Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blind Item #3

This married A+ list mostly movie actor signed his favorite B- list mostly television actress/mistress for a small role in his new movie and has already arranged to get her cast on a new television show. He takes very good care of her so she must be very good to him. I wonder if his actress wife knows.

Blind Item #2

They have only been working together for two months but already this A list actor who is now dividing his time between television and movies is making this C+ list co-star actress uncomfortable with all of his comments and touching and groping. He has a girlfriend but has made it clear he would like to be with the actress who has been dodging him as best she can and she is thinking about quitting the show.

Blind Item #1

This former B- list mostly television actress from a hit HBO show who is lone gone from the show was out partying this week and offering a two for one special with a friend. The actress had no takers because she was asking way too much. It is frightening how fast she has gone downhill. Yes, it will be revealed.

Blind Items Revealed

September 8, 2012

This former one hit wonder who would have competed with John Mayer for singer most likely to date as many women as possible while being as disrespectful as possible finally found someone to support his "career." She is rich rich rich. She thinks that because he once had a hit that he is a huge celebrity and understands that royalty checks might come slow so she pays for everything. His clothes and his new car. Their trips. Everything. In return he has taken her to a few parties that he can actually get into and she thinks she is living the celebrity lifestyle. I wonder if he told her that he wrote his song about her.

James Blunt

Blind Items Revealed

October 30, 2012

This celebrity hip hop mogul has been in this space before. Our mogul has an employee that he hired out of business school. The job of this employee? He has created a database that includes every woman our mogul has ever slept with or wanted to sleep with. Every woman our mogul has met and gets a phone number for is entered into the database. When our mogul says he wants a blonde for the night that he has had sex with names pop out. If he wants someone that he has not slept with, names pop out. The entries are scary specific and being the mogul that he is thinks he can turns the whole thing into a new dating site and make a few hundred million more bucks.

Russell Simmons

Blind Items Revealed

October 29, 2012

This A list all movie actor has been saying some really nice things about his wife lately. Talking about her constantly. Showering her with gifts. Trying to be there more for her except of course when he was not with her and could not help himself and spent a few hours alone with his ex while he was out of the country. In a hotel room. One she had booked separate from the room where she was staying in the hotel. Three hours. They ordered room service and that is all anyone knows for sure. The rest? I mean why bother to get the hotel room?

Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez

Blind Items Revealed

November 19, 2012

This B- list actress, who is really closer to C list is strictly movies at this point, although it is fair to say she probably got most of her fame from a very hit show that was one of the more memorable network shows ever. She is also someone who has squandered her fame with her off screen issues. Anyway, our actress had a dilemma until recently. She had a long time female lover but then found another female lover and was cheating on both and getting confused about who she was seeing and where and finally just came out and admitted to both what she was doing. Instead of being upset, now all three are together all the time.

Michelle Rodriguez

Blind Items Revealed

November 16, 2012

This A list all movie actor has banned his house sitting girlfriend from his movie set. He is in a foreign location and she is watching his place and that is exactly where he wants her because he has been sampling a different woman every night since he has been gone. He says that it will help him remain faithful when he gets back home and he wants to get it all out of his system. The sad thing is, he could just tell his girlfriend and she wouldn't go anywhere because she is that crazy about him. Sure she would yell and scream and knowing her, might throw some things at him and threaten to cut off his manhood, but eventually she would relent. Yeah, his girlfriend has a bit of a temper.

Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes

Blind Items Revealed

November 13, 2012

This B list actress will probably slip to C now that her run is ending so to speak. She actually has way more talent as something other than an actress, but she loves the fame that comes from being an actress. Anyway, even though our actress is in a very serious relationship she has never got over the rich guy who wined her and dined her for a year and then basically left her by the side of the road. He also dated a herpes queen so our actress should probably be grateful she got out unscathed. Instead though, our actress got a call from him about tickets to an event and then they started texting and e-mailing and now she is lying to her significant other. She is going to end up broken up and hurt. The guy just likes to have sex with famous people and will dump her in a second. She doesn't think so though.

Nikki Reed and Paris Latsis

Blind Items Revealed

November 12, 2012

This musician from a B+ group is married to an A list actress. He needs to know this is not her first trip to the rodeo and that when he cheats on her, she has heard all the same excuses in the past from a husband and multiple boyfriends. Everyone cheats on her so when you think you are getting away with it, she is just biding her time and yeah, she actually packed up the kids and moved. She also has a way of making the other person look very bad. Unlike with her past relationships, she was acting normal in this one and not desperate. Her reaction to all of this will be interesting.

Kate Hudson/Matt Bellamy

Blind Items Almost Revealed

November 9, 2012

This celebrity mom loves to post photos of her with her baby. She reviews each of them extremely carefully to make sure you can't see any of her needle marks though because she has not given up her heroin habit, but she did move the injections from her arms to her legs.

Foreign born - no stranger to publicly documented drug use- celebrity family

Blind Items Revealed

November 8, 2012

Five out of the last eight days this former A list television actress who is now a lucky B lister who only does movies has had lunch with the same man who is most definitely not her celebrity husband. Everyday they find a new place to go and everyday they come closer to taking things public.

Katherine Heigl

Josh Marks Has Died

Less than three months after he was arrested for assaulting a police officer at the University of Chicago, 26-year-old "MasterChef" finalist Josh Marks was found fatally shot Friday night of an apparent suicide, authorities said.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Random Photos Part Five

The top spot goes to Antonio Banderas because he is filming a SpongeBob movie.

It would have gone to Babyface getting a star while being photographed by Usher but
Kris and Khloe were invited so that automatically eliminates you.
Look at the fanny pack on Britney's bodyguard. What do you suppose is in there?
Christina Hendricks is a flight attendant for Vampire Airlines.
Later she takes it off to pose with Shirley Manson who I adore.
Chloe Moretz out and about in NYC.
Dianna Agron doing some shopping last night.
Hello Danielle Fishel.

Random Photos Part Four

Mexico City had a party and Demi Lovato and her blue hair were invited with

Eva Longoria and
Roselyn Sanchez.
Freida Pinto did something on top of the Empire State Building.
Ginnifer Goodwin was on national television yesterday but didn't mention her engagement or wear a ring. Kind of strange to just have an announcement this morning. Also kind of strange is that dress she is wearing.
Heidi Klum celebrates designing and selling Consumer Reports' worst/ most unsafe stroller by heading out for food and coffee.
Jessica Alba says hello to the LAX paps.
Jennifer Hudson and her strange dress.
I wonder if Joe Jonas has a dress.

Random Photos Part Three

Have you noticed that you never see Jennifer Love Hewitt's baby daddy with her any more?

Kirsten Dunst tries to figure out how gas nozzles work. seriously, she had to have someone help her.
This is the best I have seen Katie Holmes look in a long time. This week has been just great after great for her.
Kate Mara and Rosario Dawson hug it out before
Rosario finds The Man In The Scarf which is how Andy Garcia likes to be known.
And school girl fantasies have just been set back twenty years thanks to Katy Perry.
I have four words for you. Do not call list.
Liam Hemsworth as usual is the first in line for craft services.
All of the Lohan kids minus the two illegitimate ones.

Random Photos Part Two

Hello Monica Cruz. Why don't you ditch your sister and come on over to the basement? Yeah, that sounds creepy. Maybe if I tell her there is free bacon?

Mariah Carey takes her kids to Disneyland and then ignores the f**k out of them when she notices all the mirrors on the ride.
Milla Jovovich learned to walk sideways for her next role which will be the same as her previous five roles.
Orlando Bloom does his Popeye impression.
This is Owen Wilson's future baby mama.
Paul McCartney and his lady after his Times Square show which was 15 minutes. It was all he could play before he had to pee again.
Rumer Willis got invited to two separate events in one night because you know, she is a famous_________.
She did change clothes for each one though which was nice.
Meanwhile her mother tried out another yoga mat.

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Ashlee Simpson wouldn't have worn that shirt like Pete Wentz did.

Amanda Seyfried on the set of her new movie with
Naomi Watts.
Hello Sandra Bullock. You get so used to seeing her on school runs that you forget she can clean up really nice.
Emily Mortimer was at the premiere with Sandra in London and it looks like Emily has had some work done.
Diddily Piddily wants everyone to know he fake sleeps on top of Cassie.
Shakira says hello. Well, probably hola.
Sam Worthington races his girlfriend to the finish line.
I think Tilda Swinton is wearing a smoking jacket.

Blind Item #10

This married national news anchor not from MSNBC has been having a fling with this sometime journalist/sometimes reality star/some time talk show host who is also married. There is some talk he might be the father of her child.

Blind Item #9

This former B list mostly television actor who is as rich as much as he loves to cheat was hitting on this almost A list mostly television actress who was on a hit network show. She told him that she was gay. Our rich B lister said he could come up with enough money to make her give him a shot. She said no way. He whispered a number in her ear and she said they could go to dinner right then and discuss it.

When Your Foot Falls Asleep On Television

Blind Item #8

This B+ list mostly movie actress who might eke it back out again to A- after her recent franchise was at a charity event this past week and was asked about it on the red carpet. The actress said she didn't know anything about the charity but was sure it was great. Then why was she there she was asked. "Have you seen the goody bag? Everyone knows this is the best one to get."

Blind Items Revealed

November 8, 2012

What Dancing With The Stars pro thinks they have it made now that they convinced their partner to finally have sex with them. Spending every night together now, this pro thinks it will continue on forever. The celeb says it just makes it easier while the show is going on and after elimination, the pro will be gone

Kelly Monaco/Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Four For Friday - Her Story

Three day weekend for our friends north of the border who have their Thanksgiving this weekend. I hope all of you are safe and warm and have a great time with your friends and family and save me several pieces of your turkey. If you so choose, I will be here blogging all weekend and would love to have you stop by for blind items and reveals and any breaking news that does not involve anyone named Kardashian. I would also love for you to follow me on Twitter. I am @entylawyer

This is a sad and tragic tale and I am leaving a lot of it out because it is a blind item and not a book. I am just giving you the highlights of what was headed towards a promising career as a being famous for being famous celebrity and instead is a cautionary tale of everything that can go wrong. At her peak our celebrity/reality star/actress made it to A/B/C respectively.

She thought she had made it big when she got called for an audition for a part in a huge box office budget type movie. She didn't even mind sleeping with a producer to get cast. When she got on set though even though it was a one day part they kept her there for three days and she says that she was sexually harassed and groped and that one of the A list mostly movie actors in the movie assaulted her on the second day and that she was forced to spend the whole third day with him when they did actually film her scene.

She says that during her reality show days producers would always want to have sex with her and encouraged her in her use of drugs and booze and kept her supplied at all times and also provided drugs and booze to other people on the show and because of that became more aggressive towards her and that she feared for her safety most days and that not a week would go by where she wasn't coerced into having sex or some sexual act or something else that made her feel violated. The problem was that she didn't want to lose her chance so she put up with it and took more drugs to cope and once the producers realized she was going to stick it out they made things even harder on her.

She says that in the decade she was at her peak she was sexually assaulted or raped at least once every few weeks but kept her mouth shut because she didn't think anyone would believe her and when she did try and speak about things people just thought she was crazy so she shut up and kept taking more drugs.

Your Turn

Craziest place you ever had sex.

Blind Items Revealed

November 6, 2012

This Glee actress is so in love with her new boyfriend that she decided to get a reconstruction in her private area. Umm yeah. She says that no one else ever mattered except her current boyfriend so she wanted him to feel like he was her first.

Dianna Agron

Blind Items Revealed

November 5, 2012

People often say that Moonlighting was the most dysfunctional show that ever aired. Not so. The show that was the most dysfunctional was this sitcom that featured actors that are now A listers. Each week was like a Fleetwood Mac reunion. Prior to the shooting of the first season, this now A list actor (#1) was having sex regularly with an actress (#2) who was an A list tweener and is now a struggling, yet very rich C list actress. When the filming started, the lead actress (#3) in the sitcom who has always been a solid B-/C+ list actress started sleeping with one of the male leads (#4). This continued until our A list actor broke it off with his tweener and started having sex with the lead actress. Our A lister then got back together with the tweener but still had sex with the lead actress until she found out about it and then went back to having sex with the guy she was with in the first place. This cycle repeated itself for several  months. When the show went on hiatus during the first season, our A lister went his own way and never even spoke to the lead actress. Then, on the first day back of filming he wanted to start right where they had left off. At that point though, another future A lister (#5) joined the show and our actress (#2) started a relationship with him that lasted almost all season. Well, this caused our first A lister all kinds of ego bruising and he and the second A lister would often come to blows trying to show who had the biggest peen. It was a mess. Meanwhile, another actress (#6) on the show was having sex with the actor from the first season (#4)  until A lister #1 decided that he wanted to have her. He wooed her for weeks until she broke it off with #4 only to try and get him back when #1 dumped her after having sex with her. Things only got more complicated when in the next seasons there was  recurring actress (#7) who was the object of affection between the two A listers but ended up going out with #4. She did sleep with #1 though which eventually caused a breakup between herself and #4. In the final season of the show, weeks would go by with no one speaking to each other and other weeks it seemed like everyone on the show was sleeping together and then the following week everyone would have switched.

Two Guys A Girl And A Pizza Place
#1 - Ryan Reynolds
#2 - Melissa Joan Hart
#3 - Traylor Howard
#4 - Richard Ruccolo
#5 - Nathan Fillion
#6 - Jillian Bach
#7 - Tiffani Thiessen

Blind Item #7

This foreign born C+ list mostly movie actress with B list name recognition who sometimes models has a very big secret. The secret is so big that she won't even do any interviews ever for fear it will be brought up. The only time she will do any interviews is if she knows exactly the questions that will be asked and if she gets final editing just in case it is asked. It is about something that happened when she was 8. This will be revealed.

Blind Item #6

This B list mostly movie actress (#1) and most of the time girlfriend to this A list mostly movie actor who used to have a thing way back in the day for Britney Spears once accepted an offer from a truly spectacular B- list mostly movie actress (#2) to be in a threesome with #2 and #2's husband. For the first time I can remember the husband turned it down. He said he turned it down because he didn't want to ruin the career of #2. Umm, it could only help considering what she has been in. All I know is her ex would have jumped all over it.

Blind Item #5

The cheating on both sides of the relationship is fine with each of these A list mostly movie actors so I guess that means it would be an open thing rather than a cheating thing. What isn't ok with the A list male in the relationship is the drug use by his female partner. She had stopped for about a year except for pot, but she is back heavy on the one she loves most and her skin is back to that deathly pale look that makes you shudder when you see it up close. This will be revealed.

Blind Item #4

This B list mostly movie actress who started off in television before becoming an Academy Award winner/nominee shares a tenuous connection to a great HBO show. Anyway, our actress was at a charity event for hunger in the world or something like that and they had bags that volunteers were stuffing with food. Our actress was so hammered that she kept stumbling over the bags until finally she got tired of pulling herself back up off the floor and just took a little nap at the feet of the volunteers.

No One Knows How Finn Dies

Glee missed an opportunity last night to talk to people about drugs. Glee, with it's memorable songs did what it does best in their tribute to the life of Cory Monteith who played Finn on the show. What they failed to do is give the audience a reason for the death of Finn. Nothing. Nada. He died but no one knows why. To me you don't have to talk about drugs if you don't want to but I don't think it's very realistic at a school to have someone die and not talk about how they died. Did anyone ever die at your high school or college? I bet people talked about how that person died. I personally think they should have said that Finn died of drugs. Why not? Don't you think Cory would want people to not get involved with what he was involved with? The whole if it helps one person then it is worth it mantra I think applies here. They missed their chance and they missed reality when they just ignored the how completely.

Blind Item #3

This Academy Award winner/nominee mostly movie actress has a fairly well known name but is probably just a B- lister. She is trying her hand a little at television and maybe that will boost her list a bit. She is hoping that the money she makes from the show will help her get out of the debt her family has got her into and help her pay for the stable of young guys she keeps on hand to make her feel young. She says that she spends about half her income on guys.

Blind Item #2

The actress from Blind Item #1 once starred in a movie with this A list celebrity/B list mostly movie actor and she says she would never do it again. She says that he whined like a little baby every day and that she had never met a guy who acted less like a guy. He complained about everything from his wardrobe to the temperature of the drinks that assistants brought him to his lines and screen time and that crew members would have an over/under every day of how many times he would complain. If the celebrity/actor was there all day, the number was never below twenty.

Blind Item #1

This A list mostly movie actress who has a connection with one of the worst train wrecks in Hollywood is usually up for anything. She recently said that she once had sex for money just so she could say she did. She says it wasn't roleplaying but that she let a guy hit on her and when he asked to take her home she gave him a price. He paid.

Farrah Abraham Opened Her Mouth Again

It is always a better world when Farrah Abraham keeps her mouth closed. Proving once again that she wants nothing more than to bring down the world in a hail of fire and brimstone though she opened her mouth and made another one of her obnoxious videos that she usually makes while drunk sitting in a strip club after getting phone numbers of guys who she will entertain later that night in a more private area. In the video Farrah says that she goes to strip clubs and makes molds of her va jay jay and hangs out with guys for money every night because it is her life and she doesn't need to be with her four year old daughter because her four year old daughter has her own life.

Most of the time I would be glad if Farrah was letting her kid be raised by a nanny or someone competent to raise a child. The problem is that Farrah is leaving her four year old with her mother who, judging from past episodes of Teen Mom is not exactly the kind of warm and loving person you would want to leave your four year old with unless your four year old was a dog you wanted to turn into a killer or a porn star.

Ramona Singer Says Her Husband Would Never Cheat

Although Mario Singer has not responded to the accusations The NY Post printed yesterday about his affair with a woman in her early 20's or the naked photos of him she has or the pregnancy or the abortion he ordered her to get, Ramona Singer did respond yesterday and said the whole thing is lies and that her husband would never cheat on her. Uh huh. She says that she asked him about it and he said nothing happened and she believes him. I know, I know. I wasn't going to write about this story twice because it is just a Housewife but her comments just made me want to write again. The woman he had the affair with is out there and has photos. She has been sending the photos to her friends. How long do you think it will take for those photos to show up somewhere? How long do you think it will be before this woman sells her story to tabloid? I think Mario might be staying quiet hoping he can negotiate a settlement with the woman to keep her mouth shut. If she wants money it won't be hard because he can outbid a tabloid's offer. What he can't give her that the tabloids can is fame.

If she wants 15 minutes the tabloids will give it to her.

Katherine Heigl Bans Her Mom From The Set Of Television Show

Responding to reports that no one likes Katherine Heigl and combining her with her mom makes Katherine even worse, apparently Katherine has banned her mom from the set of Katherine's new television show. Of course when I say banned her it means that she has told her mom not to come because she would never actually ban her mom from anything. If she shows up the crew are still going to let her see Katherine so it is just something she told her mom. Actually asked her mom. More like begged her mom. So far her mom is on board because she lives off the commissions she makes from managing Katherine and those checks have been getting smaller and more infrequent as Katherine alienates more and more people. There are not many more bridges remaining in Katherine's world that are still standing.

The issue is though that Katherine's mom can't stay away. She likes to insert herself everywhere because she is really insecure and scared that Katherine will dump her for a professional manager.


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