Friday, January 15, 2010

Four For Friday - Quick & Dirty

#1 - This now C list only movie actress who used to be a B and creeping towards an A is back off the wagon. At a recent event she had so much free wine that she was knocking things off shelves and walls but didn't seem to care.

#2 & 3 - This female former A list singer who will permanently be a B because of her name came home the other day to find her celebrity boyfriend in bed (technically on a sofa, but what they were doing is usually found in the bedroom) with another guy. She didn't care though because our singer had a girl for herself who she had brought home.

#4 - This father of a famous golfer always had a hotel room set aside for his use at tournaments where he could bring women he met while his son played. Sponsors were also known for providing him women in case he could not find his own.

Random Photos Part Two

Because I love Alex Prager and I love, love her work. And her sister Vanessa cracks me up. If you are in New York you need to go see Alex's exhibit.
It's Blossom!
Looking about ready to give birth is Christina Milian. It is ok to wear larger sizes Christina. Promise. Oh, and to burn the shoes.
I might not be able to sleep tonight. Drew Barrymore about to bite off Justin Long's face.
The guy with the elbow on the rail is Justin's brother. Are they twins because they look really alike.
Sporting the same glasses as Drew, but not eating off Justin Long's face is another Justin, Justin Bieber.
Emmanuelle Chriqui is wearing more clothes than I have seen her wear in a long time.
Fergie filming a music video out in the desert.
One of my favorites. Felicity Huffman.
It's baby time. Gwen and Zuma.
Pete and Manhattan Green Eggs&Ham.
And the most airbrushed baby photo of all time. This could replace the photo of Jennifer Lopez and her twins as the most retouched photo ever.
Ian Gomez picking up some things for his wife Nia Vardalos.
Still not really liking James Gandolfini at all lately.
I saved this for almost last because I know I will lose your attention. Josh Holloway for Coolwater.

A picture of Jennifer Lopez I actually like. Her top makes me dizzy but I like the picture.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today. Leading off the top of this part is Kelly Osbourne's dog. Kelly had to buy him a life jacket because he kept falling into the pool. I didn't even know they made life jackets for dogs.
More dogs. This time Jane Lynch's two dogs.
Not dogs at all are Julianne Moore and Selma Blair. Does anyone else think Selma has had some work done?
The cast of 24 at their season premiere party. Yes, at the end is Freddie Prinze Jr. He was let out of the house.
Coughing up a lung is Lily Allen who decided to buck the trend. No Caribbean for her. She went to New Zealand.
Michael Bolton - Barcelona
Anne Hathaway looks pretty good here.
Looking better is Minka Kelly. No ring on the finger so maybe all that Derek Jeter and Minka getting married this year isn't true.
Yes, yes it is the great Martin Landau and Michelle Phillips, but my eyes are drawn to the wine. All those bottles calling out to me. Hello Friday night.
Two days in a row with Pink, but this time I added her husband Carey Hart.
Randomness of the day. Robert DeNiro and Tom Ford.
Also there was Joe Pesci but no Robert & Joe together.
Rachel Bilson and Ashley Greene.
I'm sure I will get sick of her in a few weeks but right now I am really enjoying Snooki.
Long time never see is Traci Lords.
This is Victoria Beckham hiding the fact that
she has no ass. Seriously, why is she hiding?

Daily Mirror Blind Item

Which tycoon makes his women perform sex acts in exchange for their supper? Strangely enough it has worked for decades...

Your Turn

A couple of things today. On Sunday are The Golden Globes so I thought you might like to pick your favorite and see how your favorites fare on Sunday. Also, it has been awhile since I let everyone go wild and plug their favorite site, their business or whatever else you want to plug. Even if you are having a garage sale this weekend, feel free to plug it here.

My picks are
#1 - Hurt Locker
#2 - Tie between Julie & Julia and The Hangover
#3 - Fantastic Mr. Fox
#4 - Dexter
#5 - Glee

#1 Best Movie - Drama

The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire
Up In The Air

#2 Best Movie - Musical Or Comedy

(500) Days Of Summer
The Hangover
It's Complicated
Julie & Julia

#3 Best Animated Movie

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs
Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Princess And The Frog

#4 Best Television Drama

Big Love (HBO)
House (FOX)
Mad Men (AMC)
True Blood (HBO)

#5 Best Television Comedy or Musical

30 Rock (NBC)
Entourage (HBO)
Glee (FOX)
Modern Family (ABC)
The Office (NBC)

Kelis Takes A Shot At PETA

Apparently Kelis received a letter from PETA the other day about Kelis' habit of wearing fur. Well, Kelis decided to not stay quiet and fired off this missive back to PETA. Well, maybe it was to them and maybe she just posted it on her site. Same thing really. Whether you agree with Kelis about her fur stance she is pretty funny. She also needs spell check as much as me. Oh, and when I think of high fashion, Kelis is not the first name that pops in my head. What I like about the letter is although she disagrees with PETA she doesn't do it in an angry way. She lays out the reasons she thinks she is right and what people should be focused on other than fur. PETA supporters would argue they believe the same things Kelis does but have different priorities of important things in their lives. Both are valid. I wish all people could argue like this.

Good morning all!

Ok, so you’re gonna love this. The other day I got a personalized letter from PETA! Lol so after some thought I've decided to write one back. Goes a little something like this:

There is no humane way to kill anything, let me start there. It’s unfortunate but it’s part of life. With that being said, I would eat pterodactyl if you found some and you told me it was meaty and delicious. And after doing a very minimal amount of research....... I found out that the founder Ingrid Newkirk is completely batty. I had a feeling but she far exceeded my expectations. I mean certifiably insane! Lol this chicks will is nuts, google it – it’s a riot! Beyond the fact that I think she's a diabetic, which means she needs insulin, which is taken from lab pigs (I know this because my sister happens to be in veterinary school), which would be completely hypocritical. It’s like don't abuse animals unless it can help me.

I feel very strongly about a lot of things such as the sweatshops that spin cotton and the blood on their hands. Btw it’s not just the look of fur. It’s warm as hell and feels glorious, ever rubbed faux fur on your body? Nothing luxurious about that. Then the letter proceeded to name artist and designers who don't wear real fur. Great! More for me! I don't judge them, don't judge me.

If I started wearing endangered animals like polar bear or orangutan then talk to me. (Which btw for the record I would not - I do believe in the preservation of endangered species) But the minks and chinchilla that quite honestly are rodents and if weren't in the form of a coat I would demand they be put to death anyway are not an issue to me.

The death of high fashion. Ugh.

I eat meat, and in fact my mouth salivates as I type the word meat! And the paint throwing that's just ridiculous! What if I was hurling Loubitons and Pierre Hardy's at every sad poorly dressed person on the street? As right as I may be it’s just fanatical and crazy. And people have the right to feel as they please. What about art? Survival of the fittest. Natural selection? No let's just let all the rodents run free and over take our cities. Oh wait they have, NY and LA in particular are infested! Why don't u save them all from scavenging on the streets and ruining my evening strolls, take them home. Make them pets! Get off my back! Pun intended!

Underpaid minorities picking your vegetables, now that's fine for you right? Please, fight for their rights. How about the poverty in the communities of brown people around the world. She had the nerve to say (and I quote) "get over it" talking of the issue of black people and slavery in this country verses cows being slaughtered. Is she kidding me? Lol yes she must be. Actually, she's lucky most black people have real issues to worry about in the U.S and don't give a crap what her delusional privileged opinions are. But she should try saying that again just for kicks n giggles on the corner of Adam Clayton Powell Blvd in Harlem n see how well people "get over it" lol.

If u want to preach do it about something worthwhile don't waste my time trying to save the dang chipmunk.

Find a worthwhile cause like the women being maimed in these Middle Eastern countries. Or female circumcision. Or women's rights here in America, we still get paid less for doing the same jobs as men. Quite honestly if you hate the world so much go live in the forest where no one else has to hear you complain about the perfectly good food chain the good Lord created. Everyone has the right to an opinion, and that's mine on that! xoxo

Susan Boyle Sings To A Mop In the Airport

Prior to her flight to Chicago where she will appear on Oprah, Susan was waiting in the VIP lounge in London Heathrow airport. Well, while there she took a mop from a cleaning person and started singing into it. Not a big deal and I think it is kind of charming. A private performance from Susan Boyle would be great. Well, then she decided to stop singing and started using the mop as it was intended. Unfortunately she decided to not clean the floor but rather the shoes of her fellow passengers. At the same time she started singing louder and throwing in f bombs from time to time also.

Well, the passengers complained to British Airways who tried to calm her down. Instead she ran out of the terminal yelling, "I've escaped. I've escaped." Finally a British Airways official calmed her down and sat with her until her flight boarded.

For their part, British Airways would only say, "A customer in the BA lounge on Tuesday was asked to temper their behavior as it was becoming disruptive."

Conan Puts The Tonight Show Up For Sale On Craigslist

Did you see Conan last night? If you didn't you have to watch the video below. Conan has put The Tonight Show up for sale on Craigslist. It appears that next Friday will be Conan's last day on the show. He is so getting screwed and I can't wait until he is on Letterman the day after his last day on NBC.

Dennis Hopper Getting Divorced

When I read this story I kept expecting it to be from some strange internet site, but it actually came from The Huffington Post. Apparently yesterday Dennis Hopper filed for divorce. This despite the fact that he is on his deathbed and is very incapacitated by medications for his pain.

It actually sounds like his wife Victoria who he has been married to for 18 years is doing this out of selflessness. Hello Ryan O'Neal. Pay attention. Apparently this is all about Dennis being able to give more money to his kids when he dies and not have half to go to Victoria as community property. That is incredible. Dennis has three grown children and a six year old daughter with Victoria.

"It's truly a tragedy, and sadly its all about the money and who inherits what. This is about getting Victoria out of the will, nothing more, nothing less."

Take A Ride On The Tila Tequila Train

For this one post only you really need to start at the bottom. That is when Tila Tequila started her non stop Twittering. I have no idea what she is on or if it is the effects of something she used to be on, but she needs help. She is on a huge spiral down and it is almost painful to watch at this point. So, scroll down to the bottom and we can begin.

The set below is about what she is going to do as Ambassador to Vietnam and about PETA and her profile picture and is just the conclusion to two hours of crying for help.
The set below are probably the strangest. She says she was invited back by CNN and that she has already spoken to other Ambassadors about being Ambassador to Vietnam. Oh, and she has a huge meeting with a PR firm and she got into a fight with the guy who runs popbytes who is a great guy.
The set below talk about her live show and apparently she has a record coming out in March. Oh, and more about the hero father of her unborn baby.
In the set below she gives out Haiti information and says the father of her baby has fought in Afghanistan for ten years. Considering the US has only been there for nine I think that is quite an accomplishment. She picked him because he is a hero. Oh, and he has also been shot. And guess what? He survived. If he had died though she probably would have said she had his sperm frozen in her freezer.
In the set below she says she is going to sleep, listening to all the music her fans sent in and that she is pregnant. No, not her brother's baby this time but she has another baby growing inside her. Funny enough the baby isn't called Damien but Jayden.
In the set below, she says she is going to donate $5000 to Haiti, that she is Tila Tequila no longer and that she is taking the first step to becoming the next US Ambassador to Vietnam. Seriously.
In the Tweets below Tila says the next disaster will happen right in the middle of America. She is trying to go around gathering all the good people in the world and then putting them into Tila's army. Apparently similar to God's army except her army is filled with horny teenage guys who like to her to make lap dance videos.
In the set below, Tila reveals herself as a Messenger. She says she has no choice now. She had to do it. Oh, and she meditates so maybe she and Gwyneth can get together or maybe she can write a guest column on GOOP.
More about how she is a Messenger in the Tweets below. She says God is upset at her because she broke the number one rule of being a Messenger. Can you guess what that is? No, not getting fake breasts or being on a VH-1 reality show. You can do those as Messenger. Yes, you can even make soft lesbian porn. What you can't do is fall in love. So, as soon as she fell in love with Casey God doomed her to death.
In the Tweets below, Tila starts to warm up some. She calls herself an angel sent by God to watch everyone. She calls herself the Messenger and advises everyone to not kill the Messenger but that we are slowly killing her. This is probably her scariest.
In the Tweets below Tila seems pretty normal for her. She wants to have some pictures of Casey's dog to prove that Nicky Hilton didn't kill them and she thinks we need to send more love out into the world so Haiti earthquakes don't happen. It is all about sending out the love.

Thanks Pookie

Taylor Momsen Doesn't Have Time To Think Of Haiti Right Now

Part of me thinks we should give Taylor Momsen a break because she is just 16. The other part of me says she is pretty independent and knows what she is doing and should realize that she sounds really insensitive. Last night OK! caught up with Taylor at some event at a Victoria's Secret store where she was selling her new perfume. Wait right there. Seriously? Taylor Momsen has her own perfume? Taylor? The not Swift Taylor, but the 16 year old one on Gossip Girl who looks most of the time like she doesn't even shower Taylor? Seriously? Who had that great idea?

Anyway, OK! asked her if she was going to be making any donations (Congratulations Gisele! She beat Brangelina all by herself) or helping out in any way and Taylor said, “Um, right now I’m trying to just finish my record and getting through the last season of Gossip Girl for right now. So not so much thinking about that.” Yeah, because she is going to get all those things done in the next couple of days. My guess is, and this is just a guess, that she didn't know what happened in Haiti. You might think I am crazy, but I wouldn't doubt it at all. Either way you can be sure that today she will say she was misquoted or tired and probably is due for another hospital stay.


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