Saturday, June 14, 2014

Blind Items Revealed

May 11, 2014

"Oh my God, she is sooo old. Who invited her to the party?" Miley Cyrus talking about this still very much A list foreign born super model.

Kate Moss

Blind Item #9

This B list celebrity and sometime B list actress with A+ list name recognition can't get her drinking under control and is headed for another divorce.

Blind Item #8

The A list movie actor ex of the actress in #7 has been having sex with a cocktail waitress he met in a casino while shooting his new movie and his actress girlfriend would not be pleased.

Blind Item #7

The significant other of this A list mostly television actress from a hit network show has been sexting his ex-girlfriend who he never has really stopped talking to.

Blind Items Revealed

May 9, 2014

#3- Jean Claude Van Damme used to have sex with this really bad actress/reality star who has been in the tabloids constantly the past month.

Tori Spelling

Blind Items Revealed

May 9, 2014

#1 - One of the reasons this foreign born A list mostly movie actor from the franchise that has been going for almost 50 years has such a young wife might be that he apparently is in the top five or ten when it comes to endowment. Maybe even number one when it comes to A listers.

Patrick Stewart

Blind Item #6

Not wanting to talk about the cheating while filming makes it really tough to shoot a reality show when both of the participants have been fighting non-stop about his cheating when the cameras are turned off.

Blind Item #5

This former A list mostly television actress who just shows up on a lot of red carpets these days and tries her hand behind the scenes better cut short her bathroom visits while out with her boyfriend because he cleans up on phone numbers for women.

Blind Item #4

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor had to not only pay for a $5K designer dress but also the damage done to some furniture in a dressing room after he had sex with his girlfriend in the dressing room while she was wearing the dress.

Blind Items Revealed

May 9, 2014

This former A+ list entertainer(athlete) has A+ list name recognition and probably knows every hooker on the eastern seaboard on a first name basis. He has spending his free time directing and producing porn videos that are anything but tame. Seriously extreme stuff that he is going to distribute under a new company name.

Alex Rodriguez

Blind Items Revealed

May 9, 2014

This sometime A+ list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner. She also has a crazy temper. She berated her assistant the entire time they were standing in line for coffee and while they were waiting to pick it up and then on the walk back to the car because the assistant was five minutes late to work. Not Reese.

Sandra Bullock

Blind Item #3

The sibling of this former A list tweener who has struggled to stay relevant since her hit show went off the air is not content to sit in her sister's shadow any longer and has filmed a porn which she thinks will make her a fortune. The thing is, she is probably right.

Blind Item #2

Negotiations in the pre-nup are not going well for this A+ list mostly movie actor. His girlfriend wants a minimum of $20M to marry the actor because that is how much she claims she will give up in earnings to marry the actor.

Blind Item #1

The wife of this former A+ list mostly television actor who has not done much successfully as of late plays the dutiful wife despite the fact her husband cheats on her with a string of women that she knows about.

Blind Items Revealed

May 9, 2014

This foreign born Academy Award winner/nominee B+ list mostly movie actor went out on a date with his B list celebrity girlfriend as part of a bet but is still dating her because he says the sex is the best he has ever had. I have to say she doesn't look the type.

Michael Fassbender/Naomi Campbell

Blind Items Revealed

May 8, 2014

This B list reality star from an A list reality show is being pulled out of school because she is failing. She never attends so is going to be home schooled. Riiiight.

Kylie Jenner

Friday, June 13, 2014

Random Photos Part Six- Remember When Edition

Remember when Bill Murray crashed a bachelor party? Now he crashes engagement shoots.

Remember when Brooke Shields' boyfriend committed suicide?
Remember when Courteney Cox and David Arquette were married?
Remember when Courteney was having sex with Michael Keaton?
Remember when Drew Barrymore was going through her comeback and had to get naked in every movie to get cast?
Remember when Dustin Hoffman was in Tootsie with Bill Murray and Jessica Lange and Sydney Pollack and Teri Garr and Geena Davis? Watch it this weekend if you have never seen it.
Remember when Judi Dench was M? I want her back.
Remember when Dianna Agron was actually the controversial one from Glee?
Remember the last time Joshua Jackson was better
dressed than Diane Kruger?
Remember when that crocodile Emmy Rossum is carrying was alive?
Remember when Helena Bonham Carter was in a Tim Burton movie? No, the one before that. No, the one before that one, but after that one.

Random Photos Part Five

Idina Menzel has a new haircut, but is still a lefty.

Jessica Alba in NYC just smiling away.
Josh Hartnett leaves his girlfriend behind.
Jaime King at The Rover premiere with
Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce.
Can we talk about Pitbull's pants?
The amazing thing is neither Camilla nor Angelina Jolie ever did blink. Botox makes it impossible for them.
Katy Perry's dress reminds me of a pinball game.
Keanu Reeves enjoying a bike ride yesterday in LA.

Random Photos Part Four

You know who is rarely at home with her wife or kids? Lily Allen and is headed for divorce. Last night she only stayed out until 4am partying. Pretty good for her.

Also out last night at the same place was Geri Halliwell.
Just when I didn't think Lady GaGa could embarrass herself more, she comes up with this.
Miley Cyrus took her 14 year old sister to a bar in Barcelona last night.
Meryl Davis looking great in Hawaii.
Nigel Barker and his wife.
A classic Nicole Kidman red carpet pose but with way more cleavage than normal.
While Naomi Watts shopped,
Liev Schreiber took the kids shopping.

Random Photos Part Three

Aaron Paul wears a hat from the Pete Doherty collection.

Penelope Cruz on the set of her new movie with her assistant holding Penelope's drink.
Usher gets hugged by Paris Hilton and then took a Silkwood shower.
The Princess might not make it to Queen if she keeps dropping weight like this.
Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are still in Barbados and still ghostly white.
Ashlee Simpson and Bronx last night.
Selena Gomez has been wearing lots of black lately. Probably mourning her career.
Sarah Jessica Parker and her daughters out for a stroll.
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kaley Cuoco at an event yesterday.

Random Photos Part Two

Sometimes Steven Tyler is very strange.

Apparently Tallulah Willis is in the same category but is bested by
Kat Graham.
Teresa Palmer at the LA Film Festival looking lovely.
I like this look for Tina Fey on the set of her new movie.
Ashley Tisdale shows off a new haircut.
Taylor Momsen won an award last night for best looking musician. Umm. Great to know they love her music.
Taylor Swift ended her 15 month tour last night in Singapore.
Winona Ryder sporting a fake pregnancy on the set of her new movie.

Random Photos Part One - All Reader Photos

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