Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Love This Photo

I posted this photo last night on Twitter and Facebook, but I think it is so amazing that I wanted to make it the last thing I posted today so I could see it at the top and share it with more people. Once in a lifetime photo.

Blind Item #2

This D list actress with A list name recognition says she is giving up acting because producers are making her audition and it is just too much work. She doesn't understand why her name does not get her more roles. She doesn't understand why she is not a big star and getting leads in movies. For now, she says that she will wait for people to call and to realize her extraordinary acting ability.

Blind Items Revealed

May 4, 2007

 1. So this celebutante made a Top 100 Sexy List. She was thrilled. She carried around the list for everyone to see. She told her agent that she wants more money for appearance fees now AND that she is entitled to more money than anyone on the list beneath her. When her agent said that was not going to happen, she screamed into her cell phone, "BUT I'M SEXIER THAN THEM." So you say, and now everyone at that Starbucks knows you think so also.

Kristin Cavallari

Blind Items Revealed

May 1, 2007

 So you ever had an ex that just kept coming back and coming back? This older, not aging, but good looking B list actress on a hit network show (years wise but maybe not popularity wise) has just that problem. Who knows why she was with the guy (actor/jackass/whiner) in the first place, but it was a long time ago. Over the years he has been back for money and favors. Money mostly. She really did not start getting BIG money until a few years ago. When she got her show, here came the ex. He always needed money for something. Always had a new project in the works and would pay her back. They had no baby connection or anything to keep them in touch but he did. Even when he was in a relationship, he would always be there and always making promises. Well recently, our actress ran into some money problems of our own and called her ex. He had a new thing going now and this should be payback time. When she called he told her to never call again and that he had nothing to say. He said the money she gave him was a gift and if she thought it was a loan, then she was even more stupid than he remembered. Now he was back on top and was going to stay there while she would go right back to the bottom where she belonged. Touching isn't it?

Vanessa Marcil/Corey Feldman

Rihanna Follows Chris Brown Again

Another step towards being together all of the time again. In public. Rihanna has started following Chris Brown on Twitter again. It isn't like she was not before. You don't think Rihanna has a few fake accounts? She does and she uses them all the time to check up on her exes and also tries to talk to them on Twitter using her fake names. This time though, she used her name and made it public. Maybe they can go on some Christmas tour together or do a production of the Ike & Tina Story.

Dina Lohan Is An Idiot

Dina Lohan starts off well in her NY Daily News interview. She says that if she was to do Lindsay Lohan's life over again that Dina would keep her out of showbiz. We all know it is lies of course, but it sounds good at least. Dina made Lindsay star in 60 commercials and one or two movies by the time Lindsay was 11. That are the ones Lindsay actually got. Think about the number of auditions and callbacks required to book those 60+ roles. Yeah, Dina wanted someone to support her and found it in her kid because her husband was a degenerate alcoholic abuser. Dina veers off course though when she says that she blames Lindsay's assistant and friend rather than Lindsay for all of the trouble Lindsay gets in. Hmm, I don't recall Lindsay's assistant being at Dina's birthday party when Dina did shots with her alcoholic daughter. That is even worse than Brooke Mueller's parents asking her to tend bar the day after she got out of rehab. Dina then says the same thing she has been saying for a decade. That Lindsay is young and is only 26. Umm, so just a few years from 30.

Mark Burnett's First Marriage Was A Sham To Get A Green Card

Mark Burnett's second wife Diane Burnett has written a tell all book about the creator of Survivor. She says that Mark used to cheat on his first wife with Diane and that Mark would tell Diane that his marriage was all a fake and that he only married the woman to get a green card. The woman he married to get the green card was also the reason Mark had a job. The first wife's father employed Mark. That is a dangerous move. Cheating on your wife and risking getting fired to have sex with someone else. Mark has denied it all of course. I believe the cheating part. I believe the green card part. He met his third wife because she was his neighbor for years and of course he waited until he was divorced before he acted on any of it. Please.


I know you are saying to yourself. first there were The Beatles that split and then The Smiths and now LMFAO. How will you ever recover? I'm not sure any of us will ever be able to recover or fully love music again because the group has split. There will be no sequel to Sexy And I Know It. I will never find out what is to be done when you have passion in your pants. I think the world is a much more sad place today now that Red Foo and Sky Blu have decided to part ways.

Blind Item #1

Which A+ list female singer was caught backstage at a show this week with a male backup dancer down on his knees between her legs. The singer didn't even care and told the person, "Honey, he might be gay, but he still has a tongue and he knows how to use it."

Breaking Amish Isn't Real

First it was House Hunters and now it is Breaking Amish. Apparently reality television isn't so real after all. Does that mean The Hills was faked? My world has been shattered. Almost none of the cast members on Breaking Amish have been living in their faith for awhile. One is actually a model. Abe and Rebecca have a child together. Jeremiah is divorced with three kids and has not seen another Amish person in 14 years. Sabrina is married and loves going out to clubs in short skirts and heels. All of the awe shucks things in New York City and the getting on an airplane for the first time aren't true. TLC admits the show is not 100% authentic and says that at some point the show will address which things are real and which are not. I don't think that will happen unless people say something. The show does well, and all they have to do is say it is scripted television and everything would be fine.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Blake Lively was supposed to be on the top, but somehow it all got messed up and Giovanni Ribsi got on top. Can you tell he and his wife are in their honeymoon phase?

Demi Lovato at an anti-bullying event. Whatever happened to the girl Demi bullied and hit?
The cast of Downton Abbey getting ready for The Emmy Awards on Sunday.
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel headed out after the premiere the other night.
Somehow I missed this photo of Clint Eastwood yesterday.
Brooke Mueller is still alive and not dressing any better.
Speaking of not dressing better. Maybe Ashley Benson should take a night off from going out.
Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl.
Camille Grammer is making sure she is photographed a lot lately.

Random Photos Part Two

AnnaLynne McCord looks really good here as she does a Jolie. On purpose.

Would you let Lindsay Lohan babysit your 3 year old?
Australia turns out in force for Kim Kardashian. Nothing better to do?
Kristin Cavallari says she has lost all her baby weight plus some in the month since she gave birth.
Jerry Seinfeld and his wife out on Broadway to see
Jake Gyllenhaal. Actually off-Broadway.
Jack Black takes his kid to Disneyland while Fez keeps the other guests away.
Sarah Jessica Parker with the orange one, Valentino.
Also at the same event was Anne Hathaway in a very floral, see thru dress and no bra.

Random Photos Part One

Shia LaBeouf meets the co-star he is going to have real sex with repeatedly over the next month. Hope he showers.

Shakira makes her first public appearance since announcing she is pregnant.
Salma Hayek says the secret to looking young is to never wash your face. Mine would smell like bacon then all the time.
The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.
I love when a family waves together. Naomi Watts has her kids trained well.
Nicole Richie goes all military.
Derek Jeter's ex-girlfriend drags out her jeans from the 80's.
Miley Cyrus keeps trying to buy the passion of Liam Hemsworth. This time a $200K car.
Sharon Stone takes photos of bunnies while her boyfriend take photos of Sharon she can look at later or he can sell.

Pirate Day

Paris Hilton Says She Is Sorry

I think Paris Hilton knows that times are different for her now. Clubs and promoters call less frequently. Opportunities are drying up and people generally don't like her as it is and what she said about gay men really pushed her over the edge into an abyss in which she would never emerge. Yesterday she said she was sorry. She didn't write it of course because it sounds sincere. The thing is no one believes her any longer. She has said too many bad things about too many people and ethnicity's and hangs out with people who have no respect for others, so we know she is a cretin. She went from calling gay people disgusting on tape to the strongest people she knows. The apology is totally not hers at all. I would have been much more impressed if she had gone on television last night and apologized herself rather than someone writing it out for her. Any talk show host would have been happy to have her yesterday.

Four For Friday - The Real Reason

Friday today so announcement time. Same announcements as usual. I will be blogging all weekend and will have a reveal or two tomorrow. Please follow me on Twitter. I am @entylawyer.

This couple was A list. They were everywhere. Every tabloid always had photos of them. They always seemed like an odd pair, but they were together for a very long time. She at the time was an A list actress. Every movie it seemed like mentioned her name as someone who might be in it, and she made five or six movies a year. He was A list too. A different kind of A list though. Most people say he used her. He used her knowledge and her contacts. He used her when he wanted sex which was not often. It is why he likes his current lady friend so much. She is happy with once every two months, just like our A lister. Our A list actress is a bit more sexual. OK, a lot more sexual and has never been shy about it. She always thought it was something she was doing wrong. She finally realized that she was being used, but she was not one to break up with someone. She wanted everything to work out. She was in love and thought she could change him. Then she met another A lister. He used her too, but she was ok with it because he gave her lots of sex. Tons of it. From within the first 30 minutes they met they had sex. He had always had strippers and escorts, but this was an actress. Someone he had seen at the movies. The guy was thrilled and it showed. He didn't like being the other guy though. Our actress could not force herself to tell her boyfriend about the new guy. So, they went on with their daily lives until one day the new A lister in our actresses' life was on a golf course and flat out told the boyfriend what he was doing to his girlfriend. 10 minutes later the relationship was over and our actress was with the guy she thought she was going to be with forever. Well, things change.

Your Turn

Emmy Awards are on Sunday. Do you even watch awards shows anymore? If so, which ones?

Blind Item #3

This Academy Award winner/nominee actress is set to be the next beard for this former A list actor who is now a solid B who has been flailing around for awhile without a steady beard. Our actress, who is known for her acting, but not much else, wants a taste of fame she has not had yet. She wants covers of tabloids and a new level of marketability and is willing to be a beard. It is not like she dates a lot anyway.

Liz & Dick

You have to watch this. I think Lifetime made a brilliant decision in only allowing Lindsay to have three seconds of talking in the promo, but it is probably three seconds too much. The first clip of her voice is some kind of affected British accent that Madonna does and then later she does her Mean Girls voice so, yeah, she was all over the place. This will be the most atrocious made for tv movie ever and will make Tori Spelling look like Dame Judi Dench.

Blind Item #2

How did this barely (and some question was whether she was when this first started) legal A list model get her first acting gig? She has become the personal sex toy of this A list director. Even though the movie has started shooting, she still has to have sex with him all the time. He says that she is his until the film has been cut for the final time. He also says that if she does not do a good job keeping him happy then all the sex will have been wasted because he will make sure her scenes are cut and never seen.

Maggie Rizer's Dog Dies In Airplane

When I first saw the headline that model Maggie Rizer's dog had died on an airplane, I assumed it was a bulldog of some type. Nope. It was a golden retriever. Maggie says that she had taken every precaution for transporting her two dogs across the country on United Airlines but when she arrived in San Francisco from New York she was told that one of her dogs had died. No emotion at all, just that one of the dogs had died while the worker kept texting his friends. The dog apparently died of heatstroke.

Florida Couple Arrested For Pulling Out A Gun After They Were Caught Having Sex On The Highway

Florida does something to people. I'm not sure what it is. One Florida couple who are respected members of their Amelia Island community and are known by everyone, have found themselves in jail and charged with indecent exposure and aggravated assault. The couple were spotted having oral sex on the highway by a family. When the couple realized they had been spotted they began to give chase. They finally caught the family at a restaurant owned by the family. The couple got out of the car and pulled out a gun and threatened the family. The police came and the orange jumpsuits were next.

Blind Item #1 - Easy Easy Easy

Which troubled actress who used to be B list when she is a Tween but is probably more famous now than she ever was as an actress has been calling random people in her phone and asking them if they want to come over and have sex. Straight out asking them. No beating around the bush. Just come over right then if you want to have sex with her. She says it a little more crudely, but the point is made. The thing is she is calling every guy in her phone regardless of whether they were a boyfriend or if they are married or if they are old or young. The four people I spoke to all turned her down. She is getting yesses, but not as many as you think.

Kanye West Has A Sex Tape

Kanye West found some married, yes married, 18 year old who is a Kim Kardashian look-alike and convinced her to have sex with him on tape. Kanye makes it very clear that the teen is 18 and she repeats it on the tape. The whole tape only lasts 20 minutes so with all of the foreplay and other activities, I'm guessing the sex lasts about two minutes. I never thought I would see a Kanye West sex tape. Because the teen is just 18, she is probably impressed that Kanye was able to last two minutes. So much to say, so hard to say it. I think what is telling is that according to Radar, the pair never kiss and that the sex is mechanical and that Kanye does wear a condom. No word on whether he is wearing socks or took them off.

National Enquirer Blind Item

WHAT aging British rock star’s gorgeous daughter is getting a hotter reputation in Hollywood as a homewrecker than as a talented actress? The 20-something starlet is dating a married production assistant she met on her latest film.

Polish Priest Makes Teens Lick Whipped Cream Off Him

OK, I am creeped out. Not just because of these photos which show teen boys and girls being forced to lick whipped cream off some Polish priest's knees, but because the school posted the photos on their own website and are proud of them. They say it is a long standing tradition that shows humility and that no one has ever complained until this year. Well, I am complaining. Some old guy is using his position as a priest to get his rocks off by having teens lick his knees. He has never invited them back to his place to lick other places?

Heidi Klum Wants To Sue Over Her Topless Photos

Much like Kate Middleton, but without all the hype, Heidi Klum is thinking about suing the French Magazine that published topless photos of her on the beach with her bodyguard/boyfriend/possible extra-marital affair. While I can understand why Kate Middleton sued, I really have a tough time understanding why Heidi would sue. Heidi has been photographed topless countless times and has posed nude before and I have a tough time understanding how it harmed her. Heidi wants to sue because the photos invaded her privacy. They were taken from a much closer distance and again from a public spot. I think the only reason Kate Middleton won was because it was France and because Princess Diana died in France because photographers were chasing her. That is the only reason. If it had been anyone else or if Diana was still alive, then Kate doesn't win anything. Heidi might want to try and get them out of sight because in them she is oiling down her boyfriend's back and he has this huge tattoo that covers the upper half of his back and he is pasty white too.

Lindsay Lohan Hitting Pedestrian

I have watched this video way too much. Now everyone in life will appear blurry and hidden for their protection. The NYPD did such a good job of blurring everything that it is tough to see whether Lindsay Lohan hit someone or not. I will go with she hit someone, but that since he is sprinting after her car that he was not hurt as badly as he claimed.

Tim Tebow Wants A Hot Woman With A Servant's Heart

Tim Tebow is in the new issue of Vogue. It is the one with Keira Knightley on the cover in case you are looking to see Tim half naked on the cover, you will be disappointed. But hey, as you can see from the photo above, he goes half naked inside. Anyway, Tim also gave an interview and in it he says that he is still single and that the most important thing to him is good looks. The person has to be attractive. Mentions it two or three times. Really wants that part to sink in. Oh, and after that he wants someone who has a servant's heart. So, a hot slave. Am I reading that right? I know what he probably meant, but it does not come out right. He basically made it seem like he wants some hot woman who dropped straight from 50 Shades Of Grey and will do what he wants and not talk back and certainly not mention that he is currently sitting on the bench.

Fiona Apple Arrested For Hash & Pot

For the 23rd time, a celebrity has been arrested at a border checkpoint in Texas. You would think that someone would make it very clear to musicians that your tour bus will be pulled over and you will be arrested if there are any drugs on the bus. Fiona Apple is the latest to be arrested. Police say they found hash and pot on her tour bus and she admitted they were hers. Because of the arrest, Fiona had to postpone a show last night. I can't believe they didn't make her open her eyes for the mugshot.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random Photos Part Three

Bar Refaeli calls this a sunburn. I call it 2am after the bars close.

A very skinny Amy Adams does her best empty chair impression with Clint Eastwood.
Matthew Lillard. I always think of him as Shaggy.
So, has John Goodman kept off all those pounds he lost?
Justin Timberlake in a movie with real actors who can act.
Camille Grammer and the photographer just happened to meet on the beach. Uh huh.
Courtney Love has a boyfriend? He will get to know what a restraining order is really quickly.
Courtney Stodden looking like she is just doing it for show at this point.
Demi Moore looking a little worse for wear after a night out.
Fergie & Josh Duhamel seem to be getting along better lately. I like that.


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