Friday, November 02, 2007

Four For Friday

#1 This openly gay, male, pop singer must be thinking of changing teams because he was spotted making out, and groping a female fan on Wednesday night.

#2 This aging married, father/manager was overheard telling a young woman in her early 20's that he had an open marriage and that he could make her a star. He said he was doing some casting for a network television show and that it required full frontal nudity and so he would have to see what she looked like. Obviously, this woman didn't come off the same turnip truck as the other people he has managed or hit on because she said, "there isn't any such thing on network television." Our manager/jerk then said he meant he was doing casting for a film. She walked away.

#3 I am too lazy to find it, but there was a blind item a long time ago where a married, Academy Award winning actress and her B list husband faked fights at parties so he could hit on women after she left. Well, I guess it works both ways, because on Saturday night our actor was incredibly nasty to his wife at a party where everyone could hear, and then walked out. She then sought comfort in the arms of another guy and they went back to his place at the end of the night.

#4 This former A list (by definition) television actress is married, with child(ren) but has moved out of her home and is now living with a female producer of one of her failed television series.

Random Photos Part One

You would never guess from this photo that one person is married to Ben Affleck and the other Phoebe Cates. Aaaah. Phoebe Cates. Time to get out that Fast Times DVD tonight.
Gerard Way and Jared Leto. You can draw your own conclusions and no matter what you guess, I'm sure you will be right.
David Beckham in a look only he could pull off. Now that is not to say that I don't have this look, but it is because of accident and not design. As you gain weight, funny enough, shirts become smaller, and thus are more likely to come out of the sansabelt slacks I love.
"We go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong." That's for you Merlin.

This pregnancy thing is the best thing that could have happened to the looks of Nicole Richie.
When Mika stands like this, I can see the Mick Jagger comparisons.
Kelly Rowland is by far the best looking in Destiny's Child.
Reese Witherspoon, Keri Russell, and me in a Speedo.
I was so hoping when the photo was downloading, that it said Just Do Me.

One day closer to death. Has anyone ever died in at an award show?
Vladimir Klitschko for all of you ladies who want to go a few rounds with a heavyweight boxer. And by rounds, I think you know what I mean.
Will Smith and a tube sock. No, not Tom Cruise. I'm talking about the sock in Will's pants. Of course it could be the chastity belt, Jada put on him before he left the house.
I notice that PETA doesn't ever give Snoop Dogg any crap. With as many weapons violations as he has had, I think I would just take the mindset that you can't win them all and move on to an easier target.

Copyright Violations

Most of you know the site went down for a few hours yesterday. I am actually grateful that I was in the office when it happened and that I saw the e-mail fairly quickly. If it happened today, the site might not have returned until Monday.

Playboy took offense to the leaked photos of Kim Kardashian which of course is their right. They probably leaked them to generate interest, but that is beside the point. I get copyright infringement e-mails about once a week. They are generally an accident, and the people sending them treat it as such, and just say, please take it down or pay us. Depending on the photo, I make the choice.

Every once in awhile, Blogger will also send me an e-mail, because the copyright holder has notified them. When that happens, Blogger removes the photo, but nothing else.

Instead of choosing one of those options, Playboy took the option it knew would hurt most. They notified who hosts the domain. As soon as they received the e-mail from Playboy, godaddy just pulled the plug. No notice. Just did it. When I saw the e-mail from godaddy, I responded, and they were very good about turning the site back on, but it takes awhile for the DNS to filter throughout the world so it was about four hours before everything was back to normal.

I want to thank Domestic Chicky Designs for handling all the technical mumbo jumbo and you should visit her site if you need some web designing. Just click on the banner on the right side of the page. I also want to thank all the other sites that posted I had been sued, arrested, or forced to be Denise Richards' houseboy. That is good gossip.

Would You Pay $2M To See This Guy Naked?

See, here in the US, we have no idea who this guy even is. In the rest of the world though he is really big, and more importantly, Kian Egan of the group Westlife is willing to bare it all for $2M. I know there is Playgirl (isn't there?) but most of you ladies don't get your choice of guys to see naked every month. It seems as if every female celebrity of any kind of repute eventually ends up naked and on the internet whether they intended to or not.

If you are interested in guys though, your chances for a dick slip are just not as high unless you happen to love Vinny Gallo or Cisco Adler. The female equivalent would be if the guys were always stuck with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and got to see no other celebrity nudity at all. So, I do feel your pain. Not like pain as in real pain, because I am kind of a wuss when it comes to anything that actually hurts, may hurt, or simulates hurt. I am talking more about the pain one feels inside when they have no cable and are forced to watch two or three channels. That is the pain I know you feel by only having two male celebrities who are constantly naked.

Anyway, in the days prior to the internet, I can understand why some ladies might not feel comfortable going into the 7-Eleven and getting your groove on by purchasing a Playgirl, but this is the internet age now, and you all have money. You would think some magazine would charge you $4 or $5 a month and use that money to get someone like Kian to pose nude, and give you something to look forward to each month and something to Google for when your significant other pisses you off by eating his 13th Krispy Kreme and Budweiser chaser.

Look at all the good ideas Playboy. See, I don't hold a grudge even though you got my site knocked down for four hours yesterday.

Eminem The Home Wrecker

You don't really think of Eminem as a home wrecker. You think of him more as guy who has a serious hang up about his double ex, Kim Mathers. You know, I don't know if it is actually considered home wrecking if it was only a boyfriend/girlfriend thing rather than a marriage.

Eminem has started dating Marni Bright who is a hairdresser turned music studio manager. That is a common career path. Lots of people who work at SuperCuts right now are going to be managing recording studios next year.

Anyway this Marni Bright woman is allegedly a dead ringer for Kim Mathers, and that makes it easier when they are having sex because you know he is calling out Kim. But then his daughter Hailie might come in the room thinking he was back together with mom, and so maybe they should just whisper.

Marni had been dating a guy for four years. To me that is long term. I have no idea if they were shacking up together, but I doubt they were living at home with mom and dad. Well as soon as Eminem said hello, she said goodbye to her boyfriend. So when Eminem dumps her, will the boyfriend take her back? Actually I don't think Eminem is much of a dumping kind of guy. He is more of a stalker kind of guy. You have to be pretty obsessed with someone to marry them twice, not to mention all the times they took each other back despite some serious shit.

Nope, looks like Marni has got a keeper.

Gillian Anderson

With all the X-Files news this week, I thought a little Gillian Anderson would be appropriate.

DNfromMN -- Movie Review -- Enchanted

This is a movie that will make or break your relationship. And it's too fluffy for it to have that power, but unless you're Mr. Romantic,you'll have some explaining to do.

Quick Summary: Cartoon fairy tale princess is sent to Manhattan by an evil witch queen. Meet cute: boring single dad Patrick Dempsey and fairy-tale loving daughter. Cartoon prince charming comes to rescue her and bring her home. Witch's minion comes to keep the fairy prince and princess apart.

I'll give EL this one: Amy Adams is pure sugar sweetness, and I'm worried she'll get typecast. Amy Adams' last role pf note was her Oscar-nominated goofy pregnant woman in Junebug. Her role in this movie, is the naive and goofy princess. She's good though, and you can actually see the wheels turning behind her eyes of what could be a two-dimensional character (rimshot, thank you, I'll be here all night).

Patrick Dempsey-- honestly, I couldn't care. It could've been any attractive guy. No wheels here, honey, just there for the payday.

So why will this movie ruin or save your relationship? Because it's romantic. I don't remember the last time a romantic comedy came out that was actually romantic. It's a fairy tale romance, and that brings the child out of you; the piece of you that wants there to be princesses and princes and love at first sight and happily ever after.This is a turn off the brain and enjoy it movie. If you're thinking,you'll critique Giselle for everything ("THAT couldn't happen!" "No way, not in New York!"), just remember it's a fairy tale.

The thing this movie was missing was the Bollywood treatment. It is a Disney movie, and there are song and dance numbers, but that's where I couldn't turn off my brain. The director of Enchanted directed some Disney cartoons before, and that was a great plan. He just can't capture the magic on film. A good Bollywood film, when they break into song, you believe it; that's what that character is feeling at the time, it's the same as in all the classic Disney cartoons. The songs in Enchanted are all exposition: "True Love's Kiss", "That's How You Know". They tell you what the plot will be, it's not someone breaking into song because there's no other way to explain how they feel. And I think that's what's going to keep Enchanted from being a classic.

There were kids in the theater, and there were some "questionable"one-off jokes. I think today's kids can handle it better than some of the parents will. (There's an insinuation of a comment about sex, and one blatant gay joke. Both are less than 30 seconds, and nothing you wouldn't find in a 1950s comedy.) The kids in the audience were laughing throughout. I don't know that this is one for your first graders, I don't think they'll be able to grasp the change from 2D to Live Action. This isn't Roger Rabbit.

There aren't any other romantic comedies opening up between now and when Enchanted is released November 21, so expect it to do well. There are some potential romantic dramas in the way (Love in the Time of Cholera, and August Rush), but nothing that would aim at this direct market that has had a serious dry spell.

This is a movie to help you get over your rotten boyfriend, or find a flaw in your perfect one. It's cute, mindless, and hopefully gave Susan Sarandon (who voices the witch queen) the money to put one of her kids through college.

It's worth $4.00 on my scale ($0 to $15), it'd be a nice rental or 2nd run theater, but it's not something I would have paid to see openingweekend. And that is a matter of personal taste: I didn't like the ads,I didn't want to go, and it's definitely a chick flick. I hope I can help you make a decision.

Kim Cattrall Will Do Anything For Money

I know that is a pretty big statement in the headline, and it can mean all kinds of things, but I am convinced Kim Cattrall will do anything for money. In a recent interview she stated that the only reason she was doing the new SATC movie was for money. She wants to buy an apartment in London and ITV are too cheap to pay her what she thinks she is worth, and so she is forced to do something she never wanted to do for artistic reasons, but will do it for the money.

If someone hates something so much and is always "never, never, never," then someone says here is a $1M, and that same person goes "yes, yes, yes," then you have someone who will do anything for money.

I also get the feeling that if they keep paying her, she will keep showing up for as many SATC movies as they can make. If you need her to show saggy breasts at 80 while she screws her way through a retirement home, she will do it.

She actually has said she hopes they do another film so she can get a larger apartment in London. Right now, I guess from what she said, that she must living in some kind of trailer or something down along the Thames. Therefore she is living in a van, down by the river. Nice.

Is Lindsay Drinking Again?

She might not be drinking again, but it isn't stopping her from trying to order drinks. On October 19th Lindsay Lohan tried to order a vodka at the Viceroy Hotel after just sipping on water for close to an hour. However, with all of her friends getting hammered, Lindsay wanted to join in on the fun and tried to order vodka.

"But her people had called ahead and servers were told not to give in no matter how often Lindsay asked for alcohol."

Despite the expected denials from the Lindsay camp, a guest at the Viceroy overheard the exchange between the actress and a waitress, "I heard the waitress say that she was sorry but she wasn't allowed to serve her. Lindsay walked out soon after, looking embarrassed."

Well you know that if she is asking for drinks at a bar, then it is a very short step to finding a bar your people haven't called or just going to the store and buying a bottle and sipping it while you are strolling the rest of the aisles looking for the Top Ramen and wondering why people are staring at you. Doesn't everyone drink straight out of the bottle while grocery shopping? I mean, it's not like I wasn't going to pay for it, because I was and did. Security didn't need to be so rude about it. It actually was kind of fun. Kind of my own Leaving Las Vegas experience without the dying or the hooker sex from Elisabeth Shue. And it wasn't Vegas, but Ralph's on Sunset, but still. You get the idea.

Oprah Buys Everyone Cell Phones

Police in South Africa have arrested a former school matron at OWLS. It actually is called the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, but if you change Academy to school and then abbreviate it is much nicer and provides a handy mascot. It also kind of gives it a Harry Potter feel, which is nice since JK Rowling is about the only one who has money on the same level as Oprah.

Anyway over at OWLS they arrested the woman on suspicion of sexual and physical abuse. So far it appears she allegedly only sexually abused one girl, while physically abusing several others. Probably because they wouldn't let her sexually abuse them.

Oprah suspended the principal with pay and then flew in all of her own investigators because she didn't think the South African police could handle the job. They instead did the investigating and told the police what happened. Ummm. But what about if Oprah is trying to hide more? Shouldn't the police be investigating instead of the owner of the business who has PR up the ying yang to think about. It's kind of like an owner setting his building on fire for insurance money and then doing the investigating himself.

Anyway, the big news is that Oprah gave every girl a cell phone and they are to call her directly anytime they want. Do you know how much teenage girls talk on the phone? Can you imagine the roaming charges in South Africa? It's quite possible these girls could bankrupt Oprah. Who really thinks they will get Oprah on the phone? My guess is that Stedman just found a job.

Ted C. Blind Item

Dorrell Sausage usually loves getting attention, but this time could be different. See, Dorrells a fairly good guy (depending on whom you ask, course). Hes pleasant enough looking, in an old International Male catalog kinda way, thats fer sure, and, supposedly, Dorrells well endowed. But isnt that comparing biz usually best left to the eye of the benefactor? Regardless, what is Sausages claim to fame? Were not exactly sure.

But lets see. D.S. is from semifamous lineage, does some boob-tube work now and again and he dabbles in music and design. What fun! But natch, he also loves to date the famous femmes, which is probably why we started talking about him in the first place.

Except that our boy Dorrell has gone and gotten himself in a pickle, as it weredue to his very own pickle, as it further were. Seems Mr. Pee bedded some random, nonfamous babe and didnt use protection. And he didnt get (or give) any nasty hickies, but he did go and get the girl knocked up. And guess what? She wants to keep it! D.S. is terrorized in his tidy whities at the paternal prospect. 'Cause if she does, itll be the one time Dorrell'll be wishing he didnt have headlines harkin all about him.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Today's Blind Items

#1 The sisters who aren't speaking are back. Well one of them anyway. It seems that since their falling out, one of them has been using and abusing almost constantly. She had a tiny problem a few years ago, but it has turned into something approaching full-time. Friends of both sisters are urging the non-using one to make some kind of reconciliation gesture to her sister in hopes that it will stop the abuse.

#2 This C list film actress who loves her lips is involved with a convicted wife beater. She doesn't care and thinks he has reformed.

Random Photos Part One--With Some Europe MTV Award Arrivals

Doda seen here at the MTV Awards said that she wanted to be taken seriously as a singer.
The folks at Disney were not pleased to see this pair (wow a pun).
Things got kind of awkward for Angus Jones when Charlie Sheen asked him for a copy of his yearbook.
I just can't stop staring at Joss Stone's legs. Has anyone else heard she was Tom Cruise's second choice?

It seems so long ago that Julia Roberts was the tabloid queen.
Heidi Klum even looks great in a costume.
Dad didn't dress up for Halloween because he was pissed Gwen Stefani wore a black wig.
The Foo Fighters in Munich.
Only Wycleaf Jean could pull this look off.

The funny thing is Quentin Tarantino didn't even know it was Halloween.
Wow, the Hoff's ex and her new boyfriend make quite the drunken pair don't they?
Is the Maddens in Munich an alliteration or do you need more M's?
Despite what you may think, this is not a costume Kelly Osbourne was wearing.

The Only Break Up That Will Make You Sleepy

Claire Danes broke up with boyfriend Hugh Dancy for some writer. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I hope the writer is a big drinker and a huge drug user. Maybe he can get Claire to come out of her shell and smile, or laugh, or even fart.

For some reason guys do gravitate to her and I don't know if it is because she is a low talker and they need to get closer to hear. Then when they get in range, she poisons them or something. I know. I know. It's a stretch, but how does a woman with zero personality on and off screen keep finding new guys. Is it the sex? Is she that good or are guys that desperate that they will take a shot at her?

From what I understand she does have all her teeth, and hell most guys really don't even care about that. Hell, Amy Winehouse loses a tooth a week and she got married. Now, I'm not saying you are going to get a great guy if you start losing all your teeth, but you can find someone who probably has a job or at least a steady government check each month.

Claire allegedly met this writer guy in West Virginia while taking a break from her duties as Liza Doolittle on Broadway. She came into town, met him the first night and called Hugh the next day and said it was over. I'm sure Hugh's first reaction was "Thank God."

Wentworth Miller - GQ Style -- Germany

Martina Hingis Tests Positive For Cocaine--Abruptly Retires

At a press conference on Thursday, Martina Hingis said that she had been accused of testing positive for cocaine while she was playing at Wimbledon. Although she denies using the drug while at Wimbledon, she has never denied using the drug at other times during her career and her first retirement. Always known as a hard partier, Hingis, never let it seem to affect her game.

Hingis has known of the positive test for some time, but decided to have a press conference when news of the postive test was set to be made public. The 27 year old, Swiss born, Martina Hingis lost in the third round of Wimbledon and hasn't played tennis since September 19th.

During her press conference, Hingis announced her retirement from tennis.

Paris Gets Sloppy Seconds

When Lindsay Lohan decided not to host the New Year's Eve Party at Las Vegas nightclub LAX, the club went looking for someone who didn't mind going in where others have been. What better choice than Paris Hilton who will make $1M for playing hostess, teasing a few guys and girls, and making sure the top of her dress falls down several times throughout the evening.

With no one taking Paris seriously as an actress or singer or designer, she is forced to do personal appearances for money. Hey at least she can afford to buy her own coke now.

Some reports have said that Paris' fee is the most money any person has ever been paid to appear in Las Vegas for one night. Although I know it is more than Celine Dion gets for a night, or Elton John there have been some one off concerts that paid more, and certainly boxers earn up to 20 times more for one night, so I think they need to clarify that statement. It is still a ton of money though not as much as she has earned. Paris was paid $2M to just sit in the front row at Kira Plastinina's fashion show in Russia for one hour. In case you were curious, the average annual salary for Russian teachers is $4000 per year.

Amy Winehouse Pulls A Senator Craig

No, Amy Winehouse isn't looking for strange men to have sex with in an airport bathroom. I know I haven't brough this up previously, but I think it is time. Having no idea that public bathroom sex was so easy to find, I think that all public facilities should have co-ed bathrooms so that all sexes can have the opportunity to get busy at the airport or train station. Why should only same sex couples have all the fun? I propose starting a group called Public Urinal & Bathroom Equal Sex (PUBES) so that we all may enjoy the good times and anonymous sex.

Anyway, this story isn't about what Craig did or didn't do or want to do to that undercover cop, it is about what he did afterwards. Craig said he didn't understand what pleading guilty meant. Uh huh.

Amy Winehouse, who wants to come to the US so we can all give her our money when she tours is telling Norwegian authorities that she didn't understand that paying a fine meant she was pleading guilty to a drug offense. I am assuming that Amy thought the fine was perhaps a bribe or just some goodwill gesture they were supposed to pay for the company of the police. Maybe she thought the fine was the payment for staying in jail overnight, kind of like a hotel bill.

Amy's Norwegian attorney Ole Kvelstad said, "This is an appeal of errors police made in the case."

He said she was interrogated without legal representation or an interpreter and had not fully understood the Norwegian-language charges she was signing.

Bergen Police Attorney Rudolf Christoffersen said Winehouse was questioned by an English-speaking police officer, who translated charges and explained the consequences of accepting the fine. If the appeals court allows Winehouse to withdraw her acceptance of the fine, the original charges would normally go to trial.

If she could get it withdrawn, and go to trial, she would be more likely to get a visa to come to the US and tour, while awaiting the trial, but it is no guarantee. When you apply for a visa, the whole innocent until proven guilty thing doesn't apply. They look to see if charges have been filed and what they are. It doesn't really matter that it was just pot, all the headlines would use the word drugs and then the State Department would be in the business of deciding which drugs and charges were ok and which are not suitable for a visa.

Da Brat Lucky She Is Not Facing Murder Charges

In what could have been much worse, Da Brat (Shawntae Harris) was arrested in Atlanta at a nightclub owned by Jermaine Dupri and charged with aggravated assault.

Officers arrived at Studio 72 at about 1:20am responding to a call about a "pushing incident."

The police report indicates Harris and a 24-year-old waitress at the club got into a squabble after the waitress bumped into her. At some point, the waitress walked away and moments later was hit in the face with the bottle of rum.

The report said the waitress, who sustained a deep laceration to the cheek and some swelling on the forehead, was driven to a hospital by a friend.

If the bottle had been just a little heavier, or hit an inch or two the other way, it is possible that the waitress could have been killed. It is unclear why Harris and the waitress were arguing, but one witness said it may have been that the waitress rejected Harris' advances and Harris became upset.
Harris was the first female rapper to have a platinum-selling album.

She has appeared on VH1 reality shows Celebrity Fit Club and The Surreal Life.


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