Saturday, November 27, 2021

Blind Item #8

 Our favorite pay cable star who really wants to be Bond, has picked a winner for his next "girlfriend." She is someone who is hated by legions of soccer fans because she cheated on her soccer playing boyfriend with another soccer player. She lives to climb the thirst ladder and this is about as high as she can get.

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind

This A list political commentator does not actually believe anything that she says. When she emerged a few years ago she promoted doxxing people with views that align with the side she now claims to represent. When this plan failed, she did a quick 180 and became beloved among supporters of the permanent A++ lister. She's thirsty for fame and doesn't want to go down the OnlyFans route. So, she just latches onto what is the more controversial position at the moment.

Blind Item #6

This sports team hovers between A and B list in its own country, occasionally slipping down to B-. It has not won any major titles in decades, but it has come close in recent years and has a loyal cult following. Several well known players nationally and internationally have had their starts there.

It is currently dealing with a rash of media attention due to a player having a medical episode during a game. It was nothing to do with the vaccine, but people have jumped on it regardless. It is something to do with COVID though. The player has an issue where he does not develop COVID antibodies. He has had the virus several times on top of long COVID. This has previously affected his stamina, but he has now developed neurological symptoms.

Several days after the incident, the team owner fired the head coach. The team is in bad financial straits, and the coach was appointed fairly recently, so it makes little sense to fire him. The firing is an attempt to take media attention away from the incident. Even if it wasn't anything to do with the vaccine, the team does not want this kind of publicity.

Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind - Old Hollywood

This classic 1960s action-adventure film starred this A-list actor because his stepson wanted to see his stepfather in that sort of film, and because his recent films had bombed.

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 17, 2021

I know the steroid lover/former baseball player, who likes to lie about how much he is worth, thinks he can handle any situation when it comes to women. The former Housewife he is talking to, is next level. She is incredibly sweet, and if you show any interest in her, she manifests that sweetness into random drop bys and just checking in texts at 3am. She has been burned a lot. 

Alex Rodriguez/Kelly Bensimon

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 17, 2021

Speaking of the alliterate one. When she and the ginger one do finally get divorced, do you think he will resent her for not getting to see his grandmother before she dies. He wants to go, so there is only one person who could say no.

Meghan Markle/Prince Harry

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 16, 2021

They keep trying to push this and it just is not true. This A- list singer/bad actress is not dating the A list former superhero. He likes to stay under the radar. He doesn't want to end up like the cleaning product actor. No, it is not as bad as that, but people judge. The singer/actress is really trying to be front and center right now in any way she can.

Selena Gomez/Chris Evans

Blind Items Revealed #1

November 15, 2021

Dealing with the pill addiction of this A/A- list singer/sometime actress has been quite the juggling act the past few weeks.

Lady Gaga

Blind Item #4

Finally a government agency is looking into the money laundering trafficking scheme organized by the billionaire pedophile while he was alive and what the foreign born permanent A list model calls her charity. It is amazing how similar in setup it is to the charity run by the A list mostly movie actor. 

Blind Item #3

 Once again, the wife who is only a celebrity because of who she married, is making a recent tragedy about how she has struggled to get through things. Instead of letting her get away with her violin stuff, how about asking her about the Spanish twins.

Blind Item #2

This Disney star turned A list singer for now doesn't care what anyone says, she is going to call out people like the A+ list singer she thinks is mean to everyone behind the scenes unless you suck up to her.

Blind Item #1

 Because of her "accident" this A list singer is stuck forever with a face that can't move and she is addicted to botox and fillers and can really only raise one eyebrow at this point.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Blind Items Revealed #22 - Reader Blind Item - Anniversary Month

June 7, 2018

I was meeting a friend at my apartment complex on a cloudy Sunday in August of 2016 in the capital city of a very boring state that is neither southern nor western, when a rather impeccably-dressed chauffer had pulled up in a tall, 8-person minivan with tinted windows. He greeted me, and eager to help I went over. It turns out that he was driving a major celebrity around, but didn’t divulge who it was at first. He had asked me where the office staff was, and I told him that usually there was one person around on Sundays. He told me that there was supposed to be someone to meet them and give them a key, and let them into the complex. I looked at the time and saw that it was just a little past 5:00 PM, and I knew that the staff liked to lock the doors and run as soon as the clock struck 5. I pulled out my cell phone and proceeded to dig through my contacts to find the number for the maintenance line to let them know of the situation and perhaps they knew what to do. As I proceeded to give him the number, the large sliding door opened and a man who was trying to keep a couple of jumpy young girls (assuming they were his own twin daughters, dressed the same) inside, identified himself as her "manager" and asked what was going on, and the chauffeur said that there was no one here and he was trying to ask me who to call. Another, smaller figure was in the back, looking very subdued. The manager had looked a little irate and seemed that he had wanted to get settled down to some place to stay as soon as possible. After he went back in the car and shut the door, the Chauffeur said that he would call the number I gave him or else take them to a nearby hotel that his other past clients had preferred. He then divulged who the celebrity was, while going through his phone and proudly showing off who else he had driven. I looked again at the window and could not believe how skinny this celebrity (A+ list mostly movie actress) was in real life, but had even more questions about why she was here alone with her "manager" and his kids, and at the very least not with a few of her own. There was definitely an air of sadness with her body language. The chauffeur assured me things would be fine and said I could go off with my friend, and so we left. Later, I tried to find out who this manager was, and it in fact was not her manager, but I matched the face of this manager to be that of her lawyer. What was made even more interesting was that I know that her husband at the time had family that once had roots in the area but were no longer here. I could not for the life of me figure out what she was doing in this city, with her lawyer, and his kids (who I’m 99% sure were also not accompanied by their mother on this trip). The next week I spoke to the complex manager and while I was told that even though they knew a guest was coming, it was handled through a third party agency who failed to show up to hand off the keys and the gate codes. When I told them who it was, they were shocked! They usually hear of some of the high-profile clients that stay there after they are gone but had they known that someone this big was coming, they would have arranged to have had someone there for a little longer that Sunday. It was exactly a month later that a not-so-Nice trip pulled the trigger to cause the celebrity guest to file for divorce from her A+ list mostly movie actor husband at the time. I have no doubt in my mind that perhaps this visit might have had something to do with the planning of it, in the very least.

Angelina Jolie/Springfield, MO/Brad Pitt

Blind Items Revealed #21 - A Birdie Blind Item - Anniversary Month

June 2, 2018

Which closeted, award-winning writer from a certain part of the country liked to have sex with little boys - including his own son - as well as livestock? Without more, it might be the million dollar question, but of course there's always more. You see, by the time the son came of age, his father was having something of a moment, not just in the literary world, but Hollywood. His most famous book had been optioned for a movie, which would star a now permanent A list actor known for picking the wrong roles. The theme of this movie? You can probably guess (although it doesn't involve minors, or farm animals). As part of the movie deal, the writer demanded that his son be cast in one of the sensitive roles. The director balked, noting that he was too young for the part, at least, and so a compromise was made: he would play the stand in during rehearsals. At the time everyone thought it was a father just trying to help his son become an actor, but it was actually because he wanted to see him humiliated for the ages; even the rehearsals were supposed to be filmed. The father was notoriously difficult to work with, drunk and sexually harassing the movie's stars. He'd constantly make jokes about rape, child molestation, and bestiality. Eventually, after trying to assault one of the two leads, he was banned from the set, except to film his small part. In later years, when he got letters from aspiring young writers (boys and young men, I mean), he didn't just write them back but called them - often the same day he got the letter. Invariably, and in between alcohol-fueled tirades about the "sin of homosexuality," he would ask them if they had ever been with a man, and then request or demand a naked picture of themselves. As for the b*stiality, that one work of his on the subject wasn't made up.

James Dickey/Christopher Dickey/Deliverance/Burt Reynolds/The Sheep Child

Blind Items Revealed #20 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

May 19, 2018

For this former child actor - probably one of the most iconic faces of the 1990s because of this one appearance - it was like Hollywood all over again. Despite the barrage of offers that followed his breakout role, he walked away from the business. Part of it was that people liked him for being famous, rather than for being himself, and part of it was the predators in his midst. He knew why they liked him too. So, as an adult, he got a degree in international relations, and dedicated himself to humanitarian work. He worked on improving access to education for girls in the Mideast and elsewhere, but was especially interested in the plight of trafficked children. It turned out to be ugly, grueling work, officials, even parents and family, turning their backs on his efforts. But where as in the business he felt his only choice was to walk away, this was his calling. Sadly, he died in August of last year. His death, by drowning, in a certain (basically) colony, was ruled an accident. But missing from his belongings was his latest and last notebook, which contained not only his usual musings - poems, musings, lyrics (the latter is the reason you'll know him - not his, but this probably permanent A list gen x front man's) - but extensive accounts of child trafficking by wealthy and powerful men in countries he had worked, and involvement by Westerners, including at least one music mogul known around here. He died a martyr's death, like his screen counterpart.

Trevor Wilson/Pearl Jam/Jeremy

Blind Items Revealed #19 - Anniversary Month

May 18, 2018

There was a room on the set of this back in the day hit sitcom. It was a room that the young stars of the show were told to never enter if they wanted to keep their careers alive. The adult actors stayed far away from the room. They were taking no chances. Apparently a year after this house was built, three young girls were murdered in the room. A horrific murder that took place after each had been raped by a man who then killed himself after. Of course, kids being kids, most of them went past the temporary barriers set up to keep them out by the owners of the house. What happened to the kids? The A list star of the show saw his career for no reason turn into a dumpster fire and he went from A to not working really quickly. Another star of the show, went from having unlimited career possibilities to suddenly just getting a guest appearance or two a season and making crap movies no one knows exist. One actor who had been an A list tweener made a guest appearance on the show and his career went from A-/B+ list to nowhere on the list. There is no one from that show that went in that room that didn't have their career just wither on the vine and die. Or just die in real life like this once promising A-/B+ list actor. As for the room? When the show ended, the owners tore down the entire house and built a new one.

Malcolm In The Middle/Frankie Muniz/Christopher Masterson/Johnny Lewis

Blind Items Revealed #18 - Mr. Hedge - Anniversary Month

May 17, 2018

About 3 decades ago, he was the producer of a very hit network TV show. He left the business in his early 50s, at the height of his success. About a decade ago, he was found with a large stash of particularly horrific child porn, and sent to prison. If you read an arrest report from the Feds online - he expressed a clear interest in having sex with a very young boy, when busted by an undercover officer in the online chat room. The last 2 TV series he was involved with featured many children. Considering all of this - why did he retire from Hollywood at that age, at the height of his success? Who knows what he may have gotten away with, while around all those child actors in Hollywood for decades. If there is anything to be exposed, you know the sorts of people to contact.

Steven Marshall/Growing Pains/Just The Ten Of Us

Blind Items Revealed #17 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

May 7, 2018

It was a Tuesday in November 1999, and 2 girlfriends and I decided after dinner that we’d check out famous London nightclub, which was just around the corner of the restaurant. We had just had dinner sitting next to this former married couple consisting of two singers from to countries, one of whom has had a long lasting career and some other people who were talking loudly about going there afterwards. Tuesdays weren’t really famous London nightclub nights, but then we saw dozens of photographers, big Bentleys and stretch limos while we walked by, so we decided to see what was going on. The bouncer, who knew us, smiled at us and said ‘sorry girls, not tonight, it’s a private party’, and turned to some insanely dressed-up guests, checking his list. We weren’t going to let that stop us so we walked to the corner to have a mini meeting, away from watchful eyes, and hatch a plan on how to crash this probably awesome party. We knew that famous London nightclub was connected through an underground corridor to the tacky tourist bar on the corner, the corridor led people outside, in case of a fire or other emergencies. The door that connected the corridor to the famous London nightclub, opened straight into the VIP section (because VIPs shouldn’t burn to death, like the non VIPs) but usually that door was guarded by a bouncer. We decided we’d try anyway, walked into the tacky bar, straight through a door that said ‘no entry, staff only’, down the stairs, running along the corridor, and there was the door. No bouncer. We opened the door and quickly fanned out, like planned, into 3 different directions. We could have not bothered since there was no bouncer on the inside either. After a few minutes, adrenaline pumping, we found each other again, delirious and excited. It was (permanent A+ list singer’s) party! She was sitting at the most centrally located, most visible table in the club, wearing a black tank top, showing off her muscular arms, and was the only woman at her table. Everyone else were older men in suits. They did not look very ‘clubby’. We also saw why we lucked out with the no-bouncer situation: Neatly arranged like toy soldiers, standing around her table, were 5 or 6 bouncers, wearing sunglasses and earpieces and looking like Men in Black. Ok. We needed some drinks in us stat, so headed to the bar, where (foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor) was buying. He saw us trying pathetically to get the attention of the barman, gave us one of his movie star smiles and screamed ‘you girls like absinthe?’ So we all had 2 shots of absinthe each with him and a horde of other moochers, then continued our squeeze through the packed club. When we got to the Moroccan room - where you lounged on giant pillows, while listening to loud middle eastern beats - we saw (permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee but doesn't act much any longer) holding court on several piled-up pillows, surrounded by minions who were laughing and clapping like trained seals. That room is kinda small and stuffy, but she made damn sure she stood out: arms flailing, hair flying, everybody had to look at her. We decided to head back to the VIP, but on the way we stopped at the ladies’ room, where (foreign born permanent A list model), was chain smoking in a corner with (an ex of the actor mentioned above). There was a long queue and 3 of us, so it took us a good 15-20 minutes to do our business, and I think the model did not stop smoking that entire time. Back in the VIP, we decided we had had enough excitement, so we entered one of the VIP ‘cabins’. The VIP had a section of 2 circular cabin-like structures, where you lounged on large comfortable round benches and a door that you could close for privacy. The walls of these cabins where made of carved wooden panels, with mosaic holes, so you could still get all the atmosphere from the club. We timidly opened one door, peaked inside and asked whether there was room, and (foreign born one named singer who is basically living off one monster album) yelled ‘come in girls, there’s always room’. He offered us coke which we politely declined, and drinks which we gratefully accepted. Sensing that we weren’t some desperate coke whores, he left after 3 minutes, but not before proudly declaring that we were free to finish his champagne. So there we were, just the 3 of us. Just when we decided that we could not sit in there any longer, like 3 losers, no matter how much damage the absinthe had done to our cognitive skills, the door opened and in fall (former A list singer turned tabloid fodder turned frequent reality judge and former A- list mostly movie actress turned oft failed television actress all of you know) with 2 other people. They graciously introduced themselves, and small talked with us for a while while the former singer and one of his friends skillfully rolled some joints. Then we all smoked and laughed and chatted, until the actress announced she had to vomit. Fortunately she made it out and we did not see her again. Nobody seemed to care, or maybe they were just too stoned. I went back to the bathroom by myself and stood in line behind (former A list singer/possible murder suspect) - no pun intended. (The model) was still standing in a corner smoking, this time with (permanent A list model who always is mysteriously injured with any boyfriend she dates). (That permanent A+ list singer from above) was still sitting in her spot, surrounded by the lawyer-looking men, and the dance floor now belonged to some other goddesses I did not recognize, Barely standing up, not far from them, was foreign born former A lister in a band that sadly doesn't exist any longer, looking absolutely miserable, lighting a cigarette with the butt of the last cigarette he had just finished smoking. I went back to the VIP ‘cabin’, smoked another joint with (the former singer turned reality judge), while my friend was asking about him after parties. We did go to an after party with him that night, but that’s another story.

Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale/Madonna/Jude Law/Gwyneth Paltrow/Kate Moss/Sadie Frost/Jamiroquai/Boy George/Christina Ricci/Courtney Love/Naomi Campbell/Eva Herzigova/Shalom Harlow

Blind Items Revealed #16 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

April 19, 2018

This man was no joke. He'd killed many times, both in a foreign nation during a war and on the streets in his own country. He got into a business after his military years that allowed him to become very wealthy. An illegal business. With the help of a tactical genius the expert met after the war when fleeing his hometown, he and their powerful new business associates located near the equator managed to bring in incredible amounts of cocaine to power millions of Americans during their partying throughout the late seventies and into the go go eighties. There were several other enterprising people who'd quickly made fortunes in the USA through this competitive business, but the presence and know how of their genius gave the expert and his crew the advantage over all of the rest. Air, land, sea, their genius outsmarted the government every step of the way when it came to smuggling. And anyone they needed to bribe, usually local authorities, they had no trouble bribing with big bucks. The expert met lots of people, some famous and some not so well known. Some he liked, some he couldn't stand. One he did not like was a movie star, among the hottest of the 1970s A listers. This still living actor assumed he was entitled to free blow wherever he went back then because of a role he played that established him as very cool among wannabe mob guys and real gangsters alike. This actor hoovered up a large amount of nose candy in record time when they met and demanded more immediately, not sharing it with any of the others there that day. The expert didn't enjoy his company during their meeting and basically told him off in no uncertain terms when asked for his number to later stay in touch. A group he socialized with after he became very rich were a legendary bunch of pros in another field, this one a legal business, but one that also had short career spans for most. They were at the top of their game in the late 1970s, destroying their competition and setting new standards for toughness. Some of them came to his home one night around a very important point in their careers and were impatient for the party favors to get doled out. Because the expert liked them a lot, he didn't treat them like the mob icon actor. Due to the source of his wealth, he never had trouble providing high quality party favors for his guests. He partied with lots of people in this field. After that year's big success soon afterwards, he was there with them again, partying in a hotel this time and enjoying the post-victory glow. Life was sweet for the expert. He had many women, but only one was truly the love of his life. They had a very volatile relationship. He cheated, she cheated. They fought. A lot. She wanted to get into acting. Already a stunning woman who made a career in modelling, she seemed like a natural for the big screen. And there was a trip out west to see if they could get her career off on the right foot. He met some people who worked in TV and movies, people easily impressed by guys from the other side of the tracks that seemed like they knew what they were talking about. He certainly had enough money to invest in productions if he wanted to. He saw how their so called experts advised them about how deals allegedly went down. Their scripted scenes often involved large amounts of product and money being openly exchanged in public places and in broad daylight by clueless fools who didn't resemble the dangerous, no nonsense men the expert dealt with all the time. He told the TV and movie people that their advisors were full of crap. Nobody for real dealt their product that way. It was TV BS. The lady of the expert eventually got a small role in a film, this one starring an A list 1970s star. One barely alive and not well liked by CDAN writers and readers alike. I think you'll all know who he is. His career was starting to run out of gas by this point. A new generation of young stars who weren't so cocky were about to emerge and this aging man was still acting like he was the king of the world. The poster for the film was a rather silly idea, based upon a plot device that you might not get away with today. The lady of the expert was on this poster with the A lister, but you saw something one didn't normally see in mainstream ads. It was mostly about her body and the fading box office power of the star. That was the high point of her acting career. She had a couple of other screen appearances. One in a tossed together sequel, another much later on as herself in a truly great film. The expert dealt with people who valued family above almost everything else. Even third cousins and in-laws were treated like royalty. And those often tenuous connections allowed another American who had a big mouth far more power than he should have ever possessed. This man married to a relative of the powerful people near the equator eventually got in very big trouble and then ratted out the expert, the genius, and basically everyone else he could when he got busted. He was the proverbial weak link in the chain that destroyed their whole empire. A guy who redefined WITSEC, way beyond Henry Hill in his overall impact. The expert and the rat are both dead now. The genius is alive, now back in trouble of a different kind, but out of that particular business which made him cool to many that revere Scarface nowadays. Someone should portray the expert in a biopic one day. And someone else should portray the genius as well. Someone who isn't a 21st century version of the widely despised former A list CDAN staple. He deserves better than that.

The expert: Jon Roberts ("Cocaine Cowboy")

The genius: Mickey Munday

Cokehead star: Al Pacino

Pros in another field: Pittsburgh Steelers

Lady of the expert: Toni Mooney

CDAN despised star: Ryan O’Neal ("So Fine")

Rat: Max Mermelstein

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

 April 19, 2018

In 2016, there was an incident which made international news - a big name celebrity fell afoul of a criminal group. While the story itself was reported, what didn't ultimately get revealed was that these criminals were working for a very dangerous organization. To be honest, the celebrity was just lucky that things didn't go more badly for them. The incident was interestingly timed to coincide with the expected release of information by a prominent media organization that ultimately never materialized when everyone expected it to. Had this information gotten out, it would have caused significant shock globally and embarrassed authorities in the country. So instead of allowing the truth to get out, there was a cover up. Police intentionally allowed conflicting statements to be made, protocols were broken, fake camera footage was distributed to the media, reports where experts asked inconvenient questions were scrubbed from tabloids, witnesses were sent abroad and not allowed to return. A few outlets, hungry for a scoop, put out enough information that a few individuals began to ask questions. But with friendly news organizations running cover, the truth has remained hidden. Which in a way is unfortunate because this celebrity might have actually gotten a lot more public sympathy for what they went through.

Celebrity: Kim Kardashian

Incident: Paris robbery (intended to be a kidnapping)

Organization tied to criminals: ISIS

Media outlet releasing information: Wikileaks (10th anniversary celebration) - the kidnapping would have distracted from any "October surprise" which many were speculating would be released as part of the event.

Blind Items Revealed #14 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

April 6, 2018

I just came across a recent interview with a member of an iconic group (we’ll call him "D") which reminded me of a memorable situation I once found myself in. Everyone has always seemed to think of this guy as the epitome of cool, and he’s admired by many men of a certain age group. When I was a teenager in the 80s, I hung around with some much cooler, older people, who lived in a decent sized east coast city. Many of these people were in bands or friends with people in bands, so they were familiar with touring bands from all over, mostly on the club level and punk rock in nature. As time went on, a handful of these bands went on to be wildly successful. This story involves one such trio. My friend K knew these guys and asked me if I wanted to go see the trio in another east coast city, about an hour away, where they were scheduled to play a large venue. I said ok and we drove out there. I was almost 17 and had a junky car. This was long before cell phones, so we just hung around outside the venue before the concert until we ran into someone he knew. This guy, I’ll call "C" (who actually went on to be a fairly well known artist) asked me if I would help him find a girl who would be willing to be a part of the "stage show". I obliged, and we had a very rough time finding a girl who was old enough (around 18+), not with her parents, and not attached to a boyfriend. Basically, she had to be willing to let go of her inhibitions, in front of thousands of people. Finally, we found a girl who looked to be college aged, dressed scantily, and seemed up for anything. C quickly gave her the spiel and she agreed to be a part of the show. C then invited us all back to the hotel to hang out with the group. So, there I was hanging out with two of the three members of this group in the hotel room, post soundcheck, at around 5pm. When I entered the room, the nicest guy in the group (who was wearing a hipster cowboy hat before they were hip), I’ll call him "B" (who is sadly now deceased), greeted me with "Howdy, dude!" and tipped his hat my way, which I thought was very sweet, given that I’m female. I’m sure I blushed. Sitting by the window was their traveling photographer friend "R" (also a pretty famous artist and character) who was studying his slides of the band. Other people in the room were deep in conversation. I was trying to act like I belonged, even though I felt awkward and didn’t really know anyone, and had no one to talk to. The girl C found for the show was no longer in the hotel room and I didn’t know where she went. There were some other girls in the room too and I didn’t know her anyway, so I wasn’t really thinking about it too much. One guy from the group, I’ll call him "H", grabbed the phone in the room and dragged it out into the hall and closed the door. The cord was really long. Someone said he was on the phone with his at the time A+ movie actress girlfriend, "S", whom everyone knows and loved back then (she doesn’t work as much as she used to but at that time, she was a superstar). A few minutes later, band member three, "D" came bursting into the room. He was very sweaty in a panic. He looked at me and the two other girls sitting on the bed and yelled "HEY! I need one of you girls to get me ready. I’ve got this chick in the next room waiting, so who’s going to help me out? Huh? I need one of you to get me ready! NOW! WELL?". I sheepishly looked around for help and said "not me" and the other girls said some version of the same and he promptly said "then what the fuck are you doing here? get THE FUCK OUT!" and ran and opened the door and pushed us out. I had no idea I was going to be required to be a "fluffer", so I left, feeling awful about the whole experience. As I walked out, I saw A sitting on the floor down the hall, still on the phone, looking distraught.

Group: Beastie Boys

B (Nice band member): Adam Yauch

H (Band member on phone): Adam Horowitz

S (A+ list GF on phone): Molly Ringwald

D, (Band member needing fluffer): Mike Diamond


Friend C: Cey Adams

Friend R: Ricky Powell

Blind Items Revealed #13 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

April 4, 2018

This is not about gossip - at least not to me. This is about clearing up something for the record re the death of a foreign-born screen actress many years ago. We'll call her, 'Seven'. At the time I would hang out now and then at a house in the Hollywood Hills. There was partying going on there but I wouldn't describe it along the lines of weirdness, debauchery, and whatever else, in other accounts I've read of parties in Hollywood. It was basically a place that had people coming and going and most of it in a long weekend spanning from Thursday-Friday to Monday. Most of the people there were under 30 and the owner was maybe 40 or a couple of years older. One day I met someone at the house who said he lived up the road with Seven. We'll call him, 'Ray' (but don't bother trying to figure out who he is since he wasn't a celebrity and never became one). One thing led to another in the conversation and he said that Seven was looking for some help with the house in cleaning, fixing, etc., and in exchange I could stay there. In the conversation I had mentioned that I was looking for a place to stay before he even mentioned Seven's situation. A few days after I went to meet Seven and she agreed as to my staying there. I mentioned I knew a friend, "Don", who could help since he knew something about carpentry, etc., but that he wouldn't be staying at the house. I think she eventually worked out something with him money-wise, can't remember for sure, but I know that something was worked out relationship-wise. For the next month or so we'd do some minor work but I realized that she was going to need more help when it came to such things as the pool which looked like the Black Lagoon and some masonry features. In the meantime we had some of our friends visit and she didn't mind since mostly it was young men and she seemed to enjoy the company. A few days before the month was up she told me and Ray that we had to leave. No real explanation was given for it but I suspect it may have had to something to do with Don telling me earlier that he did not want to be with her anymore. As to the specifics of that, I'm not sure but I think it may have been her perpetual state of wine and pills. In general, she didn't exhibit any erratic behavior or mood swings, actually, she maintained a continuous keel even if it was a somewhat sedate sleepwalking. Of course, how that translates to a more intimate setting as that with Don, it may have been a different story. When given the notice from Seven about leaving I asked her for a couple of days to get my things in order. She said okay. I'd see her in that time but the talk was perfunctory at best and she mostly kept to herself in her bedroom. On the morning when I was going to leave, a friend of mine, 'Clark', came by since he was going to give me a ride to my new place. He was a Vietnam veteran whom I had also met at the aforementioned house where lots of people came through. While we were talking in the kitchen over some coffee, Ray came rushing down the stairs saying that Seven wasn't responding to his knock on her bedroom door and then when he went in and called out to her in bed she didn't answer. He was very nervous. I walked up the stairs and went into her bedroom. I called out her name but nothing. I nudged her a few times, still nothing. Then I noticed that part of her back was exposed and there was a line of red at the bottom as she laid at her side. The blood had settled. I stood back and just looked at her, everything seemed suspended. At that moment Clark walked into the bedroom, looked at her and then just grabbed her arm and pulled back. Rigor mortis had set in. He said, "She's dead". Ray was standing out in the hallway and when he heard Clark he just ran down the stairs voicing disbelief. I just stood there looking at her body, thinking how could this be. On her night tables there were those large bottles of wine that look like jugs with small handles and various prescription pill containers. There were more bottles throughout the bedroom. I walked out of the bedroom and down the stairs. I sat at the dining room table. I think it was Clark who called the police, Ray wasn't in a state to do anything. Soon enough, two officers showed up and Clark walked with them upstairs and explained to them what was what. More officers showed up. After a few minutes, one of the first officers who had gone upstairs came over to me and asked if I knew what had happened, if there were some events or whatever before the fact. I just looked at him said no, that I was talking to her last night and there was no indication for anything like this. The officer could see that I was still in a suspended state trying to make sense of it for myself. He nodded his head and told me to wait there. A half-hour or so later the detectives showed up. I think there were three of them, two sat with Ray, Clark, and me in a little, den room while the other one stood in the background by the doorway. They asked us questions about our stay there, how we came to know Seven, and so on. We gave them as thorough an account as possible and they, like the gray-suited, seasoned Los Angeles Police Detectives they were, no doubt scanned all our responses and behavior to their satisfaction. They took all the information, driver's license, social security number, where we were moving to, etc. As the detectives were leaving I could hear one of them asking the first officer who arrived on the scene (the one who talked to me in the dining room) if there was evidence of any foul play. The officer said no. The detective shook his head in affirmation then left. The officer came over and told us we were free to go. In past years I've come across brief articles and even a little website devoted to Seven. The website not so much but some of the articles of course got into the 'conspiracy' nonsense about what happened. They related how there was blood on the pillow where her head rested, how there were bruises on her body thus leading to the implication that there was foul play. If there had been any of that then the detectives would have certainly asked us questions about it and the autopsy even more cause for suspicion. Besides, the authorities already knew about Seven from previous, minor incidents. The fact is that the only 'conspiracy' is what Seven allowed herself to be caught up in re 'Hollywood' and its machinations. When I first met Seven and for those brief days I would have conversations with her with moments when she let her guard down, would seem more alive and even with a slight laugh or two about something. I could see the young woman, the young girl, her odyssey from Europe to Hollywood, and her brief dance with fame. But then I could also see the toll it had taken and how her only marriage ended in a divorce from an American actor also had its effect. As she got older then the calls and Hollywood friends became less. In some of those conversations I felt an undercurrent that there could possibly be a relationship between us by some of the things she said but left hanging. Being a young, straight male, I thought about it and the fact that she was more than twice my age didn't concern me at all. In her manner she had an attractive, European sensibility which was quite charming in itself. But there was something there, something unspoken and in the background that simply said for me to step back and just let things stay as they are. And that's what I did. So, to those who saw a conspiracy, including a member of her family who expressed as such, I am here to say that there was nothing. What there was is the unfortunate death of a woman who in other circumstances would have probably gone on to live a good life, possibly a family of her own, and who knows, maybe a longer career as an actress. She certainly had the classiness and charisma for it, but time and space - for all of us - can often be a chancy thing. And even if in the briefest sense, I wanted to state what happened in reality and not the luridness that some are predisposed to. Seven deserves far better than that. I wish her Spirit well and much Love. As for all the others: I would see Don now and then but he would never get into details about the time with Seven and I didn't solicit them. A few years later Don moved out of state and I never saw him again. About 8 or so years ago I found out he had passed away. Ray was not in the best mental state when all of that happened. I felt sorry for him and invited him to stay with me at my mother's house. My mother got to know him and cared for him. She revealed later on that in conversations with him she saw a young man that was trying to come to terms with his sexuality and all that it entailed by his fear of letting others now. He stayed for around two weeks then moved in with some friends. He called by phone a few times to let us know how he was doing but eventually the calls stopped. Never heard from him again. He was really a nice guy. I hope he found his way to a better place wherever. Clark, I knew for a couple of more years until we had a falling out. A woman came between us. Classic story so the readers can fill in the details to their preference. Last time I saw him was decades ago at the Bodhi Tree bookstore. He just looked at me from the other side of a square counter they had at the time. I was wearing dark shades and pretended that I didn't notice him. The woman? Lived with her for 3 years or so then she went back to NYC. Interesting gal, she had been married to a big-time producer back then. As for the people at the house I mentioned earlier, the owner and his girlfriend at the time passed away and all the rest of them, except for a very good friend I've known through all these years, have gone on never to be heard of again. The only person I've heard of (not on a personal basis) is a girl who was very young at the time and is now a Life Coach in LA. Whatever the situations and circumstances, at this time in my life the best is to wish them all well. We've all had to manage life in one way or the other.

Gia Scala

Blind Items Revealed #12 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

March 30, 2018

I have cousin who ended up living a very different and sad life than I. We hung out as young kids, but then we drifted apart and while my life became more privileged, parents climbing the corporate ladder and all, hers took a turn for the worse. Many turns actually. I'd heard through the family grapevine over the years about her tough life, in and out of jail, rehab, getting into a gang fight while pregnant and losing the baby. Just so sad and forward to a couple of years ago, she hits me up on Facebook after decades have gone by since we last spoke or saw each other. Turns out we live just a couple miles apart - I in echo park, she in Mac Arthur park. Her birthday was coming up so I took her out to breakfast. We smoked a joint, and shit got real. I noticed she wasn't eating anything, she admitted she'd smoked a little meth before we met up. I couldn't even tell. Aside from not eating, she's a goddamn pro. Wouldn't have even known. It was like no big whoop. And that is how she spoke of her past-matter of factly, that's just how it was, life. Ran away from home to LA with her "boyfriend" when she was 12. Got pimped, was dumped shortly thereafter. Walking the streets of LA. At 12. At the moment, I was shocked and was too high to pry further, and felt like a dick for even asking if she had any dirt. She did. I can only imagine. "You know the dude in the band that wears all the make up?" Um..."the guy with the tongue.." (LT) "Yeah, that dude. He made me piss on him." LOL real shocker that one. I'm a decent judge of character and he's always come off as giant narcissistic turd... She slept with, wait can I try this? Um...That rock guitarist who's silhouette you would all recognize when she was 16 or 17. (GR) I guess that would have been early 90's. She considers them good times, so who am I to judge....

LT - Gene Simmons

GR - Slash

Blind Items Revealed #11 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

March 30, 2018

Hey everybody! A somewhat frequent-ish but new (as last fall; longtime lurker, however) commenter here. When Enty asked for reader blind's, I knew I had to share mine with you. This one's a tad more salacious than the other reader blind's, but nothing that will make you overly hate humanity. And yes, for all you skeptics in the comment section, this is 100% true; there even may be video of it somewhere. Anyhoo, I am lucky enough to have a hobby (which I want to make a actual career, but having a hell of a time getting paid gigs for it) that lets me hobnob with celebrities. Most of my interactions are pretty mundane "hey, I just met so and so type" stuff that really isn't all that interesting. But I want to share my own craziest, weirdest encounter with a celebrity. And probably show you how much of a dumb*ss I probably am. For the past few years, every fall, I have been going to a film festival. A big film festival run by that down South independent theater chain that we all know. The one that had a HUGE PR disaster involving sexual assault and harassment and their response to it? The one that rehired the creepy editor of their in-house movie website and run that hip film distributor? That one. Anyway, this was long before that all became public. This was about five years ago. My second time attending this festival. There was a movie playing there that year, that was a big deal for them. It is NOT a big mainstream hit. It played theatrically in big cities, but only made like five digits at the box office. It was a VOD play. But its also the kind of film that played well to the festival's target audience. The first incarnation of that hip film distributor, which had a different name back then, had picked it up from SXSW that year, and were giving it a big red carpet treatment, with three of the stars in attendance. This blind involves one of the stars. The film's lead, we'll call CP. CP is a character actor type, talented (and friendly) guy, adept at playing creeps and nice guys. He doesn't really rank on the list in a mainstream sense, but does get a lot of leads in indie streaming/VOD type stuff, so he's on a niche list somewhere. I wish him more big success, which it was why it was a nice surprise to see him in a small, but sizable enough, role in that Academy Award nominated film from that permanent A+ list director we are all suspicious of, from last year. The film's biggest name is probably AM. AM is a B/B+ dual threat comedic actor, best known for scene stealing supporting roles. When he's done leads they've bombed. But he's a great support ringer. Best know for a favorite, highly quoted and memed comedy from about fifteen years ago, give or take, in which he starred with a bunch of other comics who went on to be big A listers. It had a less satisfying sequel years later. Weirdly enough, takes place in a milieu similar to CP's last big film. Finally, there is ER, the third star, and the subject of our blind. ER is a B-/C+ character actor who's most recently been on a couple of hit almost television shows, different almost tv "networks." He was former back in the day child actor who probably is best for his lead and/or supporting roles in a trio of cult teen comedies from about two decades ago. One he had the lead in; two were musically oriented; and two feature co-stars and bit players who would go on to A and A- list fame. ER probably could have joined them if he didn't bet his fame chips on taking the lead in a terrible (and terribly named) flop tv show in the early aughts that marked the first major effort for a production company after they made that ultra-low budget horror phenom released around the time of ER's peak fame. So, anyway, now that I got all the hints out of the way, back to the story. So I was at this festival and in the audience for this movie. They were treating it as a party. And that party included a dare contest. There was a guy who got the film's title tattooed on his butt in front of the entire audience, for example. And there was a blind dare -- you didn't know what you were doing until you agreed to the dare. In my idiocy, my hand shot up. I was chosen to do the blind dare. Turned out to be innocent enough -- at first. I was dared to drink a "weinie martini" -- an unholy libation made from the juice from a can of vienna sausages (complete with a sausage garnish, like a martini olive.) When I was on stage, being interviewed about the dare as they were making it, I was asked by the host, the owner of the theater, what I thought it would entail. I learned right then and there, never give them an opening. I said I figured it was a drink someone dipped their junk in. I think you know where I am going with this now. Light bulbs went off. An offer was placed to the audience. Hands shot up. But no one was more enthusiastic then someone sitting in the row directly in front of us. A row of celebrities. ER was deeply, cheerfully enthusiastic about being the junk-dipper. I can't blame him; he has the same kind of mischievous, gremlin-like energy when it comes to this stuff that i have. So, of course, he was chosen, and to his credit, he gave me the choice of shaft or balls (I went balls.) Off to the corner he went, a couple of dips and back he came with my drink. Now I could have walked away then and there, but i'm standing in front of a packed audience full of people, and i can't just NOT do the dare, so down the hatch it went. Wasn't actually bad; a bit salty, which could have either been testicles or sausage juice, I don't know. But, anyway, how many of the CDAN commentariat can claim to say they had a drink made from a celebrities junk?

Ethan Embry (ER), Pat Healy (CP), David Koechner (AM). The movie is Cheap Thrills, which was released by Drafthouse Films, and the festival was the 2013 Fantastic Fest 

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

March 29, 2018

Part One

It was a typical Louisiana spring 20 years ago. Hot, humid, and rainy most afternoons. I was separated from my husband at the time, so to earn extra income, I took a low paying job as payroll manager for a security guard company. Yet I got the greatest perks of any job I would ever have before or after. You see, occasionally we would provide guard services for movies filming in the area. And the jovial owner (now R.I.P.) allowed me to act as an unpaid 'supervisor' on some sets. When we got a call one day for services on a major studio production which would star my favorite adolescent heartthrob I'll call TM I just knew this was one I HAD to "work" on. I had even kissed the famous denim jacketed poster on my wall and now I had the chance to see him in person? Hell, yeah, I was going! The movie was a fictionalized account based on a Permanent A++ celebrity's rise to international fame in spite of his weakness for a certain something. The first filming location in NOLA was a Friday night near the French Quarter on the Moonwalk. I and some guards got there about 5 for a 6 pm shift change. The pivotal scene they were shooting that date was going to be a night one, but setup can take hours. I walked around talking to our other guards who were out there already to ask what and who they'd seen. Of course I had to ask if they had seen my permanent A list former teen idol anywhere or if they knew when he'd show up. I don't exactly have a quiet voice so in spite of the hubbub a cameraman overheard me and said, "He's off tonight. He's not in this scene." My heart sank. When the guy saw my face he said, "But most of the main cast will be filming at Oak Alley (Plantation) tomorrow." Well now I knew what my Saturday's plans would involve! I decided to see the sights and enjoy the evening for a while. I did see the now deceased A++ award nominated/winning director talking to an assistant on the levee. Didn't recognize anyone else. Right as it was getting dark, it started to drizzle. I noticed a lot of the crew was heading toward the closed off parking lot of a Catholic church/school with a lot of food trucks inside. I was told that anyone with the crew was welcome, so I and a cop friend headed there. The rain was really starting to come down by then. My mind was blown when I saw what was being served from those trucks. There was LOBSTER, Chateaubriand, gumbo, hot dogs, etouffee, salads, baked Alaska, almost everything you could imagine or desire. You just walked around with your plates and it was served up, to be eaten inside the school cafeteria. While I was in the steak line, a limo pulled into the lot and stopped. I saw the driver jump out, pop open an umbrella and say something to the passenger. I then hear a very familiar drawl say, "Tony, I learned to hold an umbrella and get my own food 40 odd years ago, son. You do NOT need to do it for me. Go park this thing and come get some supper honey!" The rain was slacking off, so the umbrella was left in the car, and the incredibly talented A++ mega-award nominated/winning actress in most formats gets out and walks over near the food line I was in. Let's call her AW. On her way she's saying " Hows it going Jake? " or "Hey Sue!" - just friendly small talk with assistants, bit players, electricians, etc. I was just amazed at how "normal" she was. I went inside the cafeteria a few minutes later to sit at a table where I saw some of the guards. I told them who I'd seen outside. And as if on cue, she came through the door being held open by a guy in coveralls. Had her hands full, and came and sat down at the long table right next to ours. She was the only star I recognized in the room, just sitting surrounded by "regular folk". I avoided staring, but couldn't help overhear. She was telling someone how she didn’t want to eat in her damn trailer, just felt like getting out and about before she had to do her scenes. Obviously she seemed more at home amongst blue collar workers than Hollywood elites. Though I loved her movies before that evening (especially that particular tasty named one almost all Southern females adore) I suddenly became a huge admirer of this down to earth famous woman sitting a few feet away. Though I didn't want to bother her for an autograph like a few people did, I timed my own eating so I finished just as she was getting up. I threw away my stuff and as she headed for the doors, I held it open. Then I got my nerve and said, "Miss ----, I'm DP with XYZ Security. I have to say, you are one of my favorite actresses and its been an honor just to eat dinner in the same place. Hope you're enjoying it here" She looked at me, grinned and said, "Oh D, been in New Orleans so many times, just love it here! And thank YOU by the way." I replied puzzled, " For what?" "For not saying you're my number one fan..." We both laughed so loud people turned to look. She patted me on the shoulder and went back out in the night to Tony who was waiting near the doorway with the car. I was thrilled later on when this role merited her more major awards/nominations since I was "there" when she did it. It turned out to be a great time even if I hadn't seen TM. But I still might have my chance at Oak Alley...

Part Two

The next morning, though I didn't get home till 1 a.m., I was up bright and early. Actually Oak Alley Plantation was closer to my house than the Quarter. I put on my favorite dress and just enough makeup so it wouldn't run in the humidity. Just in case I might happen to see TM and he might see me too! Yeah and if wishes were fishes, right? Minutes before I left I got called by a guard on my pager. Louise had left their badge at home so she asked me to pick it up and I did. I was driving past the row of famous oaks before noon. Sun was out and muggy but weatherman had predicted late afternoon showers. This location seemed way busier than the previous night. Seemed like over a couple hundred people with the crew were there and I noticed several very nice RVs and camper trailers parked near the mansion. I got out and started looking for the guard whose badge I retrieved. Saw a different one and I asked him where Louise was. He told me she was posted right near the back doors but I should hurry because they'd announced filming was going to start in about 10 minutes. I started walking as fast as I could towards the back. As I came around the corner I almost collided into an older gentleman sitting in a chair. I was so embarrassed and profusely offered my apologies. Then I realized who I'd literally bumped into. A+ (now passed) mostly TV actor who had one of the most iconic villainous roles on TV ever. He chuckled and said "Don't worry about it darlin'! No harm done. For a short little thing you sure move fast!" A lady sitting next to him who I later found out was his wife of over 40 years was laughing too. I smiled, said "You are too kind Mr. N! Thank you." I hurried off and found Louise about 3 minutes before someone called "Quiet on the Set!" As I walked back near the front where they weren't filming at the time, I saw a group of people I knew and headed towards them, pulling a pack of smokes and a lighter out my purse. Right after I lit my cigarette, a pretty blonde lady wearing no makeup, shorts and a long man's style button down shirt came up to me. "Excuse me" she said in a British accent. "May I bum one from you please?" "Sure." I said as I handed her one and the Bic. " Thank you so much" she replied as she took a long drag. "Left mine over in the trailer and its so muddy there. How DO you handle this humidity? Like breathing underwater." I nodded and said "Air Conditioning." She grinned, said "Thanks again sweet", as someone was coming up to her with a script. I walked over to my friends. One of them said " Oh my God D" I went "what?" He goes, "do you realize who that is?" I replied she looked really familiar but not positive. " Damn girl, that was ST, she won an Oscar a couple years ago for _____, she's playing TM's wife in this! " (She would also go on to several more noms/wins and end up starring in my personal ATF Christmas romantic comedy) I was shocked. Me, no one special, talking to 3 world famous stars in less than 24 hours. They were all very nice to me too, but the teen girl in me still yearned to see TM in person. But if I didn't get to, oh well, c'est la vie. Realized I had a storied star filled weekend to remember for the rest of my life. No regrets...yet.

Part Three

That afternoon I walked around, checked roll to make sure everyone was there who was supposed to be, reported any non crew/staff affiliated lookee-lous as we called them, and brought drinks or snacks to those who couldn't leave posts. I would also watch a post if they had to step away for a bathroom break. It was during one of these sit-ins in late afternoon that I would overhear something that changed the whole outcome of my quest. Guards and other non-essential staff were not allowed inside the mansion when filming. They were to be on the outside porches or in the lawn area. But as Lance came back he was breathless. Even though he was twice my age he always called me Miss D. "Miss D, hey, you aint gonna believe this, but I just seen TM come out the side doors of the house and Loreen says she heard they was takin him to the makeup trailer. (He wore a lot to make him resemble the real person he was based upon) She's sayin if you go by the RVs maybe you can catch a glance of him coming out." Yes dear readers my cover was obviously blown and every employee of my company knew why I was "on the job". And they all now seemed to be determined to make my wish come true. (Too bad Mr N's previous TV character's wife wasn't around!) I asked if I could get near the RVs or did the studio have their private security covering it. "Hell no Ms D, Captain Bill over there. Them Hollywood folks got bit by one skeeter standin around and they booked ASS! And it aint even dusk yet! Buncha woosies!" Thats all I needed to hear - Bill, a retired military man, was gruff but had a fatherly soft spot for me. He would let me go anywhere I pleased. So off toward the trailers I went. I found Bill and asked which was the makeup one and he pointed it out. "Was TM still in there?" "Maybe, not positive, been a while. " Ok, so not too specific but best lead all day. He pointed out a nice rig a few feet away. "Go stand over there so won't look like you're stalking him if you see him coming out." Ok, good idea. So I stood by the luxury trailer and fired up another smoke. ( it was the 90s, ok?). Minutes later, door to that one opens and this red headed big muscle-bound guy steps out with a cigar in hand. "Mind if I join you?" He looked safe enough, and Bill was a cough away just in case. "Not at all." "Hi I'm Mark, who are you?" Told him my name and I that I was an onsite security rep. Showed him my badge to prove it. He laughed and said I was the most petite security woman he'd ever met. Told him I used the bigger guards for my light work. He laughed. Then I asked him what he did. "Oh, I'm TMs personal trainer, bodyguard, assistant, you know, whatever." My eyes widened, "So is this one HIS?" "Yup he'd prefer his plane but nowhere to land by the house." He chuckled. I said "Wow, very cool. Wouldn't happen to have any souvenir headshots around in there?" He paused and said "hmmm not sure". Then I just started talking and couldn't hit the verbal brakes. I said, "You know I've been a fan of his since his first episode of (hit education-based comedy). Over 20 years and it seems like almost every movie he does he gets better in. (So I exaggerated a bit..) For example just a couple of weeks ago I saw ----- at the movieshow. He and (then A+ actor from major acting dynasty family) were so incredible in it switching roles I sincerely believe they should give BOTH of them Oscars as co-Lead Actor. They both deserve it!" (Yes over the years I realize its somewhat of a hokey flick and plot but still love it). Suddenly I hear a low quiet voice from inside the trailer say, " Aw, that is so nice of you to say that. " I turn as the door opens wide. "I really appreciate the compliment. Thank you, thank you so much.". And then I'm looking into the most incredibly crystal blue eyes I've ever seen to this day. They were so light blue I'm convinced he wears darker lenses for movies. TM is inches away and smiling at ME! His hair looked damp but still had gray color in it and he had a towel around his neck. He was wearing a plain white tee and jeans. I, a woman who could out talk an auctioneer, was stunned speechless. I had to be visibly trembling. He was even more gorgeous in person than on film. He put out his hand. "Hi, I'm T..what's yours?" I shook it and WAS shaking now. But I think he was used to reactions like mine. I stammered , "Uh, I'm D--, D-- P---." " "Well, pleasure to meet you D.P. So by your accent I assume you're a true Cajun lady, huh?" I could only smile and nod. "Love hearing the way you all talk down here. Y'all almost sound like you're from where I was raised in New York." I kind of giggled at that, and replied how NOLA natives hear that all the time. I glanced around and noticed Bill, Lance, and a few other of our guards a few yards away, looking at the two of us, all grinning. Out the corner of my sight I also noticed Lance's wife Coral and two kids. They always picked him up from jobs. She had a camera. Right about then TM says, "Hey Mark, got a few of those promo pics on the table inside. Go get one for our friend here please?" Mark goes inside as my mouth starts functioning with my brain again. We made some small talk about local favorite dining spots. Told him about one well known as a Mafia hangout that looked like a dive outside but had the best pasta in the South. He said he'd actually heard about it and was definitely going to go before they wrapped down here. I felt a couple of rain drops as Mark came out with the photo of him in character and a pen with gold ink. TM leans it against the wall and signs it. "To D--, with thanks and love, T....M..." He handed it to me. "Here you go." At that point as it starts drizzling, Coral comes running up. "Hey Miss D. , Mr. M? Is it okay if I take a picture of y'all together?" I looked at him. He said, " Sure! Scoot closer D." and he put his arm around me. DAMN, I was trembling again! As I'm only 5' and he's like 6'2" my head didnt even come to the top of his shoulder so he hugged me and I prayed I was smiling pretty as she pressed the button. "Hang on D, one more just in case!" He had the nicest smile cause he had so much practice obviously. I told him thanks Soooo much, and he said "my pleasure! Enjoyed talking with you" as he leaned over and kissed my cheek. I seriously think I blushed for the first time since grade school. Then Coral says, "Hey Lance, come 'ere! Mr. M, can me and the kids get a picture with you?" My good natured movie star was grinning and said, "Yep! Come over!" as suddenly several people appeared out of nowhere, guards, extras, and even youngsters. Though it was now seriously raining he never seemed to mind as they ended up taking the whole roll of film of admirers with him. Finally Mark came up and said the limo was ready to go back to town and they needed to split. There was an audible "awww" of disappointment as he waved to everyone and started heading back to the trailer to get his things. He passed right in front of me, and tapped my cheek and winked. "Bye D." using my shorter nickname and then he disappeared inside as a policeman said we all had to leave the area since they'd be pulling off in a minute. I walked away in a daze, surrounded by friends saying, "You really met him!" "We got our picture with TM!" "He's so cool!" "He kissed you D!" I barely heard them as I walked on air back to my car. To this day it still seems like a wonderful dream if I didn't have the autograph and pictures to prove that once upon a time it came true. P.S. I am well familiar with all the rumors about this gentle man over the years. I will not confirm/deny or even state my own gut instincts on the subject. Because I. Don't. Care.-What consenting adults do if no one gets hurt is none of my business. We all have secrets. I just know he was amazingly nice to me and a bunch of other minimum wage earning fans one hot, wet Louisiana day and that's what's important, right?

John Travolta/Primary Colors/Mike Nichols/Kathy Bates/Larry Hagman/Emma Thompson 

Blind Items Revealed #9 - Mr. Hedge - Anniversary Month

February 19, 2018

Just under 4 decades ago, this pedophile photographer was convicted of interstate transportation of obscene materials. At the time of his conviction, such records could not be easily accessed, especially when the conviction occurred in another state - and the punishment was disgustingly light. Let’s call him D. D remained based in an East Coast state his entire life. D became a professional photographer, and broke into the business as the official event photographer for many youth diving and baseball competitions. D wanted to get involved in Hollywood. Initially, D became a prominent and active member of early internet Teen Fan Idol communities that fetishized young male actors. D somehow became good friends with another pedophile, who lived on the opposite coast, and had many more connections in Hollywood. Let’s call that pedophile NS. You ALL know NS. He was convicted of raping one of his clients for years. A celebrity you all know has accused NS of raping his now-deceased friend. NS worked a great deal with a certain child actor awards show. Let’s call that Show #1. Through his friendship with NS, D at one time became the official photographer for Show #1. D also created websites for many young Hollywood actors. A little over a decade ago, a mother accused D of taking an inappropriate picture of her son while at another awards show. Let’s call that Show #2. Through the vigilance of many parents, D was banned from Show #2, and the parents kept pressing the issue to the other shows. Several months later, while at home, D doused his video cassettes and DVDs in gasoline, and lit them on fire. The fire began to consume the house. While the fire raged, D turned his gun on himself, and committed suicide. Nobody knows for sure how crimes D may have committed against children during his life.

D = Michael “Max” Grassi, Jr. 

NS = Marty Weiss 

Show #1 = Young Artists Awards  

Show #2 = CARE Awards 

Bonus Item = The medallion he always wears prominently contains the auryn symbol from The Never Ending Story.

Blind Items Revealed #8 - Account Number 37911133339 - Anniversary Month

February 6, 2018

Over the weekend, the head of this company, who had never been seen in person at this particular location showed up in the middle of the night. He had called ahead and the highest ranking person still left at this business was told to be there for the meeting. He instructed that no one else be there. The urgency was dictated because of multiple deaths that happened a short time before involving two very key employees of this company. Those two employees were in charge of the account number mentioned in the title. That account number was established several years ago when the new owner bought out the original owner. It was an internal billing account, but the bills were never paid. They were never supposed to be paid. It was simply to keep track of a special group of clientele who are friends of the owner. The problem was that after the death of the two employees, one of the clientele showed up at the business with two very young women he said were his nieces and said he had a reservation. He used the name associated with that account. The problem is these clientele were always processed by the two dead employees. They were not always there in person but would arrange that all the formalities would be taken care of beforehand so whatever clientele were there could get on with their activities quickly. When this man showed up with his nieces who really looked nothing like each other or the man and were really young to be wearing what they were wearing, calls were made. Did anyone know about the reservation and then someone looked up the history of the name associated with the account and sent a group e-mail asking about the reservation and included the account number in the e-mail. The man and his nieces were not given a room because none of them had or were willing to produce identification or a method of payment. The man explained that no payment was ever required because it was handled through Mr. Weishaupt. No one at the company had ever heard of Mr. Weishaupt and another group e-mail was sent inquiring about Mr. Weishaupt. Only a few hours later, the call was made by the man who came in the middle of the night. Was it Mr. Weishaupt? I don't know. The person who told me all of this only caught a glimpse of the man as he left the next morning trailed by that highest ranking employee available at the company. The person who spoke to me is adamant that the previous owner didn't have a special account number. The employees had been trying to recall anyone they remembered who had used the account number or name when they checked in. One person several people agreed on because he had been there multiple times using the name was this A+ list mostly movie actor who lives most of the year overseas. He also likes to direct. He is also an Academy Award winner. The staff just assumed he liked his privacy and it was a fake name. It wasn't until now, they realized he was using the same name as the man with his nieces. Whenever the A+ lister came, he always came without his wife and would only stay a few hours. No one saw anyone who came with him, but it seemed like given the circumstances he was meeting someone who would come to see him. This A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner and is known all over the world used the name too. Someone remembered she stayed a week when she was in hiding and some of her employees would come by and have no idea they were supposed to use that name to see her or contact her. The staff said the name was used a lot, but mostly by men who had a woman or women with them. There was one man they remembered because he stuck out. He was an older white man and he would often come with young black men and also would only stay an hour or two. I think I know who that person is and have written about him before, but no one remembered exactly what he looked like and he wasn't using his real name so it is tough. There are rumors that the man behind it all has big time professional sports interests. One thing is certain. Any trace of that account number is gone from every system the staff can get into.

The Standard Hotel/Andre Balazs/Amar Lavani/George Clooney/Angelina Jolie/Ed Buck

Blind Items Revealed #7 - Anniversary Month

January 23, 2018

So, do you think if this current Oscar nominee who is not one of the two mentioned in the earlier blind item wins, everyone will give him a standing ovation? A lifetime casting coucher? If you are female and wanted to be in his movies, you hit the casting couch. There is a blind I wrote many years ago about him and an actress ALL of you know who got a role because he made her have sex with him to get it. I think it ended with her looking up at an award or something while he was on top of her and that she thought he seemed nice. There is a postscript to all that. That experience shook her and she started drinking and doing drugs to cope. I wrote about all of that in separate blind items and how she lost a baby because of those drugs and booze. To this day she has never told me or anyone I know who the father of that baby was that she lost fairly well along into her pregnancy, but the top choice for the dad is this current Oscar nominee. I could go on and on about this nominee, but you just go ahead Hollywood and give him his standing ovation if he wins and talk about what a great guy he is.

Denzel Washington

Blind Items Revealed #6 - The New Celebrity Cult - Anniversary Month

January 17, 2018

Want to rub shoulders with celebrities? Have a few hundred extra bucks a week to spend on books, conferences, "college" courses, spiritual guides. and even merchandise? Does this sound like Scientology? It kind of does. I'm not going to say anything is worse than Scientology. It is in a class all to itself. I will say that this new celebrity cult has a lot of the same money making ideas. It is all about the money. Oh, and the fame of some of the leaders of the cult. It also has some disturbing practices that are just now coming to light. This cult pays a lot of money to certain young female celebrities to post all kinds of things about the cult on social media. They make it seem that if you come you are sure to run into them. You won't. Even if they do attend, they are kept away from the masses. What these celebrities do though is ensure that hundreds of young females come in to the cult each week. Do these celebrities know what happens to these young female members that come? Well, this celebrity offspring who yachts knows for sure what happens, but doesn't seem to care. This A-/B+ list singer/actress also knows what is up. This A+ list mostly movie actor knows exactly what is going on because he has been on the receiving end of some of the "fellowship" that the young women provide. The young women are all put through a screening process. The first time they come and fill out as visitor card. That card contains blanks for e-mail and social media handles. If the woman is not considered attractive or does not have what seems to be a lot of disposable income, no follow-up is made with them and if they pursue the cult further, they are discouraged from attending. This is usually done through something that will turn them off from ever wanting to come back. If you make the first cut, you are then encouraged to join a group which is made up of members remarkably similar to your own physical looks and age. The group is led by someone who has been trained to ask very probing questions of every member of the group. All of these sessions are recorded. At this point there is further vetting and once again some of the women are encouraged to not come back. This can be anything from having their purse stolen or someone being verbally abusive. If you make it past that level, they are encouraged to attend other more intimate counseling sessions followed by some coursework. All through this period they are given constant positive feedback. They are shown videos of celebrities who tell them they have done the same thing and just take them deeper down this path of no return. This is where it gets even more vile. All of the leaders of the cult are men. These men pick and choose which of these females they would like to counsel one on one. The females by this point have been told they need to serve and these leaders take a woman into a room that looks like a hotel room. There are dozens of these rooms in a building attached to the cult. There, these men have sex with the women. If a woman is hesitant at all, she is again encouraged to leave the cult. Once each new recruit has been sampled if you will, they are assigned to men who have joined the cult. These men have been picked because of their incomes and ability to spend a great deal of money on various cult programs. There is a minimum spend of about $25K a year. That entitles you to a worship companion. Yes, one of the women. You keep spending money you keep the worship companion. They are encouraged to have sex with the worship companions in one of the hotel like rooms where of course everything is recorded. This cult is big on making sure they have a lot of information to use should they need it. That A+ list mostly movie actor spends about $500K a year so he has multiple worship companions he can choose from and is encouraged to spend time with them away from the cult. The cult wants to create families created from these couples which they think will make the cult stronger. Dozens upon dozens of these couples have married. The men are encouraged, even if married to interact with other worship companions because the money needs to keep flowing. The wives understand this apparently and are supposed to encourage their husbands to have as many worship companions as they can afford. There are some men there who are spending close to $1M each year. The leaders of the cult are using this money to line their own pockets and to spread the cult to wealthier countries. That A-/B+ list singer/actress and the celebrity offspring have both been to Dubai and Asia where they have been worship companions to very very wealthy international members who also have private videos of their encounters. There is another A- list singer/actress who says until recently she didn't know any of this was going on. She says the only way she found out was when one of the females recruited told her a friend had been shipped overseas to be a worship companion in an Asian country. No one had heard from her in six months and the actress/singer was approached at a grocery store and asked for help. The actress/singer spent an hour at a Whole Foods deli counter listening to this cult member who described everything she had done with men at the cult. That singer/actress has not been back since. When she threatened to talk about what happened, a security person from the cult visited her at home and she has not uttered a word about it since. A cult staffer is someone who is leaking things slowly and has provided all of this information.

Hillsong Church/Hailey Baldwin/Selena Gomez/Chris Pratt/(the actress/singer who was at the Whole Foods deli counter is still scared and has been very very low profile for the past few years)

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Anniversary Month

January 8, 2018

The year was 1990. It was a strange year in Hollywood. Heidi Fleiss had just broken away from Madam Alex and there was a kind of madam war that was taking place in those first few months of 1990. During those months, there were also some events that took place that are still mentioned today and continue to affect lives. This permanent A+ list celebrity is someone who is a celebrity for all the wrong reasons. In 1990 he was A++ list. He was recognizable in almost every corner of the world. He was a frequent customer of Heidi and is one of the few celebrities she slept with while working for a short time as an escort. Our A+ lister who we will call A had recently started sleeping with one of the friends of his daughter. He then told her she should start earning money as an escort and introduced her to Heidi. That escort would later end up dead of a heroin overdose. She died in a bed she shared with another of the escorts. It was also at this time that A was introduced to a fresh faced recent high school graduate who would later go on to be an A list celebrity. We will call her B. A took a liking to B almost immediately and started spending thousands of dollars a week on her. At the same time, B was also seeing a customer who we will call C. C was an A+ list actor and was also spending thousands of dollars a week on B. Apparently A found out about C and threatened to kill C. So, C being crazy and on drugs and booze started carrying a gun. Yes, the same gun he shot his girlfriend with. At an after party thrown by Heidi, this A list mostly movie director who was A list then and now paid for three women at once and spent the whole night just doing lines of coke off their naked bodies. When one of them tried to share his coke, he tossed her out of the room. This permanent A list mostly movie actor who was married at the time and is married now but to different women, had sex with multiple women that night. He also tried to convince one of the escorts to come over to his house later to have sex with his underage son. She says that she said no, but I kind of think she did because the son has said he lost his virginity to an escort and how old he was so it kind of jibes. Oh, before I forget, while she was still technically married to A, the wife of A worked for Heidi in her waning days of madaming. That wife later ended up dead. This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor went to the party and took five women back to his place. He literally threw two stacks of hundred dollar bills and said there was no way he was going to have sex at the party because he knew there were cameras everywhere. The actor had just split with an A list actress and was seeing another actress he had cheated on the A lister with. It didn't stop him from also having sex with all those escorts that night and a pile of coke. Unlike the director, the A+ lister loved to share his coke.

OJ Simpson/Laurie Dolan/Nicole Brown/Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen/Oliver Stone/James Caan/Jack Nicholson/Anjelica Huston/Rebecca Broussard

Blind Items Revealed #3 - Anniversary Month

January 22, 2018

Nowhere to be seen last night was this barely old enough to drink foreign born actress. Even if she was there, chances are good you wouldn't recognize her. You will. Very soon you will see her face everywhere in a new show being produced in her home country. It is the kind of show that will make it over here in a hurry and be a massive hit. Why would she have been there last night? She is the latest arm candy of this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is much much older than she. Our actor is known to all of you. He is known to almost every person in every corner of the planet. As he has grown older, his women have grown younger and younger. He somehow managed to ride a wave, bumpy to be sure, of him having sex with someone underage. It hasn't affected his career. In fact, since it happened, you could argue his career has even become stronger. It almost didn't happen that way. You see, something that wasn't seen in that underage scandal, was another person. Another person who was also very close to him for a number of years. Unlike the one that became kind of public knowledge, the 15 year old never got out. The 15 year old he got pregnant and who now has a grade schooler. As far as I know, only two people besides the mother of that child know and one of them is paid off with tens of millions of dollars and the other is dead. It was the dead one that had him worried. She was the one who wanted to have his child. She was the one who wanted to be with him. Instead, as she got older he started to lose interest. She became jealous and started threatening to tell the world what she knew. He couldn't have that. He couldn't see his career come crashing down. He enjoyed the fame and perks and the young women he got to meet every single day who loved when he would touch them or at least pretend to as to not offend him. What to do? Well, he is an actor. A very good actor. There was someone very close to the jealous woman who was easily manipulated. That someone was always forgetting to take his meds which made him even more malleable. It also made him prone to violent rages. Our actor worked the certain someone into a rage until he ended up killing the jealous woman. No more problem. Our actor could continue to live his life as he pleased.

Morgan Freeman/E' Dena Hines/Lamar Davenport

Blind Items Revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

December 27, 2017

When you think of celebrities, you rarely think of them as having an arsenal of guns at their disposal. Combine that with an orgasmic love of firing them any time anywhere and a fantasy of making a real life snuff film and you have the subject of our blind today. I bet you thought the subject of our blind is male. Nope. She is a B list director and a celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister. Back in the day when she was a college student, she bought one gun. Apparently she liked showing it off to people and would randomly fire it during parties. The next thing anyone knew, she had dozens of guns. Most people would probably keep their guns locked away in a safe or out of reach to visitors. Not our offspring. She kept them all under her bed and all of them always loaded. When she would have parties at the apartment her father bought her, you were almost guaranteed to see her fire one of them. Yes. Inside. If anyone complained, her dad would write a check and the problem would go away. He was always making her problems go away. One problem that even he would not be able to go away is her real life fantasy. Apparently she has always wanted to make a snuff film. A real snuff film and has described in detail how she would get away with it and convince the audience it was just f/x. There is a script she keeps trying to get made that would be a snuff film, but that would involve a real death. At some point she is going to get it made. Right now it is in the form of a limited series type of event. When you see it made, you really should ask yourself if it is an actor that gets shot in the movie or if it is someone else who was killed.

Adria Petty/Tom Petty

Blind Items Revealed #1 - Annexin A2 - Anniversary Month

December 22, 2017

Yes, I think it is the most unusual title I may have had for a big blind. It is the focus. The person who has been investigating this for the past decade spent about 30 minutes talking about Annexin A2 and how it works in the body and I just wanted the person to get to the good stuff. The long and short of it from what I understand is that it plays a big part of having a certain kind of cancer. Apparently there is also a way to inject this protein into your body and promote a certain kind of cell invasion which can kill you. I need you to go back in time a little over a decade ago. Much like last year it was a big political year. Candidates from both parties were desperate to be the next President. One of those candidates had some political baggage. Baggage that was going to come out. Baggage in the form of a written diary that this female former A- list celebrity had kept in longhand for decades. This diary spelled out some very big secrets when it came to sex between herself and some of the most powerful people in politics. When it came to the election, if it came out, it would destroy one of the candidates. The diary mentioned the candidate in detail and also mentioned family members of the candidate. Everyone knew there was a diary. Would the diary be believed? Could they discredit her? Honestly, that would have been tough. Were the entries speculation? Some of it could have been. However, they also knew that she had a year of pillow talk with one of the most powerful people in the country. They couldn't take that chance. Attempts were made to buy the diary. Attempts were made to find and steal the diary. There was one attempt to burn down the home where they thought the diary was located. Finally, they decided to incapacitate her. Their rationalization was that it would incapacitate her and she would be sick for a year or two, but would recover. They were also told during the year of campaigning she would be at her worst and even if she could or did try to speak, they could blame it on the illness and that she was not to be believed. They waited until flu season. She always got a shot every year. She always did it at an event to encourage others to get theirs. An event that had dozens of volunteer nurses giving shots. One of those nurses gave a very special injection to the celebrity. Just as predicted, she got sick and developed tumors and was out of commission for a little over a year just like everyone said. It was all a big sigh of relief that they had got away with it and no one died. Our celebrity recovered and people went on with their lives. Then, our candidate thought about that diary and thought about it turning up again if they decided to run again. What would happen if they did it again to her? The scientist said it would probably end up killing the person, especially with the last illness so recent. Well, once again, our celebrity got a flu shot at the same public event and the same nurse was back four years later. This time the celebrity got sick and never got better. She died. There is a footnote to this story. The reason the person got in touch with me and gave me a ton of documents and letters and pictures was not because of what happened before, but what happened recently. Last year this A+ list politician was at a public event getting a flu shot and what looked to be the same nurse from before. Before you knew it, the A+ lister was near death. Apparently when you are young you can beat it once, but if you are older, your chances diminish relative to your age.

2008/Eleanor Mondale/Bill Clinton/John McCain

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Blind Item #8

 This one named permanent A list singer has multiple employees/slaves she got from her traffickng ex.

Blind ITem #7

 Under orders from his friend, the boyfriend of the "singer," told the paps where she would be yesterday.

Blind Item #6

 This former A/A- list teen singer recently did meth in a hospital.

Blind Item #5

 This foreign born A+ list young adult author once hooked up with the former leader of her country.

Blind Items Revealed #4

November 17, 2021

This cable show could never get any of its stars on the one named host's talk show. I guess that changed with the alliterate one. I wonder if she would like to be the replacement for the host. You would think you would want to meet with the host considered the nicest and not the one that bullies her staff. Oh, wait. Two birds of a feather and all that. Probably hit up James Corden the a-hole, next. Oh, wait, her husband already did that. 

"Suits"/"Ellen"/Meghan Markle/Kelly Clarkson

Blind Items Revealed #3

November 16, 2021

Much like what happened to her would be mother-in-law, this royal feels that her life is in danger.

Grace Kelly/Princess Charlene Of Monaco

Blind Items Revealed #2

November 16, 2021

The foreign born A list singer just doubles down by making her fans feel awful, while not revealing she had surgical help to achieve her results.


Blind Items Revealed #1

November 16, 2021

This foreign born former A list superhero who would really love his old job back, is using his old Finsta again. He has not used it since he was hooking up with the high schooler several years ago.

Henry Cavill

Blind Item #4

 This married in-law of a former A++ lister is hooking up with a national talk show host.

Blind Item #3

 This A/A- list rapper wants to release a money generating documentary about the tragedy and is working with producers to make that happen.

Blind Item #2

The admissions in a recent interview are as close as you are going to get to this former A+ list mostly movie actress admitting she slept with this A+ list actor while he was still married.

Blind Item #1

This awards organization said they were done with secret meetings and rigged nominations. They were lying.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Blind Item #13

This actor/producer/showrunner/director already has made it clear he likes hooking up with people who have no families and no connections and loves homeless children and adults. Now, he has built an airport on his compound and is sending all these people out for "jobs."

Blind Item #12

I would really like to know why this couple who had to turn back rumors they split this past week, doesn't come clean on a couple of things. Why for instance is the Maybach you supposedly bought as a gift always have a series of continually changing license plate numbers whenever it ends up in a photo being posted by the couple. Have you noticed that whenever workout photos are posted, they always feature the pair in the same clothes as if the photos were taken a year or two ago in a shoot and then are randomly posted.

Blind Item #11

The child murderer who got away with it wants to start a sex toy line. I did not have that on my Bingo card.

Blind Item #10 - Reader Blind

It is widely assumed that the upcoming battle will be between a prior A++ lister and a wannabe A++ lister from a big state.  But there will be a third option.  This person who is arguably becoming more and more A list and who has never run for public office before is laying the ground work.  The person he spoke to the other day was just one in a long line of red meat type of programs. More are coming including several which will fundamentally challenge the narrative of recent historical events. He is rich as everybody knows even without his current career but in fact he is quite a bit richer than has been revealed and is more than willing to use his own money for seeking A++.

Blind Item #9 - Reader Blind

Many years ago there was  a tragedy that was the basis for a popular song by a foreign singer/songwriter. While there is physical wreckage of the disaster, the bodies of the people who are presumed dead have ever been found.  The US military was monitoring strange activity in the area and there is a file on it which will be declassified soon.  This includes evidence that they were attacked by an unknown craft using advanced weaponry and they also took away the people who were present. 

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Anniversary Month

January 30, 2018

I have written here before about some fathers who have taken advantage of women that have worked for their daughters and hooked up with backup dancers and singers. This is the first time I can remember the father of an actress using the name of the actress as a pickup line. Sure, Pimpa Joe uses the fame of his daughters to find "models" to photograph, but this is different. The actress in question is currently A- list mostly movies. She has been A+ list in the past. She used to be in the tabloids every week. The pickup line of the father to women is that he is the dad of the actress. He promises all kinds of Hollywood parties and introduction to people who can get the women into the business or parts or management or an agent. He just strings them along for years while he uses them for sex. He has a string of women and will often call them out of the blue to tell them he has an audition for them but they need to come over to his place or he needs to go to theirs and they have to have sex as a condition to the part. The next day he will say the part went away because they decided not to make the movie but he is fighting for them.

Kristen Stewart

Today's Blind Items - No One Will Care

If you are a guy and sleep with a member of the gay mafia (whichever of the two branches, although, this is the OG branch), you expect to be paid/work/opportunities. There are only so many roles in normal television/movies, so then some will do work in gay porn. Once those opportunities run out, then they do heterosexual porn. If those run out, then they do escort work or even honey pot stuff. 

When there is a person who threatens this very carefully constructed balance, that person must be dealt with and in this case, they were dealt with in the harshest possible manner. Death. Specifically, this celebrity called out the gay mafia publicly and told them she knew what they were doing. She wanted no part of it and they were endangering her livelihood.

When she publicly called them out, they got several bot armies after her and tried to shame her, degrade her and push her over the edge. They called her a drug user and a w***e and anything else they could think to make stick. She didn't back down though and kept after them. In the face of thousands upon thousands of hits against her, she kept fighting back. 

She was especially concerned because the powers that be owned several organizations which are used to keep the industry safe. She had to abide by them, but all of the men did not. They were allowed to do what they wanted, and did not have to disclose anything to anyone. It was a horror show. She had to be stopped in this crusade. So, they did what they always do. They went to her house and made a person who was not even close to suicidal, take her own life and make sure everyone knew she was suicidal and a drug user. Problem solved. 


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