Saturday, January 07, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #7- Mr. X - Old Hollywood

December 29, 2016

This foreign born A list writer probably didn’t deserve the A list tag. There were lots of people who hated her. Our writer was a registered communist but was allowed to keep working as long as she named named of Hollywood writers who were communists. She named names just to name names whether it was true or not. Every name she named was blackballed.

Ayn Rand

Blind Items Revealed #6

December 29, 2016

What started out as a threat has taken on a life of its own. This network reality star who would rather be an actress but no one will hire her or a singer but no one bought her records or doing anything other than judging a network reality show threatened to quit. The producers said fine and said they were looking into bringing in this one named singer/dancer to replace her. She backed down and the producers were never going to land the guy anyway because their entire budget for judges for a season is what he would have wanted for one episode.

Julianne Hough/DWTS/Usher

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 29, 2016

This foreign born dual threat A- list actress is really trying to change the whole cheating narrative. Studios don’t want to hire her because she has such negative numbers right now. There is even talk about booting her from her franchise.

Diane Kruger

Blind Item #4

This A+ list rapper/mogul had a one on one meeting with this oft troubled former A+ list rapper to see how he was doing. The wife of the oft troubled rapper was there, but not the wife of the A+ list mogul. No way is she going anywhere near that situation.

Blind Item #3

Lots of people ask me what happened to this B list mostly television actress who was on a network show based on a movie based on a book. She was a lead. One day she was there and then next she was gone. She quit because her life was made miserable by this former franchise movie actress turned hey I got lucky by being cast on the show.The former franchise actress assumed if she could get rid of the lead, she could stay. She got rid of the lead, but then was fired herself because of what she did.

Blind Item #2

I wrote about this foreign born pay cable lead actor last week. Yes, the one from the lesser known pay cable network. Anyway, his fans have started doing a little digging and discovered what I already told them. His new "relationship" is the fakest of fake and now have caught his "girlfriend" recycling pictures she took with her real boyfriend a year ago and trying to pass them off as current.

Blind Item #1

After a long hiatus from the public eye, this closeted Game Of Thrones actor was spotted out with his boyfriend.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 30, 2016

This permanent A+ list athlete wasn’t ready to announce her engagement. She had to though because this foreign born A list athlete and his PR people kept trying to leak stories that he was with her to get himself some publicity.

Serena Williams/Lewis Hamilton

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 30, 2016

This A+ list foreign born one named singer got into a verbal altercation with a pap the other day that left the singer in tears.


Blind Items Revealed #2

December 30, 2016

This former child actress turned bazillionaire with A list name recognition got hammered the other night while out of the country. She then went on a 20 minute rant for everyone to hear about the time that one of her designer friends got used by this late night talk show host who had happened to dine in the restaurant earlier in the evening.

Ashley Olsen/Andy Cohen

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 30, 2016

The boss of this tabloid/television show/media empire might as well be on the payroll of this creepy organization with all the promotion and defending of the group they do without bothering to check out the real facts. They just print what they are told. Their sister tabloid does the same kind of thing with statements from PR people.

Harvey Levin/TMZ/Scientology/People Magazine

Friday, January 06, 2017

Blind Item #12

This foreign born celebrity chef not named Gordon Ramsay but almost as high on the list celebrity wise is having big money problems. Two things. Don't get women outside your marriage pregnant and you wouldn't have to pay a fortune to keep them quiet. Oh, and also stop gambling.

Blind Item #11

This A list mostly movie actress who will soon be an Academy Award nominee again was at a party last night and told by one of her people that in o certain terms she needs to get her hair colored. The grey is starting to come out and if anyone sees it, will cost her roles for the next decade.

Mariah Carey's Manager Used To Be A Bad Standup Comic

Fast forward to about 1:45ish

Blind Item #10

This foreign born celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister is an actress. A decent actress. Not good enough to be a nominated actress which is why other nominees at a party last night were snickering behind her back. Everyone knows the rumors about how she got the nomination. No, it was not sleeping with the voters.

Blind Item #9

Not the happiest of dates the other night for this former Disney Tweener and his actress girlfriend. He likes to keep his relationships off social media so he can hook up with women/fans when any woman he is dating is not around. This particular girlfriend though went on her social media to put a stop to that by telling the world they are together. He was not happy.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 29, 2016

This former A+ list mostly movie actress makes up fake errands for her celebrity husband to run every day just to get him out of the house. Our actress would run the errands but then her husband would insist on joining her.

Cameron Diaz

Four For Friday - Legal Child Porn

For several months late last year, this former B+ list director who is considered A list in his movie making genre did what he has done for almost two decades. He makes movies. The thing is though he makes movies starring as many 18 year old people who look 13 as possible. He loves to get them half naked and shoots take after take so he can watch them repeatedly. Everyone knows his history as a child molester but this is his loophole. Find them legal and make them look super young. If some of them are interested in him personally, so much the better. You never have seen someone shoot so many takes of the sex scenes and half naked scenes and so few of the rest of the scenes in his movie. The thing is, in a few months, the movie will be released and probably make enough money where someone will pay him to make another film and keep living out his sex fantasies.

Your Turn

Did you go to your high school prom, and if you did, was it with the person you wanted to go with?

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 29, 2016

This former movie franchise actress can’t get hired since she was basically fired from this network show because she thought she was the star instead of a recurring for the season. Now, the married actress is trying to convince her actor husband to do a reality show which would also ruin what is left of his career. He is already facing the loss of his weekly paycheck from his long running show ending.

Nikki Reed/Ian Somerhalder

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 28, 2016

It turns out there is not just one woman this rapper/reality star got pregnant while married, but two. Both are due to give birth this upcoming year. It makes sense why the rapper’s celebrity/reality star wife would file for divorce.


Blind Items Revealed #2

December 27, 2016

This permanent A list mostly movie comic actor has at the least, a handful of children. He is proud of the fact he has never changed one diaper.

Eddie Murphy

Blind Item #8

Never a good idea to do coke while you are pregnant, so if you are this B+ list mostly television actress all of you know who has been to rehab a couple of times and need to show everyone you are on the mend, you just don't tell people you are pregnant until after you stop doing coke. Problem is that sooner or later people start asking questions about the bump while you are doing bumps.

Blind Item #7

Apparently now that "dad" is gone, this eldest son is the man of the house and sleeps in the same bed as his A list actress "mom."

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 27, 2016

Our favorite former Disney actress who loves to beard as much as she loves to wear bikinis bailed on volunteering this past weekend when she learned she would not be the biggest name celebrity there.

Bella Thorne

Blind Item #6

This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor is recycling stories and changing names again. This time he has substituted the name of his first wife with the name of his second wife when it comes to anxiety attacks. Apparently he thinks people don't go back in time and look at other interviews.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Blind Item #5

Left out of the story of this foreign born permanent A list model about her out of the country beating was the why. Luckily for you, if you go back in time on the site, you will see the why that she seems to have ignored.

Blind Item #4

It is award season once again and that can mean only one thing. That semi-annual photo op with the closeted main red carpet host with someone he wants everyone to think is his girlfriend. Our host got tired of finding someone new for summer vacation and award season so just sticks with the same one unless she is publicly involved with another guy.

Blind Item #3

This producer of multiple hit shows for the same family of networks spent most of this memorial service comforting an actor close to a family member. Back in the day they would have done so naked while the younger actor was looking for his first acting job.

Blind Item #2

As is her norm, whenever this A+ list singer is asked to do something noble for a cause like refuse to perform or donate her pay, she will refuse. Actually, she won't even refuse, she just does not respond. If the money is right and the check clears, she will perform for anyone.

Blind Item #1

If the wife of this former A+ list mostly movie actor turned A lister is pregnant, it definitely is not his baby. Well, not from sex anyway.

South Carolina State Rep Urged To Resign After Beating Wife In Front Of Their Children


A legislator indicted on allegations of beating his wife should resign, leaders of the South Carolina Legislature said Thursday, with one lawmaker calling it “terrifying and horrific” to hear children on a 911 call screaming for their daddy to stop.

The comments come a day after Rep. Chris Corley was indicted on felony domestic violence charges and suspended from his House seat.

State law requires an officeholder indicted on a felony to be suspended. Corley’s wife told deputies he stopped hitting her on Dec. 26 only after noticing she was bleeding and hearing the screams of two of their three children, ages 2 and 8.

Corley said his wife tried to punch him after accusing him of cheating, and the police report noted a scratch on his forehead.

Corley is charged with pointing a firearm and domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, which alone is punishable by 20 years. The indictment accuses him of hitting his wife in the face, head and body with a closed fist and with a gun while in the presence of children.

In a call to Aiken city police, no one talks to the operator but “please stop” can be heard repeatedly in audio released by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office. “Just stop daddy. Just stop. ... Daddy, why are you doing this?” children say on the call.

Corley, an attorney, has not returned calls to The Associated Press. His attorney declined to give reporters his name at last week’s bond hearing.

The 36-year-old Republican was easily re-elected to a second term in November with no opposition.

7 Year Old Dies Because Parents Don't Like Doctors Or Medicine


A Minnesota couple face child neglect charges following the March death of their 7-year-old son, whom officials say died of pancreatitis without medical attention because his parents had “issues going to doctors."

Timothy and Sarah Johnson, of Plymouth, were charged last week with one count each of child neglect resulting in substantial bodily harm, a gross misdemeanor, in the death of their adopted son, Seth.

According to criminal complaints, the boy died on March 30, covered in bruises, after being found unresponsive on a vomit-covered mattress. An autopsy showed the child’s cause of death was acute pancreatitis and possible sepsis.

Medical officials said the child had bruises and contusions on his cheek, forearms, chest, buttocks and lower abdomen. His legs were covered in blisters, and the boy’s weight was exceptionally low for a child his age.

The parents told authorities that the boy’s behavior started to change in the weeks before his death. Medical records from before that time show he was a “thriving, conversant” child with unremarkable physical exams, the criminal complaint states.

Seth’s shift in behavior began with trouble sleeping, eating — “meals would take a couple of hours,” it says — and he was throwing himself down the stairs. The boy’s parents told authorities that they didn’t take Seth to the hospital because they were concerned doctors would put the child on medications.

Instead, the parents opted to do their own research and treat the child themselves. They believed he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, a brain injury and fetal alcohol syndrome, although the clinic they referred authorities to had no record of this, the criminal complaint states.

In the days before Seth’s death, his parents were out of town for a wedding, leaving their son in the care of an older sibling. The night they returned, the Johnsons found their son hardly moving and said he didn’t react when they “prayed for his health.”

The parents said the boy was barely able to eat two small bites of pizza. They decided to consider in the morning whether or not their son needed to see a doctor.

When the parents woke up, they found Seth unresponsive and called 911. The boy was pronounced dead a short time later.

According to a YOUCARING page on which the family raised more than $7,000 to cover the child’s funeral expenses, Seth is survived by four brothers and two sisters. The family adopted him when he was 4.

If convicted of the neglect charges, both Timothy and Sarah Johnson face a maximum penalty of one year in jail and/or a $3,000 fine.

Mr. X Blind Item #2

With no chance of getting money from this now deceased permanent A+ lister, he is going to try and make a buck off the name by writing a book. There is no one around to sue him for all the lies he will print.

Mr. X Blind Item #1

The awards aren't until Sunday, and there's already drama over who will or won't be there. This couple (consisting of a closeted actor and his wife/beard) are thinking of boycotting the event because a fellow nominee, this actress/model/celeb spawn, is thinking about bringing as her guests her grandma and no not her mom (sobriety comes first)... but a close friend of her mom's who is considered public enemy #1 by the couple. It would be no loss if the couple didn't show up.

Blind Item #10

This Academy Award winning/nominated A list mostly movie actress has bailed on promoting her new movie. Not that she thinks it is bad, because it is good, but because she is trying to not see the guy she has been cheating on her husband with.

Blind Item #9

This one named rapper/actor/Academy Award winner/nominee dropped $50K on a gift for his trainer this holiday season. That must be some very special training.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 27, 2016

It has been a couple of months without any structure in the life of this B+ list mostly television actress from a now ended filming hit cable show on the strangely named channel. Our actress, who will soon start dropping down the list after the series stops airing needs structure. She is partying like crazy and looks a decade older. She doesn’t have enough money to quit acting for good. The longer she goes without a job, the harder it will be to land another one.

Ashley Benson

Today's Blind Items - The Show That Could Have Been

Someone wrote into to me and asked about a show that was canceled last year. It had such potential, so why was it canceled so soon they wanted to know. I actually wrote about the show in a different kind of way last year. There were so many moving parts behind the scenes that it had no chance of succeeding despite what it looked like from the outside.

It was a network show. Very short lived. it begins with the lead actress. An amazing person and an even better actress. Emmy winner/nominee. Multiple very popular hit shows in different formats. This was going to be her chance to be the star. Not just one of many, but the star. In her haste to be the star, she gave up another Emmy win/nomination. Plain and simple it would have been hers. Because she wanted to be the lead she didn't look at the fact that her male lead co-star was doing it for the paycheck, just like he does everything else. He is a workaholic. Tell him to be somewhere and he will be there and will show up on time and work hard. The thing is though, he only has one character and one tone to all his roles. That is why, for the most part his greatest successes have been as a voice over guy. Our actress got no say in the casting of that role. While working on the show, he also had five other projects and the producers told him he could do them all.

She also got no say in the casting of the guy who preferred to drink rather than act. This caused issues. Then, there were his what seemed like daily doctor appointments. There were two younger characters on the show, one of whom decided she was the biggest star on the show or had been led to believe that by her people so acted like that from day one. Plus, the producers and showrunner hinted she was going to be the focus of the show. All of this combined with another actress who was a bulimic and the whole thing was a disaster from start to finish. Canceling the show was putting it out of its misery.

Your Turn

Do you read your books electronically or in print?

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 27, 2016

This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor, who is super shady and controlling when it comes to using publicity for his own purposes, yelled at a guy last Friday who tried to take a picture with our actor after the actor bought a Christmas tree from the guy’s stand. Apparently that PR machine only goes in one direction.

Ryan Reynolds

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 26, 2016

This former A+ list celebrity/reality star who everyone disliked says she now only does coke on Christmas and her birthday.

Paris Hilton

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 26, 2016

This A+ list everything in her mind has four paid assistants. I guess she didn’t learn her lesson from the last time she came thisclose to bankruptcy.

Jennifer Lopez

Blind Item #8

Our former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort is on the run from a mob guy disguised as a shipping tycoon. Apparently while in his country, they slept together for an agreed upon sum. I guess she didn't think it was enough so helped herself to a bracelet in his room worth six figures. The thing is, he didn't know she took it until after. It is why she is hiding out in yet another country.

Blind Item #7

This VS model managed to kill two birds with one stone this holiday season. A week outside the country with a very generous man followed by 36 hours with this A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee to make it look like they are still a couple. Our actor didn't give her any money, but did introduce her to three people who definitely will over the course of the next few months. This is quite the change from a few weeks ago when they were on the outs because our actor wanted her to to hook up with a friend of his for free and they split when she refused.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 26, 2016

This once a year A list singer says this time of year is when he can hook up with three or four different women a day without any effort at all. He does so many public appearances this time of year and just picks and chooses at each event to be with someone for an hour or two before moving on to the next event.

Josh Groban

Blind Item #6

This former A+ list mostly movie actor crashed down to A-/B+ list for well over a decade. The past few years has seen him crawl his way back to A list. To keep the momentum going and to try and land some more Oscar hardware, our actor plans on going full frontal in a movie to be filmed this year. Not just a second or one shot, but multiple scenes of him in his full glory.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Blind Item #5

Speaking of closeted actors, this foreign born A/A+ list mostly movie actor was, as I told you, much less discreet than normal this holiday season back at home. The boyfriend of our married actor is an A list athlete in his sport and our actor is in love. The pairing was just too noticeable when they went out and after decades in the closet, it could all be over.

Blind Item #4

It is getting a little bit sickening/disturbing. The PR people of this closeted actor who was in a book based movie franchise are just relentlessly using some sad news to make their client look straight. Unless you are just a weekly tabloid reader, you know he is gay but they won't give up trying to get him to A+ list.

Blind Item #3

This alliteration actress told one of her closest friends that she is trying to get pregnant. It seems though her foreign born A+ list celebrity boyfriend is not privy to that information.

Blind Item #2

Apparently this former B+ list mostly television actress turned A-/B+ list movie actress is worried her A+ list husband will discover the truth. It turns out that she was not so honest to him about the affair she had with this married A+ list mostly movie actor. She told her husband the pair were just friends. When they all see each other at the Golden Globes this weekend she is afraid her lies will be revealed.

Blind Item #1

This former A list tweener actor from that Disney thing who has moved on to the grown up world of acting and is B+ is being blackmailed by his former bff/drug dealer for a part in the former tweener's new project. Get him a part or video slowly is released showing the actor using drugs multiple times.

Facebook Live Beating Suspects Arrested


Chicago police say they are considering hate crime charges against four people shown in a Facebook video attacking a mentally disabled man, cutting his scalp with a knife and punching him while yelling obscenities about Donald Trump and "white people."

The 18-year-old man, who had been reported missing by his parents earlier this week, is shown crouching in a corner on a video carried on Facebook Live. His wrists are bound and his mouth is taped shut.

As a woman shoots the video, two men cut the man's shirt with knives, then take turns punching him and stomping his head. One of the men cuts the victim’s hair and scalp with a knife, and it appears the man is bleeding.

As the man crouches against a wall, someone shouts, “F‑‑‑ Donald Trump” and “F‑‑‑ white people.”

The man was found wandering the streets in shorts Tuesday evening in the 3400 block of West Lexington Street in the Homan Square neighborhood, police said. Investigators believe he may have been attacked at a home about a block east from where he was found.

He had been reported missing Monday by his parents who said he disappeared after they dropped him off at a McDonald's in Streamwood on Saturday, according to police. The man apparently met someone he considered a friend, and then got involved with a group of people who stole a van from Streamwood.

Streamwood police said the parents began getting text messages from someone "claiming to be holding him captive." As Streamwood officers investigated the texts, they "discovered Facebook video depicting (the man) being verbally and physically abused."

Murdered Texas Woman Knew Someday Ex-Husband Would Kill Her


Shaun Philip Hardy admitted to investigators that he killed his ex-wife, Anne-Christine Johnson. Johnson was reported missing in League City, Texas on December 12.

On December 30, police executed a search warrant at Hardy's home. According to court documents, Hardy began to cry and sob when he saw the officers approach his house. When detectives discovered what they believed to be Johnson's body wrapped in plastic in the garage, officers began to make custody arrangements for the couple's child with special needs who was at the house while her father was murdering her mother.

Investigators say that Hardy decided to waive his rights and speak to police about Johnson's death. When the interview began, Hardy told detectives that he "threw her on the ground, and that time I threw her with my full... as hard as I could."

Hardy told police that Johnson was bleeding from her head and face after being thrown to the ground. He said that she was holding a knife blade to her chest, and he kicked the knife with his shoe to drive the knife into her chest. He then told police that he put a plastic bag over her head to "put her out of her misery".

Police said this couple had filed protective orders against each other.

The couple filed for divorce in 2014. Then the next year, there were separate protective orders. First filed by Hardy, then a month later, Johnson filed one, too, saying, "He has assaulted me with a shotgun, threatened me with a knife and choked me."

Johnson says she was even hospitalized at Clear Lake Regional for treatment. It goes on to say, "I am afraid that without this protective order, Shaun Philip Hardy will continue to hurt me or even kill me."

Mr. X Blind Item - Old Hollywood

Whenever you asked this now deceased A/B-list actress and entertainer who her least favorite costar was, she would say it was this A/B-list actor who was married to one of the original scream queens. On the first of the two films they made together, he confronted her about rumors that she was a lesbian and was having sex with this renowned character actress famous for playing a mother in law on a classic TV show. Our actress wasn't a lesbian, but had definitely dabbled in having sex with other women, just not the aforementioned character actress who was one of her closest friends. The actress asked her rude costar where he came up with the rumors. He replied that he didn't make up the rumor, her ex husband did because "she was a lousy lay in the sack". The actress, now furious, yelled back at him "tell *insert ex husband name* I was a lousy lay because he has a tiny prick!" That shut her costar up.

Blind Item #11

This Star Wars actress has dumped her boyfriend and replaced him with a doppelganger of her gay best friend. Considering the best friend was the impetus for the recent breakup, I wonder what he will think of the new boyfriend.

Blind Item #10

She might be on a new show from the producer/actor who seems to always have a million projects but it doesn't mean she is not popping pills like crazy. This former 80's and 90's A lister has crashed and burned numerous times. She better get her act together in time to save her offspring.

Blind Item #9

This permanent A/A+ list singer is all alone now after her manager got rid of the last remaining people from the singer's past. Now, the manager is the only support the singer has and mark my words, will lose everything as the manager slowly makes a fortune.

Blind Items Revealed #5

December 26, 2016

This former A- list mostly television actor on a now defunct very hit cable show is in the dark again about his girlfriend. There is a new book being released with lots of contradictions to the stories she has always told him about her past.

Charlie Hunnam/Morgana McNelis

Today's Blind Items - Award Season Marriage

You can always tell when it is award season and our actress is nominated for something or will be nominated for something. You don't see her for a year or two and then she pops up in online tabloids on a daily basis. Oh, and as a side note, yes she is paying the pap to take the photos. Not much though. The pap gets good money for her photos because she does only come out every couple of years. Plus, she is a name. A list this year for sure. Oh, and she has a bonus. She lets him know where she will be and he shows up and snaps a couple of photos. She wants to be in front of those voters all the time. She wants to win. She will do anything to win. She will even stay married to her husband who she dislikes more each day. A divorce announcement would crush her chances. It is the wrong kind of publicity during award season. Everything needs to be positive and friendly and if you can throw in a new wedding or a baby or the fact you just found a cure for some disease, that is always looked on favorable by voters. Cheating, divorce or admitting you watch television are all things film voters frown upon. Our actress knows how the game has played and has played it to win before. She knew this role would be a winner and she planned ahead. Way ahead to award season and how she would look. She knew she needed to pull out an extra card or two to have a chance. Some kind of hook. The last time around she hadn't really needed the hook. This time she does. Anyway, when she found out about her husband cheating and being a general all around a-hole, it put a crimp in her plans. She kicked him out to the guest house. Not hotel stays for him. No rumors. No chance for him to hookup with one of his girlfriends where he could be spotted. He stays in place. The only way he is going to get a check from her in the divorce and to cover many of his financial losses is if he stays put. Oh, except on red carpets where he will act like the perfect accessory to her Oscar dreams.

Your Turn

A movie or a tv show everyone seems to love or talk about but you really disliked and are afraid to say something.

Blind Items Revealed #4

December 26, 2016

Pretty tough to get a gig on a network reality show when your highlight reel is you ticking off every other person on a panel in your last reality show. This foreign born A list rapper thinks people are discriminating against her. Nope. They just don’t want the s**t show that happened the last time she got that kind of job.

Nicki Minaj/The Voice/American Idol

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 23, 2016

This former A list singer turned B list casino circuit singer blasted her actor husband when he tried to order something expensive at a restaurant. She said that when he gets a job and starts paying for something he can order what he wants.

LeAnn Rimes/Eddie Cibrian

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 22, 2016

This A+ list mostly movie actor feels like he has been getting the shaft but is trying to not go low. That may change though with what his ex is now saying publicly. Our actor has the ability to destroy his ex with photos and videos, not to mention some e-mails that could land her in jail.

Brad Pitt

Blind Item #8

Want to know what happens when you talk about the time you had sex with this former A list singer who has been known to get violent? Well, if you are this male rapper you get beaten by the guy's friends and told to keep your mouth shut. Well, except when having sex with the violent singer who called after the beat down to see if the guy wanted to hook up again.

Blind Item #7

I assume there will be lawsuits filed and this will be made public. This A/A- list mostly television actress from a very long running, very hit network show which is part of the detective show family tree fired the head of her foundation. Apparently there was some problems with shall we say, accounting issues.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 22, 2016

it is always the ones you think won’t do it, who do it. This former pop singer turned actress who has a very hit network show right now did a staged pap photo for a company and got paid mid five figures for 15 minutes of work.

Mandy Moore

Blind Item #6

That married out of work talk show host from a singing family is hiding out in her house after the wife of a guy she had sex with discovered the affair. This is causing other problems because our former talk show host is running low on the prescription drugs that she craves.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Blind Item #5

Another fake relationship falls by the wayside for this former tweener actress turned A- list singer. The issue seems to be she is trying to juggle a guy, her music, her secret female lovers and a return to drugs. The last guy bailed because of the drugs. He can't be caught near drugs or his career could be over. So, she has moved on. It is a roller coaster.

Blind Item #4

Apparently 2017 is the year this closeted foreign born A+ list soccer athlete rolls back some of the flights home to see his lover and instead works on making sponsors happy by showing off his new beard. Endorsement income has been down for the player since the buzz about his sexuality has grown louder. Lots of sponsors in anti-gay countries have pulled deals with him the past two years. He wants that money back.

Blind Item #3

Speaking of cocaine, this foreign born A list singer who is married to an A lister was seen with a woman two weeks ago in his home country. The pair were in a booth at an out of the way dive bar and drinking shots while doing bumps of coke. Oh, and groping each other.

Blind Item #2

This foreign born one named A list rapper is his drug dealer's biggest customer of coke. That is something you can't lease so Tyga probably can't afford this much. Our foreign born rapper drops an average of $25,000 a week on cocaine just with this one dealer.

Blind Item #1

This permanent A list mostly movie actor actually has multiple Academy Award wins/nominations despite a lot of acting talent. He was also paid mid six figures to attend a party over the weekend but is taking a lot of flack for it. He probably should have asked for more.

Survivor's Dan Kay Has Died


Dan Kay, a former contestant on Survivor: Gabon, died unexpectedly on Dec. 31. He was 40. In his early 30's, Kay changed careers. He went from being a lawyer and purchase of investment properties to competing in Survivor.

Kay was 32 when he competed on the show, which aired in the fall of 2008. As he introduced himself to fellow castaways, Kay said, “Hi I’m Dan. I was an attorney for five years and I am currently finding myself.” He lasted 21 days before being voted out after other contestants were concerned that he had a hidden immunity idol.

My buddy, Eliza Orlins, who competed twice on the show, tweeted that she was “devastated” and that the Survivor family “lost a good one.”

Charles Manson Near Death


Charles Manson was taken from prison yesterday and moved about an hour away to a Bakersfield, CA hospital where he is expected to remain until he dies. Back in 1969, Manson and his followers committed nine murders at four locations over five weeks. He was sentenced to death in 1971 but later had his sentence commuted to life in prison. One of his accomplices, Patricia Krenwinkel, who is the longest-serving female inmate in California, had her parole hearing suspended just before the New Year after the Board of Parole Hearings wanted to investigate claims she was the victim of battered women's syndrome.

Blind Item #12

Out of my normal range, but apparently this elderly A+ list royal used a mild cold as a great excuse to stay away from several possible threats against her life that intelligence services said were likely. Apparently this all came to light because one royal family member used the absence to garner himself a bunch of publicity. That has not helped his relationship with his older brother who knows the younger brother uses opportunities like this to line his pockets with questionable income.

Blind Item #11

That closeted NBA player whose past beards include an A+ list castoff and an A list reality star is trolling for a new one but is not having much luck. Apparently he is a world class a-hole to his beards and to the guys he hooks up with too.

Blind Item #10

It's amazing how much crazy crap happens each time this Housewife franchise films. Everything is peaceful and quiet and then when the producers show up, suddenly things happen. While filming. There was the staged police call not that long ago and now the trespassing leading to guns being drawn. Funny how it ONLY happens when there are cameras present.

Blind Item #9

Here it comes. The wave. For the past several years I have been throwing water on every guy this momager tries to plant as a boyfriend to this A list reality star with a side gig. You and I both know who it is. Whether the momager thinks it will ruin the brand if her daughter comes out or if the mom has other reasons, I don't know. Here is the thing though. For these years I have been throwing water, their side has been quiet. Cricket quiet as the star moves from one girlfriend to the next. Now though, things are different. In the past month, several (at least three that I know of) gossip sites who run blind items have conveniently run blinds about the reality star and her impending coming out and how the whole family could not be happier. It is like blind item kneepads. Where were they years ago? I guess they had not been given their marching orders from the momager.

Blind Items Revealed #5 - Kindness

December 21, 2016

It may look like this B+ list mostly television actress on multiple shows beneath the same corporate umbrella just takes selfies all day and shops for herself. Well, she does take a lot of selfies, and does a lot of shopping. What you may have missed in all her shopping is that she has spent on average about $2500 a day for the past four weeks filling up every donate a toy collection area she has seen. No matter how big the box or barrel or collection area, our actress fills it. If it is emptied out and she happens past it again, she will fill it up again. It is a challenge at this point to find as many drop off locations in LA she can find and just keep filling them up.

Ariel Winter

Today's Blind Items - So Complicated

At some point, even Kristen Stewart gave up the shell game. It becomes so hard to juggle all your stories and pseudo relationships and everything else for the media and social media and interviews and red carpets that you just say f**k it and come out. This actor needs to do just that. I have written about this actor a couple of times in the past about his closet struggles, but he has taken this to a whole new level.

Foreign born. Tall. Good looking. For the most part in his career he has struggled. That is until a few years ago when he got the lead in this pay cable series that shows no signs of ending for the foreseeable future. Suddenly his secret life actually mattered. I have written before about his people scrubbing his social media clean of all those weekend flings with guys. They think he needs to be a virile heterosexual to keep getting these types of roles.

Last year around this time, his female co-star got tired of being called his girlfriend because they weren't. It wasn't even a bearding thing. His people just picked her and leaked story after story about how they were a couple. She forced our actor to do a joint interview and in that interview declare they were not a couple. Her boyfriend was getting really upset.

Meanwhile, our actor spent much of the spring and early summer traveling the world with his boyfriend but he is always referred to as a friend in photos. After this this travel spree, the boyfriend was pushed out of the way because too many people were asking too many questions. The boyfriend was asked to scrub his social media which he did. Imagine just scrubbing your entire life because your boyfriend can't admit who he is and wants you to play along.

So, you need a new beard. Who do you pick? Well, if you are the people of our actor, they found someone who needs the publicity to reignite her failed acting career. A former soap actress who thought she was way better than soaps who found out that was not the case. An actress who has a boyfriend. Whether she started dating that boyfriend while she was still married is up for debate. She had a lot of success in soaps. Not so much outside them.

Her last best shot was some network show where she had a recurring role before the show was quickly canceled. With a boyfriend on board with the game, our actress started popping up on the actor's social media. Simultaneously, the couple would get randomly photographed at events and random places. Who was taking these photos? Not fans. Nope. It was producers of the pay cable show and PR people and voila they would show up on message boards for the show. Most of the time she lives with her boyfriend in the US. About once a month or so though she is called to action and will show up somewhere with the actor. Oh, and hey, get "randomly" photographed. She did accompany him to a big award show but stayed at a hotel while he stayed at his home. She flew home the morning after the awards with a nice big payday in her bank account. Her big problem is she can't stop her boyfriend or her own family from posting things to their own social media. It looks really strange when she is supposed to be in a loving relationship with the actor and her friends and family and the friends and family of her boyfriend post loving photos to social media. The game is crumbling and soon, the masterminds will have to find a new beard. Don't worry, they are the same masterminds behind the person listed in the first paragraph.

Your Turn - A Resolution Idea

Several years ago, during the first week of a New Year, I wrote in this space I wanted to lose some weight. It actually worked for awhile, but like most diets it went by the wayside after a couple of months. It went well when I was talking about it on here which was the first month or so. I don't think my body can handle big yo yos any longer so I want to lose weight once and for all. I thought if I made something public here and made a resolution to not only lose the weight but to also make the commitment to talk about it here every two weeks that it would reinforce the resolution and the weight loss. I need to lose 50 pounds this year. I have to for my health. Without giving up bacon or booze (although I will try to cut down), I am going to go for it. If you would like to make some resolution and then track it every two weeks in the comments, you can. Maybe you want to write a book or learn a language or save enough for a trip. Make a goal and then lets all check in every two weeks on our progress. I will read all your goals and your ups and downs and will talk about them here along with my own.

Blind Items Revealed #4 - Kindness

December 26, 2016

Our rehab loving former tweener turned A- list singer/bad actress showed a lot of love this weekend. She spent several hours at a children’s hospital on Christmas Eve in her hometown and it was definitely appreciated by the patients and parents. Hopefully 2017 will be a good year for our singer. Keeping a visit like this on the down low helps a lot towards a positive new year.

Selena Gomez

Blind Items Revealed #3

December 24, 2016

The boyfriend of this B- list singer/B list mostly movie actress who has a franchise/celebrity offspring had to send out for a wire cutter at the hotel where the couple were staying. Apparently during a sex game he zip tied his girlfriend to the bed but neither brought anything to cut them off. When room service gave him a hard time about just needing a steak knife, he called down to the front desk to get a wire cutter.

Zoe Kravitz

Blind Items Revealed #2

December 23, 2016

This former B+ list mostly movie actress has been offered roles for the past three years but she has turned them all down. The reason? Well, our married actress thinks if she works, she will use drugs again and it is just not worth it to her. Some work she did a few years ago is being released soon and she is afraid that offers will start coming in again.

Rebecca Gayheart

Blind Item #8

Perhaps the most recent extensive plastic surgery done to her face by this former actress/host/celebrity/talk show host/used to get naked for a living celebrity was done because her A- list dual threat husband won't stop cheating on her.

Blind Item #7

Back in the day, this former A list athlete dated this foreign born A+ list singer when she was rebounding. Now? He is probably B+ list and suffers from depression. He got one woman pregnant last year and a married woman pregnant this year.

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 23, 2016

Despite meeting her a half dozen times including a dinner for just six people, this permanent A list singer had no clue who this foreign born permanent A list model was when they ran into each other on vacation this week.

Mariah Carey/Heidi Klum

Blind Item #6

This B List mostly television actor is most well known for the very long run on an FX show that ended a few years back. He has had some fiery romances with men and women and political views just as fiery. One of the guys he was recently with did not appreciate the way he was dumped and has been outing the closeted actor everywhere on social media he can and posting clips of sex acts between himself and the actor.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Blind Item #5

The mother of this southeast reality star is trying to be just as famous as her offspring. One thing that is probably going to stand in her way is being so homophobic and not shy about expressing her views either. Honestly. her reality star offspring's views are not that much different, but she knows to stay quiet.

Blind Item #4

Apparently at least for once, this floral sounding financial institution of a singer is not in a feud. It is actually a publicity stunt with this shy one named singer. As a favor? I'm not sure our floral singer really needs this kind of PR stunt.

Blind Item #3

This a list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee better start being nice. This past weekend she called several fans bi**ches when they asked to take a photo with her. Our actress was drunk and just foul tempered to everyone.

Blind Item #2

This one named singer who has also been an A- list television actress and a reality star and related to a porn star is paranoid that everyone is out to get her and keep her from recording new music. Songwriters are threatened with late night calls and texts about selling songs to someone other than her. She is always checking up on producers to make sure she is the only client they have. If she thinks you crossed her, she then takes to social media to blast the person.

Blind Item #1

Apparently this barely relevant celebrity who had a big day last week has an elderly bedridden woman living in his home that no one knows about. The guy is creepy.

Bullets That Go Up, Must Go Down - Politician Survives Stray Bullet Fired In Air

A Texas lawmaker is lucky to be alive after an apparently stray bullet hit his head during a New Year's celebration early Sunday, authorities said.

State Rep. Armando "Mando" Martinez, D-Weslaco, said his wife had just given him a kiss shortly after ringing in the new year with family and friends, and the next thing he knew, "it felt like a sledgehammer hit me over the head."

A bullet fragment had just punctured the top of the south Texas legislator's head. Martinez said he had just stepped outside a home in a rural neighborhood north of Weslaco when he was hit. Martinez, 40, was transferred to the neurosurgical unit at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen, where surgeons removed the bullet fragment. The fragment had penetrated his skull and lodged itself into the dura mater, the top layer of the brain, doctors told Martinez.

The fragment appears to be from a .223 caliber round, said Martinez.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra said Martinez's survival was nothing short of a miracle. The sheriff's office is investigating the shooting, and investigators "have reason to believe that (Martinez) was hit by a stray bullet," county sheriff's office spokesman JP Rodriguez said. "There is no evidence to indicate he was targeted," Rodriguez said. "It was a miracle last night. I was given another chance at life and I'm grateful for it," Martinez said.

Martinez was elected to a seventh term in November and scheduled to take the oath of office January 10.

Teen Kills Girlfriend And Wounds Her Mother Before Shooting Himself


A teenage girl was shot and killed in her own bedroom early Sunday morning. Police are saying the suspected shooter, a 15-year old boy, shot her mother, the girl, and then himself.

Police say it happened around 2 a.m. New Year’s Day when the mother heard a scuffle in her teenage daughter’s bedroom. She entered and saw the suspect, who fired a shot at her, and then her daughter, before shooting himself in the head.

Police say the daughter, 16-year-old Charlotte Zaremba, was taken to Howard County General Hospital where she later died from gunshot wounds.

The suspect, who was not identified by police because of his age, was taken from the girl’s bedroom to the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Shock Trauma Center, where he remains in critical condition, police said.

Suzanne Zaremba was treated for a non-life threatening injury and released.


Blind Items Revealed #17

November 16, 2016

One of the questions asked most of me is which celebrities are horrible people. Coming in a close second is who is the nicest or the variation of someone seems nice, but are they nice. I know it might not seem like it from the blinds, but the vast majority of celebrities are really nice and understand fans make their fame and will stop what they are doing and interact with a fan. Eliminating celebrities who are friends of mine or who you would not guess, I will tell you who I think is the nicest celebrity I have met. Even though I have hung out with her multiple times, I wouldn’t say we are friends. We know each other and see each other from time to time.

She is A list. OK, maybe A- list. She is an Academy Award winner/nominee. One time we were walking through Beverly Center and if she stayed out in the main area she would literally get stopped every twenty feet. Then when she would stop, people would see what the commotion was and that would create a bigger crowd. When I say crowd, I am talking 5 or 6 people, but it was pretty constant. This was a few years ago when Beverly Center had their version of a dollar movie theatre. It took a good 30 minutes of walking from the middle of the mall to the end where the theatres were. The thing is, she never stopped smiling. Ever. Pictures, autographs as she slowly made her way to the theatre. When we got there and bought our tickets she could have bailed and waited inside a fairly darkened theatre and no one would have bothered her. But, she stuck it out in line for another ten minutes with a bunch of other people coming up to her and she just kept going and going. When we did get inside the theatre, she did acknowledge that it can be exhausting. She said that she loved the fans and would never say no to anyone, but that sometimes you just want to get from point A to point B and sometimes that was difficult.

There was another time we were in this open area in between some buildings. Apparently some celebrity had been to the same spot 2 minutes earlier and had called in paps. They were hanging out waiting for the celebrity to come back out to get some more shots when they saw us. They swarmed which she does not usually get. In the midst of their swarming two families were trying to cross through the area and she went out of her way to go to them and apologize for all the commotion and chaos. She didn’t have to do it. I don’t think the families knew who she was but she did it anyway.

I could go on and on about her, but she is the one celebrity I find to be the same all of the time. People perceive her to be sweet and kind and she is exactly those things and more.

Emma Stone

Blind Items Revealed #16 - Kindness

December 23, 2016

I’m not sure this actress is even working right now. hang on, let me check. OK, she has a recurring on a network show that must stay on the air through some kind of black magic because it is about as interesting as lukewarm diner food. Anyway, the crazy thing is that most of you know who she is even though she is a B- lister at best. I’m only giving her something that high because of her past work and her ability to stay in the tabloids. In a good way. Photos and red carpets, not cocaine and partying. Our actress has always been outspoken about things/causes she believes in. Many of the hours she puts in, she does not publicize. One of those is a rape crisis hotline. Not only does she provide a great deal of funding to keep it operational, but she also takes calls almost 24/7. To lower costs and to make more people available, calls are routed to various volunteers and except for when she is actually working, our actress makes herself available to take calls. One week earlier this year, our actress took well over 100 calls from different women. Our actress also spends a great deal of time fundraising to help victims of human trafficking, whether it be for the sex trade or something else. I honestly think she would love to be A list just so she could help everyone else more because of the attention and dollars that A list status could direct towards these causes.

AnnaLynne McCord

Blind Items Revealed #15 - Old Hollywood

September 29, 2016

Apparently this A+ list movie actor who was nominated three straight years for an Academy Award, winning once loved getting together with other men, especially gay men. Not to have sex, but he enjoyed being naked around other men and trying to find any man who was more well endowed than our actor.

Gary Cooper

Blind Items Revealed #14

December 27, 2016

With the exception of one cast member, the majority of this holiday classic smoke pot nonstop during the entire filming. Not including the kids in the movie of course. The one holdout? It kind of seems fitting given her character, but this A/A- list mostly television actress abstained.

Family Stone/Sarah Jessica Parker

Blind Items Revealed #13

December 27, 2016

This A-/B+ list actor filmed a movie that takes place right after Christmas. He didn’t get along with an A-/B+ list actress he had most of his scenes with. They had close scenes. He didn’t shower the entire time they filmed together just to try and make her angry.

Ashton Kutcher/Lea Michele

Blind Items Revealed #12

December 27, 2016

While filming this Christmas movie, this lead actor or his best friend or his other best friend, both of whom are involved in this movie and generally most movies since childhood would arrange for a stripper to knock on the trailer door of this A+ list mostly movie actress asking for directions to the trailer of one of the three. They would never tell the stripper who was going to answer the door. Invariably when the door would answer and it would be the A+ lister, the stripper would spend 5-10 minutes trying to talk to her.

Vince Vaughn/Jon Favreau/Peter Billingsley/Reese Witherspoon/Four Christmases

Blind Items Revealed #11

December 28, 2016

Apparently when a woman answered the phone of this former A list athlete turned permanent A list coach at 3 in the morning, that was the end of this very high profile relationship.

Phil Jackson

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Kindness

October 6, 2016

The wife of the guy in #4 (which is #9 today)  spends $100 every single day just on lunch for her three workers. She also pays for Uber rides to and from work every day along with gym memberships and full health insurance. Plus, she pays her staff more than just about any other celebrity I know. She wins the best employer award. You only get fired if you sleep with the husband.

Jennifer Garner

Blind Items Revealed #9

October 6, 2016

This in a very long relationship foreign born B list mostly movie actress is not very well liked. Kind of like her most famous character. Anyway, for the past few weeks she has been hooking up with her former co-star from that movie who is an A+ list mostly movie actor. And married. Technically.

Rosamund Pike/Ben Affleck

Blind Items Revealed #8 - Kindness

September 19, 2016

Emmy Awards

This ABC actress who should have been nominated for her hit show was hit up by some neighbors of hers to buy some popcorn for Christmas to raise money to send a bunch of kids to Europe for school. Anyway, she bought several hundred bucks worth of popcorn and then handed them a stack of tickets to a variety of Emmy after parties and told them to auction them all off. The very next night the school auctioned them off and enough money for a trip this year and next year was raised.

Constance Wu/Fresh Off The Boat

Blind Items Revealed #7

December 13, 2016

Speaking of yachting, that was quite the collection gathered together recently on a yacht just off the coast of the US. The people who own the yacht are not allowed inside the territorial waters of the US. They are allowed however, to pay about $250K per night for the group of models/celebrities which was all arranged by a close family member of one of the celebrities. He has several friends who are not allowed in the country.

Bella Hadid/Emily Ratajkowski/Elsa Hosk(and other VS models)

Blind Items Revealed #6

December 16, 2016

I have heard of some strange clothing fetishes in my day, but this one is right up there. It involves an A list singer. I know she didn’t do it during her marriage, but since her marriage ended, it has been one of her mainstays. Maybe it is her reaction to not having a very good marriage. If she is at home, she will only have sex after wearing a wedding dress. OK, she will also have sex while wearing the wedding dress. This is a wedding dress she bought at some point but did not wear to her wedding. The dress is worn out. She will leave it on for an entire weekend if she is with someone just because she does not want to bother with taking it on and off every time they have sex. It apparently reeks of pot and cigarette smoke. There are food stains and other kind of stains. Not going to take an ultraviolet light to that thing if you know what I am saying. Sometimes she seems so normal and then you hear about things like this and some other strange things she does in her life and you start to wonder just how normal she really is.

Katy Perry

Blind Items Revealed #5

September 19, 2016

Emmy Awards

This former franchise actress who was an Emmy winner/nominee last night was in obvious pain from a very recent breast enlargement and lift. The dress was too tight, but she winced her way through the night. One thing I found surprising is she wasn’t drinking at all last night.

Kirsten Dunst

Blind Items Revealed #4

September 19, 2016

Emmy Awards

Continuing the awards, the winner for most drunk is a tie. Yes, again, there are two winners. One, who was being a fun drunk and stumbling her way through the parties after getting a good start during the show is this actress who stars on a hit almost television show which was a big winner last night.
This fake fun loving talk show host was sullen to put it mildly and bitter and rude as the night and parties progressed. There were a lot of people who saw his true colors. When he gets older he is going to be a nasty drunk.

Gaby Hoffman/Jimmy Fallon

Blind Items Revealed #3

August 18, 2016

After a year which saw all of his television shows crash and burn, this A- list actor got a gift when he landed a role as a replacement in a franchise. Anyway, he cheated on his actress wife with another woman who he is supposedly trying to win back after he cheated on her but while he is trying to win her back he is cheating on her again with a bunch of fans he is interacting with while on vacation.

Zachary Levi/Missy Peregrym

Blind Items Revealed #2

October 10, 2016

One of my pieces of advice that celebrities would be good to heed is to pay your dealer. Bad things happen when you don’t. It doesn’t matter who you are, eventually you are going to have to pay. Oh, sure if you are this foreign born A- list celebrity in her roped corner of the entertainment world you can sleep with your dealer for awhile in order not to pay, but that only lasts a short time. Eventually they find someone else who can’t pay and wants to trade and you are replaced. The next thing you know you agree to do a little courier run using your status and you promise yourself you will just do it one time. That one time becomes two or three because your habit keeps growing. Then, the unthinkable. You lose your status and can’t make the courier runs but still have your habit. One drug dealer cuts you off so you move to the next and the next. At this point, you owe several dealers but haven’t told your celebrity boyfriend. When they come calling he is caught in the crossfire. You go into hiding. The thing is you can’t hide for long because your addiction is so bad. My guess is you will end up dead. Either of an overdose or from crossing the wrong people.

WWE's Paige/boyfriend Alberto Del Rio

Blind Items Revealed #1

October 19, 2016

I guess it was about a year ago, give or take a couple of months that I told you that this A+ list mostly movie actress was in danger of being replaced as this A list director’s muse/part-time hookup. The frequent co-star of the A+ lister has been spending a lot of time talking up the woman he calls his girlfriend. The girlfriend has not acted much, but the director has been open to the idea because he feels like the A+ list actress screwed him over and was using him just to get roles that would get her critical acclaim.

Well, if the director has moved on, our A+ list actress needed to find a new director who would want to cast her. She set her sights on a different A list director. So far, things could have gone better. Oh sure, the director and the A+ lister seem like they could work something out professionally and personally but there are just a couple of obstacles standing in their way.

The first obstacle is that this director has already established a relationship with another actress. There is not the same, umm, personal level of closeness there would be with our A+ lister, but the other actress has a long and storied relationship with the director and she does not want that to come to an end because she also cares about critical success.

The other hitch in the giddy up is this A- list almost television actor/comedian. He has been crushing hard on our A+ list actress for a long time. He dumped his long time girlfriend just to have a shot at our actress. The thing is, he is in the friend zone but is in denial about it. He thinks if he keeps himself front and center in her life that our A+ lister will change her mind. That he can convince her to move from friend zone to something else. Obviously, a new relationship with someone else will damage those possibilities so he has been trying everything he can to sabotage it all without actually sabotaging all the hard work he has put into what he hopes will be more than a platonic relationship.

Meanwhile, circling back to the first director, now he is having second thoughts about giving up the A+ lister and has been making noises about them working together and maybe vacationing for a few weeks together. That in turn has led the A+ list actor to get upset and a lot of drama between himself and the woman he calls his girlfriend.

Jennifer Lawrence/David O'Russell/Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk/Darren Aronofsky/Natalie Portman/Aziz Ansari

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year

2016 is out the door. 2016 also marked a decade doing the blog. What started out as a few paragraphs M-F at 920am or as close as I could get to now being 24/7/365 and starting out at 6am, I love it just as much as I did back then. Honestly, I probably love it more. Back in the day it was a struggle to find the time and I was being pulled in a million directions. Going through reader photos this month from the past decade brought back a lot of memories. Not so much the faces, but all the names and identities that bring back vivid memories. Some of those names are still around and others drift in and out like the tide. Each person that has read the site or contributed or e-mailed me or sent me a tip or a criticism, all have made the site better. I am feeling very reflective today. I guess it could be the long night of drinking followed by the short night of rest. I think a lot of it though is that a decade has passed. Some of those toddlers in pictures from year one are teenagers now and close to maybe reading the site themselves. This year I want to interact more with everyone. Do more on Facebook and Twitter. Try and do some birthdays. I miss doing them. Plus, it is always a bonus when you can creep on the Facebook pages of all of you and then seeing what rabbit holes you find.

Speaking of Facebook, I have a personal page which is here and then there is fan page which is here. The fan page is way better than mine.

I love when you send me e-mails. If you click on the contact form, and want me to write you back, you should leave an e-mail. I am going to fix the labeling system in the next couple of weeks. I want to be able to click on a label and see everything related to it.  I want to change the comment system so people can mute people they don't want to see, but it may mean losing comments from the first five years of the site and I'm still weighing that one. Any feedback is welcome either via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

I want to be sure to thank Mr. X because I forgot in July and that has been bothering me ever since. I want to thank the dedicated people who make sure they send me every bit of information about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Hell, it is probably Blake & Ryan sending in half the stuff. The nice things anyway.

As always, if you need to get more of your blind items fix in or want to check through hundreds of thousands of blind items, I suggest you go to AGC who are the best.

I would be remiss if I didn't make use of this space to not send you to this page which is the page dedicated to the feature film directorial debut of America Young who has been a friend of this site and a friend of mine forever. Her film is debuting at the Palm Springs Film Festival on January 8th with a repeat showing on January 9th. Even if you can't make the film, if you have been around here forever, stop over at her Twitter or Facebook and tell her congrats.

I hope you and your family and friends have a blessed year but try not to use the #Blessed. I will see you all here tomorrow and each day in 2017.


Blind Items Revealed #40

November 7, 2016

I was visiting a film set back in the day with a guy in a band who was singing the film’s big song. It was a do nothing kind of day. We were just goofing around and raiding craft service. The producers just wanted him to visit the set to get a feel for the movie and to get any ideas for a music video for that title song. The movie actually opened at number one and my friend got an award from ASCAP for the song. If you were a teen at the time the movie was released you probably saw it. Anyway, we were not doing much of anything when he got called away to go meet some people.That left me on my own. I decided to try and find another friend of mine who was doing props on the movie. I asked around and someone pointed in the general vicinity of some trailers. I remember very clearly knocking on the door to the trailer. No one answered, but I knew my friend wouldn’t mind if I went in and waited.

One big problem. It wasn’t the trailer for my friend. Nope. It was the trailer of an actress in the movie. An Academy Award winning actress actually. I walked in on her with another woman. In bed. Naked. The other woman was an actress who was also in the movie but is known for more behind the scenes stuff than in front of the camera.

I mumbled a sorry and got out as quickly as I could. I was sorry I had walked in on it, but it wasn’t a big deal to me and two trailers beyond was the prop trailer. I didn’t say anything to him about what I saw. It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes when our Academy Award winning actress poked her head inside, saw me and motioned me out of the trailer. I walked out and apologized to her for walking in. She immediately started talking.

“Did you tell anyone what you saw? Please tell me you didn’t. Please don’t tell anyone.”

She was shaking. Crying. She told me that no one knew that she was bisexual and that if anyone found out she thought her career would end. She was at a crossroads in her career and had a huge franchise lined up which she thought would disappear. I told her I hadn’t told anyone and wasn’t planning on it and would make sure I never would. It was then she gave me the biggest hardest hug I have ever received. I guess she trusted me and she was right to.

Fast forward a few years. She finished a huge movie and the first installment of that franchise. I ran into her while I was eating lunch with a couple of people. She was walking past with someone and did a double take when she saw me. She stopped in her tracks which caused the guy behind her to crash into her and almost knock her over. She bent down and whispered thank you in my ear before kissing my cheek and moving on.

In the few times we saw each other after that, the meetings were just as brief but you could tell she cared less about what others thought and she finally was able to say publicly what she had feared someone would force her to do so many years earlier.

Anna Paquin/She's All That

Blind Items Revealed #39

November 14, 2016

Whenever I would see this former celebrity on television acting holier than thou and quoting scripture, I would just shake my head and remember the two nights I witnessed his holiness firsthand at a con. Back then, they weren’t really called cons. We just called them conventions. What this one was basically a gathering of some people who were from different fields of entertainment and celebrity who gave talks. The subject of our blind was there as more of a crossover. He was a celebrity, but he was also there talking about being a success and even giving some demonstrations.

I knew the name and even knew some of his work, but had never seen him or met him in person. At this convention there were a bunch of very attractive, college aged women who were getting paid as greeters and other gofer type things. I remember he had just given a talk about going to church and his beliefs and love of marriage. He walked off the stage behind a curtain and there were two of these gofers waiting for him because they wanted to take a photo with him. While a third person took the photo, he stood in between the two women and had a hand on each of their butts. He squeezed hard and said he was a big fan of theirs. Then they said something like he was their inspiration for going to this bible based university and he said they should meet up that night and he would show them some inspiration as he hugged and groped them. Honestly I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

So, later that night there was a party for the 40 or so invited celebrities. It was in this hotel ballroom. Part of a ballroom. The number of people was about 150 total so the hotel was only using one section of the ballroom.

Sure enough, the guy walks in with those two students from earlier. No one even bats an eye that this self proclaimed very religious, happily married man came in with these two women who apparently he had taken back to his room earlier and had sex with is with them now. He proceeds to paw them throughout dinner and is openly doing lines of coke at the table. It was crazy. He took them into the next ballroom which was closed off from the part where the dinner was and apparently had sex with them because when he came back he said something to the effect of the coke was messing with his Viagra and he had trouble sealing the deal. He started drinking and getting louder. He got angry at the two women for something and told them to leave. A short time later he staggered out of the ballroom.

The next morning, bright and early, there was our subject up on a dais with several other people telling the audience about hard work and values and blah blah blah. Meanwhile he is wiping his nose like crazy every five seconds. That afternoon I saw him out by the pool. He was actually in the hot tub and he was making out with some woman older than the college students by about a decade. His hands were inside her top and he was drinking straight from a bottle of vodka. I wondered to myself if he was like this at home or just was super staid at home and only let loose when he was away from home. Then, I also realized he was probably gone from home over half the days each year doing his thing and that if he partied like this every night he was away from home, he was going to die an early death.

Thomas Kinkade

Blind Items Revealed #38

November 11, 2016

One of the things I have never grown to love or even like is sitting in a recording studio watching people make music. When you are producing or writing or recording it can be entertaining, but if you are there and simply watching it is one of the most boring things to do. So, it was with a very large sigh that I agreed to go meet a producer friend of mine who was in the studio and asked me to drop by the studio for a bit while he was working with a singer.

I was in Miami and we were supposed to hang out, but the hanging out got delayed because of the recording. Did I tell you that recording sessions always run behind? Always. Have you ever sat waiting for a flight that is delayed for hours? If you want some practice dealing with that, schedule a meeting with someone who is coming to meet you after a recording session. There are a million things always going on at a recording session and in my experience, very few of those things are the process of actually recording. I remember back in the day I actually had to go to a session and for three days, despite, everyone involved being there the ENTIRE 72 hours, maybe two hours of recording was completed. It felt like 40 people were jammed into a tiny hotel room and the only ones able to escape were the food and drug delivery people. Everyone else was there, in that room. It was awful.

Anyway, back to Miami. I arrived at the studio soaking wet. The 50 yard dash across the parking lot was through one of those Miami downpours that make you wonder how there could possibly be a drought anywhere on earth with the amount of water that I was just subjected to.

Do you know that smell of cigarette smoke and wet clothes? That attraction smoke has to wet clothes? As soon as I walked into that studio it was like Dementor smoke knew there was someone new in the room and attacked. I burned the clothes. Normally I would donate any clothes I don’t want any longer, but that would have been unfair to the rest of the clothes donated by other people that came into contact with these. You know what makes me mad? I was wearing what was my favorite shirt at the time.

I walked into the studio and saw my friend. I looked into the recording area and as I expected no one was in there. who should have been in there was this A+ list singer in his corner of the singing world who all of you know.

I asked where he was and apparently he was in another room paying off his dealer. Our singer went big. He bought almost a kilo. Yep. One skinny person and one big kilo of coke. When he came back in the room, he just set it on a coffee table in front of a sofa and helped himself. To be honest, he was more than willing to share, but that is just not me. It didn’t stop the guys that are with him all the time or the four women (none of whom was his wife) from helping themselves. The singer and his entourage spent the next hour just gorging. During that hour he made all the women get topless and made sure to do some lines off their breasts. When one tried to put her top back on, one of the guys with the singer started yelling at her and looked like he was going to hit her. She backed down and stayed topless.

After the coke it was time to get some champagne delivered. Our singer used the time before its arrival to chain smoke right there in the room. He said it was good for his singing voice. One of the women said she was bored. Apparently, even though, I totally understand where she was coming from, this was not the proper thing to say. The guy who had been rough before yanked the woman up and ripped off her dress. He then dragged her out of the studio and told her to go be bored somewhere else. I never saw her again.

Another guy in the group made a call and at the same time the champagne arrived, so did two more women, both dressed almost identically to the remaining other three women. With the arrival of the women and champagne, everyone celebrated by doing coke for another hour. Apparently things had progressed to the point where the women now had to do lines of coke off the men and remove coke from their genital area by using their mouths.

This led to some sexual activity in the room right there in front of everyone although the singer took a woman he was interested in to a side room where he had previously paid his dealer. Thirty minutes later he came out and said he was ready to record. He went in the booth and sang for a good five minutes before he decided he didn’t like it and came back out. He needed to take a break he said so everyone did some more coke and smoked some more cigarettes and rotated the women. At this point, almost half that kilo was gone and there had been five minutes of recording. I couldn’t take any more and told my friend we could just catch up next time I was in town.

A few hours later I got a text from him saying that the whole group of them had flown to Puerto Rico on a private jet because the singer felt like he would get more inspiration there.

The next day my friend texted me and said maybe another 20 minutes of recording had been completed during the 24 hours but they ran out of coke so went back to Miami.

Marc Anthony

Blind Items Revealed #37

November 4, 2016

“You have to come see this. It is a s**t show.” That was the message I got on my phone from this celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister. She was filming a reality show. Not her usual thing. Oh, once in awhile because of her last name she will be invited on a show as a guest, but this was a series and for that season one of the stars.

When I called her back, she started to go into detail about what she meant, but at some point said this is something you have to see to believe because, “I understand no sane person would believe this without seeing it.” It was the goings on from the biggest name on the show. On a show where even Dancing With The Stars wouldn’t cast their net, this actor was the biggest fish. Honestly, now that I think about it, DWTS might try and land him. Well, they would if they could get him away from his straight to On Demand career. Hey, at least he works. Back when all of this happened he was a decade removed from his biggest success, but he had that name, which on a show like this was all important.

The show generally just filmed once or twice a week and the next week after her call I went down to the set with her to see what was going on. The first thing I saw when I got over by the trailers, was our actor with a cast iron skillet slamming it against the trailer. He was holding it with two hands while screaming, “Where the f**k is my breakfast. Someone better bring me my f**king breakfast.” Over and over for ten minutes until some harried production assistant brought him a bag of McDonald’s. Yep. He opened it up and looked inside. Apparently it was to his satisfaction because he then screamed, “How f**king hard was that.” He then tossed the skillet to the ground and walked inside his trailer.

He was supposed to start shooting 30 minutes later. When a different production assistant went to the trailer to get him, our actor opened up the door fully naked and screamed, “Does it look like I’m f**king ready to shoot?” He then slammed the door. Two minutes later the door opened and his soon to be wife was kicked out the door and pushed down the stairs by the actor’s foot. He started screaming at her and calling her every possible name you could imagine. She looked rough and her clothes were torn and makeup smeared.

Five minutes after that he emerged from his trailer fully clothed, totally calm and asked very politely where he needed to go. The civility lasted about an hour. He then started getting super antsy and was talking back to the director. He walked off the set and started smoking a cigarette. Then another. People kept trying to get him to come back. Oh, he went back alright. They were filming this competition scene and he took this weight lifting bar that holds weights on either end. It weighed about 45 pounds. He started swinging that thing around. He missed a couple of people by inches and broke chairs and lights and a couple of abandoned cameras. His eyes were insane. His hair was flying around and he kept circling like a samurai with the bar held up with two hands. Finally he walked back to his trailer taking swings at people or things in his way. He walked inside the trailer where you could hear the destruction. He walked out with a few of his things and walked to his car and drove off. No one ever saw him on the set again.

Celebrity Fit Club/Mia Tyler/Daniel Baldwin

Blind Items Revealed #36 - Kindness

December 20, 2016

Even I have a tough time keeping track of the deeds of this oft failed A-/B+ list mostly television actor. The good news is he sometimes gets put in fairly bad movies too. You all know him though, and you all love him. Married, but his celebrity wife does not really share the same level of enthusiasm for helping others as he does. She is more of a write a check when the Girl Scout manages to find a way through the gate and up to their front door kind of person.
Our actor though, he helps. He helps everyone all of the time. Those times our actor does land a new show, our actor starts sharing his paycheck with the organizations he supports. He also immediately gets the craft services people on board to donating all the day’s leftovers to another list of organization he supports. There is not a day that goes by on set that he is not having people sign scripts or one sheets or anything else he can think of so the organizations can have silent auctions. One movie he did, our actor managed to obtain signatures on over 1500 items of people much more famous than he. All those items brought in slightly over $1M.

When his show inevitably gets canceled, our actor switches to volunteer mode. His goal is always eight hours a day. Every single day. He rotates the organizations so each gets him about every ten days. Back in the day he used to work seven days a week, but now he has cut back to five. On his longest running show, before he got married and had a family, he would work a a 12 hour day on set and then go volunteer another 5 or 6 hours.

I’m not saying our actor is perfect. He has had his foibles, but the things he does at home and away from home long canceled out the couple of misdeeds.

Josh Duhamel

Blind Items Revealed #35 - Kindness

November 22, 2016

Between now and Thanksgiving, the big blinds will all be Kindness blinds. Originally the one I am posting now I thought would be best on Thanksgiving. Then, i realized maybe you wouldn’t see it because you were busy with friends and family. Maybe you wouldn’t see it tomorrow because you would be traveling or leaving work early. To me, it was important you saw it. It means a lot to me. Even though our subject is US born, most people in the US will be hard pressed to think of who our subject is, while people in Europe might get it in a second.

While I write this, I am listening to her music. When I think about her, I am reminded of what a truly talented singer she could be. Honestly, I wish she could have sung a duet with Amy Winehouse just to see who could do better. I haven’t looked through every Amy Winehouse interview or her influences, but it wouldn’t shock me to see her mention the subject of our blind.

Our subject used to be A list in her town but nowhere else. One of those performers who makes a ton of money at home, but would be forced to play for free on the road. One night, after a show, I had met with a group who was on the road and they wanted to see someone. I told them I knew the perfect person, but once they saw her perform, their life would change forever. People talk like that all the time. A lot of hyperbole. Not with our subject. Nope. If you saw her once, you remembered her forever. Her sets covered any kind of music being played in the world. No one could put her into one type of genre. Music was her genre.

When she finished her set, I introduced her to the guys in this band. She now had huge fans and as usual there was talk of wanting to record with her. It was the same every night she performed. I asked her if she wanted to do a shot and she said she would but that in return I had to go help out at a food kitchen at 6 a.m. It sounded all good at that time of the night so i agreed.

At 530 a.m. the phone rang and rang and when I finally answered it was her telling me to get my ass up and meet her there. There is where she went every morning. Well, most mornings. And when she finished making and boxing all the meals in the morning, she would spend a few hours delivering those same meals. This is the same person who never went to bed before 1 or 2 in the morning.

The program had originally been designed to make and box meals to people with AIDS who were to ill to do it themselves. At this point in time, the drug cocktail was out, and things were changing, but AIDS patients were the main recipient. The program still exists, but now has shifted their focus to other people in need, including those who still need help and suffer from AIDS.

I usually went down to help once a week or every other week. To be honest, it was usually only when reminded by our singer. She did a lot of reminding. She did a lot of wrangling. She did a lot of fundraising. She did so much wrangling, reminding and fundraising that the number of meals served tripled. She got all kinds of businesses on board. She hounded restaurants to have days where their proceeds would go to help the mission. Tireless does not begin to describe her. Until one day she was tired. Dying. Given a few months to live. In so much pain but she was there doing her best everyday. Until she couldn’t. Until the day the meals we made were for her and taken to her. The person you would do anything for. The person who would do anything for you and for strangers and do it with joy in her heart was the one in trouble. The one who died of cancer. The one who achieved her greatest professional success after she died. The one who only went number one after she died. The thing is, for those who knew her and those who loved her and those who were thankful for what she did each day, she was always our number one. Like so many others, I loved her and miss her so very much.

Eva Cassidy

Blind Items Revealed #34 - Kindness

December 19, 2016

Over the years I have given this A list mostly movie actress a lot of grief in the blinds. She has had some very poor relationship choices and, despite her fondness for some illicit drugs, she is an actress who should have an Academy Award or at least a nomination. The good news is she has a franchise so, she has that going for her for the next half decade. Our actress is married. This past weekend, and old friend of mine ran into the actress at an event out of the country. My friend and the actress share some past directors and also have a connection with where our actress was this past weekend. They had a nice chat and then my friend wandered through the party and got involved in a conversation with a few other people.

Apparently the subject when she walked up was that everyone was shocked the A lister even attended the party. For much of the past week, the A lister has been working almost 24/7 at a center where several hundred refugees have been living until they can get settled. She shares no common language with them but has made it a personal mission to take care of each of the families. She is working with the government of the country to pay for apartments for the families to stay and to get people she knows in the industry to hire as many of the working age people. Plus, she has personally hired a dozen of them, even though she is struggling to find work for them to do. She has reached out to other businesses and convinced many of them to hire one or two each. Everyone at the party loved that she was doing it for no reward other than the thanks of the people she was helping.

Scarlett Johansson

Blind Items Revealed #33 - Kindness

November 9, 2016

Several years ago I was house sitting for a friend. Honestly, it was more of a please please can I stay in your guest house while you are out of town for a few months, and also by the way, could I do so rent free. Divorce is expensive. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. It is the moving out from one place and finding another and getting stuff to fill the place. It is so much easier to just sort things out at a friend’s house while using their cable and internet and the occasional pay per view order you hope they don’t notice. It was a pretty down point in my life. Lucky for me, my friend said yes and for the next three months I experienced a life journey like no other.

I was flipping through the channels one evening. It was summer and this must have been about 6 or 7pm. I had been sitting there a couple of hours and I was bored. I did something that night I don’t normally do. I went for a walk. Yes, the time honored tradition of taking a walk through the neighborhood. In this case, the neighborhood was filled with leafy trees and nice wide sidewalks and no one ever seemingly using them. Oh sure, there were a few people out, but not many.

I started walking and about a half block from the house I saw a really tall guy walking who was wearing shorts and a t-shirt with a baseball cap. He was pretty thin but I remember so bronze. Like a spray tan every morning kind of bronze. He was walking in the opposite direction and we both said hi to each other as we passed. The kind of awkward hi when you know you are supposed to say something, but don’t really quite know what to say.

A few days later, the same scenario played out with my boredom and who should I see again, but the same guy wearing the same clothes but a different hat. We said hi a little more pleasantly this time around and again continued on our merry ways.

i started walking on a fairly regular basis but didn’t see him again for about a week. When I saw him again, he was in bad shape. I didn’t know it at the time. All I noticed from about a block away was him holding on to a tree to keep from falling. As I approached, he was even more thin and the bronze was not quite as bronze. I asked him if everything was ok and he said he was, but I was really doubtful. I asked him if he needed some help. He said he would be ok. He took off his hat to wipe the sweat beneath it and I got a good look at him for the first time. I asked him if we had met before because he looked really familiar. He said that he didn’t think so. After he had caught his breath, he seemed to get a second wind. It was then he told me he had been undergoing chemo and this last treatment had really taken a lot out of him. He said he would be ok and after a couple of assurances we both went our separate ways.

A few days later we were going to pass each other, but he stopped and said thanks and that he apologized if he didn’t act appreciative over the offer of help. I didn’t think he had anything to apologize for but he wanted to make sure. We started talking and started walking. He told me he was a doctor. It was the truth, but not the whole truth, but I didn’t know that at that time. He started talking about his cancer and the treatment and explained how chemo worked and the side effects but did it in such a way that it was more like story telling than a doctor being all medical.

Over the next month or two we would often run into each other and he would talk and I would listen. He railed against health insurance companies. Not for himself, but for others he saw in treatment. he knew people not covered at all because of pre-existing conditions or others that had reached their policy limits. He confided in me that he was currently bankrolling about ten such people. Ten doesn’t sound like a lot, but their bills were costing him about $200K a month. At some point that summer he told me he was not going to live, but was trying to drag things out as long as possible. It was close to Labor Day when he told me he was up to supporting 35 patients and was spending close to $1M a month. He had set up a foundation which he hoped would be able to support 100 or more patients at a time for the rest of time. He talked about everything and but would give these 30 minute lectures about life and what people can do for each other and the miracles of science. He said he should have died months ago but because he had a purpose to help others that it had given him a lift. He talked about wondering if that lift was some type of chemical in the body and whether it could be found and produced. I last saw him about the middle of September. I was walking less. He was walking less. I was about to move out of the guest house. There was no goodbye. Just one day I was gone and I assumed he would be doing his walks. We never even exchanged names.

The first week of November I was looking at Variety and there he was, just staring at me. He had died the previous day. It was quite the shock to the industry he had died. Apparently no one knew. I think it is fair to say he was a permanent A+ lister. Behind the scenes guy, but A+ list. You can’t look at that body of work and the things he did in life and the things he set up for after his passing and not make him A+ list.

Michael Crichton


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