break for it. Knows it is vegetable day at dinner.
Taylor Swift comes to pay homage to Mary J Blige.
Would you say that Torrie Wilson works out from time to time. Damn.
That is Zac Efron in the back and Ashley Tisdale in the front.

Pet Week Continues

Back to cats for the end of pet week.

Octomom Says She Was Offered $1M To Name The Baby Daddy

I don't know whether to believe Nadya Suleman or not, but she told Wendy Williams that within a month of giving birth to her octuplets that a tabloid offered her $1M to name the baby's father. She declined. I wonder if she even asked the guy. I mean we are talking about $1M here and you have a million kids. She would get like $10 now. She also said she made an agreement with the father that he would never have to pay support. You would think the guy would have come forward by now. I wonder if it is someone who is married or like the doctor or some other person who has to stay hidden.

Katherine Heigl Wants Back On Grey's Anatomy

Knowing that her soon to be released movie will be a bomb, Katherine Heigl would love to return to Grey's Anatomy. She told the exclamation point network that she wants to play Izzie again and has asked the boss, Shonda Rhimes, to be put back on the show if possible. If I were Shonda and I am not, I would tell Katherine hell no. Shonda is so much nicer than I am though so even if she did say no she would say it in a much more friendly manner. Katherine left in a huff and burned every bridge in that place. When she saw she actually had missed a bridge here and there she got T.R. Knight to burn them down as he left. I don't think Shonda should let Katherine even visit the set.

Four For Friday - The Boy Bander Who Wants To Be With Boys

It is really hard to believe this former A- list boy bander and now a C who kind of was his own one boy band has always been in the closet. Despite every single public romance he has had with a woman he has always wanted to come out. He has been caught so many times and given the perfect opportunity to come out, but he keeps waiting and waiting.

He dated this at the time, huge tween actress for a very long time but most of the time she was having sex with our boy bander's brother. The brother is where she was rumored to have picked up the gift that keeps on giving. The good news for the brother was that since the boy bander was "dating" her, the brother never got in trouble for having sex with a minor for almost a year.

One time our boy bander was on tour with a different girlfriend. This girlfriend was a singer and is now an actress or she may still be both. Anyway, this actress/singer had no clue that our boy bander liked guys and was a virgin at the time. She got the gift that keeps on giving from a different band guy. Anyway, the virgin walked in on our boy bander on his knees servicing one of his male backup dancers. About an hour later the virgin was gone.

One of the boy banders best "girlfriends" was with this celebutante who made her name in some sex tape action and a reality show. Anyway, she was totally into the fact that our boy bander liked guys and was into having threesomes. She moved on though because a celebrity couple offered her more money to come stay with them for awhile.

I don't think there is any truth to the rumor that our boy bander had sex with the celebrity father of one of his other "girlfriends." She is also a celebrity, although I wish she was not.

S**t My Readers Say & Twitter

Last night I finally gave in and joined the ranks of Twitter. The reasons for doing so are numerous but I have found that Facebook is kind of limiting because only 5,000 people can be your friend so I would really like to be able to reach out to more of you, the readers who make all things possible. I have also decided that having a Twitter account will make it easier to follow what celebrities are doing and to make fun of them more quickly. Finally, I wanted to be able to share a lot of what you say with the rest of the world.

So, the first order of business is to really drag this S**t people say trend around the block a few more times until it is dead. What I will do everyday is find a comment or two from the site which are truly memorable and post it to my Twitter and let an even wider audience see what brilliant people you are.

Finally, although I went from 0 to 177 followers very quickly last night, I really want to ratchet it up so, I have decided that once I reach 10,000 followers I will reveal one o my "long blind items." I have a nice and juicy one that will be perfect.

There is a link to my Twitter over on the upper right or you can click here.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHAT rising TV talk-show co-host – who has finally landed her own gig on a major network – is down in the dumps because she’s fallen for a high-profile politico who bats for the other team? Her career may be on the upswing, but her love life is still in the dugout!

Woman With Two Vaginas Gets $1M Porn Offer

This week, Hazel Jones shared with an television audience that she was born with a condition which gives her two vaginas and two cervix's. There is a fancy medical name for it, but with those things I can never pronounce them. I think they do the same thing at certain restaurants just to make you feel inadequate. I also appreciate when a restaurant has the name for something that is truly bizarre and of which you have never heard so you have to ask a waiter for a description of what the item is and they look at you like you have the IQ of LeAnn Rimes.

As you know Vivid is in the business of porn and making crazy offers so they offered Hazel $1M to star in a porn. She said no and I said good for her and it seemed like she was saying no because she was disgusted by doing porn. Now, I am not so sure. I decided all of this before actually reading the background and it turns out that she and her husband go to sex clubs all the time and she loves showing off her two vaginas so I guess maybe she wants more money? I don't know. I do know that I need to shower now which is tough to do at work. People stare. Probably because there are not actual showers per se, just sinks in the bathroom so it looks kind of strange to see a naked fat man using sink in the bathroom as a shower.

No Plea Deal Yet In Aspen For Brooke Mueller

Eventually Brooke Mueller will get out of rehab and eventually she will face the court in Aspen Colorado. Despite there not being a plea deal yet in the case, there will be. This is the same court that let Charlie Sheen decide his own sentence which was basically to take a vacation. Not the prosecutor, but Charlie. Charlie told them what he was willing to do and made up his own rules and they went along with it. Threatening to kill your wife with a knife while you beat her does not really compare to drug possession. For that, Brooke will probably just have to say she is sorry and the court will be so happy with the apology they will give her a key to the city.

When Brooke gets out of rehab this will be a real test. She has never done the residential facility thing before and she is probably clean now for longer than she has been in years. You know Charlie is her trigger and she just cannot be with him or near him or she will use. So, how that all works out should be very interesting.

Janet Charlton Blind Item

This celebrity split was definitely shocking, but the divorce will be smooth sailing. The reason: the husband knows a scandalous secret about his wife’s respectable family and she is desperately trying to keep it quiet. She will make sure the divorce is amicable because she would be very upset if people found out her father is not what he appears to be: he’s a deeply closeted gay and a bitter man.

WTF Is An Engaged Glow?

I have heard of pregnancy glows and post sex glow and bacon glow, but I have yet to ever hear of engagement glow, especially when no one is sure there is an engagement. Since US Weekly invested a cover into telling all of us that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are engaged they are going to pound that into my head and your head and every head they can and find any possible way to put it into an article just so they look good.

They ran a quick blurb and photo of Jessica Biel and said, "There's still no ring to gawk at, but Jessica Biel has definitely got that newly engaged glow!"

Seriously? And they can tell this from a photo because that is all they were looking at. They wrote the article just so they could use that sentence. The only other sentence in the article is describing what she is wearing which is presumably to describe to you, the reader, who may have some type of problem seeing photos despite being able to read the article what exactly Jessica is wearing in the photo.

In a Katy Perry article they wrote, Katy and Russell are divorcing, but Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are getting married. This is the circle of life.

In an article about Rachael Ray they wrote, Rachael Ray had Jessica Alba on her show, but really wanted Jessica Biel so they could talk about her engagement to Justin Timberlake.

Even in an article about politics, they managed to get it in. In describing the debate last night between GOP hopefuls, they said that all the candidates seemed distracted and were all probably wondering when Jessica Biel would debut her new engagement ring.

David Beckham Tries To Get Hooker Story Lawsuit Reinstated

I thought when David Beckham lost in court last year that all would be quiet about the story In Touch ran about David paying $10,000 to a hooker for sex. That really is a lot of money. I think he is probably suing because he does not want people to think he paid $10K for sex. Anyway, last year David sued In Touch and a judge threw the case out saying that In Touch believed their source and there was nothing David could do. He waited a very long time, but Beckham has appealed the ruling. He is not going to have any luck. Even if it gets reinstated it will get kicked out at some point down the line. It is very tough to prove libel in the United States. In England, In Touch already would have written a check. They love this story in England because they get to mention it without fear of being sued because it is a news story.

Courtney Love Wins Eviction Battle - Moving Anyway

Courtney Love is leaving her rental home on February 14 which is less than a month away. Despite her lease being up and wanting to move she fought her eviction in court and won. The landlord said Courtney owed about two months rent and Courtney said she was current. Courtney won. This has nothing to do with the the burning of the house or the altering of the building and everything else Courtney is alleged to have done. Believe me, this landlord does not want to know everything that was done in this house. She would not be able to sleep for a year. You know those spirits in Paranormal Activity? Yeah, even they are scared of the stuff that goes on in Courtney Love's house.

Amy Brumfield Gets Eliminated From American Idol During Hollywood Week- Been Arrested Six Times

The two things probably have nothing to do with each other, but Amy Brumfield who made it to Hollywood Week on American Idol has been eliminated. She was eliminated during Hollywood week, but it was not because she had been arrested six times including once for peeing on herself at a Baskin Robbins because she was so drunk. Instead she was eliminated because she could not get along with anyone during the group auditions and as a result sucked. She was really good in the audition show, but if you were counting on seeing her all season it is not going to happen.

Kenny G's Wife Can't Take It Anymore - Files For Divorce

20 years after they got married, Lyndie Benson-Gorelick has decided that enough is enough and filed for divorce from Kenny G. See, the way I imagine it is that back in the day when they got married, Lyndie thought it was really cool and sweet and romantic when Kenny would walk around with his sax all day and instead of talking, just use his sax to communicate. From the time she woke up until she went to bed it was sax all day and sax all night. After being married for a long time you don't want as much sax. Maybe you only want sax a couple of times a day. The rest of the time you would like some conversation. The problem is that despite being married for 20 years, Kenny just kept wanting sax and Lyndie finally gave in and filed for divorce.

One interesting note to the divorce filing is that Lyndie wants full custody or their one minor child. No joint for her. Interesting. And unusual. There is something more to this.

Gina Gershon & Rob Morrow Split

It was fun while it lasted, but apparently Rob Morrow and Gina Gershon did not make a perfect match. I was really hoping they would click because I like each of them. No one ever seems to stay with Gina very long in recent years. I think John Stamos was the guy who stayed with her the longest and that was just a few months. The Rob Morrow thing seemed to only last a few dates. Of course it was only a few dates this time. We are talking about a couple here that have been on and off, but were always on back in the day(see above) when Rob did not have anyone in his life. Well, maybe he got what he wanted and moved on. Maybe his OCD got to her. Anyway, she now has some old, rich German guy she wants everyone to know is her boyfriend.

Michael Fassbender Is In A Glorious Mess

Do you like how I used the headline about Michael Fassbender and a former movie he was in? It was either that or talk about his peen which George Clooney seems to admire so much. George has obviously not seen the photos of Travis Barker's peen. That thing could seriously have its own area code.

Michael Fassbender reunited with an ex this week. That is not unusual. What is unusual is that the pair just about had sex in a chair at a bar before moving back to Michael's hotel suite. What is more unusual is that the woman, actress Leasi Andrews, obtained a restraining order against Michael back in 2010 because he allegedly beat her. Oh he also dragged her alongside their car and to top things off nicely he burst an ovarian cyst. This sounds like a real charmer so I can see why you would want to hook up again. Nothing like living on the edge and waiting for that next beating.

Sarah Burke Has Died

Sarah Burke, the pioneering Canadian freestyler, who helped get superpipe accepted into the Olympics, died Thursday after a Jan. 10 crash during a training run in Park City, Utah. Burke, who lived near Whistler, in British Columbia, was 29. Tests revealed she sustained "irreversible damage to her brain due to lack of oxygen and blood after cardiac arrest," according to a statement released by her publicist, Nicole Wool, on behalf of the family.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Find Our Missing is a powerful show and you really should watch it.
Blake Lively is not missing and was at a special screening of Haywire.
Also there was Elizabeth Banks who looked totally different than usual.
I'm sure that at some point Ewan McGregor probably told Gina Carano that he has an open marriage.
Worst cook in the world, Aaron Carter.
Do you want to be a trained bodyguard in China? Get ready for bottles to the head.
Courtney Stodden did this for PETA. The "security guy" is her brother who lives next door with her mother.
Slow photo day so you get grainy Daniel Radcliffe photos in a car.
Nice legs Hugh Jackman. Nicole Kidman pale, but nice.
Even the police think so.


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