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Four Minutes Of Love For Kurt Cobain

Blind Items Revealed

December 18, 2012

This B-/C+ list television actor told his significant other (gorgeous C+ list all movie actress with A list name recognition) that she would have to turn down multi-million dollar offer. Why? Because it would require her to be away from home for a few days to promote it and he would not be available to go with her and watch her the entire time.

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green (he ended up going with her to Brazil)

Blind Items Revealed

December 17, 2012

This Jersey Shore star was having sex in a car in a park when a police officer discovered the couple. No tickets. Just an autograph request when the police officer saw who it was.

The Situation

Blind Items Revealed

December 16, 2012

The third time this almost A list all movie actress who I love found her boyfriend staring at her when she woke up from sleeping was enough to convince her to dump her boyfriend and she even changed the locks on her door. It took three times?

Amanda Seyfried

Blind Items Revealed

December 14, 2012

This former almost A list tweener and now probably a B-/C+ actress who has trouble finding work says she feels used by her now ex-boyfriend. He had dumped her before and she begged him to take her back so he did but made her film some sex scenes together. He won't give them to anyone she doesn't think, but as soon as he got them he dumped her. She also says he borrowed a ton of money from her but had enough to buy his new girlfriend a car.

Amanda Bynes

Blind Item #2

This A list singer is an a-hole of monumental proportions. I can't stand the guy. I used to think he and his celebrity wife were cool but now, he is just basically daring tabloids to expose his cheating ways. All the tabloids know he is cheating and has cheated. They even know with whom. They have multiple women with names but every step of the way he has been ahead of them. He either pays off the women or tells the women that because they have a new life now why would they want to ruin that by bringing up the past. It is coming. The way you treated the woman and threatened them is going to come out. So, keep on laughing about it. I owe it to everyone to reveal who this is if he is not exposed by July 4th.

Adam Lambert Splits With His Boyfriend

Adam Lambert confirmed what many had suspected when he told the South Florida Gay News that he and his boyfriend have been split for the past couple of months. Even though they have supposedly been together for the past two years, this to me has always been kind of shaky. I almost felt like he was using his Finnish boyfriend as a beard. Not so he could date a woman, but so he could hide who he was really seeing. I would even venture to say that for much of the time that he was "with" his Finnish boyfriend, he was actually with someone else. That relationship crashed and burned hard late last year when the other guy in that relationship would not come out and would not stand up to people in his life who told him he needed to stay in the closet. With that relationship over, there was no need to stay with the Finn and with the Finn wanting to go public with who he is dating, now was the time to announce it.

Blind Item #1

This A+ list actress has probably the scariest pickup line of all time. When she met her first husband, she walked up to him and showed him that she had craved his name in her arm and said, "Do you like this? I made it for you?" You would think that would be a once in a lifetime thing, but she did the same thing to her next boyfriend too with the same carving the name and giving him the line. Oh, and did it while she was still with her husband. This will be revealed.

Halle Berry Is Pregnant

Halle Berry is 46 and involved with a man who has beaten up her ex and cheated on his girlfriend while she was getting chemo for cancer so I'm sure this will all end well. In the meantime, Halle and her people said this all happened naturally and that she is about three months along and would have waited longer except someone let the cat out of the bag. Plus, in Hawaii she was hiding her stomach and she never does that. Friends are telling tabloids that Halle is thrilled to be pregnant. Would you expect them to come out and say she is hating it and really doesn't want the baby? Those she is so happy quotes are the most useless kinds of quotes ever.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Random Photos Part Three

Definitely not going to be a Lohan in there.

Britney Spears is back in LA and back holding hands with her boyfriend.
Carly Rae Jepsen waits for a ride at LAX. Unless she gets another hit song, she is probably going to have to Super Shuttle it soon.
Channing Tatum helps his wife in London.
Daniel Day Lewis hangs out with his son. Tell Lincoln jokes.
Elisabeth Moss in GQ.
Fergie strolls the beaches of Brazil.
Ashley Greene was papped for the first time since her condo fire.
Gerard Butler is always willing to help unbutton or button clothes.Practice makes perfect he always says.

Random Photos Part Two

The Goopster heads to an event for her trainer

Tracy Anderson.
Stacy Keibler was there too.
Jessica Alba in St. Barts.
Julianne Hough and Olivia Munn run into each other at a nail salon.
Jessica Simpson shows off her growing baby bump.
Bey and Jay smoke cigars and spend their anniversary in Cuba.
Kelly Osbourne goes for the schoolgirl look at an event.
Kelly preston on the set of her new pilot and
John Travolta visited. No masseuses were propositioned during the filming of this production.

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today.

Minnie Driver attends a party with the Queen.

Except for the fact that she borrowed her coat from her boyfriend, I don't think I really have anything bad to say about how Mary Kate Olsen is dressed or looks. That could be a first.
Well, hopefully his own baby will like Prince William more than this baby did.
Robert Downey Jr celebrates his birthday by forgetting to zip his fly. Wants to show off his Ironman.
Amy Smart after working out in LA.
Snooki shows off some botox and then
hangs out with Sammi and Ronnie.
Victoria Beckham is back in Beverly Hills.
Will Arnett stares at himself on the Jumbotron.

Getting In A Car Accident With Tom Hanks

Blind Item #6

After almost a decade together, this A++ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee got his actress wife to finally break up with her long time girlfriend. He convinced her that with all the cameras everywhere all the time that it was just a matter of time before she was caught and that it would ruin what everyone thinks is the perfect marriage. He never seems worried about those things when it is about him.

Are You Turning Into Your Dad?

Blind Item #5

"It had been so long since I had sex with a guy who showered, didn't reek of smoke and booze and who could actually get it up that all I have been able to do since that day is smile." Foreign born C list actress/model telling her friend about her A++ list mostly movie actor ex.

Gavin DeGraw & The Homeless Man

Gavin DeGraw spends five great minutes with a man in a wheelchair in Beverly Hills. If you are going to panhandle, doing it in front of pap cameras in Beverly Hills is probably the way to do it. (Thanks Lexee)

Four For Friday - It's All For Show

This has seemed like a very long week. It is finally Friday though. I feel like making it a Friday Fun Day. what that means is essentially that I will drink my lunch, but is really no different than Terrific Thursday or Wild Wednesdays. No real announcements at all this week except to remind you I will be here all weekend so be sure to tip your waitress. Tomorrow I will have a blind item reveal or two from the archives and maybe even on Sunday too. I would love for you to follow me on Twitter as I try and reach that elusive 20K follower mark. I am @entylawyer

Have you ever wondered about how this couple came to be? He needed a boost to his career. She already had a huge career, but was afraid it was all going to come crashing down at any second if someone found out her secret. She loves women. Adores them. Made the mistake of telling some people early in her career and the next thing you know, she is having to give away her songs instead of selling them and not getting to keep the best ones for herself. What to do about it? Well, she came up with a grand plan that has worked really well for her. Find a notorious womanizer who she falls for even though he is with someone else. She told herself that would really make it look like she likes guys. She was totally willing to put up with some bad publicity because in her world, the alternative was going to be way worse. The guy, a celebrity himself thought it was a good idea. He liked the idea of doing something in secret and his new girlfriend and soon to be wife told him he could spend some time with women she found for him or even join in with one or two of her girlfriends. This made him happy and he has also seen a huge bump in his status and money earning ability and has no issues at all with how things have turned out. Meanwhile, the people who were forcing her to pay for their silence have lost a lot of leverage because of what the world perceives as a very normal and loving heterosexual household.

Your Turn

“I’m claustrophobic in bathrooms on planes, so I have my husband hold the door [shut]." Kim Zolciak. Do you suffer from any phobias? Someone explained to me on Twitter that even though I think this would make the situation worse that it makes Kim feel safe because someone is standing there. What does she do when she travels alone? Not use the bathroom? Ask a stranger?

Blind Item #4

This almost A list mostly television actress has stayed pretty busy on television for the past two decades. I feel like she has been on television almost every night of those 20 years. She and her co-star boyfriend broke up recently. He confessed he had a thing for wearing women's clothes. She freaked out because her ex loved doing that too and she just wants someone who wants to wear men's clothes.

Jonathan Knight Walks Off Stage Mid-Concert

Last night in New York City, New Kids On The Block were in the middle of performing Survive You to a packed crowd when he suddenly just walked off the stage. I know Jonathan has had some issues in the past, but it apparently shocked all of the other members of the group who laughed it off by saying that Knight had to go to the bathroom. He never came back, but did Tweet early this morning that he was sorry. That is all anyone has said about it.

The Best Roger Ebert Review Ever

When Siskel & Ebert reviewed North, it was quite the review. Probably the best ever.

Blind Item #3

This former B list mostly television actor who is now probably a C is married to an A lister at least when it comes to name recognition but C when it comes to acting talent. They spent much of a recent trip letting their fingers do the dialing as they arranged for threesomes every night they were out of the country. One of the nights was a guy.

Jeremy Irons Thinks Gay Marriage Will Lead To More Incest

I'm not exactly sure how gay marriage has anything to do with incest, but somehow, Jeremy Irons has attempted to link the two and said in an interview that  same sex marriage could lead to incest between fathers and sons, fearing it will "debase" marital law. Huh? So, lets say that two women decide to get married. A father and son hear about this and then decide the world is coming to an end and end up having sex? His remark is so strange that gay and lesbian groups had no idea how to comment except to call them bizarre. If you are a gay rights group, you really don't want to respond because you will be saying something like, "Gay marriage will not lead to more father/son incest." Do you really want those in the same sentence for a Google search? Was there a lot of father/son incest previously? Maybe there was none previously and someone found one case and they blamed it on gay marriage? I guess it does not affect the mother/daughter incest rate?

Blind Item #2

This married with children A list female director not named Jodie Foster has a thing for young blonde women. Look for the semi-famous actress at the time who has a few lines in her movies. The blonde changes, but where they spend their nights never does. Our director's hotel which is why she rarely films movies in LA.

Amanda Bynes And Strip Clubs

Amanda Bynes is surviving at this point. Barely. Last week Amanda had her credit card declined in several places, the more notable being her hair salon which you know she uses every day. It was declined there several times during the week but she kept going back and seemed oblivious to the fact it has been declined each time and just continued to go without paying. I was asking one of my New York friends about it when he said that he saw Amanda walking in and out of a strip club the other day. He was walking down the street and he almost ran into her as she was coming out because she was not looking and had a scarf wrapped around her head and face. When they almost collided she took off the scarf to yell at him and he saw the twin piercings in the face. She then wrapped the scarf back on and went inside the club again while talking to herself. Of course he was going in. She would sit at tables and watch and then get up and then go to the bathroom and then walk out of the club and then walk in and then leave $5 for a dancer and just repeated the same process for the 30 minutes he could stand it. "It was exhausting watching her."

Blind Item #1

This almost A list mostly television actor who is having a career rebirth after a brief, but smoking hot career in movies and then nothing for a long time had a celebration last week because he made the last payment owed to the teen girl he had sex with when she was three years short of being legal. He was almost three times her age when it happened.

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Hooking Up Again

Nothing brings two exes back together again like one of them being perpetually horny and the other needing a shoulder to cry on. Although John Mayer had his way with many other women while dating Katy Perry, there are some reports that the reason the couple split was her getting back in touch with Russell Brand and by getting in touch I mean he managed to schedule her in between his 1pm and 5 pm sex sessions with yoga students he randomly picked up after he told them he could help them adjust their Chakras. Yes, he does it with his Hammbone. Anyway, now Katy is sad that she and John split up and has been spending some time hanging out with Russell (not much) and Skyping with him (a lot) and playing a few games while they do it.

Roy Rogers Was A Freak

My first encounter with Roy Rogers was at his namesake restaurant. I don't even know if they exist anymore. I can't remember seeing one for a long time but I remember they had this apple pie dessert with cheese on it and I liked it. I have no real recollection of their hamburgers or fries, but I'm sure I ate them too. It was not until later that I knew about his movie career with his wife Dale Evans or that he stuffed his favorite horse and even had a museum featuring the horse and his life on the way to Vegas. I don't think the museum is there anymore either. All that is left are books and a new one says that Roy was a freak. Roy loved hookers the entire time he was alive and that he and Linda Lovelace had some very rough sex. She was the star of Deep Throat and says that Roy paid her $300 and they had sex with a hooker and that Roy did a ton of spanking.. Considering that must have been in the 70's, Roy was not exactly a spring chicken then and Linda says that he was in his 60's. The book also claims that Roy had sex with Marilyn Monroe. Has every actor from the 50's had sex with Marilyn Monroe? It seems like it. The only thing Roy did not have sex with was his horse Trigger. Probably.

No One Gets Along With Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham might have a hit show in Girls, but her personality leaves a lot to be desired. I think I had a blind, or maybe it was a story about how lots of the cast hate her and now, Christopher Abbott walked off the show and won't be back. Christopher had nothing lined up that was better. He just could not stand working with Lena and was not going to take it for another day. Considering that his character is a decently sized part, this just shows you how much Lena is disliked. Here is the thing about being liked and disliked. Eventually all shows end. They just do. Then you go out and you find some new job or new show. Yes, if you had a hit, it is easier, but, you also need to not have burned every bridge possible because there are lots of other people also out there in this business and it could very well be that in five years Lena will be looking for work and no one will give her any.

Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton Regularly Meeting Up At His Place

Life & Style wants to make sure you know that when Angelina Jolie goes over to Billy Bob Thornton;s house all the time that the couple are just meeting up and just talk for hours. As far as they know. Hmm, you go over to your ex's house for hours each time you are in town without your husband knowing where you are or what you are doing and you are just talking? Hmmm. Yeah, I don't think so either and the only time you ever get good Angelina Jolie gossip is when she does hang out with Billy Bob because that side of the equation does not know how to be quiet. Anyone who ever says they have a source close to Angelina is full of crap. Her employees are so locked down by agreements that it would make your head spin. You have to get your information from the people she comes into contact with or wait until Brad smokes a Snoop Dogg amount of pot.

Lindsay Lohan & Her Sugar Daddie

Yesterday, when Vikram Chatwal got arrested in Ft. Lauderdale trying to board a plane with a paragraph's worth of drugs, I thought to myself, well, it figures, I mean you are not going to hang around Lindsay Lohan unless you also have some drugs. Lots of them. Chatwal, who has actually been spotted making out with Lindsay and is acknowledged as one of her sugar daddies and a guy who has spent a ton of money on her, was arrested with a variety of street drugs like heroin and coke and also a ton of prescription pills that he did not have a prescription for. He was on a flight to New York. I wonder if he was going to meet Lindsay. Was he bringing her drugs? If so, will she be able to find replacements? What will she do without a free hotel to stay in and party in? Chatwal owns the Dream Hotel.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Roger Ebert Has Died

Roger Ebert, 70, who reviewed movies for the Chicago Sun-Times for 46 years and on TV for 31 years, and who was without question the nation’s most prominent and influential film critic, died Thursday in Chicago. He had been in poor health over the past decade, battling cancers of the thyroid and salivary gland.

Random Photos Part Three

Jane and Peter Fonda get the top spot today.

Alec Baldwin and his wife in NYC.
Busy Phillips gets angry in a parking lot.
Claudia Jordan boozes it up and removes her friend's bikini top. My kind of party.
Dianna Agron shows off her new hair color.
Diane Kruger does some shopping with a friend.
Tori & Dean and Dean's son.
Instead of signing autographs, Fergie now just lets fans touch her pregnant belly.

Random Photos Part Two

There are so many places I could go with this caption. This woman seems really excited to see Gerard Butler's muscles.

Halle Berry borrows a pair of pants from Justin Bieber.
Speaking of Justin, he is going to be fined $2K for illegally tattooing this guy.
A very bundled up Julianne Moore.
A wind blown look for Katie Holmes. Or could be after sex hair too.
Kate Middleton and the tiniest baby bump ever.
Lamar Odom shows himself in public for the first time since the charity scandal became public.
Michelle Williams walks her daughter to school.
Russell Brand shows off his Hammbone.


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