Saturday, March 16, 2013

Princess Bride Meets Game Of Thrones

Blind Items Revealed

November 21, 2012

She can't help it. Everytime this A+ list all movie actor calls this B+ all movie actress she falls for his words and ends up going over to his place to have sex. Or to his hotel. Or anywhere he tells her to be. There is nothing that is going to come out of it and he does the same thing with several other women. She ignores him for a few weeks and then always caves. Meanwhile, when other guys ask her out she says no because she keeps waiting for the jerk to text. He never calls which makes it even more clinical.

Zoe Saldana & Bradley Cooper

Blind Items Revealed

November 20, 2012

This B list actor has a severe anger problem and also controls every second of the life of this B- list actress who is his significant other and has A list name recognition. Two days ago they got into a huge fight witnessed by their neighbors while they were in the driveway of their home. They were supposed to go out and evidently she said something to irritate him and he told her to get her as* out of the car and back in the house and she was lucky they had to go somewhere the next day or he would beat the crap out of her. She got out of the car and kept looking behind her at him while she went into the house like he was going to attack her.

Diane Lane & Josh Brolin

Blind Items Revealed

June 14, 2012

This A list R&B singer is famous for his birthday parties. Not famous publicly so much, but famous for how much he likes the attention. At a recent birthday celebration, our singer held it at a big venue and there were lots and lots of celebrities.

Within this main event, there would be a private party also being held in a separate VIP room for our singer. The staff working the party were told that he would mingle for a short period of time in the main event and work his way to his private party which was supposedly a surprise. Our singer's people told management at the venue that they only wanted females, and they had to be attractive to be providing service to the singer.

The staff were told to not talk to him, do not ask for any autographs, speak only when spoken to - stay out of his way because he can be an a-hole and make sure everyone has what they need before they have to ask for it.

When the singer arrives, he sees his cake - doesn't even bother to feign interest. He has a very tight crew of men around him that are fawning all over him and touching him and he is loving every minute of this attention. They want him bad, and he knows it.

They all end up sitting together on a couch, and they are all about him. He completely ignores all of the other people in the room, they have his attention. All of it. None of the other guests, not the people bringing drinks or food. Just the guys around him.


Blind Items Revealed

June 6, 2012

This actress was a solid B lister and for a time even considered an A lister. She had her own movie once or twice even though they were small. That is not how she is best known though. At her peak she made her living be the co-star and like many actresses she fell for her co-stars frequently and to her peril. There was never a time when she got involved with her co-stars that she was not used and thrown aside when the men were finished with her. Her most famous co-star is probably, reluctantly an A lister. He used to have sex with her in the morning and then go out and have sex with other people in the afternoon. There was one time she said that she is pretty sure he called while having sex with another woman, but she always took him back until he found someone more famous and he didn't want to come back. Another co-star who is more celebrity than actor she fell for didn't even pretend to have any feelings for our actress. He would put her down in front of her friends and would send her to the bedroom and tell her to wait while he hung out with his friends and he would go in and have sex and then just come right back out. If he was finished with her for the night he would send her home. She always came back though. Another co-star who actually did treat her right gave up because our actress lost interest to another B list actor who would yell at her and make her cry and she just could not get enough.

Brittany Murphy
Ashton Kutcher

Are You Jealous Of The Goopster

The thing about a new Gwyneth Paltrow movie appearance and also her book is that she does a lot of press. These are perfect opportunities for her to stick her foot in her mouth. This is not really a hopeless thought on our part as she has shown consistently over time that she will say lots of things to prove she cannot relate to anyone. She is on the cover of Self this month where she shares her slim body secrets. Starve. That is a very short article. In the article, other than sharing her dieting secrets, the Goopster also says people like her again. Apparently they have all been jealous for the past 15 years ever since she won an Oscar at such a young age. Yeah, that is why they dislike you. I don't think people you are paying count as friends, but she can think whatever she wants. I think people actually dislike her more now than 15 years ago. Are you jealous of her? Do you wish you could be as uptight as her? Do you wish you thought everyone was a millionaire with a staff and countless hours to yourself and look down on everyone else?

Blind Item #2

This A list musical group has probably split for good. It is not just one female diva's demands that have driven the group apart, it is also the fact that the other diva in the group, a man, has tried to have sex with the female diva's husband on numerous occasions. He has already had sex with everyone else in the band, including the female and kept saying he wanted to bring everyone into his circle.

David Beckham Loses In Hooker Case Again

An appeals court has ruled against David Beckham in his lawsuit against In Touch which reported he had sex with a hooker in London. The hooker, Irma Nici said she had sex with him in a hotel in London on a day when Beckham was actually out of town at a funeral. In Touch admits the story is not true, but the woman said it was true and In Touch is off the hook. As for Irma? The appeals court says that she can say whatever she wants because her speech is protected by the First Amendment and free speech.

Blind Item #1

This former B list comedic actor from a very hit television show has been reduced to a shell of a D lister slowly going through his big movie paychecks as he spends it all on hookers and coke.

Julianne Hough & Ryan Seacrest Call It Quits

Don't you think it is really interesting that the day after the world finds out that Julianne Hough was visiting a "friend" and her jewelry stolen from her car that Ryan and Julianne split. I'm surprised they lasted this long. Of course since Ryan is such a ladies man it won't take him very long to find someone new. I have to say that I thought they were finished back in January when Julianne went on a vacation with some of those friends I spoke about earlier. Then, Ryan showed up and they pretended to be together for another six weeks. So, if Julianne had three pieces of jewelry valued at $100K, I'm guessing in cash and prizes, she probably received $1M in the two years they dated. That seems like a good estimate doesn't it?

Lil' Wayne And Sizzurp

Yesterday, Lil Wayne was rushed back to the emergency room after suffering multiple seizures. This comes shortly after he had been released from the hospital on Wednesday after suffering seizures. Apparently between Wednesday and yesterday, Lil' Wayne went on a sizzurp drinking binge which caused the seizures. At one point yesterday, Lil' was reported to be in critical condition and near death and rappers from the hip hop community have gathered by his hospital room. There have been numerous conflicting reports about whether he was close to death or in stable condition. His people seem to think he is fine. TMZ would like him as near death as possible without actually dying. It is kind of the same way they feel about Kris Humphries. All of this goes to show you that even if you know you might or probably will die, it can be tough to give up your addictions.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Bethenny Frankel taking classes to learn how to spell YMCA.

David Bowie and Iman. I would love to go to dinner with them.
Apparently Demi Lovato has stained her hands black for her new music video.
Emma Roberts and a cupcake she will never eat.
Gerard Butler headed into Letterman.
Unless Amber Heard was standing next to her car, I don't think I could recognize her. She is always changing her look.
Crochet pants are a big thing for Jessica Biel. Justin & Jessica were headed to a birthday party for Timbaland.
Jamie Foxx went and also
Chelsea Clinton. Talk about random.

Random Photos Part Two

Heidi Klum at The Grove. She says her Oscar dress was originally even more low cut. So? She was topless?

Ian Somerhalder in NYC.
James Franco really loves himself a lot. You don't often find people carrying such signs. Meanwhile,
Selena Gomez hung out with friends before heading to the premiere.
James van Der Beek and his wife at the world's largest baby shower.
Alicia Keys now has her own shoe line. You know, because she is always wearing sneakers.
Katie Holmes and Spike lee take a selfie.
This might be the most princess like, Kate Middleton has looked.
Taylor Lautner shows off his tough guy look with Kristen Stewart.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Mad Men released some new publicity photos to get everyone excited about the new season. You know what would be cool? Have a body on the floor and people would be wondering what it was all about and if there was going to be an overdose or something and not have it ultimately mean anything.

Peter Dinklage takes his baby out for a stroll in a stroller. Huh, that is why they named it that?
Russell Brand is very popular in London.
Reese Witherspoon gets all spring like.
Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse take their dog for a walk.
Remember when Samantha Ronson was always being photographed?
Yeah, Tia Mowry's son might be a little big to be carried.

Summer Camp With Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

Blind Item #6 - They Don't Get Any Easier

This nobody has hit the lottery. He actually could be making for or asking for a whole lot more money than he is currently getting paid to be the boyfriend of this A list celebrity. She loves having a boyfriend and the only way she is going to meet someone who does not work for her is if someone arranges it. A few introductory meetings and a a coffee and then dates paid unknowingly by her. He gets paid $1000 a week which is twice as much as he was making at his last job. He is not supposed to have sex with her, but no one says no to her without a fight so it probably has happened or will. Does this make him a gigolo?

Videos Don't Get Much Better Than This

Usually it is cat videos or watching another idiot taking a fall, so this is way classier.

Blind Item #5

This show is gold for one network but the two co-stars hate each other. A lot. As in, if they have to do something together, they will, but otherwise they don't speak. Both are very likable individually, but one is the perceived star and acts accordingly and the other does not like her for it ans has called her out on it. The actress who is the less perceived star is probably going to be replaced because they have deemed her easy to find anywhere while the other co-star would be impossible to replace with the same kind of talent.

Nicki Minaj Has A Crazy Week On American Idol

If this was any other season or any other judge, I would just pass off what Nicki Minaj said last night to hyperbole. I know, big word. Saw it in a newspaper the other day and decided to give it a whirl. Don't worry, I have not lost my ability to say baby mama. On Wednesday, Nicki was late to a live taping of American Idol by 13 minutes. I say taping because here on the west coast we don't see it live. We have to wait three hours to see Ryan Seacrest's carefully coiffed hair. Last night, Nicki's favorite contestant was eliminated which prompted her to threaten to quit the show. I think she meant it and if she was on a show like The Voice she probably would. Nicki does not need American Idol's money and it would not shock me to see her be late again or leave early or cause some kind of other drama on the show.

Four For Friday - They All Died

Friday today and it cannot come soon enough. I have a big weekend planned. Golden Girls episodes all weekend long. 8 hours each day. I will find time to blog though and reveals for sure tomorrow from the archives. Lately I have been revealing ones on Sunday too. I would love for you to follow me on Twitter @entylawyer where I will continue into my third weekend of drunk Tweeting late at night. Oh, and if I get 20K followers I will reveal a great blind. I'm thinking The Director's Wife.

This film was huge when it was filmed. Not so much for the amount of money it made, which was not a ton, but it was one of the first films to ever have actual sex and not simulated sex. The director thought it would be a great idea. Now though, much of the cast has died to very strange or unknown circumstances. There is the B list actor in his own country, who died. He comes from a very well known family. I can't make this too easy.  Along with him dying of very strange circumstances, his co-star who he had sex with during the movie and who had her husband leave her shortly after the making of the film died from unknown causes. these are not old people who died. They were young. There are reports that several other members of the cast also are suffering from some of the same ailments, including two who have been in the hospital for months and that crew members from the set have died and that it is all being hushed up because of some of the names involved and who paid for the financing and who is responsible for the virus which is killing them all.

Your Turn

In this alleged Chris Rock/Dave Chapelle tour, who would you make open the show and who gets to be the headliner?

Blind Item #4

Even though this former Tweener who is now a B list actress has cheated on her boyfriends in the past and had sex during those times, apparently she is a straight up turn off the lights, missionary person who says she just does it because her boyfriends want to do it and not because she thinks it is all that fun. She says, "I would rather just have my life be like Grease, where we kiss and hug."

Don't Take Daniel Craig's Photo

If Rachel Weisz had not been with Daniel Craig, Daniel could very well be in jail right now. Well, he would have been arrested. OK, probably just ticketed and then forced to sign autographs for the police who just ticketed him. While shopping at a grocery store in NYC, a fan spotted Daniel. The fan tried to take Daniel's photo with a cell phone. Harmless enough, but Daniel grabbed the phone out of the fan's hand and then started yelling at the fan and said the fan had no right to be taking photos and was about to throw the phone down on the ground when Rachel stepped in and calmed everything down. She did lecture the fan about privacy too before going out and doing a million interviews to promote her latest film so fans will go see it. Yes, she calmed things down, but she is no ray of sunshine so don't ever be fooled.

Traci Lords Says She And Her Mom Were Raped In Steubenville

I'm not sure what is going on in this town in Ohio, but it sounds like this teen who is taking on all these guys should be hailed and not vilified. Traci Lords says that when she was 10 she was raped in the same town and also says her mom was raped there too.

Blind Item #3

This actor is B- list. Honestly he should be C list, but he has such a well known face and voice that you have to put him in the B list range. Huge career lasting for decades. Always the second banana, but very popular. Did I say he was aging? Over 60. He insists his latest girlfriend is 18, but she was telling people at dinner the other night she needed to get home and study or her parents would kill her. I'm thinking high school student. He plays big in high schools. Colleges too.

Is Tara Reid The Keith Richards Of The D List Actresses?

Two nights ago, Tara Reid went on a bender for the ages for one of us and what Tara calls a Wednesday. Because the high season in Europe does not start for another six weeks or so, Tara is forced to spend her time here in LA while fielding business calls during the day. Soon, she will be off the to the South of France and parties on yachts with guys who she just always calls baby or hun. You know you are wasted out of your mind when you can't be bothered to even look for your shoes in the club you came out of and also used the club bathroom like that too. You know you are wasted out of your mind when strangers have to carry you out to a cab. Tara Reid is kind of like the Keith Richards or D listers. Lots of booze and drugs and pills. Yes, Keith has talent so that is a minus against Tara. But, Tara does have bigger breasts thanks to several bad boob jobs. Keith? He has some moobs but only because he is older. Money? Keith by far and wouldn't it be funny if Keith once spent time with Tara, you know as her "friend." I don't know what Tara is going to do in another year or two when all the glitter from her fame has been sucked dry and she is forced to actually confront what she has become.

Blind Item #2

This actor was getting close to A list. Mostly movies and some very very big roles. High profile ones and popcorn type movies.Some of the movies bombed and lost a ton of money, but our actor does not seem worried that he does not get cast as much. He still has an unusual name which helps him get recognized and he is the actor you turn to for all of your recreational drug needs, including connections to doctors who are very pro-prescription. He runs a kickback thing with them and makes a ton of money. Our actor probably makes $1M a year from all of his illicit activities.

I'm Writing About Teen Mom Again - No Keiffffffffuh Involved

I figure if I just put Teen Mom in the headlines, the ones who don't want to read about it can just skip over it or pretend they are before they decide to read it because it could be about someone other than Jenelle Evans. Sorry to disappoint, but it is about Jenelle, and sadly has no Keiffffffuh in it. Instead, it is Jenelle who is the star of this horror show. She checked out of rehab and checked back in with her husband. They are sleeping together again while he is awaiting his trial on beating her. While she was pregnant. She says she was pregnant anyway. Oh, while she was also doing heroin with him and he appears to be having sex with the mother of his toddler at night and sex with Jenelle during the day who is kind of not seeing but sometimes seeing her ex-fiancee' who she has lived with in the past month and had sex with, but he needs rehab for alcohol. This stuff is gold. Teen Mom 2 is one thing but Jenelle needs her own show and it needs to be on 24/7. Strap them all with Go cams and let them do there thing. Lots of boredom and smoking dope, but lots of fights and violence and more dope.

Blind Item #1

This almost A list mostly movie actor from a nice franchise who has A+ name recognition was asked if he would like some company from ladies while he was in town. The actor said that he would skip it because he assumed they would all be Asian and he does not like to have sex with anyone unless they are white.

NY Times Says Matt Lauer Will Be Replaced

You know what sounds cool, but has no basis in reality? Last week I wrote that Matt Lauer was going to be dumped by the end of May sweeps if the ratings did not improve. One of my sources was not in the meeting, but her boss was and the boss kind of wants to sleep with his employee so has been telling her everything. Anyway, then this week The NY Times ran essentially the same story and it sounds like they were in the same meeting. I think the boss is leaking stuff to the Times. I get the employee he wants to have sex with and the Times gets the actual guy, because he again feels like a big shot. Oh, going back to the sounds cool part? It could have just been the NY Times saw my excellent reporting and decided to followup. Corroborate stuff or whatever it is they do there other than lay off people and hemorrhage money. Now all the tabloids have followed The Times' lead. Oh, if you are worried about my source and me burning her, no worries. She said it was fine and that her boss would be the one to get fired and she hates being pawed at by him anyway so would be willing to quit.

Kristen Stewart Is Dating A Woman

This week, The Enquirer must have really wanted to boost sales. They are throwing some serious dirt. Whether they are right or not, isn't this how you like your gossip? With a little dose of it could be true or it might be true, but whatever it is, it is way better than reading about some bachelor couple from a jillion years ago who had a baby or what CSI-North Dakota star adopted a dog from a local family. The Enquirer says that Kristen Stewart is dating a woman. I would not put it past her to be dating a woman. I know there has been a very high profile woman who has been asking her out. Yes, it is a blind item. Yes, you may go look now and share the news with the world. But since, the world won't care, just share it with others close to you. The woman in question is the assistant of Katy Perry. Well you know she has been hit on by John Mayer whether she is gay or straight. It is not like he is anti-guy. John is a if I can get off I don't care what or who it is. Presumably farm animals are not included in that.

Liam Hemsworth Cancels Press For Movie

Unfortunately for him, Liam Hemsworth will not be able to cancel his press duties when the new Hunger Games movie comes out. They will sue him until he he dies if he tries to do that. Empire State does not have that big of a legal budget so Liam feels pretty confident he can skip all the press duties for the upcoming movie and those duties were going to start next week. Everyone thinks it is because Liam does not want to answer Miley Cyrus questions. I don't think so though. Do you care what he does with Miley? I am so over that relationship. It has no relevance to me at all and other than the fact  kept wondering if Miley would have sex on Twitter or Instagram, there was no real excitement to me about the relationship. The January Jones thing is the most interesting thing to happen to Liam & Miley since Miley discovered she can actually speak without chewing gum at the same time. I want to know all about that night with January and if Liam talks to her and what he told her and if she still had sex with him anyway and if she is pregnant and how come her parents didn't name her February.

Charlie Sheen Goes A Little Crazy

Charlie Sheen has been in a year long fight with the former school of his daughter Sam who Charlie and Denise Richards say was subjected to year long bullying from a student named Victoria. Denise complained to the school on multiple occasions and Charlie even quit strippers for a week because he was so upset. Charlie claims the school did nothing and even though Sam has not attended the school in almost a year, asked everyone to commit acts of vandalism against the school and deliver s**t to the doorstep of the school and make sure that it all indicated that it was for Victoria. This seems a bit overboard. I am anti-bullying. I think we all are unless it involves Justin Bieber being bullied. Isn't Charlie kind of bullying now? It has been a year. Your daughter is safe and in another school. You complained to the school and if they did nothing, then what you do to them is up to you, but to include a 9 year old girl in your rant a year after it happened just seems wrong. The school has released a statement saying that people will be prosecuted if they attempt anything and that if you are stupid enough to try, then you should also donate your copy of Justin Bieber's latest album.

Justin Bieber Wants To Sleep With Lindsay Lohan

I have been giving this a lot of thought. I know, I know. You are asking yourself how I ever get anything accomplished if I spend all day thinking about Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan. I find that if I skip showers I have lots more time in my day and not as many friends who want to say hey. Yesterday, I'm sure you read that Justin went off on the world for suggesting he needs rehab. Yes, just like every episode of Intervention, Justin Bieber thinks he does not need rehab. If he thought he did not rehab would he have admitted it? Of course not, just like he won't admit that he secretly wants to have sex with Lindsay Lohan. Justin Bieber is a long time fan of Lindsay. Freaky Friday was the only movie his mom would let him watch until last week so he is obviously skewed in what he thinks is the ideal woman. In his manifesto yesterday, Justin made a joke about he is no Lindsay Lohan and that Justin actually has money. It was funny, so of course Justin took it out. I think his mom also told him that it was not the way to attract a good girl like Lindsay. I would become a Belieber if Lindsay and Justin started dating. I would buy a pair of diaper pants and tie them around my ankles so only my tight whiteys were showing.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Umm, it's Lou Reed. he gets the top spot.

Ben Affleck starts growing the beard again.
Ashley Benson shows off a new hair color.
Britney Spears gets all dressed up for her shopping run with her kids.
Yeah, remember those sweet and innocent Charlotte Church commercials when she was a kid.
Chloe Sevigny wears a guitar dress.
Demi Lovato cut her hair and shows the world.
Gavin Rossdale after hitting the gym.
Jessica Alba has a book?

Random Photos Part Two

You know what they say about guys with big feet? Jim Carrey's are so big they don't even have shoes big enough.

Jenna Dewan takes her baby bump out for a walk.
Jennifer Garner always looks great when she dresses up.
Jared Leto in Burberry.
Derek Hough gives some shade to Kellie Pickler.
Kyle Richards and her daughter in Beverly Hills.
Mila Kunis goes the no makeup route to the gym.
A new look for Matthew M on his new movie.
Ashley & Mary Kate Olsen at the CFDA event.
Olivia Wilde looks great and I am team Olivia over team Bieber any day of the week.


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