Friday, May 06, 2011

Lindsay Lohan And Scientology

I am sure this story is made up, but it sure is fun to speculate. The Enquirer says that John Travolta has been talking to Lindsay Lohan about going to some Scientology courses in order to get her life and career back on track. Yeah, because it really has helped everyone who has gone. I am sure that if Scientology could work those miracles for Lindsay that she would jump on an auditing machine faster than she could steal a necklace. The fact is though Scientology costs money and Lindsay has very little to actually spend money on especially courses for Scientology. I think they just want to hook her up to an e-meter and get all those confessions out of her. That would take a team of auditors about a year working full-time.

Robin Quivers Going Out On Her Own?

Radar has an interview with long time Howard Stern sidekick Robin Quivers. In the interview she says that she really wants her own talk show on television to discuss lots of things that interest her which she does not get to discuss on the show. She says she has been putting out feelers for her own show. I wonder if there would be an audience for her. She has been with Howard for 30 years and is such an important part of that show and is so associated with that show that you wonder if people are ready for her to do something on her own.

Jon Gosselin Suing His Own Brother?

Star Magazine is reporting that Jon Gosselin has been threatening to sue his brother because he thinks that Mark Gosselin has been selling stories to the tabloids. First of all I don't think you should ever sue your siblings unless it is some situation where the sibling has stolen millions from you or something. Second, and most important of all, umm, what is there to sell? How many Jon Gosselin stories out there are worth selling to anyone? His life lately has been go to work, go home from work. Yeah, that is worth maybe like two dollars. Plus, if there were any stories worth selling, I think Jon would sell them himself.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Do Jersey Shore

If you did not watch Jimmy Fallon last night then you missed one of the funniest bits he has done in awhile. Hilarious.

Paul McCartney Getting Hitched Again

Paul McCartney has guts. I will give him that. To go back into marriage after surviving Heather Mills is taking a big chance. Although I have been married multiple times, I never had a Heather Mills. Sure, I did not get along with everyone of my wives, but primarily I know it was my fault and that they really just did not know about my bacon and booze obsession and how it could come between us. Paul announced he is going to marry Nancy Shevell who he started dating right when he got divorced from Heather. Since Linda died, Paul has just been a serial relationship guy. I think he is lonely and so moves from one woman to the next. I hope this works out for him.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This star is part of an ensemble cast that gets together every once in a while to hang out. Our star is not the brightest star of the bunch but she is one of the nicest. Because she is so nice, and generally well liked by every body in the group it’s caused some jealousy issues with one of the cattier stars. The jealousy boiled over after the group hung out several weeks ago and the jealous actress had a few drinks in her. She got her hands on a used tampon and put it on the driver’s seat of the nice celeb’s car. When the nice star was walked out to her car by the group, everyone saw it and although she denied it was hers, everyone was still grossed out.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Today's Blind Items

This D lister and his new bride just got back from their honeymoon. I don't know how long I give their marriage considering they each were messing around with other people during the honeymoon. The D lister already has had a date and he just got back this week.

Random Photos Part Four

Jackie Cooper - RIP
Andrew Garfield taking a break from Spiderman.
Ashley Olsen looking miserable in the rain.
I have to say I love Billy Bretherton's show.
Kathy Griffin and Benji Madden hooking up.
Bruno Mars gave up the coke, but it still looks like he loves the booze.
Brad Pitt after dinner with Courteney Cox.
Chelsy Davy is now pap worthy.
A little mini Spin City reunion with Carla Gugino and
Connie Britton.

Random Photos Part Three

Chord Overstreet talks about making out with Emma Roberts.
Christina Ricci looking good at a party honoring
Sophia Loren.
David Beckham shows off his biking skills.
Donna Karan and Susan Sarandon at a best mother's party.
Demi gets yanked by the mysterious hand.
Not the best picture of Eva Mendes ever.
Emma Roberts boozing?
Giada points out all the rooms she and John Mayer used.
Gwen Stefani and Kingston in London.

Random Photos Part Two

Jonathan Demme shows some love to Jodie Foster.
Jennifer Garner out and about in Los Angeles.
Kate Middleton pretending to do some grocery shopping.
Randomness of the day. Michael Stipe and Betty White.
Nick Cannon spending some time away from the twins.
So, Paris Hilton was invited to a Young Hollywood party. WTF? She was old ten years ago.
When did the Michalkas start turning trashy?
JoJo was there too.
Jordin Sparks was also there and looking great.
Maksim is not young either, but it is Maksim, so it is ok.

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Paul Bettany looking good in Mexico City.
Paula Patton and Robin Thicke at the premiere of Paula's new movie.
Rome and Chelsie Hightower were also there.
Raquel Welch still looking great at 70.
Selma Blair showing off her baby bump, although it looks like about three bumps. She must be due soon right?
First time I have ever seen Stone Phillips' son.
I still don't believe a word of anything Shania Twain says about her divorce.
Vin Diesel spends some quality time with a stranger in a bar after hanging out with
his daughter earlier in the day.
I always expect Zelda Williams to be covered in hair, but she does not even look like Robin Williams.

You Have Got To Be &%$#*&^%(*! Kidding Me

Remember when Prince Frederic von Anhalt announced that he and Zsa Zsa wanted to have a baby via a surrogate? Well, everyone thought he was nuts except for one person. I guess The Hoff's ex-wife has been hitting the bottle again because Pamela Bach Hasselhoff says the Prince approached her about being the surrogate and she agreed. Seriously? First of all the entire idea is a mess. I know you cannot stop someone from doing what they want to do, but I wish there was a way someone could. This is insane. I also would like to know if the 47 year old Pamela is the right person for the job. Does it matter if a surrogate is that age? I realize she is 50 years younger than Zsa Zsa, but she still seems a little old to be acting as a surrogate. Oh, and she said the Prince approached her as they had lunch this week. Who would even agree to have lunch with this guy? This is all crazy and should stop immediately.

Racing To Get Drunk Before Dinner - Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke has a new book out, and I was hoping for more dirt than you actually get in the book, but it does have some interesting tales. Apparently Dick was a huge alcoholic. He would count down the hours and minutes while filming the Dick Van Dyke show and as soon as the clock struck five he was out the door and drinking. His wife did not seem to care and Dick says they had a contest where he would try and get drunk before she could finish getting dinner ready. After many years of drinking, Dick checked himself into rehab and got sober. On the day he was checking out, his wife checked in for her own addiction to tranquilizers. That is a good start Dick, but I know you can do better. Dish.

Kate And William Coming To North America

The first two weeks of July will pretty much result in royal overload. From June 30-July 8, Kate and William are going to Canada. After that, they will be coming to America. Unlike the movie though, they probably will not have to work at a McDonald's rip off joint or have to deal with Arsenio Hall. This will be Kate's first trip to the US. I can't believe she has not been here before. William has been here before, but never officially.

I realize that many people are excited, but it is not like most of us are even going to get to see them, let alone meet them in person, so it is still just going to be pictures and quick video clips. Are you excited? Do you care at all? Now, I could get excited if my Spanish princess came. You know, a little sunbathing in Malibu followed by a drinking contest at Moonshadows with Mel Gibson. That would be fun.

Hines Ward Held At Gunpoint

Note to self. If I ever report my mom's mini-van stolen and somehow get it back, be sure to call police and cancel report. Police this morning stopped a vehicle in which Dancing With The Stars competitor and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was a passenger. Apparently when police ran the plate it was reported stolen. Hines and the female driver were ordered out of the car at gunpoint and handcuffed. It turns out the woman had reported it stolen because of a mishap at a valet. You know, when they say they can't find the car. This generally happens when you have a nice car and people want to take it for a little spin but don't get back before you finish dinner. In this case though, the car was a Honda Civic, so when valets could not find it, the woman reported it stolen. The valets found it but the woman forgot to call the police. This could have turned out much, much worse.

Is Hines Ward still married? I know he was. If he is, then what he was doing at 2am with a woman could be much, much worse for him and his wife.

Nicollette Sheridan Case Going To Trial

Next month should be very interesting. Nicollette Sheridan's case is going to trial and you can just bet that most of the cast of Desperate Housewives will be called to the witness stand to testify about the goings on at Wisteria Lane. A judge here in Los Angeles dismissed Nicollette Sheridan's assault and sexual harassment claims but did allow her claims for unlawful retaliation and wrongful termination to stand and said of those claims that they are definitely something a jury should decide.

Although Nicollette Sheridan is a little kooky she does have a very good point in her case. She was killed off mid-season. That means the producers owed her all her money for the remainder of the year. This is why regulars are usually only killed at the end of the season. Not just because it is a cliff hanger but because their contracts have expired. Why kill her off when they owed her hundreds of thousands of dollars. They did not want her on the set any longer, but why? Stay tuned in June.

The Bristol Palin Face Controversy

It seems like the whole world is discussing whether Bristol Palin got herself some plastic surgery. It all started with Gawker posting some before and after photos and has kind of spread to everywhere now. You get that kind of spread on a day where there is not much going on in the world. When I look at the photos, all I see is someone who lost some weight, got some hair extensions and maybe some teeth whitening. I don't see the signs of plastic surgery. Her nose is the same. I think her smile is the same. Yes, her face is more angular, but mine is too if I don't eat for a few hours.

As much as I love a good conspiracy, I think she would have gone for something more than just some defining. Why not go for the whole thing if you are going under the knife. Some botox or lip injections? A new nose or breasts?


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