Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

It was a tie for the top today between David Johanson and
Ray Manzarek.
Anne Hathaway says that Snooki is her twin. Huh. She really does not look a 4 foot Smurf.
Dane Cook shows how he became famous. Pact with the devil.
Congratulations to Danny Devito and his star.
Gerard Depardieu and his adult diapers.
Attention all men who date Jennifer Love Hewitt. When you wake up in the mornings you may see this woman staring at you and waiting for you to leave so she can have her daughter back.
Tough to get through a doorway with that one.
LaLa Vasquez raided a planetarium gift shop for this outfit.
Liam Neeson, his girlfriend, and her kids.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.
The Princess shows her kids the
guy in the funny hat and red shoes.
Meanwhile the other Princess seems to be going for the tic tac toe look.
Harry is searching for a new girlfriend. Getting help from firefighters is never a bad idea.
Taylor Armstrong hiding beneath her fur coat.
Trey Songz seems to be having a good night.
Vanessa Hudgens was a little excited to head to the Outside Lands festival.

Will Smith is always happy when Jada is not around.

Ricky Gervais' New Show Looks Hilarious

Please be on BBC America so I don't have to wait until 2012 to see this on HBO.

We Trust Betty White

Apparently if you are a company and want to sell something to Americans you need to know two things. Old people and Betty White. A new study shows that older people make much more effective spokespeople because we trust them more. And of all the people in the world, who do we trust the most? Betty White. You know what though, she does not do that many commercials. I know she does some PSA's for animals but I can't think of any commercials she is in right now. But, if I were a company I would start pulling out the wallet and give her some money and stop giving it to the Kardashians who finished near the bottom. At the bottom were Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen. Who are these 2,000 people? They are fantastic. Also near the bottom were Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson and Britney Spears.

Near the top were Tom Hanks, Oprah, Johnny Depp and Taylor Swift. Oh, and we love Denzel Washington and Sandra Bullock too.

Masterchef And My Suggestions

I did not watch the finale of Masterchef until Wednesday night and I am grateful to all of you who sent me e-mails about the show when you used the title of the show in your subject line so I would not read the emails ahead of time because I don't think I could have watched the show and know I would have been even more upset than I am. Let me start by saying this. Jennifer deserved to beat Christian in their round because his plating did look awful and looked like something you would see on an airplane. I have no problems with that at all. She got to the finals fair and square.

That being said, there is no way on this earth that Jennifer is a better cook than Adrian. She just is not. Period, end of story. Last year they picked an attractive white woman and this year they picked an attractive white woman. They want to sell their products and have someone go on book tours and signings and they want a beauty queen and not someone who has the most talent. There is no way you can watch the whole season of that show and not think Adrian is the better cook. Week after week he came through.

I think the show is rigged in various ways which make it very annoying. The decision to only taste three dishes in the mystery box challenges means they get to pick the three people based solely on who they like rather than the quality of the food thus giving each person a 33% chance of having the serious advantage. That is one way they keep the person in. There is no objectivity to the process. It is completely subjective.

Here is what I think would be a great idea for this show. Do it like The Voice. I want the judges in a room where they cannot watch who is cooking what and have the food brought to them by waiters. Then they can decide which food they liked the best. This is about cooking right? They can still be in the room during the mystery box challenges and during the team challenges, but during anything that involves elimination, they are blind. That way the process is much more objective. If that is done on the show this season, Jennifer does not make it past the first three weeks, let alone win the show.

The way they do it now will ensure you will get the same winner each year, just with a different look. It is what would happen if American Idol switched to judges deciding rather than people phoning in. You would only have attractive blondes winning the show. You think Ruben Studdard or Taylor Hicks would have won in judges voting? Please. Maybe every few years they would let a woman of color win, but it would not have been Jennifer Hudson unless it was the new and skinny Jennifer Hudson. Fantasia? Not a chance. Granted, in a cooking show we cannot phone because we don't know how things taste, but they definitely can take my advice and show they are committed to having someone win who Gordon does not want to give one on one lessons to back in his hotel room.

No Charlie Sheen In Big Brother House

I was hoping that Charlie Sheen was going to spend the next few weeks in England inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, but he was a no show. Too bad because it would have been fun to watch him try and have sex with every woman in the house. Tara Reid is in the house so she did not have much of a honeymoon. When she agreed to do the show though she needed the paycheck so too late to back out. I do wonder if she will end up hooking up with some guy and having her marriage end on television. She is a drinker and some of the guys on the show are good looking, and no I am not including Jedward in that. Kerry Katona is on the show and Tara tried to talk to her and then realized she could not understand anything Kerry said. The only other American on the show is Pamela Bach who used to mix cocktails with The Hoff while they were married.

What Is "Beyond Pornographic?"

Police in Aruba investigating the disappearance of Robyn Gardner say they found photos on Gary Giordano's camera of the woman which are beyond pornographic. They were also called graphic and disturbing. What exactly is beyond pornographic? What exactly was going on during this vacation? I bet right now The Enquirer and every other tabloid are trying to find any police officer in Aruba with access to those photos who wants to earn an extra few hundred thousand bucks. Police say the photos look like what she was doing was consensual. What was she doing? They won't say, which of course just leads to tons of speculation. Meanwhile, it was also revealed that Gary took the first steps to collect on the life insurance policy just two days after the woman disappeared. Oh, and the policy only covered accidents on this trip. Yep. She was definitely not coming home. Meanwhile the Aruba police are doing their usual horrible job. They said they are having a tough time tracking Gary's movements because he changed his toupee frequently. They are going to end up letting this guy go, but he will probably be arrested in the US because of that whole life insurance policy thing. The FBI is investigating it.

Four For Friday

#1 - What A list movie director who directs everything from child fare to the extreme keeps a checklist of the number of marriages including his own that he has busted by sleeping with women.

#2 - This reality star turned celebrity turned lead actor in really bad movies should really stop juicing up. Apparently when he made the moves on his much younger co-star (who is an incredible foreign born actress you have never heard of but has terrible taste in guys) he was unable to go from six to midnight. He blamed being tired, but it is because of the roids. They tried again the next day but still nothing.

#3 - This Twilight actress has not been getting the kind of dollar offers for roles she likes but has found a new way to make money. It seems that wealthy guys are very interested in spending time with her as her vampire character. She is happy to do so and will hang out with you for an entire night for $50K. Seems steep.

#4 - What Academy Award winner/nominee actor was asked the other night about a co-star in one of his movies. "I acted with him but I cant stand being around (the n word)"

Deena Is Lesbionic

On last night's episode of Jersey Shore, a new word was created called lesbionic. Apparently it is the word to describe women who are lesbians and is not a tribute to Lindsay Wagner and The Bionic Woman. I have to say I was pretty bored with last night's episode and I think the producers were just trying to put together pieces for next week when there will be multiple explosions.

Some things I noticed were The Situation and his twins they he thought he was going to have sex with. One of them was the same person he has been having sex with non-stop. The twins re American because obviously the Italians are not as impressed with him as he is with himself. The one twin certainly had no problems bouncing between Deena and Vinny but lucky for her she can always say it was her sister and not herself. "Me? No, I am not the person who messed around with Vinny and Deena. That was my sister. I am the virgin." Deena also had sex with some 14 year old waiter she picked up at a restaurant. He freaked out during the night and ran away as quickly as he could.

Ron and Sam got back together again and the only surprising thing about it is that they went the whole episode without fighting, but in the sneak for next week it looks like things are back to normal as Ron is on one of his roid rages and is shown throwing out what looks to be all her stuff.

The best part was when Snooki was working out and the owner of the gym decided to help out Snooki and got really close. Like so close she complained about his peen pressing into her.

She also claims that she and Mike have not had sex recently. What is she going to say? Is she going to tell her boyfriend she was smushing with Mike? Of course not. I think they had sex, but I don't know why Mike is making a big deal of it.

I also noticed he is really going downhill fast in the looks department. I can't tell who is looking worse, Mike or Jwowww. At this point they are not even showing Jwowww because she looks so bad, but Mike is not far behind. He looks 45. That is what two straight years of drinking and smoking non-stop will do to you. I think he also brought an entire suitcase filled with nothing but sneakers. So, in addition to looking like he is 45, he thinks he is 15.

The music I liked last night included Pance Party. Unfortunately for them, in addition to spelling woes they do not have a link to the song from the show last night so can't give them any extra love. I also really liked this song by Marc Robillard, called Blown Away. He has a Seann William Scott look about him. In my mind I see the song over highlight packages on American Idol or after a breakup. It is that kind of thing. Also for the second consecutive week they had a song by this Kate Crash person. I like this one way more than the one last week. It is called Generation Of The Bored. I even found a video for it although there is no audio for the first few seconds, I liked the concept.

Ted C Blind Item

Carol Anne Sausage-Snatcher is having some trouble in paradise.

But at least she'll have someone to commiserate about her romance troubles with ‘cause, in case you didn't know, she's practically besties with Carmelita Salami-Climber. And rightfully so, they're cut from the same juicy pig, if you catch my drift.

Well, while Carm thinks she's in BF heaven, Carol is in relationship hell...

‘Cause her man is fed up with her BS.

See, Carol's guy actually really loves her. Like, over the moon love. Adorable, right?

We don't see much true love in the Vice vault.

And while Carol says she totally hearts her dude right back, she can't seem to stop her very flirtatious ways. Ya know, like when she brings her guy to swanky T-town shindigs and spends the whole night letting strangers paw at her very enviable assets. All while her poor schmuck of a partner watches on.

Well enough is enough, and Carol Anne's man pulled her aside at a recent party for what he thought was a private conversation.

Unfortch, Carol got all dramatic (per usual) and made a scene. Now everyone's watching to see if the formerly so-happy couple busts up.

And we wouldn't be surprised if they split, like, tomorrow. It's getting that bad.

And It Ain't: Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston

Taylor Armstrong Was Hospitalized After Beating

You know that cut over Taylor Armstrong's eye? I am wondering if that was the last straw and what caused Taylor to file for divorce. It looked too fresh to not happen that long ago, but back in June, Radar Online is reporting that Russell Armstrong beat Taylor so badly that Taylor was admitted to the hospital and was there several days while plastic surgeons worked on her face.

If it really did happen in June the cameras would ave still been around although I'm guessing they did not capture the beating because someone would have leaked it at the time. They probably got some aftermath footage though. Maybe the aftermath footage was going to air and Russell knew that and could not handle it. I know the guy had some financial problems but I don't think that was enough to make him kill himself. He has had financial problems in the past. I think it was going to be something he was ashamed about and Bravo was probably going to air it or he thought something was going to come out about him.

Kat Von D And Jesse James Having Ex Sex

On the day TLC showed mercy to the world by canceling Kat Von D's show LA Ink, it was also announced that Kat and Jesse James were engaged again. I don't really believe they are engaged again. I think that Jesse was having a hard time finding an Aryan in Texas to have sex with so called up Kat and the only way she would let him have sex with her is if he said they were engaged again. I think as soon as Jesse finds his Eva Braun, then Kat will be sent packing again. It is obvious that she is way more in love with him than he is with her. That is always a recipe for disaster, because the one person usually will do anything to save the relationship and that is not an equal thing which relationships need to be. Jesse is just using her like he uses everyone in his life because he is a selfish prick.

BuzzFoto Blind Item

This A list actor who has been A list since being a teen heartthrob two decades ago, is rumored to own a special property offshore specifically designed to grow weed.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Alexis Bellino and Aubrey O'Day compare fake tanning products.

So, do you think Adrian Grenier will work much now that Entourage is ending?
Bridget Marquardt has reduced herself to posing on stripper poles and advertising for condoms.
Christopher Cross is still going strong.
Calvin Klein is actually asleep in this picture. He just has had so much surgery that he can't close his eyes.
A sweaty David Arquette.
Talk about being caught by surprise, Daniel Radcliffe obviously did not see that pap coming.
I can tell Hilary Duff just got done saying, "awwwwww."
Jennifer Love Hewitt and a guy who was not on The Bachelorette.

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Katie Holmes runs away with one of Tom's dolls.
It is good to see that Leo is green. I believe that is an electric car he is getting out of.
The amazing Lisa Loeb. Apparently she was willing to go to a screening of Fright Night with
Anton Yelchin, but Colin Farell, who is the co-star, took a pass.
Someone thinks Megan Fox can sell some tickets because she is filming a new movie.
Orlando Jones and Mehki Phifer hanging out.
Paul Rudd admires the cover story.
Rose McGowan needs to cut out the botox for a bit.
This woman wants to be the world's largest woman and has set her sights on 1,600 pounds. Yeah, what kind of example is she setting for her two kids?
Taylor Armstrong shows off a mysterious cut a day before Russell Armstrong killed himself.
Well, at least Tara Reid looks happy on her honeymoon.

Al Pacino Rapping

Unlike yesterday and Anne Hathaway rapping, this is actually good and features many other people in addition to Al Pacino.

'Movie Line Rhymes' by Jordan Laws from ScreenWerks on Vimeo.

Someone Did Not Like Dave's Top Ten List - Orders Him Killed

I guess you know you have done something wrong to someone if you end up on a militant Muslim web site. Apparently the site is a fan of Jay Leno so have ordered followers to try and kill David Letterman. Wait a second, is this Jay Leno getting back at Dave for all those comments he made about Jay when Conan was so ticked off at NBC?

David Letterman made a joke about Osama Bin Laden's replacement so the site wants him dead.

"I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, one of the lowlifes of the Jews, and one of their pigs, mocking one of the leaders of the mujahedeen." So, the writer wants David to be killed and his tongue cut out. I'm not sure why he was watching Letterman if he cannot take a joke.

If he wanted no humor then he really should have been watching Jay Leno.


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